Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The whole jungle scene

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Still from Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
I believe like me,all KMHians enjoy the whole jungle scene! As it has ended,I wanted to have some of my own say on the whole jungle scene! Like me,I believe,all of us have fun watching the fun side and the way how love has filtered between the two main protagonists. It was mesmerising and magical,from the hilarious start of the mission patao to final pat gayeTongue.
I read in one article about KMH2 first 15 episodes were about fun and family drama and after the 15th episodes,the actual story of Arjuhi starts. I don't remember whats the 15th episode but I will definitely consider the jungle scene the start of the Arjuhi story where they are definitely the characters of pages writing by the line of destiny (ok,arohi ki tarah,I won't say by,the concept is unfolding like EKTA ji wantROFL)
I will start with those episodes I remember and it starts where Arohi remembers that she has seen this fearless eyes somewhere but she did not remember where.
Before getting to know Arohi's character,we would have said can she be really so forgetful? Then as the story unfolds,see the beauty of the creative team,they well blended all the scenarios with the character description of Arohi! This was actually the first hint of the 'child like' innocence of Arohi! Previously we saw her bubbly,chirpy,hilarious,caring and sensible but we never see the real Arohi self,what we saw was all her traits! The journey to the jungle scene had the background music of the sufi version of KMH and then in the audience's mind,somewhere it knocks the words of Arohi in episode 1,that who knows a new story starts on the highway! As like she said,a new story started on the highway - their journey to the jungle and not on the motorway! That was quite original!
So then we see the denial of Arohi while Shefali,who is a bag of flirt,was enjoying to admire Mangliram;-) Just like any other girls, I believe, Arohi was not feeling comfortable initially because even if she came across Arjun but he was a stranger to her but then realised she had no choice but to stay! She even tried to runaway while fooling Shefali about grand design collection but then the jungle seems to be a puzzle of pyramid that the way out is only known by Arjun and they decided to return! Actually she mostly run away as she felt for a minute scared the knife stabbed in Arjun's chest! That was a sweet scene where it showed how body language wised,these 2 people are the main protagonist of a new story that fate has predestined and they are just puppets played in. Their eye lock scenes actually had the significance of how fast they are attracting toward each other when they are still strangers and the knife stab was just a way to show this swift attraction! The knife stab also had the significance of the bloodfeel passion that prevail from the start -  a sort of the same feel that one has when one watches the real version of ROMEO & JULIET!
I personally felt,Billu and Makhand and Shefali were intentionally choice of characters to be the audience of the story in the story,well,ok,because Ekta decidedBig smile,no infact,I was looking at the story point of view and saw these characters perfectly suit the story!
Guys,for a while,forget this show is a Season 2 and that we all knew it is the love story between Arjun and Arohi,let's look to it very afreshly and like readers of a story where we did not know on the characters! We do have a hint that Arjun Singhania and Arohi Ahluwalia are the main characters because from the start they are in a way crossing each other's life and then they are the most repeated characters that we watched,which explain they are the main lead! From the very start,the image that both of them projected to the people and how people perceive them,we can easily find,they are world's apart! Arohi Ahluwalia as the happy go lucky type aur Arjun Singhania as the hard mature gangster type and from the start there is already a line cross in term of feud,that is left,to be explored,between the family and therefore if these 2 persons met,how will it be? Is it the 21st Century Romeo and Juliet?Laila aur Majnu? Paul et Viriginie? Well I am puting my faith on the concept development team to give us a twist because all these stories of passionate love were between teens while we know that ARJUHI are young adults! Even if love is ageless,truly,even passionate love story does not mean to have an ending like these well known lovers because all of them did not give their love a chance firstly - they died just when the love was an ehsaas,they never live this feeling to the maximum and prefer to escape to death because of the circumstances that were there were like this! These lovers were predestined star crossed lovers who did not give a chance to life and faith in love but like the nature of human brains,we carry mostly beautiful memories and their death remain like the symbol of the intensity of love,that,as they will justify,that if they could not live together,then at least they died together! In then,their death turned to be a winning situation as it also highlights the end of the feud between family!
(I gonna continue in the same thread)
I am posting this bit before it get lost or erasedSmile

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Here is a beautiful quote(from Honore De Balzac) that explains love theme of our beloved Arjuhi
Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.
As the underlined words,the words are very common as the scene prevailence that viewers got to watch. Well insect has been replaced by knifeWink.
This is a very powerful quote for the meaning of what happened to Arjuhi. The man and the girl become the leading characters of a lover story and as Shefali puts it,without themselves know they are the main leads because the story has already started. The audience feels the beats of the story that is forming and the scene was so well done that the eyes of the audience is shown by the characters play in the show,Shefali,Billu and Makhand are the audience of this story and like the viewers of the show  or like readers of a novel, we have started seeing this story in the eyes of the present audience of the story. The audience was nothing more than true people that hold the characters very closely. They are the characters we met with the main lead as from the first episode hinting us that they are persons that the characters care and trust the most. And Shefali,well,like we have seen in first episode,she is more practical outgoing girl who does not believe in fictitious love stories. She has been chosen by fate to witness with her own eyes that such story happens as well. Shefali has been carried in the dreamland of Arohi for her to see that real love still exist and secondly to be the character that will never betray Arohi or will never let Arohi weaken. Shefali is portrayed as the easygoing cool minded fun girl who does not need to talk a lot but few words she say,as she is someone,true and has the same purity and clean heart as the main lead,Arohi,her words and well she was also the epitome of experience,even if virtually she experienced these feelings(4 bfs by smsROFL) but emotions can not be betrayed and marked Arohi a lot! It was not a coincidence for it is Shefali who has accompanied Arohi in Arohi's story. Shefali is the character that has her own charm and fun personality that make the viewers love her to be with Arohi! Shefali was the one who made Arohi to understand and trust her feelings and to let her go forward. Blind trust to Shefali's words show how innocent Arohi is and let us wonder,is she being the happy go lucky type of girl and one who she considers friend,she lay blind trust to? It adds more in the innocence and clean sweet personality of Arohi. Daring and Kiddie => dangerous combination!
In the other hand, Arjun was accompanied by his childhood friends who he love more and blindly trust them too. They are sort of the guardians of Arjun. Yet these 2 characters are from the guy's side who will never leave him and go. They are genuine and true friends that will never advise Arjun wrongly and hold Arjun in understanding his own feeling. Yet as they are gangster clan,so their style is hard words but with no hard intentions,when Makhand said to Arjun do something for Arjuhi to stay as they ae indebted to RPS. It was their style to make Arjun to approach to Arohi.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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And in the same kidnapping sequence, we got to find how 'do dil mil rahe the' One of the heartwarming scene was the handcuffed scene where how Arjun was letting his heart absorbed the innocence and chirpiness of Arohi! It was shown how at first he will remain outside because Arohi does not want to go inside to how in the sleep,Arohi just go next to him. Very subconsciously but it was like soullike attraction that make her behave out of feeling cold go next to him. The way she slept on his chest was just like the watering of the seed carefully to bloom a beautiful flower. The admiration of Arjun to Arohi just like he started to feel more after seeing her in the white saree. And then how a joke that turned bitter force Arjun to come out of his shield and split his true nature to Arohi. Arohi's attraction to was like the bee who was in the pollen and the tear of drop that flowed down of her cheek,to wash away all her misunderstanding towards Arjun and so does Arjun to Arohi and a tear of drop for a new emotion to feel in her heart. Without wondering,they just felt so good being with each other side.
And then come the stylish sorry scene as the next big scene in the forest that was awesome that was just like NAture and angels were showering blessings on them and made them to perfectly fit to each other. Like a sword they don't know why they are just going toward each other and this love is like a blunt sword that bleeds feeling of love! Getting drown more and more in the innocence and real self of Arohi,appreciating more and more the transformation of the real Arjun who is living his life for the first time with thi girl,was just magical. The peace,love,connected emotion, innocence, sweetness, dreamy, awesome atmosphere keep the whole scene praiseworthy.
The next big happening in the jungle scene was how twice Arohi saved Arjun's life and making all the indebtness to his dad a rising question to Arjun in the future. Also just like Arjun could not see a tear in Arohi's eyes now,Arohi is also his shadow that will not let death near him. It was all very lovely well blended with the very nature feel that is blessing the lovers and how Arjun has started seeing the rosy nature of life,a perspective he was shunned from.
Th bullet scene where Arjun saved Arohi's life proved how much Arjun is totally Arohi's and this was more romantically expressed at the cliff where he expressed how much he held her. In five days or more how two strangers become so connected just like they know them from ages and how love is giving them a new perspective in life. Both of them know they have feelings towards each other but they have not expressed towards each other as Arjun is true to himself and will definitely want to tell the truth first.
(ok friends,I inserted a picture of Mr Perfect in his imperfect mode,ROFL)
The coming of Chiku in this cottage was a question to both Arjun and Arohi. Though in a lght heartered way but for the characters to realise that they are different persons now. They are no longer the same carefree persons who will just do anything for everyone else happiness except themselves. Arohi realised she is a changed girl as she will not be able to accept Chiku as she is wholly surrendered selflessly to Arjun and Arjun realised he will not be able to let go Arohi for someone else as she is his angel.

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kavyasamMahak SinhaAnjalii...xXx

Du_Nish Goldie

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(last part)
The whole jungle scene actually raised many wonderful thoughts in the audience's mind!
(1) both of them were living a life within society infringement and they were right in the perception of other persons who they love/indebted to.
In the jungle,they were left by themselves,independent from those they hold and breathe life like only ARJUN & AROHI and not like ARJUN SINGHANIA & AROHI AHLUWALIA.
Arohi and Arjun are very self mirror image,the jungle was their sight for them to live free from the society manacles and breathe the bigger picture of life that is filled with love of innocence and shower blessing like fragrance of soiled earth and flowers or nature.
It shows love is not mechanised! Those who were supposed to be the clash of the titans turn to be soul mates! The only difference remains the way they brought up. Arjun brought up with each breath he has to struggle to show himself up and for his friends. He was received to a wealthy family but brought up like a fearless tiger who is entirely indebted to his father in the black business. Arjun becomes an introvert character. As for Arohi, she was always surrounded of love and happiness. She was brought up fill with positive vibes and made her become the carefree extrovert character. Yet the introvert and extrovert character do not mean that their souls are different! The body and personality traits are different but their inner self,they are the same! Both of them have in a way live a life for their surroundings and even being happy as others were happy,they themselves were lonely characters. They were never happy for themselves but always got happiness when they spread it to others.
The five days they remained free from the world's conception and under the blessing of LORD is enough for them to see very individually that this is their life and they have a right to live their life as how they want! It is good to make others happy but then there is other facette of life and life is live only once and should be theirs! It was a self journey towards their own self that they have carried together!
(2) COHABITATION - is it that wrong?
The five days together can be said that they were dating and cohabiting together,even unawarely but the fact remains.
'Dating does not mean to meet a dude and have some fun time in a resto or shopping mall ' (Chiku/Arohi) and definitely does not mean 'having coffee together and hang out in shops,galleries' (Gauri/Arjun)
Actually the above means more 'hang out' but 'dating actually means more than that,a step beyond hang out and where two persons get to know each other  and find themselves on a romantic interest level.'
It just happened to Arjuhi and their place incidentally turn to be a jungle but they are actually blessed knowing each other in a place where there is no restriction and barriers that just adds to the intensity and prowess of the feeling they are having toward each other.
Secondly,there was also a line of cohabitation in the story. Is it really wrong? I will like to situate it only in the scene they show and not in long term! I am talking on cohabitation with the person who will tie knots to you for sure in future and he is serious and definitely commited to you. One truly said the charm of love dies within wedding because loving and living with the person is different. So is it wrong if living and loving the person just to know more on him and accept him with his difference and he respects your difference too before tying knots? In KMH1,there was this dispute too which is why Arjun had to leave his own rented home,lol because society definitely has a wrong perception of it. Sharing a home with a man does not mean having intimate relationship with him. Just like Arjun and Arohi had different room because chastitiy and chivalric values should never be erased! These are parts of self esteem of someone but then sharing food,sharing some moments to know him,his habit,his likes,dislikes,seeing the flaw in him, sharing the same savings to buy commission, and he being here for you when you need someone to talk or you being there for him when he needs a hug. Chastity and chivalric are measured mostly by the purity in mind and respect toward each other and towards this thought,chastity as it very much linked to should be keep undoubtedly as chivalric values and chastity too are both sides of the same coin. Sharing five days with Arjun was like she was managing their home and their mutual understanding and stand to each other brings fragrance and blessed this cottage that turn their home definitely.
In order to end it, I feel the fairytale just like one of my favourite Shakespearean play ' Mid summer night dreams.'
Have your say and views!

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Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Heart
Pranii IF-Dazzler

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Eshu- u r really too good. Beautiful post ClapClapClapClapClapthanks a lot for thisHug

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GREAAAT!!! I loved it!!!!
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wow awesome.........i also luved da whole jungle scene.............

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