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Heyy guys...Thanks to all those who hit the like tab and commented! But I've got nearly 200 views, but hardly anyone's commented or hit the like tab...So is that an indication that I should stop writing?Cry But I'm still continuing for all those who did comment and hit the like tab...Hopefully comments will come around! Cry

Part 3:- The Midnight Maggi!

Armaan woke up to the sound of a tiny sob'He checked the time on his phone'It was 3.30 in the night'Switching on the bedside lamp, he found Riddhima's retreating figure out of his room'Yawning, he made his way out and stopped outside Riddhima's room'He hesitantly knocked on the door'.Only to get no reply'

"Riddhima'" Armaan softly and carefully opened the door and found Riddhima sitting on the bed, with her face buried in her folded knees and hands hugging them'Armaan shocked at first, made his way towards her bed and sat down in front of her'

"Riddhima'" He gently patted my shoulder..

I looked up..My eyes swollen red'As I saw the concerned look on Armaan's face, I let a tiny sob escape me'.Armaan shocked beyond belief to find me crying like this that too in the middle of the night, waited for me to speak'

"Sorry tumhein utha diya'" I sniffed'.

"Screw my sleep'What's up with you? Suddenly?" Armaan looked at me, worry etched on his face...

"Papa ki'y-yaad aa rahi h-hai'" 
I sniffed, then broke down again'

"Oh thank god'." Armaan sighed in relief'
I stared at him in disbelief'

"Thank god? I'm crying and you're thanking god??" I glared at him'Armaan stifled a laugh'

"Munchkin I thought something terrible happened'Just have a look at yourself'.You would have thought someone died'" Armaan chuckled...

I remained silent'A lone tear escaped my eyes'Armaan sighed'

"Munchkin'Kya hua? Yahaan accha nahi lag raha kya?"

"No'Nothing like that'.Its just'So'.Different'."

"What's different'?"

I stared at him'

"Oh..Okay I know its very different here from India'But California isn't bad either you kno-'"

"Armaan'.Its not that! Its not about where I am'.Its just'Mummy, Papa yahaan nahi hai'."

"Munchkin you've come here for a reason'You will go back sometime'Its not like you're never gonna see them again'"

"I know that!! But they're not here right now'And I'm missing them'"

Saying this 
I broke down again'

Seeing her cry there like a little child, Armaan couldn't stop himself'He took her in his arms to comfort her'Riddhima sobbed her heart out and clung onto him tight'.Finally, after she had calmed down a little, she broke away from him'

"Tell you what'Let's do something that always cheers me up'[[I raised her eyebrows]]'A midnight snack!!"

"You cry like this too'?" 
I asked bewildered'

"No silly'When I'm angry'You think I cry? Me'ARMAAN MALLIK'Crying?"


"But yeah'When I'm angry'.Or upset'.When I've lost a match or'[[grinning a little]]'Broken up with my girlfriend'.I always do this'Although after a break up, it is more like a treat than a stress buster'"

I rolled my eyes'

"C'mon'" Armaan smiled at me...

"Nahi'Its ok'I've troubled you enough already'." I smiled slightly'

"That toh you have'But no ma'am'I'm not letting you sleep now'.You woke me up'Now I'm hungry'So c'mon'"

I shook my head'I as usual knew Armaan wouldn't give in'Reluctantly at first, then smiling at the way Armaan took care of me, I walked out of the room, down the stairs, following Armaan suit into the kitchen'

I seated myself on the kitchen table'Looking at Armaan expectantly'

"Toh Ms. Gupta'What would you like to have'.?" He asked me with a grin'

"I can have anything I want?" My eyes twinkled'

"Yeah anything from Pasta to French toast'.I make amazing French toast'."

"French toast then'.." I shrugged'.

He opened the fridge'Then looked at me and made a face'

"What?" I asked curiously'

"No eggs'" He grimaced'I frowned'

"Well then I guess we should hit the bunk'This snack..Just wasn't meant to be'" I said with profuse melo-drama'

Armaan rolled his eyes'Then looked at me and asked, "You still like Maggi??"

"Maggi? Yahaan? You're kidding me'!"

"Nah I'm not'" He went over to the storage cupboard and returned with one small packet of my favorite Maggi'.

"How'd you'Where'd you'.You get Maggi in California??" I asked surprised'

"Of course silly'California ko samajh kya rakha hai tumne'? There's a desi store down the road'.You get everything from India there'.From Maggi to that usual mirch masala you guys put'." He replied scrunching my nose playfully'

"Oh'''''''''.." I grinned'

"Toh Maggi?" He asked me waving the packet in front of my face'

"Yep!" I grinned'

Doing the usual preparation, he turned to put the bowl into the microwave'

"You make Maggi in the microwave?" I asked surprised'

"Yeah'.Gas is too much of work'And trust me'This one is gonna be the tastiest Maggi you've ever come across'."

I waited till he was done making his extra-ordinary Maggi'I watched him as he carefully heaved two bowls on a tray'And walked forward towards me, bowing his head slightly'

"Here you go your highness'.Your Maggi!!" He bowed and grinned. 

"Thank you'" I replied arrogantly'

"Would you like anything to go with it?" Armaan asked me again with that polite tone'I rolled my eyes'

"No thank you!" I grinned'

"Haan bas'Enough of being polite'Now I'm gonna attack!!"

After devouring both our Maggi's, and Armaan trying to take some from mine'

"So how did you like the microwave Maggi??" He asked me with pride'

"Delicious'" I replied smacking my lips'He grinned and ruffled my hair..

He finally got up to take the bowls back to the kitchen'I went in to help him wash up'

"No way'You're my guest of honor tonight'Tum jao I'll just come'"


"Arre Munchkin just go'.I'm used to this'.But this is the only night you're getting this special treatment'From tomorrow we're back to square one, where I annoy you and you go crying to Mumm-"

He stopped when he saw the look on my face'He carefully dodged the topic of my parents, thinking I would begin crying again'

"I don't cry ok'.And you annoying me is never gonna affect me'" I took a few splashes of water and threw it on his face'Then quickly ran out of the kitchen before he could retaliate'He chuckled and shook his head'

I went to the table and sat back down'Carefully laid my head on the table and closed my eyes'"Armaan is such a nice guy'..I will never forget the way he took care of me tonight'And his dimples'." I smiled at my stupid thoughts'.


"Riddhi-'" Armaan made his way out to find Riddhima asleep with her head on the table, resting on her hands'

He smiled at the way she kept scrunching her nose in her sleep'Then she smiled'Spooked at first, he realized she must be dreaming'"But about what?" Armaan thought and looked at her curiously'She still looked like the small girl he had for a best friend a few years ago'He mentally kicked himself for never bothering to keep in touch with her'It was only after he met her the day she arrived, that he realized he had missed quiet a lot'Which was weird'Since he hadn't even given a thought to her existence these past few years'.He sighed'Riddhima was complicating his mind as no one had ever done'

He looked at her'There was no chance of waking her up now'But he couldn't leave her here on the table'He remembered still that Riddhima was afraid of being alone a room especially at a time when there was pin drop silence'If she woke up again she would clearly freak out'He carefully went to her and tried to wake her up'She moaned in her sleep'But it was gesture Armaan understood..There was no chance this girl was gonna get up now'"Great'Now what?"

He chose the only option he had'His last resort'He picked her up carefully and took her upstairs'Armaan wondered if she ever ate anything besides Maggi, since she was surprisingly light'He kicked the door of her bedroom open and walked over to the bed'Then carefully placing her there he covered her with her quilt'Just as he was about to turn, he found a picture peeping out from under her pillow'It was the picture of her with a guy'He had his arm around her'

Somehow a new feeling took over him'He felt like pulling this guy out and throttling him right there'This pang of jealousy soon passed as he heard Riddhima stir'He quickly put the picture on her bedside table and walked back into his own room'

He sighed as he hit the bunk..It was 4.25 am'Although he was tired like hell, he couldn't get Riddhima out of his mind'And above all, that guy'He was sure, that guy was the one Riddhima was talking about'But she had also said he was jerk'Then why was she hiding his picture under her pillow'For another hour, he twisted and turned in his bed'Then groaning in frustration, he decided to have a little jog'And probably a small game of basketball with the guys living on the street'


What is that sudden bright weight on my eyes....Stirring a little, I opened my eyes slightly...The direct rays of the sun hit my eyes and I shut them tight again...Thinking about how in the world was the sun shining so brightly in mid-November, that too in California, I sat up...Yawning and rubbing my eyes, last night's events flooded my mind...But when did I come back upstairs....

It was still 6 in the morning....No one would be up for another hour or two, that too on a weekend....Knowing full well, that I wouldn't get any sleep now, I got up and did what I normally did on days like these, back home...I decided to go for a jog....For safety purposes I left a note on the fridge, informing Aunty of my where-abouts and promising I wouldn't go away too far...

As I looked out, I saw a couple of boys playing hoops, a few blocks away...Putting on my music player and the volume on full blast, I took off....Nervous at first that the piercing gaze of the passers-by, I soon forgot them and jogged on....

I didn't realise when I crossed those bunch of boys and came to a halt to catch my breath...As I stopped I felt the ball hit my head...I turned around in anticipation, not wanting to make my presence known in case I landed in trouble...To my relief, I saw Armaan staring at me, his face expressionless...

"You!" I glared at him...His stupid aim at my head became clear to me...

"Armaan man...She knows you...How come we don't know her..." A friend of his looked at me as he heard the tone of recognition in my voice...

Armaan muttered something...Whatever he said, his friends must have understood...I rolled my eyes..."Boys!"

"What're you doing up so early?" Armaan approached me as the others continued to play behind...

"I dunno...Just woke up...Fancied a jog...What're you doing here...?"

"I always come here Riddhima...."

"Oh....What did you tell your pals about me?"

"What 'bout you?"

"When they asked how I know you...What did you say?"


His voice trailed off and he began staring into the distance...I tilted my head...Was it my imagination or was Armaan behaving too weird for words? And had he just denied knowing me in front of his friends?

"You said nothing?"


"So in short you told them you didn't know me..."

"Can I go back and play please?"

There was something cold in his voice...But I understood his answer anyway

"And why would you do that?"

"Riddhima really I wanna play....Can you hold your interrogation sessions later...."

"I didn't come up here to suck your brains out anyway....I'm going back home...What is with you today anyway...That too early in the morning?" I asked incredulously...

His silence annoyed me even more...He just turned his back and walked off....I hadn't even registered his dismissal yet and he had begun playing again...

Completely shaken by his behaviour I made my way back home....He wasn't the same guy he was the previous night...He had been so caring...Why was he behaving so distant all of a sudden...And why would he deny knowing her?

I got back home....The silence told me that everyone was still asleep...I walked back up to my room...I sat down on my bed....Everything was going the way as I had planned it...Everything was perfect....No...It wasn't...Armaan's sudden coldness had snapped me out of that illusion....I pulled out a picture from under my pillow....A single tear rolled down my cheek...

I heard the front door open and close back again downstairs....I rushed to my washroom before Armaan could catch me again....His sudden indifference was really annoying me...But why? I know why...You don't expect someone to treat you like royalty one moment and topple you to the ground just the next...There is some reason he's behaving this way....

After getting ready, I made my way downstairs...Thankfully this time everyone, was awake...

"Hello beta...Mujhe laga tum abhi bhi bahar hi ho...." Aunty greeted me with a warm smile as I perched myself in a chair next to Rhea...Armaan avoided my gaze...

She held out the note I had left on the fridge....

I looked at Armaan....He could have told Aunty I'm back...His gaze was fixed on the ceiling...I shook my head...

"And Rhea maine kitni baar kaha hai raat ko agar bhook lage toh its fine...But don't mess up my kitchen...!"

"I didn't do anything!" Rhea exclaimed....

I looked at Armaan...I'm sure he saw the hurt in my eyes from his behaviour an hour ago...

"Wo umm actually Aunty...I'm responsible for that mess...Wo kal..."

"Mujhe bhook lag rahi thi...Toh I made some Maggi..I asked Riddhima for company cause she was awake....Sorry Mum!"

I looked at Armaan....Why would he cover up for me in such a trivial issue...

After breakfast, in an attempt to break the ice, I walked into Armaan's room....

"Umm...Are you ready?"

"Yeah..." He said while tying his shoelaces...

We were supposed to get our accommodation details that day from the Uni...

"Umm....Armaan...I just wanted to say thanks for last night...You cheered me up a lot...Thanks Peanuts..." I looked at him hopefully...Maybe this was just a passing mood and my words would just bring those dimples back...

After getting nothing except silence, as if he hadn't heard me, I sighed and turned back to leave....

"Ummm Riddhima...."

I stopped....I turned around to see him looking down at the floor...

"I'm sorry...I know I've been behaving really weird..."

"Weird..." I nodded my head in agreement..."May I ask why...?" I asked carefully, not wanting to ruin this change in his tone...

"Just a passing mood...." His gaze still didn't avert from the floor...

"Well next time...Just make sure that I'm not the object of the disposal of your so-called 'passing moods'....I have better things to deal with...In case you've forgotten...." I glared at him...Fresh tears pricked my eyes, but I didn't let them fall...But they didn't go unnoticed by Armaan...

"I'm sorry Munchkin...I know you've got many things on your mind and I really wasn't helping was I?"

I shook my head and glared...

"What do I do to make it up to you? Not more Maggi I presume?" He asked with a wicked grin...His eyes twinkled...

"It'll take a lot more than all the Maggi in the world put together to make up for your stupid behaviour...!"

"And the melodrama begins!" Armaan sighed....I picked up a pillow from his bed and hit him hard with it...

"Melodrama? You refuse to know me, in front of your stupid moronic pals...And you say I'm melodramatic? What was your behaviour in the morning supposed to be then..."

"You actually think I didn't tell my friends who you were Munchkin...You jumped to the conclusion...I didn't say anything like that!"

I made an impatient noise and turned to leave....

"Oi...Wait up..You don't intend to go to King's on foot right...?"

Armaan chuckled as I slammed the door behind me...

Armaan sighed...He knew he wasn't doing Riddhima any justice...She hadn't deserved his cool behaviour...But after he'd seen that picture under her pillow last night, he couldn't bring himself to accept the fact that another guy could be important in her life...And this new feeling was really overwhelming, because it was obvious she would have many like him in her life...9 years wasn't a very short period...And obviously, such things were never hit you when you were best friends while you were 9 years old...Riddhima was no longer that shy, timid girl he'd known...She was bound to have changed....The 9 year-old Riddhima and the 18-year-old one had to be worlds apart...

And plus they didn't even know anything about each other...Armaan had had many girlfriends himself...His perfect cool-dude image and his admirable brilliance in almost everything he did had made him very popular...But the fact remained...He still couldn't bring himself to imagine Riddhima with some other guy....!

"Uhhhhh!!!" Armaan clutched his hair in frustration...Riddhima was arousing feelings which he had never felt for anyone before!


"Can you at least reply back in gestures if you don't want to talk to me?" Armaan asked completely annoyed....

I had refused to talk to him ever since our encounter at home...

My small grunt made it clear that I was still pretty mad at him...Armaan sighed...

"You mind if I put the radio on?"

Again, I merely sniffed...

"Well I take that as a yes...!" Armaan replied back angrily....

The loud heavy metal opening of the song caught me off-guard...Armaan smirked at my disapproval of the loud, harsh tones...Armaan could see Riddhima's annoyed expressions from the corner of his eye...

I moved forward and began flipping the channels...To Armaan's dismay, I found a Hindi-song playing...With a triumphant grin, I sat back...

"What'd you do that for?" Armaan asked her disgruntled...

He changed the channel back to where the heavy metal song was playing....Annoyed I flipped it back to my choice of channels....The radio-war went on for quite some time until Armaan finally gave up, to pay more attention to those who were crossing the streets, after having almost knocked one of them who happened to be an old lady...Her rude hand gesture put me into fits of laughter....Armaan glared at me...I smirked...

"Well its atleast good to see you smiling again...Thought I wouldn't be able to see that for the rest of my life..."

I punched him playfully...

"I'm sorry about my behaviour Munchkin...Forgive me now will you...I hate getting silent treatment..." He pouted like a small child...

"Okay, okay....But next time if you remove you 'passing moods' on me...Watch out!" I warned him and he laughed...

"Waise...Ek baat puchun?"

"Hmmm..." He replied back...

"Why'd you lie to Aunty back there...About the whole Maggi thing?"

"For one thing...I didn't...I was pretty hungry, and I needed company...And for another...Did you really want to tell Mum that you were crying because you were missing you darling boyfriend?"

I looked at him shocked...

"Missing who again?"

"Your boyfriend...Pretty good-looking by the way..."

I shook my head incredulously...

"How'd you...Where'd you...When...."

"Well the answer to them is last night, when I carried you and tucked you back in bed, I found his picture sticking out from under your pillow..."

Something in his voice wasn't right...Why did he sound so......Upset?

"And what business did you have poking around my personal life?" I said as I began to feel my own temper rise at his nonchalant behaviour...

"Why? You girls keep other stuff stuffed under your pillow too?" He snapped back...

It took me time to realise what he meant by 'other stuff'....However late, it still didn't fail to prick my temper even more...


"Save it....We're here..." He stopped the car with a hard jerk...Before I could retort, he jumped out of the car and waited impatiently for me to come out as well, so he could lock the car...

As soon as he was done, he turned and walked off towards the main gate...I stared after him in shock...Whatever was wrong with him today?


"I'm up in room no. 85...And I've got two roomies...Cool..." I muttered under my breath as I held the paper of my accommodation details in my hand....I could move in into the Uni Quarters in another 2-3 days or when the Semester began...This was one thing I had honestly looked forward to ever since I came here...Living on my own, an independant life...I could mess up my room, cook my own food, do what I want when I want....Yeah, this ought to be something I would enjoy...

"You done?"

I heard Armaan looking at me expectantly...

"Yeah...You got your details?"

"Umm yeah....So we should get going...."


As I got into the car, I noticed he still looked a little grumpy...And for the first time ever in my life, I was clueless as to how to handle this 18 year old freak who was behaving like a 5 year old pain who was refused his daily dose of chocolate...!

"Is there any point in asking you why you're so pissed off today?"

"No..." His gaze didn't waver from the road...I sighed...

"Umm....You've got any room-mates with you?"

"Yeah...2 of my pals..."

"You've got 2 of your friends as room-mates?"

"Yeah...We had a kind of influence...."

"Wow......" I sighed...Obviously my vague attempt at making light conversation had failed miserably....

"It's half past 2...I'm hungry..." I mumbled unsure of how Armaan would react...And I was right...

"Tumhein ghadi dekh kar bhook lagti hai kya?" Armaan snapped back...

"Nahi...I just wanted to ask how much time will it take to reach home..." I said in a low voice...I saw something like a smile cross his face at my scared reply...But he didn't say anything after that...I sighed again and looked out of the window...I biting my tongue to stop myself from snapping back at him...

"Umm....Where do u wanna eat?"

"Huh?" I looked at him startled...

"I asked where do u wanna eat?"

"Eat? Aren't we going home?"I frowned....

"Home is still another hour and half or so away...Unless u wanna starve, we're going to have to have lunch out today..." He said exasperatedly...

I grimaced....I wouldn't normally mind having lunch with Armaan...In fact I would love to....But his sudden mood swings were kind of giving me a whip-lash...

"On one condition though...?"

"Condition? Oi hello...I'm taking you out to lunch because you're hungry...You can't put me through terms and conditions...."

"Fine...If I starve and die, then you'll have to bear this guilt stuck to your conscience for life!" I retorted....Emotional blackmail...Always worked...

"Fine...What do you want me to do...?" Armaan rolled his eyes and answered...

"Tell me what the hell is wrong with you!"

"Nothing....I swear...Just a headache..."

"Just a headache...I don't think so...Please stop kidding me Mallik...Something's wrong with you...Out with it..."

"Its nothing Munchkin..."

"I'm getting scared of your stupid outbursts...."

"You're scared of me?" Armaan scoffed...

"Well what do you expect human tarantula...Have you seen the way you've been behaving this entire day?" I shook my head...

"I'm sorry...I...I'm sorry ok? It's just a pas-"

"Passing mood...And you said sorry....So in another 10 minutes I can expect you to snap at me again right?"

Armaan smiled...."No...I won't....I promise I won't...."

"No tell me...How long can you go without snapping at me?" I asked sceptically...

"I promise I won't snap at you ok?"

"No more passing moods and rude jibes?"

"I didn't [[I glared at him]]....Fine..No more passing moods..."

I gave him a half smile...

"And you won't let go off those dimples either?"

"What? Riddhima...!" Armaan chuckled...

"What? You know I really get scared when I see those dimples vanish...I get the feeling that someone died...!"

"You're unbelievable...!"

"I know...." I replied back in a sing song way...I finally relaxed..I could finally see a glimpse of the normal Armaan...

"Now can we go eat? I'm starving..."

"Ghadi dekh ke bhook lagti hai?" I joked...

"Nah....McDonald's dekh ke..." He chuckled...

We got off the car and marched towards the restaurant...


"Your McGrill with extra mayonnaise and large French fries and Coke to go with it...." Armaan bowed and kept the tray full of junk on the table...

"Thank you..." I replied back, looking at the food greedily...

I smiled as I took the first bite...

"Junky..." Armaan smirked at me...

"Like being one and loving it...." I replied back with pride...

"So....Missy...Tell me...Who's that mysterious boyfriend of yours??" Armaan asked casually...

"Not again...Why are you so keen to know....?" I rolled my eyes...

"Riddhima what am I to you exactly?"

"Matlab?" I asked confused...

"Matlab what would you term our relationship as?"

"I dunno...As friends obviously...Best friends..." I added uncertainly...

"Exactly....We've been non-existent in each other's lives for almost a decade now...And we still call each other best friends...Weird?"

"Armaan...You are my best friend....So what if we don't know about certain things in our lives...But you certainly do know me much more than many people...I dunno how...But we do seem to have the same bond we shared 9 years ago..."

"I know that Munchkin...Sorry I was just trying to get to know what my best friend's life was like these past years...."

We sat in silence...I sort of understood why Armaan was behaving so distant and snappy with me...I smiled....

"His name was Aakash..."

Armaan looked at me in surprise...But I could see he was happy that I confided in him..

"So he's the same jerk you were talking about..."

"Yup....The same..."

"Even a bigger jerk than me?"

"Even a bigger jerk than you, yes..." I laughed and nodded...

"Why...What did the 'jerk' do?" He took another bite of his burger...

"He was cheating on me...Two-timing....With my best friend..."

"I'm not gay as far as I know..." Armaan replied and frowned...

"Not you moron....Aditi....My ex-best friend...."

"You've got weird pals....!"

"Did I know that my best friend and boyfriend would be two timing jerks?"

"Yeah...But you could make better selections...It should be easy for a girl like you..."

"Girl like me matlab?"

"Matlab you are pretty hot...." Armaan shrugged...

I blushed at his comment...I slowly gulped down the coke I was sipping...

"God you girls have to blush with even the tiniest piece of appreciation...."

"Haha...And don't call me hot again..."

"Why? I thought girls like being complimented...." He asked shocked...

"I would call being called pretty or beautiful a compliment...Not hot..."

"You know what...You girls should make a rule book...500 ways of complimenting a girl...Be a bestseller I swear!"

"And who would fund it? You?" I asked sarcastically....

"I can bet the entire male population would fund a book which helps them save their neck!"

I rolled my eyes...

"Hmm so go on...Why would you want to sleep while hugging the picture of a two-timing jerk..."

"Just because he's a jerk, doesn't mean that puts an end to what I used to feel about him...He was my best friend too you know..."

"Do you call everyone your best friend? And a person who so easily stabbed you in the back...I really don't think he deserves to be your best pal...Same goes for the chick....BTW...Was she hot?" He added with a twinkle in his eye...

"Shut the hell up perv...And no I don't call everyone my best friend...But yeah he was my best confidante...No doubt about that....I used to tell him everything...From every minute detail about what I did in the entire day...To my secrets...Everything..."

"So he knew EVERYTHING you did in a day?" He asked and smirked...

"Can you stop being a stupid pervert for at least a while...A moment of your perverted life...! You're so sick..."

"That's me..." Armaan shrugged...

I gritted my teeth...Then looking at his goofy smile I burst out laughing...

"I dunno why how I put up with you...I've got better patience than I thought!"

As we got up from the table, I felt the heel of my long boots break and I toppled...Groaning I sat back down and removed the boots...

"Why do you wear such things? To get on my nerves..."

I pretended to throw the boot at his face...

Armaan sighed...He couldn't understand girls...Wearing heels and then walking like an idiot only to make a complete fool of yourself...Hs gaze fell on a pair of college dudes, eyeing Ridhdima's legs with sheer interest....Curling his fists into tiny balls, Armaan contained his anger and stood in the path of their vision and covered Riddhima as she moaned and groaned about having broken her favourite pair of shoes...

"Can you handle this in the car?" Armaan snapped...

"Ugh...The human tarantula is back with a bang I see...." I retorted while putting my shoes back on...

"As I got up, he turned away...My eyes fell on two college freaks who were giving me nasty stares and one of them winked at me...Startled I ran behind Armaan, although my boots weren't helping...

"I'm sorry..." I said with a sheepish grin as I seated myself in the car...I realised why Armaan looked so red in the face...

"Just try avoiding getting attention to your legs in such places....Its not India..."

"If it would have been India, then the dudes would have come down to me to flirt..." I scoffed...He glared at me...

"Sorry..." I mumbled...

Armaan shook his head..."Do you like getting such attention? You had such a problem with me calling you hot...But you don't mind people looking at you with nasty hot intentions?"

"Armaan....If I let such things bother me, then I'll have to start punching every third guy I meet down the street..." Armaan shook his head in disbelief...

"And besides...I don't have any control over their dirty eyes and minds...But I do have some control over yours right...And just as far as you don't look at me that way...I guess I'll be ok...Cause then there is someone who'll be my knight in shining armour in case some goon tried picking on me!"

Armaan looked and me and smiled..."Don't be so sure of that..." He mumbled quietly...I chuckled...

As we drove towards home, I smiled....I loved the way Armaan had protected me that way...Aakash would probably have joined those morons...And made snide remarks...It was only after I broke with him that I realised there were so many things that made him just as perfect as I thought him NOT to be....And of course meeting a guy like Armaan greatly affected my opinion too...

Armaan's protective behaviour...His jealousy...I was loving his reactions....But what Armaan didn't know, was that the guy in the picture I hid under my pillow wasn't Aakash...The picture did help me find out some part of Armaan's feelings though...Although the misconception created in his mind was completely unintentional...Only the fact that I didn't bother correcting this mistake became a part of my master plan...

"Armaan feels the same way..." I said to myself as we pulled into the drive way....


Here's Part 3...I hope I get at least 2 comments for this oneCry...It's getting difficult for me to expect even 1...I'll just pray I get some response!Dead Thanks to all those who hit the like tab! Means a lot! Thanks! Hope you'll like this one as well!Smile

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PM List:-

1) Ammyluvridzi
2) Barbie19
3) Prithi
4) Namita18
5) Aditi_sweet
6) X.Sunayna.X
7) Anushkajain
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10) Prettyasjen 
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21) Shreyshrey
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26) .:.MONA.:.
27) Krazzy4armaan
28) Preeti_285
29) DMGFan-2b-not2b
30) jeflkjfkljfkj
31) nidha1983
32) Ashwini16
33) Ritz.j
34) Ams021
35) NomiBaby
36) Sweetdesire
37) -Moni-
38) Pixie_n
39) Oishi_ksg
40) Ambryn
41) Zarqaahmed
42) Pinkss
43) Gehana
44) Dim.bhatia
45) Cutiedevil1
46) Immayurfan

*Phew* done! Embarrassed
Sorry if I've missed anyone out!

Do let me know if you'll want me to add you'll to my PM list!Smile

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good stuff..
keep it up!!Thumbs Up

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
nice part
add me to ur pm list
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Nice one
namita18 Goldie

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
nice concept..
pls add me to ur pm list
Infinite_Flame Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 12:12am | IP Logged
hey...gr8 update..Wink
n yea pls do add me 2 d pm list..
wld jus luv 2 b kept updated abt dis ff...Smile
x.sunayna.x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Hey !
Just read all the 3 parts ! And I LOVE it :)
The storylines really different and Armaan sounds adorable - LOL !
AR meeting at the beach the first time was really cute too ! Gosh Armaan really has bad mood swings ! Don't know how Riddhima puts up with him ! - i guess its the dimples :)
Aakash & Aditi = Angry , thats really low !
 But anyway looking forward to the next part, and please add me to the PM list :)
Hope you continue soon !
- Sunayna ! :)

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