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Monday, Nov 29th, Episode 381

Update by atina: Credits to thiraimovie.com

Nithya getwell soon!!!

Crow Pain Flower = Kaakka Vali Poo  WinkTongueBig smileClap

TODAYS episode was super fast one....finally Sneha nambiar has appeared!!!!
After talking to Raji Tk comes to the room and starts crying. Suda comes there and asks what happened. TK starts mazhuppals....and Suda asks," why are you teling lies like this appa...is there something wrong with gayatri akka and maama?" TK sammalichufies and asks her to go and make mom take medicines.
Devi notices Paro sitting alone in some deep thoughts. Devi comes and asks her to eat...but PAro refuses. Devi tries to console her and tells that she is so worried about Gowri. Paro replies," I am not at all worried about as she opted for this life....but that is not the case with Gayatri...paavam...ava manasu enna paadu padum.. I am worried about her"
Gayu comes there hearing what Paro just told and she replies," atheh please stop worrying about me...what to do this is my "head writing" (thalai ezhuthu)...I can not even get angry with anyone...as my husband does not allow mke to do even that....you please go and have your food atheh"
Mangalam and her husband are watching Tv ...and here comes AZ with Visa. AZ inrtoduces themselves as Mug's parents. Mangalam's husband welcomes them in and calls Mangalam. Visa and Magalam hug each other and have their small talks as Mangalam takes Visa touring the house.
After showing the rooms there Mangalam takes Visa upstairs. Visalam tells," mangalam you have kept the house so nice...by the way why is that room is so dark?" She walks towards that room and Mangalam also follows her and switcheson the light....

A young woman is sitting there....and she angrily stares at Managlam and Visa..after couple of seconds..Mangalam heistates and talks to her," amma Swetha..this is my friend  Mangalam..." Here Swetha goes," why are you bringing your friend to my room...please get out of my room first" Both of them come out...and Visalam asks about Swetha.

Mangalam tells that she is her daughter and she starts telling what happened to Swetha in the past...( flahback)
Swetha;s friends decorates her...as it is her first night after her wedding. Mangalam comes and tells," enna is she ready? en kanneh pattudum pola irukku.....come amma" She gives a milk sombu and the girls send her to the first room where her newly wedded husband is waiting for her.....

Mangalam and her husband are so happy that Swetha is going to start her life happily. As they are talking about this...
here comes the maapillai like a storm and starts screaming at Swetha's dad without any respect," ada paavi....you sp0iled my life...you hid the fact that your daughter is a "crow pain flower" kaaree..nu ( kaakkaa Vali poo)"
Hearing this Mangalam runs to Swetha ...Mean time the maapillai screams and leaves...refusing to hear all the pleas of his maamanaar.
Next day Swetha's husband comes theree with his parents and other family members. Swetha's dad pleads them to accept his daughter..he also inform that she is under traetment and this valippu does not come often at all....but the entire family is not willing to accept Swetha.
But all of them including the maapillai tell that they can not give a place for  Swetha in their family. And the arguemnts and pleadings start ...( muted dialogue) Swetha watches how her dad and mom plead to these people.....Suddenly maapillai stands up and shouts at Swetha's dad," thau paaru...I can not accept your daughter as my wife at all" Still Mangalam pleads to the sambandi amma who replies," My son just tied the thali only right...nothing yet happened in between them....so why are you so worried?"
Swetha's porumai comes to an end ans she sreams," niruthunga....why are you all talking like this....enakky enna theeraatha vyathi irukku? is it a killer disease..like cancer...or am I not able to give birth to a child of your son?...no right....this is a treatable sickness only...do you all think that..if your son leaves me and go I will hang myself to death..? your son tied this thaali right? if I remove this and give back to him...will that be enough to you all?"
Everyone is shocked to hear this and Mangalam and her husband stare at Swetha worriedly. But Swetha.....on the other hand....was so determined and she starts removing the thaali and throws that right on her so called husband's face. She stands there empty neck...staring at him....

Tuesday November 20, 2010 - Episode 382

updates by Aishu
Pictures by Atina
Credits to thiraimovie.com

Swetha angrily tells the groom family that he only tied the thaali, hence she too has decided to remove the thaali to break off the marriage!  All are shocked.... she finally says she too doesn't want to be trapped within this marriage!  So she takes off the thaali and throws it on maapillai's face!  All are shocked!  The groom family says they no longer wish to have to deal with Swetha family and leaves!  Swetha loooks at her parents and breaks down! 
Flashback Ends!
Swetha's mom (Mangalam??) tells Visaalam how the scar that this incident created in her daughter's life continues to be there, as she doesn't leave the dark room unless if she feels hungry!  To try to change her frame of mind, they moved to diffferent cities, but it all went in vain, as nothing could make Swetha feel better.  They even had many new potential guys come by and liking Swetha!  However, the moment they were informed about her kaka valipoo, everyone fled the scene!  Mangalam pours out her pain!
Visaalam feels bad and assures that one day her daughter Swetha will get married!  She then goes onto saying how she too has family problems.  Her daughter in law, Chitra, had miscarriage twice and now the doctors have confirmed that she can never conceive.  So without a grandchild from her son's, she is going through naragavethanai [athu sari.. AngryAngry pannurathellam kodumai.. ithukkulle ithu vera Confused].  Soon they go downstairs to join their respective husbands.
Mangalam's husband Nataraj tells AZ appa that he can see how could of a guy Mugundhan is and how he is never after money [what?  are they finalizing marriage here Shocked].  After all, Mugunthan is part of AM appa's family, so Mangalam's husband assures that he will fetch Mugs the job back [happa LOLLOL... stomach leh mile poured now.. ithu job matter thaan not marriage matter LOL].  Az appa is happy.  Finally Az appa and Visaalam take leave, and they assure to keep in touch with them! 
Suda goes to meet Devi by the sandhi munnai.  Suda asks Devi about Krish-Gayu problem and wonders why she wasn't informed!  She says how even her father, TK, didn't mention anything about it nnu!  Devi tells her perhaps they didn't want to stress the youngsters, and adds how bad she feels for Gayu.  Devi elaborates..since Krish didnt' take any action against Babu, Gayu is angry on Krish too, which Krish is doing all to protect his sister's life!  So she asks Suda to talk to Gayu and ask her to samalichufy the matter nnu.  But Suda says it may not work, and suggests they go talk to the person behind all this.. that is Gowri!  Devi agrees, and they decide to go have a talk with Gowri!
In an auto, Vasanthi and Murugan are going somewhere.  They exchange looks, and finally Murugan asks if she is sure Senthil will accept them.  Vasanthi says he will, after all, she understands his pain.  She further adds how it is not all about money that Senthil is after.. he wants to be in good terms with his MIL family, so he wants the money back from her brother to be returned to Visaalam and get rid of the kalangam to his name.  Murugan is not sure if Visaalam will listen to them, since she is angry on them.  Vasanthi says where ever there is anger, there is nalla kunam (LOLLOL ok..lets see LOLLOL). 
Soon they arrive at AZ appa's house... AZ appa greets them and takes them in.  Chitra sees them and is hesitant.  She seems bewildered... AZ appa asks her to greet them.  Chitra goes near and welcomes them.  AZ appa then apologizes to them for not coming, and says he is really happy they came on their own nnu.  Murugan says they had come here to get their aasirvaatham.  As AZ appa tells Chitra to prepare a feast for them, Visaalam walks in and is shocked!
She accuses Chitra of having invited them.. but Chitra says no.  AZ tells visa to welcome them as they've come here to get their aasirvatham, but Visa tells him to stop and confronts the couple as to why they are here.  Vasanthy speaks up and says they themselves came here to receive aasirvaatham.  But Visa lets out the words by saying she knows this is all a drama by theif senthil and rajendran, who not only stole their money, but also planned this wedding well!  Visa says rudely she needs not aasirvathiching!  Vasanthi gathers some strenght to tell her no one invited them and then says how she doesn't care if Visaalam atthai curses and scolds her brother Rajendra, whom they chased away long back!  But she kindly requests Visa not to scold Senthil, who according to her is doing all he can to get the money back to Visa family.  That is one of they reason why he wanted to get her (vasanthi) married to murugan to blackmail money from Rajendran. 
But that plan of his failed, so he is angry on them and Ranjini.  Visaalam laughs it off and says Vasanthi must be a bigger thirudhi than Rajendran and Senthil, since she is vakkalathu vaanging for Senthil.  All are shocked.. while Murugan feels bad for Vasanthi [hmm... naan appove nenatchean that the couple will never get raaja mariyathai]. 


Wednesday 1st december 2010 episode 383 update

Updates by Shreenithi and Pictures by Atina: Credits to thiraimovie.com

Visalam thappu thappa talks abt vasanthi's amma..Vasanthi cries and leaves the house..Murugan follows her...Chitra asusual cryingDead(dumboAngry)...AZ scolds his wife...asks one nalla kostin.."neeyellam oru pombalaiya?"...No answer from visalam...gives a "idhukkellam naan asaramaatten" look and leaves the place...Chitra alone stands and crying....(such a worst dialogue...idhukkum indha family la irundhu ivalavudhaan reaction aa??something really wrong with all the membersConfusedConfused)...
Pallipattu....Murugan reacheshome...Searches for vasanthi...Comes in running shouting her name...Vasanthi nowhere...Asks ranjani and lakshmi amma abt vasanthi...They says theriyadhu...Ranjani asks murugan..."enga poneenga 2 perum? what happened?"....Murugan tells them abt visalam's kevalama behaviour...And also tells the dialogue by visalam...Ranjani puyal starts ....Lakshmi amma thaniya polambing....
Senthil comes there and once again lakshmi amma ottufies the movie to senthil...Now senthil too runs ...
Ranjani puyal comes to her house...Calls visalam...Visalam gives darisanam..Ranjani shouts.."unakku yen indha chinna budhi?"..Visalam shouts back.."who r they?why they came here to get aasivadham from me?naan konjam amaidhiya irundha..u ppl will do whatever u want aa?
"(What?ShockedWhat?ShockedWhat?Shockedindha amaidiya irundhangala?Shockedwhen?Shockedwhere?Shockedwhy?Shockedhow?Shockedfor whom?Shocked)..Ranjani continues her thittu...But no response from visalam...Ranjani asks AZ...why were u silent?...AZ replies.."solliyum thirundhalanna enna panradhu?"..(next step dhaan..thoongum bodhu thalayila kalluLOLLOL)...
Now senthil joins the panjayathu...but entrance layae standing...Vislam says that vasanthi and murugan came here and praising ur husband...how will i tolerate that?"....Ranjanis tells my husband isthousand timesbetter than u...Senthil kku head la ice katti vacha effect...Pathos BGM playing...Ranjani continues praising her husband...
Senthil comes in and stops his wife..."why r u wasting ur energy ?ur mommy will never believe us..but i promise...i'll return the money soon..." Leaves the place with his wife...Rajnai happy happy follows him...
Madam gowri nadai pazhaging in the garden...(walking panrangalam... 4 step in the front and 4 step backwards...walking overLOLLOL)...vandhuttaru husband babu oru glass aa thookikittu...Brings juice to his wife...says dont strain much...5 min walking is enough..from 2morrow u have to start ur exercise also..gives the juice and  gowri drinks it...Phone rings and babu goes in to attend the call...Gowri continues her nadai payirchi...
Devi and sudha comes to meet gowri..(CryCryaiyo...innaikku nandhaan maatinene??Gowri thayae...konjama pesu pls...")....Gowri silent...no welcome ..nothing...Sudha starts.."nee therinju thappu panriya or theriyamaya?"...u very well know abt ur husband..and also u know that ur husband sent those rowdys to create problem in gayu's life...but u r silent?"....Gowri says.."i dont care abt anything...first of all..who asked u to come here..pls get out now"....Sudha tries to convince...Says ur husband is a kattavan....beleive us...
vandhuttaru babu...He tells sudha and devi to go out...Sudha shouts at babu..gayu kkitta yen ippadi behave senja?....Babu says..."ur akka...college kku poren sollittu engellam poralo?...krishnan adha parthuttaru..to escape from him gayu put the blame on me..."...Sudha exteremly angry...Spits on babu's face...Devi,and gowri shoked.....Babu super shocked ....
Gowri comes to slap sudha but falls down on a flowerpot...Cries out of pain....Devi and sudha starts crying....babu tells her to get up...(yov...enna get up?andha pappa enna keezhapaduthu rest aa edukudhu...thooku yaAngryAngry)....
Vasanthi comes to meet rajendran...Rajendran says .."come vasanthi...murugan kattina thalaiya kazhatittu varlaya?"'ShockedAngryDead(enna aachu uravugal crew kku?why such dialogues??)......Vasanthi says...stop...my husbandu ennai yethukittaru...Rajendran shocked...Then he says ..good ..go and live happily...Vasanthi says..visalam talks wrong abt our amma...u give the money back..i should throw that money in her face..appodhaan i'll be happy"..Rajendran sings teh same song...i dont have any money..Vasanthi takes a knife and comes near rajendran....

Thursday December 2nd Episode 384

Updates by Meli
Pictures by Atina: Credits to thiraimovie.com

Vasanthi takes a knife and threatens to kill herself...
rajendran seems to be worried and tells her to put down the knife...Murugan comes there and tries to stop her but by mistake she cuts her hand with the knife....
(knife parandhu poi correct aa hands aa cuttangi....ConfusedConfused)...Murugan takes her from there..
Krish's house...Devi tells gayu and paro abt gowri and they both shouts at her...Pao amma starts crying thinking ab ther daughter...Devi says nothing wrong from our side...Gowri slip aagi vizhundhutta..Babu has taken her to the hospital...Gayu scolds devi...
Paro amma says devi and sudha senjadhu onnum thappu illai...But babu will never change...Gayu says she will go and see gowri in hospital...She leaves...Paro amma calls krish to inform abt gowri...
Krish busy with his water supplying...Phone rings and paro tells him abtgowri...She tells him to go and meet gowri...Krish agrees....
Senthil's house..here he shouts at vasanthi ....why u went there to meet visalam?ok...poneenga...then after avamana pattings u should have come here...then why u went to meet rajendran?if something had happened to u...then ppl will blame me..irukara pazhi paavam pathadha??
Ranjani supports rajendran....Senthil also praises vasanthi and vasnthi and co happy...Senthil continues.....rajendran gives back the money or not...visalam athai believes me or not...i dont care about anything....u ppl should never leave me...
Ellarum oreyhappy o happy...(ivaru ivalavu nallavara?nayaganukku appa range la pesarraru??LOLLOL)...
Mugs house..(inga yaaru ppa katha pora??Start pannunga...CryCry)....Mugs coming home...orey sirippu...Gives sweet to everyone...
Reason...He got his job back....visalam aunty also smiling...(evalavu azhaga irukanga sirikkumbodhu...OuchOuchindha dir sirikavae allow panna maatengararuAngryAngry)....Visalam amma climbing murungai maram...starts vambu valarthing with chitra...Becoz of me and my friend mangalam u got ur job back..this is aproblem which can be solved..but what abt ur chitra's problem??...Chitra crying and  goes inside...AZ says every problem will have a solution...
leave this matter and go see ur work...Sends mugs to samadana paduthufy chitra....Az and visalam decides to go and meet natarajan sir and managalam to thanks them....
Raji shouts at her daughter sudha for gowri's nilamai..Sudha says we didnt do anything ..Servant maid is watching all this..(she walks like a robot...Lady chitti robotLOLLOL).....she slipped and fell down..i went there to ask nyayam for my gayu akka...i never expected this to happen....But raji scolds her...do u know ...becoz of this krish will face a very big problem now?(aama...now only krish is going to face an problem...illainna wife oda duet dhaan padikitte iruparu...first problem..poor guy..wonder how he is goin to handle this??AngryDeadDead)....Raji wants sudha to ask sorry to krish..Sudha says ok..i alone will go..u take rest....But raji says she will also come...Both of them leaves to meet krish....
Hospital...Babu tension aa walking outside the ward..Doctor calls him inside...He follows her...Doctor says ..."eppadi irundha babu ippadi maaritinga...begining la over aa care eduthinga?what happened now?Babu asks what happened to my wifeand baby?are they ok?...Doctor says...Gowri is fine...(after this  statement babu is giving shock expession?why?i think editing la thappuConfusedConfused)...Doctor continues..."but baby's heart beat is not normal....to overcome this problem one hour kku one injection podanum gowri kku...still 2 more to go..after that only i can tell the result...Now pls go awayfrom here...sad babu comes out ....
Gayu comes there...babu gives a bayangaramana look...(yemmadi bayama irukku...Scared 1)....Gayu comes near him and asks abt gowri...Babu shouts like a psycho..."come...u wantto beat me na?adichukko...
That day u sent ur husband to beat me...Then u came with ur dad..Now today its u sister's turn aa?ellarum serndhu killed my baby"(killed aa?adapaavi..heart beat not normal nu dhana doctor said..adhukku peru unga oorula dead nnu arthama?Actually Mr.babu ..what do u want??AngryAngry)...Krish vandhuttaru...
And babu shouts at him too..super psycho maadiri shouting... Doctor and wardboys vandhu takes babu from there... 
Krish kovama...rombha kovama... comes home and calls devi..Stars beating her..OuchOuch
Raji and sudha watches this fom outside....(This krish is too much...thangachi mattumdhaan manushi polarukku...mathavanga ellam jadam??AngryAngry).....

Friday, December 3rd, Episode 385

Updates by Atina
Credits to thiraimovie.com
Krish  storms into the house followed by Gayu...after hearing what happened in Gowri's house...he is so furious. He comes in and shouts for Devi...as soon as Devi come out he slaps her asking,"enna velai senjirukkeh nee....knowing that Babu's gunam...you went there to sanadai podarathukku...what is in your mind" Gayu tries to stop him...but no use..Paro comes out hearing this commotion..here goes Krish again and again...betaing up Devi. At this point Suda and her mom reach there and they are stunned to see this scene...and stops near the enterance itself.
 Paro comes and  stops Krish from hitting her by pulling her towards her and asks why he is behaving like this. Krish replies," amma...if you hear what she did you will also get angry amma....we all know about that Babu...and ..Devi went there to fight with him...now Gowri's baby...is in danger...no body knows what is going to happen to the baby"
Paro screams at him and tells," nothing will happen to that baby...actually you have to be proud of Devi as she went and asked him about what happened to Gayatri....which you failed to do after all...and you are hitting her like an animal...what right have you got to do so...she is your sister daa....your dad was looking after her like a princes...and now she is suffering like this....how can you do this Krihna?"
 Krish asks his mom to think about Gowri and asks," amma appo do you mean to say even if the baby dies it is ok with you?" Paro relies," aamaandaa....after all she never wanted this baby and was about to kill herself right...? first of all thorw your thangachi paasam and try to be a good husband to your wife"
After watching all this drama..Raji and Suda come in and asks," enna sambanthi amma...why are scolding maapilleh...actually I came here to ask mannippu to him...for what Suda and Devi did" Paro tells," why should you ask mannipu to him...instead you have to be proud that these girls did this nu" Hearing this again and again Krish gets angry and walks out. Paro asks Raji to take rest as she is sick...and she asks Gayu to take aji and Suda home safe.
Az and Visalam pay a visit to Natraj and MAnagalam. Mangalam and vISA go to the kitchen while Az and Natraj talk. AZ thanks Natraj for helpoing Mugs to get his job back. Natraj politely replies,"I did not do much...since mugunthan is innocent in this matter I could recommond that is all..I normally help so many people whenever possible......enakku enna naa...avanga ennai mansaara vazhthumbothu....that punniyam may give a better life to my daughter nu" AZ consoles him and tells that it is his duty to look for a boy and see that Sweta will be married again happily. 
 In the kitchen Visa tells Mangalam about Mugunthan and how bad luck was chsing him all this time etc. ..Mangalam makes a cup of Coffee and aathi fies that coffee many times....( ??) Then she says," ok Visalam let me go and give this coffee to Sweta" Visalam says that she will also come.
 They both go to Sweta's room and Mangalam leaves the coffee on the side table while sweta murachufies at bot of them. They both leave from there and come downstairs.
 Finally Mangalam comes there with Visa and she serves coffee to AZ. 
Krish is with his water vandi ...on the road..thinking about what happened at home. Suddenly at a junction his vandi hits a bike. That Bike man screams at him...and Krish realises that he is one among the four men who were attcaking Gayu yesterday. That is all...Krish charges at him and dhyum...dhyum for couple of minutyes....meantime one man in the crowd calls the police....Murugesan ( TK's frines) watches this and shakes his head  as if he is so disgusted... Police comes and takes Krish to the station. 
 In TK's place they discuss about  Krishnan. Suda tells that she will go and talk to him ask manipppooo...but TK tells," yaarum onnum seiya vendaam...that that people....do that that work that is enough nu"
At this point his frined Murugesan comes there and screams," yov Thanikasalam...the other day your mappilleh...beat me up....but I never complained to the police....but today when your mapillai was beating up a man....and this time...police was called and they came and took him....I am glad that he is being pounished....you better go and see.....un ponnu vazxhkai j=kettu poida poguthu...naan varen"
 TK and Gayu go to the police station with a lawyer and pleads to leave Krish without charging any case against him. But the inspector replies," sorry I can not relase him on bail...as the man he beat is in a critical condition.. we have to wait until we hear from that end...after that we have to file the case,,,,,so right now I can not help you sory"
Again Gayu pleads and TK tells," SIr....adi pattavarukku we can do something...but please leave mapilleh now" Again the inspector tells," sorry....ofcourse you have to pay some compensation to the victim and now his life is in Krish's hands...let us see what happens...but Krishna has to face the pu nishment"Hearing this everyone is shocked. 

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eclat IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Atina.
ammaa, Sneha..vaanga..vaanga..ungaL varavu uravugaLukkum engaLukkum ungaLukkum nal varavaaguga... you are the perfect person to tongue tie our murattu vaai Visa...
Nithya - Get well soon... Madrasla yaara paartheenga..Wink

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Thanks Atina for the updates.

I was laughing so much reading the title. What an imagination!!!  ROFL

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Thanks Atinamma.
Nethu semma jolly mood pola irukku...
Crow pain flower,Head writing....orey kalakkings.....ROFLROFLROFL
Sneha....welcome welcome...Appadiyae come and join IF...LOLLOL
Gayu character enna always crying....
Eppadi irundha gayu va oru kalyanatha panni ippadi akki vittuteengalaeAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

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Atinamma, thank you for the kalakkal updates and pictures ClapClapClap!
Finally Sneha Nambiyaar is here Star!
Poor Gayu!  Why is Krish like this!  May be this is how all those choose to be sumai thaangi's will end up as, i.e. split in family AngryAngry!  Krish has forgotten all of Gayu's help pola after accepted him as a husband! 
Man poor ponnu (played by Sneha).. was abandonned by husband because she had Crow Pain Flower (atinamma, superrrrrr ROFL ROFL ROFL ).... but really loved how she stood up for herself ClapClap..
so now mugs kku another kalyaanam ??? Ouch

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Thanks Chaks . Aha, so Sneha walks in !!??? Gayu, enough is enough ,
high time you stood up for yourself !!!! Remember that you are a woman first -  Roja does not respect women who are not proud to be women.
Kalyaanam panninda , self respect illame irukkanumaa enna??

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Thanks for the updates and pictures atina. Hug

roja, shree, atina.. so many helping hands.. nithya was overjoyed.. Blushing

Atina.. nenga vera .. I am going to madras only next week.. adhukulle eppadi Madras eye vanthuthuney enakku theriyala !!

Worried  Unhappy it should not get tranferred to my kids !

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Sneha in finally..

Oh.. antha first night was not with Mugs.. 

Now Mugs will bring light back into Sneha's life and visa will bug him to marry her..

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