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Part 46

Radhika was looking at the full moon that was shining above through the railings of her window' the smooth wind was blowing in. She saw the resting trees, but the crickets sound was giving a natural music to the nights of chandenpur. Her lips were tucked with a small chirpy smile'

"whose face you are trying to find in that full moon..?"  the sound of daadi brought her back to reality. She smiled at daadi..

Daadi with a teasing smile: Radhika, I did ask you something?

Radhika with a smile:  no ones

Daadi: um.. then why that smile for?

Radhika: I was not smiling..

Daadi:  oh ya, you are right... then may be  you were dreaming..

Radhika: daadi..

Daadi came and hugged her with a her usual teasing smile'.

Radhika: daadi, can I ask you something..

Daadi: what?

Radhika: do you hear that  starnge villager's song now a days..

Daadi walking near to bed and sitting on it with her leg  strighted up: I didn't pay any attention.. You are the one always listens to it and tells me, right..?

Radhika: ha.. but.. I really wish to hear him tonight..

Radhika getting in bed and laying her head in daadi's lap: who might be it Daadi? Do you know?

Daadi: No beta.. may be just a traveler.. who comes and goes once in a while through our  area..

Radhika: why can't he go every night through this way, so that all can listen to his songs..

Daadi: Radhika.. you didn't change at all..

Radhika: why should I?

Daadi was stroking on her hair' : so tell me about Delhi news..

Radhika: nothing daadi.. all were sad when Dev 's trip plan got preponded, but then dad cheered everyone up saying its just for six months..

Daadi: um.. I can see that cheer on your face too.

Radhika tried to hide her face in her daadi's lap and said:  daaaaaadi..

Daadi with a teasing smile: so , you accepted the Prince.. then..

Radhika didn't say anything.. just tried to hide her face further '

Daadi just smiled and said: I know Radhika.. I know' But I am really happy for you... then after a pause she continued...  He is starting on Wednesday, right?  .. I forgot to tell you..  Birju brought the agarbathi.. it is in my room.. remember to take it with you..

Radhika sitting and giving a kiss on her daadi's cheek thanking her, she put her arms around her neck and rested her head over her shoulder'

Daadi: do you need anything else?

Radhika: no.. that is fine..

Suddenly as if noticing something, daadi: Radhika.. Where is your payal' looking widely at her right ankle..

Radhika looked at her ankle and said: I don't know daadi.. Maybe it fell somewhere?

Daadi: How can you say it in such a calm voice Radhika..  If it was fallen somewhere, why you didn't tell me right away , when you noticed it....

Radhika: actually I just noticed it daadi..

Daadi: don't try to hide it from me Radhika.. I know how much you like those anklets ..

Radhika: Daadi.. it's ok. I lost it in Delhi house only..

Daadi: oh, so that is why you are keeping quiet. It might have fallen somewhere inside your room, did you check?

Radhika: Ha, but didn't find anywhere..

Daadi: check  thoroughly, otherwise we can buy a new one next weekend, ok..

Radhika: um' I am really feeling sleepy.. Can I ?

Daadi: um..

 Radhika laying back straight in bed and closed her eyes..

Daadi just sat there looking at her face'that was blushing as she slipped into her dream world'  Daadi looked kept her eyes on her as Radhika brought her arm upto cover her face and turned away her face from her daadi...

Morning was cold and beautiful outside .. the dewdrops were still sticking  on to the leaf end as if hesitating to fall off..  the earth slowly started awakening..   The lights were on inside the house'.  She was standing near the window with her wet hair, looking at the beauty of the chandenpur morning.. she tried to smell the  fresh air, that brought her the freshness of flower fragrance.. her eyes smiled happily , looking at the sky above  which was looking beautiful with those flying birds'but she was smiling throughout unknowingly...   Spending few more time there, she went down for her usual tea..


Rohini looking at her daughter who was silently sipping on to that hot tea: Radhika.. you really changed a lot..

Radhika: why mom..

Rohini: you became more silent..

 Radhika: no mom.. I am just the same..

Rohini: no, you did change and I can see that' 

Radhika keeping the cup back near the sink: no mom' let me go dress up' I want to walk around..

Rohini : be careful..

Radhika: um' saying that she ran to upstairs..

Rohini looked at her disappearing image.. I can see it Radhika, and you did change. Seeing you from your birth ,my daughter, ...all that changes in you never escaped from my eyes..   .. ha, you are same, but now your mind is not with you.. it started flying off to catch the dreams.. and I can clearly see it my baby..   but I miss my Radhika, who was the voice of this house once..  whose giggle was the sound of the happiness in this house..  like any other girl, you also changes with time and nature,  she felt her eyes feeling wet.. '   she took a deep sigh'  and brushing it away without knowing the real meaning for  those tears...   


Radhika wearing an yellow churidar with completely printed work climbed down fast the stairs' looking at her mom's face she said: mom, I am going to see sweety first.. then few more rounds, and will be back..

Rohini: ye.. Radhika.. its too early..

Radhika: so what,  I used to meet sweety first when I come back here..

Rohini: ha, but don't you think this is little early.. wait to have your breakfast and then you can go..

Radhika: I am fine mom..

Rohini: no' Babuji will be right back after his morning walk, then have breakfast with him and then go..

Radhika sat there with a heavy face,..

Rohini: now what happened?

Radhika: nothing.. I will wait..

Rohini just nodded her head and went inside.. but then called from there..: Radhika, come here, help with breakfast prep, now you also need to start on doing all these..

Quick response came back from Radhika: mom, I am going upstairs, need to check o Rahul..  taking the steps upstairs as quik as she can....

Rohini: ha.. now I can say you didn't change at all'  Rohini said little loud for her to hear self'. 

Finally Radhika was able to run towards the haweli..  her mind was not in her hand and her legs were not touching the ground.. she was like flying towards there to get there as quick as she can'  She stopped as she reached near the main door.  She got her sense back. She looked around. Her breathing was going heavy after all that long run, she tried hard to control that ear to ear smile from her lips.  she took some deep breath...

Seeing Radhika at doorstep , Yeshpal: Radhika beta.. is everything OK..

She turned and found daadaji and Surender standing near the angan..

Radhika smiled :  ha.. vo  where is sweety?

Surender tightening his forehead: sweety?

Yeshpal  with a smile: who else, the great sweet maker only' ha ha   .. then turning to Radhika he said : um.. everything changed, except your call..

Radhika: vo mei.. .. please daddaji'

Yeshpal: she is in kitchen'

Radhika: ok Daadaji, let me go and meet her..

Yeshpal with a smile: um..

She was conscious to walk in slow. Her eyes were scanning everywhere as she walked towards the kitchen.. it was mostly empty' her eyes dropped down seeing the silence of the house.. finally she reached near kitchen..

"Radhika.. how are you beta.?."  sound of Suchi brought her back to reality..

Radhika smiled conveying a positive message.

Suchi: is there anything special? You came this early?

Radhika: ha vo..

"she is like that, whenever she comes back from there, next day morning she will be present in front of me.. need to  keep up  the attendance, right? .we got used to it now' I was also expecting her.." saying that she went near and hugged Radhika'

They chatted for some time. Finally with all her impatience, she tried to act normally..:  where is Lechu?

Suchi: upstairs in Sushma's  room.. still sleeping.  She was talking with her all through night and went to bed late night.

Sushma: what else, she was talking about your dance performance and all only.. I think now she might have awake now.. go and check..

Radhika with a smile: ji..

And ran off from there..

Suchi and Sushma just smiled..  Radhika's eyes scanned the hallway as she went to sushma's room.. Lechu was still sleeping. She tried to wake her up , but Lechu crawled under,  saying..   "later di, please..

Radhika with a half mind got up from there and walked out, her eyes looked  at the balcony which was empty and then just taking her breath in, looked in Dev's room,  as a thief's precatuion she scanned again around to make sure her safety.. 

She straightened her spine and walked slowly down the stairs, very disappointedly.. suddenly Dev's words strike back in her mind.. that he will wait for her in the meadow'

 She paused one second..then with a raising heartbeat.. her feet started  taking longer pace.  Within seconds she was shown in front of Suchi and Sushma..

Radhika: Suchi mom, I need to go.. bye..

Sushma: where is Lechu?

Radhika answered as she turned to run away: sleeping''.

Suchi: Radhika.. my stomach is starving for some yummy guava..

Radhika: ha.. I can look for '..

Before completing that sentence  she disappeared from her sight..

Her payal on her (L) ankle sounded its maximum as she was placing it faster to catch up with her mind's  speed..  it brought a rhythmic thal as if it is not missing one..  her yellow soft  chiffon duppatta was flying away from her neck on its both end.. On her way.. she didn't see little one's calling for Radhika deedi to play with them,  she moved in with a tunneled vision...  ' she just gave a dreamy smile to the kaki who stopped to talk to her on her way' she circled on that muddy pathway pacing slow , looking into her wrinkled eyes, acknowledging that she saw them' but it was just a show.. they stood there watching their Radhika.. running with a  hidden smile on her lips and hopeful eyes'   her legs stepped on that unevenly organized stones near the river bank.. she didn't notice the soft water flowing with all its happiness seeing her feet near them....

She stopped once at the bank and looked around.. saw the greenery at a glance, didn't hear the soft flwoing river's  call... her eyes were searching for him but her piya didn' t show up anywhere'  but then at a  distance she saw the meadow..  her lips stretched from ear to ear and tucking her loose hair back behind her ear, she ran again' she saw the lengthy heads of the flowering stems swaying with the wind'  her steps fell on that greenery, rubbing her hands on them by bending her knee slightely, she ran  near to the woods.. but her hands didn't feel the feathery touch of those smiley flowers...    she stopped and looked around againas she reached near the woods.. .. but he was not there, anywhere  where her eyes reached.. slowly a disappointment shadowed on her face.. the smile started fading away' her mind mumbled.. you only told me that we will meet here, then where are you?'  she looked around one more time and sat on a stone nearby..  ferns that grow up into dark green leaves tried to touch her hand to put the nice imprint on .. but it lost most of its white powder swaying in that wind.. she didn't notice it... .  ..  Radhika sat there with a very gloomy face, with her dropping eyes' she supported her chin with her one hand and just sat there, looking blindly into the ground'  but then her were seeing ..'her sitting with kids and he coming with a smile with an offer to take pictures'.. somewhere inside that image brought a smile on her lips unknowingly'


"Isn't it the most beautiful scene Radhika' best for a panoromic nature portrait'"  the sound of him made her eyes to raise up and there he is standing in front of her with holding onto his camera with a smile on his lips and loving eyes....

 She tried to stand up, but then he sat next to her with a big smile on his lips, signaling her to sit too.. She sat back as if listening to him..


Dev with a beautiful smile looking around started praising the nature around.. she looked at him unbelievably.. her eyes tried to read his happiness seeing all that around him.. but  then her mind gave up on her, her eyes just gazed on his face, his moving lips... her eyes wandered over his face, admiring his features,  she didn't hear what he was mumbling... but   she   knew his lips are moving, her ears acted  deaf for  her eyes to  satisfy his presence near her .

"you don't believe Radhika, how many photograph's I took' want to see them'"  enthusiastically he looked at her.. he didn't get any reply, but her eyes were on him' he tried to repeat one more time, but then the words got broken seeing her look into his eyes' he tried to flash his hands in front of her eyes, calling her name'  but still she sat there like a doll with an unbelievable eyes..   Dev, with a tease smile, straightly looked into her tried to read her mind..  time ticked by..


"Radhikaaaa'''" the soft lovable voice, called her from his inner heart..  she heard it..  she jerked her head once and then widening her eyes, she realized what she was just doing.. suddenly she tried to hide her face and looked away.. Dev's lips played a shy smile and he looked away too.. the silence engulfed them for few minutes'

"what you were saying..?' Radhika with a hesitant soft voice..

Dev looked back at her and said with another tease smile: nothing..

Radhika tried to get up by rubbing away the dirt from her hands..

Dev held her hand: where are you going now? Sit here na, please..

Radhika didn't turn back but said:  I need to go..

Dev:  where?  Just now only you came here, then why hurry.. I mean not even five minutes..

Suddenly the tone changed in her, she turned back: not even five minutes!!!' you don't know how long I was waiting for you here and now you are saying not even five minutes..

Dev stood from the stone and looked into her eyes: I thought you will never admit that you waited for ME..

Radhika realized her slipped toungue.. she suddenly changed her subject: ha, that's because you told me that you want to know more about only I came..

Dev: oh.. that's a nice reasoning..

Dev: then tell me about Buva. as if letting her know that he understood it

Radhika: I told you whatever I know..

Dev: then why did you come?

Radhika swallowed on her words: vo.. vo' that's  because you said like that.. means, you wanted to know what happened at the campus..

Dev hang the camera across his chest  and said: come , let's walk

Radhika: where? I need to go..

Dev looked at her  slightly demanding face, and smiled once, and her slightly tinged bitterness just melt away.. she looked at him with a normal lovable face..

Dev: come , Radhika.. let's walk..

Radhika folded her arms around her chest level, and her duppatta in a single layer was covering her neck down up till her abdomen and it was just spread completely over her both arms, and the end of it just freely hanged down..

Dev wearing a jeans short sleeve shirt and black pant, just walked along with her..

Dev: No Radhika.. you know more about Buava..

Radhika looked at him suspiciously..

Dev: I have seen you wiping her tears off.. why she was crying the other day.

Radhika:buava , crying! When?

Dev: Radhika.. I saw you wiping her tears the other day' you know last time, I mean after our engagement and all..

Radhika: how did you see her crying?

Dev: why you need to ask all these questions. I saw you both standing in your backyard, and clearly saw you wiping her tears , from your window side..

Radhika: aap jassosi kar rehe the?

Dev: Radhika' please..

Radhika: sorry, sorry.. um' as if thinking hard' Buava.. crying.. no actually she wasn't crying..

Dev: don't try to hide it from me now.. I saw it clearly..

Radhika: actually it was not the crying what you think it was..

Dev looked at her with his confused face..

Radhika: she was crying with happiness.

Dev: what?

Radhika: ha. In a trance.  first time I saw her in suspicion while talking to me, doubting her confidence or may be trust and I was not understanding any reason for that.. so when I said that there is nothing to be concerened like that. She broke into tears instantly with happiness.

Dev: what?

Radhika realizing what she just said: nothing..

Dev: tell me again..

Radhika: it is nothing ,  did I say something..

Dev: ha you did..

Radhika: vo vo.. ok.. she was happy about our engagement and she cried for that..

Dev: you are really confusing me..

Radhika: did I?

Dev looked at her happy winning  smile..

Radhika: then I am happy.. then she continued.. I told you.. I don't know much about her.. I know  that she makes the best sweet, I know she  makes the best pencil sketches, and secretly but still now you know she can tell stories too.. and yes, she was happy with our engagement' that's all..


Dev: but Radhika.. I think you are hiding something from me.. that you don't want me to know..

Radhika just blinking her eyes once,  and tightening and then releasing her facial muscle .... disagreed with his statement.

Dev: ok.. if you don't want to tell me , its fine. I won't force you..

Radhika with a relief: good boy'  just like I imagined..

Dev: what?

Radhika: nothing..

Dev: um' ok then tell me what happened at the college..

Radhika: nothing specifically, few looked at me as if I am from another planet, few asked each other whether its true and it passed from one to next, staring at my ring, peeking from every corner possible to have a look.. classmates just rounded me and it was ring show off time, then they want to know the price of it, whether you brought it from U.S.. so on and so forth.. and  finally went into teacher's ears too,  including Sukhi mom's..    Then suddenly she burst into laugh..

Dev: what?

Radhika controlling her laugh: you know what'  last year, Suckhi madam went to attend one of her best friend's  wedding.  I mean she was close to both bride and the groom. They don't have any siblings, but both were very close to her, so they gave her a diamond ring as a gift during their wedding to show their love to her.   Then cracking up in a big laughter again she said.." she came next day to college, here everyone was looking at her and smiling, she also felt  strange, but didn't understand the reason behind it.. she went to class.. kids were secreting looking at her.. you know how she is, she never scold anyone or question them she kind of thought there is something wrong in her look, but nobody is telling her or asking her' finally  she went  to her lecturer's room , thinking hard, what happened to the people around her..

One lecturer sitting little far away , asked in a raised voice: Sukhi madam this is not fair.. we all are working for  few years together,, and why you kept it as a secret..

Sukhimadam: what?

Another lecturer: don't ask like that.  .. we can clearly see that shining ring on your finger..

Sukhi in a normal tone: oh this one, my friends gave at their wedding.. nice na..

Lecturer: what?

Sukhi mom told the the real story behind the ring..

Lecturer: Sukhi, then you are wearing that in a wrong finger..

Then only she realized the seriousness of it and you  should have seen her face at that time.. the color from her face just drained away and she suddenly took it off and put it in her bag and looked at them as if she solved the problem immediately..  you know how hard it was for her to face the students after that. Now also few ask her.. mom where is that ring? When is your marriage?

Dve smiled: but Radhika.. you are saying as if you saw everything in front of your eyes, but it happened inside the  teachers room

Radhika: ha, Heena and I was standing at one of the lecturer's table with our project work, watching and listening to all this talk.. so I saw it..

Dev smiled imagining Sukhi madam's face..


Radhika also continued her laugh......

Dev: but still you didn't tell me about your  ring , why nobody noticed it..

Radhika: you know first day what happened at college , right? Nobody was willing to even look at me.. so may be no one noticed it, then the next day was patch up and mostly everyone scattered and busy with our own work, and sometimes it is like that none notice it quickly.. you know.. then Wednesday also we all were busy with practice and arrangements.. kids watch all these when they have free time, like when they have only study in their mind.. and the next day you broke the news in front of everyone..

Dev: Heena also didn't notice it..

Radhika: no.. but first she didn't talk to me, but then came hugged me, happily'but yes, few looked at me strangely.. and yes, I experienced that before when you drop me first time at college last year '

Dev: but that time you came back with your angry face, I remember..

Radhika: ha.. at that time  I didn't like people looking at me like that, as if I was a showcase doll..

Dev smiled again' seeing her imitation..: so this time you didn't feel angry even they looked at you like that and questioned you....

Radhika with a shy smile tried to turn her face away from there'   she adjusted her duppata once to her neck' 

Dev saw the change of shade on her cheek'  Radhika looked up to see the flying birds. They were totally unaware of the passing time..  Slowly his hands intertwined with hers. Radhika  trying to hide her shy smile, felt his hand in hers..    and they walked along..


Dev: did  you miss me?

Radhika didn't say anything..

Dev: so only you came early to haweli, right?

Radhika looked at him  curiously..

Dev: I know..

Suddenly Radhika: no, actually I used to visit Haweli  to see my sweety..

Dev: Um really!, then why you came out so quick..?

Radhika: how did you know?

Dev: you answer my question' .. Dev suddenly pausing with tightening his grip on her hand and facing her, with a soft loving voice continued: what made you to run that faster to haweli and from there, running away like an express to the woods' not even answering to those whom you never missed even when you drove that scooty' Radhika stood there like a frozen body , looking into his eyes unbelievably'. His voice entered into her ears again:  how come you didn't notice your friends on the way calling you Radhika deedi and invited to join them for a game'. Why you didn't stop by the river to see the  beauty of its flow, to ask  that whether they missed you' how come the same meadow which brought that smile on your face failed to attract your attention.. hoe come those feathery beautiful petals failed to attract this beautiful yellow butterfly this time.....   how come the  tiny tiny  chirpy birdies cry didn't reach your ear' she still stood there listening to his words, unbelievably.... Dev kept his eyes on hers for the answer...  and you said you waited for me very long.... he reminded her words...
The leaves were shaking its tips with the happy wind.. the flower heads tried to touch each other to pass the secret they just heard...  and it from one head to other to the whole meadow...  they waited for her answer patiently........
Ignore the post if I bore you today , am sorry for wasting your time, but if you are reading this after comepleting the last sentence of my post today, then please click that like button or send me a PM (no need of any comments, if you really don't have any ) respond some way..  just a request ... or may be from phase three i can try to PM the parts to those who really wish to read it.. (because then it will take a different mode slowly, which won't be likeable by many , so just taking a precuation for myslef, I don't want to feel let down at that time, because i may need a lot of support to move on at that moment, your silence may drain away my spririt, so even if it is just 25 of you, i will be happy dear, and will continue for you.....) . anyway I am moving on buddies.... because I love AVINA and love imagining about them....


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Hi  buddies..
 to those who want to take away that stress for lttile time and getting ready for monday morning...  hope you will like the last updated part..
 so thak you so much for those like buttons, caluable commnets, and PM's.. Thank you.. yes it was a filler episode for them to open up slowly in front of others.. unknowingly..  but i am counting days.. to get there.. next update will be back to Delhi and within two days he will fly off, and Radhika will be busy with her college days in this two days too.  but need to clarify few loops, . and  may be with a new decision and  marriage  before moving to phase three or bridging the gap..
My fingers are still active and take you there probably  by next weekend..  and then you can decide whether you want to continue your journey with me or not, because I will surely make a stop over there, for those who want to take the exit from me.. and then will continue by taking you into a totally mad world ( i know I am already mad)... don't worry.... but only for those who are ready for it.   just a heads up..
so  you liked my Radhika opening up slowely.. me too.. yes, she entered a different world now, a world she smiles unkowingly....
ok thank you buddies for that great comments.. and Indiangirl(anmol) thanks for liking this journey with me.. welcome back... happy to see you..
 and friends..  I am not expecting you all to comment with each update ( that will be awsome , and I am greedy too),  and i know the busy daily course of everyone.. but please respond when you read it.. and send a PM or like button at that time.. feel free yaar, or send a reminder smiley face.. that will be awasome... that's all I need..
ok for now, I need to take leave... 
will catch you all tomorrow..
take care

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radhika5 Goldie

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Hi Devika

Thanks for updating this weekend--
Loved Dadi-Radhika conversation--and agarbatti...

Loved how Radhika is slowly opening up--the smile on her face, the spring in her legs---and Dev is realizing her feelings--

But I wanted more----may be it will be in the next episode...

Will wait and be there with you for the journey...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by radhika5

Hi Devika

Thanks for updating this weekend--
Loved Dadi-Radhika conversation--and agarbatti...

Loved how Radhika is slowly opening up--the smile on her face, the spring in her legs---and Dev is realizing her feelings--

But I wanted more----may be it will be in the next episode...

Will wait and be there with you for the journey...

I really like to see that MORE  word... he he ...
agrbatti.. becuase he told her that  he miss it over there....
spring in her legs...LOL

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
wow!! i loved it!! gosh, i love how he questioned her! i can'e wait 4 her answer.......

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laxmis Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Devika. So Radhika is looking for Dev and the wrote it so beautifully. Looks like she is happy with her "missing"  payal. So she brought agarbattis . I want more interactions between the two of them before he goes off. Thank you very much for a beautiful update. ALways waiting for more..................

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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Loved it... waitng for next:-)

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prakri Groupbie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
Nice update di.. It's gr8 to read RaDev interactions... But, the suspense of buva and Dev's dad's past is eating me.. Please let Dev and us, readers of your FF, get to the bottom of the mystery soon.....

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