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Harshad Chopda FC; Jeet Liye Dil!

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 8:44pm | IP Logged

It was a dream he dreamt a long time ago

But then he knew he had far to go

For it was early days into the world he stepped

It would take time for promises to be kept.

So bided his time and buckled down to work

And knew he was never one to shirk.

Five years ago was when the journey began

With Karan, who used to plot and plan

And then came Ali marching left, right, left

In and out breezed Akshat leaving fans bereft

Thereafter came the really big break

That would very soon a new star make.


Prem was the stuff that made up dreams

About whom his fans wrote up reams

But despite having made a stunning impact

With countless performances so power-packed

The recognition that should have been his rightful due

Was only acknowledged by far too few


And although there were many fans and much success

With the faithful, also came the fickle and faithless

But he soldiered on through the good, bad and the ugly

Knowing that he would one day scale the pinnacle of glory

And though there were many who thought he never could

There were also those who always knew he would!


And then happened Anurag, the biggest challenge so far

A difficult but loveable character to play by far

One so imperfect and human with many a frailty

Who finally even lost his grip on reality

Here is a character whom the script does not back

But the talent to pull it off he certainly did not lack.


And what a stupendous job he did

That got finally recognized as splendid indeed.

For here is an actor who can portray it all

From passion to anger, he can always enthrall

His mere presence on screen has an aura all its own

An arresting quality that has you totally blown


He can say with his eyes what a million words can't

And yet his voice gives you goose bumps that totally enchant

His attention to nuances can't help but astound

And his every performance holds you spell bound

So every award that comes his way

Is just one more jewel in a crown of many, we pray!

(Poem by Biraj)

They say Indian Telly actors are over exposed; it is very difficult to play a character for two years and then with a gap of hardly four months, establish yourself as a totally new and different character that too in a lead role. Very few actors are able to do it, even fewer are able to do it with as much ease as Harshad! 

Characters come and characters go, very few are able to impact you so much that they are instilled in your memory for ever. Characters are as the script wants them to be, characters are what the dialogues allow them to be and in Indian Telly world, characters are what the TRPs demand! Seems true doesn't it? But lo and behold there are characters that are made immortal by actors, their brilliance, their hard work, their ability to emote and hold the viewers' attention even when the script goes hay wire or does not support them.

Prem and Anurag are two characters that have been made memorable for those who have watched them by the sheer brilliance of an actor. He lived Prem's character for two years and now he seems to be living Anurag, turning and developing it into a character that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Where Prem was supported by script and was almost a perfect human being, Anurag is unpredictable and jittery, makes mistakes, stumbles, is emotional and looks very human with nothing special about him, yet one finds him so special and so loveable. Some one who makes you think, some one you can never be sure about and still you feel with him, you want to laugh and  cry with him and just be captivated by the magic he creates!

Those changing seasons of life

So unpredictable

No fixed months

You never know when it will rain happiness and joy

You never know when it's autumn time to be red and coy

Summer fun and winter chill

Onu's character still has beans to spill

But he did it all with just one look in his eye

Enough to make you laugh madly, or painfully cry

As you go through Onu's changing emotions

His talent will destroy all negative notions

Onu the one who always cared

Onu the one who so innocently stared

Onu the comic at atta dance

Onu the passionate when it comes to romance

He had so much to live up to, so many expectations

And yet I would like to say congratulations

HC, you got us falling in love again

With Onu's smile, and even his silent pain...

(Poem by Meg)

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrad_rgULc0

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King of emotions he certainly is, none can portray them better than him. From sadness to anger, happiness to passion, jealousy to love, he is a master of all. He makes you cry with his character, laugh with it, feel the anger rise when he is angry and experience the passion with it! He gives life to his characters through his beautiful portrayal of emotions. It was about time he got his rightful due! But we hope and pray this is only the beginning of a long and successful career ahead!




Tere bin yoon rahi zindagi

Jaisey theri huwi ik nadi

Yoon kata ek pal

Jaise kati ho maine sadi

Kabse khada Tere Liye Tere Liye



Kia Kia na kiya Tere Liye

Kuch waja tou bata

Pune sey Mumbai aaya Tere Liye

Heroines key bal massage kiye Tere Liye

Unhey goad mey bhi uthaya Tere Liye

Foot maasage bhi kiye Tere Liye

Batman bana Tere Liye

Monkey dance kia Tere Liye

Ratoun ko na soya Tere Liye

Barish mey roaz nahaya Tere Liye

Pagal bhi mey bana Tere Liye

Betadine surgical pia Tere Liye

Apni haseen zulfoun ko gel sey chupaya Tere Liye

Hazar Ansoo bahaey Tere Liye

Kitna Mey bhaga Tere Liye

Thapad bhi khaey Tere Liye

Tere Liye haan Tere Liye

Kab sey khara Tere Liye

             Haan Tere Liye            

Kis khata ki mili hey saza

Kuch waja Tou bata

Dard aisa diya

Khawab mey bhi jo socha na tha

Phir bhi khara Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Dard Hans key sahoun mey sabhi

Ah tak na bharoun kabhi

Phir bhi jiyoun Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Loves me, Loves me not?

One Harshad fan was sitting long faced on a bench alone with a flower in hand, plucking the petals one by one, murmuring something

A friend came by noticed this and said "don't worry he loves you"

Surprised by the sudden comment Harshad fan raising an eyebrow asked; "huh? he

loves me? But who?"

The friend said "obviously the one for whom you are plucking the petals and murmuring to yourself 'he loves me, he loves me not' "

Harshad fan replied "huh? you dumbo, I was plucking to check will Harshad tweet today or not!!"

The friend replied, "Then you better start plucking again"

Harshad fan asked "huh, why?"

Friend replied "to check if he will tweet a 'thank you' or a 'happy birthday'!"

 Latest Dilemma of a Harshad Fan!

HCfan1:  Yaar there is suddenly a lot of confusion in life

HCfan2: Confusion what kind of confusion?

HCfan1: yaar don't ask day by day my dilemma is getting bigger and bigger

HCfan2: Oho but what is your dilemma?

HCfan1: I can't tell you or you might be angry with me for betraying

HCfan2: Betraying who?

HCfan1: Prem.....

HCfan2: huh? Prem????? How dare you???

HCfan1 (looking all sad): See I told you .......

HCfan2: How in the world is your dilemma is related to betraying Prem?

HCfan1: See ' the thing is that I can't decide if I love Onu but I am in love with Prem ' or I love Prem but I am in love with Onu ' Prem ya Onu ... Onu ya Prem? I love them both but whom am I in love with?

HCfan2: Oh ' "goes into deep thinking mode" and after few minutes says waisey you are right '. Even I am confused about the same

"Hum bewafa har giz na the par hum wafa kar na sakey" started playing in the BG with two very sad fans sitting together all crestfallen

A third more sure HC Fan who was watching both and grinning at them said, I have a solution to your dilemma. Both fans suddenly became excited and asked, do you?

HCfan3: Yes of course, its' very simple Onu for weekdays, Prem for weekends!


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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 8:46pm | IP Logged

 Born in Gondia, a town near Nagpur India, on May 17th 1983, Harshad Parkash Chopda's family decided to move to Pune, following his graduation Harshad excelled in the later years of schooling and went on to join an engineering college.  His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams and thus they enrolled him into an engineering college. Harshad audaciously states, "I only did engineering because my parents asked me to do so. However, I was clear in my mind as to what I wanted."

Later after completing his studies he headed straight to Bombay to pursue his acting career hoping to make it big one day just like Salman Khan, his favorite bollywood actor. He struggled hard during these years waiting for his big break but before that break would come he found himself successfully auditioning for Zee's Mamta and so began the journey of the actor Harshad Chopda!

He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh. This role found him a small measure of fame as he starred alongside actors like Rajeev Khandelwal but he feared typecasting and so he soon quit the show. He joined the cast of Amber Dhara soon after quitting Left Right Left. He essayed the role of Akshat and his performance was acknowledged at a larger scale. Unluckily, his stint with Amber Dhara didn't last long due to problems with the production house. 

After remaining off screen for a short period of time, Harshad bounced back strongly with the Balaji show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil where he portrayed the character of a passionate lover, Prem Juneja. He was recognized for his outstanding performance at various award functions.

At present Harshad is playing to perfection the role of Anurag Ganguly in Tere Liye and his performance in the show has brought him much praise and a best actor award already!  


IF Profile Page


Follow Harshad on Twitter



 Below is a brief description of Harshad's five characters he has played so far!








For the week 6th December - 12th December 2010

Current Celebrity Ranking on IF: 6

Last Week's Ranking: 5

Harshad Chopda on his Favorite Things

 | Credit: Tellychakkar

 Harshad Chopda in an Exclusive Interview:Part 1

 | Credit:India-Forums

Harshad Chopda in an Exclusive Interview:Part 2

 | Credit:India-Forums

 Harshad Chopda in an Exclusive Interview:Part 3

 | Credit:India-Forums 

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 8:46pm | IP Logged

Anurag Ganguly is imperfectly perfect, a close to reality fictional yet very human character. Someone you can relate to, the character has multiple layers and is unpredictable. He is loving and caring; he is emotionally vulnerable and hence wore an outer shell to hide that. He makes mistake in love but once he realizes what true love is, he sacrifices his life and soul for love. Tere Liye is the journey of his realization of love and sacrificing it all for it!    


Official page of Tere Liye on FB by Star Plus
Anuraag's Official Page On Face Book
Tere Liye (Taryay Liyay) - Promo 4
Tere Liye (Taryay Liyay) - Promo 5
| onu says he wants to end old story with taani 
| shekhar gives his pen to onu
| Taanu having fun with family while anuraag does his aata dance!
| onu takes nupur to hospital
| onu asks robbie to tell taani he'll be late
| onu decides to take nupur to doctor
| onu accepts to work for arindam
 Anuraag-Ananya Scenes : 7th Dec'10
| onu refuses ananya to help nupur
anuraag throws out nupur from his house
| onu robbie plan moll'y b'day
| nilu asks onu to propose taani
| onu decides to go by train
| laboni gets angry with anuraag coz taani left
| onu brings ananya home...then speaks to subodh

 | Anuraag runs to the station
 | subodh tells anuraag taani is leaving
 Anuraag-Subodh Scenes 29th Nov'10
 | subodh tells onu taani gave him loan
 | anuraag gets the contract and agrees to come back home
 | shekhar calls anuraag back but he refuses
 | anuraag finishes his contract on time
 | anuraag accepts subodh's contract
anuraag comes to meet subodh in his office..says he'll return
 | anuraag meets a beggar on the streets of kolkata
 | Anuraag indirectly taunts taani with regards to molly
| Anuraag gets jealous seeing subodh with taani at the party
 | anuraag meets his family at engagement
 | Ananya poisons anuraag's mind against taani
 Anuraag-Nilu Scenes :22nd Nov'10
 | nilu comes to invite anuraag for robbie's engagement
| taposh taunts anuraag yet again
 | anuraag still feels insecure abt taani and subodh after dinner
 | anuraag gets the factory papers from subodh
| anuraag sees taani with subodh and gets jealous!
anuraag tells laboni he won't have dinner after he is hurt see...   
 | anu gets the cheque from subodh
 | subodh offers to help anuraag
| anuraag gets the deal...taposh taunts him
 | taani leaves with subodh...as anuraag gets a bit jealous
 | taposh insults anuraag
 | Anu tells taposh he should take care
| Anuraag refuses his job.......sees taani solving robbie's prob
 | Anuraag tells ritesh he left the job
 | Anuraag buys the chain for taani
 | anuraag shares his first earnings ...beautiful mom-son Scene
 | anuraag refuses to take bakhshish from shekhar
| anuraag does a menial job to earn money for Taani's gift!
| anuraag supports taani...vishwaas hai scene
| anuraag and taani tell robbie molly's mom agreed
| onu catches a cold
| anu tells shekhar abt taani's belief in him
| anu tells shekhar abt taani's belief in him
| anuraag's job celebration
| anuraag gets the job and loses it
ovember 03, 2010, 02:19 AM | laboni brings anuraag home
| anuraag supports taani infront of veena
| shekhar asks anuraag to leave his house
| ananya blames taani

| anuraag is teased by taani...then shekhar scolds him in office
| anuraag supports taani wen robbie is blasted by shekhar
|Molly makes anuraag aware of taani's feelings towards him...
| anuraag is greeted by workers on dussehra
| anuraag comes to know abt taani's love for him!
| anuraag molly plan to manao taani
| anuraag introduces taani as his fiance
| Anuraag proves taani is innocent
| anuraag nilu in durga puja
| anuraag apologises to ananya
| anuraag performs in durga puja
| taani takes the blame of stealing the necklace~!!
| nilu falls sick
| anuraag and his frends plan outings for durga puja!
| anuraag comes to know of the engagement with taani!
| anuraag's reaction after nupur leaves him!
| no description available
| anuraag meets his granny
| Nupur Tries to speak to anuraag abt her modelling career
| anuraag robbie scene in reunion

| nilu informs anuraag abt the engagement being postponed!
|Anuraag wishes sushant for engagement...
|anuraag tries to manao nupur...
| anuraag refuses to break his friendship with taani
| Anuraag tells laboni sushant agreed to get married to taani!
| Anuraag comes to know Sushant likes Taani
| nupur comes to meet anuraag in his room...
| anuraag tells sushant abt his marriage with taani
| anuraag over hears laboni saying taani missed her audition
| anuraag gets possesive abt nupur...
| anuraag tries to get flirty with nupur!
| anuraag solves the labour problem at his factory!
 shekhar asks anuraag to help him in factory
nupur asks anuraag to take her out
| anuraag's match making attempt for taani fails!
| nupur treats anuraag on his b'day....later they play as match makers for taani
 | nilu tells anuraag abt laboni's challenge
| anuraag is wished on his b'day by his family
nupur sneaks into anuraag's room to wish him on his b'day
| a scene where anuraag realises nupur is missing
|nilu tells anuraag abt laboni's curse
| a scene where anuraag tries to justify himself infront of nupur
| a scene where subodh makes anuraag realise that he has broken taani's heart
 nilu blasts anuraag for refusing taani's love
| the scene where laboni refuses to call anuraag her son...post ... anuraag refusing taani
| The first scene where anuraag seems to be thawing with his dad!
| a very nice scene between both the brothers!
| Anuraag's Scenes from 7th Sept where he bails out Robbie from jail
the scene where anuraag strikes a deal with taposh for robbie's bail!
| the scene just after robbie's arrest...
| A scene where anuraag makes laboni agree for the innaugration
 | anuraag assures nilu laboni will do the innaugration
 | anuraag tells laboni shekhar will do the innaugration
 | anuraag meets laboni for the first time after leap
| anuraag threatens his dad he'll not join the business
nilu congratulates anuraag on his attempts to patchup relation

| anuraag meets taposh after leap...and says he'll not stop meet
 | shekhar introduces anuraag to his friends
 | anuraag taunts his dad abt taani...says she's his best friend
 | anuraag tells his mom...he met taani
  Anuraag's 1st interaction with his family 25th August'10
 | scenes of harshad chopda as anuraag in tere liye

 | onu promises laboni..he'll be with taani always
 | anuraag asks taani to marry him
| anuraag asks for divorce
 | taani sees nupur in onu's room
 | waterfall scene..first promise of love
 | uss tarah milna hai scene
 | taani keeps waiting for onu at waterfall
 | onu asks taani to come to waterfall
 | onu asks taani to celebrate honeymoon.....naughty!!!
 | onu brings back nupur
| taani asks onu to save nupur
anuraag tells taani he loves her and tries to convince her
 | nupur comes back!!!!!
 | rain scene after onu says i love
 | onu says i love u to tani
| anuraag feeds taani cake at molly's b'day
 | anuraag looks at taani at molly's b'day
 | taanu speak on phone..onu tells her to wear orange
 | onu tries to tell taani he loves her
 | onu tries to kiss taani in his dream
 | the magical confession scene of TaAnu
 | taani tries to avoid onu...but he catches her at the station
 | anuraag overhears taani convincing nupur to come back
| onu helps ananya as taani leaves for mumbai

 | onu finds taani..but ananya stops him
| anuraag reaches the station as taani leaves
| anuraag remembers taani as guzaarish song plays in BG
 | Anuraag refuses to go home with taani.....
taani heartbroken after anuraag accusaes her of having a relationship with subodh
Anuraag pulls taani out of the engagement party
anuraag asks taani the truth abt nupur...and loses his temper
anuraag gets angry seeing taani with subodh and dances with her at robbie's engment
 | anuraag overhears taani talking to subodh...gets real jealous
Taanu scenes with subodh..he checks her ankle
 | subodh tries to invite onu to the party...but he says no
 | anuraag takes away taani from the party
| anuraag gets angry wen taani wakes him
| TaAnu first dinner date..too romantic!
| anuraag picks up taani in his arms...in rain...very romantic
 | anuraag applies ointment to taani's sprained ankle
 | anuraag sees taani with subodh at a restaurant
taani says she'll eat in grand after onu's is successful
anuraag taani dancing on baahon ke darmiyaan in rain
Anuraag-Taani(TaAnu) Scene 3 : 16th Nov'10  |
Anuraag is jealous on seeing taani subodh
 | Mood Swings scene...Taanu maggie scene
| Anuraag agrees to get help from subodh
| anuraag kisses taani on forehead
 | TaAnu Churi scene....then they go out for dinner with subodh
 | TaAnu give diwali gifts to each other...beautiful hug
| rangoli scene...A cute TaAnu Moment
 | laboni gives both of them a gift for diwali
 | anu sees nupur's pics taani consoles him
 | taanu in theatre
 | mehsoos karo...then chain scene...beautiful and heavenly!
 | taani praises shahid kapoor...anuraag gets jealous!
 | taani wakes up onu..with a bucket of water!....
 | taanu in rain as anuraag leaves
 | taani with anuraag after he leaves his home
 | anuraag comes to know abt robbie-molly
 | taani consoles anuraag in school
anuraag accidently removes the pallu of taani's saree...very romantic
| taani tells anuraag robbie has come to the durga puja festivities
| taani pulls anuraag's ears!
 | anuraag accidently smears taani's hair with sindoor
 | TaAnu in Kitchen..where anuraag tries to cheer up taani!
| taanu wedding is fixed
 | Taani teases anuraag her bangle gets stuck in his t shirt
 | Anuraag taani under the same umbrella....very romantic
 | Taanu go out during pujas...anuraag eats up the chits
 | taAnu playing cards with their frends! nice:)
| Taani gets angry on anuraag after salsa
| Anuraag Taani go out for dinner
 | TaAnu...doing salsa...very romantic
 | Anuraag taani during durga puja...first promo scene repeated
 | anuraag apologises on behalf of ananya
 | a must watch
 | Taani asks anuraag to pick up the phone
| anuraag asks taani abt the necklace
 | anuraag taani remembering their ramayan play!
 | TaAnu play dandiya and later go for shopping!
| Dandiya Scene
 | robbie comes and teases TaAnu abt their love for each other!
anuraag tells taani that he'll tell everyone abt the truth of their engagement
| anuraag shares the pain of nupur going away with taani!
 | Anuraag agrees for the engagement and later thinks abt nupur
 | taani tells anuraag nupur left!
 | taani helps anuraag dry his hair
 | anuraag asks taani to speak to nupur
 | TaAnu Meet minu ma'm
| TaAnu first dance at reunion
 | TaAnu Meet their friends at reunion
| Taanu go for shopping with nupur and sushant!

| Anuraag asks taani to get frendly again
| taani is very angry with anuraag for trying to fix her marraiage
 | anuraag hears taani sing...and understands her pain
| Anuraag Gets angry at taani for missing her audition
 | anuraag gets hurt and taani dresses his wound
 | anuraag apologises to taani
| taani blasts off anuraag for trying to look for a groom for her
| anuraag comes and stops taani's would be groom....laboni slaps him
 | taani stops nupur from leaving..anuraag hugs her!
a scene where taani realises that anuraag loves nupur
 | a scene where anuraag says no to his engagement with taani
 | Onu's first dhoti-kurta scene
 | TaAnu in rain...kulfi acene
| taani hugs anuraag after innaugration
 | taani tells anuraag ant laboni's preparations for innaugration
 | taani asks anuraag not to bring shekhar for innaugration
 | anuraag asks taani to come with him...mobile scene

| anuraag stays back to help taani open her shop
 | onu meets robbie for the first time
 | taanu go to meet their frends...followed by laptop scene
| taanu meet their frends after leap
| taanu get ready to meet their friends
 | molly invites anuraag to the coffee shop
 | taani enters onu's room...he's just out of the washroom!!!
 | anuraag opens bimal's shop...recognises taani!
 | onu buys the shop...refuses to sell it to taani
| first kulfi scene after leap

 | Anuraag recoginises taani's song in asylum
| scenes of adult anuraag and taani from the serial tere liye
 | taani makes anu eat kulfis on stage(asylum)

 | asylum scene
| first scenes of adult anuraag and taani from the serial tere liye

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This autograph was signed by Harshad for all his fans when a fan (who does not wish her name to be divulged for personal reasons) visited him


The Message Dated: 27th September 2008

This message goes out to all the FC members who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away

 ''Please give my message to all my fans

 Say them that everything happens for a reason

 There might be something nice hidden in this to, you never know

 And you guys are my strength and support

 I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered

 This is a phase and it will go away

 I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys

have showered

 on me since the past few days

 Its' overwhelming

Had it not been for you guys I would not have been here

 You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are

 the ones who have to stand by me

 And together we will come out of it"

The Message Dated: 18th August 2008

I am what I am but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am

 I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around

There is nothing special, different or extraordinary

about me

What makes me special, what makes me different, what

 makes me what I am, is your thinking

 You think I am cute I become cute, you think I am hot I

become hot, irrespective of whether I am or not

So its not what I actually am which makes me, its what

you guys think I am which makes me

 If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me, who think the way you think, who

believe in me the way you guys believe

Thank you for the belief

Thank you for making me what I am

 I know I can't thank enough but still trying

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile

Take good care 

God bless


The Message Dated:-1st June 2008

"I still remember the days I used to feel I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started

 I went through ups and downs and was off air also

 They say out of sight is out of mind

 But u guys kept me alive and didn't let me die

 I don't know what exactly to say or what the connection is but u guys have always

been kind to me

 Just want to say, thank you very much"


Daisy - delo Avneet - agrewal57 


 Vandana - togepe30  -life- -Farru-
 Anupama - anu_2701  Krishna - Kpg25  azfee-nafee
 Rabi - cute_rabi Ankita - anku2cute Yojana - angelic eyes
 Mansi - *mansibhatia*  Lina - angel*eyes  Suri - sun_423 
 lulu_gr81989 Nina - NeIN  Prerna - Prenz~13
 *~Anjali~ Vandana-vandy- Subha - subha2601 
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Gold for Dussehra

Jodis who are made for each other

STAR PLUS sets the mood for Diwali with Diwali Dilon Ki

Tere Liye unit unaffected by new CINTAA rule?

Diwali family time for TV actors

Star Plus Actors Wishes You a Happy Diwali

 Harshad Chopra tipped to play lead in Ekta's next on Star Plus
Harshad Chopra snubs Balaji show?
Harshad excited about his first trip abroad!
Devarsh to play young Harshad in Tere Liye
Love-letters to Moms! 
Harshad Chopra and Sonam Mann, a couple?
Mann gaye Harshad ko
Best on-screen brothers Jodi on TV
Harshad Chopra is back with Tere Liye
There's a piece of Ekta in Tere Liye!
'I'm too small to define love' - Harshad Chopra
Ekta Kapoor's New Promise!
Harshad Chopra's First Love!
 "Aditi and I are not that attached to be together always"-Harshad Chopra

"Where Are My Female Fans?" Asks Harshad Chopda!
Harshad Chopda's True Confession
I am very much committed and engaged' but only to my work
Tere Liye inspired from Tere Naam
On the right side!
Meet the new jodi - Anuraag and Taani
STAR Plus presents 'Azaadi Live'
Tere Liye's Accommodative stars!!!
Tere Liye's Anuraag & Taani visit Delhi
My parents never wanted me to be an actor: Harshad Chopra

Stars on their favourite on-screen couple


Harshad Chopda To Return In 'Tere Liye' Soon


Harshad Chopra gets emotional..
Love in the city


One Thing that I want To change - Harshad Chopda (Anurag)

 Anurag's Answers
My Worst Trait
Harshad Chopra gets emotional..
Being Anurag Basu
Fans Demand Harshad-Additi Reunion
Tere Liye gets a grand opening
Hate love stories? Not really!!!

Delayed but not denied - Harshad and Anupriya

Harshad Chopra moved to tears after his act on Azaadi Live



STAR Plus presents 'Azaadi Live'

Tellybuzz Wish list for Nach Baliye 5

What TV actors do with the first pay cheque


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 Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


 Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC 


 Akki-We Miss You


The News Letter


Caption contest Result


 A New Beginning


 Harsh Is Back


 Jab We Met


 Rock On


 Journey Continues


 Iss Pal Ko Jee Le


 The Only Prem In Our Life


 Come Join d B'day Caravan


 Proud Of U-Cheers To Harsh


 Rise To Stardom


 Master Of Our Hearts


 Summer Treat- White


 Monsoon Hungama


 A Walk Down Memory Lane


Rain and award season


 Live It Up




 In Appreciation


 Silver Jubilee Bash


 Smiles Galore- 1


 Smiles Galore -2


 Simplicity And Humility


Hands To Die For


 Its In Ur Eyes


 Cuteness Personified


 You Are A Winner


 Journey Of Prem -1


 Prem's Love Journey


 Prem:The Journey Continues


Thanking You


 Prem:The Journey Continues


Tara Zameen Pe


 Telly Screen's Badshah


Curtain Raiser


Fan Interactive special


 True Colours


 Prem's New Avtar:Papa-1


 Prem's New Avtar:Papa-2


Winter Wonderland




 A New Beginning


 Sweet Memories


 Rock On


Celebrations Galore


 Missed You Harshad


 Welcome Back Harshad


 Tere Liye


Monsoon Magic


The name says it



* This FC is like a second home for the fans and is dedicated to Harshad, so please treat it with love and care

 * Do not make requests for personal info of the star like email id's and contact numbers. Also his personal life is none of our concern and it shouldn't matter to us what  he do or who is with off screen. 

 * Please don't spam the FC I hope we dont get to see posts which are frivolous and contribute to spam. No One Liners and Hi Byes' are allowed! 
* No abusive language
* Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting . Still if you want to fight use PM service for that. 
* Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated  
* We encourage open dialogue here. So, more the thoughts flowing, more the ideas evolving and more we learn from each other.  
*New Members are requested to introduce themselves, giving their names and telling existing members that what is it about Harshad that makes them a fan and how did they learn about the FC? 
* Members are requested to please check 5-6 previous pages of the FC before posting any new info or pictures so that the same info or pictures are not posted again and again, it will make the FC look messy.

* Last but not the least, this is Harshad's FC so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash. As a true Harshadian you must be aware that past is past and it will never come back but nonetheless the future will be better and more promising, so look forward to it with open minds and arms!


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