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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Aisha_k Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged
really liked the update...hmmm that means she was aware of her payal being with him

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Yar thanks chalhov
I completely forgot that Devika di 50th part now wow
congrats di Keep it up di
waiting for your next update 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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[QUOTE=chalhov][email protected]Big smile

Shocked shocked me.. I turned 50!!!!!! when....    ????????????Confused
oh ya .. my FF  big sigh relief.., you said [email protected]Embarrassed,
Thanks... ( imrati style )  and imrati blinking eyes couple of times and imrati looking at you with a corner shy smile....  my Imrati feeling very shy as she saw all of you in front of her... oh my.. there is Mohini,anu,imrati-rubi,  radhika5,lexmis,vinianil,diary25,  all congratulating me... thaaaanks....  Imrati holding onto to her skirt end, moving her body in half circle way, with an ear to ear shy smile..   Imrati is happy....... thanks for making my Imrati happy dear.... 
and devika is going to take that cirtificate from the little girl's hand. Because she is ready to come out from college soon.. so may be I will stand like this for my graduation day... oh my..Day Dreaming.
Thanks friends for loving , supporting and giving that smile to me...  if this FF is at 50 then the credit goes to you, your response, your support, i know some parts were boring.. but you all  from day 1  till today, gave me the spirit to move on. so I should say thank you  to each one of you.. Thumbs Up
Hug.. without you I am nothing..

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honey_princess Goldie

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CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the half a century mark! A big hug from me! Hug

Loved the love filled update! Hope you'll leave the two love birds alone before one bird flies off. 

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
loved dis part... bt also sad as DEV is going to leave for US in the next update

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Radhika stood there with controlling her breath, with a conscious mind, not to move at all. He almost took her completely in his arms and held her very close..  "so did mom help you"?  she was unable to move her throat so just nodded her head in agreement..  he tightened his grip more as if he didn't want even the air anyone to come in between them.. just to cherish that moment forever..  Radhika felt butterfly tickling in her lower abdomen. 

"somebody may come'" finally she was able to say it out.. But he ignored her statement by closing his eyes and resting his chin over her shoulder'   unknowingly her arms went down and rested over his and feeling his touch over her, she leaned back on him more, and he took her weight on his broad shoulders. As she felt light, she closed her eyes..'  the collor bone just dipped further in as she tightened her arms over his'...  Time ticked by..' 


Radhika flung open her eyes as she heard Suchi's voice calling out for Dev.. she startled.. "mom"

Dev in trance: um..

Radhika again  : mom..'

Dev lifting his head up': Radhika..

She looked at him  turning her face to his side: mom..

Dev: I heard it'

Radhika: leave me na..

Dev: how can i?

Radhika: she may come at anytime?

Dev: its not my problem. You are the one holding onto me..

Suddenly Radhika realized that her arms  over his, slide it away as a reflex..

Dev smiled and tightened his grip one more time with a tease smile..

Radhika just looked at him with her unbelievable eyes as she heard Suchi's foot step nearing..

He liked her frustration, but then placing a quick kiss over her cheek , he moved back.. Radhika stood there comprehending herself  into reality. But then she saw Suchi standing near the door..

Suchi coming in near her: Radhika', you didn't change yet? Are you ok!.. seeing her uneasiness.

Rahika Ha Mom.. I was about to go change..  was checking one of the assignment..  she managed to speak out as she saw Dev sliding out through the door. Her brows arched up..

Suchi: Ok beta.. I was looking for Dev. I thought he is downstairs, actually one of his friend called from U.S. I don't know where he gone at this time..

Radhika tried to act normally., listening to her with extra ears..

Suchi: anyway goodnight beta..

Radhika: goodnight.. saying that she  grabbed her sleeper  and quickly went to wash room..

 Radhika took a deep breath as she leaned back on that door'


On her way back, Suchi saw Dev standing near the balcony.. first she questioned why he didn't answer her call, he gave a smile back.. she went and told him about the phone..  Dev went down along with Suchi ..


Radhika washed her face and she let that water to cool down her skin'  she  wiped off the drops nicely and braiding her hair tight came out. She went to close the door, but somewhere in her mind, she felt to leave it open. She  left it open slightly with a smile on her face and turned the light off and went to bed..   she was listening to the tick sound of the clock and was thinking about the moment just passed.. she got up and went near the window and stood there, looking at the  third quarter moon , she sighed '.  'six months, how slow it will go'  unknowingly the words came out..

"it will go quick'. Don't worry.. " his sound made her to jerk..

Radhika: aap.

Dev: um.. so only you didn't lock  the door , right.?.

Radhika: no.. vo mei..

Dev: its ok.. you don't need to accept it.. but you need to accept something else..

Radhika looked at him in question'

Dev with a smile: where is your pa..yal?

 She looked at him in shock.. :  I don't know? '. Why?

Dev: simply..because the other day Daadi was telling about it.. so'

Radhika in mind..' keeping it to yourself and asking me.. "

Dev: did you say something?

Radhika nodded her head in disagreement..

Dev: did you look for it?

Radhika moved away from there and as if folding her blanky, she said in normal tone as she doesn't want to give up this time : ha.. don't know where I lost it.. so..

Dev: oh.. interesting..

Radhika kept on folding her blanky.  ..expecting his next question..

Dev: so are you going to bed now.. tomorrow you have college , right?

RAdhika: ha.. but I am not feeling tired.. so

Dev: ok.. so I can stay for more time..

Radhika didn't say anything,..  her mind wish to tell him to stay back.  When will he realize my mind' ..she thought

Dev: Radhika, I have a gift for you..

Radhika in a normal tone: another saree?

Dev smiled..:I brought that because that day you said you don't have one.. so I thought you like sarees..

Radhika in mind'.. now I do, controlling her shy smile in..

Dev: But this, I brought it with my wish

Radhika looked at him curiously..

Dev brought his hand to front, there two new shiny silver anklets , hanged down from his hand.. dev read her reactions.. "love it?".. he asked..

She smiled ear to ear and extended her arm up to take it from him.. without saying much he realized that she like it.. 

Dev  gave that in her hand and she just explored that for few seconds..he took it from her..: this is not for hands to hold, it should go to its place.. saying that he held her shoulder and made her to sit..  as he was putting that on her right ankle he said..: it was easy for me to buy this, as mom was so busy with shopping for me,   I saw a shop near, I easily took a break from mom and  brought this'


Radhika smiled shyly through his talk.. But as he raised her left  foot , he saw the old one.. he with a smile took that off, remembering how  he took the other one off. In mind...  so she knew when I took it off.. ..  he looked at her and found her  smiling through with her happy eyes looking at thenew gift..  he placed the new one on.. and taking the old one in hand.. "now what you will do with this?'

Radhika without any moment for thinking: I  will keep it..

Dev with a tease smile: why you need to keep it when the other pair is missing..

Radhika secretly with a kiddish smile: actually it is not missing..

Dev didn't expect that answer, he looked at her with slightly parted lips: then

Radhika getting her lips more closer to his ear: actually one night , a thief entered my room,  and took it off'...

Dev: oh really , why you didn't call out for help then..

Radhika: because I didn't want that thief to get scared at that time.

Dev sitting near her: oh, so you have a soft corner for that thief..

Radhika: actually not, but  then .. poor thief..

Dev: then why you didn't tell that  to your daadi when she asked..

Radhika with a thinking: because I don't want her to catch that thief..

Dev: why? Radhika, so you want that thief to keep it with him.. she nodded her head.. what if he lose it..

Radhika shrinking her eye corner: I will crush him into pieces..

Dev: What?

Radhika: nothing.. leave it..

Dev: why?

Radhika: if we talk more on this thief story,  they may think we are going nuts..

Dev: who?

Radhika: her supporters and soon she will be out of business.

Dev: ok.. let s leave that'  he left the payal on the table ..

Radhika: so are you all set?

Dev: um.. almost..

The shade of sadness appeared on his  face..

Radhika:  I will wait for you..

Dev held her hand in his'.: Um..

She asked about his studies.. got curious to know about his friends.. she heard more about Balaji and Rema and their little one.  He told her about the Temple incident and how naughty Pranav is.. she smiled through it.. he talked about his life, his cooking..  what they do on weekends..

Time ticked by..

Dev: you know next semester, I need to do project too. So need to find a place.

Radhika: so it is not like here.  Will it be hard?

Dev: no it won't be that hard.. but need to look for one seriously..

Radhika: otherwise will it get late again..  with very concerned voice

Dev looked at her pain tinged tone: no Radhika.. it won't.. how can it be.. actually they will accept students as that will make their work easy and free of cost..

Radhika: I don't know any of those things.. but I will wait for you, and in six months you should be back..

Dev held her shoulder reassuring her, his words'

Slowly the silence filled the air..  She felt her eyes may give up on her, so she went near the window and let the cool breeze to dry her eyes..  he knew exactly what is going through her mind' he went and stood nearby her..

Radhika: so when it will be dark here, you will be at college..

Dev: um..

It was around 2 AM..

Dev: Radhika, go to bed, you have college tomorrow..

Radhika: no I am fine..

Dev realizing her pain to leave him, but hesitantly said: No you need to. I will drop you at college and ha, I will pick you up for lunch..

Radhika looked at him..

Dev: ha' so I will wait for you outside campus,..  evening babuji and all will come, right?

Radhika: um..

Dev: ok, then tomorrow afternoon, you are going to be with me..

Radhika: but..

Dev: nothing, now go to bed.. I will see you in the morning..

Radhika:  listen

Dev held her shoulder: I am .. but now you need to go to bed.. ok.. in a very calm voice.. and then bringing her  forehead near he placed a  loving kiss..  she stood there looking at him as he walked away..  she tried to sit back near the window.. Dev came back and pulled on her hand and guided her to bed..


Radhika: goodnight..

Dev tried to give a smile and then walked away'


Radhika  ran down the stairs to reach near him. None of the day's class went into her head. First time she thought she should have made some excuse to stay back at home.. but that didn't strike her head at that time. May be he is waiting for me for long. Heena was smiling wide seeing Radhika's frustration to hear that lunch bell. And finally when she heard it, she ran from the class passing her sukhi mom, rubbing her shoulder on her near the door, without even looking back to say sorry. Sukhi stood for a second thinking what is happening  with Radhika.  She never saw Radhika acting like that..

Seeing Sukhi's pause Heena came near..: sorry mom, she is in little tension , that's why?

Suckhi: Its ok Heena.. I don't mind , but , Radhika in tension!  Why?

Heena: some family matter.. that is why?

Suckhi: Family? ,'.  Ok , tell her to meet me .. ok..

Heena: sure mom..


Radhika 's eyes wandered everywhere to spot him'.. but she couldn't spot his bike. Her heart started beating faster,.. what happened? Did he forget?..or' but then she saw his bike coming and stopping near her..

Radhika in a hurry tone with a tinge of angriness: where were you? Do you know how long I was waiting for you?

Dev: sorry..   anyway, let's go..

She sat back quick and they went to a nice restaurant. I ordered the menu already,, so that you won't get late.. Dev spotted a very corner seat with two chairs..  they sat there'

Radhika: what happened? Why you came late?

Dev: Radhika, I was not late? Just two minutes only..

Radhika: But I was waiting' in a very impatient way she blurt it out..  

Dev: sorry..

Radhika: What sorry, I don't want that.. I was just ..

Dev held her hand which was resting on the table..

Waiter came with the dishes and arranged it over the table. Unknowingly Dev's eyes scanned the area and found totally strange people around there. He did a big sigh and looked at Radhika who was sitting with her wide eyes..

Dev: what happened?

Radika: what did you order?

Dev with a chuckle smile: noodles..

Radhika: for me?

Dev: um..

Radhika: but..

Dev: picking the noodle plate in his hand , serving few strands onto her plate: I am sure Radhika, you will like it..

Radhika looked at him pathetically: me..

Dev: um.. with nodding his head


Radhika held the fork in her hand and then looked at Dev one more time with a hope. But he looked away by serving few into his own plate..  along with his favorite chicken dish..

Radhika looked at him, how he is picking it up? Then slowly tried herself.  Dev made few slits on her plates to cut the long ones to short. Radhika kept on trying..

Dev: Radhika, I think we can order something else, if you are struggling.. or you may get late..

Radhika: no I am fine..  she was taking small bites.. looking around clearing up her lips to jaw part, sometimes by bending down to suck all in'.. smiling at him with her rolled up eyes with her actions.. he laughed in secretly..

Dev just  smiled  lightly out,  enjoying it..but then he knew she is doing it just to make him happy..


But in between getting frustrated with it, Radhika: are you punishing me?

Dev: why?

Radhika: for laughing the other day..

Dev: no.. I just thought to give it a try..  and then looking at his watch.. Hurry up Radhika.. you may get late..

Radhika in a normal tone: its Ok.

Dev: what?

Radhika: I am not going.

Dev: what?

Radhika: vo.. mei..  I am having a headache, let's go back home..

Dev realized her reason behind her headache story..

Dev: did you inform already..

Radhika: no. its ok.

Dev  smiled again'..

She slowly finished the stuff in her plate and looked at him with a winning smile.. :I am done.

Dev: I can see that.. liked it?

Radhika :mumhum..but then  um..

Dev: um' 

They got up and paying the bill ..came out..

Dev: so where you want to go?

Radhika: anywhere you take me..

Dev: so you don't have any headache?

Radhika held his upper arm and smiled'.. he loved her action. He looked around, people were walking by, stopping by, chitchatting.. he looked back at Radhika..

 but she don't care about it' she ignored the people around, didn't concern whose eyes are on them.. ' for her it was just him.. and his smile.. his happiness'


Dev: let's go..

Radhika: um..

Radhika held his shoulder tight and listened to his trafiic talks '


Radhika: where are we going?

Dev: I don't know Radhika.. I was just driving around'

Radhika: I know.. that is why I asked?

Dev: I never thought about it..

Radhika: then let's go back home..

Dev: ha.. 

As they reached home..   they found Suchi going out?

Dev: where are you going mom?

Suchi: I fotgot  something to buy?  Anyway chander is going to pick lechu, so will buy on our way..  Radhika beta, Mohan bhayya called,they started already..

Radhika with a smile: ji..

But then Suchi paused and : Radhika,  don't you have afternoon class?

Radhika: vo mom.. I had a

Suchi: um.. goand  take rest then..

Radhika: ji'

Saying that  suchi got into the car..  Radhika and Dev went inside the house..


Please Don't forget the like button , If you like my post, or please ignore my request..



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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Big smile 
Thanks Buddies for  the like buttons and valuable comments. 
I don't know how fast the days went , and I am still here  with this.. never thought it will cross 50 part, as i didn't had much of this plan in mind.. so everything added , because of your love and constant support. Really appreciate it.
I am not a FB person, but visit there once in a while and i got a mesage saying.. that person read my FF  and love it so much, but not a IF person .. Felt sooo  happy.. so many unknown names reading this and if i was able to bring that smile on your face, then I am truely blessed..'
So I wish to give all the credits to those who was and is supporting me with your words or action. I know I already lost few, and few may be ready to leave soon.. but still few stick with me ..  giving me encouragement or occational reassurance saying that they are around.. I  really thank you for that, because of you , few others are also able to enjoy it.  I like it when some unknown faces, pop up asking .."ye, waiting, update soon.. "
Days won't be same all the time, it goes high and low in everyones life, sometimes you feel the high spirit and without looking at how many behind you,  you just move on.. but somedays you feel very low and need so much support to get that feeling , get that spirit back... and that is where your words helps me..  so I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your repeated words of thanks or request for next update, or  a substantial analysis..  sometimes you may feel repeating  the same thing.. ..but
but then think of me,.. I  also felt many times.. what  am I writing?.. its always bringing that shy smile on Radhika, raising her heart beat up and then making dev to hold her tight.. its all same.. and then i am typing the same thing again and again daily,  so in turn i think i may be boring you guys too..  sometimes I feel sad not seeing regular comments.. but then they will pop up other day saying they are around.. so that will take away all that let down.. 
 I don't have anything to say about my FF today, but want to say THANK YOU TO YOU for repeatedly reassuring and encouraging me.. especially with a daily one, it is difficult to get that , but you are trying to reach with me as quick as you can.. so THANK YOU FRIENDs.. 
take care

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