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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

~*~Dream Girl~ *~AVINA FF#2~*~Thread:1 ~*~ Thanks* (Page 9)

Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 November 2010 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by abhilasha_dream

Devika i'm nt enjoying ur FF at all, so many mysteries nd i HATE Mysteries as I just can't wait for the next part then, the 1 week gap looks so LONGGGG... Unhappy
Its a very beautiful Story nd m really enjoying it... I don't care whether u introduce the heroine in the next part or at the end of the story, just unwind this mystery first. Disapprove..
Can I guess and say that Surender and Suchi had a love marriage which the family disapproved of specially his Father and so left the house. Today as his grandma was nt well, Surender's father called him back as this was the last wish of his dying mother. Surender may hav also rejected the girl which his family would have selected for him, in fact ran away from the wedding venue and so still his relations with his father is sour... Big smile
Tell me If my guess is right ?? Wink
so finally, u ru back... Tongue
first of all it reminded me of our talk on "the unexpected episode on FF#1".. and the predictions.
Thank you so much abhi, just reminding myself not even think that way.. right.. it's a very good prediction and  I really appreciate it. still I don't know whether it is going to be same, because it will depend on the situation and I  am not saying it is not going to be this way either.
Here the great granny is not sick,.. I mean she is old enough   but surviving with old age issues, but she is not serious ..  this granny is different, a lovable . very skinny, old figure.. who likes to dream... so far she is healthy for her age.. so let me see whether i need to give her any health risk .. may be I will if the situation demands.. but for now  nothing is planned.. I am planning to bring out her charactor more in upcoming episodes...
 Thank you so much and welcome back dear to my FFHug

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Great update! I can't wait to meet Radz!!!

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2010 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Loved the update Devika...... Do update soon.Big smileBig smilex

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 29 November 2010 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

Finally I have had time to really read your FF.
I like the story Embarrassed (at least the beginning)...................
You have a way with story telling----waiting for the mystery to unfold and the heroine to enter the scene---
Best part was the "staring contest with the buffaloes"---will they play a central role in your FF?

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rad4dev Groupbie

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Posted: 30 November 2010 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Devika...I am so happy to see ur new ff...i missed ur pms and i saw today and read all the am so hap to read ur second ff..plz update soon...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2010 at 8:20am | IP Logged

Thank you…

@Radha-bilhari; :thank you and I hope you will enjoy next part too..

@Nycsweetie: thank you, hope you will enjoy next part too

@Chipak: dev's unusual charming. Yes dear.. its coming up slowly. Tell you frankly I am just writing it as it comes to me when I sit down to write.. even if I plan for something, it will never come.. my trail of thoughts changes as I sit down. So it comes with that time. I hope it will be able to find its connection. And great granny.. she is the one who is playing the vital role.. she is the one who is going to guide me. I am going to depend on her… hope she will be able to get me to reveal the mysteries soon.. the time and place will change soon or later.. so chandenpur is just the beginning… hope you will enjoy the ride..

@Vini: yes dear.. heroine is all set to come in front…   the sweetheart of chandenpur…hope you will like her, more than anything, I want you to see Rubi in her.. I hope you will be able to , or let me know

@Diary25: thanks dear.. I never planned for these mysteries.. from your comments only I also realized that.. so even I got interested to know about the mysteries,.. maybe it will unfold as a fairytale.. let see…

@Radev-forever: dear.. no more suspense.. there is no big suspenses.. but there should be some reason behind surender's past and the return..  I will try to make it simple and not much rona dhona…

@Priyanka: thank you so much. So you liked my first fF. glad to know. More than anything I am happy to know that you were able to find it here… I am so crazy when it comes to imagination, it doubles when it relate to AVINA.. so I am here with this new try.. totally new world.. hope you will be able to enjoy the ride with me…  thank you..

@Sonia: thanks dear.. heroine is all set to come in front of you.. guess how she may appear.. will she appear in trance, circling with the music.. , will she be in a lost posture, or will she be running towards him and bumped onto him unknowingly….?... how will she appear…?????/ any guess?

@Abhi: that's the spirit and you gave me the spark.. after all we all are watching these dramas in the form of movies and serials  for long, right?.. I should have thought the same too. Luckily I am not that far away.. I just think  about the parts as I sit down to write. So your prediction gave me the warning. So I may deviate.. but who knows.. let's see..

@Palak: dear.. thank you so much.. thank you.. hope you will like next part too.. he he.. no more mysteries.. it will all solve in next few parts.. also I don't think the story is going to concentrate on chandenpur, or may be it is chandenpur that is going to play the vital roleConfused.. I used it to get into my feel of Radev.. I need them with me to carry on..  so.. let see..

@gauraniti: yes, your radz is coming up in next part.. hope you will be able to see the Radz here….

@Bhavi; yes.. going to update next part soon…. Enjoy.. their first meeting.. I hope

@Radhika-5; thanks dear.. he he..staring part.. I had the eyes of dears while I drive at night here.. so how can I bring the dear in chandenpur along with a villager, so I brought the buffaloes, so that can be accompanied with villagers… he he.. so you liked the beginning part… hope you will like the upcoming parts too…thank you

@Rad4dev: oh dear, thank you so much. I am glad you are able to catch up with my second FF too. Hope I will be able to make it interesting too.. let see…

Ok friends.. are you all ready for Radev first meeting? Any guess?

Thanks will catch you soon…

DevikaBig smile

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Aisha_k Goldie

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Posted: 30 November 2010 at 8:54am | IP Logged
 just superb.... now i cnt wait for next update.....waiting for entry of heroine.... update soon

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2010 at 8:57am | IP Logged


The sky at the east horizon changed its color to red , giving its surroundings a pink shade.. which is bordered by the dark clouds..  The birds in the nest started flapping its wings welcoming  the energy into the world.  The dew dropes are still waiting at the tip of the leaf to fall onto the mud at any time..  The wet earth slowly started waking up.. Dev  rubbed his eyes and slowly opened them to see the freshness of the chandenpur morning..  his ears sharpened as he heard the nature's song '.... an unknown smile appeared on his lips.. he went and opened the window, a gush of cold air rushed in. he felt a shiver passing through him..  he took a deep breath and tried to smell the fragrance of the air.  He looked at the thick woods in his near sight. It was all dark when they reached here yesterday and he couldn't make out anything..


He went down to the main hall..  Found Sushma aunty doing the aarthi, he waited at the door side.. She came out and  showed him the deep and he took the blessings..

" Good morning Prince".. with a happy smile on her face..

" Good morning" he replied spontaneously.. but then he looked at her  out of curiosity listening to the way she addressed him.. as a Prince.. " aunty, I am Dev, not Prince".. he cleared his point.

Sushma gave a teasing smile : " I know your name is Dev, but you are the Prince whom Chandenpur waited for long"'..... she tried to clarify her side too..

" I didn't get it".. Dev again with tightening his forehead..

"You will, soon.. and you came just for that.. to satisfy the thirst of the villagers, to fill their eyes with the image of a prince that they dreamed everyday for years and years..".. she walked to the kitchen by saying that..

Dev stood in confusion, he didn't understand any word what his aunty just said.. 'Prince, and villagers waited for him.. sounds like fairy tale'..  But then he came back to his senses..

' Aunty , can I go for jogging".. Dev asked Sushma.

" Sure, why not?" she said .. " But wear something heavy, so that you won't feel cold.. our mornings are colder when compared to your city"..  she added as she was measuring the daal.


"Thanks"  dev with a happy smile..

He went upstairs and got ready within minutes and he grabbed his camera before setting out. But his mind again caught aunty's words.. what was she saying.. " prince?... they were waiting for years.. as far as I know we don't have any connection with any royal blood.. she is talking as if I am  acting in an old time drama.. he remembered how she addressed him.. prince with sparkling eyes ; with a body of a warrior'...  what rubbish.. I am Dev and only Dev Bhatt'  ... really Chandenpur is a mystery'.. he smirked and fastened his steps....

  his ears caught the sound of birds.. he stopped few seconds and looked into the woods.. he could also hear gushing sound of flowing water.. he  realized a river nearby.. he remembered the man's talk yesterday.. he moved into the  direction from where the sound is coming.


He got amazed by seeing the beauty of nature. Every sound he heard has a rhythm of a melodious music. He loved it. He was getting attracted to the nature's play.  He focused his camera to capture the image of a flying bird..





He walked further in.. he neared the river.   Started walking along its side. He smiled at the splashes. He felt his each cell in his body  is getting a new unknown energy from it.  The sky got clear and time was passing by. Dev didn't realize it as he was enjoying every bit of his walk and capturing the image in his camera..


 The area was clean with big trees carrying full thickness of greenery.. he paused under a big tree and was looking around.  He kept his camera on to the ground and starched his hands up taking a deep breath.. He saw the nature in its full beauty.. he stood there in trance keeping his hands on his flank..


"aaaaaaa'. aouch'.." a girls sound from above head startled him.. before he could look up , somebody just fell onto him from the tree and unknowingly he tried to grab the person but fell onto the ground . he tried to grab the person safe as they started rolling down towards the river..  before he could hold onto anything he felt his body light as his body completely merged into the water.. he lost the grip on the other person.. he got scared for a moment as the water gushed to eyes and ears...'


He forced himself to raise above the water. Within few seconds he opened his mouth to fill his lungs.. he wiped off the water from his face. His heart was pacing faster. He thought of the other person.. he got alarmed..  he looked around in the flowing water.. he couldn't find any sign of the other person. His arms splashed on the  surface of water as he turned around  to look for the other person..  but then he heard the sound of payal .. he looked at the bank and found a girl  in  wet yellow dress,  holding her duppatta side with her hand, covering her half face was  looking at him in surprise....' Their eyes met and both froze for few seconds'.



"Radhika deedi"'... a call came  out from a distance. She jerked and turned to that side. She looked at him one more time and started running towards the sound. Her payal made the sound..and his eyes caught the sight if her ankles with silver color payal circling them... he raised his hands up to stop her.. but before he could say anything out, she disappeared from his sight. He came out from the water. Stood with holding his hands on his sides and blindly looked at the corner where her image disappeared..


He brushed his hair with his hands and walked over to the tree side. Took his camera.. 'Thank God.. I kept this over here, otherwise''.. he thought for a second.. then he looked up to the tree.. it was pretty big tree and he imagined her falling from its branch. How come she got up there? What she was doing there? Is the village girls are like this!!? I thought they are.......  leave it, why should I think of all these..  Dev thought for a second.. 


But really, what she was doing up there? He got curious. He tried to climb by holding onto the truck. But slipped down easily.. he tried one more time , but no success.  He gave a nice kick onto the trunk and got hurt..

"Ouch'., Oh my, this is not my day"'...  he said it little loud..
'He he he he he he he'.. he heard the giggling sound of kids..  he looked around in surprise. But it was looking all empty with no signs of any kids.. he turned and about to walk away.. he heard the giggles again. He stopped for a second and turned quickly. He saw the shaking branches of nearby bush. He tried to go near.. but then


" Radhika Deedi .. run, he found us.. run"..  a kid's voice reached his ears ..

Dev took few slow steps to the front ...
Suddenly a group of five or six kids started running out from the bush side'... and finally he saw the girl in yellow dress standing up with same posture.. she turned quickly as her eyes met his .. and covering her half face, she followed the kids..  he thought to follow them, but then stopped, but then the kids giggle challenged him, his legs started pacing.. he took the longer strokes and tried to reach near them.. but as he took the turn he saw only the kids.. the yellow color just disappeared. He stopped and looked around.. if she is real, she might be somewhere near , may be hiding.. his eyes searched for her..  again he heard the kids challenging giggle.. but his eyes were curious to find her..


" did she climbed any of these big trees again to hide from me"..  his mind doubted.  Just to confirm his trail of doubts,  he looked up .. he saw the leaves shaking with the wind, as if they are also giggling at him with a challenging tone' "can you find her?"..

 Part-5: please don't forget the like button if you are moving to next part. thanks
Ok friends, now tell me, how was the first meeting? did you like it? can you imagine our avina? that is my biggest thing to know. so I will wait to hear from you..  
Thanks and take care
Hei, try these links to connect with avina latest.....
AVINA discussion page:
Avinash-Official Fan page:

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