Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

8/12 - Epi.28: "Anaylsis & Disscussion"

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Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

To avoid confusions, let's just keep a schedule of every week
It will change every week so all of us get a chance to open it
This weeks it is all cleared out so here is the schedule for that, all I need now are back ups.

6/12 - Roshni
7/12 - Anjali
8/12 - Aanchi
9/12 - Pooja
10/12 - Anjali
Weekend Thread - Pooja

Back up
7/12 - Kavya
8/12 - Pooja
9/12 - Kavya
10/12 -
Weekend Thread -
I will need volunteers for opening next week and in the weekend threads or the Fridays thread I will let you know who is opening which day.
Till then you have time to decide, so just PM me on that anytime from now till Friday

Sabki umeedon pe paani pad gaya..........ROFLROFLROFL.....Nothing as I jungle romance...OuchROFL

Ok so d episode starts..Arjun Arohi on some cliff.. n Arjun goes to Arohi n tells her she will have to trust him blindly...n he has 6 bullets in d gun...the moment she hears dem she has to walk straight
..Arohi agrees...Shocked...n says since she is ready wid it  what are they waiting for....?Arjun says to himself intezaar bas Kartar Singh Ahluwalia ka hai...Wink...Arjun is very scared but He knows he has to do dis since he has to get his Dad out of the jail in every possible way...Tongue.In d background d Kavyanjali tune playsDay Dreaming..(Kavya n Anjali u listening...?ROFL.ROFL).

          Finally d Dadaji n Sena reach their destinationROFL..n dey see Arohi n Arjun ..n their darpok granddaughter doing sum stunts like fear factor.......ROFL
ROFLDadaji very impressed..TongueLOL....bad joke..LOL..Arjun asks Dadaji to give d file or else He would kill Arohi...But Ddaji says if he would not leave his granddaughter he will not be spared too..Evil Smile.....Waah Dadaji,..ClapClap....itne din tak chup baithe the...SleepyLOL..Apni beti ki jaan n saare dialogues aaj yaad aaye hain....ROFLROFL...Arjun says he is not worried about his own life coz His life is not his .its His Dad's life...Dadaji continues to patao Arjun...D'ohROFL...He says he has never been charged for murder...n if he kills Arohi he will ruin his own life...meanwhile Arjun firing d bullets one by one n Arohi walkin straight continues..ClapROFL...KSA now again tries to patao Arjun n says His brother Mikhael sent Kaali to kill him...but Arjun doesnt believe him but finally he goes in flashbacks...SleepyLOL..Rajveer Chachu finally speaks sumthn....ROFL...asks Arjun to leave Arohi n take d file.Dadaji gives his line about his love n loyalty for  d country n profession..SleepyLOL..Finally after taking so much of footageLOL Dadaji agrees to what Arjun says...ClapROFL...Arjun wants d assurance from d policewale dat noone will follow him..Evil Smile....Rajveer chachu burns d file n here Arohi is just about to fall but Monster running n runningROFL comes n saves her...Thumbs Up..KMH tune plays..Embarrassed..Arjun Arohi looking into each others eyes  Embarrassed..Arjun asks Arohi not to worry...he is holding her hand..Embarrassed..Loved  dis line"Tumhari jaan jaati toh Arjun ki jaan bhi jaati aur Arjun ki jaan itni aasaani se nahin jaati.."...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..Arohi says d trust she has in him is bigger than her fear...EmbarrassedClap.Arjun tells KSA dat he would get his grand daughterback by d evening n Billu Makrand arrive n dey get into d car n fly...ROFLROFL...

Rudr Vs Dadaji...LOL
Dadaji calls RPS...Rudr is back in show after a long timeLOL.The first line he says to Dadaji is.."accha laga aapne humein yaad kiya...."...ROFLROFL..we thank d creatives ki accha hua unhone aapko yaad kiya..ROFLROFL...otherwise we thought dey forgot ur in jail n hav to be out soon according to d storySilly..ROFL..RPS asks KSA to get him out of d jail n he would get his granddaughter back by d evening...Dadaji gives him karara jawwab is situation mein bhi..ROFL...n says he will be behind d bars very soon.....Rudr gets one more superb line.."Angry Old Man"....ROFLROFL...his expressions wereClapROFL...i wasROFLing...n d smile he had on his faceLOL..

Arjun Arohi in car wid Billu Makrand...Tongue..Monster assures Arohi dat she is safe now n he would drop her at d policestation...Arohi not at all happy wanting to spend sum more moments wid her Monster...WinkLOL orders Arjun dat he has to bear wid her for sum more time till he gets her to her house..Evil Smile.ROFL..Time for Arjun to drill Aro wid questions..ROFLROFL..."Tum Chiku se shaadi karogi..?How could you...?tumhe chod ke bhaag gaya tha woh Tongue..Mis Bak Bak ki bak bak session shuru...ROFL..Tum khush ho Arjun..?Arjun-Yes....LOL Arohi - I will marry Chiku den..LOL Arjun-I don care...mujhe farak nahin padta..Tongue..Arohi -..Tum pagal ho.?..main chiku se shaadi karoongi jo mujhe chod ke bhaag gaya...AngryLOL..Arjun smiles...Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming....n Im taken to Singhania's dreamland...Day DreamingLOL...aww dey love each other so much..Embarrassed..Aro knows she is gona miss Arjun n expecting sum sweet gesture from him...Tongue..Arohi says She is very happy dat she is meeting her family after long..She remembers her Mother's saying dat when a girl finds someone special in her life from dat day she believes d house of her partner is her only house.ClapTongue.(I thanked God dat dey din sho her expressionless DadAngryROFLROFL)Aro comes in d present..LOL n says she  has always done everything for her family...never taken ny decision of her life herself...n today also she will leave it on her family...Surely her mind is in conflict wid her heart.TongueEmbarrassed..she loves Arjun but since her family has chosen Chiku for her she will follow her family coz she has always done everything for her family..never thought about herself....It would be nice to watch when she confesses her love for Arjun infront of her family...EmbarrassedBig smile

The last scene....:
Loved dis scene...EmbarrassedFinally Arjun Arohi reach d police station..Ouch...Arjun says Arohi he is happy dat he is getting rid of her finally..Arohi really wants to kno Arjun's thoughts n asks him if he would miss her...She doesnt wana go..n she knows she is gona miss him..Embarrassed...n so wana talk to him..but Monster says No...LOL...Arohi would hav thought in her mind main itni hot hoon phir bhi he doesnt give me bhaav...ROFLROFL...Arohi also gives him muhtod kawab...ClapLOL..."Mian bhi tumhe miss nahin karoongi...n yeh bhi nahin kahoon gi ki apni chot ka dhyaan rakhna n doctor ke paas jana..."...AngryLOLIn d background a song plays...:Kismat se"...if im  not mistakenErmm.which suited d scene.d scene was beautiful n Arohi Arjun looking back at each other...EmbarrassedBig smile...

Another awesome episode...ClapClap.....fab acting...Karan Kritz...ClapClap...(how mny times am i gona use dis clapping emo? hands are paining..LOL)...Arjuhi chemistry perfect...HeartHeart

ok its too long..Sleepy.sorry guyz....if u can den manage to read it...EmbarrassedLOL

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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EmbarrassedClapeally loved yday's episode......... i ws wndering hw d cv's r gona cntnue d story........ i ws praying to god dat arohi shud nt find d truth........ n yeah thank god she dint find out Smile
n yeah d frst part.. ups ye kaise test tha?? really dangerous........Shocked
obviously arohi s frm a police family... she s courageous to walk in btw bulletsLOLLOL
uffffff arjun ka plan tho superb thaaa !!!!Ouch bt poor arohi i ws taoched wen she asked him "ab intezaar kis baath ka hai?? Embarrassedn aarjun dint realy wanna do dat Embarrassedit ws clear as he said it ......
n den oohhhoooo ye kartar kitne bhaav kha rahe the??Angrydil desh ,,,, i realy lyked wat rajveer did Wink
n arjuhi's scene........... d scene where arjun came to hold arohi........... Smile 
uff n d dialogue......
 "Tumhari jaan jaati toh Arjun ki jaan bhi jaati aur Arjun ki jaan itni aasaani se nahin jaati.."
n arohi's dialogue........
"tumhare upar mera bharosa meri dar se bhi bada hai .............."Dancing
wah wah it ws realy touching...............
n abt d bg .. y d hel i cdnt knw its kavyanjali's music?? oh may b bcoz i have nt seen kavayanjaliLOLLOL
                n aluwalia-singhania's convo.... Sleepyi dnt pay atention coz i ws in arjuhi dreamland at dat tyme........... bt i lyked wen rps tld "angry old man "OuchWink
nw d last part.................... loved d way arjun asked arohi "tum chiku se shaadi karoge....vo tumhe chodke bhaag gaya thaAngry"
i thnk instead he shud hav said  "tum chiku se shaadi nahi kar sakthi kyunki maine hi tumhari jaan bacha li " lolLOL
loved deir cute fights.................. n last part arjun ne aohi ko police stn pe chod diya...........i ws also crying W*H arohi........ Crymmmm i thnk we cd see "missing each other badly" parts in d cming episodes where bth of dem cd realize deir love fr each 
n loved d song dat played last ... bt havent heard it b4.... so any clues abt dat song guys???????Confused
so overall i loved yadays episode................ karan n kritzzzz mwahhh fr d awesom actingClapClap

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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LOLokz good episode ending  was really was nice Thumbs Up mujhe lagta hai arjun vapas aakar arohi ko some sahali i don't remember the name of the place vaha use le jayega Wink shayad pyar ke kuch aur pyare pal dekhne ko milenge Dancingsunrise scene i think it would be really beautiful don't u think im thinking lot Day Dreamingday dreamingROFLoops night dreaming LOL but however we the lovers of kitani mohabbat hai should stay tuned however we know it is kitani mohabbat hai n it is the bestHeart
@anchi nice one

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Hey Anchi I am so awe that I am doing like yesterda,bear my part wise analysis
EP 28 - Part 1
Guys Oh MY God! Believe me guys, Ekta has identified my weakness! In KMH2, she has included Kavya Anjali title song theme - hayiiiiiii and that too in an upbeat version --- That was my favourite song of her show (that she messed up then but the power of love and trust was there) well to those guys who do not know the song,check it,a must,mates!
'WO miley they kyu mile they,dekhhe bas tumne waqt bi rukh gaya! wo pyar ka chune jisse ek pal ke liye asmaan jukh gaya! par zindagi yeh aetbaar,aye magar bas ek baar.'
Actually when I watched KMH 1,the song tumko chune bhi..the version 1, I always felt it to be an extension of KavyaAnjali song and I was right! Now having KavyaAnjali bg tune in KMH2,that brings the intensity to the show a lot and definitely keep the theme of love and death!
Well guys I just watched part 1 and I know I have not commented on the scene because meri hosh outh gaye with the KMH tune mix with Kavyanjali tune!
So much Ekta has to give us! I am loving those beautiful surprises!

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Du_Nish Goldie

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EP 28- PART 2
Ok guys -  when I watched part 2- I love iiiiiitttt - knowing that Arjun was acting fearlessly but actually was afraid too- the goli ka scene was funny but cute! And Ekta killed me with the bg of KMH1 music and the dialogues of Arjun to Arohi that if Arohi dies Arjun too won't be able to stay! Nice to see the concern of family,I am sure Rajveer has tricked Arjun,he is also as smart as Arjun and nice to see that it is true DUTY comes BEYOND FAMILY (thats what is shown in Bhagvad Gita in one of Arjun/Krishna talks) Well I love part 2 when it ends loverbirds romance kar rahe the aur policewale dekhte jaate! Wo to soch rahe the ke Arohi ke jaan khatre mein hein jab Arohi is having the best moment of her life! Not yet watch part three but in the promo there is the tune 'Kismat se tum hum to milenge' from the movie Pukaar (wow -it is amazing. 5 star for the choice of music in this scene that I am going to watch because there too there was the theme of love -individual and love to the country) (link for the song:
And the feel of this song adds with the tune of KavyAnjali just adds the prevalence of love,destiny and intensity in this love) Just like the blindfold trust of Arohi to Arjun and Arjun will not break this trust! I LOVE THIS LOVE THEME!

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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@eshu yeah that was really nice

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

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  FAB !! episode. Thumbs Up The Action ,The Drama, The Emotions ,The expressions ,The love ,The denial everything was there.Clap
  first scene of Arjun Blindfolding Arohi...Arohi's complete faith in Arjun..standoff between Arjun and Police ..LOVED IT !!Heart and it was so romantic how Arjun stops Arohi from falling off the cliff Day Dreaming ."Tumhara haath  Arjun ke haath me hai aur mai ye haat chodunga nahi ...tumhari jaan jaati toh Arjun ki jaan bhi jaati "  so romantic and bg me Kitani song.  can't breathe ..goosebumps .. i am on the different level.Day Dreaming Embarrassed Both Karan and Kritika ROCKED the scene.and she said it "tumhare upar jo mara Vishwas hai woh mere darr se bada hai " uff Heart Day Dreaming..
    Arjun kab tab u will deny it? Wink
 The jeep scene ..convo...liked it liked it !!  Thumbs Up Makrand /Billu did they sleep or pretended to sleep ? awee ..kya dost hai. Wink..Arohi still don't want all this to end ..she wants arjun to drop her at home sweet ..and then Arjun ..asks her Tum Chiku se shaadi kar logee? awee ..insecure huh..Hindi me kya bolate hai...pani kitane depth me hai ..test kar raha tha Wink...aab bol bhi do Arjun..and the way Arohi checking what are Arjun's feeling ..i just love whole convo Heart.God kitane ghuma phirake baate kar rahe hai Wink .."mujhe bura kyu lagega ..tum chiku se shadi karlo ya jiss marji usse....mujhe kya farak padata hai " ..ya rite Arjun...and that tinnie binnie smile Arjun gave when Arohi says "gadhe ho insan mujhe chod ke bhaag gaya ..ussase mai shaadi kyu karoongee"..was my most favorite moment of the episode.Heart..chor kahi ke ..aur chori pakari gayeee Wink..heheh ..when arohi asks tum smile kar rahe the na ..that time Arjun's expressions were...haaeee.."mai kyu smile karunga .mai smile nahi karata ..waise tumhari baat pe mai smile kyu karunga ?" hehee ..don likes to be naughty sometimes..he was kinda pulling Arohi's leg...deffo aweeeeeee moment ..Dil me pyaar ,dimag me Don..hai ..Arjun bura phass gaya . ..Kali ka nishna gatal ,even arjun ka nishana galat ..par CUPID ka Nishaana ...laga laga laga .Wink.i am again in dreamland .Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming
         ok back to Kaliyug ...
  Karan's expressions ,emtions,voice everything was spot on !!     Thumbs Up    arohi was perfect Thumbs Up.and both of them were looking super hott/cute respectively .
   i love dthe dialoges .. super sweet nok jhok..super don loves to do nokjhok with arohi ..Only arohi can bring his the other side of personality out ...and unknowingly ..arjun is enjoying it too...perfectly expressed by Karan .the thing i liked is whatever Arohi was saying to  arjun .. mai khush hu ,,mera tum se finally picha chut raha hai..Arjun's heart was understanding the real emotions.its like arjun arohi were talking i mean nok jhoking but their haerts were having a beautiful conversation.and Arjun was enjoying that .Arohi now wonders ..mera ghar kaha hai..coz she feels at home with arjun.she is gonna realise that once she reaches her home .
  and the very last scene ..go tears in my eyes ..awe the way Arohi was asking tum mere baare me sohoge kya? and arjun lying saying no.awwww.and then when arohi says ..mai ye nahi bolungee..apani chot ka khayal rakhana ,doctr ke paas jaana ..all awwweeee moments ..Aur kitana bore karogee ..that was sooo cute ..
    KARAN KRITIKA ..Best in expressing .. the spark ..oh hell no spark ..THE FIRE ,THE CHEMISTRY ..was all..ufff
  P.S i did not commenton anything other than Arjun Arohi coz ..aaj ka din bass Arjun Arohi and Dreamland

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Du_Nish Goldie

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EP 28 - Part 3

Typical Ekta's show where she inculcated some words from 'vedas' or 'any religious book.'
It is actually perfectly blended where the words have significance! So basically I have a smile, when Dadu was so so sad and concerned about the halat of her poti when her poti actually does not want to return home;-) megalolz
Part 3  - I love the jeep scene where both of them are trying to act like they will not miss each other and how Arjun had a smile when Arohi said she will not marry to Chiku!!!!
Hayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Arohiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;-) baby yaar pyar mein hum ko kya hogayi;-) She realised that she has never live her life what she really wants (well except the 5 days in jungle) and she realised that she was happy when her family was happy! I love the reminescence bit where Arohi asked her mother about love and home and the reply her mother gave! Most of us are daughters and we have heard it too that parents' home will one day become 'parayi' as when daughters are born,they are 'luxmi'(goddess of light)of the house but then they will become luxmi of their in laws' family/husband's family (that is where they will spend their whole life - no matter how careerwise successful girls are or how independent we  girls have evolved but the truth remain unchanged) In love,girls' realise that if they have to make a choice between family and lover,most of the time choose lover because they know no matter they will be happy with their decision because at least they are living their choices! Aur Arohi,haaan arjun ke liye,bilkul!!!!!
I love the way she asked whether Arjun has watched sunrise and I am sure they gonna watch sunrise together which is romantic and have a lot of significance that I will write when the scene is in!
'Oye Nishu' 'tum bilkul arohi ki maa jaisi bangayi.' 'itni filmy,bas kijiye Yaaru'
lolz - ab part 4 (final)

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