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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Good job! Waiting for the next...........

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vinianil Senior Member

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Nice updates Devika....Dev wants to spend time with RadhikaWink but she is still acting...I think Sushma bhuva has some connection with surender  but why don't    you  allow radhika to explain all that???

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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thanks buddies.. you all are quick  so why should I get it late... thanks for all the support and encouragements dear...  thanks....

Part 40

Dev was late to get up from bed by then the girls already left to college. Dev went in Radhika's room… How could it be Radhika…  I thought you will be around here..  few minutes spending there, he went down..  suchi was reading a book.


Dev: hi Mom… no work today..


Suchi: no.. it is slow.. so I just took advantage of it.. they will call me if they need me…


Dev: you were working hard this weekend though..


Suchi: got used to it now..


Dev went and sat near his mom and rested his head on her shoulder…


Suchi: Is everything  OK?


Dev: ha..   thanks mom..


Suchi: for what?


Dev: for bringing Radhika early.. see now she is back to college…


Suchi: so you are missing her already..


Dev: its not like that mom..


Suchi: its not only for you Dev.. Radhika never spend any free time here. Even if she had projects  to do, she sit late night and finish and make herself free for Friday, and she never spend any weekend free here.. all the time she ached to get back to Chandenpur..   Dev just listened to his mom's talk.. Lechu tries to find one or other reason to make her to saty, but she just flew away.. actually this is the first time she spend two days free here…


Dev: no wonder she was in confusion..


Suchi: what confusion?

Dev: no , the morning, she was opening every cupboard, thinking what to make for breakfast..


Suchi with a smile: Radhika told me how you helped her…  then brushing on his hair..: just be like this Dev, be a good partner to her… soon you two will get married, then help her the same way, understand her…  that's what life is meant for..


Dev: I love her so much mom..


Suci again with a smile; I know Dev, I can see that in your eyes.. 


Dev: but Radhika..


Suchi: what happened to Radhika?


Dev sitting straight looking at his mom's face: she is different.. I mean, I mean…. I don't know how to say it..


Suchi with a teasy smile: yes, she is different that is because you are loving her..


Dev: not that mom… 


Suchi: then what Dev?


Dev: no ..nothing… saying that he rested his head back on his mother's shoulder..


Dev  was watching TV when the girls came back.. Dev looked at Radhika as she cornered her eyes on him…  Dev saw a tinge of sadness on her face.. he tried to smile and she forced a smile on her face too..   Radhika went up to her room.. got fresh up and was drying her face.. 


Dev rushed into the room, closing  the door behind..  and pulled on her hand bringing her closer to him.. Radhika looked at him puzzled..


Dev: Radhika.. I missed you so much, why you didn't wake me up before leaving to college..


Radhika remembered the night talk:  don't you know..


Dev: please tell me..


Radhika: I asked you something..


Dev: oh dear, you are still back of that..


Radhika: ha…  trying to move away from his grip..  leave me..


Dev: no..


Radhika: I need to put this on the rack..  showing the towel up..


Dev: no..


Radhika: please..


Dev with little heistaion released her hand..


Radhika went and put the towel on the rack .. Dev went near impatiently…


Dev: ok.. ya.. I came to your room other night..


Radhika turned back and looked at his defeated face…   he expcted her to show a winning smile, but no… she just looked at him normally and tried to walk away..


Dev went behind and held her hand and made her to face him.. : now  what?  tell me..  you asked me, and I said , I came to your room that night..  he repeated his words to make sure she heard it right...


Radhika tried to be normal:  thanks for admitting..


Dev: why you are bahving so formal..


Radhika tried to comprehend herself:  ok tell me then why  you left without telling me and made all that fuss the next day..


Dev realized she is trying to take his attention away.. but he tried to act normal too: that's because .. who told you to mention your babuji's name there..


Radhika widening her eyes: what?


Dev loosened his grip on her..: ha Radhika.. I was about to come out, but then you two were talking about your Babuji.. I don't know why, but I am little afraid of seeing your dad's face..


Radhika: what?


Dev: ha… when I first met him, he gave me a hug.. you don't believe I thought he is going to crush me in his arms…  and then the other day when you asked me to support you, I was really afraid to look into eyes and say anything against…  tell you frankly, your babuji looks like a hitler..


Radhika: what? You called my babuji a hitler..


Dev: not really, but anyway I feel that way… look at my dad, how cool he is..


Radhika showed a kiddish angry face..


Dev  lifted her chin to look at him…: now what is this face for..


Radhika: nothing.. then why did you came that night..

Dev: simply.. just to make sure you are ok.


Radhika: what?


Dev: Radhika, please let stop talking about it. It is over and now you know all the answers.. 


Radhika: so you did climb those ladder


Dev with a kiddish caught face:ha..


Radhika smiled..: I knew it..


Dev: um… I agree


Radhika tried to move away

Dev released her but went behind: now tell me  how was your day.. is all are happy to be back in class..


Radhika didn't say anything.. her eyes started filling up… 


Dev asked again.. but he didn't get any reply.. she tried hard to control the tears from rolling up… but…  failed, suddenly she rubbed her cheek off to hide from him.. Dev noted her quick action.. he went near and forced her to look at him.. and found her wet eyes.. Radhika was unable to look into his eyes,  to hide herself ,she just hugged him and tears just rolled down her cheeks… Dev got shocked first, but then slowly brought his hands around her, and tried to comfort  her.. his one arm rested on her back up towards her neck and the right hand just brushed her hair… and he let her cry out for few minutes..


Dev: Radhika……   


Radhika didn't say anything, but tightened her arms around him..


Dev: Radhika.please what is it? Why you are crying like this.. did anybody say anything..


Radhika tried to nodd her head in disagreement..


Dev: Then what is it? If you don't tell me how do I know.. please stop crying and let me know…please Radhika.. tell me.. please….  Radhika…….  He kept on calling her comforting her… with his soft voice…  Radhika if mom see you like this she will get worried too.. so please  stop crying and tell me..


Radhika got back to normal..  dev forced her to look at him, he wiped her tears off, and held her shoulder and made her to sit on the edge of the bed…  and he sat next to her..


Dev: now tell me..


Radhika: nobody talked to me today at college..


Dev: what?...


Radhika: ha.. I was also feeling happy to get back to college, but nobody talked to me anything.. they all acted different..


Dev: why? 


Radhika looked at his face: they were blaming me for cancelling the dance ..


Dev: what?


Radhika: I heard them saying Arjun cancelled the group dance because I refused to participate…and  they were saying that I want to show up that is why I am performing single item, so that everyone can notice me..


Dev held her hand: did Heena said that too?


Radhika: no Heena didn't come today, she is joining tomorrow… but they all showed their big face to me…


Dev: why can't arjun dance with somebody else..?


Radhika: I don't know..  I didn't hear anything about that..  but all are angry with me..


Dev: did arjun say something..


Radhika: no.. he also sat seriously..


Dev: does he otherwise talk to you normally..


Radhika: ha.. he used to come and chat with us one or the other thing all the time.. either his tournaments…  or something else..


Dev: but then why the whole class behaving this way.. I mean the nonparticipants too..


Radhika: that's because everyone likes him and was waiting to see him on stage...


Dev: he could have selected somebody else… then why?


Radhika: I have no clue… see you only send my solo request to the coordinator , right. Then why they are talking like this..

Dev: Radhika.. you don't worry.. I will take care of it..


Radhika: how? The coordinator came and was thanking me for participating and she said that in front of whole lass, and they looked at me like an enemy… now what will I do?


Dev tried to bring a smile, and then with one hand held her shoulder and brought her face near to his upper chest toward the shoulder and said: Radhika, trust me, everything will be fine.. I am telling you.. trust me..


Radhika: then I don't have to perform either..

He pulled her to the front and looked at her face and then with a teasing smile: who told you that.. you promised me that you will perfom,for me..


Radhika: but then you said you will take care of it..


Dev: I mean, the rest of it, your class mates and your friend Arjun.. ok.. but you need to promise me something..


Radhika looked at his face curiously..


Dev: that you won't cry, or sit with a heavy face.. the issue is solved once you told me about it.. ok.. you will be fine..  tapping on her cheek..


Then to cheer her up he asked… : if it  happened in chandenpur what  will you do?


Radhika got back into her normalcy: chandenpur people won't behave this way.. they are nice..


Dev looking at her smiley face: are you sure..


Radhika: um…


Dev: then Delhi people also is good and you will come to know tomorrow..


Radhika smiled at him with her beaming eyes.


Dev : ha , that's my Radhika…   tucking a strand of her hair behind her hair he said; you know what, I likes the Radhika who always smile, or fly like a butterfly from one place to other.. this is not the Radhika I met…  if it happened in your chandenpur I can imagine how you minght have responded.


Radhika looked at curiously..


Dev: you might have put your arms over your flanks, and forced some air through your corner lips and then sniffed hard and then wiped hard under your nose tip with your finger..


Radhika tried to smile with her beaming face again…: you..


Dev: what? Am I right.. This Radhika acted like a pure village girl, who get frightened by seeing outside people..  remember how you behaved in front of the whole people.. saying I am not the hero…  that also in front of your babuji…..


Radhika; so you really scared of my babuji..


Dev: not really, sometimes… do you have any problem..


Radhika smiled and nodded her head…


Dve: I know you too afraid of him, that is why you have that ladder there , right?


Radhika bringing her eyeballs up: sometimes…  


Dev: I know Radhika..


They shared their smile..


"what you two are doing here, how long I was waiting for Di downstairs..  oh… Bro, she just went for few hours to college, and you are prisoning her already… what you will do when you go to U.S.'.. lechu asked as she entered into the room..


Radhika suddenly stood up from the bed…


Dev  in a normal way: ha Lechu, true.. I missed her.. but why you need to remind me off my journey all the time..


Lechu: that's because I am reminding myself not to interfere you two..

Radhika blushed lightly…


Dev: so you know..


Lechu came  near Dev: ha.. what you think of me.. a buddu..


Dev looked at Radhika as she looked at him…


Dev: no not at all.. but somebody else may think..


Lechu: what?


Dve: nothing.. come let's go out..


Lechu: no if you want I can go …


Dev: no, Radhika is all yours now… I have some work to do…  saying that he walked out from the room..  Radhika and Lechu looked at him…


The next day when Radhika went to college.. she reached right before the class starts.   All through the way she was recollecting Dev's words of reassurance and his  comforting look before she got into the car… conveying that everything is fine… her heart was pacing faster. She entered the class room right along with the teacher.. she was afraid to look at her classmates face..


Suddenly somebody pulled on her hands , forcing her to sit.. She looked and found smiley face of Heena.. she felt some relief. She sat next to her..  the lecturer started his preching, and everyone listened..


As the period got over.. 


Heena: how are you Radhika?


Radhika: fine, and so glad to see you back..


Heena: I know.. and I am sorry to hear about your accident.. is everything ok with you now..


Radhika: how do you came to know about it?


Heena: don't worry, a friend told me.. 

But then her classmates started coming up one by one.. asking her how she is feeling..  and excited about seeing her dance.. arjun too came apologized.. Radhika felt really embarrassed….


Heena: they know you met with an accident, I mean accidently fell into the flooded water and the villagers helped you out..  . but I told them that is  the main reason that you disagreed with the program…did they behave badly with you yesterday..?


Radhika: no Heena.. I am fine.. vo..


Heena: don't worry Radhika.. I know..


Radhika looked at her puzzled… : Is it dev?


Heena; I told you I got a new friend…


Radhika: I know it is him..


Heena: why you didn't tell me that he is back..


Radhika: that was a surprise visit, and he will go back in a week.


Heena: um… somebody is sad about that..


Radhika: no I am not .. trying to say it in a normal tone…


Heena: I didn't say that.. I meant his mom..


Radhika rolled her eyes: Heeeenna..


Heena; oops… I know..


But then the lecturer came in, making them to sit straight and silent… but Heena gave a teasy smile and Radhika rolled her eyes to make her silent….


 Dev was anxious to see Radhika's reaction and found her coming in with a normal happy face.. He realized that the problem got solved..  he ran quick into his room… 


Radhika and Lechu went to kitchen, had thei tea and went up into their room.. Radhika got freshen up and came out.. she was about to walk down.. but then stopped in front of Dev's  room… She stood there in confusion.. her eyes scanned around and then she slowly took her feet towards his room..

Thanks for the support.. and valuable comments....
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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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wonderful update....thx for the pm Big smile

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diiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i just loved it to gd that was the first radev hug fo me update soon

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radhika5 Goldie

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Hi Devika
You have been busy this weekend--with all that imagination running wild; pen will learn to catch up.
Very nice updates--like the "Tom and Jerry track" with radhika playing hide and seek with Dev. But she seems to be slowly opening up to Devc and sharing her innermost feelings..and "taking her steps to talk to Dev"
Like the intrigue around Sushma buja--and her "influence" on Radhika...
You are so right about behaviour in your "own home" Vs a new place; you have handled that really well--the free spirited Radhika in Chandanpur Vs a little more subdued and lost Radhika in Delhi..
Keep up the pace...

Edited by radhika5 - 09 January 2011 at 2:13pm

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awesome update thx for the pm

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Thank You Devika..:)
Love the way Radhika is warming upto Dev.

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