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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
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Originally posted by chipak

Heyyy devika..

Fist of all bravadooo for your effortsClapClapClap..wowww 42 parts n m still on 32..sry for me being inconsistentOuch but will come back later n read them...

Thanks for PMs..pls continueBig smile

Thanks Chipak...  especially for letting me know. Take your time to catch up with me.. you know how this helps me.. I may think you got bored reading my updates, so you left... but the reassurance once in a while saying that you are around,  gives me a good feeling and 
i thank you for that.. so I didn't loose you,  I am slowing down, becuase I want to carry my readers with me, but to some extend only.. i thought I will update everyother day..but  but.. it is coming soon..... 
 so don't think you are inconsistent.. it is me, with my words...   ha ha.. so will catch you some where during the trip...
 once again thanks buddy...
take care

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so next update coming soon wow di waiting for it..

Thumbs Up

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Part 43

Dev was feeling all alone sitting inside that big house.  He did check on his trip stuffs and almost everything was settling out well. Things have changed in life for him. Earlier he used to hang out with few of his friends all the time, but now all are at different places, getting busy in their own small world; and me too..I am happy to see my friends but  I don't have  that missing feeling anymore..  I want to see and be with somebody else now, who will be with me all the time.. Dev smiled with that thought, how she changed his world.. now he doesn't feel like going out either..  just want o hang around at home only, to feel her presence near'  He pulled the sofa pillow up to his neck level and rested his head over it..and tried to close his eyes.. two minutes passed by.. Suddenly he flung open his eyes and then looked at the clock.. he got from the sofa quick and ran into his room..


wearing a blue check shirt and black pants, he made a call and his lip kept on moving as he was fixing his watch on the wrist'  he again checked the time..  he almost ran out from the house.. he talked to Chander as he pulled his bike out..  Chander just smiled seeing his hurriness'.


The peon appered in front of Radhika's classroom..  The students were coming out with loud noise as the teacher left from the class.  A smile appered on Peon's face as his eyes caught Radhika and Heena..   he walked near to them quick..  Radhika paused and looked at  the peon's face as he stood blocking her way.. and she looked at him in question..


Peon: remember me coming with a message last year..


Few lines appeared on  her forhead trying to figure out what he actually trying to say'


Peon with a winning smile: already forgot'  .. then he passed a teasing smile and said..:  somebody is waiting for you outside the gate..


Radhika: who?


Peon: go quick.. Dev only send me..


Heena looked at Radhika's face..


Radhika: Dev' why?


Peon: I don't know.. he told me tell you '  nodding his head again in a teasy manner'


Radhika looking at Heena: there should be something serious.. I will see you OK..

Heena: Radhika, be back on time..  I am sure you don't want to miss madam's class..


Radhika: ha, I will be right back'

Saying that she almost ran through the corridor'. 


Arjun came near to Heena: hi Heena.. coming to canteen..


Heena: not now.. I actually need to meet madam'


Arjun: but then.. wehre is Radhika?..


Heena with a normal tone: she got something else..


Arjun stood with there in confusion as Heena left to lecturer's room..



Radhika crossed  the road and found Dev with the helmet on ,all set to start the bike..


Radhika very curiously: Is everything ok..?


Dev just nodded his head and  signaled her to step in'


Radhika: mom bhi na'

She sat behind. She placed her hand on his shoulder for support..


Dev: ready..

Radhika: um'   her eyes were moving corner to corner looking at the students who were coming out from the gate.. she also wanted to fly away from there quick, to escape from the scene.


Radhika: is mom's friend again going for vacation?


Dev: kya?


Radhika loudly repeated the question near his ear'


Dev: why?


Radhika; then why she needs to call me at this time..


Dev controlled his smile  listening to Radhika's question..  he didn't say anthing..  but he warned her as he was speeding up lightly' she held his shoulder tight.. Dev parked the bike in front of the same restaurant..  Radhika showed her hurriness'


Dev parking his bike, smiled seeing Radhika's tension..


Dev: why you look so tensed..


Radhika: next hour is  madam's, and I don't want to be late..


Dev: which madam.?.

Radhika: sukhi madam..


Dev keeping his hands on his hips: Sukhi madam.. and you are afraid of her..  she actually looks like another student only..


Radhika: no I  am not, I don't want to miss her class....  you know she is so friendly, not like the hitler Princi and his army ..

Dev: Hitler and his army..
Radhika; ha..she is the only one who listen to us and give us some time to breath..  we can tie the rest all in one bundle...   you know what , most of the students from our batch doesn't want to attend the senior lecturer's class ..
Dev: Radhika, you people are giving her work..
Radhika; how come, we love her?
Dev: ya, you all love her, and in turn she get all the work to do from her senior and then the Princi, no wonder she got the  coordinator responsibility..
Radhiks: i know..

Dev: oh'    Ok come'


She walked with him quick, her eyes were desperately wandering everywhere inside the hall to spot Suchi'  but finally..


Radhika: mom not here yet..


Dev: no problem Radhika, come lets' sit at that corner..


Radhika looked over there..

Dev: you go and sit, I need to talk to the cashier quick..


Radhika nodded her head and went and sat  at the corner chair.. meanwhile Dev went talked to the main cashier, and he just nodded his head and called out for the waiter..


Dev went and sat opposite to her..


Radhika: see, we may get late.. last time everyhthing was ready,and mom was waiting for us.. actually whom she want us to meet  this time?..


Dev : Radhika, relax and look at me.. actually'


He was  about to say, but then the waiter came with the food..  he placed them on the table..  Radhika just glanced at them quickly'


As the waiter left

Dev: like it.?.

Radhika: um' missing something..


Dev: what?

Radhika: your fav noodles'

Dev: you still remember that..


Radhika just looked at him and smiled.

Dev : then I do remember your comment too.. I don't want you to laugh at me..


Radhika smiled again..: but where is mom.?.


"we are here beta.."  Suchi's voice shocked Dev' he looked up and found smiley Suchi along with serious Surender'  as a reflex he stood from the chair..


Suchi: No beta, you sit there.. Dad will sit with you, I can be with Radhika,' saying that she sat near Radhika with a smile on her face..


Dev still standing with his unbelievable eyes..


Suchi looking at Dev': sit beta' and Radhika also needs to go back to college , right?


Dev looked at his dad's calm face and Surender's eyes signaled him to move to the corner seat. Surender  sat on the chair with a normal face..  Dev's heart was beating faster' 


Suchi: Um, Dev.. nice selection.. but where is your favorite noodles.


Radhika glanced at him' Dev,  was unable to speak out anything.. his eyes met Surender's face again..but he seemed to be busy looking at the  dishes' 


Surender: let's order something else too. Suchi, your son is really affected by the economic depression out there,  do you think it will be enough for four of us' 

 He signaled the waiter.. he asked for special dishes and ordered two more.. meanwhile other waiter brought  two more plates..


Radhika: mom, I  got realy tensed when I didn't see you here..


Suchi: Ha Radhika, for me also it was  a surprise.. I was not knowing that you are here either..

Then looking at Surender: he only called me and said that he wants to give me a surprise and called me out .. When I came out from the building I saw him.. which never happenes, I thought that is the surprise, but now I know..


Radhika: even  he didn't tell me it is papa who is coming.. I thought it may be another friend of yours..


Suchi smiled as she served her plate with some curry' : so it was between dad and son' nice'. But get ready when Lechu come to know about it'  she gave a warning'.


Dev again looked at his dad's face to read his mind,.. Surender just looked at him and tried to bring a corner smile.. but then took one dish and served in his plate..


Suchi: Dev. What are you waiting for.?. eat na.. otherwise you may get late to take Radhika back to college..


Dev lost all his appetite' he just sat there silently' 


Surender in a secret voice: better eat, otherwise your lady won't let you ,   later' you end up with starving.. so cupchap khana khavo..


Dev looked at Suchi and Radhika, who were eating with sharing smiles and talk..


Dev secretly to his dad:  you didn't get any other place to take your wife'


Surender secretly: watch out Dev..  my wife is your mom'  munching onto  the food piece..


Dev: I know.. but you tried to give surprise to your wife na..  not  my mom..


Surender: and you tried to spend some time alone with your fiance, right.. why you came here then..


Dev: that's because I didn't want her to suspect me first..


Surender: then that is not my problem'  your mom only spot you guys and happily came over, if it was me, I should have easily taken her out from here' sorry its your bad luck..


Dev: but then why you need to come to the same time


Surender: oh.. so now we can blame the time.. beta, this is the lunch time and we all get hungry aroudnthis time..  and ha..  unlucky for both of us..


Dev was about to say something secretly..


Suchi: what is going on.. Dev , you still didn't start and what you both are chatting so secretly like girls' we are here too..


Surender with a smile: ha, I was also asking the same thing, why he is not starting Radhika needs to go back , right? Or your class is over.. looking at Radhika


Rardhika: no papa, I need to go.. next is Sukhi mom's class.. I don't want to miss it..


Surender: that's good to know.. looking at his son's colorless face..  and then said.. good to know that she likes to listen to her leturer... giving Dev a pathetic look..


Surender looking back at Suchi: Suchi, don't you think Dev is getting pale  now a days..

Dev's mouth got dried up.. he took the water and gulped in one go..


Surender: oh, he is feeling very thristy' beta, don't fill your stomach with water, eat something, I told you, you will feel hungry later.. and there is nothing at home till  we all get home.. ha, you can surely step in to kitchen.. but with this mood, it won't taste good either..


Suchi: aap bhi na..  why you have to tease him like that' then looking at Dev:  he is looking perfectly fine.. eat beta.... and then she tried to serve a dish in his plate.. Dev held the dish, and tried to serve self'  looking at his dad's munching face and then looking at Radhika, who was still eating with a smile on her face and chatting with Suchi'


As they all finished..

Surender: thanks Dev for the nice lunch.. as mom said beware of Lechu .. or keep this as a secret 'ok' and now drop Radhika back at college and ha'   we have some other plans..


Suchi with a smile: ha, shopping' 


Dev looked at his dad with a  frustrated face..

Surender with a calm smile: ha beta.. I am free , and luckily your  mom is also free , as she doesn't have to listen to any new mother's cry for now.. it is not shopping actually, but a roam around'  then if we see something we may buy' so it can be a shopping too..


Radhika: nice papa' ok then, let us go.. looking at Dev


Suchi:  ha beta'  Dev drive carefully' this is not your U.S. roads.

Dev looked at his mom as if why to remind that, but then he said: I know mom..


Suhi waved her hands as they departed..


 Dev as he stopped at a signal light and was waiting impatienty  to get the color to change..

Radhika: that was really nice.


Dev: what?


Radhika: the lunch..  but I missed Lechu..

He didn't say anything back.. just paid attention to his drive.. Radhika kept on talking about it, and Dev kept his silence..


Radhika: why you are so silent'


Dev: you said you will be late na, then hold on carefully' saying that he tried to overtake others .. Radhika got scared , she circled her arms around his waist line.. she held him tight..


Radhika: no, we have time.. go little slow..


Dev:  you better hold on.. all this time, this was your concern , right? Then what happened now..


Radhika: no , I am  still concerned, but then why you have to hurry like this.. mom told us to go carefully, right?..then.


Dev: Radhika., sit quietly and hold tight.. I don't want you to fall..


Radhika: why you need to tell me that in a anger tone..


Dev didn't say anything..  he heard her mumbling something ,till he reached near the college gate..


Radhika: ok, stop here..


Dev: sit there, I told you..

Radhika: I have time, I can walk to the classroom..

Dev: I remember what you said last time.. 

saying that  he just raised the gear and the  sound of his bike just echoed inside the  campus.. the same familiar sound.. they heard  about his presence at the farewell program' but they missed to get a glance of him'   the students paused on their feet, unknwoignly their eyes looked out, to make sure they are right' yes it is the same bike, same helmet' with the same girl that they watched last year.. the only girl they caught sititng behind his bike, but they know she lives in his house, her uncle's house'  ..

 but this time, the girl is holding him tight, circling her arms around his waist and sitting closer to him..  almost in a hugging position from the back.. their eyes went wide.. their lips parted'..


Dev stopped the bike in the middle of the students crowd, who were just watching them, pausing at their own place..  Radhika's eyes looked around as she  got down, slowly releasing her hold around him.. she was getting irritated with his action, but then the eyes on them, made her to stay calm and she looked at him with her frustrated eyes.. but then to her surprise she found him taking the helmet off..


Radhika moved closer to his side and said secretly: what are you doing?' you need to go.., right?


Dev: No I am fine, you didn't hear me telling dad, I don't have anything else to do for the rest of the day..  saying that he got down from the bike too..


Radhika again: what are you going to do..? I need to go to class.  Cornering on the eyes around them..


Dev with a very normal tone:  You said it is Sukhi mom, right..  I didn't get a chance to say thanks to her..

Radhika; why, thanks?
Dev: she only accepted my request that day.. so I need to respect that..
Radhika; that I can tell her.. you can go
Dev: What is this Radhika? atleast let me say a  Hi to her,, 
Radhika raised her voice: what?


Dev: don't worry Radhika.. come let's walk..


Radhika; no I  need to go.. you meet anybody you want'. Saying that she tried to run away..

Suddenly Dev held her hand..   Radhika shocked and she thought her heart stopped beating' 


Dev in a normal tone: why you need to hurry.. I told you I need to meet  your madam too' so wait, let's go together..


Rardhika: but why.. ?

Dev: because I am going to meet the madam, who is coming to your class next..


Radhika: I am getting late'

Dev: doesn't matter, if she see me, she will talk to me first, then only come to your class.


Radhika  came closer and told him: leave my hand, all are looking..


Dev suddenly showing a puzzled look at Radhika: oh''.. 

 Then looked around. Few familiar faces smiled at him, he too tried to smile.. he slowly released her hand with a warning: don't try to run away from here now, you will get in trouble.

Radhika stood in shock' hearing his warning.. her eyes scanned the area hopelessly' 

One girl: oye Dev, what's up hero?


Dev smiled admitting her call..


 Few came closer: hi dev


Dev: hi' with a smile..


Students: we heard that you came for the program yesterday..but didn't get a chance to see you.. why you left quick..

Dev without thinking and in a normal tone: I just came to see Radhika's dance..


Students:  what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dev: ha..

But then he saw Radhika's widening eyes.. that clicked in his  brain then' he looked at her with a sorry expression..


Few others started rounding them' small crowd was forming around them' the students looked at that space curiously, few tried to stretch on their toes to see them and to understand what  they are talking about..


Arjun and the gang was coming in.. they saw the frozen campus, whose eyes were on at one spot..


Arjun" friend came running near: Arjun. Its Dev..


Arjun looked at him with an irritated look'


Friend continued: along with Radhika..


Arjun: what?... he suppose to be in America , right?

Friend: ya, but I forgot to mention, he was here yesterday for the program..i thought you might have seen him... you were busy and I got busy ,


Arjun looking at the spot: no , actually I saw his mom and sis , I thought it is just them'I din't pay much attention..


Another friend: how can he, his full attention was on Radhika and only Radhika'. when he Radhika in front of him, he won't see anyother girl's eyes on him.. but otherwise, he won't miss any of them.... 

Arjun: ye.. stop..


Friend: um' you are simply wasting your time by talking about  this turnamnet and by the time you will get ready to tell your heart, she will fly off to Chandenpur..


Arjun: no , never' she is mine.. and who will go to chandenpur to get her'


Friend: what about Dev..


Arjun: ye I know Dev well' I had my degree from here only dear' and I have seen him, admired him playing' one time he was my hero'


Friend: now..


Arjun: now, he is just an old student of this college, who cares.. then brushing his hair back.. Now the hero is me.. one and only  college team captain Arjun...  saying it proudly..

Friend looking at the crowd: doesn't look like.. you should admit his charactor.. that made him a real hero...  but then arjun interfered his talk


Arjun: what they are doing there, why everyone is circling him.. and where is Radhika..


Friend: she is with him, in the middle, they just came from outside..


Arjun: what?


They started moving closer to the crowd too..


One student with little teasing tone: Why Dev, what is so special with Radhika? We are also here'


Dev: I can't believe this..  you all are asking me this question..  why Radhika? don't you know.... then looking at the controlled frustrated face of Radhika: what is this Radhika..?  didn't you tell anyone..


Radhika looked at him with a warning.. not to talk further..


Dev with a smile: you are wearing our engagement ring to college , right?.. or you are keeping that at home.. or did you change that to another finger..


The student got shocked hearing it'

Many voice sounded one... :WHAT???????????

Dev held Radhika's left hand and  lifted it up and looking at the ring he said: it's right there.. and then looking at the group: you shocked me once with that question.. but then again looking at the ring, may be it is little small..  nobody spotted this.. I can't believe this.. guys, she is taken... 


One student; really you both are engaged??????


Dev: ha..  any doubt.. and then showing his finger out: can you believe it now..


Student: wow! That is so sweet' Dev got engaged' and we never new'  that also Radhika' OMG' how can it be a secret' Dev'. You actually broke my heart but I am happy for you..

arjun sweeped in, looking at the students circling , trying to figure out what they all are talking. Dev saw the curious fae of Arjun, who is coming in.. 


Dev with a smile: Hi  Arjun? What's up with everyone..


Holding onto his shoulder like a friend.. Arjun looked at him puzzled.. then looking at Radhika..


Dev saw that..


dev looking at the students: ye, ask Arjun, he might be knowing, he is in her clas..


Arjun looked at dev unbelievabley as if how does he know about his class..


Dev looking at Arjun: now you don't tell me that you also don't know about it..

arjun: about what?


Dev releasing his hand on his shoulder, moved closer to Radhika and put his left arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to him.. she moved like a feather with his force as her mind and her brain went black...


Dev said :  that Radhika is engaged... she is mine.. Dev's Radhika..  Radhika Dev...  


Arjun felt  like the earth is parting down his feet..the darkness just filled his eyes, he stood there like a statue.. while the crowd rejoiced to see Dev's Radhika, together..


Dev was smiling wide to spread the news' his heart felt an unknown pleasure saying it out, to let the world know that Radhika belong to him'.   The secret just passed from one ear to next ..  Dev stood there with winning another tournament, a smile on his lips.....


Radhika; I  need to go..


Dev: ok guys, I also need to go..  need to meet Sukhi madam' bye..  nice to see you all.. 



Radhika again looked at him with a question on her eyes asking again'

He smiled and joined her with the walk. Radhika I thought he is the hero...  but it doesn't look like...  Rardhika speed up her pace..
Dev: Radhika slow down, otherwise I will hold your hand again .'


Radhika looked around at the sides..: no you can't..


Dev: bet..


Radhika: no you won't do that, I am sure..


Dev: I won't, if you slow down and walk along with me' 


Radhika  realized the confidence in his tone.. she slowed down'


Suddenly he saw Madam Sukhi passing by.. He held Radhika's hand involuntarily and forced her to meet madam along with him..


Radhika: what are you doing, leave my hand..

Dev: come.. with me..

They met Sukhi..


"hi Madam.. goodafter noon..

Sukhi turned: oh Hai Dev.. what a surprise..  she stopped with a wide smile..


Dev: ha.. actually I came to say thanks., for accepting my mail the other day..


Sukhi: its my pleasure Dev..  you actually helped me. I was in great tension to get all the program in, you know how difficult it is to coordinate everything.. one day they say, they will do ;  next day they say ., no we changed the group' if they are doing, we are not doing' all that issues.. and see her program turned out to be the best..

Dev looked at Radhika proudly, who was trying to bring a forceful smile on her face in front of her madam' Dev smiled down seeing her frustrations..


Sukhi and Dev talked on U.S. college


Sukhi: Ok then Dev..  I need to start the class now.. otherwise you know how the Princi is... I will see you around then' wish you good luck..

Dev: thanks Madam'


Then looking at Radhika: ok Radhika..  bye then..


Radhika with an angry glare: I will see you at home..


Dev: I will wait for you..  with that killing smile on his face..which in turn brightened the color of her face with anger'.

Dev smiled again and walked back through the corridor' students mostly got back into class room..
He felt nostalgic as he saw the empty corridor..  he tried to find his friends faces, their gangs, raising their hands to signal him , conveying that they are there'  he passed the classrooms.. saw the lecturer standing near the board , scribbling something on the board'    he saw his friend sitting at the front desk rolling his eyes saying how bore the lecturing is'  he smiled through all that'. 
He stood at the first floor coorridor and  looked down to the front portion' he saw his team coming in with loud winning  voices' there I am up in the air, holding the trophy in my hand, my friends lifted me up with their strong arms, to show their happiness'.  how many times,  ....his yes were seeing all those.... his friends , their jai sound, their happy smile.. their sharing of sweets' everything, everything'. 

  His hands rubbed on the railing as he stepped down..he saw his college mates, standing in each corner, some running fatsrer, others completely involved in their talka dn few eyes spotting him and smiling at him.. he smiled back....


He walked towards his bike..   taking a tinge of happiness along with the missing feelings' The peon just watched him from the first floor corridor, thought of calling him once to say bye.. ..but  hesistated ,   then saw him sitting on that bike with a smile and covering his head in that hemet.. The peon watched him as the hero roared his bike towards the gate'..

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Hi buddies..

thank you so much for letting me know the anticipation... that si really working on me.. that is why you are going to get one update ( mostly, unless otherwise i caught up with something unexpectedly) almost everyday...   so thank you.. I value those like buttons, the small and long support comments... and the PM's..  taking everything into my heart , holding it close to my heart...  
so you like my Suchi mom...  Oh I love her too.. but she has a strong personality too.. remember it is Jaya Bachan..  whom i respect the most as an actress ( her beuty is her personality, not her height or her wifey post), i love seeing her  off screen smile for her kids.. she make me feel that affection in that smile...  so only my suchi mom coming out that way and few of you are liking her too.. 
and yes that rasam.. my mom does that too.. especially with her grand kids now a days.. i think as the world is progressing towards modernization and westrnization ( i just invented this word..) ,few minds are holding back onto old belief tight, to find comfort.. it's all the belief, and that is our culture.. which the new generation is going to miss soon..  including my kids.. little sad about that, but then as a kid i never valued all that,, its all the relaization later, what we miss and what we really need....
Vini, my Suchi has modern  gas stove in her houseLOL, so only I made her to throw it out..Wink.  yes, my mom did the same thing, but now there is no fire pit to do it... ha ha.. so few throw it at the road side, or few under plants, few dig it in a pit... but yes, there is mamtha in that act, to make sure her kid is fine...   and my Suchi pulled that emotion out from me, may be a single act, but it has its place in life.......  
so friends... thank you, thank you, thank you...  loved all your responses and the scenes are moving on... trying my hard to hold you with me.. so just let me know whether you are still with me or not......
thaks and take care

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Devika thats a very cute scene so now the secret is out.The whole college knowsBig smile only feel sad that Dev did not get to Date Radhika but was joined by his parents.LOL

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Originally posted by chalhov

Devika thats a very cute scene so now the secret is out.The whole college knowsBig smile only feel sad that Dev did not get to Date Radhika but was joined by his parents.LOL
I take that quick response, otherwise you will point out what is coming up next...?
 ha ha..
 what will happen when Radhika comes back home? 
next Radhika -Dev's face to face it will be?
after all this drama..............Wink

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cute update....thx for the pm

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HI Devika, Thank you for the warm welcome. Enjoyed tha last 2 updates.Like Chalhov said your update is like a daily serial waiting to see what happens next. I alos thought Dev was conjuce in his praise to Radhika since she performed on his request but ,I do like his character very much. Poor baby, his date also got  spoiled by his parents.Very cute interaction between the parents and son. Should I expect fireworks from Radhika when she goes back home? Please update soon.

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New AvIna pics


Author: ..yajnaseni..   Replies: 15   Views: 4102

..yajnaseni.. 15 4102 08 December 2011 at 12:45pm by erlynda
Happy engagement annyversary AviNa..


Author: radev85   Replies: 14   Views: 2611

radev85 14 2611 06 December 2011 at 9:40am by lovv

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