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Thank you friends prakri5armadmichkhus1973aisha08sweetrose92[email protected]rad4devgauranitaiDAIRY25radha_bilaharisugarandspicevinianilTilashinibvs7691palak13abhilasha_dreambillo77evasuminycsweetiechalhov, for liking the previous part.

Thank you so much guraniti, Diary25, priya46, eva di, nycsweetie, billo, Radhika-5,chalhov, khush1973,palak13, prakri, maleena, tilu, vinivanil, anu17, abhilasha, and rad4dev.. for the lovely comments and showing the excitment. I hope you will like the next upcoming part too..  will catch you all soon…

Love and take care

Devika  Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Radhika was walking with little hesitation and with little excitement thinking what may be the special thing waiting for her.  But then suddenly she thought Suchi mom didn't mention where she  should look for it. She paused and was about to turn and climb down the stairs, Dev held her wrist and forced her towards him. She got shocked and was about to screm, he covered her mouth..


"Radhika, its' me.."'  Radhika looked at him with her wide eyes.. and he slowly took his hands off and looked into her eyes lovingly..


"why you tried to scare me?'.. Radhika asked taking few deep breaths in..


"shhhhhh'  Dev warned her..


Radhika looking back.. ' what?!'


Dev: come with me..


Radhika: no I came to get something special that Suchi mom left for me, but I forgot to ask her where to look for..


Dev pulled on her wrist as he walked towards the balcony..


Radhika: chotiyena..


Dev didn't say anything, just forced her to walk  behind him.. he stopped as he entered into the balony area..  smooth breeze was circling around..


Radhika: please let me go.. Suchi mom..


Dev looking at her face: shhhhhh..


Radhika closed her parted lips'


Dev: mom send you up here with my request only..


Radhika: what?


Dev: um'


Radhika: but why?


Dev: why?!!! Because I wanted to meet you alone and  ask you something..


Radhika: what you want to ask me..? why you want to meet me alone?


Dev looked at her lovingly.. so deep into her eyes' that she shivered once..  she tried to get her hand released from his hold.. 


Dev: you don't know why? Ok then I will tell you.. because of this'   saying that he raised her hand and showed her the ring'   I put this on you and   then showing his .. and you put this on me'   and you know what is the significane of this? asked deeply looking into her eyes.. 


Radhika didn't say anything.. she just stood there listening to him with her flared lashes..


Dev: that means, now our relationship is like this ring, there is no beginning or end to it. We need to live within this circle..  then nearing his face to her'  did you get it..


Radhika looked at the ring as if she is seeing a ring first time in her life..


Dev: what?


Radhika looked at him and shrugged her shoulder saying nothing'  "to tell this you called me upstairs!!!'


Dev lost the color from his face..  " don't you feel anything"


Radhika: what?    In a very innocent way..


Dev released her hand' and looked into the darkness and stood there folding his hands at his chest level.. 


Radhika: can I go now?


Dev didn't say anything'  that she felt bad..


Radhika: can I go..?


Again Dev didn't say anything..


Radhika : Dev' Dev'  she lifted her hand and poked his  back shoulder few times' calling ..Dev ' Dev..trying to look at his expression


He still stood in same position..


Radhika came and stood in front of him  and  trying to look at his face': DEV..


Dev looked at her and said : shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Radhika: kya huva..


Dev: if you make such loud noise somebody will come up..


Radhika: so you don't want anybody to hear us...'


Dev  tightened  his folded hands one more time at the chest level and still stood looking into the darkness..


Radhika moved to the side and stood there little away from Dev , resting her back on siderail, looking at the corner where he is standing. The smooth wind was circling around them.. the vains were shaking its head along with the rhythm of the wind..  the purple color flowers caught her attention.. unknowingly a smile appered on her lips..  her loose hair was coming across her eye's vision.. she soothed them back and smiled at the flowers that were shaking their head with the wind.. she saw it touching his face and  one vain tip was tikling his neck..   unknowingly  his hand brushed it away.. but then a strong wind brought the strand more loser and it just rested its weak body on his shoulder.. she felt like other vains were struggling hard to rest on his shoulder too.. her eyes smiled and unknowingly the giggling  sound came out from her throat'


Dev looked at her with his corner eyes..  but didn't get the reason for her smile..  he turned slightly to see the reason for her smile.. he saw her looking at his shoulder side and smiling'  he loved seeing her smile' but then suddenly her expression changed'


Dev got concerned too, that also... looking at his shoulder..


Dev: Radhika.. what is it.?


Radhika just pointed her finger to his shoulder side..


Dev: what..?

Radhika: worm..


Dev: what?


Radhika moved near to him and raised her leg up to reach his shoulder clearly and then slowly picked the vain that was holding the worm and moved it away.. Dev felt a shiver thru his body as he saw the worm at the tip of the vain..   and he moved away from there..


Dev: so you were smiling at this worm..  with twtching his brows..


Radhika moving away from there: no I was not..


Dev: Then why you were smiling..?


Radhika: no, I was thinking about this flower bunch and the wind..


Dev: what?


Radhika: ha.. you  know what .. the breeze always carry the season in  Chandenpur..


Dev looked at her shockingly..  he dreamed about her saying it to him..


Radhika: don't  you believe me..? ok, now take a deep breath, you will be able to smell the mud, the wet mud.. means the  smell of rain'     trying a deep breath herself.

Dev: Radhika..


Radhika: ha.. and I was just thinking all these vains are competing theselves to touch you so that they all can rest on your shoulder.. as they all might be tired by swinging all the time as wind pass through them... or may be the flowers just want to feel your touch..


Dev went near her: so are you feeling jealous of them'


Radhika: jealous.. kyum?


Dev: because they were trying to touch me..


Radhika tried to act normal: no why should I feel jelous, especially when they carry these itchy worms'  you should be careful..


Dev: kyum?


Radhika: otherwise you will end up with itching all day..


Dev understood the deep meaning in it': so are you sure that itchy worm didn't touch me this time..


Radhika: ha.. if that itchy worm should have touched you, then you won't be standing so calm like this..  before it did, I took it away..


Dev came closer to her: so you will always watch for them before it touches me..


Radhika: what?.. worm.. how am I ? now I saw it , that is why..


Dev:  so if you see one in the future, you will do the same , right?


Radhika: ha..


Dev: I just want to hear that..


Radhika: hear what?


Dev: that you are ready to sail with me for the rest of your life..


Radhika: when did I say NO?


Dev with widening happy eyes: so you love me..


Radhika looked into his eyes.. she was feeling the uneasiness to tell him as he was standing so close to her.. 


Dev with his soft voice: bethavona Radhika.. 


Radhika didn't say anything..


Dev: Now what happened, all this time you were talking nicely and when I asked you something that I want to hear from you, why you are keeping silent..looking into her eyes and her face with his seducing iris....


Radhika: why should I say? I don't know about you?


Dev: about what?


Radhika: that you love me or not?


Dev: I asked you first..


Radhika: that doesn't matter..


Dev: that does matter.. you need to tell first'

 his breath was falling onto her face' and her heart started pounding faster..


Radhika: don't come more closer than this..


Dev: why?  Now I have the right to come closer to you..


Radhika: no.. you  don't....


Dev: yes I do..  I  had that right all the time, and now I have it witht he elder's blessings too..


Radhika suddenly turned facing her back to him as he caged her inside his arm by holding onto the siderails on both sides of her..


Dev moved more closer and his body slightly brush over her back and the her long hair came as a shield between them'  Dev moved his face more to the front along her left face profile..


Dev said softly: tell me now.. otherwise I won't let you go..


Radhika: first you tell me, why you said that you were not coming?


Dev: why?.. did you miss me?


Radhika: not me'  but Mom.. you don't know how much she missed you.. it was hard for us to keep her happy . she was managing well, but then why you said No to her when you planned to do the opposite.


Dev: don't you know why?


Radhika: how do I know?


Dev: I told you before leaving?


Radhika: but then why did you come now? If you really meant what you said to me..


Dev: I don't know.. I felt the ache to see all of you, I wanted to see mom and dad too.. I wanted to see lechu.. and may be unknowingly I missed you too..


Her heart skipped few beats when she heard that.. that he missed her..


Dev: didn't you miss me.. Radhika.? Did you ever thought of me?

Radhika: no.. not at all..


Dev: but you didn't  sound like that when you first saw me..


Radhika: what did I say?


Dev: you said as if you waited for me for long?


Radhika: no I didn't..


Dev getting more closer to her ear: ha.. you did.. it was in your words, in your eyes'   she felt the tickling as he said that near her ear..  she felt the uneasiness again..


Dev:  tell me something.. am I right?


Radhika: no I didn't.. but yes, I wished you to come.. to see the smile on Mom's face, lechu's face. Papa's face'  they all were missing you badly..


Dev: and you too..


Radhika unknowingly in a trance: ha..


Dev: so I was right..


Radhika turned her face sideways to see his : no.. I mean no.. 

Their face very close.. he said: you said the truth first, I take that..

Radhika looked into his eyes and he looked into hers.. in a side profile ..very close.. Radhika with a denial.. he with confident'    smooth wind was  still circling them' 


Lechu came up calling her name:: Deedi' deedi..


Radhika: Lechu coming.. I need to go..


Dev: no, I don't want you to..


Radhika: but I need to..


Dev slowly loosened his grip to touch her chin.. but then suddenly Radhika moved away' "Lechu I am coming"'  saying that she ran away from there and before stepping down she turned and looked at him once..  Dev stood there covering his smile' looking at her winning smile'.   he brushed his hair' and then he felt a vain that was tickling his neck' he touched it and smiled and pushed it away'


Varma family left saying bye to everyone.. Dev looked at Radhika as she left; from standing way behind everyone, so that he can just look at her freely'   he smiled as her glance once fell on him'   they retiered to inside once the Varma family disappeared from their sight'


Dev gave his mom a hug from behind and said  " thank you mom.."

Suchi: so did she say it..


Dev: mumhum.. but she did..


Suchi: what..?


Dev: nothing..



Suchi: what!


Dev: Nothing mom.. I am feeling sleepy.. goodnight..


Suchi smiled as she saw the brightness in his face and the shyness in his smile' she smiled happily'   

Dev back in his room, closed the door tightly and went to bed with a smile on his face..   he was feeling his light heart and an unknown pleasure from within... 


Suchi waited for her husband.. she saw him talking with Yeshapalshe went to get fresh up.., as she came out  she saw his image walking towards the balcony.. she followed him to there.. found him standing there with a satisfactory smile ' looking into the woods blindly..


Suchi went near..: so you are feeling very happy..


Surender looked at her fae and smiled again and nooded his head with an agrement'


Suchi went near and rested her head on his shoulder holding his upper arm ..


Surender: ha Suchi, I am so happy.. not only for babuji.. but for Dev too.. this is what I dreamed for months after seeing Radhika.. I have seen many gorls, well educated, high class, business officials daughters.. beautiful .. 


Suchi: but then why Radhika?


Surender: because only Radhika can bring our son back to us..  all girls are good.. but Radhika, the minute I saw her, I saw the innocene in her eyes, in her talk, may be we can see all that in any one.. I mean education, beauty and loving their family..  everything.. but what made Radhika different.. is her love for Chandenpur, she not only likes her family but also she likes the plants,  the animals around here, the mud she is standing on'  I have seen her happiness in her eyes to come back to chandenpur..  her eyes always smile when she talk or hear about Chandenpur. You know I kept the distance from my own family for all these years. Nobody was at fault for that.. but still my own dad, granny and my sister all suffered because of me.. but they never imposed anything on me until that day.. why I kept that distance from them Suchi.?. actually I gave them pain..

Surender continued in trance: I have seen the dreamy eyes of our son.. he was ready to fly away.. and yes, he did.. but I don't want to go through the same ache that my dad and my granny suffered.. I did a mistake, and I don't want him to feel the same later in his life, because deep in his heart he loves us, than anything else..  I think more than dad, or sushma, it is me who is happy about the engagement.. Mohan stood with me.. he is my childhhod friend and he can read my mind.. I think when I left this place , my mind said that Mohan will take care of my family and yes he did.. he was there with them all the time.. and now also he is standing with me, for my selfishness, he is giving away his daughter..



Such: but how can that be your selfishness..  she needs to go away oneday..


Surender: ha I know.. but then knowing me well, who ran away from facing the truth.. he always had the choice in front of him.. but he never even mentioned it once.. he just hugged me closer when I said my wish as if he also expeted this to happen..

Suchi with a tinge of sadness: so are you feeling guilty now for leaving everyone behind..


Surender with a confident voice : no suchi, not at all.. because of that I got you in my life.. our two beautiful kids.. I am not repending for those lost days, but I am happy for today, for this moment, where I am back in my place with you' I am breathing the chandenpur  air while you are holding me close.. did I ever dream of this.. I don't know.. but I am so happy today'


Suchi just tightened her grip on his arm and looked at the woods .. he just wrapped his one arm around her , bringing her more closer.. feeling the coldness of the air..


Surender: Is Dev happy?


Suchi: hum.. very much..

Surrender: I want to hear only that'


Spending few more minutes out there like that , they went inside to their room'  Two eyes listening to their talk, was shedding tears..  but then with a smile she wiped of her cheek and went to her own room and then holding Lechu more closer to her she closed her eyes'..

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that's for today my dear frineds. Hope I didn't disappoint you. If I did, then I am sorry.. Otherwise enjoy the part...  yes, spring is on its way in Rad and Dev's mind..  thank you so much for the like button and valuable coments. I will catch you all tomorrow, until then ..take care

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Confusednow can't wait anymore.. my eyes are closing down...Sleepy and will catch you all later..

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OMG OMG!! wohooo...plz write more of radev scenes...haha im so excited...I LOVE THIS PART

Radhika suddenly turned facing her back to him as he caged her inside his arm by holding onto the siderails on both sides of her..


Dev moved more closer and his body slightly brush over her back and the her long hair came as a shield between them…  Dev moved his face more to the front along her left face profile..


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AWESOME PART ... naughty  pari is still trying to hide her feelings from prince but soon she do , really happy for them .. THANKS.

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Wow so Radika also feel the same...

sis Hope Radika will tell dev that she love him hmmmm... i think after dev tell that to herHeart
 what you think di...
hmmmm...................... Arjun ji ko keya huwa.... Radika and Dev tell they are in in love
Did Arjun get to know about it.......Day Dreaming

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Devika sweet update.Big smile

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Originally posted by DAIRY25

AWESOME PART ... naughty  pari is still trying to hide her feelings from prince but soon she do , really happy for them .. THANKS.

SOO true haha...wanted to write the same ting Blushing

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