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A Walk On The Beach..-AR[New Page Link: Page 150]

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Hey guys...This is my first FF on IF...I've read like 20 FFs here(All AR...LOL!:D)...But I've posted my FFs on the DMG blog and stuff...I have 2 FFs there...But here I'm just gonna start with an FF called "A Walk On The Beach..." An Armaan-Riddhima FF...Smile

It's my first FF here, and since IF is like the place where some of the best FFs are posted, I'm pretty jittery about itErmm...So I would like to know if you'll want me to start with it...If yes, then I will be happy to entertain you'll...But only if I get good response...!Smile

So please do tell me if you'll like it! I really need a lot of motivation!

My AR One-Shot:-

Disclaimer:- All characters and places in this fic are fictitious! No offence intended to any fan. Any similarities, be it to reality, DMG, any other show, or any other fic, is purely co-incidental! No copyright infringement intended! 
Also, I post my fic ONLY on India-Forums, and I wouldn't want anyone to post my fic anywhere else, without my consent! I would, without a doubt, consider it as plagiarism otherwise! My readers, please do let me know if you see any of that happening! 

And also, as the official writer of 'A Walk On The Beach...' I copyright the title of my story, and it's contents, and I would appreciate it if no one 'borrows' any part of this story! I would consider that as plagiarism as well! My loyal readers, in case you'll find this happening, please do let me know! 

*Thank you Aanya, for the wonderful and beautiful poster! Love you! It's just right for this story! Thanks a tonne! <3 Hug*


Chapter                                                                              Page No.

Prelude                                                                               Page 1
1: A New Beginning                                                             Page 1
2: Shocking Misconceptions, and Surprising Facts!                Page 1
3: The Midnight Maggi!                                                       Page 2
4: Scaring Mr. Peanuts and Ms. Munchkin                            Page 3
5: That Memorable Night, That Fateful Day                        Page 4
6: Promises of the Present!                                                 Page 6
7: The Break-Up!                                                               Page 8 
Note                                                                                 Page 9
8: Messed Up!                                                                   Page 12
9: Back To Square One                                                      Page 15
10: Down Memory Lane                                                      Page 22 
11: The Last Christmas                                                       Page 29 
Note[Yes, another onesadly! LOL]                                         Page 39
12. Men Rules!                                                                  Page 44
13. Going Home...Leaving Home?                                         Page 57
14. Back Home!                                                                 Page 67
15. Girl Woes!                                                                  Page 73
Note                                                                                Page 82
16. Revelations!                                                                 Page 85
17. Realization Strikes!                                                     Page 95
Thank You Note! Embarrassed                                                           Page 101
18. Everything Will Change...                                              Page 122

Chapter 19 onwards: NEW THREAD!

Link to New Thread



I moved around from here and there, gathering things, trying to hold them all together in both my hands. And that's when I found it'

Buried under a pile of other books I hadn't bothered looking at in months. Something that held memories of the past 3 years. Picking it up, I smiled a little and opened it. Taking a deep breath, I began reading'


I had always enjoyed watching the sun set. People mostly found philosophical meanings behind the sun rising - birth of a new day, a new beginning. But somehow the sun setting held the same meaning for me. It lit up the horizon, the widespread water shining beneath it, the red sprinkles of the waves lightly hitting the shore'


I was finally here - "Here" - A place I had always dreamt of being in; Without any supervision - "Don't do this'.Don't go there'" The protection was there, but on the opposite side of the world. This feeling was contradictory. I felt free, yet bound. I was new to this place, yet I felt safe, secure. Weird huh?


Thoughts zoomed by my brain. The sun setting on the horizon was my cue to leave. But my feet were still not up for it. I walked and walked.


My heart leapt, overjoyed. I was sad I had to leave stuff behind, for some time. But I was ready for this; I knew I was. There was no stopping me now. A new adventure, a new ride. It would be tough, but I would get through'.


I smiled - this is why I had always loved the beach. It gave me time, time to think, to explore myself, and to put myself together when I was broken; Endless thoughts, giving me mixed feelings'.

Yes'This was my walk on the beach'

Chapter 1: A New Beginning...

I was still sitting at the shore, just watching the sun dive deeper into the ocean - and it was gone. As if that wasn't a sign enough, my phone vibrated - *1 new message* I smiled'

"He'll pick you up at 9.30 tonight'Can't wait to meet you, dear!!"

I sighed deeply, taking in the salty air. It had been years since I had met him. It was weird how we had never bothered to keep in contact. And even more weird that life has brought me here today - at his doorstep'

I began to think what he must look like, images began forming. Yesterday's memories began getting linked to tonight's meeting'.

Would he still be the same naughty, prankster he used to be then? Or would he have matured over time? The person I had known would never be mature. But then it was 9 years ago. I wouldn't even have cared to remember him if I wouldn't have come here. Then he wouldn't have been a part of my life, again'.

I checked the time - 7.00 pm.

"Oh god! I'm late!"

I looked around. The beach looked as lonely as crowded it had been when I had come. Except for two men looking at me as if I was clean bait. I got up quickly, picking up my bag and began walking fast. Something told me those two men were following me too. And then, I began to run'

I was hardly aware of where I was going - all I knew I was that I had to get out of here.


I looked up to see a tall, good-looking person. He looked behind me at those 2 men. He seemed to understand why I was running for my life. My instincts told me I could trust him - his ocean blue eyes led me to trust him instantly. He lent out his hand and I gave in'

Sighing in relief, I followed him to his car.

"Are you ok? I've never seen anyone run like that before'" He gave me a genuinely concerned look.

"I'm fine'Thank you so much!" I replied gratefully.

"Don't mention it! You Indian!" It wasn't a question.

"Yeah..." I wasn't surprised he knew - he was Indian himself. "Anyways'Thanks a lot for the help back there'I should probably take off now'"

Before he had a chance to say anything, I quickly ran down the pathway and slid into a vacant cab.

I sat back and thought about the encounter. That guy looked familiar, somehow. I thought I knew him from somewhere. But then over here you could just about feel at home when you see any Indian walk your way.

I still had an hour to go see my University, and that was where he was going to pick me up. And I was waiting for that moment to arrive!

I came out of the clerk's office feeling relieved. When you go to a new place and the first person you meet is friendly, well yeah, that does help you fit in, in a way! I was done with the formalities. I had my appointment letter in hand; addressed to me. My dream was sealed in it!

I looked around me. It was perfect, just as I had imagined it to be! Classic hallways, typical classrooms - just like I imagined way back when I would read those books - Sweet Valley and Nancy Drew'

I shook my head at my stupid thoughts. God I think too much! But well, that was me!

It was 5 minutes to half past nine; my ride would be here any minute. I was told to wait by the gate.

Standing there, I wondered what he would be like. Those temporary images started coming back'

I saw a car halt outside ' a classic Porsche, enough to catch the eyes of the curious on-lookers! And then, he stepped out...

Although I didn't believe what I saw - there he was. I was confused. He didn't look like anything he used to look before. He used to be cute and okay, I admit I had a small crush on him! And this guy wasn't him!

"Hey! Riddhima right?"

"Hey!" I said nervously and nodded. C'mon, I reprimanded myself! He's your 
childhood friend! Looks don't matter! He's your friend! Repeat it till you get it through in your head, I chanted the mantra as I sat in the front seat.

The drive was awkward. We weren't even talking! Okay, so this was the first thing which wasn't going as planned, and how I hated it when things didn't go according to plan! I thought he would at least say something beyond, "Hey!"

"You want the radio on?" He asked, sparing me a glance.

"Umm'Yeah ok'It's cool'!" I gave him a nervous smile. 'It's cool'? What was I even thinking? I know this guy! Then why can't I relate to him? We used to be so close once, best friends! And now, we're behaving as if we've never known each other'! This wasn't going how it was planned, and like I said before, I didn't like one bit!


So that's all for Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will come in when I get a good response...That is if I get a good response...! And I've read such great FFs here, mine doesn't really seem good enough, but if it's worth something, please do comment! Please! It means a lot...And if nothing, at least do press the like tab!!Smile


Shrutika! Smile

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Hey dear awesum ff plz pm me when u update next

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Dont mind reading more of this one.. so the blue eyed guy and her best friend are two different people?.. i am guessing the girl is Riddhima.. blue eyes = Armaan.. who's the best friend?.. i guess i'll have to wait and find out..
and dont worry about the response.. you build the story and readers will follow suit.. trust me..Smile

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Originally posted by ammyluvridzi

Hey dear awesum ff plz pm me when u update next

Hey dear! Thanks a tonne!Smile I'll surely PM you when I update next!Smile
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Originally posted by zephyrr

Dont mind reading more of this one.. so the blue eyed guy and her best friend are two different people?.. i am guessing the girl is Riddhima.. blue eyes = Armaan.. who's the best friend?.. i guess i'll have to wait and find out..
and dont worry about the response.. you build the story and readers will follow suit.. trust me..Smile

Heyy...Thanks...Hopefully I do get a response though...Chances seem bleak right now by the looks of it!CryTongue

Anyway, hope you continue reading and commenting! I'll continue soon! Thanks a tonne for commenting!
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Nearly 100 views but only 2 comments? And only 1 like! Should I continue or not? Please do comment or at least hit the like tab! Please!CryCryOuch 

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Okie, I've got 109 views, so I'm still posting Part 2 tonight...So it gives you a better hang of the story...But after this if I don't get comments or any sort of response, I will stop...So final try! Here goes!Ouch

Part 2:- Shocking Misconceptions, and Surprising Facts!

As I waited in anticipation for the door to the Malliks' house to open'I glanced at Armaan'.Would they have changed too? Reema Aunty and Archit Unlce had always reminded me of my parents'No'They can't change'Armaan has gone back generations in his looks'.That can't be with Uncle and Aunty'.And maybe Armaan is still the guy I knew from'.From somewhere'Oh God Riddhima!!Ur here for your future'In London'The place of your dreams'Are u crazy your thinking all this nonsense!!Get a life!!This is your family now'For 3 years'

*The door opened*

"Say Cheese Riddhima!!And smile!!" I quickly protruded a smile on my face'.
Reema Aunty smiled as she scanned me from head to toe'.Kissed my forehead and welcomed me in'There'Some things in life never changed'Aunty still looked the same'And behaved the same too'The house'.Just as I remember it'Except for a few things'It still looked the way it did 6 years ago'

I was too indulged in talking to Aunty'When a deep, husky voice called out my name'He sounds familiar'And as I turned I saw the face of my saviour'The same guy who had saved me from those low-lives back at the beach'But how did he know my name'?

From the expression on his face'It was clear he was shocked to see me there too'

Reema Aunty then said to me with a teasing smile'"I hope you both remember how you'll used to drive each other crazy back when you'll were kids'"

My heart leapt with joy'I smiled at him'He smiled back'Yeah I remember those dimple'.


"Hey'.I wish we would have introduced each other back there at the beach'Would have saved us the surprise'"

I gave a light laugh'"It would have saved me the shock too'" I thought'But then I looked at the person who had come to drop me off here'

"He's my cousin Raunak'Wo main aa nahi paaya'Kaam tha'"

I looked at him in surprise and raised my eyebrows'Then shook my head and smiled'

"What?" He asked perplexed at my reaction'

"Hindi?" I asked him raising my eyebrows'

"Yeah so'Thought you guys like Hindi'!"

"It's ok u don't need to talk in Hindi just cause of me'I can handle English in California I guess'"

"That's not what I meant'" He mumbled under his breath'

I looked at him curiously'He hadn't changed'I was so stupid to not recognize him'Even worse I couldn't even tell that it wasn't him who had come to pick me up'Some best friends'..By the way he was looking at me'He knew I thought Raunak had been Armaan'. But Armaan'What kind of a person was he? He's not on any social networking site'If only I would have been able to see his picture before I landed here'Would have saved me the embarrassment!

"I'm sorry I couldn't inform you I wasn't coming'" He said as if he had read my mind'He smirked at my expressions'

"It's ok'" I replied'But it wasn't'.Why didn't anyone tell me that it was Raunak who was coming to pick me up!

"Actually Mom herself didn't know'.I didn't tell her'.My bad'Sorry!" He replied again with the same grin'.I couldn't help smiling'

"And she's here'!" 

I turned to face a girl dressed in casual jeans and a hoody just about my age'Rhea'Armaan's younger sister'.She had changed'.!


I hugged her instantly'.We had been great friends too'She was just 2 years younger to Armaan'Although back then when Armaan and I were best friends we would leave Rhea out of everything'.Armaan would anyway'But Rhea would tail along in spite of it all'And now'Well she was extremely pretty'.The exact blue eyes like Armaan'

A cup of steaming hot chocolate, which surprisingly everyone remembered to be as my favorite, later, I was taken upstairs, or rather escorted to my room by Rhea'

"There'This is your room'."

"Oh'It's nice'.Thanks!"

I looked at Armaan who had followed us both upstairs'Still AWKWARD!!

Once Rhea had left on the pretext of going to the library (for a date!), Armaan just stood there looking at me heave my things on the bed'.

"So'I see you've changed'."

"Well yeah'It was 9 years back'" I replied still not looking at him...

There was an awkward pause'Gosh I'm getting used to this'.

"How come you never kept in touch?" The question just left me without my mind's consent'By his expression, I could make out he was caught off-guard'.

"Umm'You didn't bother either'You moved to Inida and well'.I don't know'.Our parents still seem to be just as close as then'I really'.Sorry I dunno what to say..."

"It's ok...I'I'm sorry'It kind of just slipped'."

"Umm'Its ok'I was kind of having the same doubts'But I'm glad you're back'"

"Me too'" I smiled'His dimples deepened'I blushed'I so loved them!


 "Toh Riddhima, how did you like the first look of your college?" Reema Aunty asked me while passing the bowl of lettuce'

"Just as expected'Straight from the pages of a book'The hallways and rooms and everything, everything just reminds me of things I've read in books'" I smiled and began eating again when Armaan groaned'

"Oh man please doesn't tell me you still read those things'.Books? How did we ever get along in the first place'"

"You know Armaan, you've not changed one teeny tiny bit'Still the same'.Tum meri saari books window ke bahar fek dete the I still remember'.Just to annoy me'."

"Haan'Aur fir wapas lene bhi wahi jaata tha'" Aunty laughed'

"Toh Riddhima'Papa kaise hain'.Was he happy sending you here all by yourself'?" Uncle nodded and asked me...

"Umm'He was pretty jittery about it'But well'He knew I wanted to come'" I shrugged, and thought it was the first time I had thought about Dad that whole day!

"Well I'm just glad you're back'And even better Armaan bhi tumhare saath hi hoga'.Tumhein company dene ke liye'"

I looked at Armaan and smiled'Yeah that's right'Armaan Mallik, my former best friend was going to be with me for the next 3 years of university'

"Tumne accomodations ke liye apply kar liya? Armaan ko bhi apply karna hai'" Aunty asked me again'

"Ummm haan'I've got the application'Bas wahaan jaake dena hai'Aur tum bhi Uni mein hi rehne wale ho'"

"Obviously'Its pretty far'I have to init?" Armaan replied stuffing the salad in his mouth'

"You know'You've still not learnt to not talk when you're eating'" I giggled'

"Then you should probably wait till I'm done eating na?" 

"Armaan you could have answered once you were done eating!!"

"You should have some sense to at least not talk to me while I'm eating'" He retaliated'Then smirked at my expressions'

"Haw'You!!" I glared at him; he was still the same idiot'

"Tum dono abhi bhi bacche hi ho'..Pehle bhi aise hi lada karte the'Still not changed'Both of you'" Aunty laughed while she and Uncle looked at us, amused at our childish behaviour'.

"Ya'Even I remember, Armaan with his pranks and Riddhima with her anger'" Uncle chuckled at our banter'

"Well it's really her fault'She still hasn't changed'" Armaan shrugged and began eating again'

"That's weird'You just told me I've changed when we were upstairs'.You're so confused'" Gotcha! I smirked at my teeny tiny victory as he tried to fumble over some excuse'


After dinner was over, Uncle and Aunty decided to call it a day'While I, the amazing thoughtful person that I am, decided to go hang out in the lawn'.California had just seen its first shower a few minutes back...I perched myself comfortably on the ground'The smell of wet grass, the feel of the wet and cool breeze'The darkness'The atmosphere'If only there was some--

"Hot chocolate?" I looked up startled to see who was the one who had fulfilled my wish even before I could complete wishing for it'I saw Armaan looking down at me and smiling'.

"Thanks! I was just thinking about it'" I smiled at him'Wow his dimples are really gorgeous'Not to mention his eyes'

"I knew that'I still remember my old best friend's choices'"

"Old and best'Doesn't fit'Either it's old or best'Choose one smarty'" I grinned at him and sipped my hot chocolate'Yum'.

"Well'I can't say you're exactly new'.You're not'You've changed all right'But somehow I can still relate to you'"

"Me too'" I smiled warmly'.It was now that I realized just how much I had missed him'Had missed him being a part of my life'Missed being a part of his'

"But'That doesn't mean you're not my best friend'I never stopped considering you as one'"

"Pretty ironical'I thought you didn't even remember me anymore'" I looked at him curiously'Searching for an answer'It was impossible that such a cute, hot guy'Who I bet would have girls swooning all over him, have a million other best friends'.Would miss someone who used to be his best friend almost a decade ago'

"I never forgot you'I really don't know why we never bothered to keep in contact'" Armaan smiled at me sheepishly'

"And what kind of an idiot are you? You're not on any social networking site'Not even Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I looked at him totally incredulous'He grinned on seeing my face'

"Facebook and stuff is all bullshit'If you really want to stay in contact with someone'.You don't need such stupid things'"

I shook my head in disbelief'

"Well if you're so strong on that one, how come you never bothered to even find out how I am?" 

"Let me complete'As long as people have that heart connection'You don't need things like Facebook to 'keep you connected''.It's all rubbish'"

"You're gay'" I giggled'.I had never heard any guy talk like this'So deep'

"You know what I'm off to sleep'" 

"You're seriously so gay Armaan!!:" I laughed'Looking at me, even he began laughing'

"Oh really'Should I just prove to you exactly how gay I am?" He suddenly advanced towards me'As an instinct I moved further back'.He still continued, keeping his eyes locked on mine'His blue eyes'I could drown in them'The sound of his knuckles brought her back to reality'That's when she realized what he meant'

"Ohhh'.So you're planning on punching me huh??" I smirked at him'

"Oh well'I might as well spare you this one time'Oh hey btw'There's this party tomorrow'.A bunch of my friends will be there'Who'll be with us in Uni as well'You in?"

"I'm not sure Armaan'I mean'I'm still new here'And'"

"It's at the beach'" He grinned at me'

"Oh'.But still'"

"C'mon'I know there are three things you're absolutely crazy about'Rain, hot chocolate and beaches'"

"You still remember'!!!!!!!!"

"Ya I know I rock'Thank ya!!" He took a slight bow as I shook my head'

"Ugh'.I see some guy traits in you'Great I just lost a girlfriend!" I pretended to look disheartened'Then saw him glare at me and burst out laughing'

"Enough of that you moron'." He said as I rolled me eyes'

"So I take you're coming tomorrow'.I'll pick you up from your room at 7'" He winked at me and took the empty cups of hot chocolate inside'


It was half past 6 and Riddhima was still choosing what to wear'This was the first time she was going out here...She had to look her best'Somehow the way you dress always summarises your personality when you meet new people'.And boy was Riddhima nervous'

"Something exclusive'But not too flashy'.Hmmm'.Simple but not exactly plain jane'Showy but not revealing'."

Muttering too herself, she didn't notice Armaan leaning against the door behind her and smirking'

"Not that pink one'Its way too flashy'" Armaan suddenly called out as Riddhima picked out a pink halter neck'She turned to find Armaan grinning'Embarrassed she blushed and looked down'2 seconds later glared at him..

"Ever heard of knocking Armaan'I'm a girl...Have some sense'Moron!"

"You should try CLOSING the door if you want people to knock'And madam please hurry'We gotta leave in 5'"

"Armaan'Stop kidding me'15 mintues wait karo'After I've decided what to wear'"

Armaan shook his head'"Girls'!!Do you need any help.."

Riddhima raised her eyebrows'"You'll help me figure out.."

Armaan shrugged then looked at the neat layout of clothes on bed'Finally picking out a blue halter-neck, knee length dress'

"Armaan main beach par yeh nahi pehen ne wali'It's not for beaches'.Select from these[[Pointing to the pile of cotton dresses]]'"

"Riddhima this dress is perfect'Exclusive but not flashy, simple but not plain and showy but not revealing'"

Riddhima blushed as she realised Armaan has heard every word she'd said'She hated when people over heard her talking to herself'"You gotta stop doing that Riddhima'" She thought to herself'

"Are you sure but'.Who am I kidding'You're a guy'You wouldn't know about stuff like this'And I don't want to look like a joker in front of-"

"Trust me Munchkin'You'll look amazing'" He stopped when he saw a surprised expression on Riddhima's face'"What??" He asked raising his eyebrows'

"It's been years since someone called me Munchkin'" Riddhima smiled'

"Oh.." Armaan scratched his head as he remembered why he would call Riddhima that'Back when they were small, Riddhima used to be way shorter than him'And whenever she would try impressing him by playing hoops with him, she would fail drastically owing to her short height'He had started calling her Munchkin'Riddhima had in turn started calling him Peanuts, because he would love eating them, so much that he wouldn't mind munching on those hidden beneath the pillows of the sofas'A fact which only Riddhima knew, beside his mom'

"But hey I'm not that short now'" Riddhima smiled triumphantly, bursting Armaan's memory balloon'

"You're still way shorter than me Munchkin'"

"Whatever'I'm a champ at hoops now'"

"Oh really'.Match ho jaye'?" Armaan raised his eyebrows while Riddhima narrowed her eyes'

"Some other time'Abhi party hai remember?"

"I don't think they would mind if we were a few minutes late'A best of three won't take much time'Open challenge'" Armaan smirked'

"Bring it on'Peanuts'" Riddhima grinned'.

"See you down there'"

Riddhima smiled as the door shut behind Armaan'She was glad to have her old best friend back'Although they hadn't been in touch for many of the most important phases in their lives, she knew they still had a very deep connection between them'.And even a distance of universes, even intervals of a million years couldn't break that'


Riddhima raced down into the lawn to find Armaan practicing his shots'

"Practice makes you perfect'But Peanuts it won't change your level of perfection which is way below mine'" Riddhima commented and smiled her devious smile'.Armaan looked at her..Dressed in ordinary tracks and a pony tail holding her brown hair together, she looked ordinary but the glow on her face stood out'Armaan smiled at how cute she looked'

"Itna over confidence'.Not good for a healthy competition'" Armaan smirked'

Riddhima scoffed'"Healthy competition? That's ironic Peanuts'Since you're the cheater'But this time'I won't let you get away with it'"

"Well we'll see that now won't we?"

The match started'Armaan was impressed at how much Riddhima had improved'Shooting 2 baskets in a row, she smiled victoriously and snapped her fingers to prove her point'Armaan rolled his eyes'Soon after that, as if to get his back, Armaan shot a basket, a second and another'Making the score 2 all in Armaan's favor'Taking a slight bow he threw the ball at Riddhima'The dribbling went on'Armaan tried swerving the ball from Riddhima's grip'Trying his old tactic of distrcating her, he tried getting the ball but Riddhima was a bit more faster this time'Her basket went in clean and neat'

"Haha'In your face!! Your stupid old cheating tactics don't work anymore smarty pants'" Riddhima threw the ball at Armaan's face'

"I let you win Munchkin'Itna khush mat ho'"

"Hahaha...Every LOSER says that!! Guess what'You just earned yourself a new nickname'L-O-S-E-R'Oh that spells LOSER!! Hahahahahaha!!" Riddhima laughed'Then seeing Armaan drawing towards her she began to run'Running around like small kids, they finally fell to the ground, panting and completely exhausted'

"Oh god'Armaan you're so annoying'.I'm sweating'And my hair's a mess'"

"God you're still obsessed with your hair aren't you'"

"Like you are with your white shirts'Yeah I am'" Riddhima laughed'She was pretty sure Armaan was still obsessed with every white shirt he owned'Even a speck of colour on it and he would take the entire house over board'

"Yaya whatever'Now can we please begin getting ready now'So at least we can reach the party in the next 20 years'"

Riddhima playfully punched him, and then went inside to get dressed'

Armaan smiled'"She still remembers my white shirts'" Armaan smiled'
It was these few little things between the two of them that was really making them happy'.These were small things which hardly anyone knew'And although Riddhima didn't know about the no. of girls Armaan had dated in the past few years'Or Armaan didn't know about any other things related to Riddhima'But those small things still pulled them closer than any other person around them'.


Okie, that's all for Part 2....Hopefully THIS time I do get some comments!Cry

Until next time then...!Ermm


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Hey dear awesum part cont sun n plz dnt stop dis ff yaar I luv it n thanx 4 d pm

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