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New ff:laws of love link to season 2 on pg 129

.Ashleydevlin. IF-Dazzler

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Hi everyone,

my second ff, it is a bit different, I hope you guys will like it. Its named laws of love...

Laws of Love


Darji lives in HP with his family and he is a landlord. He has two sons.

1-Bajaj is married to sumitra (reffered to as amma ji), they have 2 children, brij and seema(she is married, lives in dubai).

2-Yash(late)he was married to rashi and had a daughter named GEET, rashi died in child birth and he died in an accident.

Darji was a close friend of Ashmit khaurana(maan's grand father), Maan's parents and Yash died in a car accident. Ashmit Khaurana could n't bear the death of his son and died by heart attack.

Dar ji helped Maan's dadi (savitari devi)by taking Maan to his home as it was difficult for her to deal with everything.

Maan was only 6 years old when his parents died. He spent the summer in dar ji house and became friend with brij. Later dar ji sent both to boarding school. Maan became a member of family and was loved by all.

Maan has only an aunt who lives in Norway and she is happily married. She has a son named Dev who came to India for studies, married meera and settled in Delhi.

Geet although is grand daughter of dar ji but he dislike geet and the reason is unknown(to readers) but maan and brij knows the truth, infact every one other than geet is aware of it to some extent.

Geet has spent a very sheltered life, she was home tutored on the insistence of amma ji but she never went to college although she had good results because dar ji didnt wanted it. In fact, she has rarely left her home and she is clueless about world outside.

She was a very lonely child because brij and maan never played with her and seema was too uch older than her. She tried to make maan her friend but he won't listen. Maan always took care of brij and geet wanted same care from him, this need changed as she grew up and her care turned to infatutaion and it ultimately lead to love.

However, what she knows of Maan is what she has observed in the time he stayed in HP, she has no idea that he is completely different in Delhi. She doesnt think there is any difference between them. Obviously, she is wrong. Now, the question is will her love survive after facing the hardest side of Msk or will it leave behind shattered dreams and ultimately for Maan, is his hatred more stronger than geet's love? And what if he find himself in love with a girl whom he hates?...


Part 1

Geet Haunda weds Prem Kapoor

Wedding day

Geet wore her bridal clothes and then, meera started doing her make up. After the make up Geet put on her jewellery. Her expressions serene. Meera started helping her in wearing bangles. She looked at her henna coloured hands and said, your henna colour says your husband will really love you.

Geet gave her a shy smile. Meera can I see the design. Geet spread her both hands. Meera's face colour changed. Geet are you out of your mind, why did put Maan's name on your hand, what will your husband think?

Geet,''i will only marry Maan, I have accepted him as my husband from heart, body and mind a long time ago, and my Allah knows it.''

Meera,'' he doesn't want to see your face and you still love him so much. Stop acting like a child, where is bleach cream.''

Geet hid her hands behind back,''no,I will not take it off.''

Meera,''and what will you say to Prem.''

Geet,''if our wedding took place then I will take this mehndi off but I know I am going to get married to Maan.''

Meera looked at her sadly. She helped Geet put on the wedding duppta and then, they waited for some one to call them down for wedding.Geet started praying in her heart.

'...3 hours...

Maan was starting to get really angry, he tried calling Prem's number again but no one was picking up phone, same was the case with all his family mobile numbers and their home number. Brij had gone to their house and he was not picking up his cell phone as well.

He looked up at dar ji who was pacing in the room.

Darji,'' I knew that girl will bring shame to my family. Her mother was same but ravinder was mad in her love, did not listen to me. Someone must have told them about truth''

Maan,'' darji you should have killed her when she was born. Now, we have to face all this.''

Brij entered the room his face ashen. Everyone outside was asking about the bridegroom and his family.

He looked at Maan and said,''they have refused to come, some one called them and told about the rumours. They didn't even listen to me. What will we do now darji? Every one will say your grand-daughter's was left at mandap.

He sat on a chair dejected. Then, again shoot up, ''darji can you ask ashmit uncle for rajesh?

Darji whose hands were shaking with distress said,''all of them know about the rumours. How can we hide the truth?''

Maan looked at the face of darji, a man who had helped his grandmother after his parents death. He had always treated Maan as his own grandson. He felt the noose tighten around his neck. She was going to win, after all the time he had ridculed her, made fun of her love for him, he was going to lose today.

He remembered when she had come to his room last night. How sure she had been, telling him that she believed in her love, that tomorrow, she will wear mangul sutar from his hands. He had laughed at her saying his hate was ten times greater than her so called love.

His face reddened with humlitation but there was no way out and he knew it.

Part 2
pg 1
Part 3
Part 4

Part 5

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Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
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Pg 79
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16

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nice one dear.............. can u add me to ur pm list plzzzzzzzzzz

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amazing start...Clap

plzz add me in ur pm list......

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nice intro yaar..loved it .... do add me to ur pm list ...also do update the other ff also 

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nice start do continue .
plz add me to your pm

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update the next part soon pls
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nice start add me in ur pm list

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.Ashleydevlin. IF-Dazzler

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Part 2

Geet was taken down to the mandip by meera. She sat beside the groom, she tried to stop her tears but few escaped her control. Then, the ceremoney began....her hand was put in the grrom's hand, a shiver ran down her body because she recognized the touch, a big smile spilled across her lips and a pray to express her gratitude was escaped from her heart. She held the hand more tightly knowing that this time he won't be able to remove his hand from her grip.

The pandit ask them to take pheras.....they took seven circles, with each circle each wished a different thing, geet to love and to be loved, to cherish and to be cherished,to never run away from him, to put him before everything, to givge him every happiness in the world.

Maan hated each circle, each step, every sound, everything..all mocked him, reminded him that he was defeated by her, he saw the truimphant smile on her face and he wanted to pluck it off, his eyes were slowly turning red.. no he could ot lose, she was no way his equal, she had no right to become his life partner, she lacked every single quality he wanted in his wife,....

He was handed sindoor, he put it on her forehead, her eyes met his and a memory rose between them, a similar set up but two different people getting married, and geet had come and stood beside him and said, one day you will put sindoor on my forehead and make me yours in front of whole world and he had looked at her with scorn and replied,''you don't have an ounce of shame in your body, if not for yourself at least think about darji, he is a well respected member of society and you..''

he had left the sentence incomplete silently holding a promise he had made to brij and had went away but today, he was doing what she had said, exactly the way she had said...

geet didn't look away when he put on mangulsutar, her eyes so hungry were glued to his face, this man had been responsible for so many sleepless nights and agitated days. She had loved him before she had even understood the meaning of love, had bore his jest, his hatred bravely but she had never

faltered and today,she was rewarded with him.

From today no one will stop her from staring at him constantly, no one ask why she was making his favourite dishes, every question was answered today. Now, she had the right, right to everything.

After the rituals were completed she was taken to upstair room. Meera sat beside her on the bed, looking really worried. ''I have no idea geet either you are a very lucky girl that you got your love or you are one of those people about it is said, ''be careful what you wish for.''

geet smiled and said,'' youu worry too much meera, I know my love is powerful to overcome any hurdle.''

Meera'' and Maan has the attitude to overcome any sentiment.''

geet laughed thinking meera is so silly, of course he had attitude, after all he was MSK and she loved his attitude, his anger, well she loved everything about him and one day he will love her completely as well. After all there was no reason why he wouldn't love her, she was his match in every way, she had every quality he could ever desire in a wife. After all she was Geet haunda, the grand daughter of his god father Gurvind haunda.


Next: wedding night

A/N: any one who want to be added in pm list, sent me buddy request

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