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Dil Se Dosti (part 8 in pg 26) (Page 7)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shruja

lovely update!!Clap
liked shashank n AR scene very muchEmbarrassed
All interns entries are rocking!!Big smile
n guess arzoo is loving duaghter of AR?Approve
waiting for Arzoo n Aryan entryDay Dreaming

Thanx sooooooooo much  Embarrassed Embarrassed
Well it'll b unveiled later Wink
Aarzoo n Aryan will enter in the nxt ud. Big smile

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 12:07am | IP Logged

Soon after they dissapear behind the door leading to the main building of Sanjeevani, a black car enters through the entrance gate of Sanjeevani leading to the yard between the basketball  ground and the main hospital, closely followed by a blue car, the driver of which, perhaps to save time, breaks away from the right track. It takes a turn and runs down the wrong side and meets the black car near the parking zone. The two cars are about to collide as the blue one  has come from the wrong side.

However, it seems that the driver of the black car is quite an expert in driving as the car smoothlu and swiftly dodges the blue one and turning slightly to the right, it avoids the slightly to the right, it avoids the collison and comes to a halt after crossing the blue car by few inches.

The front door of the black car opens and a young man steps out from the driver's seat. He is dressed in a light blue denim jeans and a round neck black t-shirt. He takes off his black sunglasses in anger. His handsome face is burning with anger. A slow breeze gently ruffles his jet black hair.

He shouts addressing the driver of the blue car: "Oye andhe ho kya? Dikhayi nehi deta kaha ja rahe ho? Driving aati nehi hain toh car ghar se bahar kyun nikala? Marne ka shaukh hain kya?"

The blue car has already stopped and now pushing the front door open, the person inside the car comes out. She steps out of the car. She's a very beautiful girl clad in gorgeous blue dress and wearing high heels. She's wearing a bracelet in which the letter 'A' is engraved. As she comes out of the car a gentle breeze passes by making her hair flow backwards.

The girl: "What did you say? Main andhi hu? How dare you? Mujhe acche se dikhayi deta hain ki main kaha ja rahi hu aur main acche se janti hu ki main kya kar rahi hu. Got it? Mujhe kuch bhi sikhane ki bhool se bhi koshish mat karna."

The boy: "Ya sure, mujhe saaf saaf dikh raha hain ki aaj se pehle kisine bhi tumhe kuch sikhane ki koshish bhi nehi ki hogi jaise baat karne ka dhang ya fir maafi mangne ka tarika jab galti apni ho. Chinta mat kariye Ma'm, jo kisine kabhi karne ka socha bhi nehi wo karne ke mood mein main abhi hargeez nehi hu kyunki main bekar mein waqt barbaad karna nehi chahta aur tumhe kuch sikhane ya samjhane ki koshish karna matlab waqt aur energy ko bekar hi barbaad karna."


The girl (now fuming with anger): "Kya kaha tumne? Mujhe kuch sikhana ya samjhana matlab waqt ki barbaadi? Tumhari himmat kasi hui mujhe yeh kehne ki? Ho kaun tum? Kahi ke raja maharaj ho ya saadhu sant jo mujhe lecture dene aa gaye."

The boy: " Ji nehi main ek aam insaan hu par sach muh par hi bolta hu. Tumhare dimag mein akar itni bhari pari hain ki use hatake koi bhi aur baat toh ghusne se rahi. Ek toh galti ki upar se galti manne ke badle mujhi pe charhi ja rahi hain. nakchari billi kahin ki."

Girl: "Mere dimag mein akar bhari pari hain? Aur tum kya ho? Ek no. ke kharush ho, aur' aur'. nimchara ho. Muhjala pipa. Aur meri galti kaise hui? Galti tumhari thi, tum mere raste mein aaye. Toh fir main tumse maafi kyun mangu?"

Boy (taken aback at this sudden and baseless accusation): "Meri galti? Aur meri galti kaise hui? Galat tarike se  car  tum drive kar rahi thi, galat direction se tum aayi, toh galti meri kaise ho gayi? "

Girl: "Sab tumhari galti hain. Tum mere raaste mein aaye. Warna toh main nikal jaati. Isliye kasoor tumahra hain mera nehi. Aur fir tum aur politeness toh ek dusre se crosso dur ho aur tum keh rahe the ki mujhe baat karne ka dhang nehi pata. Kya baat hain wah!"

Boy: "Oh God! What utter nonsense! Tumse baat karna bhi waqt ki barbaadi hain."

Girl: "Jaise ke main mari ja rahi thi tumse baat karne ke liye. Mujhe sach mein yaad"

Boy: "Accha ho agar aisa hi ho, matlab tum sach mein mar jao."

Girl: "Agar main marungi toh tumhein saath lekar marungi. Pehle tumhara khoon karungi uske baad."

The boy is by now fuming with anger but as he is about to say retort a sudden beep from his cell phone attracts his attention. He hastily takes out his mobile and is utterly shocked to see the time. It is just 10 min. to 11.

Boy: "oh no! sirf 10 min reh gaye. Mujhe abhi bhagna hoga warna main late ho jaunga."

Girl (Seeing her watch): "Oh no!"

And she too sprints after the boy who has already reached the door to the main building and soon they both dissapear behind the door.

(Inside Sanjeevani)

The conference hall is beautifully decorated with flowers and leaving back its monotonous professional look, for a change, it has the apt appearance of a place to welcome the newcomers who are going to become a part of Sanjeevani.

The hall consists of a dias situated on a high platform. In front of the high stage there are rows of chairs on the floor of the hall. On the dias, the board of directors of Sanjeevani including Dr. Shashank Gupta, Dr. Armaan Mallik and Dr. Riddhima Mallik. Other senior doctors have taken their seats in the rows below the dias.

Now its 3 min to 11. Each and every person is waiting for another grand welcome of the new interns. Priya, nisha, Arjun, Antara, harsh and Gaurav are already there. Priya and nisha have occupied the first seat of the row which is for the interns. Arjun and Antara have occupied the 2nd and Harsh and Gaurav the 3rd seats respectively. At the moment enter the boy and girl who have been fighting in the parking zone in a great haste and advance towards the seats. They sit in the 4th  and 5th  seats respectively. The boy turns back and glares at the girl who glares back at him.

However, before they can start on each other again, their attention is caught by the calm yet imposing voice of Dr. Shashank Gupta and both of them, like the rest, turn to look at him.

Dr. Shashank Gupta: "A very good morning to all. Jaisa ki aap sabko pata hain aaj ek bahut hi khaas din hain Sanjeevani aur hum sab ke liye. Aaj hum swagat karne ja rahe hain aath naye interns ke, is desh ke aath best mefical students jo ab Sanjeevani ka hissa banne ja rahe hain. Unke bhabhisya ke liye meri subhkamnaye unke saath hain aur ab main saare interns ko stage pe bulana chahunga t5aki wo apne introduction de sake."

All the interns get up from their seats one by one and with hearts full of hope and happiness for a glorious future, they advance towards the dias through rounds of applause from the senior doctors, nurses and the board of directors. One by one they start mounting the steps leading to the dias. The boy is in front of the girl and as he is about to climb the first step, someone stamps hard in his foot. Wincing in pain, as he turns he sees the girl standing there.

Boy: "ouch! Yeh kya tha?"

Girl (smirking naughtily): " Tumhe apne raaste se hatane ka raasta."

Saying this she crosses him and starts climbing the steps without glancing back for even once.

Boy: " Tum'''.main tumhe chorunga nehi."

And then muttering under his breadth and wincing in pain, he climbs the steps, limping slightly.

All the 8 interns stand in 2 small rows ' 4 at each row.

Unfortunately, the boy and the girl stand side by side. Both look dagger at each other and then turn away to look forth.

Dr. Shashank: Hello doctors.  

Interns (2gether): "Hello sir."

Dr. Shashank: " It's a great pleasure meeting u all. Aaj se ek safar suru hota hain, dedication  aur hard labour ka, jaha apki knowledge aur skill ek jindagi bacha sakti lekin apki ek choti si bhool bhi ek jindagi khatam kar bhi sakti hain. Aasha hain aap log shikayatn ka mauka ehi denge mujhe. All the best for ur future."

Interns: "Thank you sir."

Now Dr. Shashank turns to DR. Armaan: "Dr. Armaan if you please."

DR. Armaan gets up from his chair with a cute smile: "Sure Sir"

Armaan comes forward and takes charge of the mike while DR. Shashank retreats and settles back in his chair.

Armaan (in his usual casual tone): " Hi docs, welcome to Sanjeevani."

Interns: "Thank you sir."

Armaan: "come on now. Itna formal hone ki koi jarurat nehi hain, kamsekam mere saath toh hargeez nehi. Aap log mujhe DR. Armaan ya DR. Mallik keh sakte hain. But don't try 2 call me DR. Armaan Mallik coz that'll kill half of your energy which you very much need to save for your drudg''(Riddhima clears her throat meaningfully) I mean your internship."His cool and casual tone brings a great relief to the interns who have been nervous till now and also brings a warm smile on their faces.

Armaan (smiling back): "Yeh hui na baat. Main kaafi bakbak kar chuka hu. Ab bolne ki baari aap sabki hain. So come on and introduce yourself."

Shashank whispers to Riddhima: "He's always the best in making one feel at home."

Riddhima smiles sweetly and nods affirmatively.

One by one all the 6 interns introduce themselves. As the introduction is going on the boy is engrossed in doing something without catching the attention of the girl. As he has finished a wicked smile crosses his lips and he moves at a little distance and stand there with an innocent look. Now it's his turn to introduce himself. He cadvance towards the mike.

The boy (in a calm and composed tone): "Hello everyone. I'm Dr.Aryan. Sabse pehle main shukriya ada karna chahunga Sanjeevani board of directors ko mujhe is desh ki sabse behtar hospital ka hissa banne ka mauka dene ke liye. Main apni taraf se puri koshish karunga unke emmidon par kare utarne ka (The girl rolls her eyes). Aur ab main pehle se hi apne senior doctors ka shukriya ada karta hu jo humein is safar mein sahi raasta dikhane ja rahe hain. Thank you."

The girl says 2 Nisha who is now standing next to her: "Lagta hain peechle 3-4 mahine se yaad kar raha tha yeh speech aur aaj aake ugal diya." (And both the girls giggle)

Now it's the girl's turn to introduce herself, but as she is about to move forth she shrieks: "ouch!!"

 Precap: Aryan Aarzoo fight continues





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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 2:25am | IP Logged
nice part nandu loved it
but plz jyada fight mat karwana Approve
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 2:52am | IP Logged
nice, lovely part. loved it.
 continue soon.
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:25am | IP Logged
really nice why did arzoo scream did aryan do something
plzzzzzzzzzz update soon
megha01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 8:34am | IP Logged
gr8 nandu dearClap
luvd it
specially humare hero heroineWink

still imagining him in dat blue  jeans n black t shirtDay Dreaming
moonlight44 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 10:03am | IP Logged
nice update dear!!!
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by khushi909

nice part nandu loved it
but plz jyada fight mat karwana Approve

thanx sooooooo much Khushi Embarrassed Embarrassed
Arey abhi toh fight suru hua hain 
abhi toh bahut fight aur tit for tat baaki hain LOL LOL LOL
Aur agar larenge nehi toh pyar kaise hoga Wink

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