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Happy Birthday !

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Originally posted by MP_Radha


H a p p B i r t h d a y

Vanakam...Salaam Namaste...Satsriakal... and Welcome everyone to yet another Taang Keech Party Cool!  Wuz up ... oh we don't wanna here "the ceiling" k SleepyLOL.   Man, because Today is an important day.. Shocked ... very very important than the 5 elements of life Geek!  Here we present to you the hottest and most happening Birthday of the century!!

ShockedShockedWhat can be more important than air, water, fire, earth and space??Ermm Oye..threatings poor soul, giving out "black" and "white" mails, dhamkisAngryCry
Please welcome the two MCs for first segment
Mangaatha &  Ponaatha
 [Roshni. & MP_Radha]
Background Music - Sexy Chick (David Guetta; feat. Akon)
*ouch* *ouch* "Sexy chick" as bgm for the two kuppathu aathas...enna kodumai saravana ithu..?Shocked
it should have been"Hey aatha aathorama aaariya?...naan paartha paakkaamaley poriya?"ROFLROFLROFL

Mangatha: Abey Ponnatha ki bachi ...chal apun ka bheja mat satka ...tu areli hai na b'day party main warna tere ko yahinch tapka dalay ga apun .

(Translation: Aeeee Ponnatha daughter, don't eat brain, you coming for the B'day party right, else I will knockofy you here only Dancing)

Ponnatha: Eh Mangaatha behan ....apun akela nahich aiga , apun ka punter log aur 4 -5 mast ghoda woda bhi hoga taki agar Yeh Meli apni paalty mein koi panga karay to isko cake ke saath hi apun uda dalay kya bolti ???

(Translation: OYE! Mangaatha sister, I no coming alone, I coming along with 4-5 people excellent horse ride is there too. Meli's party no one taking revenge, else I will cut off them also along with cake, what say? AngryTongue)

Mangatha: Ekdum teek bola bhai! Yei sab log sunlo, B'day me sabko aane ka aur mazaa lootne ka. Agar koi miss karega toh Ponnatha bhai sabke bheja uda dega ROFL

(Translation: Full on trueApprove ... listen everybody... everyone come for the B'day party..vokay and have funCool.  If anyone misses Ponnatha will get off angryGeek!)

Ponnatha: Bole toh Jhakkas plan bolraila tu!ROFL Man! This sounds life threateningLOL, it is time we invite them properly Embarrassed!!

Mangatha: Like what? Shocked "We solicit your gracious presence on the occasion of Scientist's B'day?Shocked  Scientist herself would get shocked seeing the kind of words we've used, which is totally unscientific Shocked!  And moreover she knows we are too badtameez!TongueROFL

Ponnatha:  Yeah we are proud badtameezCool!!  Mangatha, stop confusing people and stop badkofying them... Sayu ji my behen ji!!  D'ohSince you are not gonna tell, let me invite them on our behalf! Big smile

I have never heard kuppathu rap in eng...ROFLROFL me has no words to express my pheeelings ROFLROFL Mangaatha and Ponaatha ukku "O" Podungo.........Cool was funny Maangatha is also part time magician?? Day by day you surprise me with your freaky talents ROFL
PS: Pardon the English, this was just for fun Wink
 [credits: Roshni.] 
Please welcome the two MCs for the second segment
Hawa &  Hawai  
[Mango & Ravjot]
Background Music - Hawa Hawai

Manjot: Good evening ladies and gentleman!  It is our pleasure to welcome you all to Scientist & professor ChaMELI's birthday party!  Mango - I hope you didnt forgot to invite your Hindi professor tooWink Professor Meli would like to have a talk with her about her fav student ManjotEvil Smile
Ravjot: Scientist & professor ChaMELI?  Shocked ChaMeli?? Where is BeboWink I am just MeliTongue 
Manjot:  Yes, indeed Big smile!  Biology, for an average man, is the study of life and living organisms, but to Scientist ChaMeli, it is about hot beings on earth, who are hotter than the sun!  Yeah..MSKBlushingROFL
Ravjot: More specifically, Professor ChaMELI's Biology research revolves around the level of drooling hormone within an average man Star!
Fact to Note:  Scientist & Professor ChaMELI has over 1000 love kilograms/ nanoleter, which is about 10 million X greater than an average human being LOLLOLLOL
Manjot: She not only has a research lab in Biology, but also in:
Chemistry, where she studies the reaction responsible for the spontaneous attraction she has towards hot Tellywood characters, like Maan Singh Khunarana, Dr. Siddharth Modi, and ect ShockedSilly
Fact to Note: Till date, Professor ChaMELI has discovered how to get rid of the spontaneous attraction towards a few actors as to enhance that attractive force towards her current crush list ROFL! cant afford to let my drooling list gets bigger and bigger day by day like Roshs listGeek UNLIKE has learned to dump/ditch some of themEvil SmileROFL
Ravjot:  Munni, don't forget her latest research topics in Physiology and Anatomy.  More specifically, she focuses on how to help hot men on earth like, Maan Singh Khurana, maintain their body structure ROFL ROFL! ermm..thats not my departmentGeek
Manjot: LOLLOL.... Yes, and to ensure that no one nears her virtual men, she is working on a mysterious blackmailing technique in the department of Pscychology and mythology ROFL ROFLArre, its a tough competition around here Angry so for survival  its neededLOL
Ravjot: Oh boy..... she is got to be the one professor on earth to be able to conduct so many research Day Dreaming!  What is her motivation? Shocked Thats secret of my successApprove 
Manjot:  Zandu...  me too yet to find out the driving force Shocked!  But to all students who wish to go to Grad School, here is something for you:
If you wish to join the UNIVERSITY OF LALA LAND [located on South East Trail of], please feel free to contact Professor ChaMELI ClapClapClap
NOTE:  Only parties interested in Professor ChaMELI's research are welcome!  Any parents or guardians of the inerested party are not welcome Thumbs Up
Ravjot: On a personal front, please note that Professor ChaMELI is booked!  I mean booked for real Cool
Ravs..are you trying to give me nightmares....AngryCry what have I done to you ebilAngry..I should have sent that zombie video to you that dayROFLROFL
 PS! Mr.Vadivelu is booked for MP_Radha..she has secret crush on him for years nowEmbarrassed....She LOVES him a lot and her inspiration to make no kidding..check out her youtube account Tongue Sorry jaanu..i had to leak out your secret...Mujhe maarf kar do MP jeeCry
 Professor ChaMELI's Achivements to date
Holds a PhD in Zoology for discovering the love feelings of Deer
 Holds the record for the longest crush list, at a given time!
 Future recipient of the Nobel Prize for research on Drooling Hormones!
Wow..myself didnt know about my own great achivements....*talks to herself*..take a bow Mels deserve itCoolLOL
Manjot: Thank you!
Ravjot (sings): Hawa HawaiDancingDancingDancing
[Credits to Roshni., Mango, -Ravjot-, -Zunni-, MP_Radha, ]
Okay..I donno which one of your canadian devils I should send virtual dandas so pick one and tell me...Evil Smilebut man...whoever it was, was simply brilliant and hilariousThumbs looooved it...Hugdhanku girls,,,*muaaah*
[Where the truth lies ]
Birthday Girl in as Pucca
Background Music - Ayyo Ayyo, un kangal (Oh Goodness, Oh Goodness, your eyes)
LOL..whenever I listen to this song..only that hero dude nodding his head and showing this teeth comes to my mindROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Long long ago, yet not so long ago (only one century ago Embarrassed), an angel was born to two wonderful human beings!  She being the youngest one became the heart of the family!  She equally showered them with love.  With time, this cute little angel became a cute little devil Evil Smile:
- she would often steal icing sugar, termed 'Mellis' in Norwegian, and eat away!
- she would play tricks on many!
- She holds the record for staying up late in the night... indeed a night owl!
Razkozhi accordting to my dadduROFL
Eventhough she is a night owl, many many things have terrifed her.  For instance:
- 21 years of her life were spent in 24/7 light (including night light) ROFLROFLROFLROFL  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaishu..AngryAngryAngry
- Once upon a time, she was watching her most favorite film, with her favorite concept, Dostana Cool!  She was enjoying the best scene of the film... i.e. cough cough!  Her mom, who had prepared her daughter something special especially during the exam times, decided to walk in and give it to her.  But the mom got the shock of her life, when she caught her daughter watching that scene and gave her lots of Loving Dose  ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Cant believe that stupid movie got me in troubleDeadLOL of the akward moments of my lifeSleepyLOL
- Sometimes during spring this year, she was watching to a spooky Tamil show at 2.30 am!  Suddenly one of her loving friends had told her about a mysterious thing going on around the world, that exactly at 3 am, a ghostly shadow would go roam around!  She panicked and wouldn't go to sleep!  She shivered, and stayed up in bright light, till it was sunny outside ROFLROFLROFLROFL!  The cute little devil, finally went to bed at 5 in the morning
Thanks to you Bhootni...Ouch
- Similarly during fall of 2010, our night owl stayed laid doing her homework (chatting and watching shows ShockedROFLROFL).  Suddenly she heard a dog bark, and then another dog joining!  The cute little devil's heart raced (faster than BT. Usha ROFLROFL)....  She shut closed the lap top and pulled the quilt over her head.... in dread! ROFLROFL
ShockedShockedShocked even you were scared when I told you even warned me not to do downstairs not like dogsOuchLOL
- Halloween time... with a lot of fun and parties!  Our cute little devil was very excited to treat the kids and also trick some!  She give oh giving chocoloates to cute kids (like her) and decided to play a trick on a 10 year old boy Shocked!  The boy, in return, have her a big treat.. by throwing an egg on the wall that fell flat on her head ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL.  That ended poor little devil's halloween party OuchCry!
That little devil boy screw my day that dayAngry...ewwwwwwwwww..i hate eggsDead
Like this she has many fears.... but still some find this extremely attractive:
[Credits to -Zunni-]
Meanies... Trying to give me heartattack and stroke...Ouch

Man.-..that picture of reminds me of something.....Aishu Only Manisha ( that gay freak from Geet) will find those dudes eyes only find MSK and Sid attractiveWink
Boys: Oh Goodness, Oh Goodness, Your eyes!
Moment I saw your eyes (meli), everything is.... Oh Goodness!
Cute little Devil: Oh goodness, Oh oh goodness!
Moment you saw me, Oh gosh...I was electrified! 
After all, she is the gorgeous Pucca, who loves to plant kisses on the cheek Blushing.... if anyone had the characteristics of her Garu! 
[Special thanks to Cute little Devil's sister!]  
This Cute Little Devil and Pucca is none other than:
to be continued....
Awww...dhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanku HugHug

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Originally posted by MP_Radha

e s a  g e s - O n e 
Channel Moderator

Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 171Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 171Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 171
Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I'mvery glad I know you;
I think of you each day.

I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,
I hope you have many more!

By Joanna Fuchs
Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 118 

Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer
Since the first year I met you here
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.

So happy birthday to you mellisa
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart!
Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 156
Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 171Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 171Myspace Comment: Happy Birthday 171
awwww...Atina..dhaaaaaaaaaanku for the cute poems, floweres and wish means a lotHugHug One of my oldest buddy and guru ji here on IF...I  Miss u a lot in the forum lately...its hectic with exams, season holidays etcCry
**How did you get to know Meli?**

Hmmmmm, How??? That is a good question ( Do I sound like one of those who gets interviewed in the TV??? WinkWink Not intentional !!!! ) Honestly, I can not pin point and say how or for how long I have known this Eli kutty - she was just there when I got in to IF and we just talked - TALKED???? Awwww, come on Roja, even you can't bluff so much , You can't fool every one always, gotchaa??
Hahaha...I still remember your funny comments in Anandham and the cute cat avi you used to have back in times...donno why but i used to be scared during that timeof you for some reason..LOLLOL

**Descrbie meli in a few words**

Awww, this sounds some thing like our polls - best up-dater, most liked, easily approachable blah blah - she is a lovable kid though faceless - Thiru mugathai eppO mma kaatta pOre???Wink
Me like to be the the mysterious girlCool 

**Birthday Wish for Meli**

Wish I could sing to her personally - phone no kudu chellam or skype le vaa, ok??? Have a great, fun filled birth day chellam , pOnaa varaathu, pOzhudhu pOnaa nikkathu da birth days - will add an year easily and run away, apram one year kazhichu thaan varum !!!
So, ensoyyyyyyy
awww..dhanku for the cute msg akkaHug...engalukku ella naalum birthday than mum always complain for each year..i turn out to be more  childish than the year beforeLOL 
 Cool Viewbie

We got to know each other from DHKJ sectionEmbarrassed..

She asked me if am the regular updater thereLOL That show was another bakwaasSleepy but I got to know youEmbarrassed
She is such a fun loving Maaniac crazy girl.. ahem..ahem..only me va UmaWink..what about you Uma chechi who has dedicated her time to make siggies of MaaneetEmbarrassedLOL
who doesnt mind awake in night to drool over MSKWink 
Poles apart were we..
Miles apart we live..
But still i can reach you..
That you are always there for me..
Still I can touch you..
That you live in my heartEmbarrassed

Dhaaaaaaaanku for the cute msg and poem da Uma chechi..thats so sweeeeetand means a lot hunHugHug btw missy..what happend with our ARR discussionAngryLOL

 Cool Viewbie
h a p p y   b d a y  m e l z
**How did you get to know Meli?**

Melz, use to read my updates in dmgs ection i guess, and then we met in spammer ADDA LOLwhere we use to spam alot...LOL
LOL, I used to drop by to that forum to read the updates and take offLOL Spammers Toli showed your another of the biggest spammers on IFShockedLOL
**Descrbie meli in a few words**
She's extremely naughty , sound ambitious Ermm caring...Big smile
me and naughty??Shocked are you sure about it Sano.Ermm...munni badnam and pee loon...does that remind you of some good memories...??? ROFLROFLROFL
**Any Funny Incidences**
 Lol, Melz and her friends made a big fool out of me while i was chatting with them.  Noddlina talked to me like Rosh (Roshni.) and i though am really talking to her, at the end  MELZ and Aisho started laughing and i got to know i became bakraLOLLOLLOL 
hahahaha..cant believe you felt for itROFLROFLROFL
**Birthday Wish for Meli**
Happpppppppppppppppy birthday melz... may u live a lonnnnnnnnnnnnn and blessed life... our yarana is not so old but yet we became good phrendssssssLOLLOLLOLeats loads of cake and keep some for me as well...Big smile Allllllll the very best for your future
nowwwwww tantaaaaaaanaaaaaaaa....
aww....thanks for the cute msg means a lotHug sowie yaar...I ate up the whole cakeOuch but will remember you friend will bake one for me--you can have it (last time she baked cake..her little sis lost the appetite for cakesROFL)
**ur gift**
Hope u will like it Hug
I loved it yaar..its so cuteEmbarrassed...dhaaaaaaanku for the cute siggie hun HugHug


Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy melllzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
dhaaaaaaaaanku for the wishes SaherHugHug

Im describing mellz as:-

Tareef kya karun uski, jisney tumhey banayaROFL
Wish you get the best gifts you've ever wished for...May your all good dreams & wishes come True(Ameen)Have a wonderfull & blissfull lifeEmbarrassed
On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
 aww..dhaaanku onces a again hun for the cute means a lot dear... Hug
A gift for uEmbarrassed
   Saher Hug
omg--another cute Maaneet loving it...dhanku hunHug

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Meli!

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Happy Birthday !

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Happy Birthday .

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