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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Thanks Devika..  Hmmm Arjun is going to work as catalyst..  Good thing... love the updates.. thank you love di...

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Interesting the feelings r developing and Suchi mom is keping an eagle eye on changes inher sons feelings.LOL Radhika is also slowly changing though she has yet to recognise the feeling .Carry on Devika very interesting is Dev going and getting her back to Delhi.Wink

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honey_princess Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2010
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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:07am | IP Logged
OH!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply superb!
Loved reading the update!!!
Darling Dev.......................... Embarrassed LOVE HIM!!!Blushing

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MysteryGirl101 Goldie

Joined: 13 June 2009
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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Awesome update loved it!Smile

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 March 2008
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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 11:29am | IP Logged
awesome updates...thx for the pm

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 11:30am | IP Logged

Thank you DEVED1284radev_foreverbvs7691evasumichalhov friends for such a quick response.

@priya: thank you, I am glad to hear that you liked it. My stop sign show up when I need to change the setting.. so unknowingly my mind says , yes that's it.. but then I will continue with next one.. and it is coming soon.. a short update to get you back in Chandenpur for a weekend..


@bvs7691: thanks Bhavi.. did you say, update soon.. yes then., it is coming..  hope you will like it.. another filler to get my story to move on..

@evasumi; thanks Di.. wow , you are quick in responding too.. thank you.. yes, a catalyst for sure,, later in updates.. you got itWink… thanks for the support

@chalhov: yes chalhov, I am missing all the fun that can be easily portrayed by Avi and his onscreen mom.. so imagining  their relationship…  ha ha.. hope you will like  next part too..

@radev-forever: thank you so much. So now you are on track too. Thank you so much for liking my character sketch of Dev.. me too love him so much.. especially when somebody drive him crazy… ha h.. hope you will like next part too..

@avina-fan: thanks dear.. so you are with the lst upsate to. Hope you will like upcoming part too..

@all my readers.. I am moving fast. And I know you will meet me soon too.. take your time but don't forget that like button,  as I am moving this speed I need more fuel …

Thank you so much friends for giving me such quick responses. I am crazy, updating next part..  I am living in their world now,, so obsessed to move on with the story. Don't feel bad for updating quick..  Sometimes I am like that.. may be soon I will take a long break and give you all time to catch up with me..

For now.. thank you thank you thank you.. I may update one more later tonight..  may not send PM, so watch for it..


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 11:50am | IP Logged



Days gone by quick. Radhika came back to Delhi. Suchi went to pick her  up from college.

"see how tired she look, looks more lean too'  Suchi voiced out her concern as she saw Radhika walking towards the car.


Radhika opened the car door and surprised to see Suchi..  Instantly she gave her a hug..


"I am also here' .. Radhika surprised to hear Lechu's voice from the front..


Radhika: hi Lechu.. you all came..


Lechu: its been more than a week deedi.. How are you feeling now?


Radhika: much better..


Suchi: what is this extra weight ..


Radhika: oh ma, as I expected so much to cover.. Luckily Heena shared all her notes.. I don't know how I will finish everything in one evening..


Suchi: no problem beta, papa has copy machine in his office room, use that'


Radhika: ha.. good idea'


Lechu: good idea.. but make sure it has ink in it..


Radhika: what?


Suchi's warning tone came:  Lechu..


Lechu: deedi, you do onething, give all the copy work to Bro, he will take care of it..


Suchi: Ha Radhika'... that is a good idea..


Radhika: Is Dev at home?


Suchi:  yes he is'

They kept on talking about the week,  filling the gap'


Reached home, Radhika went upstairs to her room..   got fresh up..  she washed her hair too..  the long thick wet hair fallen on her back. She went to the balcony, trying to breath the fresh air. Dev coming out from his room, found her standing at the balcony looking at the garden..


"so did you see any butterflies'' Dev's voice caught her attention..


Radhika tried to smile.. she put the towel on her shoulder.   he saw her eyes look very pale..


 Dev: "How are you feeling now?'


Radhika: better..    suddenly  the calmness from her face faded away..

"why did you tell me lie..?"


Dev: what  lie? .. standing with resting his back onto the railings.


Radhika: ha.. you said Heena called here to know about me..?


Dev: so what?


Radhika: she said she didn't..


Dev: really'  hum.. interesting..


Radhika: then why did you say so? Who called?


Dev: it was a male voice, I asked who are you and he said Heena asked him to call..  so only I said Heena's name..  then who is he?


Rahdika: I don't know.. did you give him all details..


Dev: Radhika. I don't know who called? May be somebody from your class who knows you two are friends..


Radhika:  but then what is the need for you to talk to a stranger about me..


Dev in a soft voice: how do I know that he is a stranger. He talked as if he knows you and miss you very badly..


Radhika: ha ha ' that doesn't mean you need to tell everything to him'


"again you two started..!".. suchi's voice brought them back from their cute little quarrel.


Radhika: no Mom, did you hear what he is saying'  Radhika explained the situation.. listening to that..


Suchi: Radhika, even I got confused the other day,  and I was about to give your number too.. Dev only cautioned me..


Radhika: but why they need my home phone number, also how he got this number. I never given the number to anyone..


Dev: so you think it is too difficult to know somebody's home phone number?


Radhika: no'  I mean..


Suchi: its ok beta.. You be careful. Now a days the kids are so advanced. So be careful when you interact  with others and keep the distance from strangers..


Radhika: ha, mom.. but how do I know who was it?


 Suchi: leave that and all now.. and go and finish your homework.. and Dev, copy the notes for her..


Dev: ya, give me it.. I can do it right away, later I need to meet Ramesh.. so if you need anything..


Radhika: one second, let me grab it.  she was about to walk away, suddenly


Suchi: Radhika one minute, see the water is still dripping from your hair.. dry it well..


Radhika: I did mom..


Suchi: no come here.. can't you see this.. showing the water drops on the floor..  she took the towel from Radhika and started drying it'...  'it is hard to take care of it, right?'


Radhika: I got used to it now..


Suchi: ha., but I think this city water won't be that good.. see its only good for losing your hair..


Radhika: just for two years Mom, then I will be back in my chandenpur..  and then everything will be back to normal..


Suddenly Suchi: how can it be possible.. how long you will be able to stay in Chandenpur.. Saadi ke bad you need to leave Chandenpur na..


Radhika  turned to face Suchi and took the towel from her hand and placed that on her shoulder  and tapping on her cheek she said in a normal tone :  if my Prince is coming to take me away from Chandenpur, then I prefer not to go with him..  I will say long bye to my Prince..    then in a trance holding onto the towel she said: Ha mom, I don't think I can leave my home or Chandenpur ever.  I am just waiting for this course to finish , and then I will fly back to my Cahndenpur'  .. in a confident voice,  with a smile she walked to her room..



Suchi folded her arms at her chets level and said to self :  I also thought the same one day dear, but didn't I leave my place?.. Yes I did, and do I go there that often.. no, especially now nobody left for us there, except few relatives, visit there if there is any functions..  you will go through the same'... when your real Prince charming will come na, you won't be able to say bye to him, instead you will long to go with him'  let see'  she took a deep sigh and was about to walk away'... she saw Dev looking at the hallway, where Radhika disappeared..


Suchi held his upper arm, Dev jerked and looked at his mom.. and then said: no I was waiting for the notes to copy..


Suchi flaring her hand up: but I didn't ask you anything'


Dev: vo mei'


Suchi: um.. um'...  saying that she went away..


Dev turning to face the garden.. held his neck back with his right hand  as if supporting it, and placing his left hand in his shorts pocket..    "mom bhi na''  trying to cover his uneasiness...'


Days and weeks passed by'... Dev's papers were getting ready.  Surender booked the ticket. Dev was getting more and more excited about  his flight as the day was nearing..


Surender was on the phone with Mohan: ok then I will see you tomorrow..


Lechu was so excited: So we are leaving to Chandenpur right after my college program..


Suchi: yes beta.. but I don't know why you need all of us to be present. And to pick Radhika early from college..? why? Is there anything special tomorrow.


Lechu: nothing, all my friends were asking about Radhika di, so I thought I can introduce her to them too..  that's all..  and then looking at Surender..: dad , no excuse for you.. you should be there on time..


Surender: ok  and I will be there on time..

Lechu: Bro,  


Dev: lechu I will be there. . what is this, she is eatig my head..


Suchi: I think somebody knows about the secret..



Suddenly Radhika: no Mom, I don't know anything..


Dev: so you know something..


Lechu: mom'    please..


Suchi: ok ok..


Radhika got the permission to leave early. She went and sat inside the car. Arjun with his two other friends, at a distance watching her leaving.  Dev's eyes caught the gang's attention as he tried to reverse the car little.  He looked through the  driver side rear mirror and clearly saw the anxious group looking at the car..   his tinted glass was raised so no one was able to see him..


Dev casually: I think your friend's doesn't want you to leave early..


Radhika: no, I told Heena. She knows..


Dev: no not Heena.. the batch that standing at that corner..


Radhika looked back, and then put her head out to  check at the corner,  Arjun moved back and Dev noticed it..

Radhika: oh ya, they are my classmates.. Arjun and all..


Dev: ok ok.. now raise the glass, I turned  the A/C  on'...     and said in mind.. 'Arjun',.um.. good.  So if the name is Arjun, then he should be the hero of the story..   the whole Mahabharath was about his win only..  he was the Prince, charming, a great warrior..      


Radhika: did you say something..


Dev: no, let's go.. Mom may be waiting..


Radhika: hum'.


They reached Lechu's college..  the auditorium was nicely decorated.


Suchi: but where is  lechu? She only called us to come here, and now..


Radhika: she may be busy around.. so


They went and sat in one row.  Dev got in first, followed by Radhika Suchi and they left one seat open for  Surender..  Dev was looking at the stage. One of Lechu's friend came and said that she will let Lechu know that they are here'...  program started Surender came in and joined them too...'

The fourth program announced and the participants name brought a chuckle on Suchi's face, she looked at Surender..  Radhika held Suchi's hand and said: she said this is her surprise for you..


Suchi looked at her surprisingly.. The song started playing and  Suchi was really happy to see her girl dancing on the stage...'


Dev moved closer to Radhika and said softly: so this was all that secret about' um.. nice..


Radhika  gave a nice smile'.... and nodded her head,.


The program got over.. Lechu came running towards them.. Suchi gave her a nice hug.. and then Surender..   and she looked at Dev: how was it Bro..

He just smiled wild and showed a thumbs up..


They were on their way to chandenpur'  


Surender: so tell Lechu,  why did you kept this as secret?


Lechu: to give you all a surprise..


Suchi: but then who taught you all the steps..


Lechu: my friends.. and at home Radhika Deedi..


Suchi: Rahdika', you know dancing.!!


Radhika: little bit


Lechu: No mom, she is a Kathak dancer..


Suchi: nobody told us..


Radhika: no mom, I just know little bit that's all..


Lechu: di..


Radhika: Lechu..


Lechu: ok ok'


Dev was sitting quiet thinking of their first trip to Chandenpur.. His excitement and how everything turned out to be..


Surender: Dev, are you ok?


Dev: Ha dad,'  he also joined their little talk..


They reached Radhika's home very late. Mohan, Rohini, Rahul,  Daadi, and Birju all were awke. Radhika hugged everyone so did others..   Suchi saw how much Radhika is missing her family.. After few chitchat they left to haweli'..

I demand that like button..Can I ?.. PleaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeCry... begging yaar.
so next , one or two episode back in Cahndenpur before leaving to U.S..  ready for it.. let me know..

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Oh........................... don't make Dev leave............................ Cry Cry Cry

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