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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Nice update diSmile loved the payal scene... want rads to support dev ...
P.S. The TRP's are very high (a perfect 10). Currently it is on # 1 position across all channels...I did an informal survey and sometimes the like button doesn't work--and there are many silent readers/watchers.
So according to the  informal survey done by radhika5 the channel is very happy with the out come  of the TRP n in a process to share it channel is giving a offer for the 2maha-updates  Wink

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ancie Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
nice update chechi............Tongue.i really appreciate ur dev goes back a little early............Unhappy
 waiting 4 moreWink

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged


Radhika wore a red cotton churidar with simple  green thread embroidery and stone work in between. She braided her hair loosely. put the shall on one side with nice pleet. she looked into Dev's room as she passed the hallway to downstairs. She found the room empty. She joined the family downstairs.

All were sitting around the dining hall except Dev.

Suchi: Radhika did Daadi ya Rohini called yesterday? I forgot to ask you..

Radhika: ha.. Birju bhayya will be coming.. so I  may go directly from there..

Lechu: no Di.. please, stay this weekend too. I feel so bored otherwise.. I don't know what to do today sitting here all alone. No new movies either.  don't go  to college today, please...' she said with a hope..

Surender who was reading the newspaper: Lechu'  everybody is not like you beta.. I don't want Radhika to miss college, especially its her final..

Radhika: ha Lechu, we really had leisure time  till Wednesday.. From yesterday they are giving us double dose, to make up with those three days..

 Lechu: so what I will do sitting here'  Mom will go to hospital later today. Dad ' business. Bro.. his own world.. she made a grumpy face


Dev: no Lechu' let's go out.. New movie released, so let's have the first look..and a lunch out'  as he walked into the dining room, glancing at Radhika once'

Lechu beaming her eyes: really'. Am I listening any oracle.. or is it true? Di.. please pinch me' looking at Radhika

Suchi: why? Didn't he take you out before?

Lechu: ha but, not for movies..

Dev pulling a chair back: ha.. its your favorite hero' RK's.

Lechu: oh My.. RK and Katrina' I am feeling giddiness.. hold me tight Di.. I am going to see the first show' 

Then getting up from her seat went and wrapped her arms around Dev's neck: you are the best Bro in the whole world..


Dev: umm ummm.. for how long..? till the movie get over, right?

Lechu: no after that we go for luncha nd then shopping .... remember you told me you will buy me anything..

Dev: I thought you told me , you don't need anything from here.. you need something special from U.S.

Lechu: did I say that?  she looked at Suchi with confusion..'  don't worry.. you buy me something today and you get something from there when you come' how is that..

Suchi: very good.. then looking at Radhika.. Radhika.. don't worry about Birju coming.  Yesterday papa and I were talking about that only. Anyway Dev is going next Wednesday. And my leave starts from tomorrow. So I will be free for next one week, as I planned. Anyway may be I will cut short now and start from Thursday'  Dev looked at his mom.. So we are also free.. I will adjust today somehow... we will start after you come back from college ok.. Sushma and babuji will be happy to see Dev and Lechu there too.


Dev with a beaming face: really Mom.. we are also going ..

Surender taking his eyes off from the newspaper, in a calm voice: why you don't want to go..

Dev: ofcourse dad..

Surender: um' looking back into the newspaper

Lechu: then my outing..!!!???

Suchi: that you can go now and come back early..

Lechu: ok.. let me go and get ready then.. one more thing, since mom is off next week for Bro, can i also take off.

DEv: off from where?
Lechu: from college?
Dev: you are tsill a student , right? not a lecturer...
LEchu: so what? Students also should all that previlage.
Surender: then you will say you will feel bored, like you just said and i don' think any more movies are going to relase everyday..
Lechu: don't worry Dad, Bro heina..
Dev: I am here, but i have other things to settle too...
.Radhika: ok mom, let me grab my bag.. it' time ..

Suchi: ha beta..

Dev: Radhika.. give me two minutes, I can drop you..

Lechu who was climbing steps: what? Then you are not taking me.. in a very disapponited tone..

Dev: I will drop Radhika and will be right back.. you need time to dress up , right?

Lechu: only two minute..

Dev: two minute!!!!.. you take minimum two hours Lechu..

Lechu bringing a kiddish face: I will show you' and climbed fast..

Radhika also got up to get her stuff from room.. Dev quickly went to his room too..

Radhika looked into the mirror one more time to make sure she lookes Ok.. her eyes caught  Dev's reflection in the mirror..

Radhika turned and looked at him: aap..

Dev: hum.. I am not going to talk to you..

Radhika in a normal tone went to check her bag: Then what are you doing now. concentrating in her bag..

Dev in a soft voice: Radhikaaaa'

Radhika: I thought you don't want to talk to me..

Dev moved and stood in front of her keeping his hands on his sides: who told you to sleep fast last night..

Radhika: I was  feeling tired..

Dev with a hopeful tone: you should have said a goodnight before going to bed na..

Radhika: I said Goodnight, but you all were into the movies, so thought not to disturb..

Dev: nice excuse..

Radhika: I am getting late.. let's go..

Dev: um'

She tried to turn and go , but then Dev held her wrist and pulled her towards him.. she paused right before hitting him'

looking into her eyes..Dev: are you still angry with me?

Radhika tried to bring a smile: why should I?

Dev: so you are not?

Radhika: how can I?

Dev: you are confusing me..

Radhika  with a calm voice: I am not angry.. now can we go..

Dev: ha, but give me a smile..

Radhika: what?

Dev: please' otherwise I know how to bring that.. in a confident tone..

Radhika forced one smile..

Dev: no, not this.. a real smile, just for me..

Radhika: I am getting late'

Dev: I don't care.. Please' he was pulling her more closer..

Radhika started feeling uncomfortable that she started mumbling: let's go..

Dev's eyes tried to read her face and realized her uneasiness: no.. I said to give me a smile..

Radhika was feeling shy as his closeness , and she looked down..  He released her wrist and wrapped his right arm around her waist and poulled her more closer: please..

His eyes were reading her response....  Radhika didn't say anything..

But then suddenly a noise from down stairs startled them, and Radhika with a smile pulled him away and ran towards outside.. from the door  side she smiled at him.. he saw her winning smile along with her blushing cheeks..

He followed her out, by then Radhika was already at the main door step..

Dev was saying bye to Suchi'

"Bro.. look at me, I am ready. What you said ' I need two hours.." Lechu's voice made Dev to pause and look at her.. so did Radhika..

Dev looked at her, his lips parted wide.. and his facial miscle felt numb'

Lechu: tell me.. am I quick..

Dev" What is this Lechu.. ?

Lechu: what?

Dev: what are you wearing..

Lechu:  a top and a skirt..

Dev: but'  MOMmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

Suchi came in: what?  Why you are shouting?

Dev: Tell me what she is wearing..

Lechu: This is Katrina's latest fashion trend.. tight top with skirt


Dev: skirt.. where is the skirt..?  if you are planning to come with me like this.. then I am not going to take you..  and then looking at Radhika.. Look at Radhika, how  beautiful she look in that dress.. Radhika's stood in shock....Suchi tried to control her smile.. Surender who was coming out also heard it.. he looked at Radhika and then Lehu'Dev suddenly  flashing it in mind ,  in a lower voice he reasoned: I mean'  why don't you wear some churidar or something..

Lechu with an angry glare : not fair Bro..  you know after holding mom's feet multiple times, she let me buy this...

Suchi: but there was an agrement too....

Lechu: I know.. I am wearing it for outing..

Dev: no..  you need to change before I come back, if not, cancel the outing..that's it.. he looked at everyone and then to Radhika: come let's go..

Radhika looked at lechu  hopelessly and then suchi and then surender and nodded her head as if asking their permission and walked out..

She looked at Dev's face, it clearly showed his frustration..  Dev pulled the bike.. and started.. Radhika without saying anything sat back and held his shoulder . The quick move of the motor, coveyed his angriness. She held him tight..

As he dropped her at the college..

Radhika coming near and looking at his face: please'  forget it, she was so thrilled , that is why she might have..

Dev: No Radhika.. that's not it..  don't you see how vulgar it was looking.. I mean she can wear long skirt, or jeans, or knee length shots' but.. this is..

Radhika held his hand which was resting on the handle: please.. didn't you see how happy she was when you said you are taking her out. You can tell her in a nicer way too. Why you need to shout at her'  she is just a kid,..

Dev: who Lechu.. a kid.!!. don't say that to me.. she is going to college..

Radhika: she never thought it that way.. she was so excited to come with you..but then..

Dev in a calm voice: um.. I understood.. I will take her out.. but she needs to change that..

Radhika bringing a smile: by the time you reach there, she will be sitting in a nice dress.. I am sure..

Dve smiled too: um.. she better..

Radhika: ok then, I will see you in the evening..

Dev: um.. will come to pick you..

Radhika: you are going   out with Lechu, right..?

Dev: I will be back by then.. now onwards I prefer to drop you at college , ok..

Radhika smiled with little shyness ' agreeying with his statement..

Dev: bye.

Radhika: bye..


She looked at him as he drove out..

"Ye, Radhika.. romancing' that also this early', how come yaar, you two are coming from same house, right?" heena's voice brought another smile on Radhika's face..

Heena: I can see that blushing..

Radhika: Heena.. please..

Heena: ok let's not talk about it.. but yaar tell you the truth, you really broke many of the girl's dreams.. so be careful..

Radhika: careful about what?

Heena:  hope nobody will shoot at you from  behind..

Radhika: even if somebody does that, my hero will come on time and save me..

Heena: oye oye' what a confidence..

Radhika: I am confident.  affirming her words..

Heena : so you think he will come and catch the bullet in his hand and throw back at the villain. like the movie heroes.

Radhika with a thought: no,  I don't want that, I prefer him to come and hold me and move me away from there'

Heena: Raaadhika''' 

Radhika: what?

Heena: nothing'. 

The girls continued their talk as they walked through the corridor'.  Few eyes were watching the girls.. Arjun was busy talking with his fans.. he didn't notice Radhika and Heena passing..

Heena: what happened to Arjun? He seems to be acting different..? never seen him like this..

Radhika::  why do we care?

Heena: you are right' 


Inside the car'. Surender was driving the car..

Lechu: you don't believe..where all we went?

She went on talking about the movie and then their shopping'and complaning that nobody told her about the lunch out they had.....and he took her to the same resturant and both of them had noodles.....

Dev just smiled through it, glancing at Radhika once...

Lechu: I am so happy today except for onething..

Radhika: what?

Lechu: that Bro said you look beautiful in that curidar and I..

Suchi: Lechu you need to stop that  now..

Lecu: No, I want  to tell to Di.. and looking at Radhika as  a small kid :  Di, you know what.. after you two left, it was dad's turn and then mom's.. I know ithe skirt was little short..

Dev: not little..

Lechu: No Bro, I am not talking to you.. then looking at Radhika; ha Di.. mom said she will never buy any dress for me..

Suchi: then what did you do today when you went out..

Lechu: that's because Bro asked me to select'

Suchi: how many..

Lechu: just five..

Suchi: ha just five'

Lechu: he should compensate na.. see I promised you all that I won't wear such mini skirt anymore, then you all should agree with me by making me feel better

Suchi: and that is by buying more ..

Lechu: ofcourse..

Radhika smiled and as she turned her face, she saw Dev's eyes on her .. suddenly she turned to look at outside..

Suchi: its bad that Chander couldn't come this time..

Surender; its ok Suhi, we planned so quick and Dev also is there.., we two can manage well' right my son.?.

Dev with a smile: yes dad..

Surender: see , problem solved'

The car moved on , passing the streets, passing the trees'   slowly slowly the brightness outside also changed'.   The talk inside went on along with the unspoken words exchanged through the eyes (look) and the  lips (smile) of the love birds'

Finally they reached Varma house. Daadi ignoring Radhika, went and hugged Dev' she showed her sadness about it, but then the talk and the teasing changed everyone into normal self.. few minitues passed by Radhika and Lechu went to her room... Dev noticed  Mohan and Surender talking something seriously.. Suchi and Rohini and Daadi in their talk..

 Rahul: Dev bhayya.. come with me..

Dev as if waited for that call: Mom, I will be right back'

Suchi: ha beta..  don't take too much time.. we nee to go.. they may be waiting too..

Dev: ha Mom'

Rahul took him to his room.. His eyes were wandering in Radhika's room door..  Rahul was keep on saying something and Dev was responding with minimal words acknowledging his words..  he saw Radhika alone getting into another room..

Dev suddenly standing up: Rahul, one second.. I am coming..

Saying that he shoed off from the room , not even giving a chance for him to respond'

Dev scanned the area quick and got into the room and closed the door flap quick..

He found Radhika  searching something seriously from a book bundle'.  He walked near and stood behind , right then as if sensing somebody behind Radhika turned..

Suddenly Dev: its me, and don't say this time that I scared you..

Radhika: aap!!' what are you doing here..?

Dev: why? Can't I come to see you.. holding her hand and  lifting it up.. I think this ring is really small.. you also need to see it once in a while, to remind yourself now you belong to me and only me..

Radhika blushed but she controlled: but for that, what are you doing here now..

Dev: what am I doing here? and you are askig me that..  with an unbelievable look' there is so much  to talk and the days are short.. first I thought there is enough time for me to get to know everything'but it seems like time never stops for us..

Radhika with a tinge of sadness: why you are saying like that?

Dev: no Radhika.. we didn't talk , last night. By the time I came You slept..

Radhika: what you want to know now.

Dev: not now Radhika, i need to go now.. . We need to talk about Buva, then what happened at college after I left' so much Radhika' but I don't think I can climb those ladder  here..

Radhika looked into his eyes..

Dev: seriously yaar, why my legs are shaking when I see your dad'  is he really a hitler.?.

Radhika  laughed slightly loud..

Dev put his hand over her mouth: shhhhh' jasoos are around.. don't make noice.. looking at the door..

But as his eyes fell back on her eyes he saw her uneasiness' he looked down at his hand which was covering her mouth..then he looked at her eyes again and slowly released it.. 

Dev: did I hurt you?' very softly..

Radhika just nodded her head in disagreement turning her face to the side, as she was unable to meet his eyes..

Dev lifted her chin and made her look into his.. he saw her shy filled eyes, her flickering lashes..  her shivering lips..and her blushing cheeks.. everything conveyed her love for him' his eyes just wandered over hers, to see it more, to read it more'  

But then they heard  Roihini's voice calling them down..

Dev: I need to go..

Radhika just smiled shyly along with nodding her head slightly..

She closed her eyes as his lips touched her burning cheeks..  his lips mumbled: goodnight..

Radhika just gulped once, her mouth went dry that she didn't say anything..

He walked away from there, leaving his Princess there, to feel his presence more around her'  he turned once to look at her, found her standing facing away from him'still in same place like a statue'"i will see you tomorrow near the medow.." dev said with a hope..

Suchi's voice made Dev to step down quick and Rahul also folowed him asking where he got disappeared.. Dev just gave a vague answer '

Daadi called down Radhika.. lechu and Radhika came down the steps.. her glance once went to meet Dev's and felt so shy' she just smiled along with others talk..  she stood behind everyone, as Dev took the steering'. He felt her eyes on him as he took the reverse'.  Before driving away, he looked at her once and then smiled at everyone and drove away'..

Ye,  few of you asked me why Radhika behaving so strange , right.. you  want to hear it.. so to understand the present mind status of my charactors... may be both DEv and Radhika.. straight from their own words...  please check in next post.. its there, from avi and Rubi...  it was coincidental for me to find this one yesterday. My friend is sick, otherwise i should have asked her to edit it.. but don't worry it is avina, you will like it...
Please Don't forget the like button , If you really like my post,or please ignore my request...........



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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Big smileHi buddies.... 
smiley face for CB-2 promo.. that i can see in your face now....did you see Rahdika... cute... hope they will give her that look...
Myry... welcome to CB forum and nice to know that you like this FF, hope I can keep up with your expectation....
Thank you.. you kept the TRP good for this daily soap.. so thank you and the next part is up for you..  hope i didn't disppoint you.. only few more days yaar, then my Dev will fly off.. so till then let's go little slow...
Did Radhika was really sleeping or she was pretending? question from few of you...  her age >20, who is in love at present state.. her heart beats increase when he comes closer to her... so is she was really sleeping? It's hard for me to believe a young girl sleep deep and makes her man to lift her to get to bed.. very strange. Even my 5 yr old, esily walks down out from the car , closing her eyes, crying.. i want to sleep, but still she will make it on her fett to bed with little support and reassurance..  yes, i do take it if she is or he is unconscious or some strange situations.. so for a normal day, it is hard to digest otherwise.. but it is a good scene to watch the hero carrying the heroine in sleep....
Ok.. there is a sying" it is easy to wake up a person who really in sleep, but hard to wake those who pretends".. so here my Dev's finger touched her ankle.. then his lips touched her cheek...  she didn't startle (normal response who is in sleep), i don't want to believe that she didn't even felt the kiss on her cheek... so yes, i am with  you who want to believe she was awake....    and then the missing payal.... talk will come later, for now.. it is something else...
and thanks radhika5.. you noted that nostalgic college part, to have a look at my Dev's college days.. thanks yaar... 
may be I bored you today.. oops sorry..  and i think it is coming under daily soap now, so daily soap is mon-fri.. right? so that means, it is my resting days... uff. i hate it, but i will take it, as you all need a break from me...   will try not to peek in..
but most of all, your support.. I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART DEAR ALL....  thank you so mcuh  for taking that time, to let me know what you think, how you felt and what you are expecting...   that's the spirit.. sorry for going slow now.. but days are passing .. so i may soon end up with phase 2, but need to cover few more points.. need to close Dev Radh talk on Buva.. college thing, ..... so much and so forth..  so all coming ... with the response....
and yes.. if you think my radhika is angry, or otherwise Dev is angry, and why she didn't talk and why she ran away... arre yaar, the girls have the highest show off of the emotions.. i remember myself keeping quiet with heavy face for half an hour ( sorry can't hold more than that) when mom  scold me.. with my hubby it can go for one or two days.Wink. not recently though.. this  forum helped to overcome that emotion.. but yes, the mood swings...nobody can beat a women...LOLLOL
ok.. now watch the link below and i want  you to give attention from each word avi and Rubi say from 2.15 onwards..ok.. and tell me what you think.. it was just coincidental when i found this... so my explanation through their own words...
ok now here is the link... watch from 2.15 thanks
enjoy Avina......  Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile 

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Thanks for the beautiful update! Nice to see Rads too responding in a positive manner!
palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
sorry dio for that late reply just read the parts and i loved it mind blowing love the closeness between radev update soon and thanks 4 the pm

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Enjoyed Avina and your update...I agree with you that girls  have highest show off of  the emotions  ....Now  Radhika loves Dev's presence  around her...
Keep it upBig smile... 

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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love ur update...thx for the pm

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