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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
Devika.. have been busy preparing my for my trip so missed giving my comments.  but loved part 53...   it is beautiful... Dev and Radh missing each other with same intensity...  hmm I think this 6 month period is good by the time it is over they both would not want to be separated ever...
so mom and dad let them marry... lovely updates   Thank you love di

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Hey Di  very emotional update , the way u express their inner feelings is awesome ... lots of mails & chatting , good way to remain in touch parents talk about their kid's ...Thanks .

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Dinner at time at Delhi

Radhika listening to Surender and Suchi's conversation with a smiley heart.. Lechu was totally into munching food..

Surender: so that's good.. he is one step ahead..

Suchi: um. Can't wait for this to be over with  serving curry in Radhika's plate..

Talk went on with Sarada's daughter's marriage. Lechu excited to say about the saree she choose to wear.

Lechu: Di and I will wear almost same..

Suchi: um, but be careful, don't think you can run around with it that easily..

Lechu: I know mom..

The talk went on with Chandenpur and Sushma'

At night time.Radhika near the monitor..

Dev: hei..waiting?..

Radhika in a normal tone: ha.. getting used to it now..

Dev: sorry Radhika. I went to bed very late.. there was so much to finish and now the company accepted my project proposal. So need to work on that..

Radhika: Mom and papa was talking about it today. They are very happy..

Dev: um.. and you know it is with Balaji Sir. He is the manager out there. It was really coincidental, when I went there, it was him.. so the things went little smooth..

Radhika just smiled listening to him..

Dev: ok, now tell me about you..

Radhika: here nothing..

Dev: college?

Radhika: we lost the tournament this time, so all in gloomy mood

Dev: who Arjun?

Radhika: ha..he changed totally. Heena and me were telling the other day.. earlier it was his tournament and all his winning stories.. now he is with his friends and around.. I don't know what happened with him..

Dev: um.. may be next time..

Radhika: ya,but you know, students are not happy..

Dev: they will change with next win..

Radhika: um..

Dev: then..

Radhika: Lechu excited about wearing saree for that marriage function..

Dev: and you?

Radhika: I too, but you know for what?

Dev: what?

Radhika: I learned to wear it myself..

Dev: really.!!.

Radhika very proudly: um.. That was my last weekend project with mom and daadi.. Got nice instructions from mom, but somehow I managed to do it.. now, with minimal help I can make it.

Dev: that's good.. so next time I can surely buy new ones for you..

Radhika: not really.. but I can manage.. I won't be scared..

Dev smiled ..: Rahul

Radhika: doing good. He was teasing me for''''.  And you know what daadi said'  the talk went on & on.. finally he let her go as it was getting too late for him to start too..


The days passed quickly' 

Radhika was sitting on a stone near the river.. dipping her legs in to it.  Reading a book.

" Radhika, its really beautiful..".. Heena's voice brought a smile on her face

Radhika: um.. so you are enjoying the nature.. exam is coming.. better study..

Heena: I can't concentrate. Feel like coming with you every weekend here.. no wonder you still miss this place..

Radhika: now you agree with me .. thanks..

Heena: really Radhika.. I just love this place.. come let's go for a walk.. through the beautiful meadow and near the woods..   she extended her arms out , to feel it..

Radhika: ae you sure..

Heena: um..

Radhika got up..

Heena: ye, your anklets are so shiny..

Radhika with a smile: it should be..

Heena: um.. Dev ka jadooo

Radhika: Heena..

Heena: so when  is he coming back?

Radhika: 4 months and 10 days..

Heena: oh, including days..

Radhika: ha, he said six months.. so I am calculating from that day..

Heena: did he book the ticket already..

Radhika: heeeena.

Heena:sorry.. was just kidding..

Radhika: no he started his project work and it is going good over there.. so..

Heena: is he planningto continue there..

Radhika: no way.. he just want to come back..

Heena: um.. missing you..

Radhika gave a shy smile..

Heena: who is missing whom the most.

Radhika: both same..

Hena: no, I don't think.. I think it is you...

Radhika: no Heena.. I can feel it in his words..But we won't talk much about it, we talk all the things around us..and our studies.. because if we talk about us, then we won't be able to talk anything further..

Heena: oh my.. what a love.. But can you fall in love in just three weeks.

Radhika: who said it is just three weeks..

Heena: what?

Radhika with a smile: ha.. its all happened in that time.. but..

Heena: but what?

Radhika: Nothing.

Heena: there is something..

Radhika: nothing..

Heena: no there is something.. tell me.

Radhika: nothing..

Heena kept on teasing her to say it out and finally Radhika started running and Heena went behind her'..


Weeks passed. One Thursday evening at Delhi..

The girls were back with chitchatting.. and as usual went to kitchen.. surprisingly, tea was not ready..

Radhika: may be mom coming late.. Let me make.. you go change and come

Lechu: ji deedi

Radhika went and washed her hands and then grabbed the saucepan and went along with her tea prep..

Lechu came back quick..:Di mom is here, she is sleeping..

Radhika: sleeping? At this time!

Lechu: ha.. I just peeked in and saw her laying on bed..

Radhika: let me check..

Radhika turned the burner off and went to Suchi's room.. found her laying on her side..

Radhika just went near the head side and looked at her face, just to make sure she is Ok..

Her eyebrows drawn to the center as she saw the wet face of Suchi..

Radhika sat on her knee..

"mom are you Ok?" her concerned voice reached Suchi

Suchi suddenly wiped off her tears and bringing a forceful sound: oh, you two are back..  ..... then tried to sit back.

Radhika: ha..but what happened? Why are you crying?

Suchi: nothing.. come , I will make tea for you girls..

Radhika sat back near her: no mom, I can take care of that.. but tell me why you are crying?

Suchi trying to smile at her: no beta, I am fine.. let's go make tea. I need one too.

Radhika: Mom. I can make it. You take rest, OK.

 As she was walking back down to dining room, she saw Surender coming in up with a heavy face..

Lechu ran near to him: Dad, mom is crying.. and  we don't know why?

Radhika noted the heavy face of Surnder, she understood there is something going on..

Lechu looking keenly at Surender's face: now what happened to you Dad?

Surender: nothing beta.. and then looking at Rahdika.. : beta, give me a tea too.."

Rahdika: ji..

She went in and made tea  and came back quick.. but saw the space empty. She took the tea tray into the  bedroom.. Found Surender coming out changing..

Suchi: Radhika.. come let's sit in dining room.. she got up and walked along with Radhika to the dining room.. Surender joined them too..

With the silence around they all started sipping on to the tea..

Lechu: please dad and mom, what is going on?  Don't try to hide it from us now.. we can see clearly something going on..

Suchi tried to smile again..: nothing beta.. with a very heavy tone..

Lechu: mom'

Surender looking at Suchi: Ha, Lechu.. everything is fine..

Lechu: ok then.. don't tell us..

She put the tea cup on the table forcefully and tried to walk away..

Surender: Lechu..actually it is not a sad thing to share..  , trying to cheer up self.. Ha beta.. actually your brother got a very good job offer there.. so..

Lechu stopping on her feet: what? Job offer? Where?

Surender: there , where he is doing his project now.. It is a very nice company'and'  unable to continue further.. he sipped on the hot tea..

Radhika was unable to comprehend what she just heard.. She sat there like a statue with the tea cup in her hand..he got a job offer.!!. then understanding each word ...but then it is just an offer, why dad has to feel bad about it.. it is just an offer, he can say NO easily..

She waited for him to continue..

Surender: will make a call later,and let see what he has to say..  his eyes cornered on Radhika's reaction, so did Suchi..

Radhika in mind what is there to talk. Also what was the need to simply tell that to papa and mom.. see they are already upset.. and i knew Dev  wants to come back.. and then what is the need  for this talk.. he didn't mention anything to me yesterday.. then .. may be this happened today and he might have send me a mail.. let me check..

Radhika got up quick and took the empty cups back into kitchen..and coming back: mom, I will change and come..

Suchi: ha beta.. still with that heavy face..

They watched her walking away..

Suchi: dis you send him any reply..

Surender: no suchi, thought to ask him directly.. what is his wish? In a weaker voice..

Suchi: but he has clearly written in that , right?.. that it is a very good offer, especially at this time. He is lucky to get it..and   so many positive things..

Surender: ha.. it is clear from his supporting notes that he wants to join there.. exactly  as I imagined.. but still, don't want to believe.. anyway let's talk and see..

Suchi: um'  

Lechu who was silently listening : so he wants to join the company.. Bro, is not coming back! ..

Suchi's eyes filled with tears again  and Surender  noticed it..: no beta.. it is not finalized yet, he just said his wish, that's all and let 's talk to him..

Suchi: I don't know how Radhika will take it..  it will be difficult for her too ..

Surender: Suchi. Let's not talk about it anything further.. lets see what he has to say. How can he simply decide like that.. his marriage got fixed, so he needs to discuss with everyone before taking a decision.. so ..

Suchi took a deep sigh agreeing with his statement..

Radhika scrolled down her mails, but none from him'  why? She felt the heaviness down her chest' may be he wants to tell me, when he comes online.. or maybe it is just an offer, and he just mentioned it to dad, that's all..   and they are simply worried over it. Let him come online today, I should tell him not to do this.. why simply giving pressure to mom and papa.. he don't know how much they are missing him and he.. 

She went to change and then came down.. saw they all sitting on same spot..

Radhika: it is just an offer , right? then why you all are worried..

Surender: that's what I was also trying to tell her.. looking at Suchi, .but she is not listening..

Suchi looked at her husband.. she clearly saw his struggle to believe it, that it is just an offer.. trying to believe it hard, to self..

Radhika put her arms around Suchi's neck..and tried to bring a cheer smile..

Radhika: mom, you were worried about this.. for just an offer. You talk to him when he calls and listening o your voice itself he will say it was just an offer.., ok.. and ha.. now get up and change.. see you forgot that too..

Only to make her feel better Suchi got up from chair and then looking at Surender she went to her room,and Radhika just followed her with her smiley words..

Lechu: dad, I think Di doesn't know.


Surender: um.. he send me mail about it.. for the permission.. and I am sure, he will proceed only after my approval.

Lechu with a hope of smile; then simple.. tell him not to accept it.. that's all..

Surender: its not that easy beta.. till now I didn't say no to your's or Dev's wish, especially when it comes to your studies and career. May be we have put forth some restrictions but never said no to it completely. Because this is your life and you should love what you do, or what you want to do. We can only guide you guys, just tell you what is good and what is bad.. but once you grow upto our level and you look at the world through your eyes, you may see things differently and then at that time, we can only support with your decisions.. it is not just a NO to a school kid..  He is grown up, he has his own dreams and wishes'  so I should respect that too..

Lechu: But dad..

Surender getting up from seat with a serious tone: no Lechu.. will try to talk to him, but the final decision will be his.. .. whatever it is, I will be ok with it.. but if he decides to come back, then of course I will be the happiest dad' but its up to him.. but the decision should not be just to please the parents..  I don't want him to regret later in his life for losing this oppertunity... and blaming others for spoiling his carreer

Lechu: what is this dad, i am not understanding what all you are saying ..and I do believe  Bro will never ever say like that..

Surender: um.. I also wish ..

Saying that he walk away to his office room..

While walking away he said: Lechu, it is applicable to you too. You can take your own decision about your career.. because it is your life and make it happier'afterall we can offer only that for you guys..

Lechu sat there without understanding anything..  thinking how Radhika di will take it..

Later that evening Dev called home.. Surender took the reciever and walked away talking to him privately,. Suchi , Radhika, and Lechu just sat there patiently ..

Lechu: mom, you talk to him.. Bro will listen to you..

Suchi just  brought a forceful smile at her..

Radhika was not understanding why to take a big deal out of it.. it is just an offer and papa and mom is taking it so seriously..

Surender came back and asked Suchi whether she wants to talk, by signaling at her..

Suchi just nodded her head in disagreement..

Surender: Dev, mom is not back yet.. I will tell her..ok..

Radhika totally got confused.. why dad is saying like that..

Lechu ran near to Surender: Dad, give me, I will talk to him..

Surender rolled his eyes to make her silent.. and Lechu moved away seeing her dad's angry glare..

Surender: ha Beta.. will talk later.. ha..  love you too..

Suchi  raised her eyes to look at her husband, he came and sat on the sofa chair..

Surender looking at Suchi: ha.. he still not decided.. still in confusion..

 Suddenly Radhika: what confusion!.. it is just an offer, he can defenitly say NO to it..

Surender: no Rahdika. It is not that easy.. I mean.. this is the same company where he is working now.. and sounds like a very good offer, you know especially at this time..  after a pause he continued..and what he telling is, they are very much impressed with his work and his performance and also you know he has that'    but then he coughed to get the words out' and then sat silenly as if trying to clear his throat..

Then looking at suchi: ha, I told him that we are going to Chandenpur this weekend.. so , let him talk with Mohan too..  I think that will be appropriate..and we all can take the decision together.. so..

Radhika: papa.. what decision.. why you all are going behind just an offer..

Surender: its nothing like beta.. this is his carreer and he is getting a golden opportunity, so I don't think it is good idea to just say NO at its face, we need to see things beyond it. I mean he is just a fresher and he needs exposure and now he is lucky enoughto get an opportunity. So we need to think twice before ignoring it.. so let see what Mohan has to say.. I told him to call on Saturday over there, and let see his point too...

Suchi: ha, that 's a good idea.. as if she is ready to face it.. and then getting up from sofa.. : 'come girls, I need help, lets cook dinner.. let him decide what ever he wants, why we need to sit hungry'"

Surender: Suchi, what about a Temple trip.. I need some diversion too.. please. looked at her with a pleading face..

Suchi looked at her husband's face unbelievably' she knew from where this request is coming.. just the other day he was talking about his dream and now.. and now he is trying to  support Dev'sdecision, making the girls understand it and then trying to cope self  ..

Suchi trying to bring a smile : ok then.. let's go out.. very good idea.. then looking at the girls trying to cheer up, to support her husband..: so no cooking.. let's have dinner out too..

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Hi my buddies..
 Thank you so much for the like buttons and valuable comments.. Really appreciate it, for adding spirit to my  daily thoughts.. ups and downs.. and also thnaks for the Pm's too dear.. atelast I know you all are still around, or somebody  is looking forwad for it.. so thanks for all that valuable response.
Ok... soembody is behind  that Arjun.. so, happy to know about him now.. he will be coming like this in their talk.. so... watch for that.. and i don't know how long that talk will go on.. now the situation changed.. don't know whether you expected this..but dev won't proceed without approval..
also dear, oh My.. you read it  for relaxation.. hope i am not spoiling your leisure time.. dear.. i know we all have enough to worry about. be it studies, family, kids.. program.. whatever..but we all go through this.. today or tomorrow..  and i am trying to bring a simple love story of Radev with little drama in it.. so don't know how much I can hold it with you ..  let me know about your thought.. Ok..
 you expected for that fast forward track.. oh my.. yes,. it will.. by this weekend, after solving this delima... time will go fast but need the time to place  its marks in radev's life.. so need to touch on few things.. .
nothing more to say today.. let me know please..
Note for active readers..I don't know how  you all keenly  read this FF but i know few are following it thoroughly.. so to them .. please if there any confusion in Surender's talk let me know.. Surender as a husband,  dad and as an in-law needs to  handle it differently.. .. so the situation should presented differently to its members.. may be to his daughter as an advice, to his daughter -in - law.. an oppertunity... to his wife as a truth to accept..
But girls are seeing the struggle too.. so it is a family understanding.. , support and moving forward with life..  I hope i was abale to get to you , otherwise let me know ..Please.. i can try to explain it to you.. so don't hesitate to ask me.. please..
and thanks Eva di.. It is very glad to know that you are still around.. thanks for finding that time to read it.. I am going crazy here, till someone will throw that stone on me...  he he he.. need to find a good shield before that reach me....LOL
 Love you all and take care

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myry Newbie

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very good he is gonna say yes...maybe taking radhika there...delay the wedding...what is radhika going to say? so many questions...i like itLOLu didnt told us since when she loves him...let me guess...since she was drawing those warriors...the sparkling eyes were dev's,that look she was looking 4 was his thats why she says it wasnt just three weeks...ok i've got to stop nowLOL

wonderful update,dont keep her in the dark too much...

thank you

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by myry

very good he is gonna say yes...maybe taking radhika there...delay the wedding...what is radhika going to say? so many questions...i like itLOLu didnt told us since when she loves him...let me guess...since she was drawing those warriors...the sparkling eyes were dev's,that look she was looking 4 was his thats why she says it wasnt just three weeks...ok i've got to stop nowLOL

wonderful update,dont keep her in the dark too much...

thank you

 thanks dear.,..  for the quick response..  hum.. Rahdika met him earlier , before he left to U.S and coming back for this three weeks.. ha, the engagement happened during that period.. but they talked.. he cared about her.and so on and so forth, prior to his U.S trip.. so it can be form that time too.. I love keeping her in darkness dear, for now.. LOL otherwise I may loose you guys soon.. he he he ..  

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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very nicely written...i enjoyed reading very much

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Devika i can see maybe the storm brewing in RaDevs relationship with Devs decision to work there and maybe that will bring out the Surinder Suchi and Chandenpur story.Carry on as for me I dont feel any confusion regarding Surinders behaviour.Smile

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