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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Hi Devika

Very cute update. Radhika is a chupi rustom---always had feelings, but not the one to reveal.
So what's with Sushma--is there another hidden story there which will be revealed in due course?

I really like the pace and the fact that you develop all the characters in the story and each one has a story of their own.

Keep it up

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MysteryGirl101 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Awesome update thnx

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
Thank you Devika...  that was lovely... hmmm Radhika playing and not letting him know that easily... good going... keep him on his toes... ha ha,,,,  Devbabu too sure of himself..  Knows all what goes on in her heart..  hmm very interesting.. 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged


 Dev was still sititng in front of the monitor, blindly looking at it..  the time was passing by.. He was feeling an unknown pleasure in his heart and that reflected on his face.. he was unable to hide that smile and the bubbling inside as he was getting more closer to her.  He never thought of asking her all that but it happened to be that way and unknowingly he came to know her inner heart.. But still he realized she is still playing the hide and seek game as she intentionally trying to cover  her true feelings from him.. or is it just my feeling? But her  smile, her talk everything started affecting me really badly.


"Bhayya''' the sound of Rahul brought him back to reality..


Dev with a smile:  hi Rahul, how are you?


Rahul: when did you come?


Dev: where did you go?


Rahul: with Babuji.. now a days he takes me with him where ever he goest. Earlier I used to play with deedi, but when she left for study I felt all alone.. so to cheer me up babuji started taking me with him.. so now he is getting used to it and I too love it..


Dev: that is nice..


Rahul: what are you doing?


Dev: nothing..


Rahul: then come down.. let's play..  Birju bhayya tied the new swing and Di and lechu di are enjoying.. let's go too..


Dev stood as Rahul pulled on his hand..


Rahul: I was also about to join them, then daadi only told me that you are here'  it is so much fun' come..


Lechu was on the swing when Dev came down and Radhika was pushing her..    dev looked at Radhika with his corner eye found her totally in talk with Lechu.. and all the family members were around and was chitchatting..


Suddenly he went in and brought the camera. He took few casual snaps..   He smiled wide as Radhik and Lechu made Suchi to be on the swing.. they both pushed her high and Suchi really enjoyed it..  dev hang the camera on Daadi's neck and went behind and started pushing Suchi..  they all loved it and shared by taking turns..  Surender and Mohan also joined the family fun.. time passed by..  Finally they all settled and it was time to say bye..


Suchi: Radhika, we are leaving tomorrow, so when are you joining..


Radhika: one more week..


Suchi looking at Rohini: send her one day early, anyway it is the beginning, why to be late..


Daadi: that's a good thinking, but Radhika is thinking how can she stay back one more week with the same excuse. She already making points that there is farewell for seniors so they may get free time for practice and beginning of a new academic year so everything will be slow..


Dev looked at Radhika with a hope that she may come early..  now he want be near her as much as he could..  but then the promise of dance flashed in his mind..


Radhika: No suchi mom, I may come on time.. but not early though.. 


Suchi: it is up to you dear.. with a smile on her face..


Surender as they were leaving: so we will be starting around noon tomorrow..  see you before that.


Mohan: ofcourse.


Dev's eyes were on Radhika as he wished her to look at him and as if granding his wish  her smiley eyes just fell on him and she smiled at him..


Dev was thinking about the day as he rolled onto the bed. The scene was just flashing in his mind where he saw Radhika wiping buva's tears..  does Radhika knows about everything.. about Dad's past.. why he left this place.. Buva was happy to see him back, daadaji didn't say or show angriness over him, never complaint of being away for this long.. but they all were knowing about us.. including Granny she never asked anything to Dad or Mom..   but then what is it that forced dad to do it.. kept dad so silent for these many years , kept the secret of his loving family, his own dad, sis, and his grandmom from us.. Mom knows but still why they kept that away from us.I don't want to ask him or mom about it because if they were able to tell it to us then they never might have kept that as a secret.. may be there is something they doesn't want us to know.. but still what was it that bothered dad? None of the villagers saying anything against dad on the other hand they are happy to see dad'.  I can only ask Radhika about it. But how will I? what she will think?..  but then we are leaving tomorrow and then I may see her after a week only' 


Dev got up from the bed and he was feeling very restless. Why I didn't ask her there itself.. why I changed the subjest? But then..  may be it is just my dad's feeling otherwise daadaji should have really said something to be away from here for long..  Time was passing by  and  he was unable to find any reason.. and then the tears from sushma buva's eyes..  my first impression of her was that she is totally nuts ' saying everything as if I am acting  in an old fashioned drama.. , never seen her sad face.. she is getting more closer to mom, and more than anyone Lechu..  Lechu is all the time around her now and even sleeping with her only..   so what is it.. why she was crying?...   I need to get an answer'   he looked into the darkness..


Time passed by.. Dev took a deep breath as he entered into her room.. but the room was empty.  It is too late, what she is doing still? He wondered.. but hen he heard the footsteps coming near..suddenly he looked around  and crawled under the bed.. 


Radhika: I will check on it and give you back.. just two minutes..


Rahul followed her into the room: please di.. I will finish quick..


Radhika: no you wait.. only two minutes.

She sat on the edge of the bed  and was reading the magazine quickly..


Rahul: Ok then, I am going to play in your system..


Radhika: ha' but be careful babuji may come..


Dev's heart skipped few beats when he heard babuji's name'  after all what I am doing here, at this time? What this people will think of me? I am really mad.. Like mom told if anybody see me like this here' Oh My God. he hit his forehead... then how will I look at dad and mom's face..  its all my madness.. Radhika is coming to Delhi soon, and I have pleanty of time.. then why I need to do this now.. now how will I go out?, his eyes focused out from the tiny space under the bed and  it caught the sight of her moving feet.. and her payal was making  soft jiggly sound with its movements..  he remembered their first meeting.. unknowingly a smile flashed  on his lips.. he looked at them more lovingly..  his heart ached to touch them.. but then he pulled back his fingers thinking of his craziness.... for now he just enjoyed watching them on her anklets, making that soft sound as she moved her feet every once in a while..


"what you guys are doing? It is already late.. get to bed.."  Rohini's stern voice echoed in the air..


Rahul: one minute Mom.. deedi is not giving me the magazine back..


Radhika: anyway you are going to bed, right?  then why you need it now.. I will give it in the morning..


Radhul loudly: mom, Di is not going to sleep she said , she is going to read the magazine'


Radhika: what was the need for that loudness.. Rahul you changed a lot.. you never acted this way with me earlier....


Rahul: ha I need to.. you are going to leave me soon, right?


Radhika: what?


Rahul: Birju bhayya told me that now you won't stay with us any more..


Radhika put the magazine away and looked at him surprisingly..


Rahul: ha.. next week you will go to Delhi and then will come back only on weekend..


Radhika: but that is just for one year and then I will be back here only Rahul. Forever..


Rahul: why you are telling me lies..


Radhika: no Rahul.. I will complete my course in one year and I will be  back' not even one year' it is only 10 more months..


Rahul: after that Dev bhayya will come and take you away na...


Dev's ears got active listening to Rahul's talk..


Radhika: who told you that?


Rahul: then , now you got engaged and next is marriage ..  I heard today babuji talking to Surender uncle about your marriage..


Radhika: but then.. after marriage also I will be here around Rahul..trying to convince herself.


Rahul: no you will go to U.S. with bhayya..  and then you won't come for years'


Rahdika: no .. he will be finishing his studies and he will come back.. he just went for studies..


Rahul: is that rue..


Radhika: hum'   how can I leave you like that and go '  you don't know how hard I am trying to get that  four nights to fly away..  to come back here.. I miss you all Rahul..


Radhika walked upto him and  cupped his face: do you think your deedi can be away from here for long..  Never..


Rahul : sach..


Radhika: um'  he wrapped his arms around Radhika and hugged her..


Rahul: but deedi, can I ask you something..


Radhika in a normal tone: what?


Rahul: you love Dev bhayya..and he is the Prince, right?


Radhika: why you are asking that now?


Rahul: no.. you are confusing me all the time.. I never heard you talking good about bhayya'  dev  wished to come out from under the bed.. but he controlled..


Rahul continued' you always say about your first meeting or something that went wrong because of him'


Radhika smiled and said: Rahul.. don't tell anyone ok.. actually your Dev bhayya heina.. bilkul buddu hei'  he doesn't know anything


Rahul: kya!!!!  He is the one who rescued you the other day..


Radhika: Don't act like mom now.. ha..that is right that he rescued me... but' In a sympatheticalway'  but then she said in a teasy way.. .. you know what happened?'



"HOW MANY TIMES I NEED TO TELL YOU GUYS', Rahul go to your room.."


Suddenly Rahul grabbing the magazine from the bed..: di, we will talk tomorrow', bye good night..'..


Radhika: you cheater'.    Seeing his quick action in getting his magazine back..

She tried to get back with him..


"UM'.?" The questionable sound of Rohini made her to pause..


"umhum'" saying  Radhika shrugged her shoulder and was about to close her door..


Birju: Radhika.. one minute..


Rohini: now , you two start..


Birju: no Maaji.. just two minute.. aap jayiyena..


Rohini gave a warning : um'  I will check back..


Birju: no need Maaji, I am going to bed too, too tired..


They watched Rohini  climbing down the steps..

Radhika: what is it bhayya?


Birju: why you are playing with the ladder now.. when I saw it near the balcony, I thought you might have gone outside for something.. So I checked in Daadi's room but found her quiet.. so only I  came up to chek here. thank God you are here... but then in confusion .did you go somewhere?


Radhika: no , I didn't, where do I go..


Biru: then who put that ladder near the balcony..


Radhika: you only might have did that and then forgot it..


Birju in a confused tone: No Radhika , I didn't..


Radhika getting into her room: think nicely then you may remember..


Birju: did I?.. no Radhika I didn't..


Radhika: I am feeling sleepy now.. do one thing move that tomorrow morning ..  ok.. or do it now itself.. then you may get some peace of mind..


Birju: no Radhika I didn't'  anyway, I will move it the morning.. I am not going to go out now.. going to bed.. good night


Radhika with a smile: good night'  she noticed Birju leaving still rolling his eyes confusing himself.. thinking hard about the ladder..


Radhika closed the door with a smile on her lips seeing Birju's action and was about to turn the light off.. she saw Dev's image in the mirror..  she turned to look at it but then the mirror was clear..


Radhika thought for a second: didn't I just see his image here' she scanned quickly around the room..   then she knocked her own head saying.. "am I going crazy too.. this Birju bhayya..'  saying that she again lifted her hand upto turn the light off..


She rawled into bed . took the pillow in her hand'  but then she  did not feel tired at all.. she thought of the magazine.. she got up from the bed and opened the door and softly walked towards  Rahul's room..  Two eyes felt some relief'.. she sneaked into Rahul's room and she  started saying something to gain his empathy and got successful in her mission.. she gave him a loving kiss over his forehead and sneaked back into her room.. She closed the door tight and out the latch on.. she got back into bed..  Time passed by. Finally she felt tired and she closed the magazine' with half sleepy eyes she went and turned the lights off..




The morning was beautiful and it brought all the shines into Radhika's room.. she rubbed her eyes and sat up by stretching her arms out..  she kept the magazine away and went to washroom.. she came out with holding a towel in her shoulder partially hanging it over her shoulder..


Her eyes caught few letters on the mirror.. she looked again at those red color letters..


"You called me buddu, you need to payback for it.., will see you soon.."  ' Radhika looked around.. she remembered her talk with Rahul.. but then who wrote this..?  she got curious.. did Dev was here?  She went out from her room.. she looked out from the balcony.. the ladder was moved away'  she saw Birju standing down with a confused posture..


Radhika: Birju bhayya' are you ok?


Birju: ha.. but   Rahdika, you remember I told you that ladder was here, but now I came to move it away and it is already moved to the corner'  but I am sure, I saw it near the balcony last night..


Radhika now got the real situation' he ame here.. but then why he left without saying anything.. why did he come?


She went back to her room and read the letters again.. she scanned all around her room.. but then she heard Daadi's voice and she went down.. she looked at everyone in question, but all acted normally' so did he come or'..?  she was getting frustrated'


Time was passing by'  she wanted to know why he came and why he left without saying anything' she was not getting any peace inside.. she paced in their dining room..


Rohini: what happened Radhika/ after a long time, I am seeing you  back into action..


Radhika: no Mom' nothing..


Daadi: there is something,, it is written on your face..


Rohini: today Dev is going back to Delhi na.. that's the reason..


Daadi: but then for that why she has to pace like this.. this is not that..


Rohini: anyway, Rahdika if you want to go early there, you go. We will come little later..


Wihtout wasting a second Radhika ran out from the room.. all they could see was her flying in her scooty'


Daadi: what happened to her today??


Rohini: I told you..  she tell one way and act other way..  If she do this, she may soon fly to U.S. with him..    saying that she went inside..


Daadi stood there thinking..:  not his is not that.. there is something else in her mind..


Surender felt happy to see Radhika.. : good morning beta..


Radhika: goodmorning Papa..

She did a quick chat with Surender and joined Yeshpal  and then disappeared into the room..  she said Hi to Suchi as she was getting things ready  back in.. Lechu and Sushma was working inside the kitchen..


Lechu: di.. I am learing to make sweets..  see buva likes sweets just like me..


Sushma just flashed her look on Radhika and found her shade different..


Radhika: Where is Dev?


Sushma tried to hide her teasy smile: he is upstairs in his room.. I think packing back everything in..


Rahdika: Ok.. can I go..


Sushma: why you need to ask..go..


Lechu: one minute, I am coming too..


Sushma: No lechu, if you go then I am not going to make it..


Lechu: Ok di, let me make this, I will join you on Bro's room.. ok


Radhika smiled agreeing with her and then looked at Sushma thankfully..  Sushma got back into the  work and Radhika heard lowering voice of Lechu talking with Sushma as she took the steps to upstairs..

part 35 : Like button pleeeease....


Nothing more to say today friends. Hope I am not boring you guys, if I do, feel free to tell me..please.... please...  will send the pM with next update later tonight.. thanks.. 

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
yes first one to comment after a long time loved it di 2 gd so dev gone try to figure it out loved the way how radhika was thinking y dev left without saying anything wonder wts gone happen in the room update soon

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Interesting part , he start acting like her ... so she is impatient now to know why he comes to her room ...Thanks .

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Devika...  lovely updates.. 
Hmm so Radhika think Dev is Buddhu??  So it means that Dev thinks he has figured her out but infact radh is a step ahead of him
loved the way Dev handled the situation..  Hmmm he made her run after him..  well well spirited Radh just could not resist the challenge of payback hmm.  Interesting...  Dev better take a good revenge..  She is calling a boy who studies in US for his masters a buddhu...   ha ha .. but she does not know how deep our Devbabu is...
Radhika rani is in trouble for sure..   She is completely going to lose her heart to him..  He is going to take it back with him to US..  and Radh is going to miss him terribly..
Like that mystery about Dev's dad..  I think him and suchi mom has a nice love story too..   Let's see what your mind conjurns up..
love it thank you Devika...

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Lovely updates Devika...Radhika called Dev BUddhu ha ha haROFL....  Dev was hiding in Radhika's room   that part  was funny it  brought smile on my faceSmilein fact what will Dev be stored for her??? Yes!! she is going loose  her feelings  in front of Dev ...Now Dev  wants to know  about his  dad's past  story is progressing very well Clap

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