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FF:Loving A Monster........Chapter

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Hi everbody!Big smileI just wanted to say that this is my first time writing an FF on Arjuhi,but just to let you know I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeee this couple and have been watching the first season and season 2 episodes over and over again and I'm a crazy fan.Also,maybe this FF will be boring and not so humrous,so I'm sorry if I disappoint.Hehehe.LOLEnjoy my FF if it's good.And also give good and bad reviews so I an improve myself.Wink
                                      Loving A Monster-Chapter 1
                    The moon glazed the dark night sky as my foot set on the soft,pillow of sand.My feet walked slowly not knowing wear to go as my duptaa flew in the air.A light wind came in as I looked up at the sky.My mind knew I was stuck in my own dreamland and this dream for the tenth time this week.Small silver anklets appeared on my ankles as I looked up and beofre I knew it I was running as fast as I can and my heartbeat increasing minute by minute as I was screaming loudly.I started running more faster as my hair flew softly in the air as a row of glass appeared on the desert sand.I started stepping on it and as I did so my feet bled and I starting seeing two mysterious eyes staring up at me and soon I started running again and again and that's when I stopped  right at the peak of the desert hill.A person in all black stood in front of me.I stopped panting and soon a smile appeared on my face.The person stood there.My smile grew and I placed my hand on the person's shoulder nervously.I suddenly felt light heartbeats going through me.The person slowly started turning around,but I couldn't see the face in the darkness,but those curious deep brown marble eyes.They were looking for something or someone............................................
BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! My eyes flew open as my alarm clock screamed into my ear.I breathed heavily as I started to wipe tricklets of sweat off of my head.I slowly took a deep breath as I got out of bed.I smiled slightly as I saw a text message from my best friend Heer or should I say the number 1 sister in the world!The most craziest and weirdest girl in the world,but still my best friend as ever! We actually were friends since the first day I was born.Sure,we had our differences and she was number 1 at everything,but still we stuck together and were more than just sisters.We were everything to each other.
           "Hey!Guess what Prem's coming back!Eeeep!;)"The text message read.I giggled slightly as I rolled my eyes.Oh and did I mention she was in love with my dad's friends' younger son Prem?He never paid attention to her and sort of I guess hated her since she was a bit too bubbly,but I never dared to tell Heer di after all I wanted to live my life!Hehehe,but I do admit they make the cutest couple ever!Oh and by the way did I mention I also had such great grandparents who were the number 1 grandparents in the world.Sure grandpa is a police officer and all,but beleive me he's a scardy cat when it comes to talking his mind with grandma who is the head of our house along with my darling mother  and also there's my dad who's serious and strict,but still is the best!And also did I forget to mention my crazy aunt who's trying to still get remarried at the age of forty-nine!Hahaha and also my crazy chachu who's a police officer,but deeply in love with my dad's friend's daughter Guair who of course is also Prem's younger sister,but guess what?!Chachu and Gauri are about to get married!Happily ever after and actually I guess this is my perfect life and everything in between.
                   "Arohi!"Ma yelled loudly.Oh and did I forget to mention me Arohi Singh(Author's Note:I just decided to change the last names if you all don't mind!Sorry if you do!I'll change it back to regular if you mind.) I'm an twenty-year old girl who's shy yet bubbly and loves reading books,novels and everything!And also,I'm a real definition of a typical Punjabi girl!There's nothing I cannot do!Believe me!
                     "Arohi beta,get ready quickly!You know how much work we all have!
                  "Sureeee.........anyways ma I was thinking if you needed any help or anything?"I said looking back at her.She smiled and shook her head.
                    "Not at all,but just get ready at the right time okay and I've sent Heer to the parlor after all she needs her make up done!Anyways,I'll see you later okay?"Ma said.I suddenly stopped her.
                    "Ma.......um...........can I go to the parlor?"I said smiling.
                    "No!............I.......mean why beta?You look perfect this way!"Ma said smiling and I was about to open my mouth before she turned and walked right out.I shook my head and looked at the clock reading it was 12:00 in the afternoon.Wow!I slept a bit late today!I thought as I opened my curboard and took out my lengha for tonight's occasion which was a nice green choli which had a nice neckline and a nice long blue-greenish lengha and also a nice duptaa.I smiled and walked into the bathroom.It took me an hour or more before I got out of the bathroom.I started getting dressed into my lengha and then made my way to the dresser where I started wearing my jewlery.Before I knew it I was ready to go.I smiled as I grabbed my small little party pure to just hold in my head which only contained some money and my phone and started walking right out of the door.I slowly started walking downstairs to see everyone in a hassle.I yelped loudly as I felt a sudden poke on my back.I suddenly turned around to see Heer.She giggled as I threw her a glare.
           "Where were you lost?I had texted you about theirty times and you didn't reply!"Heer said.I rolled my eyes as I turned around.
           "Because my darling Heer di I knew you were going to talk about Prem,Prem,Prem!Nothing else,but PREM!"I said loudly.Heer punched my arm lightly as I giggled. 
           "Stop talking so loud!Anyways.....soooo.......how do I look?"Heer said proudly and she twirled her light purple lengha.
           "Absolutely great!"I said smiling as she smiled back to.
           "Good!Cuz I need to!"Heer said smiling proudly as I giggled and rolled my eyes.
           "Heer!Where are you!"Ma yelled.
           "I'm here ma!"Heer yelled back as I saw ma walking towards us.
           "Ah!Heer you look so beautiful!May no evil be cast on you,"Ma said as she wiped  eyeline from her eye and placed a small white dot on the back of her neck.
            "Ma......what about Arohi?Doesn't she look good?"Heer said smiling as I gave her a weak smile.
             "Uh-huh sure....she looks ok.Anyways,beta come on we have to get things ready before leaving.Let's go,"Ma said as she pulled her downstairs as I stood there.I looked down as I walked downstairs.I sat quietly down on the small sofa as I grabbed my novel and started reading while everyone else started to get things ready.
              "Aaj meri Arohi kitni achi lagri hai,"DJ said as she walked up to me.I smiled brightly as I looked at her.
              "Thanks DJ your looking good too,"I said smiling as she smiled and hugged me tightly.There probably was only DJ who ever understood me in this family and the only one who sort of talked to me.I guess......I never had a good relationship with my family and I never knew why......It just was the way it is,but I did ahve a good relationship with my grandpa,DJ and chachu and Heer di,but no one else.I guess it's just the way it is.
               "Come one let's go we all are about to leave,"DJ said as I nodded and smiled as I walked after her.
               "Ma how am I looking?"Aunt asked as DJ rolled her eyes.
              "Horriable!"DJ said.
              "WHAT?!Oh God!"She yelled as she ran back into her room as me and DJ bursted out laughing.Dad rolled his eyes and looked away.
              "Today,my Arohi is looking so beautiful,"Grandpa said as I smileed and hugged him.
              "Thanks dadu,I love you,"I said as I kissed his cheek.
              "Nahhh.......she looks like Frankenstein's wife,"Chachu said.I stuck my tounge out at him as he laughed.
              "Stop it!Now come on let's go!"Dad said as chachu rolled his eyes.
             Heer and me decided to sit in the car with grandpa and grandpa while everyone else sat in the other car.
             "I hate Prem.He never pay attentions to me!"Heer said rolled her eyes as I giggled.
             "O ho!First you were saying my Prem is back!The love of my life is coming back and  now you are like I hate him!W*F!"I said.
             "Hey!Not so loud!"Heer said as I giggled and looked outside.
             "Don't worry......I'm sure prem will pay attention to you tonight,"I said winking as she lightly blushed and looked away.
I noticed we were finally reaching the mansion.It was huge and proabaly was ten stories high and reached the sky.Big black gates were outside and long green lawns were everywhere as the mansion stood on a huge hill.Lights were everywhere as red roses were soon starting to be thrown on our car.I heard loud dhols as everyone danced.I smiled as I got out of the car with Heer.
              "Come on let's dance!"Heer said as I smiled and nodded.I saw chachu's car coming as the dhols got louder.I smiled and started dancing with Heer.
             "Oh My God!There's Prem!Damn he's hot!"Heer said looking at him as I giggled and rolled my eyes.I stopped as I noticed chachu getting out of the car.I noticed Gayathri aunty(Gauri's mom)smiling as she held an aarti plate next to Lalit uncle.I smiled as I followed Heer and everyone else.
            "Welcome beta......"Gayathri aunty said as she smiled and started to take chahcu's arti.I noticed Gauri's chachu and chachi who were Aparna and Anurag with their dauther Purva,and Naina and also dadi.I smiled as I looked at them.We all started walking in as huge red rose petals fell upon us.We all sat down as I saw our's and hundred more guests everywhere.It looked like the President had just arrived as guests were everywhere.I suddenly felt two hands on my eyes.A small smile crept on my face as I knew who it was.
            "Chicku......."I whispered.I felt a light kiss on my hand as I blushed.And did I mention I was happily engaged tot he most perfect and passionate guy Chicku?He was everything to me and I mean everything!We had met at a friend's birthday party where we just clicked and now a year after we are finally happily engaged!
            "Missed you sweetheart,"He whispered as I smiled and giggled.
            "Me too!I hate your business trips!"I said as I rolled my eyes.
            "Don't worry........next time you'll be coming with me,"Chicku said hugging me.
            "Really?!"I said smiling as he nodded and placed his forehead against mine.
             "Yep!"He said as I giggled and hugged him tightly.
            "Oh My God!This is my chance!Prem's going upstairs!Come on!"Heer di said pulling on my hand.I sighed and rolled my eyes.
             "But,di!Chicku just came!"I said whining.Heer di rolled her eyes.
              "So?!Don't you worry about my love life!Now come on and I promise after this I will leave you two love birds ALONE!"Heer di said.
             "Heer di,we have to stay here!Everyone else is here to.We just can't leave!"I said pulling her back.
              "Who cares?Come onnnn!Arohi!"Heer di said and before I knew it I was being dragged upstairs.I sighed as Heer started running the minute we got to the second story.
              "Heer di stop!I might fall!"I said as Heer di rolled her eyes and kept running.
              "Preeeem!"Heer di yelled as Prem stood down the hall talking to some guy.He suddenly turned around wide eyed as he saw Heer di running as she dragged me along with her.I suddenly felt my lehenga getting caught on a small table that was on the side wall.I pulled it hard and suddenly my foot got caught on to the desk and before I knew it my stupid foot lost it's balance.
              "Ahhh!"I yelped as I turned on my heel and closed my eyes shut.I knew I was dead.My breath increased as my heart beated fast.I felt a current through my body and felt my feet standing up and I felt my hands standing mid way in the air.I knew I was dead for sure.....,but suddenly,I felt something on my waist.A warm,soft unfamiliar touch.My eyes shot up as if a sensor in my brain had lit up and was telling me I was entering an unknown territory.My eyes stood face to face to deep brown curious eyes.Those eyes just stood there staring at me as I looked at them.I felt my hands on something soft,but yet hard.I looked down to see my hands on large arms and saw the arms tensing and reflexing as it tightened through the cloth and showed muscle.I suddenly looked up to see an unfamiliar guy which was the same guy prem was talking to.He had long dark black hair and had the most curious look on his face.Our faces were an inch apart as we stood there and as hard as I tried to move my eyes away from his.I just couldn't.
        "Arohi!Are you okay?"A voice said.I suddenly turned my head to see Heer di with a worried look.
        "Um....I'm ok......um.....uh.........thanks,"I said to the mysterious guy as I started to let go of him.He shook his head as I started to move up.His hands left my waist as he suddenly turned around.
        "Soooo.....who are you?"Heer di said to the mysterious guy.I elbowed her arm lightly.
        "Di.......that's rude,"I whispered as Heer di rolled her eyes.
        "He's my older brother......Arjun........He just came back from the U.S.A after taking care of the business over there,"Prem said.
        "What?!Arjun!Oh My God!The Arjun!Wow!You changed!I was so young back then when you got sent to boarding school.Hell no!Arohi wasn't even born when you went to boarding school!Wow!You look so different,"Heer di said.Wow.......I never knew Prem had an older brother.That's a bit shocking and also the fact that no one ever mentioned him.
        "Sure,"Arjun said looking away as Heer sighed and turned to Prem.
        "Hi.......Prem.......How are you..........long time no see.......anyways I was saying......."My mind wandered off to Arjun who stood right in front of me,but with his back towards me.He seemed different......
        "Arohi....come on let's go!"Heer di said intruppting my thoughts as she pulled on my arm and started dragging me down the hall as I looked back at Arjun who turned a bit towards me.......He now was moving out of sight as I turned and looked straight ahead,but my mind on the mysterious him.
Arjun's Point Of View~
            My eyes stared down at her long legs which were being shown a bit through her long lehenga.I had to admit she was hot.........and my type.I smirked as I saw Heer dragging her down the hall.And seems a goody-too-shoes.Perfect.I thought as I smirked and turned around to look at Prem.
           "So........that's Arohi........How old is she?"I said as I looked at Prem.
           "Twenty I think.Why are you asking?"Prem said raising his eyebrow as he looked at me.
           "Oh......um..........for no reason at all....."I said smirking as I turned and saw Arohi out of sight.I smirked as I placed my hands in my pants and started walking down the hall.I knew what I was going to do.
           "Attention everybody!"I heard dad saying.I sighed and started walking downstairs to see Gauri and her fiance all ready to get engaged.My eyes spotted Arohi.......my next trap.She stood there smiling and soon I noticed her hand entwined into someone else's.It was some lame guy all in white.Who was he?I turned to see Prem smiling.
           "Prem...........who's that.......with Arohi?"I said as I looked at him.He turned and looked at the guy then smiled.
           "Her fiance,Chicku,"Prem said.Fiance.......hmmmm...........more of a challenge...........I like it.............I smirked as I walked to Guari's side smiling and coming face to face to Arohi who stood by her darling chachu's side.
            After that boring lecture from my dad.The cermoney finally began.As usual they exchanged rings and blah,blah,blah and I didn't care one bit because I was all concentrated on Arohi and watching her every move.After all she is the next girl I'm going to play with,but not in that way of just playing with her then making her fall for me and then leave her.I mean that's too typical me.How about......I force her to be mine.........and force her to lose her damn virginity to me?Yep,how about something new?I smirked as I my eyes moved from every curve on her body as I licked my lips and then a wide smirk appeared on my face.After the boring cermoney everyone started dancing.I smirked as I saw that stupid Chicku hugging Arohi tightly.I rolled my eyes.Hmmmm.....
           "Prem.......come on,let's sit with Heer and everyone else,"I said.Prem sighed and walked along with me.
            "Hey guys,"Prem said smiling as he sat down next to Heer.
           "Hey Prem........oh Arjun sit down with us,"Heer said smiling.I smirked and decided to sit right next to that Chicku.I smirked as I looked at Arohi who was giggling as she looked at Chicku.She smiled as he walked away to get her something to drink,but I noticed her smile disappearing as her eyes caught the sight of me.
            "Oh......hi........thanks for saving me..........um...........upstairs,"Arohi said.A wide smirk appeared on my face as I stared at her.I slowly inched closer and sat down in the seat Chicku was sitting at.
           "No,problem it's all good,"I said smirking.She smiled and looked down.
            "No,still thanks.Anyways,um.....I'll.......um.......see......you later,"Arohi said biting her lip and before I knew it she got up and started walking as she swayed her nice hips side to side.I rolled my eyes as I loosened my tie.I noticed a lot of girls smirking and staring at me as they stood there in the engagement,but I didn't care one bit because I was too busy staring at her.........
           "Everyone!How about we bring a slow dance tonight!After all this night's all about loooove.Now everyone come down on the floor oh and every five minute you have to change dance partner by just twirling your lady!Now come on!"The DJ yelled.A smirk appeared on my face as I started walking up to Arohi.
           "Care for a dance?"I said as I looked at her.Her eyes widened a bit.
           "Oh....um.........I'm dancing with Chicku,"Arohi said holding that stupid clown's hand.
            "That's right baby!Come on!My love!"Chicku said as he pulled Arohi on the floor.I glared at him as I decided to just dance with my sister Purva.I got closer to Arohi because I knew what my next move was.I stared at the clock counting the minutes and before I knew it I twirled Purva around.I smirked and there came Arohi.Right,then she bumped right into me losing her balance all over again.I smirked as I grabbed her by her waist moving my head down to her.I brought my face closer to her to see her eyes wide open in shock as her arms wrapped right around my neck.I raised my eyebrow as I moved closer making our noses touch barely.
             "Is this your usual way of meeting people,"I said.He bit her lip nervously before I chuckled and dipped her down before spinning her right towards me as I wrapped my arms around her nice,curvy waist.
             "At last we dance,"I said.Arohi giggled slightly as I smirked.
             "Sooo....anyways,it's nice how our family has become eachother's realtives.Right?"I said and she nodded as I spun her back and right towards me.
             "Your a nice dancer,"She said as I smirked.
            "it's you who's making me a good dancer,"I said.Arohi sighed and let go of me.
            "Um.....don't.......flirt with me.I'm engaged.I'll see you later,"Arohi said.W*F.No one rejects me.No one.......but I like how she's hard to get.I know exactly what I'm going to do next.I smirked as I placed my hands in my pocket.
Coming up next........................
           I brought my face closer to her's as I stared into her eyes.
           "Your beautiful Arohi,"I whispered.
           "Arjun stop...this......is wrong,"Arohi said.
           "No it's not at all,beleive me,"I said rubbing her arm.
           "Stop it!"And I felt as if thunder hit me and I realized what just happened.I clenched my fists together as I held the office desk.
           "WHY?!Why do I have to stop?!No!I'm going to love you!Do you understand you b*tch!"I screamed.Arohi looked at me as I noticed her backing off.I pushed her against the wall.
            "NO!You can't!Get off of me!"Arohi screamed as she started punching my chest hard as I started laughing.But,suddenly I felt crashed against the bookcase.
             "HELP!!!!"Arohi screamed as she started hitting on my office door.I smirked as I wiped my mouth.I stumbled as I grabbed her duptaa and pulled her right towards me.
             "NO!LEAVE ME!LEAVE ME!LEAVE ME!!!!!"Arohi screamed as I smirked.She pushed me down on the floor again as she ran to my phone desk.She quickly started dialing the number.I ran right after her and grabbed her from her hair throwing her down as she dragged the phone off the desk.I smirked as I grabbed her duptaa and threw it on the floor.I smirked as I laid right on her.
             "Noooo!!!!!"Arohi screamed as I smirked and knew what to do.........
A/N:I don't if I'm good or bad at writing,but please do reply and tell how you feel about this story and what you think will happen next!:)Thank you!

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nice start arjuns a jerk cont. soon

btw which serial is this from?

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hey good one please write a ff n premeer too
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