Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

02/12 Ria Ka Adda: Bin tere Bin tere Bin tere

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Posted: 02 December 2010 at 11:10am | IP Logged
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Hi friends...this is Aaryaa here...well this is my first RKA opening.. I joined RKA with season 2...
Sorry ppl I just came home from office n hence the delay in opening... 
The episode started well with Arohi wanting to confess to Arjun that she is the gal who met him at the Masquerade party.... n very cutely says main tumse thoda sa...bus thadasa ekdum thodasa attracted hoon... n hears a I love u arohi as response n opens her eyes to see Chicku Say it... I liked Kritika's expressions... nice... Chicku telling her he never realised she liked him so much... blah blah... not bad at all...
What I am shocked at is...such a big police force cannot find arohi but chicku found her... n he said he had come to rescue her... rescue?? without any backup.. or arms ..nuthing...suit boot mein aaya kanhaiya bachane ko??? lol...
Arjun hits Chicku on his neck n makes him unconscious... Arohi yelling why did u do that..he isnt a kidnapper ...he is my fiance.... for a fraction of second u can see Arjun feeling the jealousy pang...
After taking chicku inside the hut/house, arjun sending his men n gals outside... n then when chicku got consciousness again..use chamka... uski batti jal gayi that arjun is the kidnapper but arohi thinks he is a police guy... Chicku wants to burst this bubble infront of arohi.... all this while arjun is playing with his toy...well the fake big gun looked so funny...i cant call it anything else but a toy... reminded me of the green coloured wierd looking gun from the movie The Mask...hahahahah
Arjun threatening chicku with his gun power... n asking him to tell arohi that he has taken permission from her daadaji n come to meet her as he was missing her n chicku too has to stay here till arohi is to be released...n chicku is forbidden to speak out arjun's truth else he wud go home in pieces.... i found this really irritating that how come Chicku came to rescue arohi?? he aint a police guy...he doesnt hv any gun or any other arms... he din hv any backup plan...n he was in suit wandering in jungle..n he just found arohi.... very very hard to digest... no logic....utter crap logic here...
Chicku n arjun come out...chicku hugging arohi saying he missed her so muhc but arohi isnt able to hug him back n is wondering y she isnt able to do so..y is she thinking bout arjun the the same time arjun is wondering y is he not liking seeing chicku with this gal...
otherside..sudhir gets the file for Michael n Jignesh... n they r talking bout izzat, sharaf, usul... wow aaj kal every serial i watch i only hear urdu that the latest trend.... lol... M n J tell S that this aint the file we u can wait for ur daughter's pieces...
Back - arohi is telling shefali that she doesnt want to tell arjun bout the party anymore..she wished she hadnt known it was taqdir din want them to be together..n she tells shefali she doesnt believe in coincidences..the truth is she will be married to chicku... arohi decided that she will get congtrol over her heart... she hides the show pieces which arjun n broken n the sorry msg he had written to her... Bin tere bin tere bin tere..koi khalish hai hawaaon mien bin tere playing in the BG... well i love the had nice FBs....
The punter gang is discussing bout what happens when someone is in they talk n behave...they ask arjun what happened ...whats worrying him.. but arjun says he is worried bout his dad... n in 2 days their fate will be decided...if dad is released they will release arohi..n then he says he isnt affected by that gal...nuthing else happened to him...he is looking uncomfortable... running his hand around his chin, neck etc... nervousness... he is happy that bandar, aalo...chicku is here to take care of arohi's nakhras... the punter gang is smirking  thinking that arjun likes arohi but is denying...
Arohi is again forcing herself to think bout chicku...she is thinking bout her first supposed mtng with chicku..n remembers the masquerade party... she is thinking bout chicku's proposal but remembers arjun saving her from choking on the engagement ring...she is thinking y doesnt he think like she does
Arjun is checking for intruders on binoculars..n feels the white saree on his hand...n FBs of arohi's rain dancing.... arohi almost trips again in the room..FB of the wound she got on her leg... n the soft romantic KMH 2 title made the was awwwwwww.... i loved the title song... Arjun wondering whats happening to him... all relevant FBs come to both of them...n then arohi is in window looking outside...n he is walking outside... they both look at each other..n the long distance eye lock.... wow...
What I liked
1. Karan looked really nice
2. Kritika's acting was very nice
3. KMH 2 soft romantic title...
4. Chemistry between the 2
What I dint like
1. I still dont find logic to their love story...
2. chicku's comic kinda acting when arjun was threatening him with his big toy
Overall - If i leave logic aside the episode was good.... i wud rate it an 8/10..
Ok am done...chalo now all of u start writing....

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lilindiangurl13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 December 2010 at 11:11am | IP Logged
i dont know why but im loving the bin tere song been used for them....
What i loved
i loved the little interaction between chikku and arjun.... man arjun is already starting to get jealous.... i wonder what will he do when he cant take it anymor LOL
Arohi's confession was very sweet.... im loving her wardrobe .... the western clothes really makes her look beautiful... and her acting is also getting soo much better...
the 3 kabab mein haddi's are best.... even tho they are kabab's they are still trying to get arjuhi together.... also i wouldnt mind a love angle between billu and shefali they will look very cute togehter
the song Bin tere is sooo for arjuhi.... im loving it soo much and the new title song is very very sweet.... i cant stop listening to both of the songs...
What i Hate
why did they have to send chikku..... and how come only chikku saw the light and landed there and not the polices.... i guess people are right India's polices are always lateLOL 
also whats with the casting some of the faces are all that.... like this Kali couldnt they find someone a little better looking too.....
this jignesh guy thinks tooo much of himself by poisoning mickhal's mind... watch he is sooo going to regret that in the future.....
What i want to happen
i hope that arjun putting his hand out isnt a dream and he puts it out for real and arohi runs to him...
i want arohi to atleast tell arjun that she's the girl from the party.... also would love few scenes with the kabab's planing ot get them together or whatever...

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mushiroxx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2010 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
what i liked was:
1.arjun was looking damn hot in that subbtle look n white shirt........
2. arohi was looking cute n at the same time her acting was also good.
3. the title track is just s in love with it........
4. they both share such great chemistry.........cant really see them crying...
5. the last scene where their was the eye-lock n then arjun stretches his hand to catch arohi's tears was splendid........both rocked in that scene.....

the things i didn't like:
1. where did that sari came flying from??LOL
nothing else......

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violette IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2010 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
@aarya:  HugWelcome and grt take.. Thumbs Up.
---dont remind me abt the utterly incompetent police force.. AngryAngry... and wer is that khiladi Rajveer.. AngryAngryAngry  gud tht they didnt show up.. mere haatho se bach gaye..LOLLOLLOL..
"for a fraction of second u can see Arjun feeling the jealousy pang..."
-- yup pretty evident.. even Arohi hesitated at the word fiance.. creating tht tension betn thmEmbarrassed.. luved it..Thumbs Up.. and i really liked the way Arohi ran after Chiko.. she is really a kind hearted girl.. bt luking back towards Arjun.. Embarrassed
"well the fake big gun looked so funny...i cant call it anything else but a toy... reminded me of the green coloured wierd looking gun from the movie The Mask...hahahahah"
--ROFLROFLROFL.. wat if Arjun wore tht Mask..ROFLROFLROFLROFL... wat a handsome Mask it wud beROFL.. waise bhi aise to Arohi patne nahi waali.. kitney saare paap kiye hai..ROFLROFL
--Aarya.. dont bother 2 find logic in KMH2.. its really bad 4 the health of our brain cells ROFLROFLROFLROFL..
--even i like the Bin Tere song.. its so melodious and with FBs it made me romantic...Day DreamingThumbs Up
--wow u gave it 8/10.. Thumbs Up... it wasnt a perfect  epi.. bt it grossed gud points on my entertain-o-meter too and hit high on romance-o-meter..Day DreamingThumbs Up
@lilindiangurl13 :
Wud b waiting 4 ur take.. Embarrassed
Hey Welcome Mushi.. Hug
u listed all the good things tht made the epi a hit.!Thumbs Up..
"where did that sari came flying from??LOL"
--wait for my take LOLLOLLOLLOL..
chalo  will b back with my take.. Embarrassed

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violette IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2010 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
i really liked the epi yesterday.. it was full on with the kind of sweet romance tht i like..Day Dreaming  and KMH2 title track was jst amazing.. luved it..Tongue
Oh.. this chickoo is so stupid.. LOL.. .. he drinks a chikoo shake and has a chikoo shaped brain.. ROFLROFLROFL.. bt i was Shocked... LOL to c tht he didnt faint to learn tht suffers 4rm split personality.. ROFLROFLROFL.. he keeps on blabbering abt himself.. maan.. if society permitted and if God made it possible LOLLOL, he wud've married himself..ROFLROFLROFLROFL..and FYI, do u all know tht a girl from eastern countries got really actually married to herself.. bcoz she cudnt find a "perfect" partner.. ROFLROFLROFL... bt i died ROFL at chickoo's  "rescue"  ROFLROFL..i havent seen a man so overconfident.. ROFLROFLROFL.. he is surely from some planet Pluto.. ROFLROFLROFL..  his expressions in the cottage ver very cute..Embarrassed..  only if i cud kill tht BG composer for giving us tht "jealousy pang" BG score.. ROFLROFL..
the whole cottage scene was so ROFL.. even Chikoo is as cute as Arohi..ek to he comes picnicking in this picnic party.. ROFL thn he threatens a kidnapper holding a toy gun..ROFL.. the kidnapper luked more like a model.. ROFL.. itna style agar Arohi ke saamne maarta.. to ab tak shaadi ho chuki hoti ROFLROFL aur do bachen bhi ho gaye hote...ROFL.. Arohi seemed to have lost her Extendable Ears tht she had borrowed 4rm Weasleys..ROFLROFL..  forget the extendable ears.. thy seemed to have lost their own ears in tht haystack. ROFLROFL.. bt chikoo was funny in his expressions.. ROFLROFL .. p.s.  mujhe bhi bilkul waise hi toy gun chahiye....ROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFLROFL  ...
i felt both "i m jealous" dialogues wer unnecessary.. the scene itself spoke volumes.. and i luved the Chikoo-tension created betn thm.. its like those times wen u suddenly feel a loss...
A way to feel the love is to realize that it might be lost.
Arohi's love and realization made sense today... and had a gud logic behind her feelings..
Arohi was more of a practical girl but who fancied upon those romantic fairy tales.. thos destined to met kinda thng.. which every girl dreams of.. at least once in her life.. its a sweet kinda thing.. we feel tempted to run behind it.. if destiny throws a hint.. so.. so did Arohi.. she was kinda excited coz she never thot.. tht it wud actually happen.. bt it did happen.. and she said all wat her heart said.. she wanted to live tht one moment in her life.. till she realized it wasnt true.. it was still a dream tht she was running after.. bt important decisions in life arnt taken on such flinges.. she need to be practical.. and prudent.. so she chose chicko.. who despite his boastful nature was a gud guy and really liked Arohi.. all was well till she met this despising guy who was ruining her bestfriend's life.. bt unawares of wat destiny had in store 4 her.. she felt tht he was actually nice with her.. he wasnt behaving as bad as he had thot with her.. bt still it didnt clear tht despecible image that he had of him.. bt a day came.. wen she realized tht watever she thot of him was very prejudiced.. she never tried to understand his emotions..  bt wen she did tht she realized she wasnt bad as he seemed and was attracted towards his kind caring nature and confused over his angry mode..  this feeling reminded her of her fancying about her prince charming.. and the man she met who she believed for that moment was destined to be with her..  bt can it b true?.. and yes.. to her surprise.. this same monster was her destiny man.. he too felt somewhat abt tht girl..
 she already felt attracted to him.. she felt it mite b "thodasa bahut bahut bahut thoda " she knew even he was eager to meet tht girl..  so she was tempted to tell him.. .. even if nothing happens..  
Better to tell you and have the pain than to wake up and regret to never have said what heart always wanted....
bt there is suddenly chikoo back in her life.. and she realizes tht destiny failed her attempts to make him aware.. wat if destiny doesnt want this to happen.. she doesnt believe in coincidences.. she can c her immediate future.. she cannot rely on wat is unseen.. and wat is still a blur.. she wants his memories to go away from her life.. so she hides away his mementos.. i found it really touching.. Embarrassed.. she tries hard to forget him bt it only brings him more close to her heart.. she tries to avoid him.. bt he keeps coming back to her mind.. and she seem him and their eyes meet and tears roll down.. but she doesnt know why....
Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation....
i really luved the tittle track it touched my heart and i wanted to believe in that magic of luv tho how irrational or absurt it may seem.. to this, so here i will quote a beautiful line.....
Where there is great love, there are always miracles.
i wish it happens in A_A's lives.. Day Dreaming
coming to tht bhigi billi, he wanted to shine under the hideskin of a sher.. tut tut.. Gud tht the Foxy and Mama Shakuhi's latest avtaar showed u ur rite place.. LOL.. 4 once i m proud of KMH2 CVs 4 using their brains..ROFL and showing us y they didnt pursue the file.. ROFLROFL... 
Arjun's attempt to conceal his feelings was so funny.. coz he didnt seem to really feel the jealousy.. more thn his expressions.. B&M made me laugh and believe tht he is really jealous.. B&M were quite entertaining.. and now v know who cooks the food at this picnic.. ROFLROFLROFL..  and now i want to know who washes the clothes..ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.. tho the song picturization was gud.. bt the whole sari flying into Arjun's head was very very funny ROFLand very very filmy...ROFL.. God.. itney din tak kya kiya us saree ka Arjun.. ROFLROFLROFL..  k.. now i have one question here .. how did he know tht the one which flew onto him wasnt Micro-Mini's ROFLROFLROFL..  and the whole stabbing FB was also quite hilarious.. tell me who wud get a FB of tht utter painful scene in luv.. ROFLROFLROFL.. i wud say he has completely lost it in luv..  ladki ki gaali bhi pyaari... ladki ka chaataan bhi pyaar.. aur uska chaaku chalaana bhi.. ROFLROFL and btw.. i luv tht binoculars.. he doesnt seem to find anyone from it.. ROFLROFLROFL .. gadi par chadh jao yar terrace u r not gonna spot tht gunda.. me pretty sure abt KMH2 CVs kaamchor gunda....ROFLROFLROFL.. aaj aayega, mast kha pike.. aur naha dhoke.. randomly popping in from nowhere...ROFLROFLROFL.. also the last "A..A...A.. Arohi" scene was also hilarious.. ROFLROFL...  kitna filmy tha.. reminded me of shahrukh.. was it a special demand from Kritz..ROFLROFLROFL......
ROFLROFLROFL... chalo aaj ke liya itna. hi... hope u njoyed reading my take.. ROFLROFLROFL...

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meet_aaryaa Groupbie

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Posted: 03 December 2010 at 12:13am | IP Logged
@manisha - nice take.... kamchor gunda... LOLLOLLOLLOL
well a 8/10 from me is a very big thing.... i dont give 10/10 to anybody ever...
KMH2 - Lacks logic...but yesterday's epsiode was high on entertainment and chemistry...n FBs and BG score like Bin tere Bin tere and the KMH2 soft title made it up for all the silly logic...
I was even wondering how KK wud look with that green mask on his face... lol
well his glares r attrocious.... LOLLOLLOL

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2010 at 12:21am | IP Logged
@Aarya...loved your take girl! Smile

@Mushi...small world...first I run in to you at the M-forum and now here too...LOL...welcome.

@Manisha...that was awesome chica...ROFL

@Roshini...will be back to read your views when you post it. 

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2010 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Okay - i have not watched in a week...hmmm sounds like it finally improved  a bit... let me catch it

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