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*Wish you ALL and  our AVINA a happy and Prosperous 2011*

 Thank you for your wishes and lovely comments and support and all the love...


Suchi was just holding onto his back with her relaxed hands as they walked towards the car. But then suddenly a little girl's cry caught their attention who was standing on the side of the walkway'  as they neared that lean girl ,wearing a knee length skirt and dirty white top, she moved to the front and blocked their way.. Dev and Suchi paused there looking at this little girl..  the teary eyed girl looked at them with a pleading look as if  requesting them to forgive her..  as if reading her eyes, Dev kneeled down in front of the girl..


"because of me  all  thesehappened, and my Radhika deedi got in trouble"' the girl finally said it..

Dev held her shoulder comforting her, as Suchi held his shoulder to support him, looking keenly into the girl's eye..


"I was actually running behind my goat's kid near the river area and accidently the kid slipped into the water.. it had its front legs on the bank and  when I tried to help it, the water gushed in and she slipped away.. I cried loud  as I was not knwoing what else to do and listening to my cry only Radhikadeedi came near',... and I showed her the kid and asked her to save him'..  then Radhika deedi tried to help the kid, but then the water just floated her away,and I asked Radhika deedi  to help him and the goat kid was crying loud too.. so only Radhika deedi went in"'.   ..   Dev looked at his mom helplessly..


Suchi held her shoulder and asked: now your deedi is fine, only thing she needs some rest.. ok. You can meet her tomorrow.  Theek hei beta, ' holding onto her chin..


The girl looked at Suchi's face again: you are telling the truth , right? Radhika deedi is fine' ,right? my dad is scolding me....


Suchi tried to bring a smile on her face: yes Beta.. she is absolutely fine. Dev bhayya saved her on time.. didn't you see..

Little girl just nodded her head in agreement' , and then moved from away..


Dev looked at his mom stood on his feet..  as he neared his car', he felt two small hands wrapping around his waist.. he looked down and found Rahul holding him tight..


Dev: Rahul..!!


Rahul loosened his grip and said: thank you bhayya' 


Dev: what is this Rahul'  

Rahuk: didn't I ask you that day, are you the Prince and you said NO..   but then looking into his eyes he said : but now I can see the sparkling in your eyes..  you are the one in that picture, wearing all the gears of a warrior..


Dev looked at him helplessly..: Rahul, mei..


But then Birju came and said: ha, I told you that I don't believe in all these fairy tales, but now I want to believe it.. just for this moment along with all the kids of this village..  that the Granny was right'..  all her stories were real' .. he said that with his teary eyes and gave him a hug too..

Dev didn't say anything, he just took their words into him, first time he didn't want to  deny it..    


Suchi: chal beta.. we will come back later..

as he entering inside the car, he paused seeing a boy who was pointing his finger to the horizon aiming at a point and he heard his lips mumbling to his friends: he came riding his black beauty and he always leave him near the valley.. and then turned and looked at dev's face to confirm his words.. Dev holding onto the door smiled back at him, nodding his head head slightly agreeing his staement..
The boy loudly to his friends: I told you na...  see.. 

Dev looked at Birju and then touching Rahul's head , he sat inside '..  he looked at the crowd still standing outside the house, scattered in small groups who still wants to know about Radhika and her condition' ..Surender and Sushma stayed back in Radhika's house..


Dev came out from shower, drying his hair.. wearing a fresh tee and a black track pant'


"here take this'..  Dev looked at his mom, who was standing with a steam filled tea up in her hand..


He took it from her hand and sat on the bed side..  Suchi took the towel from his shoulder and tried to dry his hair more..


Suchi: so,  you wanted to give us a sursprise' 


He didn't say anything..


Suchi: ha, it was really a surprise beta.. and you came with so much happiness in everyone's heart.. may be it was meant to be for that.Otherwise how could you be on there at that crucial time',when the villagers tied all the loved ones of her in their strong arms' ,.  may be if you were with us at that time, you may be also tied by safety of that particular situation, may be God doesn't wanted that to happen, he wanted you to save her and bring her back to us.' 


Dev sipping onto tea: Mom, how is she now?


Suchi keeping the towel away, brushing his hair with her hands: she is fine.. but I think she is really afraid. Her skin was feeling hot..   she was looking very tired too..  may be it will take some time for her to come out from this trauma..


Suchi noticed his worry face..:  you want to see her..


Dev looked at his mom with a hope: take rest now, will go later..ok .. then all the villagers also will disperse.. 


Dev just nodded his head..


Suchi took the empty cup from him  and left him alone in his room.


Dev laid back  on the bed'...  his eyes were fixed on the ceiling..  He still don't know what forced him to dive into that forceful water..  he only knows that when he heard Radhika is in trouble, his whole body reacted quick to reach near her.. and he could recollect her smile and seeing her head drowning into the water.. the time froze for me'    , I felt like my own life is leaving away from me.. it was my eyes that covered with darkness as she drowned, it was me who suffocated under that water..   my heart stopped beating when I forced her unconscious body near to me.. her closed eyes feared me '..  how badly  my mind ached to see her opening those eyes to look at me.  Finally she opened her eyes and looked at me and with a smile she said''.   He tried to recollect ...' yes she said something.. she said something'..  that I felt like holding her tight near to my chest'... but then I heard  babuji calling out her name'.  otherwise I should have held her close to my heart'. ...  I am sure that's what I wanted at that time'...  but what did she say'....  He flashed back to that moment and finally his lips moved to say that..'aap agaye'.. 


Dev tightening his forehead,,.. so did she expected me to come..  her eyes said that and her voice said that to me.. she wanted me to come here..  she really wished to see me..   why I am feeling so happy to think it that way' .. what if she just said that to the person who rescued her, what if she didn't really see me..  she opened her eyes and looked at me just for few fraction of minutes'... but then, no she looked at me, I am sure she said to me only that '.  


With that thought he rose from the bed and climbed down the steps quick '


Suchi was on the phone'...  Dev went and stood near her..


Suchi keeping the reciver on the rack: Dev, you take rest, I am going to Radhika's house..


Dev: but mom..  is everything Ok?


Suchi  with broken words: ha', but but..  it seems like she is running high fever, and shivering.. I don't feel comfortable sitting here..  dad only called now.. I better go there Beta.. You may be tired ,so you take rest..


Dev: no mom.. I am also coming.. I am not tired at all.. Please..


Suchi looked at his pleading face.. she saw his agony to see her too..


Such:; ok beta, let's go then..


As they stepped out Suchi saw the clear sky above..


Suchi: look at it now.. I hope it will stay like this for next two days, day after tomorrow is the funtion.. I hope that will go fine..


Dev: everything will be fine Mom,..  come let's go..


Dev smiled and walked with his mom towards the car.


As they reached there they saw mostly everyone left.. Suchi went in.. Dev stayed back as Surender, Mohan, and Yeshpal was sitiing at the main hall with their concerned face..


Mohan went and hugged Dev as he saw him, thanking him' ... Dev just sat with them, joining their talk about the bad weather with an ache to see her face'


Sushma came towards them with hot tea. Dev refused as he just had one: Suchi said she is really afraid that is why this fever.. it may take sometime, but it will come down..  all the blankets are over her, still she is shivering' 


Few other people came enquiring on the situation.. they all sat and chatted.. time was passing by.. slowly everyone came down to the  main hall..

Daadi :  finally she is feeling some comfort and  sleeping.. so left her alone for sometime, so that no one disturb her' 
 Dev was loosing all his patience to see her.. he tried to say it to his mom but she went along with Rohini into the kitchen..    he looked around and almost everyone  was talkig about weather and things like that'. finally he walked out from the  hall..


The air filled with darkness already. Dev looked at the gray clear sponges floating above his head, he held his neck and stretched out from arching his back.. and then looked around..  his eyes widened as he found the ladder sitiing on the corner with a hope of smile in his lips..


He scanned the area quickly..  within fraction of seconds, he stood in the balcony.. he carefully entered  inside and looked at the doors.. he knew which one is hers.. he took the soft steps and finally stood in front of her room door.. he looked behind and entered quickly.. he slowly closed the door behind as if no one to spot him in there.


He went near her bed, saw her laying with her closed eyes..  he sat near and his tremoring hand raised slowly up to touch her face.. he felt the burning as his  hand toched her feverish head..


He took her hand in his and said.: Nothing will happen to you Radhika, you will be fine.. Now I am here na.. nothing will happen to you..   saying that he leaned forward and his lips slightly parted to feel her forehead.. she felt the shiver as his soft lips touched her forehead..  he raised up his face slowly and found her  moving her lips as if trying to say something..her eyeballs moving corner to corner, as if  it found him sitting near her..  he felt her  fingers trying to move in his  hand as if making sure he is near her'   


'ha Radhika, I  came ..  and I am here, near to you'  now nothing will happen to you.. you are safe'"'   he saw her tightening forehead..  lines apperering near her outer eye corner..  trembling lips.. and finally she opened her eyes slowly'   she looked at him and he smiled looking at her open eyes lovingly'   but then  he heard the footsteps climbing up' the smile faded and he looked at her with a tinge of worry..  he loosened his hand, and quickly overed her hands under the blanket and then touching her cheek once "you don't need to worryy, we all are here".. saying that he tried to smile one more time looking into her eyes ..  and then quikly slide out from the room' 


Radhika tightened her forehead as she saw him clearly sitting near her a fraction of second away..


Rohini: you wake up, so quickly..   Radhika, drink this hot coffee, it has  the mediine in it..  Suchi was telling that keeping all these blanket will increase the temp.. drink this, then the shiver will go away too.. and you may feel better.. may be the fever is from keeping all these over you'. By then Suhi also came up..

Rohini' : where you backed up.I thought you are with me..
Suchi: ha.. I was just .....

Radhika looked at Suchi with a question in her eyes..


Suchi noted the strange look, she asked Radhika  'what'  with her eyes.. Radhika just nodded her head saying nothing..


Rohini made Radhika to sit on the bed..  she sat still shivering slightly..

Suchi: drink it Radhika, you will surely feel better..  but then Suchi again noted a confusion in Radhika's eyes.. afater making Radhika to take few sips, Rohini went  down to kitchen saying dinner plan..


Suchi sat near Radhika..


Suchi: tell me , what is that you want to ask me..


Radhika with a onfused state sat again thinking to herself..


Suchi: tell me Radhika.. what is it?


Radhika forced the words out: Is..  Dev  here?


Suchi with a smile: ha beta.. he came on time, to save his princess.. 


But then Suchi draw her brows to the center asking: but why you are asking now.. 


Radhika: I thought I saw him'


Suchi: Ha, he only rescued you from the river.. and he said that you opened your eyes. so you might have seen him then..


Radhika held Suchi's hand: no Mom, I saw him right now..


Suchi: where?


Radhika touching onto the bed: here..


Suchi: What!

Then with a thought.  ' he is sitting downstairs, one second, let me call him, he was very much worried about you, and didn't even took rest after his long flight.. , one second beta, let me call him..ok..


Radhika tried to stop Suchi to tell her that she saw him right now inside her room'


But by then Suchi went and called for Dev, by then  Dev was settled near Surender. He heard his mom's sound and went to check on it..


Suchi: beta, come up'  you want to meet come..


Dev looked around, but then climbed the stairs.. he went inside her room..  Radhika was sitting on her bed resting her back on the headrest..


Radhika looked at him conveying her confusion of seeing him just then..


Suchi: dev, you know what, she was telling me that she just saw you here in this room..  I told her that you are downstairs that is why I called'


Then looking at Radhika..: take that coffee  beta..


Radhika sipped on to her coffee, still looking at Dev's teasing eyes..


Dev: how are you feeling now?


Radhika  brought the cup down and looked  at him puzzled..


Dev: why you are looking at me like that..


Radhika looked at him  again strangely..


Dev: mom, I think she really got afraid of all that'  then walking near to her, he touched her forehead and said: see still she is running high fever, my hand got burned..  saying that she pulled it back saying  'aouuchh'  you better take rest Radhika then you will be fine tomorrow..  then looking at Suchi: heina mom..

Suchi looking at the coffee cup:

Radhika again looked at his actions with her puzzled eyes'


Dev: I think Radhika might have seen some bad dreams.. 


Radhika looked at her hand as she clearly felt his hand on her earlier'  Dev noted her confusion and enjoyed seeing her expressions.. ..


Dev:  Mom,  let me go down..   feeling tired too.


Suchi: ha beta. Let me help Rohini too..


She took the empty cup from Radhika's hand and walked along with dev'


As they reached near the door Suchi: beta, lay down.. ok..


Radhika nodded her head and slowly slide down back into her bed.. She saw dev looking back at her and winked his eye', her lips parted and then she gasped self..


Dev: mom one second, I forgot to tell her something'  


Suchi: what?


Dev: just one second..  just coming be here..


Radhika was settling under her blanket thinking that she was right, but then she got startled seeing  his face near hers saying: last time you put me in same situation in front of everyone na.. so this time take it back from me.. even though it was just between us.. Ok' it is my turn....  and he disppered from her sight..


She sat back in a reflex action,  letting a forceful air to gush out from her corner lips'


Dev came out and he checked and found the space empty where he left his mom..    


With a smile he took his faster steps to downstairs..


Time passed by. Back in  Haveli, everyone settled back in their room after their personal talk on dev's trip  and exchanging the happiness with each other.. and seeing the big smile on Yeshapal's face brought a satisfactory smile on Surender's face'... they discussed on next days final plannings.  the night was very calm..


Dev was settling in his bed too..


Suchi came in: Dev, you don't know how muh happiness you brought  for all of us with your trip.. and I am so happy for it.  Now take rest, you may need to help dad tomorrow with everything..


Dev: ha Mom, I miss you all too' he hugged her'


Suchi tuked the blanky over him.


Dev: mom, you are treating me like baby..


Suchi: ha, you are still my baby  eventhough i need to raise my head up to see your face clearly.... saying that she pinched his cheek..


Dev:  mom.. it hurts..


Suchi: ha, it is for hurting only.. for the naughtiness.


Dev held his mom's hand as she turned to walk away, laying in bed..


Dev: naughtyiness!!


Suchi looked back at him, and released her hand and said: then what else..  granny was imagining you as Ram, but you are behaving like naughty Krishna..


Saying that she walked towrds the door..


Dev sat on bed: what?


Suchi turned back and said: who else will climb those ladder in that darkness'what if somebody spot you that way...  shame for us...  um'


Saying that she disappeared from his sight..


Dev comprehended back.. what! .. climbing ladder.. that means.. she saw me' but then.. when I climbed up? , no chance for that' when I climbed down?'  Dev tapped on his temporal head'  and turned and fell on his bed with his face down''MOM'"


Suchi smiled teasingly seeing his reaction and walked towards her room with the happiest smile ever''.

Part 30 : where is the like button... pleaseeeeeee
so here is the last day of the year gift for you.. Hope I can bring better gift for you tomorrow... let me see.. for now Take care and have fun ..
 wish you all a safe newyear...Hug

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Thank you...

Thank you 5armadprakrikscjkmichanu17aisha08fatssrilankasonia122sweetrose92Mus@gauranitaiDAIRY25radha_bilaharisugarandspicevinianilradhika5radev_foreverchipakbvs7691palak13billo77evasuminycsweetiechalhovfor liking previous part..

@sugarandspice:thank you Vasha..I am so happy to hear that you loved it and also I am so happy to see that ASAP, so it out there for you, hope you will like it..

@chalhov; thanks dear.. Prince charming is here and now the ball is in his court, so let see what will happen within this few weeks..  hope you will like it

@diary25: thanks dear.. hope Dev will give her enough time to react , let see..  hope you will like next part..

@evasumi: Hope the prince now will keep an eye on his princess that she does not risk her precious life...  His heart almost missed a beat when he saw going under water...  Gosh that was fearfully beautiful...


Ha ha'  I really wish Dev will give her enough time to react, that is the only concern or will he take situation in his hand..thanks for liking it and thank you so much for the support. Hope you will like the next part too'.

@nycsweetie: thanks deear.. hope you will like next part too.. thank you so much for the support

@bvs7691: thanks Bhavi.. 2 beautiful, so it ws beautiful .. thanks dear.. 

@palak13: oh dear, so the mandir scene flashed in your mind.  Oh ..avina is the best.. thanks and I hope you will like next part too'

@gauraniti: thank you dear' thank you so much.. I am so happy to know that you are with the current update. Hope you will like next part too.. take your time but I am thankful to you for letting me know your words. I need it.. thanks dear..

@any17:thank you dear.. I need your support, to move forward,   hope you will like next part too.

@radhika-5:thank you, thank you, thank you..  miles to go before I sleep' that's all I have now to tell you' hope you will enjoy the rest of the journey too'. 

@radev-forever: yes Prince-charming is back and I can see the excitement, and that means few more Radev moments' Oh my.. challenging for me, but I will tr.. hope you will like it..

@vinianil: thanks vini.. I am so happy to hear that you liked it.. more than anything it is good to know you were able to visualize it.. thank you and wish a happy 2011 too..

@sonia; thanks dear.. the reason for fast update depends on your words dear.. thanks for filling me with more spirit' thanks for liking it..

@billo:thanks yumna. The gift of that song is really beautiful'  I hope you enjoy reading the upcoming parts.. too.. thank you so much..

@chipak: thanks Seema.. I hope you will like next part too.. also so I am glad to know that you expected a different situation this time.. yes, I am giving Dev upper hand this time.. hope you will like  next part too..


Thank you so much dear all.. thanks for the lovely comments and like buttons, and also to that silent readers'

Wish you a safe 2011

Take care


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Thanks for the updates Devika.  The story is moving at a good pace.
Wishing you a nd your family a very Happy 2011.Big smile

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diiiiiiii omg I think I'm gone faint I was keep reading it again when dev climed the ladder and sat next to her then when he winked at her then when he again came near her dev is falling 4 her and I wish soon rads starts 2 fall 4 him can't wiat updaate soon I'm dying 2 read the next part update soon and thanks 4 the pm xxxxx

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Diiiiiiiiii! i sooo loveed dis update!! it was a new year present! i find it soo cute how Suchi keeps teasing Dev. Well Happy New Year and i hope 2011 is filled with countless of your beautiful updates, ff and magical Radev scenes! Muah!

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dear first of all with u the same in this new year...
All your dreams come true....Dancing

Your story is coool and Great wow sweet loving Ideas....
now our Dev in Love
Keep it up sis........
In hindi Didi love your story........Heart
keep it up sis........

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Devika a very cute update read it with a smile on the face and a very very happy new year to u and ur family.

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Great story from great story teller Devika...keep it up dear

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