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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Time was passing slowly for everyone. Suchi was working hard in kitchen, cleaning again and again, folding all the dress, arranging Lechu's room..  in between was looking at the phone.. 


Surender: Suchi, what is this? Why don't you take some rest..


Suchi just looked at him silently and then again went on dusting the photoframe sitting over the side table.  Lechu and Radhika came back from college..   Radhika heard Surender telling Lechu that Dev didn't call back yet' 


When Radhika came down she saw Suchi sitiing on the couch with a heavy face..   she went  and sat near her..  Suchi tried to smile at her'    


Surender: Suchi, don't worry, the plane landed  one hour late, and now it may take another one hour for sure. He needs to come out to make a call.  I will make a tea for you..


Suddenly Radhika: papa, you be here, I  can do that.   

Saying that went to kitchen,  Lechu also went along with her to kitchen..


Surender: Suchi, what is this, why you look so tensed?


Suchi just looked at him silently'


Surender: I mean, he has been away earlier many times, but then why this time?


Suchi wanted to say her inner turmoil out, but then she saw Radhika and Lechu coming with tea..


Radhika served tea to everyone and sat on the floor near Suchi. Suchi sat with the tea cup in her hand..


Radhika: Ma, is tea not good?


Suchi: um.. ha.. good


Radhika: then have it na..

Radhika understanding her feelings: don't worry ma, by the time you finish this tea, Dev will call..   I am sure'.


Suchi looked at her with a hope..

Radhika just nodded her head affirming her words..


Suchi sipped on her tea' 


Time ticked by' finally the bell rang'    Surender looked at Suchi, but she didn't move from the couch.. with a sursprising face, Surender took the receiver..: hello


Dev: Dad, I am here..



Surender looked at Suchi, saw her sitting with looking down on the floor..


Surender: so how was the flight and inmmmigration and all..


Dev: Everything was just fine. Ramesh 's uncle came and he is actually talking with them.  And dad where is Mom?


Surender: here only, one second..   Surender gave the phone in  Suchi's hand.. But she resisted saying she doesn't want to talk to him..


Surender put the reciver back on his ear and about to say: your mom doesn't want to'


But then Suchi stood on her feet and snatched the phone from Surender and gave  him an angry glare.. and then  keeping the receiver she said: Dev, why you took so long to call. Don't you know that we are waiting here.. and next time if you do the same na, I won't let you go from here.. what you think of yourself.. a grown up..   you don't understand our tension na.


Dev frowned his brows listening to his mom.., here he is calling using the first opportunity and there his mom starting to bash at him, not giving him any chane to say anything'     Dev listened to his mom's tantrums for few more minutes..  he heard Surender's voice..


Surender: Suchi, poor him, he just landed there .. and you are bashing at him as if he didn't call for ages..   you are making him feel more worry..


 Suchi stopped suddenly and looked at Surender, as she came back to her senses'

Her tone changed..


Suchi: Dev'  beta...

Dev: ha, mom'  in a very sad voice..


Suchi: how was the flight?


Dev: good mom'


Suchi: where are you going to stay now..


Dev: going with Ramesh's uncle and then from there we will move onto near to university, but I will let let you know mom..


Suchi: um..  beta,  call everyday , ok.. don't worry about the money, we will send you'   ok, or you better get a phone soon and give us the number.. that should be the first move..  then I can call you na..


Dev: ok Mom, I will'


Suchi: and ha..  when you get there na you'..


Lechu came and snached the phone from Suchi saying, :you can advice him  later, now let me talk to him' Bro, I am also here, why you are not asking about me..


Dev: lechu? How are you..


Lechu: so the minute you landed there you forgot me na..


Dev: how can I Lechu? Give me sometime dear, I need to settle .. Oh ho' Ramesh is calling, I need to go.. say hi to everyone Ok.. bye.. call you back soon..


Lechu: no no.. you didn't talk to Radhika deedi'  but then she heard the phone cliking the other side..


Lechu with a disappointed face: Bro hang up.. that Ramesh was calling it seems like..


Surender: ha.. they might  have waited for him..   anyway,  he reached there safetly,  than k God.


Suchi again went and sat on the sofa..


Surender: I wish some emergency call come from Hodpital..


Lechu: why?


Surender: atleast then your mom's mood will change na. look at her'


Radhika held Suchi's hand ..


Suchi: come, let's check on dinner tonight..


Surender: havu..  I thought today we all might have to go to bed with empty stomach.. thank God '


Suchi  exchanged another firing glare and went to kitchen.. Radhika tried to smile at Surender and followed  Suchi to kitchen.. Lechu went and sat near Surender asking about U.S.

Surender: Lechu, let's call Chandenpur and tell them that Dev reached safetly..


Lechu: I can do that.. and I should ask Buva to come and stay with us for a week..


Surender: um, better you go there and stay than calling her here.. she won't let me drink a glass of water peacefully here, saying the chlorine smell , or one or the other thing' 


Lechu: can I go? Really..  ok.. let me tell her..  she ran towards the phone with an ear to ear smile'


Days and weeks passed by.  Suchi made frequent calls to U.S.  Surender showed her the long phone bill and widended his eyes..  Suchi walked away trying to give a kiddish smile'  Whenever he saw her on the phone, he used to show her the long bill in his hand, Suchi tried to turn away and he move towards her.. she remined Dev to call Daada, and Buva..  Also to Varma house.  


Radhika and Lechu heard about Dev's studies through Suchi's words.. Dev was exploring his surrounding enthusiastically.


It was the month of sravan. All the shops in Delhi was filled with many different colors of rakhi  and the shoppers had their on logo to attract the people.. 


Delhi house in Radhika's room.. Radhika and Lechu sitting on her bad with so many open things around..


Radhika: now you stick this in center'.. like this..


Lechu followed the instruction.. she took the glue and stuck it as she intrsucted..  each time a new smile was appearing on Lechu's face..


 Lechu put that away on the side and then looking at the final product'  gave Radhika a tight hug..


Rahdika: lechu ' and found her shedding tears..


Radhika: what is this?


Lechu: first time I am making Rakhi for Bro with my hands.. I used to buy the best from the shop and tied it around his wrist.. But this time, it is so speial.. this is all made by me and I know what I am giving him'  and I am sure this time, God bless him and protect him  because I made it with so much love....


Radhika: Oh Lechu'  and I am sure, Dev will feel the same love when he get this'  and  for him also it will be so special when he come to know you made it for him' 


Lechu: di, let me show this to Mom and dad , ok'  she ran downstairs with it.


Radhika put everything back on..  she made one more Rakhi.. she preferred that all the time.. making it and decorating it with her own hands for her brothers.. one for birju and one for her little Rahul'  


Days passing by'  

Lechu: did Bro called?did he get my gift..


Suchi: no dear, it will take time.. you need to show some  patience..

Lechu: ha ha. Patience..    but mom, I really want to see his reaction'.


Suchi with a sad voice: don't worry Lechu..  he may be coming soon na.. then you can see his reaction..


Lechu: what  Bro is coming and you are saying it sadly..


Radhika was sipping onto the water as she was listening to their talk


Suchi: I don't know. I asked him to.. Daadaji's 70th birthday coming. We never celebrated any of these functions out there, and your dad wants to celebrate it' so I asked him to come too. I think he is getting two weeks off too.. but I don't know why he is not giving any green signal..


Lechu: what , green signal..


Suchi: I mean, I am giving him so much pressure to come, but he said, he will be back only after completeing his studies.. he made a promise to himself it seems like..


Lechu: that's not fair.. why he has to do a promise like that..


Suchi: because your Bro is so stupid.. but don't worry , I will tell him again, and you also talk to him ok'


Radhika left them to continue with their talk.. she went to her room and closed the door.. she went and sat near the window..looking at the garden she was rescripting Suhi's words'   that he made a promise to himself..


Radhika remembered his final words to her, that he will come bak only when she leaves to Chandenpur forever'   does he really meant that.. will he won't come back at all..  how can't he? Can't he see how much his parents missing him.. how can someone stay away from a loving family like that..  he told me he likes to come back to his room in Delhi.. then what is preventing him from that, when he is getting the vacation'    is it because of me?  Why do he has to care about me?  I was blaming him for my being away from my own home, and here because of me, he is not coming back to his own home..  after these many months'  is he cursing me inside for that.. But I never told him not to come back here, I never told him that'  did I? did I call him a villain in my life? Didn't I blabbed all  those at that moment.. Did my words really hurt him?  But I didn't mean to hurt him?  I just said because he was teasing me, but'. Yes, I did blame him for my studies' but now its only one more year left for me, and I will be done with my studies and I will go bak to Chandenpur forever'     but then won't he come back until then'  but Surender papa wants to celebrate daadaji's birthday, and all are happy for it.. he should also join the family.. how can he stay away'  now only he got the chance of sharing their love, and is he not coming back for that love because of me' 


"Di, what are doing here' still flying back to Chandenpur?'  listening to Lechus' voice, Radhika walked towards her..


Lechu: I knew' look at you, you are missing your Chandenpur every minute, and my Bro, first time being away from  all of us for such long time, he didn;'t want to come back'  how cruel''


Radhika: no Lechu' don't say like that.. may be he has really something else to do..


Listening to their talk Suchi came in too..


Lechu: No what serious work.. I am sure, may be he might have seen some white girl there and walking behind her'


Suchi: what!


Lechu: or nahi tho kya? Why bro is refusing to come..  zaroor koi gori ma ka chal hoga..  you ask him next time , ok..


Suchi: don't say like that Lachu.. my son is not like that..


Lechu: that when he was here, now he is over there, away from you..  and it is you who make the calls frequently.. I tell you, otherwise he won't even bother to call us'


Suchi: LECHU'


Lechu: you want a bet..


Suchi: no..


Lechu: so you also know that I am right.. aap ka beta aap ka hath se gaya..


Suchi looking at Radhika's blank face: no.. I am not.. it is my son and I know he won't go like that..


Lechu: if you are that sure, then why he is refusing to come..  he already has two weeks off..


Suchi : no Lechu you are wrong.. If it is my Son, then he will be surely here for daadaji's birthday celebration'


Lechu: bet..


Suchi with a sad voice: I am not there for bet and all.. but I am sure and my inner feelings tells me that he will be here on time..


Radhika came near and held Suchi's shoulder.. and looked into her eyes , trying to comfort  her..


Suschi: heina betiya..  he will come na.. I am telling right na..  tell me Radhika, will you tell him to come..

  Radhika saw the tear drops filling in Suchi's eyes..  she moved her hand away and hugged Suchi and said" ha Mom, you are  right, he will come and attend the funtion , for sure'  Suchi just tightened her arms around  Radhika' 


Radhika stroked on Suchi's back..   silently praying to God to listen to Suchi mom's


Part-27 .. don't forget that like button dear.. please.
so what you think? will he come for his daadaji's birthday as he has two weeks off.. or it is Dev, so will he stick with his words..  will take you to small scene in U.S. in next update, that's all i know ofr now.. so will catch you all soon or later.. going to MOA with kids, don't know when i will be able to come back..  tow more days left for me to away from school,  so atleast i need to move to phase 3..  with all your support... so let see,..  for now THANKS

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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soory, no pm.. need to get ready... bye.. catch u all later..
PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice sentimental update with Suchi moms feelings. and Rakhi by Lechu expecting Dev in Chandanpur.Big smile

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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g8 update

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vinianil Senior Member

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This part filled with feelings of suchi,lechu and surenderCry...I think Radhika will make a call  for Dev  and will tell that everybody is expecting him for Daadaji's saptathi..keep it up Devika waiting for the next part...

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chipak Goldie

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Wowww Devika..its 6 updates to catch up...and what do i see Dev alread leftShocked I m confused on their feelings. it looked as if Dev started liking our damsal but what was that..he considered himself as villian of story and Arjun as heroShocked oh no..want some inner thoughts from rads and Dev..what they are feeliing ConfusedConfused
Part21: Now here i can see dev getting some odd feelings but what was too confused as dev...Rads loves CP veryyy much thats why she still misses it. I can see her excitementTongue
Then its dev's turn for the same mistake...muuuhhhaaaWink..but i hate ArjunAngry i really like the name but the person is exact opposite
Part22: Big smileTongue loved RaDev scene. dev is now getting upper hand..ummmm ..
Arjun againAngry  dev's concernBig smile dev contemplatingConfused and finally poor devOuchLOL
Part23: RaDev nok-jhok and suchi smelling smth..interesting... and now dev knows abt Arjun..atleast he got some idea but yeh kya..hes thinking Arjun to be a heroShocked
Trip back to CPBig smile
Part24: hehehehe Rads helping Dev climb up tree and then their talk. they were very easy with each other n had normal disc. even a gameBig smile
wow rads can drive tractor...i tried driving it Massey one..its very heavy but u njoy riding on kinda got thrilled reading itBig smile
part25: Rads mom giving her some sensible advise and Rads even planning tobehave nicely with dev. but that did not hold for long. Dev helped herShocked but rads lashed out on himOuch..guess hse didnt meant to but blurted out whtever came into her mind...poor dev was left feeling guilty..
Then Dev leaving..and before leaving he tried making it clear that he wont come in her way nxt time or he really expressed his feelingsConfused but he does know how to command and that to clearly.. So nxt phase is RaDev separate...pls dont make it long
Part26: liked Dev's mom feelinga nd how much she loves her son and with all the Surender and lechu cheering her up...finally its Rads turn to look back and analyse things..hope she calls dev n tell him to come back  guess without that no Dev in CPOuch
now finally well done the flow of storyStarStarStar. thanks for beautiful updates and keep writing..TC

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like the story...
Hope Radhika call Dev to come he also surprise every one...
coooooool if that happen Wink

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
I am glad Dev is on the West Coast--but it sounds like, he is on his way back.
Love Suchi's reaction when Dev doesn't call...and Radhika's inner turmoil.

Time in your FF is moving fast---
And it is almost the last day of 2010

To all the FF writers, FF readers and CB fans, AVINA fans

Wish You All A Wonderful and Prosperous New year & a great season of CB2

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