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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Hi Devika

Another cute episode--now I am getting used to checking for your updates every morning--
The story is slowly but surely unfolding from a fairy tale and cute romance to something deeper.
You give us hints along the way--but we may not get it at a first glance....Sushma seems like is going to play an important role and is the key to some of the reasons--you had hinted at that very early on...

I also like how you describe things and used analogies--Radhika in a yellow duppatta and Dev dreaming about a yellow of the peacock...the rain and cleaning the air etc all very beautiful...

Most of all your writing makes me nostalgic about that beautiful place called Chandanpur with its greenery and farming; clear, flowing waters; warm and friendly people, --a world we have moved far away from and to a large extent which now exists only in our dreams---

You feel your story with your heart and that's why the writing is from your heart and in turn it warms our hearts too....

But the most intriguing part of your FF is your foreword--I keep thinking about it---may be some day it will all come together; until then, I will travel with your imagination....

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 5:52pm | IP Logged
Devika liking this hide and seek way Dev Rads love story is progressingBig smile I think Sushma and Rads something brewing there they r into Prince and Princess conspiracy from a long time.So we have a love story of Surinder SuchiBig smile.Again waiting for what Rad will say and do now and Devs reactionLOL

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Like you storyClap

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
So has Dev realised that he has to make Radhika notice him, and has therefore left the message for her that her payment time has come.  The story is quite gripping, that I keep looking for your updates.  keep it going.Big smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged

Part- 35


Dev was coming out from his shower, had his track pant on . He throw down the towel on the chair and and picked his light blue T and was pulling T down his head.  He saw Radhika coming in. He just ignored her presence and went ahead and picked a comb and started combing his  hair well.. Radhika stood there for him to look at her, he watched her through the mirror reflection. He saw her confused face and know the reason behind it. But he decided not to give up this time.  Dev kept on styling his hair, looking at his image at different angle.

Finally Radhika lost her patience..


'Hi'… came out from her throat..


Dev pretended not to hear it..


Radhika again said 'Hi' in a louder voice..


Dev put the comb back on the table by replying a normal 'Hi' without looking at her face..


Radhika 's confusion just doubles seeing his response.. .. what happened to him.. he never behaved that way.. but then she remembered the reason for her coming. She went near near him while Dev was picking one or the other stuff on the bed and room and was putting in his suitcase loosely.Rahdika walked behind him…


Radhika: can I ask you something..?'


Dev: um..


Radhika: did you come to my room last night..


Dev controlled his smile but replied in a very normal tone.: nope..


Radhika went in front and faced him: yes you did?


Dev moved to the side and walked to the next destination to pick his dress from the rack..: nope , I had other things to do..


Radhika: then who wrote that on my mirror?


Dev: what..


Radhika: that…  but then she doesn't want to say it out.. so she said  : Birju bhayya told me that he saw the ladder near the balcony..


Dev: so what? You are the one who use it, right?.. looking at her very normally


Radhika: no.. I was at home only.. you saw me na before leaving ..


Dev: then, you also saw me before I left from there..


Radhika: but I think you came after that.

Dev: why should I?


Radhika: I don't know.. but you came. Affirming her words..


Dev smiled normally and looking into her eyes he said: what happened Radhika? You started dreaming too..? Nice to know that you started seeing me around..


Radhika started loosing her patience completely, she sniffed hard, and rubbed her finger under her nose and blocked his way: Please tell me that you came..


Dev again gave a normal smile: what is this Radhika.. then looking into her suspeciuos eyes : you should have told me to come.. I guess you missed me  badly.. do onething, go pack all your stuff, and come along with us..


Radhika stood in shock: what!!!


Dev tapped on her nose and said in a soft voice: Yes Radhika. You are missing me really badly that you started feeling that I came to  your room.  that also for  leaving you alone for just one you need to admit it.  Think when I leave today to Delhi,  you won't see me for another one week.. then it will be better to look for a psychiatric hospital to admit you..   don't get so mad in loving me Radhika.. what people may think.. anyway I need to go to U.S. in next two weeks .. so noway I am going to stay back for your pagalpan..  ha. We can do onething, do you have the passport ready, let's go down and declare that we are going to get marry today itself in front of our respected patents, then you can come with me too…  agreed? Then there is no worry for anything.. you will be around me all the time…    Staring into her eyes for few seconds, he moved away leaving her to a very normal way...


Radhika still trying to comprehend what he said, stood with her widening eyes.. then   she  made a tight fist and went behind him and was about to chock his neck by flaring her fingers out…


Dev turned to face her… Radhika suddenly changed her expression to a normal smiley face..


Dev: so do you agree with me..


Radhika try to change the topic completely as he acted very normal with her: look at you, is this the way one pack stuff… she picked on the loose items and wrinkled dress from his suitcase and started packing it nicely..


Dev looked at her changed reaction..    and came near and said: Radhika.. that we can do later.. but first you tell me you agree with me or not..


Radhika: for what?


Dev: for the marriage , today itself..


Radhika:  ha.. come let's go down and tell everyone.. all will be happy.. come let's go..


Dev smiled listening to her kiddish way of talk.. : I am serious..


Radhika: oh Really.. nice to know that, … folding his shirts nicely..


Dev: Ha.. especially after you told me that you missed me so much and you love me so much..


Radhika : when did I say that..


Dev: oh ya.. you have  alzheimer's.. sorry I forgot.


Radhika: what?

Dev: nothing.. I need to see Buva..  saying that he went out from the room leaving confused Radhika to feel more confused..


Radhika sat on the bed holding onto his shirt..  thinking what she is missing.. where she thought wrong.. or did she just imagined him writing it down.. or it can be Rahul too to drive me crazy for taking the magazine away from him last night.. or am I getting really mad.. if he did, then he won't be this normal.. he is acting totally ignorant of the situation…  time was ticking by..


Lechu and Dev came along with Sushma to Dev's room..  found Radhika sitting in trance holding onto his dark blue striped shirt...  Dev controlled his laugh seeing Radhika's  posture.. it just looked like she is imagining herself gone nuts..


Sushma: wow Radhika, I am impressed, I didn't believe when Dev told me that you are packing his stuff.. so you took charge already..


Lechu: di, come with us  then..  it will be nice..  you never spent one day in Delhi without college.. all the time study, assignment , project work.. and on Friday itself ready to fly back  to here.. please Di let's go.


Radhika didn't hear half of what they said .. she was in her own world..  but she tried to smile…


Sushma: ok open your mouth…. Taste this and tell me whether you like it or not?


Radhika in a trance opened her mouth and gulped it quickly.. seeing that  Sushma: Radhika…. What is this..


Radhika folding his shirt nicely: nothing . I am fine…. 


Lechu: anyway something happened to Deedi for sure..


Dev picked on one of the book that was still sitting on the table top and just turned the pages back and forth, looking at Radhika, enjoying her frustration… let her, what she called me yesterday,.. Buddu..  anyway now I can clearly see who is buddu….  His lips shrinked not to show his smile out…....


Sushma: ok Radhika.. you finish your work and come , ok.. Lechu come with me, I will show you something..


Lechu:  Radhika di, you also come with us.. let Bro do this..   these all his stuff na..


Dev: no lechu.. I am giving her training.. let her learn everything now itself..


Sushma: that is a nice thought.. but..


Lechu: di come..


Radhika kept the folded shirt nicely in it and stood to go..


Dev: Radhika.. one minute..


Radhika looked at him.. 


Dev: I need your help..


Radhika: no.. I am busy.. come Lechu let's go.. also I need to see Suchi mom..


They were leaving, but Dev came behind and held Radhika's hand..  she stood there in confusion..


Dev in a serious tone: Buava.. I will send her in a minute.. need to ask her something.. please..


Lechu: um…  I never thought of that…  Bro… so you started feeling missing Di.   My Bro is getting so dreamy……  she rolled her eyes wide..


Sushma also gave a teasing smile . held Lechu's hand and walked away from there..


Radhika turned back and asked: so why you need me now?


Dev: come inside, let us talk..


Radhika: no, I don't have anything to talk.. I need to go..


Dev without listening to her words just walked back into his room forcing on her wrist..


Radhika  struggled to get her hand out..


Dev: why Radhika,  why you need to simply try to get out from my hold.. when you are so sure that I won't let you.. now you should know me well.. right?

Radhika stood there with a heavy face..


Dev came near: now what?


Radhika: no don't talk to me.. you are not nice.. why you are not telling the truth..


Dev: what truth?


Radhika: you did come to my room yesterday, right..?


Dev: ok if I say  "yes' and if that answer make you feel better then Yes,, I came ..


Radhika: see I was right.. for that what all you said  earlier..


Dev: I said, because that is what you wanted to hear..


Radhika again stood in confusion..


Dev: Radhika, you leave that and all, I need to ask you something seriously..


Radhika: what?


Dev: vo… that…you..


Radhika tightened her forehead: what?


Dev: no Radhika, I want to know whether you know everything?


Radhika: what everything?


Dev: about Chandenpur?


Radhika: chandenpur? What is Chandenpur? Where is chandenpur?  I don't know anything about Chandenpur…  stretching her arm out she flared her fingers.  So can I go now?


Dve: Radhika, I am serious.. tell me..please..


Radhika: first you tell me what you want to know about Chandenpur?  and ha.. with one condition , after I give the answeres to your question, you will answer my question too... if you agree with that, then I am Ok..

Dev: ok..   whatever you say..
Radhika: ok , now ask me what you want to know..

Dev: about the past… how was it? What happened here?

 Radhika: oh Really.. so what happened here? I don't know.. nothing happened here so far.. everything is same..  oh the other day.. I don't know what happened? It was all heavy rain for few days and then that  eruption somewhere ..


Dev: Not that Radhika..  very impatiently


Radhika: then what? I don't know what happened?  Very innocently

Dev in mind.. now how will I word it..  : Ok, tell me about buava..


Radhika: who Sushma buava?.. what about her?


Dev: ha. I don't know anything about her.. what she likes? And why  is she alo……


"Radhikaaa…".. the voice of Suchi broke their conversation..


Dev suddenly released her hand…  and moved few steps back..


Suchi came into the room..


Suchi: Radhika..  I am glad you came early…


Radhika: vo mei..


Suchi looked at Dev's embarrassing face: um.. um…  Dev , is your packing is over?

Dev: ha Mom.. I don't have much to pack..I came just like that  few dress and my hand leggage..  did the shopping only for that book that also from the airport.. 


Suchi: I don't care about your leggage..  you came.. what else I want to see.. .. I  am so happy to see you … but whatever you brought, did you packed, or do you need help?


Dev: no I am fine..actually Rahdika helped..


Suchi: um..    then turning to Radhika.. : Radhika I am serious, come early if you can.. anyway within few weeks Dev also is going back.. so if you can join us , then it will be really nice.. now you are  part of the family, so we are missing you badly..


Radhika tried to control her emotions too.. she just smiled listening to Suchi's words..


Suchi: come, Daadi and all came too..  and then looking at Dev: is this your dress.. or change quick, we need to start soon..


Dev: ji mom..


Suchi: come Radhika,    holding onto her wrist..  Radhika looked at Dev's face once and walked out with Suchi..


Soon it was time to leave, they all gathered in the main hall. Radhika wa standing near a pillor. Mohan, Surender and Yeshpal were standing and talking outside..


Dev came down too changing his dress.  They were just chitchatting and asking about next trip…  Lechu was standing holding onto Sushma..  Dev walked near to Sushma and paused near the pillor.. he scanned everyone's posture and action and moved closer to Radhika…  Radhika startled as  she heard his voice near her:


Dev in a warning tone: Don't walk around here and there, be at home only.. Don't go near the river at all and also don't go anywhere alone…  or I will tell to Babuji about the ladder…  samjhi…



Radhika looked at him puzzled but his look was on Daadi who was making a comment at that time.. She looked at him  with her unbelievable eyes and Dev just then turned his face once to meet her eyes and to give a glare of warning., reaffirming his words and then looked back at the group..


Soon  he heard the voice of Surender calling them to come out..



They moved out… Radhika went along with the group.. Dev slowed down, with a wish to see her closer, to say a bye to her… but she just walked away with Suchi..  he took faster steps and wrapped his arms around Daadi and then said bye to her and to everyone and went and sat in front..  as the engine made its move, Dev looked at Radhika once again reminding her of his words as  her eyes met his…


Surender got into Dev's college and U.S. life.. Dev mentioned about the meeting with Rema.. Lechu was so happy to hear about the little one..  she was clinging more to Suchi's arm like a baby..


Suchi: lechu.. what is this my arms are hurting..


Surender: now she is getting used to this closeness after spending time with Sushma..


Lechu: I love her.. she is sooo cute.. she is like a teddy bear…


Suchi: but beta.. if you want to sleep then you do, but don't lean on me like this..


Lechu sat straight.. looking outside..


They continued their talk, more of Dev  as if now they got their family time back together…    The time passed by and  the light moved away giving way to the darkness..     Surender gave steering back  to Chander..   Dev was sitting with his mom, Lechu almost slept in Suchi's lap..  Dev also rested his head over her shoulder..


Surender looking back: nice, both of them on your shoulder..


Suchi tapped on Dev's cheek with her arm..: ha.. and that is a good feeling too..


Surender: um… then after reaching home don't omplaint that my leg is hurting, my back is hurting , my shoulder hurting….


Suchi: did I ever complaint like that..


Surender: no but.. you can always complaint na..


Dev: Dad, you never change..  sitting straight..


Surender: ha, you say all this and will fly away in two weeks,  So I should take care na..

Lechu raising up: then what about me?



Surender: oh ho. I totally forgot,.. For Suchi only lechua nd me are there… looking at Dev  arre yaar we need her…  and then looking at Lechu.."ok"


Lechu: um.. ok..


Dev felt the pain inside that he looked out. Suchi looked at Surender signeling why he is hurting him indirectly.. Surender signaled back .. simply..


Surender: Dev, don't take it seriously..ok.. now study well. And  let us know when you can be back .. so that we can fix the marriage date, I don't want to be get delayed..


Dev didn't say anything..  Everything is happening so soon….


Lechu: yey.. I am in… I am ready..


Suchi: not yours..


Lechu; I know mom.. otherwise who wants to marry… I don't want to.. holding onto her mom's arms tight..


Suchi: you will say that and in two years you only will come and say I am going to marry him..


Lechu: who?


Suchi: I don't know.. I said you will say..


Lechu: No I won't


Their chatt continued..  and finally reached home..


Dev felt a relief breathing the air inside his house…  the nostalgic feeling went into his nerve as he enetered his room. It was kept very neat and clean … he fell on his bed .. but then he sat up and looked around one more time..   suddenly the scene where he pinned her onto the wall and giving her kisses came into his mind.. he felt the missing.. he looked at his finger and smiled at the ring..  thought of Radhika.. what she might have doing now.. hope she will listen what I told her.  He still can't imagine her walking around alone.. the image of the flow of the river and the unconscious face of Radhika comes  once in a while in his mind…  he wanted to forget that incident…  if he try to recollect it one more time, he is very much unsure whether he will be able to rescue her not.. It was just that fraction of time..  he felt like talking to her.. to listen to her voice… Radhika come quick.. I am missing you now… 


His eyes starred at the cieleing.. but his mind kept on thinking….what all I thought..  I always wanted to fly and take my degree from there, but Mom and dad didn't allow me.. they  agreed with my dream only after I agreed with their wish, that I will complete my masters' here..  and then I can fly anywhere I wish..  because  of that I got so many credits, that is a plus..  but then I wished to be free for another two years, just hang around with my friends and enjoy my life..  but now, my heart is longing to see somebody , my mind is worried thinking about her safety.. I want her be around me. All the time.. why I am missing her so much..  does she missing me too..   whenever I am free, its her thought , her talk , her actions that comes to my mind…  

He sat back on the bed…  I need to finish allt he work before she comes. Because when she come I want to spend my time with her.. I need to ask her about everything.. may be she has the answer for all my questions..   he smiled with a hope… 


The next day Radhika called around nion and talked to Lechu .. lechu told that dev went to his friends house..  they exchanged few talks…  days were passing quickly for Dev meeting with friends, and he  went to Ramesh's house… 


At the dinner time..


Suchi:  Dev we need to start early morning.. Ok

Dev's heart felt an unknown pleasure listening to it.. He missed her around , so badly.. that he kept himself busy..


Suchi: Dev, did you here me..


Dev sipping onto the water: Ha Mom.. what time we need to start..


Suchi: around 4 AM.  Then may be we can reach there by 10 at least.. and need to start back after lunch..


Dev: ok mom..


Suchi: On the way  back we will pick lechu from Sunil chacha's house..


Dev: ok..  but I think she is not at all happy..


Suchi: ha but I don't want her to miss her practicals tomorrow. And I need to go tomorrow only, as I will be busy on weekends..


Dev: um…


Dev watched TV for sometime..


Suchi; dev, go to bed, I told you we need to start early..


Dev: ok mom.. he turned it off and went upstairs..


He was about to walk into his room, but then his feet moved towards her room.. he entered into her room..  it was looking same. Eacept she kept her family photo on the side table.  He checked on her drawing area..  mostly floweres, butterflies and birds.. it was nature every where around her.. he smiled..  he looked out through the window… it was all dark out except the garden lights here and there..   he remembered the rose flower…  he looked at that direction.. but he saw a new plant there, he felt ache somewhere deep down, as if he expected to see the same flower still there smiling and dancing with the wind…    he knowcked on his temporal… Oh God.. what am I thinking… let me go to bed.. from tomorrow she will be here, next to me.. he walked out from the room, closing the door ajar behind him…   with a smile in his heart.. 

thank you so much for the like buttons and all the lovely valuable comments.. I am really thankful to you friends. Hope you will like this part too.. 
Please don't forget the like button, if you don't have time to leave me comment.. please...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Thank you to the great responders..
yes, now few of you are really getting  into my way of writing.. Oh dear.. that won't be good for me.. LOLLOLLOL
palak, diary 25, madhu, vasha, billo, sweetrose,sonia, anu, vinianil, mohini, nycssweetie... thank you so much for giving me the spirit.. sof ar you are liking it.. and i am glad and so so so happy to read the comment.. ye you can surely bash me too.. so go ahead tell me where I went wrong , so that i can take precaution..  it is a simple story that you all can easily imagine...  but with my personal touch somewhere..  arjun .. so far not a villain he is an ashiq.. i don't know whether he will turn out to be a villain later, but for now he is the hero of the campus... 
campus is a nostalgic feeling for me.. even though it all changed now.. still, each year, new heros comes up and take the place and they will be dashing around the campus all the time.. few smile when they hear his sound, few smile shyley... the way he walk, talk.. everyhting.. but as time pass, they become a charactor in our mind and our talk ... so life is that, a circle... right?
 but yes, somewhere you said right..  yes, radhika- 5.. and yes chalhov.. and ofcourse Evad i.. and Radha.. oh dear.. you also getting there.. yes it is a loop and I am circling in  there..  yes, Sushma and Radhika sharing a special bond. but will unfold later only...  and yes all that talk , and their gestures.. al has some connection with my thought, but i don't know how i will be able to bring it out.... THANKS for reading ... and taking that time to  share your thoughts with me..
thank you dear all.. for the love and understanding... and ofcourse for the LIKE BUTTON>.. LOLLOLLOL

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
hey di
I just think that before Arjun become a villain Dev and Radika want to have express their feeling eachother...
so they know Radev know that how to handle Arjun...
sorry di this is just my thought...

AnuThumbs Up

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by anu17

hey di
I just think that before Arjun become a villain Dev and Radika want to have express their feeling eachother...
so they know Radev know that how to handle Arjun...
sorry di this is just my thought...

AnuThumbs Up
what sorry sorry ...
 but you want  to handle Arjun , right? that will come soon..after Radhika comes back to college..Dev is there, I am giving him time.. so let see whta iwll before his flight..  he is going to pick her up.. so time is there.. i only take the leap when my hero heroine is away from each other, but when thye are together,  i go slow,  day by day, time by time.. sometimes i count he seconds too.. so ... its coming dear....
once again..

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