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VIRTUE&VICE[AR]PARTS 1-12,Link to 2nd thread-PG 1 (Page 4)

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hey nice 1...plz add me in ur PM list

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Originally posted by diyaa1pk

hey nice 1...plz add me in ur PM list

will surely add u dear to the pm list.
Thanx a lot for encouraging me.
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After a hectic day next to the incident Armaan and Riddhima settled in their rooms in night as they remembered the events of last day. Miles away there was another man who was doing the same thing and tried to recollect the things that happened the previous day..
Armaan Malik was inside the office of Chief of FBI- Mr. Rahul Mehra.
Rahul: So Armaan what do you want to say about the girl.
Armaan: She is innocent. She can't even think of doing such a thing.
Rahul: What makes you so sure about her?
Armaan: The eyes of a person speak and I'll prove by evening that she has been framed.
Rahul: I hope you know what you are doing. She was caught red-handed.
Armaan: I guess being a doctor and living in New York, she must be familiar with the security systems of the airport. Had she been a member of some drug smugglers she would have definitely known that she would be caught in minutes as soon as her bag passes through the high technology security system. Any fool would only let that drug packet lie safely in between her clothes.
Rahul: you seem to have a point but I shall wait for the evening.
Armaan: I'll make sure not to disappoint you all.
They shaked hands and Armaan left.
In the evening he returned with a smile on his face back into the Chief's office.

Miles away in New York
A man was talking on the phone

Man: Please listen to me sir. I had no other option. In the plane I got a message that the officer we had bribed was unexpectedly transferred to Chicago last night and so he would not have been on duty today. I could not let that precious thing in the hands of FBI and risk our gang and the packet of drugs'

The man on other side: Let that 1 crore worth packet go to hell. I want that thing by hook or by crook. Find that girl. Get her out of FBI. If you don't get it, then you will lose your life. Why on earth did you think of passing it into a girl's bag?

The man gulped. He had never found his boss so angry.
Man: I thought she would be easy to blackmail and trace after we get out of airport. She had an instrument in her bag with LASER techonolgy that could hide the thing and let it go undetected. I don't know how the drug packet slipped down from the instrument otherwise she would have never been caught.

The other man: I just don't know anything the thing is much more precious than your life. Get it or die.
The line was cut'
The man collapsed on the couch with a lady at his side.
I'll have to get it or they will kill me.
Lady: Don't worry we'll find a solution very soon. Let this matter subside for a while.
Man: U r right. Till then let me relax and have some fun. Saying this he took the hands of two women on his either side and walked towards the bedroom.

Next morning,the man was again lost deep in his problem.He came out of his thoughts when he felt vibration in his pocket. Receiving the call his gang member informed that their boss would be in New York by tomorrow and gang meeting would be held a day after his arrival. He wondered what the confrontation with boss would be like'Instantly he remembered Riddhima. A smile played upon his lips.He could not help but think of Riddhima's elegance. He wondered what would have he felt if she would have been in his arms. Undoubtedly he was captured in the beauty Riddhima. He had annoyed Riddhima much in the plane by his lustful gaze which she was fully aware of. He was eagerly waiting to meet her the second time'.
Riddhima was sitting in her room sobbing slowly. She could not think of the bad reputation that she had brought to herself and to her family by doing just one mistake of opening her bag in the aeroplane to look at her family photos once more in her digital camera.

She remembered her excitement in the plane to meet her beloved ones after one year. She was going to get married in 2 weeks and remembered Rohan's flirtiest faces. She winced as she recollected the happiness in the voice of her father and mother while talking to them this morning. She wondered how a couple of hours had changed her life. She was dreaming of entering a new life and scenario within hours but not even in the wildest of her dreams, she had imagined that her life would take such a U-turn. She had thought that her life would end now as it was very difficult for an Indian to prove his innocence. She remembered the fairy tales of nani and now she thought that angels do exist and her angel in disguise was Armaan M. Malik. She could not help but admire him from his personality to attitude. He was a gem at person, she thought. When her friends used to talk about him she just shrugged away the thought of admiring a cop and fancying him. She always thought that FBI officers belong to the rudest men's category because she had dealt with some of them during some accident or murder cases and have never found a man without a pride of being an FBI member. Armaan's face again came across her mind. His words echoed in her ears: "martay dam tak koshish karoonga aur tumhain in sab se bahar nikal kar hi ab chain ki saans loonga.."

Something in his eyes assured her that he is her saviour and God has sent him to her with a special purpose. He himself looked not less than a Greek god she thought but soon shrugged it off as she saw the ring on her finger.
************************************************** ****
Armaan was still thinking about the meeting in Chief's office.
Armaan showed a report to the chief and other higher officials which surprised all of them.
RAHUL GAREWAL: Oh my God! The fingerprints are missing. How can this be possible?
MUSKAAN GAREWAAL: Exactly my question .How can she put this packet in her bag without touching it?
Chief: She might have worn gloves to do this.
Armaan: We had checked her whole luggage at the airport and her house too but didn't find any gloves with such marks. Also we could not find a single thing in her house that could show her connections with the drug smugglers. On this entire basis, I would request the Chief to let the girl remain in house arrest rather than being imprisoned behind the bars.
ABHIMANYU MODI- So I guess our senior officer has started developing feelings for the convict.
NIKITA- We are not hear to listen your stupid ideas and Chief I second Armaan sir. There is no reason to let an innocent go through all this. If Armaan sir believes that she is innocent then I also do .
Chief-What do the rest think?
All except Abhimanyu agreed with Armaan.
Chief- Let me talk with officer Armaan for a while and you all will know my decision after that.
When all left:-
Chief- Have u lost it Armaan? How can you think of a house arrest when it mentioned for special cases.
AR: This case is special Chief, very special.
Chief-Do u know why the US President has appointed me 'an Indian at the highest authority. This is because he trusts me and we have a relation to the royal blood. Had your grandfather not been a powerful Minister of USA and worked a lot for the betterment of these whites, we would have never got this chance. Now if I give the orders of a house arrest then I guess their faith in us might loosen as they might think that we are doing partiality to an Indian Convict.
Armaan: Dad you have taught me that truth is above all things and our duty comes first. I never knew that you are scared of losing your power.
R: Armaan
Rahul shouted. I'm ready to resign the moment I do a mistake in my duty. I was just trying to show you the vulnerability of this case.
Armaan: Dad!! [Armaan sighed]She is innocent. She can't even think of hitting a fly. She is a doctor by herself and trust me I'll prove her innocent only if u give me a chance.
Rahul saw something in Armaan's voice and face but could not make it out.
Rahul: I think Abhi was right. You seem to have some emotional connection with the girl.
Armaan- Dad. You have known me for years. How can you even believe that Abhimanyu who is jealous of me being chosen as the senior most official and not he?
Rahul- Relax beta kya tumhain yaqeen hai ki who begunaah hai.
Armaan: 110%
R: ok then go ahead. But it will be you who will be on a 24 hour duty with her along with four other security officials for protection. If she is innocent, her life might be in a danger.I'm sure that a meeting will be called upon and you should
Armaan smiled broadly and after 8 months Rahul was finding a satisfaction on his son's face and a spark in his eyes which he was dying to see since the time he had attended the wedding of Amit - a friend of Armaan.
Armaan came out of his thoughts as his phone rang. It was 11pm in the night.
Man: Sir Chief has sent the dinner for you. Please can you open the door?

Armaan said to wait for a minute and brought the dinner inside. He smiled realizing that his mom would never change. Dr. Juhi Mehra was the owner of Mehra hospital in New York. She was a cardio-surgeon and a beautiful woman.

Armaan then decided to knock Riddhima's room. He felt guilty of not thinking about having food at this hour as he was much busy with his pre-occupied thoughts. Armaan knocked at the door but to his surprise the door was unlocked and opened.
He slowly peeped inside only to find her absent from her bedroom. He could hear the sound of washroom door getting open.
Riddhima was in her night gown [the violet one Shilpa wore in DMG].
Armaan: I'm sorry the door was open so I just walked in.
RI: It's ok.
She somehow managed to say it but the truth was that she was not feeling comfortable of standing infront of a stranger in gown.
Armaan: I'm such a fool to keep you starve without the dinner. My mom has just sent dinner for us.
RI: Its ok .Actually I don't feel like eating anything.
For once she had not looked into his eyes and Armaan very well understood her hesitation.
Armaan: I'm waiting for you in the hall. Please change quickly and come .This is an order.

Riddhima gulped at the tone full of attitude. As Armaan walked away she thought that her angel is completely a mysterious man.
She changed into a suit and went in the hall.
Armaan could see her puffy red eyes that indicated about her constant sobbing.
AR: I think I requested you not to cry.
He said while putting the dishes in her plate.
RI: I'm sorry but last day so many things happened in my life that it is more than enough to digest. I've been away from my family since a year and now I've again lost the hope of seeing them.
Armaan: Riddhima ummeed par duniya qayam hai. Trust me main tumhain tumhari family se zaroor milwaunga. Tum India zaroor jaogi
RI: sach.
Armaan smiled and nodded.
AR: lekin uskey liye tumhain strong rehna padega. Yeh aansu tumhain kamzor bana dengay. Tumhain inhain apni taqat banana hoga taki tum unlogon ko pakadwa sako jo tumhari is halat kay zimmedar hain. Sirf tum hi apnay aapko bacha sakti ho. Main toh bas ek zariya hoon.
She was amazed .Armaan's words brought a new zeal of energy in her. She wiped off her tears.She wondered how can he trust her so much.
RI: U r right. Mainay kabhi haar nahin maani aur aaj bhi nahin maanoongi. Apnay aapko mujhey innocent prove karma hi hoga aur mujhpar aur meri family par lagay har ilzaam ko mita kar hi main ab dam loongi
Armaan smiled to see the confident Riddhima.
AR: That's like a good girl. Ab chalo khana kha lo.
She nodded.
As she ate the first bite, a lone tear escaped her eye.
Armaan: Riddhima no more tears.
RI: haan who bas maa ki yaad aagayi. Woh bhi itna hi acha khana banati hain.say thanx to your mom.
Armaan nodded and was about to say something when his cell rang.
He smiled seeing the name flashing.
AR: hey mom.
Juhi: beta khana kha liya
AR: haan mom bas khana hi kha raha tha
J: kya beta tujhey kisnay kaha tha ki 24hrs ki duty karay. ab kya mujhey teri shakal bhi dekhnay ko naseeb nahin hogi
AR: mom aap hi toh kehti hain ki kabhi bhi apnay farz se peechey nahin hanta chahiye. ek massom ko begunah saabit karma hai mom.
J: janti hoon beta.tunay sahi kiya.I'm proud of your decision to not let the girl in pain behind the bars. Lekin pata nahin kitna waqt lagega is case mein I'm missing u.
AR: me too mom but as u say duty is duty.
J: haan haan tu kar apni duty lekin ek baat samajh le main tujhsay milnay aaongi wahan. Agar tu nahin aasakta toh kya hua main toh aa hi sakti hoon
AR: ok mom aap mujhsay milnay yahaan aajana. Ab toh aap naraz nahin hain na mujh say.
J: haan baba.acha apna khayal rakhna aur bechari ladki ka bhi.
AR: mom plz usey bechari mat kahiye. She is a strong girl and knows how to fight with the troubles in her life.
Juhi recognized the unusual tone of Armaan and she knew that there was something new in his life because the energy in his voice as she began the conversation had already indicated that her son was now the Armaan of 8 months back, not the serious work alcoholic officer.
AR: bye mom love u
J: love u too.
He looked at Riddhima who was taking each bite slowly. As he ended the call she looked at him with tears in her eyes.
AR: hey what happened??
RI: I'm sorry to keep you away from your mom.
AR: plz Riddhima don't feel like kabhi nahin chahengi ki main unkay aanchl mein chupa rahoon aur koi begunah sooli par chadh jaye. You know she is proud of my decision. Please dobara aisa kabhi mat sochna aur mom mujhsay milnay yahaan kabhi bhi aa sakti hain
RI: aur tumharay papa.
AR: unsay toh main roz mil sakta hoon
AR: he is the Chief General of FBI.
Riddhima was surprised. Armaan smiled and told about his parents occupation and also about his grandfather as they finished their dinner.
After the dinner they both retired to their rooms. Armaan decided to make a check the passengers list on the flight to India and several other things .Its time for action he thought.He knew very well that he didn't have much time'..
HOPE U GUYS MAY LIKE THIS PART.Guys please comment and tell me if i should continue this ff.

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kya baat kar rahi ho?
continue??? aur  yeh?
will love to read a thriller like this
please continue soonThumbs Up

I m the first one to comment.....WOW!

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nice update asma...Smile

really nice start...poor ridz hope armaan saves her...

u should continue dis ff...its gr8 ff t read..Smile

update soon (plz pm me too)



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Originally posted by arooshee

kya baat kar rahi ho?
continue??? aur  yeh?
will love to read a thriller like this
please continue soonThumbs Up

I m the first one to comment.....WOW!

Thanx a lot dear.
I'm so happy to see ur comment here.yes u r  d first one to comment jana.keep encouraging me like.
love u
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woooww this is magical...

superb ff yar..

loved the concept....

simply mind blowing....

do continue n update soon...

thnx for the pm..........

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awesome part di 
n thx for pm

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