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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
thanks alot dii i just loved it 2 gd im speechless loved the radev moment 2 gd hope dev doesnt go looking for radika update soon and thanks 4 the pm

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Dev stood there keenly scanning the complete area, all his eyes could catch was empty spaces in between uneven lines of guava trees.  Suddenly his eyes caught the site of a jeep coming in that direction.  Before he could realize how far he came out from near the hiding tree . the jeep stopped nearby him. Dev stepped back with a shocked face.

"Dev Beta, how are you?" the smiley face of Mr. Mohan caught his attention..


Dev with broken words:  fine…  babuji

Mohan came out from the Jeep and  started exchanging common talks.  Dev tried hard to relax and was thinking why his dad is not nearby him at that time. He tried hard to act normal.

Mohan:  Dev.. come beta.. this is our place only.. I will show you this  area around.. they started walking towards the guava trees.. for a second Dev remembered Radhika's words…  then why did she say like that? And wished Radhika to come back quick so that babuji can take of some attention from him.
He saw a villager dressed like a farmer coming running towards them..  Mohan stopped under a large guava tree  with think leaves. the farmer  came near and stood with folded hands.


Mohan with a smile : how is it going Bali..

Farmer: good saabji..

Mohan: um… the contractors may come in three days to check on and they may pluck the riped ones too. So make sure its all well maintained and good..   I came to tell you this only..

Farmer: ji, saabji..

Mohan turning to Dev: earlier  few naughty kids were around and used to pluck the ripped ones from here.. I didn't pay attention to that much but then the people who took this area in contract kind of got annoyed and asked us  for reasoning.. but now a days its all going good.. right Bali..

Bali: ha, saabji..

Mohan: um..

 Dev just stood near,  like a school student in front of his teacher.  But then his mind started connecting her warning and then babuji's words.. he nodded his head in disagreement to his own thought..   but then he saw Babuji and Bali talking on something and walking away to little far from him. He didn't move, thinking about Radhika.. 

Mohan looking at Dev: one minute Dev beta. let me check on that ok.. saying that he got into some serious discussion with Bali..

Dev's eyes unknowingly scanned up on the trees and he saw the flying end of a duppatta.. suddenly she caught on that and  held  it tight on her hand.. Dev's eyes gone wide seeing her hiding behind  those thick leaves . he noticed  a small bundle knot on the other end of her duppatta supported in her left hand..

Radhika tried to smile at him..

Dev raised his brows asking what are you doing up there..

She just gave a hopeless smile.. soon he saw Mohan and Bali stopping right down that tree and talking something and saying bye..

Dev just watched the whole scene silently… 

Mohan nearing Dev: come beta, let's go.. I will drop  you at the haweli.. it's a long walk to get back there.

Dev: no babuji I am fine, don't worry..

Mohan sitting back in Jeep: come beta, let's go. I need to see surender too..

Radhika signaled him to go with her dad…  unable to resist further Dev went along with Mohan..  he gave a pale look at the scene and found Bali standing next to the jeep for Mohan to take off..


On the way they stopped at one more place and  then reached haweli..


Somewhere he was feeling very unhappy…

Dev: Dad, where is mom?

Surender: kitchen with your buva.. where else.?.

Dev: Babuji,I will be right back..

Mohan: ha beta..

 He excused to go inside..  went to kitchen, he  stood froze for a second seeing the unexpected seen there..

Suchi and Lechu were biting on the fresh guavas.. happily…


Suchi with a happy smile: Dev, you are  back… try one.. it is really tasty..

Dev with a pause:  Mom, where did you get this?

 Suchi just signaled her eyes and he found Radhika and Buva coming in from the backyard door…

Dev kept his hands over his flanks  and looked at Radhika…

 Suddenly Radhika; hi..

Dev got puzzled seeing her normal response…

Radhika with a smile: want guava?

 Saying that  she went and picked one and  walked near to him..

 LEchu: it is so good Bro… very sweet..

Dev looked at Suchi…

Suchi: ha. Last time I was there with RAdhika.. do you know how  she pluck this? First I also got shocked, but then after tasting it..… yum.. saying that she gave one more bite..

Dev: Mom, is there is more.. Babuji also came with me, may be we can give to him too..

Suchi: oh, Mohan bhayya is here!..

Dev: ha.. looking at Radhika..

 Suchi: let me ask him..

Suddenly Radhika: no Mom.. Babuji doesn't like guava…

Dev: how do you know..?

Radhika: everyone knows.. heina sweety..

 Sushma: is it.?..with a tinge of doubt.... Radhika gave a warning look.. suddenly Sushma: oh ha.. Mohan bhayya won't eat guava…

Dev: interesting..

Dev: then may be for dad and daadaji..

Sudenly Radhika went and held his hand and said to Suchi: one minute Mom..

 Suchi looked at Radhika as she forced him to walk with her towards the back yard..  Suchi just smiled looking at Sushma. Lechu continued to eat her guava..

 Radhika stopped at a corner and asked: what is the problem , now? You want to show the guava to babuji, right.

then looking at his eyes seriously...: Do one thing, here take this and go in front of him and eat it.. he will be happy to see it .. ok and tell him that I plucked it..  happy.. and let him punish me... happy..

Dev: I didn't mean that..

Radhika turned her face away…

Dev came near holding the guava in hand that she placed on his hand:  Radhika, why you need to do all that, the place is yours and ..

Radhika: ha, I know.. but..  me and my friends used to do this.. not all the time..  very rarely…

Dve: why?

Radhika: for fun..

Dev: so you really love climbing onto these trees.., right?

Radhika: who told you to come out from that hiding place?

Dev: that's because I didn't see you.. so

Radhika: here nobody will eat me just like that.. ok, this is our Chandenpur..

Dev coming more closer:  um… so you are that confident..

Radhika gave a  kiddish angriness and walked into the kitchen quick and  said to Lechu: Lechu, I will see you later ok..

Lechu: are you leaving..? you just came in..

RAdhika: ha.. I need to see somebody..

Lechu: ok di.. I will see you for  dinner..

Radhika: bye mom and then gave another bye to Sushma and flew off from there.. Dev stood there biting onto the guava in his hand.. with a teasy smile on his lips corner….

Seeing Radhika Mohan: so you were here..

Radhika: no babuji, I just came in.

Babuji: so coming with me..

Radhika: ha, saying that she went and sat in front of the passenger seat..

 Mohan  and Surender continued  their talk while walking towards the Jeep.. Dev just came out through the arch door and looked at  Radhika, who was trying to hide her heavy face on him… he smiled again..

The dinner time at Haweli was filled with laugher and loud talks..  Laughing at Rahul's small jokes.. Dev was thinking of the time.. how much his dad missed being with his own dad, his sister and his friend..  for such long years.. he watched how happily his mom and sister mingled  with Sushma, Rohini, and daadi…  and then his eyes fell on her.. his Rahdika.. who still keeping that naughty angry face at him, talking to everyone, but avoiding him..  but he knew her eyes were cornering him every now and then..  he smiled away... 


Surender: ha Babuji, we need to start little early as Lechu and Radhika has college the next day. I know Radhika got used to  start late night but..

Mohan: it is ok Surender, don't worry..  actually I prefer that only.. this  maaji, and her plans.. and it is safe to go that way only, instead of hurrying in early morning 2 AM and sleeping in car…

Their talk went on and decided to start on after lunch..  Radhika was in front  to leave.. Dev didn't say anything..he just watched them  leaving... saying goodnight to all..


Radhika spend her morning near the river.. dipping her feet into the flowing water and the looking at the tiny small fish…  se still can't get out of that heavy feeling when she leaves to Delhi..  she preferred that lonely time there, just to be herself surrounded by the greenery,,,..

 "Di.. you are getting late.. come…"

Rahul's voice  brought her back into reality.. she tried to smile and walked along with him.. they chitchatted all the way towards home with Radhika forcefully bringing a smile on her face…..

Dev took blessings from his daadaji and Sushma.. before getting into the driver's seat..   Lechu went and took the front passenger seat  along with Dev…  


Radhika got ready and Birju came up to take her bag.. Radhika with a heavy face, slowly walked down with him…  Birju gave his usual,  warnings and advices..    Dev took blessings from the elders and … Radhika just gave a silent bye to everyone.. it was always like that… she try hard to bring a smile, just for her own comfort, but that never happened…  she sat back along with Surender and Suchi, tried to bring a forceful smile…

 Suddenly Daadi came to the window side and said: Radhika look for your payal and let me know OK.

Suchi: what happened?


Daadi: she lost one, ..  its her favorite and she is walking around with one on..  not listening to me.. so..

Dev tried to cough out as he heard the conversation behind.. 

Suchi at Radhika: you lost it over there?  Then looking back at Daadi: ya, we 'll surely check for it..

Daadi just nodded her head…

Dev glanced at Radhika's face as he ignited the engine…


Lechu kept her talking active as she commented on those buffalo starring at Dev during their first visit.  Dev also joined the talk.. Radhika slowly rested her head on Suchi's shoulder for sometime .. she tried hard to relax.. they stopped near a coffee shop after  two long hours of drive.   Had a nice break and Radhika also tried to join them..


Surender switched to the driver's place and   Suchi also joined him next to the passenger seat.  Dev came into sit on window side, Lechu shooed him off from there. He came to the next side and Radhika moved to the middle.. the family talk went on  for sometime and finally they reached home towards 10 PM when Dev pulled the car near the porch..  Lechu with a sleepy head walked to her room.. followed by Suchi's instructions and warning for next day..


All got tired and  retired to their rooms..  Dev had a good shower to take the tiredness off and he went down to grab a gulp of cold water..  Surender was on the phone at that time.. He just signaled goodnight by raising his hand up and peeked in their room to give a hug to mom…

Suchi:  didn''t you go to bed yet?

Dev: going now mom.. took a shower, feeling very fresh now..

Suchi: um.. anyway now I am at home.. let's do your packing and everything tomorrow, ok.. and check whether you need to buy anything?…

Dev: I am fine mom…

Suchi: ok then , goodnight.

Dev: good night mom…


He turned the stair lights off as he reached the top… Dev went to his room and turned the lights off. The moonlight through the window side caught his attention.. looking at the lightly dark moonlight sky, he smiled to self..


Radhika changed to a comfy sleep wear and was  braiding  her hair tight,    she closed her eyes when a cold wind  blown nearby her through  the window.. she losing her hands on her hair slightly but still continuing on it, she moved near to the window side too… and  took the beauty of darkness in her eyes…  


With a smile she turned by throwing her long braid over her shoulder to her back…  went and closed the door and raised her hand up to turn the light off…. Suddenly something flashed her eyes. With a jerk she turned and found Dev sitting smilingly... on her bed, resting his back on the headrest, relaxing well by keeping his both arms folded back and rested on his back of head… …  suddenly a shiver passed through her….

Radhika: what are doing here?

Dev didn't say anything..

Radhika looked at him again for an answer..

Finally Dev: why you need to ask the same question all the time..

Radhika still stood in confusion..

Dev put the bed lamp on. And went and turned the light off..

Dev held her wrist and walked near to the bed and made her to sit.. He sat next to her..

Dev: Radhika.. the other day I saw you running around to see me. Now I am here , sitting next to you , and we clearly know that you belong to me and I belong to you.. then…

Radhika: vo mei…

Dev: ok..  leave that now.. a tinge of sadness  played on his tone..  two days after I am going ..

She didn't say anything ,  but the sadness covered her face too..

Dev lifted her chin up with his finger and tried to give her a smile..

Radhika in a sad tone: then.. why you need to go?


Dev again smiled: I need to Radhika.. I need to complete my course.

Radhika: I know..

Dev: and I will wait for you to complete your course too…

Radhika  looked at him. He took her hand in his.. : it's a long wait for us now.. but we will ..  saying that he kissed her back of her palm…    she tried to bring a smile


Dev continued:  when I started from there, I just thought to give everyone a surprise and to see the smile on my mom's face..  but it turned out to be a surprise to me.. you came into my life.. maybe you were there all the time, I failed to realize it..   after a pause he asked..   and what about you Radhika?

Radhika didn't say anything. …

Dev with a hope: did you expected me..

She just nodded her head in agreement… 

Dev: to see me..

Radhika again nodded her head in agreement..

Dev: when did you realize your love for me..

She didn't say anything, she didn't nod her  head either, but  just looked into his eyes, challenging him to read it…   time ticked by… 

Dev: can I ask something..?

Radhika looked at him..

Dev: can you wear the saree and show me once….

She skipped few heart beats,, she forgot about it completely..   and looked at him stunningly..

Dev: please Radhika.. I know it will suit you really well,  I was dreaming about it yesterday…  when you left me without even looking at me.. with that heavy face..   it is painful Radhika,.. don't do that again…  but then I was thinking about your words, that you told me.. you said all that to me with the nature as the witness..   and then that guava thing spoiled  the rest of the day, and babuji caught me right on time...  but that guava was really sweet.. saying that he grinned…  anyway leave that.. now please , for me, once.. can you wear it and show me…

His pleading eyes made her to nod her head unknowingly..

 Dev with an ear to ear smile: ok.. then go now..

Radhika: NOW!!!!!

Dev: um.. now don't change your decision.. you agreed…

He stood and walked towards the cupboard and  scanned through it.. and finally a smile appered on his face as he found the color .. he picked it and gave in her hand…

Dev: please.. go… 

Radhika looked at him puzzled…

Dev looked back with all the hope..

Radhika brought a forceful smile and then her weaker legs moved near to the washroom….    Dev  went near the window…. A beautiful smile was playing on his lips…  he stood  there feeling the cold breeze coming through the window… 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Hi buddies..
 thank you so much for  the support.. 
so yes, she said after I made him little angry over it..  i am sure, otherwise i can surely hear all thatAngry Deviiiiiikaaaaaaaa call from you
he he he...
 Oh dear.. and the guava part over.. ye,  Mohan and Bali didn't look up or acted very normally, so only they didn't found Radhika.. but whereas Dev was searching for her.. ok..
Guava is really sweet yaar, when we pluck  and eat fresh.. yum... missing it...
then ready to send him off.. after two more nights..  
and  you said you are ready to travel with me into the mad world.. and it is not started yet,that will start after few more parts and after marriage.. so hold on, i have the list.. so we will make it up  there/......
 Ok tomorrow will catch you with one episode.. oh yes, you all right, that is what going to happen... she in saree.. may or may not.. Don't know.. let see..
and Radha.. saw your like buttons yaar.. thank you so much for reasuring with your words too... and yes,  thank you so much for that valuable comments dear.. to each and everyone of you.. thank you..  I am really happy to see it, to know that you read it  adn coming along with me...  Big smile
take care

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks di for another interesting & enjoyable update , waiting to see her in saree.

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
nice prt di... rads in saree next but wait a minute does she know to wear itWink hope dev is gone help  her in thatEmbarrassed but what about blouse she hasnt stitched that tooConfused

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
nice part...thx for the pm

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
wow nice update di
so Rad is going to wear the
after 2 days he is going to US..
waiting for the next update di
Thanks again for the story
you know di I love your FF
thanks 1s again

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Another beautiful update....Radhika   is wearing  saree in next episode will Dev help herWinkLOL....

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