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Her heart felt fluttery as she tried to step into his room  '....  she thought ..ok let me just peek in and see whether he is inside'... because if he is around, he used to show up his face one or the other way'...  then what happned today!!'.. may be he is sleeping' ..  she again looked around..


As her face peeked in, a force held her on her hand and pinned her to the wall'...  Radhika went along with the force and  her lips parted in oval shape and she  looked at him with her widening  eyes..


Dev looking into her eyes:  Radhika.. why you need to think so many times before stepping into my room..


Rahdika still stood in shock..


Dev: now, close that lips now..' 

Radhika suddenly closed her mouth' , and looked into his eyes..


Dev: so tell me what happened?


Radhika: why you need to scare me all the time?


Dev: I am not scaring you Radhika'.. you act like scaring.. see , you could have esily come into my room.. but what you did, you know how much time you wasted by standing there' took 20 minutes down stairs drinking a cold tea, and then another 30 minutes in your room to change and now here again 5 to 10 minutes  dabating whether to come in or not'..  do you know how impatiently I was waiting.. do you know how I spend all day thinking, what might have happened in college? Did Heena told that to everyone?, how they all reacted?  All that'..  and then looking into her eyes...' and here you are asking me , why I am scaring you..


Radhika tried to push away his hands and bringing a angry face: so you only told everything to Heena.. I guessed, but she kept on saying her new friend,..


Dev tried to smile: so it went fine na..


Radhika: no it didn't.. and she tried to walk away..


Dev pulled her back and pinned her to the wall behind the door flap: tell me'.. what happened.. in a very calm , soft voice.. that made Radhika to calm down too..

 She looked at him and said: um..


Dev: what um..?


Radhika: vo'.. they all good..


Dev: Means'.... bringing a smile on his face..: means prolem solved'... and my butterfly is ready to fly'


Rahdika: don't call me butterfly..


Dev: then what will I call you.. peacock..


Radhika: peacock!!!   She looked at him surprisingly


Dev with a teay tone: um'... peacock,'  who dance  to please the rain God..


Radhika just looked into his eyes..


Dev: Ha Radhika'... you don't know how desperately I am waiting to see your dance...' 


Radhika: but do you know, the peacock that dance to please the rain God is not a female..


Dev: I don't care' ... I know the male in any species is beautiful, and handsome just like me'.... but for me, my Rahdika is more beautiful'...


Even though hshe got the sarcasom when he mentioned the male beuty, she Radhika blushed comepletely listening to the latter part...'.


Dev liked that expression, that color on her cheek'. 


But then she raised her eye up and said: I need to go..


Dev: no'


Rahdika: please..  Lechu may look for me..


Dev: no,  I am the one who was looking for you, waited for you all this time.  And now you want to walk away..


Radhika tried to push him away by forcing her hands over his chest..


Dev held her fist in his hand near his heart'. And looked at her lovingly'


Radhika twisted her hand in his trying to get it released: please, let me go..


Dev:  ha only with a promise, will you meet me tonight..


Radhika: I don't know.. why?


Dev: I told you, I want to listen to the story..


Radhika: actually I don't know much.. I just know what I said..


They heard the foot steps nearing..  they looked at each other'  Radhika looked at him pleadingly'....   Dev just nodded his head in disagreement..


Lechu pushed the door flap, little wide.. Dev moved further towards Radhika' his eyes were lingering over her face, Radhika stood holding her breath, with a scary eyes that was fixed to the side corner of the open flap, imagining that it may show off them soon...' 


"where  are they? Radhika di is not in her room, and here Bro is not here too..? Did they went out without telling anyone.., or may be not telling me' .... she promised that she will show her dance to me tonight..  let me ask Mom..' saying that loud into the space she went away from there....'


Radhika took a deep sigh and looked up and found Dev's face very close to her, smiling lovingly at her, his hands still holding hers near to his chest'...  his breath was falling onto her face.  She got lost in his look'... she saw his face coming more closer towards her cheek'.... she skipped few beats'... she with her all force tried to push him away, Dev with a jerk moved little back , but then holding on to the side wall with one hand caging her from one side, he moved closer, they heard Suchi's voice calling out for Radhika..


Radhika's face got frightened.. "mom, I need to go'  ...she pushed him' ....Dev just moved away with her force'.... Radhika sighed again  and ran away from there.. dev just stroked his hands over his hair and smiled'  .. "Oh Radhika.." his heart just mumbled...'


Rahdika tried to show her dance to Lechu and Suchi'...  Suchi made sure all has been packed well.. Radhika said she can manage everything as Heena agreed to help her dress up' 


It was sleeping time and everyone got back into their room'...  Dev made sure Lechu is in her room.. he scanned down and went into Radhika's room' ... but found the door locked..


Dev.. she knew that I am coming.. Oh.. because of that she locked it' um..


Dev knowcked at the door, changing his voice he called Radhika 's name..  Radhika got confused and she opened the door, the second she opened the door, Dev rushed in and quickly closed the door..


Radhika: aap..


Dev: um.. mei..


Radhika: someone may come.


Dev in a soft voice: nope.. all sleeping..


Radhika: I told you I don't know anything more..


Dev: but still I told you I like to spend time with you..


Radhika: but then why you didn't come to watch me practicing when Lechu called you..

Dev: that's because  I want to see you on stage, fully dressed, and moving those steps just for me.. I don't want to spoil that moment' 


Radhika saw her heart smiling listening to his words.. but she controlled.. she tried to change the topic'...


Radhika: but I am sleepy now..


Dev: no problem, you can.. But I will be around..


Radhika: please Dev, someone will see.


Dev: I told you no'... come, you have college tomorrow, I don't want to waste your time.. tell me about Buava..


Radhika just stood there..


Dev  held her hand and forced her to sit on the bed..: please tell me Radhika..


Radhika: truly Dev, I don't know anything much'


Dev: we stopped at her marriage part..


Radhika: I don't know about that much..  when I came to know  sweety' ,sorry buava, she was in Haweli only',,  I used to go to haweli with Babuji..  Babuji aand daadaji both do their talk and discussion, I used to spent time with granny or Buava'   granny used to tell me stories and called me Princess all the time'... I think I was the only one got lucky to hear her story all by my self, otherwise there used to be a big gang....  I tell you one secret.. she moved her face towards his ear showing it as a secret:  sweety heina'... I mean Sushma buava, she also tells stories nicely..   and then moved away..' but not like granny though'...  she used to tell me only, nobody else..


Dev: what was it about , same like fairy tales.. as granny


Radhika: who told Granny was telling only Fairy tales, she used to tell stories from the epic..  epics mostly circles around heroes, right?..


Dev sat in a criss cross postrure with more enthusiasm in his eyes and action, took the pillow on his lap..: and who was the hero in all that stories.


"what are you doing at this time here'"  Suchi's voice shocked the two kids who were totally into stories..


Dev loosened his legs and tried to hang it from the bed: vo Mom' ,we were just talking..


Suchi coming near: that I can see', so only I asked what is that so serious you two are sitting so late and discussing..


Radhika stood on her feet..


Dev: nothing mom.. we were simply talking..


Suchi: I know.. Radhika go to bed.. you have college tomorrow , right.. 

And then looking Dev's face: Dev , I know you don't have anything specific for tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you can disturb Radhika like this.. you come out, let her sleep..


Dev stood on his feet: but mom.  With a pleading voice..


Radhika just stood there listening to Suchi's voice..


Suchi: didn't you hear me..


Dev: ji mom.. good night Radhika..saying that he wlaked out..


Suchi turned the lights off and asked Radhika to go to bed, before she got out from the room, Radhika crawled under her blanky and covered her face.. Suchi controlled her smile..


Dev: mom, seriously we were just talking..


Suchi: I know Dev'


Dev still stood to convice her..


Suchi brushing his hair from the front: I told you, I know. I trust you, I know my Son , and I know Radhika too'...  that is why I brought her two days early.. but think she has college, so no late talks'...


Dev: but mom..


Suchi: dev'


Dev: Ok mom..


Dev went to his room, Suchi came back and tucked him in bed..

Dev: mom, you are acting like a school kid's mom now..


Suchi: ha, I know.. and I don't care' will  fly off soon na..   call me often OK..


Dev sat back: mom..


Suchi  turned her face with filled eyes..: Good night beta, I also need to start early tomorrow..


Dev: goodnight mOm'




Radhika was getting ready to go to college..  Dev came in rushing' .. Radhika looked at him..


Dev: forgot to tell you, actually your friend Heena called  here yesterday while you were  showing dance to mom and Lechu.. she said everyone planned to wear saree and you need too..


Radhika: what?!!!!


Dev: all your college mates are wearing saree, and  Heena forgot to tell you..


Rahdika: no way.. packing her stuff in a bag..


Dev: why?


Radhika: simple , I don't have one..


Dev: no problem.. I can tell mom, she will help you..


Radhika: no that is not possible.. it won't fit me..


Dev: saree won't fit you?!!!


Radhika looking at his confused face: you know saree means you need to have fitting blouse and all, and I don't think mom's blouse fit me.. so forget it..


Dev: but then what you will tell your friends..


Radhika with a smile: I will say I didn't get the mesaage..


Dev: that's not fair..


Radhika: it's ok'... as the time won't permit me to wear one now.. so..

Dev: but tell something else na..


Radhika: no I will tell Heena that you didn't tell me on time..


Dev: ok then, wait,  let me get you mom's saree..or I will come to college with it..


Radhika: what!!!

Dev: think twice..


Radhika pretend to be normal: no actually I will tell them, I need to do a stage practice one  time, with  this saree, I won't be able to do that.. so..


Dev: so tell the truth na..


Radhika with a kiddish face: oh, ya, I will tell the truth only.. Ok now can I go?


Dev held her hand and pulled her towards him, she looked into his smiley eyes..: I will be watching you, when you dance on that stage today'... just for me..


Radhika blushed , but then she pushed him away and ran from her room'... dev just smiled'.



Radhika got ready in her costume. Heena helped her final touch up..

Heena: you look so pretty..


Radhika just smiled....'

.  Dev came in  with  Surender, Suchi and  Lechu..  Dev was trying to hide from everyone. He entered with the rush and sat in 2 nd front seat near the lectures, had his camera in hand.. few of students spotted Dev.. but he got busy with talking to the Principal . They kept the distance from him' ...  all got seated and program started..  it was going fine.. Dev sat with his happy inner smile, waiting to see her'.  Finally Radhika's name called out and she came in, touching the stage before entering and asking permission to step on and to be with her' .. the light went on the stage..  Radhika gave a short description of what she is going to perform  confidently and she showed few mudras what to relate it with  '...  everyone liked it , it was new to them, to know it before hand..


The music started playing and Radhika started moving her arms and her feet started moving with the thal of the music. The deer jumped around the stage with happiness...' the river was flowing nicely making its splashes, her arms and her hands moved in a wavy fashion'  ...but then  the snake showed up his head, she found it curious.. she tried to touch him' ...but then the snake raised its head and looked at her angrily, flaring its  head wings..  she got scared and moved away.. she called out for the help'.... The Almighty appered in front and He  stepped on its head and  defeated him within fraction of seconds and did the dancing moves on his head.. the  snake totally failed in his mission' .. she bowed in front of the Lord'... the animals strated playing around with happiness..  peacock danced with flaring its feather in full circle..  the rain God got pleased' ... the thunder came along with the lighetning'... then it started raining.. she extended her arms out to both sides' to catch the drops within them... '  she started feeling the wetness, the freshness'.... she felt the happiest.. she started circling.. the thal went to its maximum speed , and Radhika  circled with it, her feet just didn't touch the floor, it just moved fatsre around the whole stage..  she was moving with the highest speed'  ,  looks like she was circling on her toes.. her lehanga was circling with her movement like waves'  ...people started clapping.. but she didn't stop., the music was still going on' and she went along with it..  finally it came to the rest....' her hand just moved slowly and softly and came  to a rest along with that soft music' ...she stood there for a moment to get dark around her with breathing heavily.. she heard the clapping '.... slowly the light came back, she bowed her head in front of the audience, and flared her both arms out in an L shape and with due respect she retired back to the stage..


Suchi held Surender's hand with joy.. Lechu just sat there with her unbelievable eyes...' Dev sat there still in its hang over.. with  a proud smile on his lips..  he forgot to clap his hands''... he didn't hear the clapping sound of the audience'. ... he sat there' he took few pictures at the beginning but then he forgot, he totally got ino her act, her movement that he forgot to click the pose' ...


Suchi: Let me go see her..


Lechu: I am coming too..


Suchi and Lechu went back to stage..  Dev moved near to Surender ' ...  Heena came and told Rahdika that Suchi is waiting.. she went out covering her costume with a shall..  Suchi just hugged her tight'

Radhika: Mom how was it.. did it went fine..

 Suchi just smiled back and all her happiness was written clearly on her face and her expression..


Lechu: di, it was awesome'... it went totally different on the stage.. my god!!!.. it was like watching a story'.. you need to teach me too'


Radhika looked around with a hope to see his eyes.. but..  she asked : papa..


Suchi : they are sitting there'... they loved it'. ...I was unable to sit there'... just wished to see you' 


Heena: Radhika let's go too and watch the rest of the program..


Radhika: can we..


Heena: sure why not.. the rest of the crew is there..


They walked towards the auditorium.. but then her classmate started crowding around her with sharing their happiness'.

Suchi seeing her friends around congratulating her : Radhika, .. you talk to your friends.. ok.. we will be there in the auditorium..


Radhika just nodded her head..   arjun'sfriends just let her didn't move.. they just kept on praising her..  whereas Arjun just smiled at her and praised her once, as it was hard for him to find any words to praise her....'


Heena: ye, let's go and watch the rest of the program


Arjun: our gang is sitting at the back' , let's go there..

Rahdika: vo mei..


Heena: no Radhika, this time you need to listen to us..     come let's go and enjoy the rest ofprogram..


Radhika: ji' ... ok then, let me go and change.. and I will come.

 Heena: you can change later.. see no one did.. come on..


Radhika hesistantly went along with her classmates..


 Suchi and Lechu joined back with Surender and Dev. She said  that Radhika went along with  her classmates..  The program went on .. the best outgoing student has been called in and th award were distributed..

 Dev turned once or twice to check on Radhika and found her clapping hands along with her friends.. his eyes unknowingly met Arjun who was standing right behind her.. who was clapping along , rejoicing with the group'  he felt irriatted but then he sat straight.. ''.right before the program getting  over..


Dev: Dad, I will get the car, you come along with Radhika..


Then Suchi: ok beta..  Lechu, you go and call Radhika..


Lechu: ji mom... she went to back and called Radhika.. arjun tried to stop them but Lechu was just pulling on her hand so she left along with her..


Surender gave her a  hug appreciating her dance.. radhika's eyes still looked around for Dev'


 Suchi: chale beta..

Radhika: let me change..


Suchi: its ok anyway we are going home.. so , just grab your stuff.


Radhika: just  two minute mom.. I will be right back..


Radhika grabbed Heena on her way, and came back quickly.


Suchi: that was quick..


Radhika: ha mom'


Suchi: are you ok...


She just smiled' ... her make up was still on and her hair was still tied in bun with floweres around'and braided hair was covered with  beeds and small ornaments....'


Radhika saw Dev in driver's seat, she tried to look at him, he just gave a casual smile.. she felt sad'....  She glanced at him in between but he was concentrating on driving.. Suchi ,, surrender and Lechu kept on talking about the program and Radhika's dance..  her heart ached to hear form him, but he kept his silence..


As they reached home....'


Dev: mom, I am going to bed, goodnight..


Suchi: Ok beta.. goodnight'


Radhika glanced at him once as he came to grab her bag from her hand....'

 Dev looked up at her and said: I can take this up to your room..

 Radhika held it tight showing her heavy face, but with a smooth smile he made her to release it and took that with him..  Radhika glanced at him as he climbed the stairs and saw him getting into her room'..


Suchi: you need help Radhika.


Radhika: no Mom, I will be fine..


Suchi: don't go now.. let me call Chandenpur, your  daadi told me specifically' Radhika's eyes unknowingly went up and found him getting out from her room and going into his'... after a talk with daadi, Radhika went to her room.. Lechu followed her..


Radhika: ok Lechu.. now let me get fresh up.. need to take all these off..


Lechu: let me help you..


Radhika preffered loneliness at that time.. Dev's silence broke her  expectations'  ...first time she didn't get any satisfaction after performing..  even though rest everybody appreciated, she still didn't get the satisfaction' 


Radhika: Lechu, I got used to all this, don't worry, you might be tired'...  I will be fine..I need  help to put everything on, but to take this off , trust me, is the easiest job..'


Lechu: ok di, then good night...'

Radhika went into her room with a gloomy face..

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if you get time please read the post below.. thanks

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Hi friends...  buddies...

first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT...  hope you are still travelling with me.. I go crazy when i get into Radev world, i say i totally get into it,  then i am crazy to pen it down quickly, but when i do that, i am ready to post it too.. i can't resist that feeling.  So   mostly it will go with my one direction thoughts...
yaar, it is giving me wrist and shoulder ache yaar... but still i love to do it... totally totally enjoying it.....  it is not any force from anyone, but it is just me.. the way I am....
But you know then it can become boring or monotonous, and that I will come to know only through your words. 
 So when I read comments like few of you was constantly asking me about Arjun, how Dev will face him.. all that... I am so curious to pen it down, because i really like to let you know as qucik as i can.. i love doing it..   but then i don't want to just jump in there as the day and situation may be different in my mind as I sit down... so again this can lead to boring and monotous feeling.. 
 but then when i see that caution, like the one posted by ABhi ..I need it and i respect that  .. don't think how I take it or how i may feel but please tell me what you feel if you are a keen reader of this FF, and will in turn help the story teller in me... . everything in life is not smooth and lovable and it may take time in me to understand or comprehend it at first, but  it gives me a pause, a warning and make me to think, bring me out from that craziness...  so may be that can bring more interesting parts... . or i can clarify the reason, why i went that way...or clarify why you are seeing  a different Radhika in Delhi.., may be i am writing for that time, but should be reasoned...  so I need it.. and most of you won't get time to read it right away, and with my craziness i just kept move on with updates... 
so it is time  for me to slow down, just to give you time to read.
as i know few of you are really loving it and supporting me like fatser than i expect ( realy I expect everyone to respond right away so that i can move on with next part.. totally impossible wish.. ha ha ha ha), and just with me all the time increasing my spirit..I need it and I respect that... only because of that support and love I am still here..
so from today mostly one update every other day (hard thing to follow for me, but still i will try my maximum, don't get upset seeing one earlyLOL), and i hope that may give enough time for the readers to respond... but even if you don't in that time period, please , i urge you to let me know (like button, comment, or PM), so that i can either change the mode, or i can clarify the confusion..  don't think you are just saying , thanks  or nice update or waiitng for the next.. repeatedly.. Oh dear, i take that too and love to see it.. just that reassuring repeating words can bring wonders...  So I am expecting that from you as a reader... 
Thanks for taking time to read my note and once again thank you so much dear  readers, for all the love and support,,....  please let me  know your view point...
take care
Devika...Big smile

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ok il wait THANKS ALOT!!

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wow di cool...
feeling very happy waiting for your update love your story cool di

Dev what happen to you..any way..I feel very happyDancing
di you are very good in Writing stories cool di cool...
Im enjoying your story coooooooooooooooooooooool
Thumbs Up 

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Devika thats cute and u have learnt the tricks of the trade of daily soaps stopping exactly at that point which will interest all LOLWink now we eagarly wait for Devs reaction to Rads dance.Big smileTongue

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by chalhov

Devika thats cute and u have learnt the tricks of the trade of daily soaps stopping exactly at that point which will interest all LOLWink now we eagarly wait for Devs reaction to Rads dance.Big smileTongue
Wink  you got my point.... but to increse the curiosity, i don't have a promo....  ha ha..  learning to understand the daily soap little by little...Wink  but you caught me....Confused
business secret yaar, don't reveal it like this....LOLLOLLOL
then i will be out of business soon.....LOLLOLLOL

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by DEVIKA8

Originally posted by chalhov

Devika thats cute and u have learnt the tricks of the trade of daily soaps stopping exactly at that point which will interest all LOLWink now we eagarly wait for Devs reaction to Rads dance.Big smileTongue
Wink  you got my point.... but to increse the curiosity, i don't have a promo....  ha ha..  learning to understand the daily soap little by little...Wink  but you caught me....Confused
business secret yaar, don't reveal it like this....LOLLOLLOL
then i will be out of business soon.....LOLLOLLOL

Devika as long as u keep on writing u can never be out of businessBig smileLOL

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honey_princess Goldie

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OMG!!! You write faster than I can read!!! You are just like the CVs stopping right at the highest point of anxiety!!!! Nevertheless a GREAT update!!! Waiting for the next update!!! 

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