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Radhika was unable to sleep.. in between she went and checked on lechu and came back to her room again.. she again checked on her costume.. she went and stood near the window looking at the darkness..   time passed by..


"why you like darkness so much.."  Dev' s voice brought her back into reality..

Radhika: what?


Dev: what are you tyring to see in that darkness?


Radhika: nothing..


Dev: then why you look so lost when you look out there.. It is too late.. you didn't sleep..


Rahdika: no actually I was going to..


Dev: so you always sleep late..


Radhika: no.. if I am in chandenpur..



Dev: Ok let me guess, in chandenpur you sleep early, here it is all different..   he interfered..


Radhika: no.. I didn't mean that..


Dev: ok. Ok.. I was just joking..


Radhika just smiled.. seeing his smile.  : when will Suchi mom  be back.?


Dev: mostly by morning..  I think they called because it is an emergency situation..


Radhika: is everything will be oK..


Dev: um.. with a reassuring smile..


 Dev: so'


Radhika: so'. What?


Dev: are you getting  ready for your dance?


Radhika tried to hide her smile and said in a controlled tone: I don't know.. I am trying to..


Dev: I can see that.. is this your costume.. so you are really a dancer..

 Looking at the dress laying on the bed..


Radhika went and picked it up and hanged it inside the closet' 


Dev: Radhika.. what you really like'  I mean, drawing.. dancing.. ya climbing trees/' with a chuckled teasy smile


Radhika: none of these' 


Dev: what?


Radhika: ha..


Dev: I know that you learned Kathak for years' but what about climbing trees. Who taught you that.?.


Suddenly Radhika in a normal tone: I learned that myself..but then she realized the hidden teasing in his talk'   she brought a serious expression on  her face..: I am feeling sleepy now' ..  try to yawn hard..


Dev: how can it be' ... I came to talk to you..


Radhika: but I am sleepy..


Dev: no you are not..


Radhika tried to yawn again..: no Iam


Dev: no seriously..  did you learn drawing professionally'


Radhika: you goo..


Dev: please Radhika.. you do draw very well, especially the pencil sketch, that is why  I asked'


He notied her expression changing to a smiley one.. her eyes smiled..: somebody taught me.. 


Dev: who?


Radhika: Sushma buava'.  She is a very good artist.. actually if you see her earlier work, you will get amazed'  its like you are looking at a living person, not a picture.. it has that clarity.. but don't know why she stopped doing it?


Dev: so you know buva very well then..

Radhika: ye, kaisa sawal hei'


Dev , this is what I want to know from her'.  He thought to self..


Dev: so tell me about buva..


Radhika: what?


Dev: everything that you know.. I don't know anything about her.. so tell me na.. please Radhika..  I am really serious..

Radhika realized his curiosity, his pleading, so she said in a normal tone..: she can draw very well, she makes nice sweets.. I call her sweety....  you know what whole chandenpur likes the sweet that she makes. And I know papa liked that very much too.. she used to tell me that he liked her cooking than your daadi's, especially sweets.. 


Dev 's eyes wandered on her face, reading each  and every expression she revealed along with her buva story..  Radhika slowly went  sat near the window'  ... Dev pulled the chair near'... as Radhika continued........

Then your daadi usually  get annoyed and didn't allow buava to get into kithen for days..   you know why?


Dev looked at her curiously: she didn't like  papa liking anyone else more than her'  your daadi was little jealous, to her own kids'  she wanted papa to depend on her only for everything, likes to say her cooking is tasitier'.   so partial when it mattered to papa..


Dev looked at her..: then


Radhika: then what.. it was like that..


Dev But then why buva is still living in haweli.. where is her family..


Radhika: that is her home.. where else she will go..  Radhika asked in a normal tone


Dev: No I mean..  didn't she marry'?


But then they  heard a sound from Lechu's room.. they both looked at each other.. and rushed  into Lechu's room

 They walked in quick


Dev: haaaaaaaaaaaa..

Radhika: what happened..


Dev: carefull..  the glass is broken'.Radhika turned the lights on'. found the  broken pieces of glass on the floor with the water spilled all over..  Dev stood with his feet up.. Radhika went near and checked , it's bleeding.. 


Dev: Lechu,  are you OK?


Lechu: ha, I felt thirsty' ...did that hurt you Bro..


Dev sitting back on the edge of bed with his feet up: no I am fine.. why you didn't call for help?


Lechu: actually bro, I thought I can pick it, but just slipped..


Radhika came in with a dustbin and she carefully  picked  the pieces and mopped the floor..


Lehcu: sorry di..


Radhika: its Ok Lechu..  let me grab  you some fresh water..


Saying that she went out and came back with a glass of water'  then she went and checked on Dev's feet.. he showed  her a small piece of galss that got stuck in his feet.. 


Rahdika: just wash it once..


Dev: hum' he went to the washroom..   and came back with holding it up..


Radhika: what happened?


Dev: I think more in it.. need to check..


He sat back again.. Radhika carefully checked, and squeezed out another small piece..


Dev: ha.. now better.. by keeping his feet down on the floor..


Lechu: did I wake you guys up..


Dev: no ' I just want to make sure, you are fine'


Lechu: I am fine bro' you go to bed..


Dev still sat there..


Radhika: You go to bed, I can stay with lechu..  go..


Lechu: ha.. then mom will come in the morning and she will scold me..


Radhika: don't worry, I will be fine..   looking at Dev she said : you  can go to bed..  I am here.. she will be fine..


Dev hesistantly got up'   and walked out from the room..


Radhika sat near Lechu for sometime and found her falling asleep'  she felt cold.. she thought to get the blanky from her room , so went out and picked her blanky and walking towards the room , she saw Dev satnding at the balcony..


She went near:  "you didn't sleep'!!!!.. its too late..


Dev looked at her..: no I am fine' I slept in the evening may be that is why' not getting sleep.. but you might be very tired.. you go to bed now..


Radhika: but its too late.. please..


Dev: I will go Radhika.. after spending some more time here.. then holding onto her shoulder from the back.. he  slowly pushed her towards Lechus' room'   she tried to resist  to convince him to go to bed.. but he closed his eyes once saying he is fine'  and as he left her near the door, she turned and looked at him to say goodnight..

But she kept quiet as he was  looking at ther lovingly..


Dev: Radhika'..    

he slowly held her hand and lifted it up and placed a soft kiss'   and said : good night..


Radhika tried to control her shy smile'

Dev smiled and walked towards the balcony as she went to the room'  Dev was imagining his dad's life.. with buava, daadi and everyone around..  daadi loved him so much'  but she is no more'  and he left everyone behind'  he smiled looking at the stars.. thinking how he is seeing his dad's life through Radhika's eyes..    time is there,and it will unfold everything   in front of me.. I am sure and I will wait'.



Suchi came in the morning.  And got fresh up..


Surender: Radhika slept in lechu's room ' 


Suchi: I told her not to..


Surender: I think Lechu might have called her..  but it looks like  lechu is fine' all are still sleeping..


Suchi: um.. let me go check..


But when Suchi went up, Radhika already went to her room..  Suchi checked on Lechu.. and then went to Radhika's room.. found her drying her hair..


Radhika: mom.. you are here already..


 Suchi took the towel from her and started drying it..: ha..


Radhika: how was it..


Suchi: it went fine.. twin boys' cute'


Radhika: is the mom ok..


Suchi" ha'....and very very happy..

Radhika turned to look at Suchi's face.. she pulled on her cheek saying: see, you bring smile to everyone's face, that is why you are so sweet' ... and she hugged Suchi..


Suchi: what happened to  you all of a sudden


Radhika: No mom.. I have seen you going out in the middle of the night, not ever complaining.. and always comes back with a good news..


Suchi: no Radhika.. it is not always pleasant..


Radhika: it is.. remember our Sundari's incident.. now they all grown up.. you won't even recognize them'... ha ha


Suchi: that all because of you..


Radhika: but you don't know how much happiness you brought into their life..


Suchi: I can see the happiness in your face.. what else I want..


Radhika: um'


Suchi: Is Lechu was ok last night..

Radhika told her what happened'  .. they both went down' ,.. later Suchi went o bed to take rest'.


Radhika was combing her hair in her room' 


"Is mom back?"'  dev asked as he entered into her room..


Radhika tunred and looked at him..   "ha.., and Lechu is doing fine too.. I think she may wake up fine now.."


Dev: um.. and did you get a good sleep..


Radhika as she was clipping on her hair..: yes, I did' ..  one minute, I will get you tea.


Dev: Its fine Radhika, I am going down.. I can get it..


Radhika: no , I am done..   let's go down..


Dev: um'


They were walking down towards the dining room..


Surender:  let's go out today ok.. no cooking..


Dev: wow.. that's good dad.. but when..?


Surender: whenever your mom gets up..


Dev: what about Lechu..


Surender: I am going into her room only.. let see..


Dev: ok dad..


Radhika already put the sauspan over the burner..  Dev opened the fridge and took few gulp of water..


Radhika: so when you went to bed..


Dev: why?


Radhika; no .. simply..


Dev:  what to do.. you didn't let me sleep'


Radhika drawn her brows to the center: me..


Dev: ha.. thum..


Radhika: you only came to my room na.. ok then no more chatting....


Dev: no Radhika.. that's not what I meant..  ha  ... for leaving the story incomplete.. you know what.. I started imagining my dad 's time over there..with his sis, his mom..  and everybody' you left me at the beginning of it.. now I can see my buva making sweets, my dad praising her.. my daadi feeling jealous'


Radhika: I  don't know much..' buava told me all that.. .


Dev: No Radhika.. I know'... don't worry about it.. just tell me what you know' rest of it I will find it out myself..  but then went near  her and said in her ear..: but it should be just between us.. don't tell anyone else..Ok.. and  moved away'


Radhika: why?


Dev: because I like  to keep seacret..


Radhika looked at him smilingly..


Dev: what?

Radhika shrugged her shoulder saying nothing..

Dev: why did you say no more chatting..

Radhika: simply..


Dev: because I didn't tell you earlier that I am coming to meet you, so when I saw you online I asked you..


Radhika: ok.. no more..


Dev: no more what?


Radhika:  vo.. vo..    she just mumbled..


Dev kept the empty cup in the sink and came near her..: Yes Radhika.. till I leave to U.S, I will meet you every night..


Radhika: but I may be sleepy.. and will have college work..

Dev: no problem.., i can help you with college stuff,  You can sleep.. But I will be there around you..


Radhika: why?


Dev: because I want to hear the rest of the story..


Radhika: so you like to listen to stories'.   She said with a beaming face..


Dev: no Radhika.. because then I can spend some time with you..


Radhika: what?


Dev came near and said: because I love spending time with you' he looked into her eyes lovingly' he saw her lovely stunned posture..


Dev: don't you?


Radhika didn't say anything.. but her  lips parted with a tinge of happiness and her eyes smiled looking into his  eyes....'  he read her eyes clearly' 




Radhika: tell me how did you get my id?

Dev: what id?


Radhika: my elmail..


Dev: is it that hard.? Do you really think I am a buddu'!!  . he said casually


Radhika:  when did I say that?... but then something flashed her head, she looked at him unbelievably' 

Dev: um'? ..

Radhika: so you did come that night into my room? Didn't you?.

Dev was about to show an innocent face... he heard his dad's voice.. 

 "what is going on here"'  Surender asked as he walked in..


Dev and Radhika moved apart..


Dev: nothing dad, was just talking about Chandenpur.. looking at Radhika with his corner eye and found her eyes corner tightening up..


Surrender: so now you also became a chandenpur fan.. I thought you get irritated hearing that name..


Dev: ha dad, but now I started loving it slowly',  I think I am also becoming a part of it..


Surrender: I am happy to hear that.  Then looking at Radhika: thanks Beta.. finally my son accepted Chandenpur as his part..


Radhika brought a forceful smile..


The outing went fine , did some shopping, especially for Dev' he denied but suchi forced him to buy'. Dev was looking at Radhika and found her keeping a distance from him giving a glare once in a while' ...he realized it is form his stataement of buddu that she still not sure whether he was really there or not..  Dev smiled with streching his corner lips, enjoyed her confused look and her in between kiddish look, telling him that she is right'... otherwise the evening went fine..'few friends of Surender and Suchi met in bwteen they introduced Radhika to them..  time passed quick'


They came back and  settled back in their room..  Radhika, Suchi and Lechu chatted for some more time.. and they  came upstairs. Radhika got changed to her sleep wear.. Lechu came into her room' 


Lechu: di, today I am going to be with you.. here..


Radhika: no problem..


Lechu: but you are going to tell me about the dance.. can you show me'


Radhika: there is nothing to see Lechu, it is a simple one..


Lechu: But still..

Radhika: I will show you tomorrow..


Lechu: ok. That will work.. they were chatting about the shopping they did..  suddenly Dev came in..


"Hi Bro.. need something,  you still awake!!!"..


Lechu's voice, brought a serious expression on Dev's face..


Dev: Lechu.. what are you doing here..


Radhika tried to control her smile..  Dev noticed that' he tried to cover his sudden uneasiness..


Lechu: I am sleeping here tonight.


Dev: what?


Lechu: why?


Dev: no , I just asked.. now you are getting used to all this.. either Sushma buava or Radhika..

Lechu: what is your problem Bro.. anyway you are going  back soon, so let me be with somebody who will be near me..


Dev: did I say no.. I just said..


Lechu: enough.. you tell me why you came here..

Dev: vo mie' then looking ta Radhika.. I came to get a magazine..


LEchu: which magazine..


Dev: you don't need to worry, I will take myself.. .saying that he went near the table and looked through t he books.. he cornered his eye and found Radhika standing still trying to control her smile.. he felt little angry' but then he looked again at Lechu.. and then quickly picked a book and went out..: Radhika, I will return this later..ok


Radhika just nodded her head in agremnt..


Lechu: Goodnight bro


Dev: good night..   looking at Rahdika with a high frustration....


Radhika walked behind him pretending that she is going to close the door' and as he stepped out, she hold onto the door flap and said: goodnight


Dev turned and looked at her with same kiddish angry face..


Radhika in a very soft voice: this is your punishment, till you won't accept it, you are not going to hear more about Chadenpur'


 Saying that with a naughty smile she started closing the door ,



Dev looked at her  with an angry glare and said : Good night..


Radhika controlled her smile again..


Dev peeked in between and found the girls still chitchatting..Dev thought to self..: what they have to tell all day, all the time  mumbling something and laughing'  now how will I get Radhika alone' LECHU''..  he made a fist and then walked to the balcony'



Thnaks buddies, and please read the reply to your comments, pg 68.. once again thank you so much for the love and support... 

Please Don't forget the like button , If you like my post


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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
thank u devika ...loved it.....ur updates are reli fast Thumbs Up Day Dreaming

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
very fast superb.. di...
great job.
di  So there is a part Dev and Rad when Dev in US cooool
Still Radika have no feelings for DevConfused
but nice story di coool waiting and love to Read di realy cool..

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged
just read ur last couple of updates and they were g8...thx for the pms Big smile

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prakri Groupbie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
:) di.. good to see Radhika opening up to Dev... Very very curious to know  Dev's family past... 

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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wow di  thanks for updating so fast .... part is awesome .... really enjoying their  sweet moments .

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
wow!! i jus caught up wit d story! it's sooo cute! simply love it! great job Devika Di!!

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Lovely updates Devika !!I really enjoyed reading radev parts is so cute he wants to spend more time with her Embarrassed..But Why doesnt he admit that he loves her first then maybe she will say it too Wink

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