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Wednesday    Episode No 159    1/12/10

Hospital - Karasevu clan is waiting. Shanthi is asked to come in for some test.
Mahesh and Kaamu are also in the arena.  Shanthi wants Mahesh for moral
support. Mahesh gets up, feels faint, one more patient. !!! Gokul's house. Malar
is in her room and Gokul comes there. He wants to take her out for a ride Wink
but Malar refuses. He is vexed with her attitude - needles a bit " sari, dinner
vendaam, at least a bike ride??? You do love bike rides !!" Malar quickly catches
the insinuation " I know what you mean - I just had to go in the bike...for a mission,
no hidden agenda.." Finally Gokul is kind of stern in his stand " all this evasions..
only until the marriage .. after that I am the boss, gotchaa?? " Malar is worried??
looks definitely displeased..

Senior Peepee's place. Ragini is leaving for Coimbatore. Aal aalukku advice....
Oru periya gumbal irukku....Meena blessing aa, thitta nnu solla mudiyaatha oru
statement kudukkaraanga... Mr.Shanthi comes with sweet ..announces " intha
veetu kku oru new arrival .." Everybody is happy that Mahesh is pregnant but no...
it is Shanthi who is pregnant...... No one has the enthu to accept sweets......but
Mr.Shanthi is enthu personified. Gopi and Ragini leave - Pirai and Co leave as well.
Duck walk Sam chides daddy - " hmm, antha aal ellam vayasan kaalathile.....
baby aam...enakku eppO marriage?" Pushpa kku thanga mudiyalai. Roja kkum

Senior Peepee comes home - surprisingly the house is empty !!! Tells Meena that he
is worried about Mahesh and Selva - " Kaala kaalathile oru pappa vara vendaama??
Ask Mahesh if she is happy with mappillai " Meena goes to Mahesh and probes.
Nahesh is categorical " me and my hubby..we are happy.... just that we have been
through so much.... don't ask me about this again and embarrass me , ok??" After 
Meena leaves, both Mahesh and Selva are worrying about not having any privacy.
Looks like Meena heard it - arranges a guest bed room in their palace - "this room
is yours.." Selva and Mahesh are happy...


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Friday (03/12/2010)

Its a Bro-Sis moment for Gopi and Ragini. Gopi talks to Ragi and expresses the insecurity and fear of leaving his sweet little sister alone in a place far away from them. Ragi also handles the situation in a very sweet and matured manner by assuring her bro not to worry about her s she would be just fine and take care of herself. Gopi then bids bye to his sister and leaves with a sad face.

Gopi walking on the road and Malar who was coming in a car with her sister and Gokul sees Gopi walking and asks the car to stop. Gokul, Rohini, Malar all walk towards Gopi and Malar questions Gopi about his sudden and unexpected presence in Kovai.Gopi first tells its a personal issue but after the pressure from Malar and pricking sarcastic talks from Gokul he opens his mouth and tells that he came to leave Ragini for the beautician course.

Malar still forces him to take them to meet Ragi (this was done to convince Gokul).Gokul first makes a drama asking Malar to go with Gopi but she makes Gokul go with her.Finally they meet Ragi and talks to her about her stay there and asks her to take care. They all leave.

Gopi takes a leave from the place where they met. Gokul offers him a lift but Gopi refuses telling he would walk as it was nearby. Gokul then apologises to Malar and she asks him to make sure such things dont happen in future.

Kamu and Paramu walking and talking about Moorthy. Kamu has come to knw about the accident and she is again excited about letting him knw  her decision.
Paramu teases her asking about her response to his question and Kamu blushes.
Mr and Mrs Sokku in discussion with Mayil about Kamu's alliance. Mayil angry about the tharakar who gave them false info about KS Family. Sokku then tells it was their fate and time and no one can be blamed for it.

Then Kamu comes and she hears them talking about her alliance and this gives her a shock. Sokku then talks about Gopi and Kamu who would always sacrifice anything and everything for their parents and family. He then talks about the lovebird talk btwn Malar and Gopi and the way Gopi sacrificed his love for his dad.Kamu hears all this.

Then again Sokku mentions about how the gals in his family could never fall in love sp Kamu who was raised by Sokku.Kamu again in troubl and sad about all that she heard. Sokku Mayil all leave the place and its Kamu with her thoughts. Now wht will she do when the whole family is having so much trust on her sp Sokku (Mayil never trusted her in the beginning and now he might start to trust and Kamu is falling for MoorthyOuch.)

Gokul asks Malar to enter his office and there she is given a grand welcome.Gokul introduces Malar to his staffs and one of them asks her whter she liked Gokul. Malar doesnt answer it but tries to handle the situation by replying that if she would not have liked him why would she agree to get married ot him nu.

Then Gokul takes the sisters to his cabin.He then goes to attend some call and hears two of his staffs commenting about Gokul's decision to marry Malar who was much much better than him in looks,colour etc. HE gets really mad hearing this but doesnt do anything th
ere. He calls his manager and asks him to have them fired them asap..

Gokul then takes Malar separately and asks her about the indirect reply she gave to  his staff and they have a small argument there. Malar's expressions and her replies make Gokul mad but he doesnt express it out. There a guy comes offering Kopi(coffee) and Gokul asks for Tea. That person goes on in favour of coffee and Gokul asks him to leave.

Malar and Rohini talking about leaving and going back to their home sweet home. They hear some noise and goes to check it. They find Gokul having a teaching session on how to tell Coffee/Kaapi. The guy goes on telling Kopy
(he seems to be from Kerala as he was speaking Mal+Tamil)(Namma Goundermani,Senthil Pushpam/Puyipam class comedya irundhathu but this was a serious class)
Gokul kavathil starts kotting on that poor guys head and Malar sees this.


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Monday Archives copy

Nadaswaram Monday 6th December 2010 Episode-162 Upadte
Annai girls Hostel.....All girls going for dinner..Ragini alone crying..Girls calls her for dinenr ..but ragini says "iam not hungry...and says..enga vootula lot of members...our house itself is a small village..Now here i feel very lonely..." Girls leaves the place saying...u continue ur feeling..we will get food for u..."Ragini continues her CryCry
Next day morning..Gopi's household...Sokku comes with kovil prasadam...Yes prasadam dhaan ..but periya thookku sattila varudhuLOLLOL...wakes up all his daughters and karasev family...All queue katti standing..Sokku calls ragini..then meenakshi and sokku starts polambing abt Ragini..Sokku opens his thiruvaai to give lecture abt ragini..Gopi says she had gone to study..once completed she will be back..Sokku vidama giving lectures abt ragini.... says he is wooried abt her...thaniya andha ponnu what will she do?(why Mr.PP??Vera grahathula erakki vittuttu vandheengala??or coimbatore aa vilaikku vaangi ellarayum evacuate panni ungamagala mattum thaniya vittuttu vandhu irukeengalka??)....Gopi pesada oru episode irukuma? he stats..."Ragini is a very bold girl...she is not like others...enga ponalum she will manage"....
Gopi pecha mudikala..Ragini comes there..Gopi is shocked...Ragini says she miss all of them...2 days she will stay and go back..Sokku over happy..perumaiya tells everyone.."see ...i told u na...i know abt my daughter..god ennai kai vidamaattar!!(Ada sokku...oru ponnaiyum nee urapada vida porahdulla...)....Sokku gives pongal to ragini...Velu comes and grabs the thookku satti and goesnear shanthi and gives her the pongal...LOLLOL
Malar's house...Rohini sogama sitting..Rohni's brother sashok ays shankar is now in maduai jail..Case against him is verystrong..very difficult for him to come out..minimum 7-8 yrs jail dhaan...Rohini all sad hearing this ...Then dad tells ashok to bring some invitations..He want to invite gopi and family personally and also give the advance for nadaswaram katcheri by senior and junior Pee Pee...Now its mala's turn to be sad...Rohini watchesthis and comes near malar...
Rohini asks why sad akka?Malar syas ..nothing like i had controlled my feelings(1 day kaadhal feelingsLOLLOL)...Gokul is a very nice guy..Even after knowing abt gopi's matter he behaved so well...ConfusedConfusedso iam going to forget  my past and start a new life...Rohini says its not that easy...iam unable to forget shankar ....Malar looks at her shocked...
Appa malar and and amma malar comes to gopi's house...Gives the invitation and confirms the nadaswara katcheri...Sokku asks abt marraige preparations...Appa malar says daughter'smarraige summava?...lot of work...And stats praising gopi...says gold aana(thangamana)  pullai unga gopi...loves his sisters so much....But my help from his side...but ur gopi is a gem....Sokku perumai thanagala...says unga son mela irukkakaduppula u r paising my gopi too much...porapokkula appa malar says "iam not lying...en daughter malar aa unga paiyanukku katti kudukalamnu irundhen!!"...Gopi leavesthe place sad and sits a lonely place...
Sokku comes and asks why gopi?why r u silent?Gopi says..pesaradhukku onnumae illai...Sokku's second lecture time...i can understand ur situation gopi...but i cant do the first time in ur life u asked me something..but i cant do that for u..iam a paavi(Thats the word...Exactly!!AngryAngry)...iam sorry gopi...i dont know..naan nallavara?kettavara? (nallavar dhaan ...rrrrrombha nallavar..thets the problem)....Gopi crying...U r the best appa in the whole world appa..i want this appa..i want u...vera edhuvum vendam..Gopi hugs sokku and appanum maganum continues their paasa malar movie...

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Wednesday  8/12/10

Ragini and Karasevu at loggerheads. Apram enna?/ whole kudumba assembly thaan .
Aal aalukku advice mazhai - " nee thaan thappu, naan thaan thappu " happens. Finally
Mahathma Gandhi Gopi asks Ragini to apologize " avanga namma guest, nee apdi
pesa koodathu..blah blah "!!
(guest aa ?? Parasite nnu sollu ppa ) Ragini apologizes -
reluctantly. KOkku kku Onne mathi - ya, Velu asks for another glass of milk for wifey
darling and gets it. Ragini and Gopi go back to CBE just to know that the course has
declared 2 days holidays and all the girls have gone back home. Ragini gets 2 more
days with her "papparappa " Clan. The hostel warden asks for some zerox copies of
Ragini's certificates. Well, well, what do you link that request to??? Annan and thangai
go to "that" zerox center. Antha zerox center aalu Ragini yai paarthu jollu vitting. Makes
an extra copy for himself. Goes home, shows it to his parents saying that this is the
alliance that his sisterwas talking about. Insists on the girl seeing padalam asap. His dad calls senior Peepee.

Senior peepee hears this and outright says "no" . Cuts the telephone and says that
 Kaamu is next in the list. " We can not even think of Ragini now !!" But both Meena
and junior peepee chide him for throwing away an opportunity which knocks . Junior
calls the CBE people and asks them to come for girl seeing "tomorrow" . A vexed
senior peepee is consoled " vanthu paarkkattum, marriage Kammu kalyanathukku
apram thaan nnu condition pOdalaam" . This news gets to the ears of Deivaanai who
rightly jumps at junior peepee for his lackadaisical attitude " Muthalle Kaamu , apram
 thaan others. Unga annan promise ai marathuttaraa??" Junior says that senior is not
very keen "only I fixed up the girl seeing. But , we plan to tell them that Ragini's marriage
is only after Kaamu's " Deivanai is neither convinced nor happy.

Karasevu family minus Selva and Mahesh - walking on the road. Obviously they did
not want to be there for the girl seeing padalam . Reasons?? "If it were for Kaamu,
we can be there because she was nice to us. This adanga pidaari ragini, no way!!
Also, when the groom's side arrives, how will we be introduced?? Parasites??
stay home sambhandhis?? Uh huh  - Velu is happy that he gott a chance to cootchi
coo with his wife. Senior peepee's place - ragini is doing a "sky-earth" jump ably
assisted by darling bro Gopi " Ippo enakku enna avasaram?? I want to finish my a parlour... athaane, ippo Ragini kki kalyaanam nnu pesave illiye " -
annan thangai duo arguments happen but falls on deaf ears. Ragini has to go
 through the girl seeing padalam. Again she accepts - reluctantly. The grooms
side arrives, Ragini brings coffee, Xerox semai jollu, ragini semai kadu kadu...


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Friday (10/12/2010)

Kozhi Sandai between Mrs Sokku and Mrs Mayil

Both the ladies go for a big cock fight of course only talks (Petchu petcha thaan irundhathu).The argument goes on and on and KS aunty gets involved. Then argument continues but now its between Mahe's mom and KS aunty.

Roshakaara KS uncle tells his wife to leave that house immediately so that they can shift to Devanai's place (aadhane ivarakkavathu roshamaavathu)Devana assures them to be given a royal treatment. Mahe comes in between and this makes Selva to stay with his wife asking his sister and bro in law to leave wherever they wanted to.

Mayil and Sokku starts talking after everyone left the scene. Their conversation was mainly about their wives who would be a problem in future sp during Kamu's marriage. Both the brothers takes an oath not to fight or get seperated due to the politics between their anbu pondattis.

Gokul comes with his amma and a big carton.He greets his mama and informs about the invitation which he had brought along with him. He then follows Malar and first starts to flirt a bit by flattering her with the comments about her beauty and the saree she wore. Then he asks her if they could go out for the dinner. Malar agrees and this makes Gokul very happy.

Rohini then goes to Malar and gives her opinion about the way Gokul was after receiving Malar's call. She then teaches her sister that love should always be expressed instead of being reserved. Malar agrees and they both have a sister sister chat

Kamu gets guilty and asks Ragini if she was okay with all that happened. Ragini expresses her happiness on the way her alliance got cancelled and that  the family liked Kamu a lot. Kamu then gets a relief and next goes to her periyamma and asks her if she had committed any mistake which hurt her Periyamma's feelings. They all talk and clear their parts and now its KS aunty and Devanai who is considered to be the one who started all this.

Gopi comes and says he was very hungry but he learns that the whole fight made everyone upset and no one prepared dinner. Gopi then asks everyone wht they wanted and goes to get it from the hotel.

Malar and Gokul in the hotel for their dinner and Gokul talks about his plans and his office. Malar also tells him that she isn't that reserved as she seems or the way Gokul thinks. Gokul seems happy and agrees to her remark about herself. Malar then spots Gopi who had just arrived to make the order for his parcel (Potchu da)Gopi also sees her.


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