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Nadaswaram december 13th Monday Episode - 167 Update

Malar and gokul in restraunt...Gopi comes there to buy food for his grama makkal(his fmaily members)...Gopi sees malar and malar also sees gopi...Infact malar  etti etti look vitting..Gopi leaves...Malar kku mood out....Gokul says he has got a gift fo malar and tells her to guess the gift..Malar shows no interest...Gokul asks  why malar is sad...Malar says nothing...She is fine..Gokul confused...says he cant understand malar..and i dont like her that way...Tells her to talk to him openly..Malr says she is having headache..adhaan konjam disturbed...
Waiter comes and asks for menu...says they r having "gobi manchurian",Gobi paneer masala","chilli gobi"LOLLOL...Gokul kadhula smoke starts to come...LOLLOLMorachufying malar and says  bring "chilli gobi"....LOLLOL
Next day...Gokul asks for some invitation  to malar's dad(thru phone...says he is on the way to coimbatore) says he will send it thru courier...
Gopi and ragini coming to busstand...Malar's dad comes there and asks him for some help... Tells gopi to give the invitation to gokul...Gopi tries to avoid...thiu thiru nnu muzhuchukitte ularufying...Dad says ok leaveit..i'll send it thru courier...Thengopi agrees and  gets the courier cover from malar's dad and says hewill handover it to gokul....
Ragini asks gopi...why r u hesitating anna?...Gopi says "gokul ennai vera maadhiri parkararu...sandegama seeing...iam very uncomfortable with that paarvai...thats why i tried to avoid..."...
Sokku's house...Sokku cleaning his nadaswaram LOLLOL... 2 vellai veshti(VV) mens coming...says they are from thalaivar masilamani's house...and they r here to give advance for sokku's nadaswara katcheri ...Sokku asks them the date..VV's says this month 22nd...Sokku rejects the offer saying already oru advance vaangitten for teh same day...
VV's tells sokku to giveback theadvance to malar's family and accept thalaivar's offer...Sokku firmly ejects them ...VV's says u r vilaikku vaanging the vambu...Sokku tells them to leave..VV's leaves....
Gopi in gokul's house...Gokulall  kadu kadu seeing gopi....comes out....Gopi explains him that he came to coimbatore to leave his sister ....on the way they met jegannadhan(malar's dad)...He told to give this invitation to u....Gokul recieves the invitation bag and goes inside his house nad shuts the door....Gopi sad and leaves the place....
Immediately....Gokul calls malar and shouts...Why always u ppl are asking help from gopi....Courier aa avankitta dhaan kudukanuma?...Malar kku onnum puriyala...She asks him whats the problem....Gokul tells her the matter...Malar says shedont know abt this...Gokul says he is very much irritated to see gopi....and i will not tolerate this anymore....Maklr tells him to calm down...Ellamae co-incidence dhaan...u r over reacting....Gokul says...u should avoid him hereafter.....Cuts the phone call...
Malar sad.... says she is worried abt gopi...gokul eppadiyellam asinga paduthinaro gopi ya nnu ...rohini aks sorry to malar....says she is the reason behind everything....naandhaan ungala pathi thappa gokul kitta sonnen....Rohini over aa polambing.....malar tells her to leave it....But rohini polambing and crying....Malar consoles her....says ellam nalla nadakkum....
Sorry for the mistakes...
Tuesday December 14 - 2010

update by migan

Pandi Walks into his house at night(Fulla Thanni). Asks for food. He sees Santhi and Velu sitting inside his room. Starts fighting with them asking why they are staying. Theivanai comes and intervenes and apologizes to them. But Pandi sends them out forcefully. Santhi cries to Velu. She scolds Velu for not having any work at all. she says lets go now. But Velu says where can we go now. Be patient - I will find a job and take you outside.

Mayil goes to Sokku house with Theivanai and says we have to go and see the Groom's hose immediately. Sokku says lets o tomorrow. He says we will all go. Theiva asks them to arrange a good van. Meanwhile she says Kamu's wedding might happen soon so I need my 5 sovereign back. All are shocked. Mayil scolds her. But Theiva doesn't stop. meenatchi fights back. Theiva starts shouting. Mayil says there has to be proper time. Meenatchi and Thiva starts fighting.

Meanwhile Mahesu says when did you give me 5 poun. You all forgot about Pandi gave me a covering nagai. Because of that I was sent away from their house. They all agree. Thivanai nose cut.  She cools down a little bit. Stil lsays arrange for a van.

Santhi and Mahesu walking. santhi scolds Meenatchi for not coming to Kamu girl seeing ceremony. Mahesu tries to support her mother. Talk slowly goes and Santhi says both of our husbands are not working. That's why we are suffering like that. When she talks she sees Velu frying Bajji in a roadside kadai. They both go and talk to him.

They ask him what work is this? Velu starts talking about vadai and Bajji and Bonda. he says I have to start working any ways. So I started working here. He says you guys go to Coimbatore as I can't take off on the first day.

Santhi is puzzled and happy that he is working. But she says lets do our own Thallu vandi Vadai business. But we need money. Can you ask your father and brother. Mahesu says no I can't - I can ask my brother where is a good place to start business here. I will give all my jewels to you and you sell or pawn and get the money ready. Santhi vayellam pallu.

Gopi and Podiyan goes to EB office to pay the bill. Podiyan asks if Gopi remembers this place and his interaction with Malar. Gopi is sad .Podiyan asks him shall we ask malar madam to pay bill. But GGopi says she is taking vacation for wedding. Enen otherwise I won't see her. They stand in line. Mean while happy Malar and Rohini come to the office to gove out invitations. They see Gopi and Gopi sees them and leaves from there immediately asking Podiyan to pay the bill. Screen freezes on sad malar face.


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 update by rojakka.
                                                                   Wednesday  15/12/10

Roja is still down - so a brief update.

As expected, that Thalaivar comes to Senior Peepee's house and creates a
ruckus - The peepees ask him to go and fly a kite. The whole Peepee clan gets
ready to go to Sarathy's house - Mappillai veedu paarkkum padalam. Paandi
refuses to go but later agrees as he comes to know that Maha is part of the

Junior Peepee's jing bang leaves home pick up senior's clan. Paramu gives
a dressing down to darling sister "you and Gopi are useless. Finally, it is your life.
You do love Murthi and by accepting this Sarathy, you are doing injustice to two
men .. and tomorrow if your life turns out to be bad...well, all these people can only
sit and cry with solutions, gotcha??" Kaamu says that she will take it as
her fate. All sensible talk falls  in to deaf ears!!!

Senior Peepee's house. Meena refuses to accompany in spite of Deivanai
condescending to invite. Shanthi sees Maha tagging along as " Gopi Pothaan's
 wife" and asks senior peepee "unga veet le kalyaanam aagatha pOnnai ellam
ipdi kootti pOvingalaa??" Senior regrets his slip and orders Maha to stay back.
Immediately Paandi pulls a fast drama of upset stomach and stays back. After
every one leaves, goes and tells Meena that he also does not like the way
Sarathy's people jumped from one house to another. Goes to Maha and tells her
that his love for her is increasing every minute " What if I raped you?" Maha
says " Yen mele kai vaichu paar, appO theriyum.." Pandi has that sick psycho smile...

Peepee clan at CBE - discussion about seer senathi - Gopi Ooram kattufies his clan for an
in-camera session


update by smlaksh

Episode - 170           Thursday - 16.12.10

Sarathy's dad talks abt seer varisai .. Gopi excuses & takes his family aside .. Choks & Deiva chide him , as it doesn't look good to have a seperate talk in a sabai .. Gopi sys what they are gonna disccuss might hurt them .. Mayil sides him & asks what matter .. Gopi says not to commit with one coffee [oru velai sojji bajji koduthu iruntha ok solli irupparo EmbarrassedSilly] .. Also says they must thondi thuruvi visarichufy abt this family , groom , his business , his character etc .. this time Choks plays oththu LOL .. Deiva argues , they saw our house , we saw theirs .. next step is to talk abt seeru & then fix the marriage .. ithu thana nadaimurai .. Mayil says Gopi has a point .. Deiva vukku kobam , asks enna periya law point .. Also accuses them tht they are trying to postpone Kamu's marriage .. Gopi tells her abt Mahes situation & adds they should never commit the same mistake again .. Deiva asks appo Kamu vai veetlaye vachukkalama , no probs will arise nu LOL .. Choks tries to drill some sense into her .. Sarathy's dad intervenes .. Choks manages saying they like their family .. and will let him know their final decision after discussing within family ..

Gokul calls Malar .. asks what she is doing .. Malar replies summa thaan irukken LOL .. Gokul says she cant be so free after marriage , as she has to take good care of him .. ithula mehendi vachachaa nu kelvi vera .. Gets to know tht Rohini is not near by her & asks if something happened btwn Rohini & Shankar the other day Dead .. Malar gets annoyed & denies .. Gokul vidama says Rohini is a very bold girl & she'll go to any extreme .. Further says she didn't behave so well when she was in cbe .. Tells Malar to enquire some more , as Shankar is a big rogue & definitely wouldn't have spared Rohini .. Malar really gets annoyed & shouts at him .. Asks why he shows too much of interest in this matter & what he is gonna do .. Gokul says they all are one family & he has all rights to know abt it .. Malar angrily says , she doesn't like this kind of talk & not to cross his limits Clap .. Gokul apologizes .. Also says he'll respect her feelings & will not do something she doesn't like .. and expects the same from her too .. Adds, he loves her so much , but he doesn't like the one whom she likes Wink , vera yaaru Gopi thaan LOL .. Gopi pera kettale eriyuthaam [athaan restaurant le ye parthome EmbarrassedLOL] .. Orders her to totally avoid Gopi & he must never attend their wedding .. Malar feels sad , but then agrees .. 

Peepee's clan reach Choks home .. Deiva asusual thitti theerthufies Meena to her hubby .. He sends her back to van & the rest walk in .. Ragini has also joined them [intha ponnu beautician course padichu kadai potta pola thaan .. posukku posukku nu veetukku vanthuduthu Ouch] .. Mayil bids bye to his dear anni , Meena LOL .. she offers supper , Mayil denies & says he'll come in the morning & walks back to van .. Maha runs behind him & tells him tht Pandi hasn't changed a bit too .. further puttu puttu vachufies tht he talked so badly to her .. Mayil assures to handle the issue all by himself & requests her not to let anyone know abt it ..

Meena probes abt Sarathy's family to Choks .. Also says they must enquire abt grooms family thoroughly .. and Kamu deserves a good guy .. romba kashta patta ponnu , pora idathulayavathu nalla irukkanum .. Choks asks why she hid this much of paasam & why didn't she accompany them to cbe .. Meena says she doesn't like groom family behaviour , but has no illa feelings towards Kamu .. and she too is her daughter ..

Deiva serves food for Shanthi , Velu & Paramu .. Pandi comes home .. Mayil stops him & shouts at him for talking so badly to Maha .. Pandi feels insulted , as his dad shouts before S & V .. Mayil says Maha is for Gopi & he must give her due respect .. Pandi kku athellam kaathila vizhumaa , warns his dad not to advice him .. Mayil points out tht Maha was the one who gave life to him .. and if he behaves badly to her one more time , he wouldn't dare to kill him .. Pandi screams vaaya moodu .. Mayil becomes emotional & says he has no maanam , avamaanam .. Pandi replies he is not supposed to talk abt it , as he shouts at his son infront of onda vanthavanga , referring Shanthi & Velu .. Mayil says not to bad mouth them , as they are their guests .. apologizes to SV & drags him inside .. SV feels so bad ...

Thaiyal kadai [appada finally Gopi remembered tht he needs to work too LOL] .. Malar & Rohini arrive there .. Latter waits , while Malar goes to talk to him .. Malar says enakku nallannaikku marriage .. i wanted to talk to u before tht .. Gopi becomes very emotional [appadi nenachu he gave some weird expression Embarrassed .. feelings kaattararam LOL] ...

Credits to

Thodarum ...

Updates by ANJKHONEY

Friday (17/12/2010)

Malar tells Gopi that she wanted to talk to him in private and Gopi takes her inside. After all the soga paarvai and talks about their fate and  circumstances Malar opens her mouth about her real intention of meeting him. It was to see him properly for the last time and gives him the news about her wedding. Gopi is all sad and asks if she had come just to let him knw that she was getting married the next day. Malar replies that she was standing in front of him with a request that Gopi should not come for her wedding. Gopi's heart breaks and songs starts playing (Kaadhal Duet ippo Sogamana Solo Paadal aagivittathey).

Malar gives him a picture of all what happened between Gokul and her and asks him to help her by staying away from the area of the wedding. Malar goes and Gopi goes till the car. Rohini is not facing anyone but still goes slowly towards the car and both the sisters leave.

Malar veettule Gokul and his parents come with all their potti padukai to stay with their in laws and get the wedding stuffs done.  Malar's anna informs about the hotel rooms for Gokul's friends. Gokul oramkattifies Malar and gives her a saree as his gift. He then calls his MIL and asks them to get Malar to wear that saree for Shathimuhurtham. Next tension is how to get the blouse stitched that quickly and again comes namma Gopiyoda peru. Malar's bro hands over the cover to Gopi and asks him to get the blouse ready.

Appram Gopi and the kutty payyan have a debate on all that happened and was happening in Gopi's life. Gopi sir as usual was chanting the rhymes of Neram,Vidhi,Kudumba Soozhnalai. The kutty payyan then ends the conversation by telling that Malar Gopi story started with blouse stitching and its ending also the same way. Again Ayya feelings.

Malar veettule Gokul's friends busy with their kalaikkals about Gokul.Malar sitting like a doll without any movement.. They mention about Gokul's girl friends (Summa sonnagala ille olarittangala?)Gokul then takes them to have lunch and Malar sees the kutty payyan who came to hand over her blouse. Malar and the kutty payyam ore nottam vidaling,Kannale varutham solling and he goes away.

Sokku and Mayil getting ready to leave for the wedding to play their Nadaswaram.. Maha all happy and sweet making,serving everyone. Sokku refuses to take it (Haha he knws why she is making sweet all of a sudden today)

Sokku and Mayil on their way to the function and while walking both have a friendly brotherly chat. Sokku is all sad adn Mayil asks about it. Sokku pours his heart out by telling how he used to only concentrate on his Nadaswaram while going for katcheri and today how he was upset due to the guilt which was pricking him about Gopi and his feelings. Mayil who had never seen his anna like that consoled him that he was right in whtever he did and time will prove that to Gopi also.

Sokku again starts that he would never be able to face Malar or Gopi in his lifetime as his guilt will prick him. Mayil tells Sokku that whtever he did was good for his children and nothing else. Adhukku Sokku asks Mayil about Gopi who was also his son but a person who everyone forgot while taking decisions that he will also have a heart and his own feelings in it etc (oh ippo thaan ungalku idhellam theriyudha.. Mahavoda santhosham mattum thaan mukhiyam mathiri thaane ivalo naal irundheenga?).. Both the brothers go on and on about the same issue.. (I really pray that Mayil doesnt take these words into his heart like how a father should have considered his son's happiness also etc etc. I really fear whther he would use this formulae when it comes to Pandi and his happiness issue...Avar ellam ketkum bothu his expressions were a bit confusing.)

Malar's dad informs that they had to get ready for Mappilai azhaippu and tells that Sokku Mayil was ready with their Nadaswaram. Malar hears this and feels sad. Mappilai azhaippu goes on and on the way the PP bros see Gopi and his sisters. Gopi all sad and heartbroken and Sokku thavichifying in Guilt



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Thanks Shree for the update... Clap
Ennavoo.... kathai nathai vekathula porappala irukku?! Sleepy
Intha Maha-Gopi matter-a konjcham arapotta Director, Malar matter-a muzhunera kathaiya eduthuttar pola?!... Ippa Malar-kku ithnai clue kidaichachu, intha Gokul kunathai pathi.......Shocked parthumma, konjcham jakkirathai.
Mayil son Pandi enna aanar? Namma anbu sakotharan, comedy king Big smileSam-aiyum kanoam...   ennavo nadakuthu.

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Supree, I miss Sam (Donald Duck) too! Too much of Malar-Gopi vyavaharam. Rohini acted well in yesterday's episode.

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Thanks for the updates Sumi..

Gopi pavaam Malar parthale thala therikka odarar .. LOL

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Thanks Shree -  Maanju maanju Orutharai Oruthar sight adikkaraanga Yovvv, Gopi , Malar ai izhuthu kitti engiyaavathu Odi du - naanga nimmathiya iruppOm .

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Thanks Shreenithi.
director - yaarukkum yaarukkum kalyanam nadakkapOgudhu... pEsi pEsiyE uyira vaangureenga

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Thanks migan for the super update...

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Thanks Migan - hmm, Roja head writing nalla ille - Muthalle she had to
sing Kathalile thOlviyutraal Kanni Oruthi for Amudha and now for Gopi .. Kathalile thOlviyutraan KAlai Oruvannnnnn

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