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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Awesome update di... loved devs naughty play, sweet warning n blackmailing rads to follow it...

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 6:08am | IP Logged
di that was woderul i just loved it to gd lol dev was acting normal and radhika still didnt five up to gd i liked the way when he was holding hr hands and then when he was about to leave he gave her a warning message not to go alone out and stuff dev is madly in love with her and now she is gone be back update soon cant wait for the next part and thanks 4 the pm

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
It is absolutely fun to read your updates.  I am waiting for the update where Radhika is going to realise that she is also hopelessly in love with Dev.  They need to spend some quality time to know and acknowledge their feelings for each other. 
Maybe more action on her return to Delhi and let us see what you have in store for us.Big smile    

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged
OMG!!! I had such a lot to catch up! I was away for one week and I've missed quite a lot!!!
All the updates were really amazing and loved each and every one! 
as for my poetry, it happens out of the blue. I need to be inspired to write. If not I can't take a word out! 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged


  Dev's heart was beating faster as it was nearing to chandenpur.. the ache to see her..  he  felt so happy when Suchi told him that  she needs to go to Chandenpur but then she talked with Rohini mom and daadi and got the permission to pick Radhika too the same day.  First Radhika didn't agree but then as she heard Suhi's voice she agreed..  so two days . no college for her, and she will be totally free..  Did she miss me.?. is her eyes were longing to see me'? How she will react'? .. his mind kept on asking so many questions..  


"Dev, let me make a call first to Rohini.. so that she can make sure that Radhika get ready too. We don't have much time to spend here, we need to pick Lechu too.."


Dev: Ok mom'   Chander was sitting at the passenger seat looking at the Dev felt he is going very slow.  ' 


Suchi talked to Rohini and handg the phone down..


Suchi in a normal response:  Rohini is sending Birju to look for Radhika.. may be she is at Haweli..


Dev's heart missed a beat.. may be she will be there, waiting for us'... waiting for me...


But as they reached Haweli, only Sushma and Yeshpal was there.   Chander was getting stuffs out from the car.. it was all part of the monument ..   Dev exchanged few talks with his dada and buava  and excused himself to walk around for few minutes..


He was literally running to get there,wherever she is ' ....  his destination was the woods..  she might be there.. reading a book' ... smiling to self.. he was passing through the river...' he noticed the flow of it.. now everything back to normal.. the clear water just reflected the shining of the sun above. He paced faster through its bank'....  but then suddenly he stopped .. he saw her'... little far away..wearing a red churidar..  the soft duppatta was flying along with the wind' ... she was  sitting on a rock..  hanging her legs down , touching the cold water.. and once in a while lifting her feet up and watching the water rooling down her feet'  her eyes were fixed onto the clear water'


Dev never expected that.. moreover he warned her.. and here she is , sitting alone.. that also near the river .. the river that tried to drown her once and tried to take her away from me' and now, she is sitting there.. calm, as if nothing happened there at all..


 he walked  towards her.. clearly with an angry face..   she didn't notice him coming'  once in a while her eyes went up, to look at the clear sky' 


Dev went near and sat on the rock next to her..   she didn't notice. He looked at her face..  her eyes were blindly looking at the flowing water..


"so you didn't listen to my words..'   Dev said very disappointedly.. controlling his anger


Radhika jerked and turned her face sidewise'   and found Dev sitting next to her..


"Dev' when did you come?"  with a smiley face..


Dev : why , you were not knowing that I was coming..


Radhika: no, I thought only Suchi mom is coming.


Dev looked at her with a sad face'


Radhika: what happened , why you are sitting so gloomy..  did  Suchi mom forced you to come with her .. don't worry Dev, she just want to spend time with you, that's all..i know you wanted spend the whole time in your room, your house while you are here.. ' but ha..  just for today na.. then you can be back in your house'  


She looked back into the water and  tapped her feet into the water..


Dev thought  I was so eager to come here, to see her, to take her with me.. but here she is asking totally opposite'  he didn't say anything, sat there with a blank mind as he doesn't want to think anything negative at this time...


Radhika: you know what, I am glad everything back to normal here..  see, look at this water.. it was so muddy and so forcefull the other day.. how can I leave taking that image with me..  now I feel better, seeing everything back into how it was' I hope it will never happen again..


Dev: but Radhika, didn't I tell you not to come near the river or go out alone..


Radhika looked at him with a smile: so that is the reason behind the gloominess..  don't worry, I am fine here..  I grew up here.. seeing all these.. so when I see them angry I don't feel scared, but I always hope to embrace them in my arms and tell them that they are fine just like my daadi who always hold me tight when I get frightened or angry to ensure me that I am OK..  .. to calm them (the nature) down' I don't know whether they can hear my voice, but I always talk to them..  look at this river now.. she is happy , calm ,and flowing smoothly..   then in a trance.. Dev, can I ask you something..


Dev just looked at her ..


Radhika:  does this river remember what happened to her a week back, or did all that water just flow away and these are just new ones that is flowing in front of us who doesn't know anything'


Dve: you know what Radhika' I think , I was right..


Radhika looked at him  confusingly..


Dev: ha.. I told you that  we may have to admit you.. and I think you totally gone nuts.. you are not making any sense..


Radhika smiled: I like to get mad' and now  I don't want to talk to you'


Dev smiled seeing her kiddish face .. she looked back into the river' her feet was moving up trying to hold the water over it, but it kept on rolling down .. and she was repeating the same.. he just watched her action.. her payal was hugging the wet ankles' she had her red color pant tightened up to her calf to keep them dry'  

Few minutes ticked by..


Dev: Radhika. Let's go.. we need to go..


Radhika: no, I don't want to come..


Dev stood up and looked around and then extending his hand to help her out he called her with a calm voice..: Radhika..


She looked at him and said: you said I am mad' right.. so don't talk to me..

Dev: ok baba.. I am sorry. Now come.. let's go.


Radhika gave satisfied face hearing his sorry, she gave her hand in his and stood on her feet'  she straightened her bottom and adjusted the duppatta and walked along with him..


Radhika: Is  Lechu here too?


Dev: No she has college.. so.. we need to pick her up  on our way back..


Radhika: oh.. 


Dev moved more closer to her as they walked..  his eyes fell on her' she was looking all around '  Dev noticed her left arm swinging freely on the side.. he moved his arm to hold her in his' but then..


"so you two are here.., where all I was looking for you Radhika.." Birju said with taking few heavy breaths..


Radhika: why bhayya.. Is everything oK.?


Birju: Maaji only send me, asked to look for you.. you need to go , right? Is the bag and all is ready?


Rahdika: ha..

Birju looking at Dev: I should have known that you are here too.. 


Dev: how are you Birju bhayya..?


Birju: why you need to call me like that..


Dev with a smile: you are Radhika's bhai , right.. then I have the right to call you bhayya' .. don't I?


Birju with a shy smile: ha.. but..


Dev: I called you before too..


Birju: ok Dev, you can call me whatever you want..


Dev smiled'.... and they walked faster to the house..


Radhika was sititng gloomy inside the car.. it was all silent.. Dev sat sideways in the front, talking to Suchi, and every now and then his glance was falling onto her..  he felt the ache as he didn't notice any change in her look or action towards him..  he expected more this time..   smiley eyes, and shy face' ...but nothing.. she was talking about something else.. and now also, she is sitting with her eyes outside.. he sat staright'... thinking..    'what is it Radhika, that I am missing.. what is that I am not understanding  from your words..  am I really a you said' ... but even unknowingly you said you missed me the other day, you love me and you acted very normally with our engagement, and you made me feel like you care about me..  but what is that I am missing.. I am not seeing the longinging in your eyes, I am not seeing the special love in your eyes' ... are you just agreeing with everything because your parents told you too, because your elders told you too..  are you not loving me from within your heart'  Suchi noticed Dev's heavy face'


Suchi: Dev are you OK?


Dev with a chuckle: ha Mom' ...   but then his eyes once again fell on Radhika'.. who was still sitting silently'  ... then he heard her voice


Radhika: Lechu will be waiting for us? Right..


Suchi: Ha beta.. we are on time.. so will pick her up too..


Then the phone started ringing.. Suchi looking at it; see I told you.. here she is..


Suchi talked to her'... Dev once again looked at Rahdika, and this time she tried to pass a smile.. Dev just forced a smile on his face and looked to the  chander ws honking hard to pass through the busy street..

They got back home..Lechu was talking non-stop and Radhika slowly got in with her talk..  Dev felt some relief.. but still the talk was between Lechu and the smile that she forced to bring out was for Lechu..  and Suchi joined their talk too..


Suchi: ok.. I am so tired..I need to go to bed now.. and Dev , dad will be coming in the middle, so if you hear the ring,..


Dev: sure mom.. I am going to watch a movie..


Lechu: which one Bro..


Dev: no you go to bed.. college tomorrow, right..


Lechu: no way.. tomorrow Saturday and first time I am having Radhika di with me.. so I have plans'.


Dev: oh..ok .. then.. I am watching it in laptop..


Lechu: why?


Dev: it's not playing in our system..


Lechu: ok .  Di, you come with me' I need to talk a lot .. she grabbed Radhika's hand and went to her room..


Dev just watched the girls going in..


He went to his room, changed '.  And got into his LT checking on his mails and college stuffs..    he went to check on Radhika's room, it was still empty.. he passed near Lechu's room and found her resting her head on Radhika's lap and was seriously talking something..  but then she was sitting back on the bed and laughing hard.. Radhika was trying to laugh too..   time passed by' 


Lechu: Di, today you sleep here only..


Radhika: no Lechu.. you sleep, I need to chek on something..


Lechu: what about   tomorrow? .. with a hope


Radhika: ha, sure..


Radhika said goodnight to her and went down to drink some water.  But as she was coming back, she heard the door bell ringing'...  she paused and remembered Suchi's words to Dev. She opened the door and Surender stepped in with a happy smile..


"so finally my bahu  decided to come early'"  with his usual smile..


Radhika: ha'


Surender gave her a loose hug: I am so glad beta.. that you came..  we  missed you so much..


Radhika: papa'


Surender: now , where are the other people..


Radhika glanced around: mom felt so tired that she went to bed.. Lechu also went to bed and I think Dev..


Surender: no beta, I just asked and happy to hear that Suchi alredy went to bed. she is on duty this weekend, and especially after coming from chandenpur....' it's a long journey'...  so only I told her not to wait for me..


Rahdika: do you want me to get you anything'


Surender: no beta, I am fine.. now you also may be feeling tired.. go to bed..


Radhika: ok Papa.. good night


Surender: goodnight..


He watched as she climbed the step  she went into her room,'

Right then  Dev came out..looking at Rahdika's room.. he turned  and went down to meet his dad.. Surender was taking a a cold bottle of water from the fridge..


Surender: you didn't sleep then


Dev: no dad, I was checking on my mail and all..

  they sat together for few minutes and said goodnight..


Dev turned the lights off and went upstairs'...  he looked down, it was all dark.. he stood in front of her room and then with a determination, he pushed the slightly open door'.

Part-37 don't forget that like button please...
Hi,..  thanks... and thanks..  I have the next part ready.. but i will wait to hear from you before I post the next part.. now i understood why the serial people stuggle with banked episodes... so my dear friends, both active and silent... i have few banked episodes now.. but will post depending on the response ' can be a like button or comment, or PM.." i take anything, as i want to know what you think about it.. so if i am not making any sense to you, then i need to change it..  so it is up to you now.. 
 Thanks dear all for the love and support... take your time , but please let me know..

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged

Thank you prakrikscjkruchibabbly5armadmichkhus1973aisha08sonia122shalinikanagusweetrose92laxmissugarandspicevinianilradhika5JustShantaDAIRY25radha_bilahariAvina_fan1gauranitaipalak13abhilasha_dreambvs7691evasumichalhovnycsweetiefor liking part-35

Thanks to anu, chalhov, Eva di, avina-fan, vinianil, nycsweetie, abhi, diary-25, Sonia, palak, Radha, and radev-forever for the valuable comments.. liked it.. but still confused about Radhika's reaction.. her thoughts.. I thought I can start this FF with Radhika and her nature and Chandenpur only.. but as I sat down,  it was Dev who took the lead.. so now I am going with his feelings and his frustration and whatever you will see or read is through his eyes,, his words and his thoughts… he is the driving factor of this story now.. then about Radhika.. yes she is there… somewhere deep inside, that he needs to dig out.. so her actions, her nature ,, everything through Dev's eyes and thoughts only.. for now.. because like Dev, I, Devika ,also know what he know so far.. so I am also curious just like Dev to know everything… so may be I will be able to find out the reason, the hidden past or the unpredicted future.. whatever it is… it will unfold..   


But tell you one thing, this is a simple story…  happening in two families, their relationship to each other and their feelings..with Radev moments and their life journey…but please let me know at any point of time, if I am boring you guys..because your words  are very valuable to me.. be it that like button, or a comment, or that PM.. I really appreciate it and thank you

Love and take care
DevikaBig smile

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Awwwwwwwwwww................ lovely update! Waiting for mischievous Dev's plan! Embarrassed 

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
wow ...... amazing update Di , love the eagerness of dev to meet her ... she is still making him confuse ..  looking forward for their next meeting .

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