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Monday November 29 2010 Episode Update.
Starts with "nallavar" pirai talking abt her daughter maha's true love towards her gopi pothanDead...says my daughter's viruppam is more important for me than anything else...Nadas uncle sokku now changes into chaing chakk uncle makku...says.."yes maappu..we should fulfill our children's wishes..thats our kadamai (KodumaiAngryAngry)...Gopi moraching his dad...Sokku gives a thiru thiru lkook towards gopi...But continues...says "maha is our girl..she know abt our family and problems in this family...(inbetween he looks at his son also..asusual gopi stands like sand)DeadDead)...pushpa and meenakshi joins chaing chaks....
Pirai aniyayathukku nallavara aayitarLOLLOL...comes and asks sorry to gopi....explains why he showed red signal before and green signal now...and says he will help gopi in expanding his business(Tailoring businessLOLLOL)....But gopi is our serial's Hero na obviously he is an MM...He says No mama...iam "Gopi..The Tailor"LOLLOL leave me as such...Maha comes and tells her father..."leave him dad..if u want to give money..give it to me..i'll use or i'll help my purushar when he needs money...What u should now is fix our marraige date immediately"(over aa alaiyudhuda indha ponnuAngryAngry)....
Gopi oramkatting his sokku father...says "appa..u alone know my mana marraige for me now..pls save me from this...i need some time"...Sokku sends him in and says he will samalichufy pirai family....
Pirai comes and sokku says "gopi kku lot of he is not in a position to get stop ur bak bak and leave..." Turns towards maha and asks "u beleive me maha?"..Maha mandai aatingsLOL...Then wait...i'll decide ur marraige date..."says chokku....
Malar brings rohini to hospital to meet her dad...She advices to behave normally to her  dad..Rohini comes inside and appa-daughter crying ooo ooo nnu oppari...Appa super aa polambing..(good actingClap)Rohini asks sorry ....Dad says "nallavan oda odirundha sandosha pathrupen..but u ran away with an ayogyan"..ConfusedConfused(nallavanoda odina maanam mattum veettukullayae va irukkum?appo pogadha maanam??super family!!yeh girls..nallavana parthu odiponga ellarum...LOLLOL)...some more polambal...(Amma character silent aa kku vandhavangala irupangalo??i mean chithi somethingLOLLOL)
Malar's dad asks abt gopi..Malar,rohini and ashok ellarum sagattu menikku praising gopi...Gokul thiru thiru...Dad says he want to go home...Gokul nd malar goes to meet doctor to talk abt the same....
Gokul comes to malar's dad and says he should start immediately..he is having some important work....comes to malar and tells her  get ready tomorrow morning..he will take her to coimbatore...Dad says he will also come with them...Malar and gokul says no...Malar syas i'll take rohini with me...Rohini first says no ...Dad,malar and gokul tries to change her...Flop...Rohini leaves...Malar goes to conivince her....
Malar comes and rohini crying...says "Andha drogiya nambi naan ennaiyae izhandhuttenDeadDead"...Malar super shocked....Rohini continues ..."i hate myself"...Malar says.."we cant change anything...forget this ..."ConfusedConfused (Again super family)....Try to be a good girl hereafter and dont tell this to anyone...u r coming to coimbatore W*H me 2morrow"....Rohini hugs her sister and cries...
Episode ends with a mini lorry carrying karasev family's panda paathirams and enters karaikudi.....

Update by Migan

Tuesday - Nov 30

Starts with KS family arriving to Sokku house with all Panda Pathirams.

mayil says I bought them here so they can stay as thir Oor makkal are upset. Sokku says few days ok but why Panda Pathiram? They say they are going to stay there permanently. Sokku asks What will happen to the kadai and Business?

SR opens his Thiruvai and says it was not ours. We lied. Sokku is shocked. Mr.Karasev try to say 1000 poi solli kalyanam pannanum so we did it. Sokku gets mad and says you guys cheated us. Why did you do that? SR says if we didn't lie then would I have gotten this beautiful wife, lovely Mama, Anbana athai, pasamana machan..... (Romba Ice kuluru Thaangala)

Meenatchi vayellam pallu hearing this. some how Mayil and deivanai convince sokku so the whole family can stay there.(ithu sari pattu varumnu tonalai).

Next scene ...

Malar, gokul, Rohini leave to Coimbatore. Gokul asks Malar's dad to take care of himself.

In Gopi house - Gopi and Ragini get ready to leave to Coimbatore as well. They decide to take the 8:30 bus. meenatchi doesn't like Ragini going to Ctore and study beautician course. But Sokku & Gopi convince her.

In Coimbatore - Malar and co reach Gokul house. Gokul's parents welcome them. ore puranam about Gokul liking Malar so much. malar seems uncomfortable.

Gokul takes malar and Rohini to show around the house. Before going upstairs he tells Rohini to stay down and takes Malar with him. He takes her to his bed room(veraenga). Shows around the room and starts talking very romantically like sitting in Swing together listening to music etc... He says they are going to have thir first night in that room.

Malar is even more uncomfortable - she says please I need some time for all these. Just by getting married I can't agree to everything. Gokul agrees and says  Take your time - (He says some thing like 2 days, a week or a month) what ever time it is our FN is going to be in this room.(Romba important).

He further tells I feel like touching you, kissing you - but I want to honor your feelings so I wait. He tries to put a hand around her shoulder casually saying let's go down. She looks not liking it. He takes his hand.



Update by Rojapoooo

Wednesday    Episode No 159    1/12/10

Hospital - Karasevu clan is waiting. Shanthi is asked to come in for some test.
Mahesh and Kaamu are also in the arena.  Shanthi wants Mahesh for moral
support. Mahesh gets up, feels faint, one more patient. !!! Gokul's house. Malar
is in her room and Gokul comes there. He wants to take her out for a ride Wink
but Malar refuses. He is vexed with her attitude - needles a bit " sari, dinner
vendaam, at least a bike ride??? You do love bike rides !!" Malar quickly catches
the insinuation " I know what you mean - I just had to go in the bike...for a mission,
no hidden agenda.." Finally Gokul is kind of stern in his stand " all this evasions..
only until the marriage .. after that I am the boss, gotchaa?? " Malar is worried??
looks definitely displeased..

Senior Peepee's place. Ragini is leaving for Coimbatore. Aal aalukku advice....
Oru periya gumbal irukku....Meena blessing aa, thitta nnu solla mudiyaatha oru
statement kudukkaraanga... Mr.Shanthi comes with sweet ..announces " intha
veetu kku oru new arrival .." Everybody is happy that Mahesh is pregnant but no...
it is Shanthi who is pregnant...... No one has the enthu to accept sweets......but
Mr.Shanthi is enthu personified. Gopi and Ragini leave - Pirai and Co leave as well.
Duck walk Sam chides daddy - " hmm, antha aal ellam vayasan kaalathile.....
baby aam...enakku eppO marriage?" Pushpa kku thanga mudiyalai. Roja kkum

Senior Peepee comes home - surprisingly the house is empty !!! Tells Meena that he
is worried about Mahesh and Selva - " Kaala kaalathile oru pappa vara vendaama??
Ask Mahesh if she is happy with mappillai " Meena goes to Mahesh and probes.
Nahesh is categorical " me and my hubby..we are happy.... just that we have been
through so much.... don't ask me about this again and embarrass me , ok??" After 
Meena leaves, both Mahesh and Selva are worrying about not having any privacy.
Looks like Meena heard it - arranges a guest bed room in their palace - "this room
is yours.." Selva and Mahesh are happy...



Update by Smlaksh

Epsiode - 160           Thursday - 02.12.10

Gopi & Ragini reach coimbatore [Aww , feel so happy to see cbe bus stand after an yr Tongue] .. Rents a room in a lodge .. Many bachelors are there & they look at them suspiciously .. Gopi tells her to freshen up & tht he'll get breakfast for them .. Ragini says not to leave her alone , as she doesn't like this place .. Gopi at first thinks she is scared .. then finds out tht she is thinking wisely & appreciates her ..

Shanthi arrives at hospital along with Velu , Mahes & Kamu .. Velu romba over aah gavanikkarar Embarrassed .. Mahes & Kamu go somewhere .. Shanthi is very much embarassed with her pregnancy .. Velu comforts her .. Tells her to be proud even though it's late .. kaalam kadanthu vellamai yaam Angry .. Adds tht this is an achievement & not to feel embarassed .. he himself was born to his mom , when she was 40 .. Shanthi yells at him for being born in a maanamketta family .. Mahes & Kamu return .. Says they need to wait for some more time .. Kamu then goes alone , sees someone & gets shocked ..

Well , it's none other than our one man fan club , Murthy Tongue .. Kamu enquires a nurse & gets to know tht he met with an accident & is been in hospital for 10 days now .. Kamu takes her permission & goes inside the room .. talks to Murthy .. he is so happy to see her .. tells the same story as nurse & his mobile phone too broke .. and so he couldn't reach her .. Kamu feels bad for thinking bad abt him .. apologizes .. Also says tht she is with her family members & don't have time to talk to him now .. Promises to visit him the next day to kathai adichufy .. rendum happy romantic look vittufies each other Embarrassed ..

Coimbatore .. Malar comes out from her room , after head bath .. Gokul's mom tells her to dry her hair .. even offers to do it for her .. Tells her servant to get flowers for Malar .. Gokul hears her .. gets angry & sends back tht guy in .. chides his mom for sending tht guy to get flowers for Malar .. Adds tht he only has the rights to buy flowers for Malar [pochuda .. ithu periya maniac aah irukkum pola Angry] .. He then tells Malar tht he loves her so much & he is happy .. she too has to behave the same way .. and goes to get flowers .. Malar comes to the fron tyard to send him off .. Gokul tells her not to stand alone outside & asks her to go in & leaves [Malar ivanai kalyanam pannine ninna kuththam nadantha kuththam nu solvaan .. nalla yosi maa Ouch] ...

Gopi & Ragini go to the parlour .. One lady briefs them abt the courses they offer .. Ragini decides to take a diploma course for 6 months .. Lady asks for photocopies of some docs .. Both go out to take copies .. Gopi then goes alone to have tea [ yen dir sir oru tea kudikka gandhipuram la irunthu town hall road varaikkum varanumaa LOL .. pakkathula tea stall onnu koodava illa .. hmm dir sodhappal special pola] ..  Gokul arrives at the same place to get flowers .. Sees Gopi & crushes the flowers .. Pookara lady chides him for wasting flowers .. Gokul asks for some more &
rushes home in anger , angrily takes Malar to her room .. asks why he is here .. Malar innocently asks who .. Gokul says Gopi & scolds him for following her .. Malar denies any knowledge abt Gopi's arrival .. Tells him to call Gopi & find out LOL .. Gokul chides her & warns not to make him a fool .. Malar requests him not to be suspicious abt her .. but Gokul suspects Gopi .. Says may be he can't forget his love .. Adds tht he can't accept her ex boy friend .. and he hates Gopi so much .. Finally warns Malar tht Gopi should never interfere in their life .. Screams like a psycho and then keeps the flowers on her asking her to be happy [poor malar LOL] .. Malar stands like an statue .. Rohini comes out from restroom behind & looks at both of them ..

Credits to

Thodarum ...


Update by Anjkhoney

Friday (03/12/2010)

Its a Bro-Sis moment for Gopi and Ragini. Gopi talks to Ragi and expresses the insecurity and fear of leaving his sweet little sister alone in a place far away from them. Ragi also handles the situation in a very sweet and matured manner by assuring her bro not to worry about her s she would be just fine and take care of herself. Gopi then bids bye to his sister and leaves with a sad face.

Gopi walking on the road and Malar who was coming in a car with her sister and Gokul sees Gopi walking and asks the car to stop. Gokul, Rohini, Malar all walk towards Gopi and Malar questions Gopi about his sudden and unexpected presence in Kovai.Gopi first tells its a personal issue but after the pressure from Malar and pricking sarcastic talks from Gokul he opens his mouth and tells that he came to leave Ragini for the beautician course.

Malar still forces him to take them to meet Ragi (this was done to convince Gokul).Gokul first makes a drama asking Malar to go with Gopi but she makes Gokul go with her.Finally they meet Ragi and talks to her about her stay there and asks her to take care. They all leave.

Gopi takes a leave from the place where they met. Gokul offers him a lift but Gopi refuses telling he would walk as it was nearby. Gokul then apologises to Malar and she asks him to make sure such things dont happen in future.

Kamu and Paramu walking and talking about Moorthy. Kamu has come to knw about the accident and she is again excited about letting him knw  her decision.
Paramu teases her asking about her response to his question and Kamu blushes.
Mr and Mrs Sokku in discussion with Mayil about Kamu's alliance. Mayil angry about the tharakar who gave them false info about KS Family. Sokku then tells it was their fate and time and no one can be blamed for it.

Then Kamu comes and she hears them talking about her alliance and this gives her a shock. Sokku then talks about Gopi and Kamu who would always sacrifice anything and everything for their parents and family. He then talks about the lovebird talk btwn Malar and Gopi and the way Gopi sacrificed his love for his dad.Kamu hears all this.

Then again Sokku mentions about how the gals in his family could never fall in love sp Kamu who was raised by Sokku.Kamu again in troubl and sad about all that she heard. Sokku Mayil all leave the place and its Kamu with her thoughts. Now wht will she do when the whole family is having so much trust on her sp Sokku (Mayil never trusted her in the beginning and now he might start to trust and Kamu is falling for MoorthyOuch.)

Gokul asks Malar to enter his office and there she is given a grand welcome.Gokul introduces Malar to his staffs and one of them asks her whter she liked Gokul. Malar doesnt answer it but tries to handle the situation by replying that if she would not have liked him why would she agree to get married ot him nu.

Then Gokul takes the sisters to his cabin.He then goes to attend some call and hears two of his staffs commenting about Gokul's decision to marry Malar who was much much better than him in looks,colour etc. HE gets really mad hearing this but doesnt do anything th
ere. He calls his manager and asks him to have them fired them asap..

Gokul then takes Malar separately and asks her about the indirect reply she gave to  his staff and they have a small argument there. Malar's expressions and her replies make Gokul mad but he doesnt express it out. There a guy comes offering Kopi(coffee) and Gokul asks for Tea. That person goes on in favour of coffee and Gokul asks him to leave.

Malar and Rohini talking about leaving and going back to their home sweet home. They hear some noise and goes to check it. They find Gokul having a teaching session on how to tell Coffee/Kaapi. The guy goes on telling Kopy
(he seems to be from Kerala as he was speaking Mal+Tamil)(Namma Goundermani,Senthil Pushpam/Puyipam class comedya irundhathu but this was a serious class)
Gokul kavathil starts kotting on that poor guys head and Malar sees this.




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Something is gonna happen in coimbatoreEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Thanks for the updates Shree
supree Goldie

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Posted: 30 November 2010 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Shree.
Liked & 100% Agreed with your comments ... on Super family! LOL  Athu eppadi, Nallavanoda poyintha OK-avaam?!!Shocked  Onnum puriyalai> Also Amma's reaction?!!?%###%^ Confused
Yes, I too suspect that....  Etho Villangam waiting in Coimbatore! Confused

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Thanks for the update Shree.

I am thinking the same as well about Coimbatore. Maybe Gopi will take his sister fro the beautician course where Malar/Gokul will have an encounter with him and think that he followed her. Lets see.

Sokku doesn't know about KS family fate and Mahesu's woes. He will come to know that now.

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Thanks Suma .. hmm , olunga iruntha Choks character yai dir ippadi spoil panni irukka vendam .. Choks sported a guilty look when delivering tht dialog LOL .. Maha kku oru nyayam , gopi kku oru nyayamaa .. Too bad choks sir ..

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lakshyam Senior Member

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Posted: 30 November 2010 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Thanks for your update shreenithi.....more than the episode I liked your commentss....
very hilarious ROFL...but true and apt comments.......
Rohini and Malars acting were good....still her advice to Rohini...made me feel....
an American family in Karaikudi...LOL....but anyway thats what Rohini should do...instead of forgiving that guy and marrying him just for what he did in one night Angry
From the promo it doesnt look like Gopi and Malar will meet in coimbatore....anyway we will see...

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Thanks Shree. Intha Rohini yai paartha paavama ve illai. She pays
for her arrogance. All along, this Gokul seemed a nice guy !!!
I think both Malar and Gopi will meet at Coimbatore - Ragini yai
beautician course le serkka azhzichindu varuvarO tailor??

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