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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Devika...  Hmm  the warm feeling of Radhika's blushed cheek stayed with him....  He still does not know why he feels like that..  Hmm  you got him a nice didi..  great I like that..
and stop asking if you are boring any one of us..  You are not..  We absolutely love your updates..
Keep it up..  Next time please want to see if those hot touch of rosy lips is making our Radhika restless...    she needs to feel something...  as if she is sitting and suddenly her hand goes to her cheek remembering that hot touch and silvery eyes..  that would be interesting..  but do take your time.. 
Thank you for the fantastic update..  love di

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Wonderful update , rahki part is very touching ..  he is still confuse about his feelings towards radhika .. nice bonding between dev - suchi .

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
look at what going on here, he dreaming about sheBlushing. so sweet. loved the rakhi, and the bonding. hope he comes home. missing radev scenes. please add more, even if it's a phone call. i loved this update. please update ASAP

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
wonderful update...thx for the pm

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Dev is dreaming about Radhika and chandenpur its a good sign  but Still he doesn't know what kind of feeling he has towards RadhikaConfused..Rakhi part was touching...  I hope in next  part you will include more RAdev scenesWink... lovely update Devika.... Take care..

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
aunty please let dev realise he is in love with  rads

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Devika.... Not boring at all dear:) Awesome update.... Thank You. :)

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 4:25pm | IP Logged


Suchi was selecting her sarees'...  Surender was laying in bed reading a book


Suchi:  tell me na, which one I should wear for the funtion..


Surender didn't take his head away from the book..  Suchi waited for the reply and then  walked towadrs him and  pulled the book away.. 


Surrender: yeii'.. hei.. what are you doing'..  I am reading it?


Suchi: I know.. That is why I took it away..

He sat on the bed..: what is this Suchi?


Suhi: how many times I need to ask you..


Surender: what?


Suchi: which one to wear for funtion..


Surender looking at the saree in her hand: why don't you buy something new..  let's go together tomorrow for shopping.. we need to buy for babuji, sushma and everyone..


Suchi with an ear to ear smile: really.. you'll come with me for shopping..  I am ready..


Surender: now can I have the book please..

Suhi gave it back , but then pausing: ye, you are not fooling me na.. you will come for sure, right..?


Surender: yes, I am coming..


Suchi: thank you'.


Looking at the letters he thought.. I want to see  that smile on her fae.. . I know she is forcing herself to bring that smile on her face, as Dev still resisting to come' .. why can't he come just for two weeks and see his mom and then go.. ..   I also tried from myside, usually he listens to me with one say, here I already  mentioned  it few times as my wish,  to see my whole family to join, to celebrate dad's birthday..  I missed all that happiness.. unwillingly I stayed away from my family...'  but then he wanted to divert his he got up from the bed....


Surender: did Radhika called?


Suchi: ha,she  said it is heavily raining back in Chandenpur, so she is actually not happy with it..


Surender: why? She usually miss all that na..


Suchi: ha, but this time, I think the heavy rain is ruining her vacation.. I hope it will all get dry when we reach there..


Surender: ya, it will, I am sure and the funtion will take place absolutely fine..

With a tinge of concern in his voice'




Back in chandenpur'


Radhika:  daadima, what is happening this time.. why the Nature is behaving so badly..


Daadi: may be the mother nature is not happy with something..


Radhika still looking up at the cloudy sky: why you say so..


Daaadi: Ha Radhika, for everything there is a reason' and if the mother nature is bringing thunder and lightening means , she is trying to clear something '


Radhika: like what?


Daadi: like',  let me tell you.. when you get your hand dirty, will you wash your hands to get it clean..


Radhika: ha..


Daadi: like the same way, She is trying to clear something.. so that we humans won't disturb her balance..


Radhika sitting close to her, wrapped her arms around..: but daadima, I love this feelings, the coldness, so that I can stay warm holding you like this..


Daadi: um um'  for how long..


Radhika: why you say so?


Daadi: your college will reopen  in one two  weeks , right? Then you need to go back..


Radhika: dadi, why you need to remind me that? I won't talk to you..


Dadi:  Suchi and all coming tomorrow , na..


Radhika: ha, Lechu called too.. they will be here for one week.. she is so excited..


Daadi: I hope the funtion will go fine..   and does Dev coming?


Radhika  trying to be normal: don't think so daadi, But I really wish him to come..


Daadi: what!!!!


Radhika: I mean , for Suchi Mom, you don't know how much she is missing him.. Papa tho busy rehthe hei.. but for Suchi mom, one or the other thing remind her of his presence and she sits gloomy.. , I can see it and it hurts to see her like that...'


Daadi: um..  all mom's are same.. she is happy to see that her kid is growing up and then sad at the same time  seeing him flying away from her nest'   and then looking at Radhika.. look at you, you also same na..


Radhika: but dadima, I am not like him.. I miss my family and see I am here every weekend..  and not like that Dev..


Daadi: for how long beta, oneday you will also fly away from this nest'


Radhika: no Daadima, after one more year, I will be here, with you.. all the time..


Daadima: that is a beautiful dream dear.. But you are a girl, one day you have to  fly away..


Radhika: aisa math kaho na dadima.. she tightened her grip around her daadi..


The next day Suchi and all came..  ground was still wet.. Varma family went and met them.. they prurposefully avoided the talk about Dev as it may bring sad shade on everyone's voice.. 


Surender and Mohan talked about the bad weather . but it started getting clear slowly.. but still the general appearance was wet ground and wet trees...   Suchi gifted everyone sarees and finally she brought a red saree, a simple one' ... and nearing Radhika she said.. this is for my Radhika..  and you are going to wear it on the day of funtion'..


Radhika: mei, aur saree!!!


Daadi: ha, why not? You are grown up .. I also want to see you in  a saree'.


Radhika: I don't know how to wear it ..


Rohini: don't worry we all are here to help you with..  and we all learned it the same way...  she smiled saying it.


Radhika' um'.  But then hugged Suchi saying'...thank you'


They all smiled..


Two days passed by. Surender was totally into arranging everything.. Mohan was giving his right hand with everything as Surender planned. Birju was cycling in and out throughout Chandenpur..


Birju came with the news: Daadima, did you ever see the angry river  any time before.


Daadima: what are you saying..


Birju: such daadima, I think again some eruption happened up in the mountain, the river is flooded and you can see the big trees and its  branches  floating away..  it is flowing really fast.. kind of scary..


Daadi: Oh Krishna.. what is happening.. It never happened for ages here, and all of a sudden you are  giving all these bad signs'.. for what Prabhu? What do you want to clear this time..    Sab Aap ke marzi'... she folded her hands and closed her eyes..


Rohini: Birju, can you ask Radhika to come back  its look like going to rain again.


Birju: where did she go?


Rohini: haweli.. said she needs to give Lechu something..


Birju: Maaji, let me make a call,   as you said it was dry for last two days, but seems like big thunder strom is coming....


Rohini: let me try Birju.. and she went inside..


Rohini came back quick: Birju it seems like she left from there early..  then she should be here by now.. 


Birju: let me oi and check' 


Rohini: jee beta, jeldi javo..


Birju was peddaling faster , taking the route to Haweli'..   but as he passed through the river side, he saw people running towards there..


Birju: what happened?


Villager: Radhika betiya..


Birju: WHAT!!!!!


He jumped form the bicycle and the cycle fell on the muddy road with a squacky sound..  he ran towadrs the river side.. he saw the crowd fornming around'

 the news just flashed like  lightening'...  Surender, Suchi, Rohini, Mohan, daadi everyone started running towards the river bank'...   Rohini's heart stopped beating as she remembered Birju's voice..


 "what is happening there? Please tell me' Radhika.. mere behana..  kya huva'.'.. Birju forced himself to the front by spreding his arms out. And finally he reached the area . It started raining slowly.. the  mud colored water was flowing really faster with all its force taking everything in its arm..  there  Radhika holding onto goat's kid in her hand, floating in water..   She was blocked in by a big branch of a tree..  he thought to take that way, but his eyes gone wild as he saw the tip of branch almost ready to fell  of with the force of water, just needed a slight push from the end corner.  but then he saw  Radhika slowly placing the kid on the top of the branch...' 



Radhika: go carefully.. nothing will happen to you'.. go..


The animal just stood  there blindly looking at Radhika once, and then balancing self on that limited space, it took its steps..  the little girl at the end was calling out..  ' chikku, carefull, don't fall.., I am here..'  Radhika  with a satisfactory smile watched the kid walking towards the bank fearfully'...   finally she saw him jumping onto the land and running away scared seeing the big crowd and the little girl just followed the kid asking it to stop..' the rowd rejoiced as the kid jumped onto the bank.. 

'BETIYA'' the sound of Mohan broke all the noice around..


By the time a taxi nearing the area, stopped seeing the whole crowd' and the man sitting behind heard a villager telling the story to the Taxi driver. Within fraction of seconds he  opened the door and ran towards the river side..


Radhika looked at her babuji's face once.. she could easily see the small cyclic formation of nature around her.. she was getting weaker on her body, and she easily felt the  resistance of the tree branch giving up her hope'..  with a smile at her babuji, she saw the darkness entering her eyes, and  her body  totally immersed into the water and she has been driven away by the force of the water'  


The time froze for everyone..  The villagers held onto the screming family , they looked at the sight with a shock'...  but then they saw a man, just jumping into the water, and trying to resist the speediness of the water.. he moved himself with all the energy towards the sight where he saw her drowning,'.  


Suchi's eyes gone wild and her lips just murmered.."DEV!!!"'


Everyone prayed to the Lord almighty'..   finally he grabbed her weak hand and he forced her towards him'...   her body just moved closer to him like a weak vain..   he grabbed onto another big branch of a tree.  with one arm he grabbed her, with the other arm  he balanced on holding onto the tree branch..   


Dve: Radhika' .. Radhika.. open your eyes''

 he screamed....


He was abosolutely not knowing what he  needs to do at that time..  he tried to move towards the bank' ... but then the force of water took both of them with her' ..  The people at the bank started running towards the same direction where there body was driving away.   finally his one move along with the water force helped him to get more towards the bank.. he held onto a tree branch.. and forced himself towards the bank.. Finally he was able to stand on his feet..  he took her in his arms.. and took long steps towards the bank..  finally he made her to lay on the wet land..


The water was dripping from his head:  Radhika' your eyes..

  he pleaded....

There was no response' ... he called her again'...  suddenly something flashed his head..  he checked her pulse and then he slowly pressed her abdomen and  few gush of water came out from her mouth..  finally she coughed bit'



Dev felt a relief: Radhika'..   he called out whole heartedly..


Radhika slowly opened her eyes, saw his concerned face' and she tried to smile.. she mumbled.: aap ..aagaye'...  but then her eyes closed again..

dev was about to take her in his arms...   he  heard.. 

"Radhika betiya'"..   Dev turned back and saw the villagers rushing in.. Mohan , Surender everyone was running in.. 


Mohan first held Dev on his shoulder, but then sat on the wet land..: taking his daughter's head in his lap..: Radhika' your eyes beta'... Radhika.. uthona..  he was crying out..


Suchi came in quick,  she looked at Dev once and then sat next to Radhika's body.. she cheked her pulse..


Dev: I think too much water went in.. I got some out..


Suchi: did she open her eyes?..


Dev: once..


Suchi smiled:  then she will be fine.. 

Suchi instructed Mohan to make her lay on her side..  Radhika started shivering..  within minutes, she has been transported to her house' ...   Dev still stood outside their house in his wet cloth with full tension.. he still not understood what just happned? he just wanted to hear that she is fine..  his mind was urging him to go iside to hek on her.. But he remained patient along with the other villagers... 


Suchi came out:  she is out of danger..  may take sometime, but she will be fine.. 


Mohan: did she talk..


Suchi: ha.. but seems like she got really scared, she needs rest too..   but don't worry she will be fine..  then looking at everyone..  Let Radhika take rest, let's go..


Dev stood there, out, still in confusion..


Suchi came near him and held his shoulder: chalo beta'


Dev looked at her in confusion with all the conern in his eyes..


Suchi read his eyes  and said : yes beta, she is fine now.. come; we will come later..  she needs to take rest now.

Dev with a heavy heart walked along with his mom....  turning back once with a hope to see her face..
 Thank you to all for such lovely support. I am trying to catch up with my updates.. I can't leave it incomeplete, so will post a thank you note soon or later.. But for now.. THANK YOU FRIENDS....
take care

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