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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:37pm | IP Logged

Di the way u  described the dance performance was mindblowing it was completly different n grt...rad missed wearing saree to function... wanted more describtion of how beautifully she looked in that dance costume...waiting for dev reaction...

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
wonderful part di ... so now she wants his reaction on performance but he is confusing her by his silence ... 

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Hi Devika

Lovely updates....
I really like your style of writing. This FF is so very different from your first one--that is really hard to do and you have manged to do it very well.

Dev and Radhika interactions is very well done...the budding relationship, some uncertainty, trying to get to know the other person--you have portrayed those well using some light moments and daily activities we all can relate too... I am glad that you are not revealing all the feelings in one setting....Really like your approach

Dev and Suchi and Dev and Lechu interactions are all very cute---Lechu knows to that she should leave Dev and  Radhika alone but she also wants to spend time with Dev --the dilemma of her mind is well done. Suchi- Dev relationship is especially nice. Love the moments...

Most of all like the fact that you are revealing the past only slowly---that keeps us all interested and eagerly await the next update...Dev is trying to get the info without trying to raise the suspicion..

Can't wait to see Dev's reaction to Radhika's dance and Radhika's reaction to Dev's comments..

Like Challov said in her comments, you know when to stop---so your's is a true daily soap...

Like your story of Radhika-A dreamy girl and we all are ready to dream with you...
Stay true to your story and in the end all of it will come together---we will just have to go along as you connect all the dots in your story---

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Radhika felt very tired' she sat at the edge of the bed, thinking how he felt, to know his heart..  time was ticking by.. she got aware.. Suchi came up to check on her and raised her hands to help her' 


Radhika : mom, I will be fine.. I need to take a shower'


Saying that she went to grab a towel..


Suchi: ok beta.. you know better.. but call me if you need any help'ok..


Radhika with a forceful smile: ha, mom'

Suchi: do you need something to drink, we had dinner early right? so you might be hungry..


Radhika: no mom , I am fine..

Suchi: ok then.  May be a glass of milk..

Radhika: no mom, I am totally fine..



Suchi came and gave a kiss on her forehead, again letting her know how much she loved her performance.. and then with a smile went out from the room..


Radhika took a deep sigh, she  went to the window side and stood there for few more  minutes to feel the smooth wind that was blowing through there..


But then she decided to change her costume, as she was feeling tired physically too.  She with the heavy face went to the mirror and looked at her image for once.  She felt to cry loud, to get some relief.. I did it for him, he sounded so anxious to see me dancing.. he said that many times..  when I did each alankar, it was his eyes in front of me, seeing me and admiring me..but he didn't even look at me properly.. may be it was just my expectation, to hear from him about my look, my performance..but he preferred to say that in that kanjoosi  smile.. 


Her face changed to angry shade and said loud..:  If he doesn't want to say anything then what was the necessary to bring my bag up? If I can carry that to college and bring back upto down stairs, I can easily bring it up too.. he brought it up as if he is helping me with a big thing.    She sniffed hard once and then rubbed her nose tip'   She felt like her blood is boiling inside..  she continued her talk..: if I get him in my hand now..  she flared her fingers out with clenching her jaw hard'


"that is not a good expression for a dancer.."  the soft sound of Dev ,who changed to to short sleeve white  tee shirt and black track pant, from behind brought her back into reality. She looked into the mirror and found him standing right behind her..  She looked at him with another angry glare' Dev tried to smile.. that just doubled the angry shade in her,.. but she tried to control ..


Radhika: what are you doing here' go  to your room.. . I need to change and then sleep..


Dev didn't move, he just stood there with same smile..


Radhika looking at the door..: oh, so Suchi mom didn't close the door..


Dev: no she did.. but you didn't lock it..


Radhika looking at the mirror: now don't talk to me.. I am too tired, and I need to take rest..  bringing a tired expression on her face..


Dev: you don't look like tired..


Radhika: I don't have to look like tired,  I said I am.. now go from here..  she was about to push on him towards the door' they heard  foot steps nearing  to her room'  Radhika looked at him,  widening her eyes,  with concern.. She looked around and then quickly pushed towards the closet and then with a feary face pulled one of her duppatta out and put that  over his head to cover his head to down'


Pushing the door flap to both side, Suchi came in.. Radhika's heart beat raised.. she looked back and then she quiackly walked towards the door to meet Suchi by trying to bring a forceful smile on her face..


Suchi: you didn't change yet'


Radhika:  no mom, actually I was going to..  looking at Dev's side with her corner eyes..


Suchi: are you sure you don't  need any help..

Radhika with a very confident voice: no mom.. I am totally fine.. see I was about  to go in washroom only'


Suchi: that sound better than I left earlier' then extending her one hand out. :see this is for you, milk.. drink it even if you are not hungry' you may be able to sleep better, especially after  todays' hectic time..


Radhika took the glass from her..: I will mom, don't worry.. trying to bring extra smile on her face' Suchi just looked at her sursprisingly..

Suchi: Radhika I really thought you are not happy, somewhere you sounded so sad, so I was unable to get to bed.. .  may be you got the bad eyes of the  people.. stand straight'  Radhika looked at Suchi as she brought her mustard filled right fist in front of her and circled that around her.. Radhika noted Suchi's lips secretly saying something out.. and then she touched her head to toe and went out to the patio and throwed that outside' Radhika just followed Suchi as she went to throw it off..


Suchi: Now you will feel good' Ok' now I feel good too..go . change quick and go to bed.. ok.. and ha.. don't forget to drink the milk..


Radhika with that ear to ear smile: ha., mom.. see I am going to do that only'

Suchi with a smile turned: ok Beta.. see rest all slept, now  you..


Radhika:  me  too mom' good night..


Suchi:" goodnight beta..

Radhika watched her disappearing from her sight. She took a deep sigh of relief

 She came quickly back to her room and checked near the closet but found the space empty with the shall on  the rack'

Radhika mumbled self: where did he disappeared now '  may he got afraid of seeing mom' and went back to his room' 

She went and closed the door and then with a thought put the lock on.. and came  inside, went near the mirror to take the things off..  she raised her hand to take off the yellow and brown color mixed duppatta over the bun ' she froze for a second seeing Dev's reflection in the mirror standing next  behind her..


She comprehend back and tunred and asked: you didn't go'  and was about to push him.. Dev held her shoulder and pulled her closer'.   Radhika didn't say anything, just looked into his eyes'   looking into her eyes he said..

"shhhh'..   now, you won't  say anything. Now it is my turn'."..


Radhika lost in his eyes , mumbled: I don't want to hear anything from you..


Dev: yes you do..


Radhika: no I don't..


Dev smiled: but your are telling me to say it'  and you don't have any other choice..


Radhika's heart started beating faster.. she wanted to resist, but the words just gave up on her..


Dev looking deep into her eyes: sach heina..


She didn't say anything..

He turned her around to face the mirror'  he looked at her reflection as she did on his..   he brought his face towards her shoulder side, near to her ear.. Radhika stood froze just staring into his eyes in the mirror..


Dev looked at her reflection from her tikka to her toe..  a part of her hair was packed with a bun and the white flower was circling it.. and then the yellow brown  sequence duppatta with golden border was hanging down from the middle part of it and her rest of the braided part was hanging down to the front form the shoulder.. 


The pallu part of the duppatta was nicely pleated (readymade) and tucked on to the left side completely covering her upper body.. but the golden border just added to the beauty of her color.. the tikka was nicely shining at the middle of her parted hair..  the stone at the middle of her bindi was shining.. his nearness added natural blushness to her masked face..  her beautiful long lashes bowed down as his eyes fell on them'that just revealed her  shyness because of the thinkness from  the mascara , along with the broad black eye liner around her eyes , shaping it well' her  red stained lips tried to hide her shy smile as his eyes fell on them..


 A shiver passed through her as his hand slide down her arms to hold those bangles..  she tried to breath slow'  she became so conscious not to move from there'


The necklace covered her neck completely down to the duppatta border..  The waist band secured the pleets in place'  and her wavy flary brown and yellow mixed line skirt was resting by sticking to her legs well'  he saw her toes tightening and moving inwards as his eyes fell on them..  he again looked at her face..


"Radhika'" his soft voice, which always gave her that ticklish feeling.. a joy to her heart..  she felt it as a magical feeling, when ever he called her name softly and lovingly'


She tried to raise her eyes and looked into his..with a beaming smile on her lips..

"you look beautiful' and I know you put all these just for me today..  and I love it Radhika.. I love it so much'.."



Radhika stood there listening to the words that she wanted to hear from him,  from the beginning'  her heart ached to hear  about  her performance now'  but her forhead tightened listening to his next sentence..

" I know you are tired, I can help you take all these off..''


what she expected and what he saying' 


Dev: what happened?  Why that  changed heavy face now?


Radhika tunred and pushed him back: I don't need any help.. I can do it.. you go..


Dev: I thought you don't want me to go..


Radhika: who said that.. It is getting late.. I am tired to..


Dev held her arm: then why you tried to hide me from mom..


Radhika: that because.. because.. because .. I don't want her to catch you again from my room..

Dev: so what?

Radhika: nothing.. you go..


Dev: no, I know you don't want me to go..

Radhika loosing all her patience: don't talk to me  .. here I did that dance just because you told me to do and you don't have anything to tell me about it, whereas all others said it was good.. atleast to make me feel good, you should have say that na..


Dev: Radhika who said the dance was good..?


Radhika looked at him puzzled.. and then: mom said, papa, lechu, my teachers, my friends' Heena'  everyone'


Dev: Radhika, that's because they were just watching a simple dance..


Radhika: what? So you didn't like my simple dance..


Dev: I thought you may perform something else.  But' shruggling his shoulder up'


Radhika: perform what?


Dev: Radhika I told you that I am going to watch you.. and who am I? I am going to be your hubby soon..  but what did you perform there? Your chandenpur?


Radhika 's cheeks burned up: chandenpur!!


Dev: ha.. the woods, the animals, the river, the rain'  I was just seeing  a village girl..  not my premika'.


Radhika: what?


Dev: ha, I was expecting to see my lover on the stage' but you made me feel like you are takimg me  inside a forest..


Radhika: ha.. and then the snake came to bite you and you ran away from there loudly calling out for help' Khush.. mei bhi khush.. aap bhi khush.. sab log khush.. now no more talk, I am done with it.. now I won't dance anymore..


Dev: I thought you will act out like a Radha..


Radhika drawing her brows to the enter: who is Radha?


Dev: Kanha.. the same Kanha and Radha'


Radhika: Do one thing, you take your bike and go to Vrindavan and your Radhika may be waiting there.. go and ask her to dance for you.. don't come near to me..


Dev enjoyed the jealous tinge in her voice': so you are feeling jealous..


Radhika: I am not jealous, and  don't talk to me any more' 


Saying that she went near the bed and pulled out her bangles quick and throwed that on to the bed, it just spread out on the sheet.. Dev just watched her expression'


Dev came near and held her hand: If you are angry at me, why you are showing that on this poor bangles.. especially to those bangles which just added beauty to your slender arms when you lifted up to show the happy deer.. saying that he hold the  rest of the bangles and took it out slowly and put that on the table nicely..


Radhika tried to pull on her earrings.. and her hand was just struggling there.. Dev with a smile went near and slowly took it out and carefully removed the chain that tucked behind her ear to the hair and then took the other one out too.. looking at the side profile of his frustrated Radhika'.


He went behind her and  slowly released her duppatta from her  hair bun,.. Radhika struggled her hand with the flower piece.. he slowly removed the pins and took the flower piece out.. just looking at her  reactions' she started picking on the hair ornaments along the briaded part'  somehow her fingers just stuggled with everything' but then Dev, extended his hand out and took each piece out carefully, and then slowly unbraided her hair and finally untied the bun  and her full hair just fallen down on her back'  the braiding made it  more  wavy'


He slowly moved her hair to one side . Hid fingers touched her bare skin over the neck as he tried ot  loosen the knot of the necklace' she felt the tickling'   his eyes were wandering over her reactions'   and  then slowly removed it , sliding it up around  her head'.


Radhika stood there with a dried mouth' and dried lips..  and she felt like her toungure got tied,  to speak up anything at that moment..


Dev again slided his hands along her slender arm and brought her closer  and turned her to face the mirror' and said: see now this is my Radhika.. 


Radhika looked into the mirror, seeing her reflection in the mirror with him, made her to feel uncomfortable'   she tried to move away from his hold' 


Dev: you need more help..


Radhika just nodded her head in words refused to come out from her throat..


Dev turned her around and looking at her face he said: no you did all these just for me and I loved it.. But now I want to see my Radhika..  so go wash up your face and come..


Radhika: I will' first you go..


Dev: why you need to say that all the time.. you first listen to me..


Radhika with a failed attempt, moved away from his hold and went near the closet and picked the towel and her dress and disappeared into the wash room' 


Dev  looked at all those ornaments, that she wore, for him to see' he picked each piece in his hand and smiled' he looked at the bed and saw the spreaded bangles.. he picked those  and raising that up at his eye level  he made it to giggle in his hand shake,  he smiled along with it.. he put everything back on the dressing table'   time ticked by'


Radhika came out from the shower' feeling fresh'. She wrapped her hair in a towel'  and wore her light blue color kurtha with dark colored patyala bottom.. His eyes were just apppering in front of her eyes with every move,  she was smiling unknowingly  '.   Which she tried to control knowingly..but it just didn't coordinate'

. she made sure her face make up is comepletely washed off, and rubbed around her eyes, just to make sure that all that clear now' 


She came out from the washroom and noticed his eyes on her reflection in the mirror, she acted as if she didn't see that and went near her bed to spread out her costume.. and then taking the wrinkles off, she tried to put that on the rack, spreading it nicely to take  all the sweats off from it' 



  Dev stood there smiling at her'


Radhika didn't feel to smile back as she remembered his comments on her dance..: now I am going to bed' goodnight..


Dev: but it doesn't look like..


Radhika: no I am' goodnight'  saying that she went and put the towel on the rack and went near the switch..


Dev: you want to turn off the light.. Ok good idea..


Radhika: no.. you go first, I will turn the light off..


Dev went near and turned the light off..: I am not going any where..


Radhika: then..


Dev went and crawled into bed: I am sleeping here tonight..


Radhika No way..


Dev: why?

Radhika: I will call mom..


Dev: she did her rounds.. may be in her deepest sleep now ..  so don't try that..and also if you really wanted me to go, then you didn't have tried to hide me .. so that means you want me to stay here'


Radhika: kya?

Dev: ha' and you look fresh, not tired..


Radhika: how do you know.? You only told Mom that you are going to bed.. right?


Dev: ha.. and I am in bed..


Radhika: no its not right..


Dev went and held her hand and forced her to sit on that bed and he sat near.. he turned the bedlamp on..and held her hand in his


Dev: why you are sounding so angry..


Radhika: because I am tired..  she tried to cover her uneasiness..


Dev smiled: you can go to bed, but after sometime..


Radhika: I don't want to talk..



Radhika just looked at his face'  thinking where he is heading to..  but then impatiently she sasked: so you  really didn't like my dance?


Dev lifted her chin and made her to look into his eyes..: what you think..


Radhika looked away: I don't know..



Dev: Radhika.. it was really nice.. I liked it so much.. more than anything.. the fact that you danced for me.. just for me.. I don't care who all watched and who all clapped, but for me it was just me around you at that time'  just you and me'I just thought to hold you in my arms right away..  but'''


She felt shy.. that's what she wanted to hear.. and he is telling everything.. her cheek turned pink' she felt the coolness inside her heart.  ..


Dev: I have a gift for you..


Radhika looked at him..


Dev brought a packet and took a saree out.. : I was thinking of buying a goft for you  but was confused ' . so today when you said  me that you don't have any saree here ,  I thought to buy one for you'. see, this is my choice, and my first gift for you'. do you like it..   he said with so much love and expection..


Radhika looked at the saree in his hand  blindly, the color drined off from her face , widening her eyes she said in mind: if this was going to be the gift, I should have never danced..


Dev: did you say something Radhika..


Radhika chuckled: nothing.. aap ne kuch suna hei kya?


Dev: you like it?


Radhika: behuth..  with a controlled sarcastic voice'


Dev: sach..


Radhika: um.. sach..  but the color


Dev: you don't like this color..  tell me which color you like? I will buy one of those colors too..


Radhika taking the  designer  dark pink saree from his hand quikly, forcing a big happy smile on her face: this is beautiful.. this is absolutely fantastic.. and I love it.. Pink is my favorite color' nice gift'  thanks' no need to buy anymore.. this is your choice.. I like it'  um'  reaffirming herself'


Dev with a smile:  then  can you wear it and show me..


Radhika in a shock: what?


Dev: I loved the other day when you wore saree, you looked really beautifull in that red saree , so can you wore this and show me now..

Radhika felt giddiness.. she thought her eyes are filling with darkness..


Dev: what happened Radhika?


Radhika bringing a very tired expression: hu' can I wear this later and show you..


Dev: so you are really tired..


Radhika:  ha' with a very hopeless tone..


Dev: ok then, you sleep.. I will see you in the morning..


Radhika hum'


Dev stood from the bed,  said goodnight and walked towards the door, Radhika followed him.. as he neared the door he turned and looked at her once'  then suddenly grabbed her shoulder  and forced her to move closer to him and within fraction of second he placed a warm kiss over her cheek.. Radhika stood in shock with widening her eyes' 


Dev pulling his face back looked into her shocked posture and said: I love you Radhika'


And quickly disappeared into his room'  She still stood there, feeling the sensation'    

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Big smile  thanks buddies... hope you will like the above post... i know  few of you dreamed different, and i am bringing something else..  oops , sorry if I disappoint you..
and yes, Lexmi, you are back..  and so happy to hear that you loved the journey so far , hope you will continue travel with me ...
 and yes, to all who responded and gave me the spirit when i faced that mental block, for that reassuring words, for that curiosity, for that love and support, for that critique words...  it takes your time , i know and i really appreciate it.. I am moving on just because of all your words...  all your support... Thank you so much..
love and take care
p.s; forgot to mention something...  the rasam that Suchi did is perfomed differently at different parts of India. As my mom does it differently with dried red chilli, salt and all.. so one or the other way it just meant to ward off the bad eyes....  did i say that right, i don't know.. but somehitng like that.. oh ya, you are thinking right.. that is it....  yes.. 

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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nice update , so she hear what she want to , he is really naughty .

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
wow di coool
so much enjoying..
so Dev said it..
Coool what an update thanks..
Your writing tallent is... mmmmm...
I have no wards di...perfect superb fantastic don't know what to tell
Really enjoying
Thanks di give us such a wonderful story
Thumbs Up

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:41pm | IP Logged
loved rads frustration to devs naughty she didnt liked the saree color or was it for darkness she couldnt makeout the color...good night kiss now moved on to cheekEmbarrassedWink

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