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Dev wearing a simple white kurtha and blue jeans came down to the main hall and was walking behind Suchi disturbing her temple preparations..

Suchi in an angry tone: Dev, that is enough..

Dev: Oh Suchi.. please just one more..

Suchi tried to control her smile seeing his pleading..

Dev: please, Suchi.. smile..

Suchi checking back on the pooja thali.. : Dev if you really miss us, then you better come back soon completing your program..

Dev coming near and adjusting her hair to back:  I will mom.. you leave that now and give me a smile..  saying that he again focused his camera..

Suchi: this is the problem with all those who live abroad. Whenever they come, will come with a camera or video cam and then ask everyone to pose for each and everything. I don't understand what you will do taking all these with you...

Dev: mom.. please..  ok you want to know what I will do..  he came near and put his arms around on his mom's shoulder and said: when I come back tired after college.. I make a tea and then sit down in front of my LT and all this will started palying in front of my eyes one by one.. Then all the tiredness will fade away..

Suchi':  good to know Dev.. atleast you are remebering us when you get tired..

dev: mom...
"What is going on here?' Surender's voice brought a smile on Suchi's face.. and she said about his craziness.

Surender:  dev., you should take our couple  photo yaar.. what is this?

Dev: I was actually waiting for you dad.

Surender gave a deep: UM' as if he is doing it after the request.. Dev showed his kiddish face conveying that he actually waited for his dad to join..

 Suchi: what is this Lechu doing? We are getting late..

She called out loud for the girls  while Dev was checking on the photo that he has taken and was showing to Surender..

Suchi: havu.. finally ' she did a deep sigh seeing the girls on the hallway..

Surrender raised his eyes to look at them and just kept his eyes as he found Radhika coming down wearing a saree along with Lechu who was in a white churidar..

Dev was commenting on the photo to his dad, but saw his attention taken away, he raised his eyes to look at the girls too.. he stood with his slightly parted lips as if forgot to breath for a second. Radhika knowingly avoiding her look on Dev came down and stood near Suchi with a smile.


Lechu: mom, next time  I will  also wear saree.. see how beautiful Radhika di look.

Suddenly her eyes cornered to see his expression with a tinge of shyness on her face, and completely satisfied by seeing his shocked face'. And with a smile she looked at Lechu, and held her shoulder to bring her more closer and hide slightly behind her.. Dev  noticed each and every move of her..


Suchi: Don't even think about it Lechu..

Lechu: why?

Surrender: the reason is your Radhika deedi..

Radhika's ears didn't hear anything..  she was controlling her heartbeat and was feeling shy and cornering once  every fraction of minute to see  his reaction..

Surender: that's because first time your mom helping somebody to wear a saree, and felt so happy, but then the minute she thought of you wearing a saree gave her the best shock..

Lechu: what shock?

Surrender: means, it is the sign that you also grown up and then we need to look for a groom soon..

Lechu: uh? rolling her eyes up..

Surender: ha.. then your mom's eyes saw everything within minutes.. your enagegement, marriage and bidaai..   but one thing need to be clarified is who is that poor guy who is going to be hanged on my daughter's neck..

Lechu: Daaad..

Surender: its not me, its your mom..

Suchi: please stop that.. then nearing Lechu: ha.. lechu, I will buy you one for Sarada's daugter's wedding. Then we three will go in saree.

Surender: oh nice, now only I left alone as Dev  won't be here..

Suddenly Suchi eyed at Surender to see Dev's reaction.. Surender raised his brows asking what? She again cornered her eyes to look at the couple.. Surender smiled as he saw Dev and Radhika standing , looking at each other, in their own world..

Surender moved his throat little loud.. Dev suddenly moved his hands over the camera to hold it more comfortable.. Radhika looked away  and then smiled at lechu..


Surender: Dev., take a picture of us then..

He took few pictures of his family along with Radhika.. Radhika took one picture as instructed by him with just four of them.. and finally Surender took the couple picture.Wink.

Dev with the happiest smile was walking out, looking  at the view finder.. checking back and forth the pictures..

Suchi: Dev put that camera away if you are coming to Temple with us..

Dev didn't hear it..

Suchi: Dev..

Dev stood pausing for a second: what?

Suchi in an  angry tone: Lechu, take it away..  now..

Lechu went and took the camera away'

Dev: mom, please..

Suchi: no, we are going to the Temple, not for any photography contest, ok..

Dev noticed Radhika trying to control her smile.. 

By the time Surender pulled the car to the front. Lechu put the camera on the table and joined them quick..

The Holy bell was sounding its best when the family entered the main premise of the temple.  The smell of marigold flower mixed with the offerings to the Hawan filled the air with its sacredness. They folded their hands in front of Bolenath and the ladies closed their eyes for few minutes to take the Idols' roop in their mind. Poojari came in and suchi reminded about the pooja. He with a smile guided them to nearby Hawan  and Dev sat near the Poojari and followed the instructions.Suchi and Surender sat together and followed as the poojari requested. Lechu and Radhika observed everything standing next to them. Finally the poojari concluded the pooja by blessing  Dev and then the couple.

Suchi asked Radhika to come forward and stand with Dev,  she helped her to put the pallu over her head in respect  and requested Poojari to bless them as a couple too. They spend few more minutes walking around and sitting near a corner , looking around to fee the atmosphere little more.


Suchi: ok now let go.. we need to pack the stuffs too, right Dev?

Dev: Ha mom.. but  that is fine.. I have enough time..

Suchi: What enough time.. if you keep everything for last minute nothing will happen.

Radhika: Mom, don't worry, I can help him..

Suchi: I can also beta.. otherwise I am sure, he will just put everything in as it is and close that suitcase..

Lechu smiled : at least something is there my Bro won't  do well in mom's list.. I am glad to hear that..

 They walked back to their car and after having dinner outside , got back home.

Suchi: Dev, come let's finish the packing first..

Saying that she climbed the step..

Dev: mom, I will do it..

Radhika and lechu with a smile followed Suchi.. Dev looked at Surender with a hope, but he showed his flared palms  out  showing his helplessness and went to his office room..

Suchi asked Dev to get his suitcase out and reluctantly he brought one small one..

Suchi: what is this? this is not going to fit ..

Dev: I only brought this, I told you..

Suchi called down for Surender to find another one.. Lechu went down to get it .. and then Suchi started unpacking the covers and all.. Dev started refusing one by one..

Lechu happily: Di, I am really enjoying it.. I  rarely get an opportunity to see them fight. All the time both are one hand and behind me.. now see.. how the fight is escalating..

Radhika smiled as she saw Dev and Suchi pulling on a towel on its both ends..

Radhika with a smile went near and held Suchi's shoulder. Suchi looked at her with much frustration..

Radhika: don't worry mom, I told you I will do it. You go and change  and come, by then I will pack everything..

Suchi: beta, but he won't listen..

Radhika with a reassuring signal: mom, please..

Suchi: ok beta..  you only do it.. let me go and change..  saying that she went away giving a glare at Dev..

Dev throw the towel on the bed..and stood there with keeping his hands on his flanks..

Lechu: Di, I will be back too.. let me change ..   saying that she flew off form there too..

Radhika looking at Dev: now you also go and change , by the time I will arrange all this..

Dev: Radhika, I  don't need all these stuff.. I told mom  when she brought it other day but was not listening to me.. I already have these towels and all.. and see bed sheet!!.. lifting up one form the bed..  I don't need this.  I didn't even open two or three from my last trip. I just need a couple, not many..  he said his irritation too..

Radhika going near and pushing him towards the cupboard: I told you I will arrange it, I am  not going to pack it.. you go change and come.. please..

Dev: are you sure.?.  then again: I don't want to carry two boxes and all.. I just need my one suitcase..

Radhika pushing him more: please'

Dev: ok.. ok'  but then turning with a warning: But no packing.. ok..

Radhika : ummmm

Finally he accepted her request and went to get fresh..

Radhika looked at the open covers and all the cloths, towels, sheets.. like in a fighting camp..

She tucked her pallu end to the front left and started picking on stuff. She throw all the garbage away'   and finally she finished everything in  order.

She stood there with a relief.. His backpack was laying near the table. She picked that up.. suddenly a jeggling sound caught her attention. She paused. She lifted it up and found one end of the payal hanging down from the side pocket..  unknowingly a shade of pink spread on her face, and a smile appeared on her lips.. But then she saw Suchi coming back.. suddenly she pushed the payal end in and kept the bag away'

Suchi: wow.. is it over.. but then.. you didn't pack anything yet..

Radhika: mom, I think he don't need many of this. He already has sheets and towels and all..

Suchi: but..

Surender: Please Suchi listen to him too..

Suchi: Ok , whatever. But lets do the packing then..

They brought the suitcase and opened it.. Radhika looked around and found Dev standing near the wall watching her only,  with a loving smile.. his look made a current passing through her..   suddenly she moved her eyes..

Suchi: Dev, come and do it..

Dev: no mom, let Radhika do it, she agreed  already.. with a teasing smile on  his face , looking at Radhika..

Radhika's lips parted slightly as she was unable to understand the change  in his look and his face was trying to convey something to her'  suddenly her mind flashed her image of pushing back the payal back' did he see me doing that? No.. he was not there..  or maybe.. that I didn't notice'   no nobody was here..  she tried to relieve herself..  but then why he has to show this look' she again cornered her eyes and found him looking at her same way,'


Suchi: Ok, Radhika beta.. you do.. and  then looking at dev :Dev tell right away what you don't need Ok. I won't fight with you. Take only what you need..   ok..

Suchi looked back at Radhika and was giving her the stuff saying about its purchse story and need of that stuff..

Radhika started feeling the uneasiness. She was blindly picking stuff and arranging inside the suitcase.. her mind was getting more conscious.. suddenly her eyes  noticed her reflection in the mirror and she could easily see his eyes on her.. She  cornered at her image and saw the partially shown mid side profile as she tucked her pallu to the side.. she felt a shiver..  she started picking and packing stuff quickly.

Dev tightened his forehead as he noticed her sudden uneasiness. Surender went out as his cell rang and Lechu joined them too. Suchi asked whether he needs all that and trying to anser them normally he responded yes to all questions.. as he was trying to figure out what went wrong with Radhika..  did she see me watching her pushing the payal back..  no she didn't.. then she should have  looked at me that time only' Daadi said that it is her fav payal and she is walking with the single one on.. and  daadi was worried about it..but Radhika , she never showed any missing feeling or  didn't see her searching for it.. so that means..   did she knew it was with me.. .  He raised his eyes up in wonderment and looked at her more keenly..
Suchi got confused as she saw Radhika packing towels and Dev not saying anything back. She looked at Dev and found him just looking at Radhika.. she smiled 
 Radhika slowly bringing her hand in front released  the tucked end of her saree..  she felt a relief.. to confirm her posture, she  cornered again into the mirror. To her surprise the pleet just moved little inwards exposing her stomach little more.. she felt like her legs are feeling week. Slowly she started pulling on each end of her saree' along with packing the bed sheets.. trying to bring a natural look for her tries..

Dev again thinking; what happened to her.. ? why she is acting strange.. then he noticed her one hand pulling on her saree corner.. suddenly her talk on wearing saree came into his mind.. saying that one can easily aee the tummy and all.. Dev brought a tight stretchy teasy smile on his corner lips and then tried to walk away from there..

Suchi: where are you going?

Dev: will come back mom..

Suchi: then we are packing everyting..

Dev: oh ya.. do it as you wish Mom..

Suchi: but Dev..

Dev with a smile : its ok mom.. I will be fine..

Lechu came in saying Ramesh's mom on phone and dev went to take it..

Radhika felt a relief. Suchi nodding her head..: Radhika beta, take that sheet and towels away.. he may really don't need them.. Then only Radhika realized that she did that. She took those out  and they rearranged few more stuff that he refused..

Time ticked by..

Suchi : Radhika now you also go change and got to bed. You have college tomorrow , right..  and let dev do the shuffling if he wants to.. anyway at least this much is done..

Radhika: ji mom..

Suchi: ok beta.. then goodnight..   it think he is downstairs..  let me ask him whether he needs anything else..

Radhika: ji..

Suchi walked down and Radhika went to her room' her hand went upto her shoulder to take the pin off, but then the payal flashed her mind.. she went and lifted her left feet up on the bed and looked at it with a smile.. and then slowly placing that back, she brought the other leg and rubbed her hand around its circle on her bare skin and then as if imagining something she smiled shyly..  her cheeks blushed and her heart skipped few beats.. suddenly she covered her face with both her hands to hide it from her surrounding'

"why you need to cover your face like that when those fingers itself is trying to hide its shyness"
the sound of him near her ear with  the sliding of his arms around her waist level from her back, made her to startle first.. but then as he pulled her towards him by tightening his arms around her, send the current passing through her from  head to toe. Her back rested on his chest and his face came more closer to her side face giving the tingling sensation to her neck'  and his soft voice murmured.  " you look the most beautiful woman in the world"'   unknowingly her hands gave up on her and it just moved away to the  ear side'
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part 51
 hope you will like it.


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gauranitai Goldie

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Blushing Yaar, i sooooo Heart the last part!! wooohooo! that was mind blowing!!! can't wait for the nex update but i'm really Cry that Dev's leaving but i guess it has 2 happen so.............

p.s. yay me!! i'm the first 2 comment!

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Very interesting and liked the payal scene the saree scene and the packing scene.Big smilenow the last scene.Big smile making us wait eagarly for the next update

This packing and mother son fight looks like what happens in my house frequentlyLOL

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Beautiful update Devika.

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I call this episode the "glances of love"....loved the saree scene (the color of the cheeks matched the color of the sareeSmile) and the payal scene---

Devika, please leave them alone for a little while together before Dev returns to US.....(CB1 had mechanical problems with doors--they never closed; but in this daily soap--the door seems to close)

And you are already at the half century mark--way to goThumbs Up

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow nice update..
payal part is really cool...
waiting for the Next update di...

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vinianil Senior Member

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Congrats   Devika for completing 50 episodesBig smileClap
LOvely update   Devika ..... Payal scene and  Dev and Suchi's fight  liked    each scene....waiting for  the next episode....

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Interesting update di ... she give him pleasant shock , nice mom-son interaction & payal scene .......... MANY MANY CONGRATS YOUR 50th  UPDATE ... MAY WE GET MANY MORE FROM U .GOD BLESS U & THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS .

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