Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Devika will they marry secretly before Dev leaves.Nice cute scene of Radhikas rootnaSmile anyway Dev seems to be enjoying.

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
So will she or won't she--wear the saree for him?

Will wait for your answer...

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Waiting for Radhs to come out with the saree just for her prince...............

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myry Newbie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged

the last 2 updates were lovely...waiting 4 the saari scene...will u make dev help her


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Dev was standing near the window feeling the cold breeze circling around  him and imagining his Radhika in that saree'...   his eyes were smiling along with him.. Suddenly he heard the door opening.. Dev's forehead tightened thinking " this quick" and he turned to look at her...

Radhika in her sleeper , looked at him and gave a childish smile: I need something else too.. forgot to take it...

Dev smiled..

Radhika went  near the cupboard.  Her hands just roamed around lifting few dress up and down and finally she got what she looked for..  she went to dressing table.. picked few pins.. and then again with a smile went back to washroom..

Dev again slipped into his dreamworld..imaging her in that saree ..

Inside washroom.. Radhika  managed with the skirt and blouse part..  she was standing with that pink long cloth in her hand, in total confusion..  cursing the person who INVENTED saree'  not only that for that lady who wore it for  the first time'  But then taking a deep breath.. she brought her mom's smiley face in front of her.. she imagined all their talk ..  Rohini telling her to learn it how to put on.. but then I was in my own world with the talk'  she took another few breaths.. OK , I can do it.. after all I do wore my lehanga duppatta for the dance.. I do know how that goes.. a smile appeared on her face.. so I really know how to do it. her face beamed with overconfidence.


Her hands moved quick, she found the end .. she secured that on her skirt.. she  circled once or twice.. she don't know, but she did.. she managed to cover her chest..

She smiled to self,  patting own back for doing such an easy job.. she took the pin.. and  pinned it nicely.. she looked herself in the mirror.. YES! She  made it.. may be better than mom. She covered her body nicely in that long piece of cloth.. turned to the side and made sure she is ok..  one more time she looked at her face, took the bindi  that was sticking onto the mirror and placed nicely in the middle of her forehead, slightly above her brows..  she showed her white pearls one more time'  with very much confidence she took her careful steps..


 He heard the door sound again. With that smile on his face, he turned as if he is still in trance, with his arms folded at chest level..  he saw her, standing near the washroom door in pink' pink..

His hands unfolded unknowingly.. he forgot to breath..  the time just froze for him , for few seconds..

Radhika looked at him with the cutest smile ever she can bring on her face.. and with the loveliest model look'

his thoguht..:Pink.. yes Pink.. but..' the lips shrink back to its normal place.. Dev walked near to her.. as she struggled to forward her feet. He went near and circled her once. Radhika stood there like a statue for him to admire her completely..  

Finally the words came out: beautiful Radhika.. how did you manage to stuff this on your body.

The smile disappeared from her lips, she came back to her  normal self..

Radhika:  don't you like this saree.?.

Dev: saree'!..  ha, I do like it, that is why I brought it for you..

Radhika with a very disappointed tone: then

Dev: Radhika..  this looks like you got into a tent  ..  Is this saree or a tent.. means.. I did buy a saree only, right? how did you you manage to stuff it aorund you..?

Radhika: but still I wore it..

Dev: ha, you did?  I wish to see like the other day.. on our engagemnt day..

Radhika tried to walk.. but then failed to move on .. Dev supported her and managed her to get near the bed. she sat quickly.. and took a deep breath.. Havoooo' then looking at Dev: that day mom helped me.. and that's the first day I wore a saree, you know how uncomfortable I was feeling that day'  then looking at Dev's face and admitting it she said: actually I don't know how to wear a saree.. so only I didn't wear that day to college..


Dev sat on the bed with a weaker body and  then looking back at her... he tried to smile: Radhika..  I never thought it that way.. that day, I just thought you were showing that uneasiness because of me being near you..  but that was because of your saree..! he tried to clarify it from her


Radhika: why should I feel uneasiness when you are near.?.

Dev shook his head one more time imagining his own thoughts with that moment.. he enjoyed her uneasiness, but that was'..because of her saree''  he looked back at Radhika: thanks for telling me now Radhika..

Radhika: now can I go and change..

Dev: do you know how to take it off. he asked in confusion

Radhika: that I can manage easily.. said with a confident tone..

Dev looked one more time.. he could easily see the number of pin heads peeking everywhere, connecting all the ends..

Radhika was about to move on..

Dev held her wrist.. She turned back and looked at him..

Dev: you know what.. first time I feel like respecting everyone who wear this long piece , make it beautiful  for the eyes to watch and without saying a word can easily make out it is a saree'


Radhika didn't get anything what he said but she said: will you agree with that.. ha, this is too difficult ..   poor ladies.. and more than  anything , you know what, she said in secretly and very innocently   it can easily show up your tummy  and all.. I still don't get it how these ladies are managing it so easily..  uff... 


Dev looked back at her with his parted lips.. comprehending her words..

She was about to move on..

Dev: Radhika , one second..

He went and turned the light on.. he managed to control his laugh..  picked the camera from the table..

Radhika: you want to take picture.?.

Dev just nodded his head and clicked quick'.. Radhika went back with a smile on her face..

Dev looked at the image on that tiny view finder. Smiled to self.. what was he imagining and how it came out. He thought to take that beautiful form of her in his mind and  for the eyes to see later..  and here she is standing like, cloth wrapped on a stick.. he smiled again imagining her  duck walk..  

Radhika inside washroom, again looked at her image, made sure, her skin was not visible at all.. she smiled again with happy.. as she took that long piece off from her body, she thought, but when mom tied it to me, it was easy for me to walk.. but this time it was little difficult.. not little, but slightly hard.. or may be hard.. anyway he is happy, now why should I bother'.. she struggled to get few pins out, but she took a deep sigh as she undone the corner end of it from her skirt' ...within few seconds she changed to her comfy sleeper. She folded the saree nicely and came out'..


Dev's eyes were on the images on the viewer.. he was smiling thru it.. Radhika got onto the bed and she sat behind and was watching the images.. but surprised to see her image  from Chandenpur..

Radhika surprisingly: when did you take this?


Dev jerked first hearing her voice near, but then , looked at her and saw her in comfy cloth.. with a smile he: so feeling better.?.

Radhika sat back: much better, really .. I feel like now I can breath.. showing him a brething in motion..

Dev: um' ...I can see that..

Radhika: show me the pictures too' ,when did you take all these?

Dev: Radhika.. I love photography..  I always try to capture those moments or the scene that attract me.. I love to see them again in that place and time.. so this is the only way, thru this I can take all that with me..

Radhika felt sad too..  she just glanced at them quickly.. more of hers, then chandenpur, then family' 


Dev as if remembering: Radhika.. you have college tomorrow , right.. it is too late.. now you go to bed.. I have few more things to finish..

Radhika: its ok.. I don't feel sleepy..'

He was happy to hear that, but he knows: No Radhika.. you might be tired.. so go to bed, ok..

Radhika: um..

Dev was about to get up, but then he turned and looked at her face once..


Radhika: what?

Dev: you asked me something earlier.. But I didn't answer.. and if I don't answer now, you will later ask me what did  you ask me..

Radhika in a normal tone: what did I ask you?


Dev in a soft loving tone: you asked me why you should feel uneasiness when I am near you.. 


Radhika:  ha.. vo.. but.. 

  her words got stuck.. she looked at his loving eyes.. and she felt her face skin feeling  warm.. she tried to normalize herself , but seeing his face coming near..  her cheeks showed   the warmth of her uneasiness by giving it a pink shade..  and her breathing went conscious..  
 his face crossed her eyes and near her ears he mumbled: I can feel it , your uneasiness Radhika..  and do you need any answer for that'...  and then slowly pulled his face back near her.. and looked into her unbelievable eyes  for few seconds..   then slowly he placed his lips on her right cheek ...
as she sat in looking into his eyes with her dried throat, pulling himself back to look again into her eyes, .. he said: this is for yesterday'... that I missed badly..' and for today.. especially after accepting my gift and my request..  he lifted his arm up and held her braided hair at the neck level and forced her face to come more closer and then slowly  pressed his lips over  her left burning cheek skin..  she skipped few beats.. she forgot to breath.. she sat there with her wide open eyes.. not pulling back much he smiled to self.. she was still feeling his warm breath falling onto her cheek.. his soft voice said moving slightly forward near to her ear: I love you Radhika..  the goosebumps just showed up behind her ear and her neck.. she felt a shiver passing through her..


He pulled his face   back  and  looked at her froze state .. he passed a teasing smile to her.. Dev walked away turning the light off..  she still sat there, in that same position..  feeling his touch' unknowingly her hand went up to touch her cheek.. and she struggled to get that darkness into her eyes...



Next day morning Dev went to drop Radhika at college. As usual that became a scene to watch for the students..  He spend the rest of the day with his mom.. both went for outing, shopping and then finally came back with so many bags.. she just brought whatever came to mind  ignoring his refusal.. and just put everything over his bed..

Suchi: we will do the packing later..  now I am tired..

Dev: mom' I told you I don't need all these..  

Suchi: its ok' now you will say, and once you reach there, you wish for all these'

Dev: Mom, I will be right back.. looking  at his watch..

Suchi with a teasing tone: um', I know.. going to pick Radhika.. I know why you were refusing everything at that time' ..don't want to be late'   then with a thinking" Dev, I never thought my son will ever do something like this?


Dev: like what?

Suchi: this.. waiting for a girl outside her college.. I am feeling shy thinking of that

Dev came near to his mom and putting his arms around her shoulder: Mom, this is not any girl mom. This is Radhika.. My Radhika.. but then with a chuckle..: I mean.. our Radhika..

Suchi: um... um.. now don't waste time.. go' 

Dev gave a quick kiss and ran away from there..

Suchi just smiled watching him running away..


Soon Radhika and Dev back in home.. Radhika got surprised to see the shopping bags in Dev's room..

Dev: not me, its all mom.. now I need to pack, othersie mom will fele bad..

Radhika: I know how you  will pack your stuff. Don't worry, leave the packing part to me.. I can do that ..

Dev coming near : are you sure..

Radhika: um.. 

He was about to stretch his arms out to hold her , he heard Lechu's voice

Lechu: all these just for you.!!!! not fair.. nothing for me..  .  I wish I also go somewhere , then mom can buy all this for me too..

Dev: oh.. you want my shirts and pants.. take it..

Lechu: Bro..

Suchi coming up: ok kids, get ready fast.. need to go to temple.. tomorrow Daadi  and Mohan bhayya coming,.. so we will spend time at home only..  so get ready fast..

Dev felt disappointed hearing one more evening from his mom's mouth.. Radhika noticed that..  but then Suchi again warned them to get reay quick

As Suchi walked out: Radhika, do you have anything specific for college tomorrow..

Radhika: no mom., actually we had a period free today and I did my work at that time..

Suchi: ok Beta.. then get ready fast..  Dad will be here any minute..  I requested for a special pooja  in Dev's name .. so..

Radhika went to her room.. took her   green salwar  out to go into the wash room.. suddenly the pink color fell on her eyes..  she knew there something went wrong the other day.. she touched on it.. and then keeping her salwar back, she picked it out..

 She took a quick body shower and then went down to Suchi's room'  Suchi smiled hearing her request.. but then without questioning  her much she went and  locked the door...  she started helping her to wear it.. Radhika was trying to control her blushing smile as she imagined his eyes on her..  Suchi was noticing the changing shade on her face..  Radhika was blindly following Suchi's instructions....

Suchi: ok.. now tell me, how do you feel.?.

Radhika came back to reality and looked at her image in the mirror.. She felt shy.. she smiled at Suchi and said thanks..

Suchi: no , I won't accept any thanks beta..

Radhika just hugged her and walked out from the room.. Suchi stood there , with an unknown pleasure of happiness, that wet her eyes for a second.. as if she just dressed up her own daughter, to look beautiful for the eyes to watch and to feel proud seeing those on her'

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Part 50

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
The princess is going to wear the saree for the pooja just for her princeEmbarrassed 
Loved the update!!! Waiting for Dev's reaction............

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Big smile Hi buddies..
 Thank you for that liek buttons and valuable comments dear...
Ye.. you people are amazing.. you caught on that blouse part too...   Oh my... ya, she was able to grab it too.. and you asked , does she know  how to wear it... oh God.. you caught all my points.. so you did remember her 1st attempt...  yes...  thank you so much for the feedback...
now you won't see a date on the topic line as i may be updating it everyday, except saturday or sunday.. but updates will be there mon-fri for sure.. but if there is any change or gap, i will put up the date.. but otherwise, it is coming everyday (may be one day gap rarely).. because of your support to my spirit... 
So chalhov..  no secret marriage dear, i can't handle that part well. I need everyone to know when they get marry.. and it will be a special moment for them, but i may pass all that quick..  and will be different from FF#1.. there it was totally Godly imagination and  Kanha and Pooja's , arti's and all.with the best everything for Radev as CV depressed me so much, i tried to shower them with everything possible to satisfy myself.....
.   this is a normal world for Radev.. even though it started out in a fairy land/tale.. that was just to get into the world of reality , for me to carry you into my story or scene.. whatever you want to name it.. but now i am out from there, into the reality..  so it will be different..  depending on situation...
also arjun.. ye, that will be a talk later, but for now he is out of scene...
 so soon will get ready to say bye to Dev...  and we will enter phase three...   so till then .. 
have a good day, goodnight and swwet dreams..
take care
 devikaBig smile
tell you somehting.. I love doing it yaar.... thanks for tolerating me....

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
that was sooo cute! i love ur Radev scenes! they're innocent and so romantic! ur Radev are the most adorable i hav ever read. great update!

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