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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
lovely update...thx for the pm

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palak13 Goldie

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di update soon

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Request: first paragraph,  I am relating flowers to you , I mean the crazy avina fans' ok.. thanks.. so imagine yourself as a flower head, if you come under one.. thanks...

The nature stood silent to listen to her answer..  the eyes of the flowering heads blinked once.. and the smile of their enthusiasm was clearly shown in their flickering lashes and the faster heartbeats' they looked at this loving jodi forgetting the world around them keeping their ears active..  ' Dev looked into her hazel colored eyes with so much love.. her eyes just looked back into that seducing eyes moving her eyeballs corner to corner.. to see his eagerness , to see his love for her..  but the words were stuck in her throat'   she stood as if asking him to read her eyes..  time ticked by..

Radhika felt his loosening grip on her hand..  she tried to tuck that teasy smile at the corner of her lips, to hide from him on her next move..   suddenly her eyes acted so innocent and Dev noticed her change .. before he could realize it, she turned and ran away from there'  Dev, losing all his control along with the flowers unknowingly called out the name with the most angriful mumbling  tone'


   and he hit his open left hand with a powerful fist of his right hand'..  nature became active again  but gloomy.. the flower heads swayed back with the wind with their droopy lashes and their lips corner just curved down'. 


Dev came back to reality.. he looked at the space where she disappeared.. he paced faster calling her name out, into the woods'  he stopped by.. looked around.. there was no seen of his Radhika anywhere.. he was getting impatient.. he called out for her again..   he lowered down the voice as his eyes caught the sight of cattle heads little far away, with few older kids walking with long sticks in hand'   he paused, then again looked around.. he entered further into the woods.. he  recognized that place, where she was reading the book.. where she showed him the tiniest birds' something flashed his mind, he looked up with  a hope'  the branches were empty' the smile disappeared from his lips..   but then the sound of her payal gave up on her.. he heard it clearly , the giggling of it.. once.. he controlled his lips from stretching out, he controled his breath.


He,  with a determination  stood there making his ears the most active and took few soft moves.. he knew she is watching him..  the thickness of the woods gave him enough space to hide quick.. he kept his ears active again.. he smiled as he heard that odd sound of her payal.. once and then twice or thrice.. he spotted her..  he saw her peeking head to spot him.. he saw her winning smile disappearing from her face.. he took his camera out from his shoulder side and carefully hanged it down on a strong branch..


Radhika was holding onto that large trunk easily and was making careful slow moves to both sides to spot him' she lost her patience..  he cannot stay away from her eyes for that long. He should know that my heart will ache..  she totally forgot that she was hiding from him, her body shown more clearly visible from that big tree..


Dev neared the tree from behind.. saw her feet on  the broader branch..  he went right below and with a jump on his feet , his hand touched on her heels.  Radhika got scared and she lost her balance, she looked back down  as  her feet gave up on her.. with a frightened  aaaaa' she fell down'


She clung to his neck with fear' time ticked by..

Dev's lips moved near her ears: it's ok Radhika, you are safe'' 

She skipped few heart beats as she heard his voice near her ears.... she loosened her  tightly closed eyelids, to breath normal.. to normalize her heartbeat.. to ensure that she is safe.. she tightened her arms around his neck one more time for her own assurance..  but then slowly she felt his arms around her.. holding her  strong, safely close to his heart , across his chest.. .she felt his breath falling near her cheek.. 


Dev: Radhika.. open your eyes, you are safe..

The voice of him made her to feel shy..., her cheeks turned pink,  she hesitated to open her eyes to hide her shyness from him' once she wished him to put her down, so that she can run away from there.. but she knew, it is hard, as she clearly felt  his strength protecting her around.

Dev with a concerned tone: I didn't mean to scare you Radhika. Please open your eyes.. you are safe..


She felt shy that she turned her face to hide near his neck.. Dev looked at her hiding face.. but then he saw her blushed cheek.. his lips unknowingly smiled along with his happy heart' then only it flashed in his mind that she is in his  hold, and his arms are tightened over her, and he is holding her closer to him.. then  he felt her losing arms.. 


With a teasy smile, he acted as if he is going to drop her right then.. within fraction of second she just clung back on his neck more tightly..

'I won't let you go Radhika.. trust me'' he said in a very soft voice.. he heard his fluttery heart beat.. he slowly loosened his arm around her waist level and lowered her feet onto the ground..  her body just slide down slowly rubbing to his as she slowly loosened her hold on his neck..  but as if calculating her next move , he kept his hold on her upper back strong, close to him' Radhika stood very close to him, with her head down, with her faster heart beats.. she felt her legs numb..  she kept her arms loosely over his chest.. her ears listened to his happy heartbeats..

Before she could comprehend everything together, his right arm circled her  and took her completely in his embrace.. she was trying  hard to control her smiley lips.. she felt the uneasiness as his arm stroked on her back few times , to hold her more comfortably in his embrace.. she felt like a feather, just got into his arms'   and slowly closed her eyes to hear his happy heart beats more closer'


Dev with the most lovely tone: now tell me' what was in your mind' please tell me Radhika.. I can read that in your eyes, I can see that in your face.. but tell me once, I want to listen to it too'


Radhika forgetting the world around her, ignoring her shyness, straightened her face by moving it slightly back and then taking courage she lifted up her chin up to look at his face..   she saw his loving eyes requesting her to tell her mind out to him..  their eyes locked 'as time ticked by,..  her lips tried to move, with a gulp she said in trance' :  .. my heart was fluttering to hear your voice ,  my mind was flying off to see your smile' and my eyes were thirsting to see your loving gaze..

But her burning skin  over her face and   her fluttery heart gave up on her and she hide her head back into his chest' 

Dev with the happiest smile ever held her more closer by holding her at the neck level bringing her more closer to his heart.. '" I knew it Radhika.. and you know you made me the happiest person today'  first time my heart is feeling so light, but still I am unable to control its beats,'  I knew that you are mine, but to hear from you, is the most beautiful thing happened to me,  in my life'"  saying that he looked at her bowed head.. he placed a soft kiss over her head, and then tightened his arms around her to feel that moment, to realize that moment, and to hold that moment fresh for the rest of their life' 


The nature once again stood froze listening to their love.  The smooth wind just blown passed them circling around '   as if it is going to take the message with them for the world to know about their love.. because the wind saw it, the wind heard it and the wind felt it'


 Little far away the droopy heads of flower heads stood froze for a second as the wind passed by them.. they tried to believe it, they knew that the love is there around somewhere, because they saw the couple happy together, they happily watched the couples nok-jhoks, they dreamed of the couple together for months and years and now the coupledeclared to the world loud that they are together.. together forever' they need each other's company to move on in their life'  the flower heads lashes flung open, their lip corner arched up, they started dancing with the wind and they rejoiced for their union'  for their declaration'.


'I think we should go back now..' Radhika mumbled..

'umhum..' he disagreed.. tightening his arms around her..

Radhika loved to hear that..but : babuji may be waiting for me'

Suddenly Dev loosened his arms around her and moved his body back and looked at her face and said in a slightly irritated voice: why you need to bring your babuji's name now..

Radhika tried to control her teasy smile: are you really scared of him?..

Dev: please'  no more babuji talk' 

 he stood there keeping his arms over his flanks showing his disppointed face'


Radhika: um.. that's good.  Atleast I can use my babuji's name to scare you if I need..

Dev with a suspicious tone: why you need to scare me..

Radhika: then only you will let me leave na..

Saying that out with a big giggle she turned and ran away from there. Dev realized., him releasing her from his arms.. he smiled.. he took his camera from the branch and ran behind her'


 Finally he joined her near the meadow.. he walked closer to her, rubbing his arms on hers, Radhika folded her hands back over her chest, trying to control her smile.. Dev looked at her angrily.. Radhika signaled him to look at the space.. he saw the goats munching onto the greenery nearby..

Dev: but you didn't notice any of them when you came to meet me..

Radhika tried to smile again..

Dev: now you started seeing everyone.. inacluding the animals..  he said that with little disappointment..

Radhika looked at him and signaled again with her eyes..

He saw the older kids playing around.. and few were looking at them smiling..

Dev smiling at them back , mumbled to Radhika: so now you can see the world easily around because i am with you.. so I think it is good for me to hide from you, then you will long to see me...'

 the smile dispapered and  she looked at him disappointedly..

Dev waved at a kid who was showing him the cricket bat..

Radhika: why, don't you want to play.. with a  tinge of dispappointed voice..

Dev: I like to, but not at this time..   now my mind is wishing to hold my radhika's arm and run all through this meadow'  she smiled again listening to his words with a tinge of shyness....

Dev: Radhika.. you smile beautifully..

Radhika in a very normal tone: I know..

Dev: ye'.  Not all the time..

Radhika: what?

Dev:  only when you smile for me..

Radhika controlled her happy smile.. : tell me how you came to know that I came to haweli..

Dev: magic..

Radhika: please..

Dev:  because I saw you running towards there.. I tried to stop you, but by then you got inside the fence .. 

Radhika: then why you didn't ccall mefrom behind..

Dev: I was about to, but by then I saw daadaji looking at you too. and dad was standing next to him.. so...  and if I come back, then they all will tease me for sure and won't let me go out again.. .

Radhika: no wonder I didn't see you in your room..

Dev: so you did check me over there..

Radhika: no,  actually not, because I saw everyone, I just thought where you maybe..

Dev: oh really.. so that is why all that return run to this meadow..

Radhika: vo..mei..

Dev: um' tell me..

Radhika: ha, I was looking for you only' she paused for a second and said: happy' very happy, very very happy.. ok then good.. now I need to go.. need to pluck some guava.. suchi mom asked me.. so bye..

Dev: ye, I am coming with you too..

Radhika with a thought: no you can't ..

Dev: why?

Radhika: because men are prohibited that in that area..

Dev tightening his forehead: what?

Radhika: ha.. so

Dev: but I am coming with you..

Radhika with a thought.. : ok, I can take you with me, but promise me, you  will keep the secret with you only,  and won't say anything to me later ..

Dev: ok.. agreed..

They walked towards there' ...  Dev was thinking.. ' what is so secret in that place, that men are not allowed.. um, interesting'  '

They neared the area.. Radhika found a safer place behind an odd large tree .. and held dev's hand and forced him to sit there, without making any noise' , gave him warning, if the owner see any men here, they will beat them with the stick.. so  be careful ok.. and don't try to check back at me..

Dev listened to her warning carefully and behaved like a nice kid.. she looked at the space and reassured him one more time holding his arm and then moved like a thief.. dev saw there is something wrong in that go of her.. he turned once to check on her, but right then she turned to look at him too.. she warned him again...' he hide his head back again..


Time was ticking by.. he lost all his patience, he peeked out, but found the space empty.. he stretched his head out further to spot her , but failed.. unknowingly his body moved out from behind the tree truck and he stood scanning the area where she disappeared..  his heart raised faster as he remembered her warning.. but then.. where did she go, leaving him all alone there to hide from everyone...'

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Part 48

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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oh dear....
 first and formost, thank you so much..
 so you all noticed my agarbatti talk... nice catch buddies.. i really thought that may skip from your eyes....  but you caught me..
since the declaration came openly to us, i also made it open.. hope you will like it... imagining you all with me...
and few of you happily ready to join with me in my next move.. so thank you and welcome.. i need to format it , because you need lot of patience, may not be you, it may be me.. need to bring out  a very complex behaviour,  which will be challenging for me...  so i need to take my ownn precaution before presenting that in front of you... 
so  few more days to enjoy radev moments before his flight take off..  and then get ready for their grand wedding but short in my words..
Thank you so much for those encouraging and supporting words and also that curious notes...
 hope all are enjoying your warm weather..
God bless avina and their union and my heartful wishes to them...  wish to see that smile on their lips for the rest of my life....  because i loved them so much as a jodi, just like you all...
take care

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radhika5 Goldie

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Hi Devika

This was a very beautiful romantic episode--like the interplay between nature and feelings--

I wonder if today's episode was inspired by the "BREAKING NEWS"
"they knew that the love is there around somewhere, because they saw the couple happy together, they happily watched the couples nok-jhoks, they dreamed of the couple together for months and years and now the couple declared to the world loud that they are together.. together forever"

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by radhika5

Hi Devika

This was a very beautiful romantic episode--like the interplay between nature and feelings--

I wonder if today's episode was inspired by the "BREAKING NEWS"
"they knew that the love is there around somewhere, because they saw the couple happy together, they happily watched the couples nok-jhoks, they dreamed of the couple together for months and years and now the couple declared to the world loud that they are together.. together forever"
totally ... this was not i thought may come out, but mind gave up on me and just made her to talk out too.........Embarrassed

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Another lovely  and romantic update will wait for the next one.

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gauranitai Goldie

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dat was fabulous!!!!!! I demand more!!! hehehe! i simply love ur style of writing, keep it up Devika di.Heart

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