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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Part -52


Radhika was climbing stairs as Dev was closing the door behind'...  She slowed down for him to join her.

Dev: Radhikaaaa..

Radhika: um..

Dev: are you not afraid?

Radhika: for what?

Dev: no'. then with little hesitation' that you are alone now here ..

Radhika: how come , you are there na..  with a normal chirpy smile..

Dev: that's why I asked?.. in a  very low mumbling tone.

Radhika: what?

Dev: nothing.. I was just checking.. if you are not, then it is good..

Suddenly as if remembering something

Radhika: I forgot something, let me get it.. ok'   saying that she went to her room quick..

Dev stood there , pausing for a sec and thinking what she may be up to?

 Within few minutes , she reappeared in front of him with a packet..

Dev looked at her questionably'

Radhika with a smile went into his room..

Dev: what is that Radhika..

Radhika: it s a secret..

Dev followed her curiously.. she went near the suitcase and opened it..

Radhika: Did you take anything out after my packing?

Dev: why? You doubt?

Radhika: mumhum'.  

Dev: tell me what it is?

Radhika opened the main packet and took the agarbathies out.. 

Dev: Incense '!!

Radhika: um.. remember you told me , you miss there..

Dev with a simple smile: oh.. so when did you buy this?

Radhika: I told daadi to get it and she did it..

Dev: so, its from daadi..

Radhika zipping back the suitcase..: no its from me..

Dev: you said daadi brought it ..

Radhika: ha..

Dev: then this is from daadi..

Radhika with little tinge of sadness: she brought it because I told her to.

Dev coming closer: but you didn't buy it..

Radhika in broken words: vo.. how will I? I usually won't go for anything.. I just tell daadi or birju bhayya'..

Dev: Um'  its ok.. so now what you want me to do with this?

Radhika looked at him puzzled

And then with a tinge of unhappiness: you really don't like my gift..

Dev covering his smile: Its nice and thank you..

Radhika just looked t him with  her corner eyes .. she took steps to walk away..

Dev held her hand: so now where are you going?

Radhika still in her unhappy tone: mom told me to take rest.. I need to go..

Dev: so the headache is back ..

She didn't say anything..

He brought her arm to the front circling her waist level standing from behind..: Radhika, I said I love it..'

Radhika: um..

Dev in a soft voice: I think it is 'you.' whom I am going to miss a lot this time..  each second of my lonelitime will remind me of you..  so will you come with me, now..

Radhika without thinking a fraction: oh ya,  why not, pack me also along with all these ..

Dev forcing her on her hand and turning her to face him..looking into her eyes he said: Ha, I will take you one day.. but not like packing along with anything else.. but then... looking into her curious eyes he continued, imagining that scene.. you will be decked in a red dress, and a well  decorated  doli will be waiting for you.. and in front of everyone's eyes, I will take you with me..  and I can't wait for that day..

 Radhika's upper eyelids dropped down as she heard of that moment.. 

Dev: why? Don't like it that way? Or you want me to pack you the way you said..  as his eyes checked on her each reaction..  she felt his eyes over hers checking over hers.. .. to cover herself , she hide her face in his chest..   Dev with a smile wrapped his arms around her  back at the neck level.. with a smile of satisfaction..

Dev: why.. trying to hide your shyness from me?

Radhika  tried to hid her head more into his chest..  as if not to talk anymore..

Dev smiled again , taking her into him..  his smile slowly faded from his  lips and in a  normal tone he said with a sift tone: really Radhika.. I will miss you.. every day and night..  

Hearing this , unknowingly her  arms stretched out, sliding around his chest to the back.. He felt the shiver as her arms circled him, for the first time.. conveying him the anticipated missing feeling that is haunting her too.. 


Radhika mumbled near his chest: come back quick..

Dev: um..

She tightened her arms conveying she wants to believe it and so did he.. and slowly closed his eyes, to take that moment into him..

Listening to his ehartbeats, She in her mind, . you don't know what is going on in my mind.. for you it was just a feeling of three weeks..but for me'     her eyes felt wet , and she refused to think anymore..   she felt his hand as it tightened again over her, to make her more comfortable and she took that precious moment to her.. feeling his physique in her arms'   time ticked by'

Slowly Dev: Radhika, why don't we make it memorable..?

Radhika loosened her arms around him and looked at his face'

Dev loosening his grip and looking back at her..: you want to give me a hand.. with a spirited face..

Radhika nodded her head with agreement..

Dev: ok then.. all are coming soon, right.. so today's dinner prep is from me, with your help..

Radhika smiled with agreement.. :Ok

Dev: ok, then let's check it out.. what is there..

Both went down to kitchen..

Dev: you make a tea.. by then I will decide on something..

Rahdika with a smile.:. agreed..


Dev: Radhika, I may need something really quick.. do onething.. you cut all this, by then I will get it..   and then with another thought..: no.. let's have tea and we both will go and get it..

She smiled seeing his frustration.. he want to do it, but don't want to leave her either..

They had tea.. all through the sips, his eyes were looking for more stuff to find..

Radhika smiled again'

They went out and came back quickly..   and within seconds got back into action..


Suchi and Lechu came back '

Suchi: lechu, ask dev to come down..

Lechu; ha mom..

  Lechu went up and called out for suchi, saying Radhika and dev not there in room..

Suchi: what? Where is he then.. both came early'i know Radhika was feeling some headache..

She heard sound from the kitchen..  with a confusion she went to  check and found Dev slicing the onin and his were eyes watering.. Radhika near by peeling the skin off from the garlic..

Suchi in a confused tone: what is going on here?

Dev and Radhika looked at suchi.. and then with a smile:  giving you a break..

Suchi putting her end of  pallu , throwing back onto her shoulder ': what?

Dev: babuji, daadi and all coming, and I know you will get busy here.. so I thought to give you a break,, you go relax..  I am in-charge for dinner today..

Suchi: oh really.. looking at Radhika.. then what Radhika is doing  here? I thought she has a  headache

Dev: oops.. I need an assistant..

Suchi: oh really..  but her headache..

Radhika: ith a high volatge smile: I am fine mom.. it went  away..

Suchi: nice to know that..

Lechu: Can I join too..

Dev: yes, of course.. then looking at suchi; go relax and get ready to welcome the guest.. the kids are in action for you today..

Suchi: Ok.. but for now I need a tea..

Dev: no problem.. Radhika..

Radhika with a smile: ji..

Suchi just smiled and went away'   while having tea Suchi said: dev, I brought agarbatti for you.

Dev: ji !!!!!With a surprise look..

Radhika too looked at Suchi in sursprise..

Suchi: remember one time when you called me, you said that' I totally forgot about it.. glad that I remembered.. it's the same I use here..

Dev looked at Radhika as Radhika still looking at Suchi'

Dev; thanks mOm..

Suchi; ha, and now don't tell me that you are not going to take it with you.  And then looking at Radhika..: Rahdika I kept that in his room, just pack it in too. I don't  want to touch it, as he gave you the responsibility.. with a teasing smile.

Dev: mom..

Later towards night Mohan, Daadi all came.. Mohan was surprised to see Dev in full action, that also in kitchen..  little talk went on..  kids served food for the elders..then they sat down with happy face and exchanging jokes and later all gathered in the main hall. Time was passing by.. Dev was comfortably sitting near Suchi as her fingers were massaging his head.. enjoying it completely..   somewhere his mind was feeling bitterness, leaving everyone like this.. Radhika's eyes were cornering him every now and then,   and saw the shade changing on his face' 

Surender asked about packing',  and he said it all finished.. 

Surender; then I think its good to go to bed now. You might be feeling tired too.. looking at Mohan..

Mohan: no I got used to travel like this', but may be mom..

Daadi: I am tired, but I don't mind sitting for some more time..

They continued with their talk little more time..

later they all retired to their room.. Radhika was laying in her bed under daadi's arms wrapped around her at her shoulder level'... her eyes were open.. thinking of him.. he never missed coming to her once she came here, and tonight '... he won't come.. daadi is with me.. what he might be thinking now.. he was looking sad..  he is going to miss all of us.. she turned to lay on  her back, looking at the ceiling she again thought of him...' time was ticking by..and then finally.. she looked at daadi who already dosed off.. 

Radhika: daadi'

Daadi didn't say anything..

Radhika with a slight shake: daadi..

She reluctantly opened her eyes..:um..

Radhika: can I go and check on him?

Daadi tightened her forehead: why?

Radhika: he was looking sad at that time.. and I think ..

Daadi: he might have slept..

Radhika: please daadi, can I just go and check once.. if he is sleeping then I won't disturb him.. also mom brought him something and I didn't pack it..

Dadi with a smile:  ok .. but come back quick ok..

Radhika with an ear to ear smile: thanks daadi ... then gave her a kiss over her cheek and ran to his room..

She saw the darkness in his room.. and at the window corner she saw his shade, looking at the archy moon.. standing with the folded hands.. completely in a different world..

She went near and said in her soft voice: "whose face are you trying to see there?Is it mine.. then I am here, next to you.." with a smile on her face..

Dev jerked and turned to see his Radhika standing just near him.. his eyes gone wide and unbelievable,  he said: Radhika.. you here!!!!!!' and then looking at the door suspiciously.  'daadi"

Radhika: sleeping..

Dev held her shoulder to make sure she is actually near him.. she smiled again.. " I am here only.., need to believe.."

He smiled again and then suddenly went near the bed lamp and turned it on..

" there, now I can see you nicely.." with an ear to ear smile..

Dev: ok , tell me what made you to come at this time..

Radhika with a thinking: oh.. actually I forgot to pack mom's gift..

Dev: what?!

Radhika went near the suitcase and found the packet over it, she opened it and showed to him..

Dev: now tell me what will I do with so many of this.. first you and now Mom.. I think I better not to tell much of this missing things..

Radhika with a smile: why?

Dev: dad said, now which one I will choose.. mom's or your's

Radhika : both..

Dev: how?

Radhika took her gift and mixed both and shuffled nicely' "see now, tell me which one mom brought and which one me..?

Dev: I can make it out from the smell..

Radhika: that's ok.. but still I touched both, so which ever you pick, has my touch over it.. also the other one daadi brought..  not me.. so.. it doesn't make any difference.. saying that she packed it back and closed the box..

She stood from there ..: whatever you take from these two boxes, will remind you of me.. because I packed it..

Dev looking at her lovingly: really.

Radhika: um.. except one..

Dev: what?

Radhika went near his backpack and slide her hand in that side pocket.. her eyes tightened at the corner and her forehead tightened..  her hand quickly moved to the other pocket and then searched again, she moved the backpack near to her and peeked on both and then looked at him with a  grumpy face..

Dev still looked  at her with that lovely smile: what?

Radhika: where is it?

Dev: what? With a very innocent voice.

Radhika; vo'.

Dev: what?

Radhika opened the main flap and started checking in it..

Dev came near and wrapped his arms around her waist from the back..

Radhika shook  her body to make him to release her and with frustrated face, she again checked in each pocket..  Dev tightened his grip, not to leave her, thouroughly enjoying her frustration he moved his lips near to her ears and asked: so that thief was me, and you know that..

Radhika paused for a second as his voice mumbled near her ear.. her heart skipped few beats.. she didn' t say anything..

Dev with that teasy smile on his corner lips: why .. this silence now?..

Radhika didn't say anything.. she stood still in his hold..

Dev: tell me, why you kept silent at that time.. 

Rahdika doesn't have any words to tell him at this time. She don't know what to tell him.,

Dev: you know what? Its nice to know that little game you played with me.. making me believe that you were sleeping.. that make me to love you more.. 

Radhika was feeling tickly as his each breath was falling near her ear.. 

Rahdika: chodiyena.. in a very soft pleading voice..

Dev: Don't you want to know where it is..

She cornered her eyes on him..

He turned her in his arms and looking into her curious eyes he lifted his right hand  up and the payal just hanged  down from one end.. he said softly: it was with me..  I was missing you.. he loosely held his left hand around her..

Radhika with a smile took that form him and then looked at it lovingly'

Dev just looked at her smiley face.. 

She walked away from near him and went near the window'... and looking in to the darkness she said: tomorrow when you will be flying through that dark soft bundles, I will be watching you from here' 

Dev came near: and I will be looking at you closing my eyes tight....'and then try to reach you'  saying that he wrapped his arms around her..

The silence engulfed them.. she leaned back onto him.. and closed her eyes'.  Time went by'....  it was around 5 AM..  as if they heard the clock tick.. loud, Radhika opened her eyes as if from a deep sleep'.... a nice dream' 


Radhika: I need to go..

Dev: um'.

Radhika moved  her body to the front as dev slowly released his arms around her.., facing him she said: go to bed' its too late..

Dev: what about you.. college?

Radhika: no , I am not going today.. I want to be around..  her words trailed off'  and then with broken words she said: take rest'   saying that she walked away..

Dev stood there watching her leaving him behind.. but then he saw her pausing near the door, and as if remembering something she turned and looked at him and then , with a small chirpy smile , she walked near to him quickly and then looking at his face, she held his shoulder with her both hands , then stretching on her feet . bringing her face closer to his , she placed a quick soft kiss over his cheek and then drawing herself back and looking at his unbelievable eyes, she smiled shyly and ran away from there..


Dev smiled looking at her disappearing figure..touching his cheek where her lips left the softness for him to feel..

With a smile he went to bed, the payal made it happy sound as he slipped into his sweet dream..

It was around 9 AM and everyone was near the breakfast table except Dev..

Surender: Is he still sleeping?!!

Suchi: that's what I am also thinking..

Lechu: I can check on bro.. one second.. saying that she flew from there..

surender and Mohan started their morning talk, along with daadi and suchi...
Lechu smiled seeing him still sleeping sound.. with a lovely smile tucked on to his lips corner..

Lechu felt little naughty , she went near his ears and loudly: bowwwwww

Dev startled in his sleep and opened his eyes and sat on his back within fraction of seconds'

Lechu covered her mouth to control her laugh..

Dev comprehending back to reality in a sleepy tone: lechu.. what was that?

Lechu: Bro.. it is 9Am.. what happened to you today' ....sleeping like a baby..

Dev looked at the clock.. ; Oh My' 9!!!!

Lechu: um, 9.. and all are waiting for you for breakfast..

Dev: just 2 minutes Lechu, I will be down..

Saying that he ran into the wash room..

Lechu smiled and went down..  soon he joined everyone at the dining table.. 

Dev sat with an excuse: sorry ' 

Surender: its ok beta.. at least you had a good sleep..

Dev tried to smile'...  unknowingly his eyes searched around and didn't find Radhika..

Dev looking at the table seeing the juice: mom, no tea..

Suchi who was serving in daadi's plate: oh..  will make one quick..

Dev getting up from the chair: no mom, its fine.. will get one..

And he went to kitchen.. saw his Radhika near the burner, totally unaware of him coming behind.. he scanned around behind him one more time to locate everyone in place.. he quickly went behind and grabbed her from behind' "Good morning sweetheart.."

Rahdika with a tinge of shyness..: woke up. Finally..

Dev: um.. why  didn't you wake me up early?

Radhika didn't say anything.. just smiled ..

They heard suchi's voice coming in: Dev, I can make it..

Dev moved to the side quick.. Radhika  again smiled, dev glanced at her teasing smile..

Dev: Its Ok mom..

Radhika: tea is ready mom.. 

Suchi: so you  knew.. with a teasy smile..

Radhika: no vo.. I heard lechu going to wake him up..

Suchi:' now both of you come, let 's have breakfast together..

Radhika poured the tea into a cup and with smile she gave that to him..

He took it from her with a thanks..

They had their breakfast.. time was passing quick at Delhi house and soon it was time for him leave.. everybody showed a happy smile around, and loud talks '... Dev went to get ready..  his heart was feeling the ache somewhere deep.. he was thinking of the time he came in.. thought there is so much time to spend with everyone.. so much time to know about everything.. but alas! I wish if I could stop this time for me.. forever' ..  he combed his hair',..he was in his own thoughts that he forgot the people around for some time.. and looked into the mirror one more time. He went down with the suitcase.. and brought both down.. Surender: see he was refusing to carry even one, now end up with two..

Daadi: Birju has packed the pickles well, so it will stay good , don't worry..

Surender: pickle too..

Dev: um.. nodding head.. 

 They loaded the boxes into the car.. lechu was kept on telling him something after other'  

Suddenly as if remembering something..: dad, my backpack.. will be right back..

Saying that he ran into the house.. his eyes scanned everywhere as he took the stairs.. he glanced into her room once..   felt disappointed.. where is she? At this last moment?  When I need to leave',,, he opened the door flap and  slowly walked into his room, and bend down to pick the back pack from the bed.. his eyes saw a flashing image of her.. he jerked to look at that door side,  behind the door flap..  his eye lids opened up wide, seeing her standing there , looking at him with a small smile on her face',..  leaning her back  on to the wall.. 

He dropped the bag down onto the bed and slowly walked near to her. His eyes fixed on hers, his heart felt heavy.. his right hand forced the  open flap of the door near ,on her side to close completely.. she didn't move her eyes.. her lips were shivering . she felt the air moving up and down in through her throat to her chest'


Dev with a very soft voice: I .. I was looking for you every where, and you' 

he was unable to continue seeing her loving gaze mixed with gaze of missing feeling..  he looked into those longing eyes, unable to bring out any further words.. he tried to close the space between  them.. he saw her eye lids, with a tinge of shyness, coming closer and her long lashes touched to each other.. he tried to read her face.. her cheeks with a shade of pink..  her shivering lips.. every cell on her face was welcoming him.. he with a heavy heart was unable to proceed to give what she waiting for.. his eyeballs moved from her forehead to her jaw'  
he turned  facing his back to her,,,' making a fist on his side , he thought to walk away, run away for a second'...  he looked at the backpack, laying on the bed' ..... he turned once again to look at her face.. she stood there still with her closed eyes, waiting for his rosy lips to feel her cheeks..  but..

Dev went near bed and took the bag in his hand and throw that on his back, and in a hurry he was about to walk away....'his hand touched on that closed flap but then  unknowingly his eyes fell on her again...'

 he saw her, facing towards the wall.. he felt the pain that was pulling on his upward from his stomach.. his heart still heavy.. the bag just fell from his shoulder on to the floor..
in trance, he stepped near to her.. and touched her shoulder and forced her to face him.. he saw the trail of tear drops, but she tried to smile at him .. along with her tear filled eyes.. a silent drop rolled down, but he saw her face still  smiling completely , looking at him..

Dev with a pathetic tone: how could you Radhika? 

 And within seconds  he forced her into his arms and took her into a tight hug, Radhika's weaker body just moved with his force and felt that moment for herself...  and then  slowly releasing her, he looked at her face again.. still smiling at him..  unable to resist,  his lips neared her face..  he placed a kiss over her forehead, her both cheeks.. her eyes.. her jaws and then a peck near her lips..  and then again, forced her more closer to him by holding her at her neck level, and slowly his hands moved down.. feeling her back and moving it up and again bringing her more closer...'  he  tried to hide his face in her..

Radhika mumbled in his embrace : come back soon..

Dev releasing her : um'. Along with nodding his head'. 

They heard Lechu's call. Radhika looked at him.. " I am not coming down.. I can't '..

Dev just picked the bag from the floor, open the door flap.. pausing one more minute at that place, he walked down quickly..

Radhika heard Lechu's feeble sound of questioning'... she moved away from the wall.. she looked down from near the door flap.. and yes, the space was looking empty'/.... her heart hesitated to accept the fact that he left.. she ran  quick.  down stairs and then near the main door. She saw the car moving down towards the main gate.. Dev's heavy heart spotted her, in that passenger rear  mirror..  he didn't turn back, but he tried to smile at Lechu's silly comment at that time...'


Daadi came back and found Radhika standing near the door, looking at the empty path.. she touched her shoulder to bring her back into reality'.... Radhika just walked along with her..


Dev reached at the airport.. check-in went fine. Suchi tried to control her tears. Surrender made jokes saying that those tears are  for the next six months.. Lechu also tried to cheer everyone up..

Mohan and Daadi left , back to chandenpur.. The night was unusually dark and Radhika stood near the window, trying to see him in those dark clouds way above her eyes can reach'.  "I wish this six months to just fly away , with a blink of my eyes.."..


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part 53

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Big smile 
 Thanks buddies… 

So happy to send him away ,right..  me too.. so that we can bring them back together forever…

Lexmis.. the guava part.. oh dear, for me too.. guava is the most fav fruit of mine. Always no 1 on the list.. me too missing it soo much.. especially the white one with the tiniest seeds in it.. its so yummy… and the plucking from tree , checking everyday to see the color change, then grabbing before my friends or my brother.. oh my.. so you did had a guava field.. oh my..that's awesome..  we have three of them in our backyard(back in India, here it is full of SNOW..)

Regarding Rahdika's behavior.. her reluctance to accept Dev at the beginning and the  thought, as radha mentioned: there is something hidden !.. nothing is there to hide, at present she is behaving what she is really feeling.. but yes, you are right.. there is something that I left behind, that complexity will come out with later updates only dear..  you are talking about my mad world.. and I am not in it yet..


Arre yarr.. you all talking about Rahdika's gift for him.. what about our agarbathi!!!!! Isn't that was a cute gift from her… he he he …  and if there is anything else.. it is her  shy smile, her eye cornering, her tries to stand visible to him.. her conscious action to please him.. her talks.. forgetting the world around her for him…  that is her true gift for him.. showing him her real state of mind…  he he he  how is that.. what you think..

As radhika5 said some of us may not comment-but are there reading the FF.. yes  I totally get it now. I understood that from that message I got.. so yes dear.. I am here, as long as you all are with me..  and yes someone was teary eyedCry.. but now fine.. thanks for the cheering up buddies..Big smile

and my lovely friends... thanks you once again.. thanks for being my spirit ..and hope i will see you here soon....
love and take care
DevikaBig smile 

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g8 update as always....thx for the pm

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by nycsweetie

g8 update as always....thx for the pm
 ye.. thanks..that was quick.. i take it... Big smile
myry Newbie

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such a sweet update!!!!!Clapbut why not a kiss?just a peck?LOLanyway...was great...tnx a lot

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gauranitai Goldie

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Cry Cry Devika, u hav me n tears! dat was an u describable update. i loved it 2 d core. it was so intense. i felt all their emotions and evry feeling through your words. magnificent job!! Dancing  now all u hav 2 do is bring Dev back fast !!!LOL but mayb if u show som of their cute moments apart from each other, it will also b appreciated, like e-mail or phone convos. i'm jus goin crazy u don't need 2 listen 2 me but i'm longing 4 d nex part.......

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laxmis Goldie

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Thank you Devika for giving us your precious time on weekend to update. That a very beautiful and touching update. Can't wait to see Dev back again. 

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radhika5 Goldie

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Thanks for the Mahaepisode
A very nice update--very emotional..

Love your Radhika,..shy but at the same time has a mind of her her gifts to Dev

Really liked the conversation around the "payal" and Dev's teasing personality

Most of all, liked the agarbatti packing and radhika's simple solution to an immense problem for the husband to choose between wife and mom..

Well, six months in real time will equal how many days in your FF/ And also, will we have some long distance "conversation" or on-line chats meanwhile?--

Stage is set  and scene III is about to begin..

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