Update for Friday, Dec 3

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Update for Friday - 03/12/2010

Veera in deep thoughts in hallConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused.....Charu's Periappa is formally dressed and calls periamma if she ready to go to TA's house to continue the broken proposal of Lavanya and Nitish's wedding......She comes out all ready to go......they walk they are getting ready, madam charu walks to him and gives her goody act and advises himAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry.......Periappa, athai is a short-tempered women, even when she gets mad at u(why would she get mad at them.....she would get mad only at the other partyAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry)........she says peripa shd handle the matter gently and should definetely be finalising the proposal and confirm the wedding as she is more bothered about Nitish's happiness.......Perippa is all lost by her words.....he says the way you talk is just like my mommy, the same way of handling things, soft spoken etc etc....., he wonders if charu is really his daughter or his mom(OMG!!!! I really have a doubt now.....Charu told TA that she is an adopted daughter of can she resmeble Periappa's mom then.....Grrr!!!........Charu did u lie to TA to create a soft corner for you by him????????AngryAngryAngry............)

Now peripa and perima move, Charu's mom asks Nitish if he wants coffee, he says no......charu makes fun of him and allmove out......Charu's mom comes with coffee and gives to veera....he says he is not in mood tohave coffee......she says it ok and she happily sits beside him and drinks coffee...veera is confused......Gayathri talks about Nitish that he had hidden his love towards Lavanya for their sake and now she is all happy that the wedding proposal is going to happen and they should be taking all necessary actions for the wedding preparation and adds that both the wedding can even take place at the same time.....veera is wondering what is she talking about....she says N and L wedding and Charu and the awaiting proposal of Doctor....veera becomes mad at her and shouts her......he says just stop the wedding proposal....OuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuch
Periappa and perimma comes agains and asks what is wrong with him....asks whats wrong in what gayathri told.....why cant both the wedding take place at same time....he asks if he really agreed for the wedding or it was just for N's sake......Veera is confused and now his phone rings.......he sees the  TongueTongueTongueTongue......, veera asks irritatedly what is the matter......TA says mama , how are u???LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
veera becomes mad at him and says,....just stop calling me mama....TA clarifies.....if my sis L is getting married to your son , u will be her mama, so u would be mama to me too.....veera is mad at himOuchOuchOuch......TA enquires about the wedding proposal and clarifies if he has anyother plan.....he says he has already made arrangmets for that and that his brother and his wife are already on their way to his house to proceed the matter and says he can even confirm it later to his sister after 2 hours....TA says he believes veera's words eventhough he is  mad at him and hangs up........LOLLOL
veera walks in and says nothing is wrong....periappa asks what is the matter....  he says he was worried if N and L wedding would happend and now she came with charu wedding and thats the reason he became angry with her......and he adds that only when the wedding of N and L happens he would be more happy(sarcastically and with fear).......periappa confirms he would be finalising the proposal definetely and leaves.......ClapClapClap

Deepa is getting ready to college and packing her food......Her dad is searching something standing on a chair.....his wife becomes worried at him and asks him to get down.......he says his health is not all that bad.....
Travel's owner Sett comes and enquires about his health........he gives 5000 rupees and some fruits to him....he advises deepa's dad to take rest and take care of his health......deepa's dad worries that he had left the customer half way when he was not well and sett says no  worries and now its all ok.....
He says varadharajan need not worry that if he is the only driver for him and that he has appointed a new person for the same....vara says his health is not all that bad and that he can go for local trips....sett says he is not ready to have any more issues with him and vara's condition is unpredictable.....he asks for RC, and all other details of the car....everyone worried now.....vara says if he is out of job, how will he earn bread for his family....sett says he is unanswerable.....vara is sad....sett says now that ur elder daughter can work and save the family......he asks deepa if she can handle things in computer and she says yes....sett says he knew few people and that he would ensure that she is joining work.....all worried and confused.....vara becomes mad at sett.....hands over the car paper back to sett and asks him to leave before he says anything....sett asks whats wrong with him...he says how can he ask a studying girl to work and that too before him......sett says he should not be insulting a man like this.....vara says he knows how to save his family and he would take care of them........he gives back 2000 rupees and says he has taken the money for the work he has done and then gives  back the fruit and says let sett have all that and be more shiny...set leaves...........
Vara says, his daughters should not pity him and its not important now and he knows what he should be doing and that many travel agencies are there......
All three children leave to school , Deepa's mom is worries about him and he says he would think of some alternative......

Lavanya baby all crying cryingCryCryCryCryCryCry......Sudha is busy combing her daughter, TA amma enquires sudha is her father is  coming and sudha says he is on the way.....TA amma goes to Lavanya and enquires why she is not ready and asks her to get ready........Lavanya says how can she marry someone whome she does not know and requests her mom again...TA mom says no way......AngryAngryAngryAngry.
Lavanya says, TA has talked to Nitish family and that he confirmed that he would arrange for the wedding.....TA amma becomes angry and says TA is not at all responsible and that he would never favour them at any cost , so better forget him....lavanya again says let us first confirm with TA.......TA amma gets irritated and says........rather that going to a rich family and getting insulted its better to marry and go to a good family and asks lavanya to get ready..........Lav cries badly thinking her fate........CryCryCry


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Thanks akka for the awesome update!

VR is trapped, he can't possibly do anything, thats why he's sooo irritated.. Im sure he's plotting another aapu for TA.. hmmm? Confused

I really feel bad for Varada.. such an awesome human being he is, soo caring and selfless.. It would be good if Indra could work to support him in this times of difficulties, rather than troubling Deepa to do it... Smile

so Lavanya maapu matter will come next week?? Eagerly waiting to see arrival of 2 Maapus with 1 aapu Tongue

Oh forgot to mention abt the 2 minutes of TA, you're not the only Niki, I also agree.. he looked too handsome Wink

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Thanks for the wonderful update Shubba akka Big smile

Aww poor Periappa and wife, I really hope they aren't even hurt when they go to GW's house b/c of the other maapilai coming there. Feel more sad for them than for Lavs.

Poor Varadarajan, hope he finds some work soon. I think Deepa she can manage a part time job with her studies since her extra-curricular job of taking care of Thuls is done by Mr. TA fulltime. Wink

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Thank you Shubba Akka for a nice and detailed update Hug,Pity you that you didn't get a romantic episode which you are the one deserve in the group Tongue (sumaa sumaa)

Very nice to see VR Sir,checkmate for the king.I didn't like that BGM played for him.It was played for Vel before.Vel is classy villain.VR is nothing compared to him.He don't look like a villain at all,he looks so soft.That BGM didn't suit him at all Ouch

Tamizh was once again funny calling him maams with so much of rights.He never dared to call him so when he was even engaged, ippo romba veeramaa koopdaraar sir LOL LOL

I don't want to say anything about Varadaa Sir,gem of characaters,very heartwrenching to see him Cry Cry.They are showing the reality,the real selfish world,sad to see.

This GW is again and again doing the same.Tamizh didn't open his mouth,ok but this girl is telling openly but then too she doesn't seem to care,ok no comments her character is already known very well,UNTHIRUTHABLE

I think next week both the grooms will arrive at the same time and will mess up as someone told before.That will be nice,let's c.

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Thanks alot Shubba akka for the wonderful update HugBig smile!

Veeraraaghavan, oru big granite business man? Confused...ipdi poi namma hero ku bayapadaraare LOL. But have to say it, TA was looking very handsome today in that one minute scene Embarrassed (eppo neenga ellarum ennai paathu shut up nu solla poreengalo therila Confused, when i keep repeating in all my comments that he looks handsome nu , ennoda veetla everyone will run away from me whenever i open my mouth to talk about him LOL).

Aiyoo paavom perippa...andha ponnu pathi theriyama amma nu solli praising her. Like you Shubba akka said, indha smypathy seeker might have lied to TA that she is an orphan nu. Feel like slapping that psycho for playing double game with those ppl who really love her.Angry

I think Lavs deserves to cry for that what she has done to T&T. Avlo easy a ellam ivangalai maathiri ponnuku nalla paiyan Nithish and his family kedaikka koodathu.It happens her right that she suffers before she gets married to him Ouch. is very sad to see Varada's family in such a condition Ouch, hopefully Thulasi will give Deepa moral support and if possible financial support to through TA too (hmmmm...i know he w/o job it is not possible at all for now). But the best thing is still Deepa doing a side-job like Ranu said.Smile

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Thanks you Shubba for the updateSmile

TA's mom should get ready for an attack from Sudha next week.....well for this kind of lady with this horrible attitude (believe everyone except her own son...emotional blackmail everyone to get what ever she want....), Sudha is a right DIL.... this lady should have waited 1day like lav asked but she want everything to happen right she deserve whatever she is going to get from Sudha's side...

i think Nithish's dad and mom is going to say Charu convinced her dad and made them come talk regarding N/L marriage...and this lady will start her poem against TA again.... i bet after they all leave or in front of them... who knows...if Nithish's family see her mouth lively they will run away i think she will open after everyone leave......

so next week there will be at least 2-3 whole Epi in total with TA's family only and at Chau's house...then Thursday/Fri bank...and maybe a scene with Thulasi/Deepa at college...

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Thanks for that wonderful update shubba!!
I felt very sad for deepa's situation.But today's epi moved thendral on to the next level...Kumaran is slowly starting to show the miseries and struggles of young women in today's modern world and their struggle for education...ClapThumbs UpIt was really touching to see deepa's state when she had to choose between her education and her family.But varadharajan came to her rescue again by consoling her...StarIt was really heartwarming to see such a dad who cares about his children than about himself...StarBut i am scared that he will die and it will be deepa's responsibility to fend for her family.I think that in the future,more epis will be on how deepa takes care of her job and studies and how thuls takes care of her family and studies as well...Clap
And so most probably next week the two groom families will be at lav's doorstep...And i think that ta's mom will now change her mind and accept nit as he is a rich guy...Wasnt that always her intention???But then will lav support ta and say that it was because of him that her marriage is going to happen and then ta's mom accepts ta and thuls???Confused

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Thanks Shubba for the update!Smile
TA mom deserves Sudha as her DIL. Paavam Sudha dad. Basically he is going to get insulted from TA mom after Nithesh parents arrive there.
Charu is going to get full credits for this Lav marriage? Atleast Lav right now believes that her brother will take care of her wedding. But after hearing from Nithesh parents, she is again going to go against TA. This TA family is just totally selfish people.
It was really funny how VR was forcing his brother to go to TA family immediately after TA phone call. LOL
Sudha might leave the TA mom home after this maaplilai seeing incident I guess.

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