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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Devika interesting Smile get the story going so Heena is a stable friend to stop Radhikas impulsiveness.What answer will Dev give to her regarding phone callWink.LOL

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Nice update , so another guy behind her sound interesting ,   , he did same as her , i m really curious what will next . 

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
thanks di awesome prtBig smile like the cool reply for the kiss from radhika might be disappointed that she didnt accept itLOL so one guy is behind rad hmmm think list may add up once they come to know her talentWink... 

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Devika... getting more interesting with Dev/Radhika...... :)

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Thank you 5armadprakrikscjkaisha08imarti_rubisweetrose92sonia122DAIRY25radha_bilaharisugarandspicechipakbvs7691evasumichalhov for liking previous part

@sugarandspice:thanks Vasha yes, somebody should be there beside them to give a strike to the hero… ha ha.. thanks dear.. hope you will like upcoming part too..

@evasumi: thanks Di,Painting part is coming in next update as yuo said.. ha ha.. hope Rahika won't let him go crazy that  he run away from delhi…  let see.. thanks for the support ..

@chalhov: thanks dear.. ha ha.. my Radhika is cool.. always cool.. so she always has readymade answers handy.. only he should learn it and manipulate it.. ha ha.. let see whether he will be able to get there before leaving to U.S.

@Diary25;curious to know what is coming up.. a long Radev convo.. let see how it will turn out to be.. let me know if I am getting you crazy by writing a boring stuff…thanks for the support.

@sonia122:ha ha.. yes, she is giving him so far and unexpected response.. so let see how tey will interact in next part… thank you so much and  hope you will like next part too.

@bvs7691: thanks Bhavi.. I am glad to know it is interesting, your words are always an encouragement dear.. so next part coming up soon,..


Thank you all.. I really hope you will like upcoming part too..   need some time leap..  so moving forward.. with your permission…



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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 8:57am | IP Logged


Dev got surprised to see the hot tea on his table. He changed quickly to blue color T and a track pant and took his tea in his hand and went down to check, but couldn't find anyone. He got surprised and call out for his mom. But no response. He went upstairs and checked in Radhika's room. Radhika was totally into coloring the rose petals..    Dev sipping  the tea came in and was about to ask about mom, but found her deeply into doing something. He came behind and stood there and watched her doing it.. he  just stood there looking into as she blended the colors to get the correct shade..  in between she was holding the paint brush between her teeth to check on her work..  finally she finished the work and wrote in it..


" for a beautiful Mom, who always smile just like this flower"'   she smiled to self and an unknown smile appeared on his lips too.. 


"beautiful".. the sound behind , near her ears startled Radhika. She jumped slightly and turned back and found Dev standing close behind her..


Radhika: what are you doing here?


Dev: where is mom?


Radhika went near the window and looked at the flower one more time, then nodding herself.. she said..: she went to hospital..


Dev: without telling me'


Rahdika still not looking at his face.. went and placed the drawing over her table.. to dry ..  "why?  you need something? You were taking a shower, and I think it was an emergency call, so she left.."


She moved back and check on her work again..


Dev:  "no nothing specifically'    anyway good work.."


Radhika: thanks..


Dev self.. ' so she knows to say thanks too.."


Radhika: what?


Dev nodding his head: nothing..


Radhika went and checked again outside and came back to look at her flower..


Dev: what is that you are checking back again and again over there..


Radhika: nothing.. can I ask you something?


Dev: what?


Radhika: why there is no butterflies here


Dev: Yes there are butterflies.. but you may not see them now..  check  in the morning time.. you may see few..


Radhika: so here, they also come by checking on time.. interesting..


Dev realized the teasing tone behind it..  he smiled , he placed his empty cup near the table and asked: so how was your day..


Radhika: good..


Dev: did you solve the problem?


Radhika: what peoblem?.. still touching the picture here and there..


Dev: the prolem you said the other day..


Radhika: I learned to manage it..


Dev: so your plan worked?


Radhika: no .. I didn't apply my plan..


Dev: then..


Radhika: I thought of giving your cell number to everyone..  but then dropped the idea..


Dev: oh really.. hum',  so why did you drop the idea..


Radhika in a normal tone: because Heena told me not to..


Dev: who is Heena?

Radhika: my friend..


Dev  said in very lower tone: atleast somebody has brain..


Radhika: what did you say?


Dev: nothing..


Radhika: mum'  I thought of  giving it to everyone the next day. But you are lucky, by the time babuji came and it gave me enough time to cool down '  so..


Dev:  But Radhika, do you know my cell number?



Radhika chuckled..: mum.. ha, I know I know..


Dev came near and stood very close and said: ok then tell me..


Radhika: what?


Dev: My cell number..


Radhika sarcastically, to escape from his question: so you don't know your cell number


Dev: I know my number, but  you tell me the number..


Radhika looked at his face and she knew she cannot escape: ok, I don't know the number,  But I can easily get it by asking Lechu..


Dev: why you need to ask Lechu? Why don't you ask me directly..


Radhika: why should I ask you?


Dev: because that is my number..


Radhika put the pencil down  and in an arguing tone: there is no rule saying that..


Dev: but this is Dev's rule..


Radhika: what?


Dev: if you want to know anything about me , you need to ask me..



Radhika: I don't need to know anything about you..


Dev: really.. then why you need to ask Lechu about my cell number


Radhika: that is not for me


Dev: yes it was for you to know..  I don't care about others who wants to know about me.. so if you are asking about my number.. then


Radhika with a lower voice: then why you need to care about me..


Dev: you don't know why?... very softly'   looking deep into her eyes..  saw her long lashes flickering and then she kept them steady.. getting more closer to her..


Radhika brought her arm front, her pointing finger sticked out straight..  : don't come more closer..


Dev: what you will do?


Radhika turning her face left and right: I will scream loud..


Dev: no need to .. Just ask me directly my cell number and I will let you know..


Radhika: but I don't want to know your cell number.


Dev: I know you don't want anybody else to know about my cell number.. But you need to know..


Radhika: no, I didn't mean that..


Dev: yes you did mean that..


Radhika realized she is loosing her stand.. her heart started pacing faster'  but she doesn't want him to come any more closer than this..


Rahdika: ok, then tell me your number..


Dev: why should I tell you, you said you don't need to know..


Radhika looked at him puzzled: ok then I don't need to know..   she turned and tried to walk away.. he grabbed her wrist  and her arm bended at her elbow to her back..  Dev came closer and stood behind her.. she was twisting her wrist  to get it released from his grip..


Dev: no, you said you need to know..


Rahdika after a thought: so do I have any choice..


 His lips were near to her ears..  He secretly said: no you don't have..


Radhika with raising heart : then leave my hand..


Dev: tell me what did you tell to mom the other day?


Radhika raised her brows: when?


Dev:  the day I called home..


Radhika: I don't know , I forgot..


Dev looking at her side profile: try to remember


Radhika: by the way, if you need to ask me anything, ask then and there itself. I told you that the other day too..


Dev: but you didn't give me any chance..


Radhika: I don't give anybody a chance. It is up to you find it.


Dev: interesting..   saying that he tightened his grip on her wrist..  which gave her pain.. she moaned..  'awwwwww'


Dev suddenly came back to reality and looked at his hand holding her wrist. He released it quick :oh.. I am sorry


Radhika pulling back her arm to front: you are insane..  it hurts,..


Dev: Am sorry ., let me see..


Radhika: no you don't need to..   Let me check on driver whether he left to pick up  Lechu..  saying that she walked away..


Dev stayed back in her room, looking at the rose, he looked out through the window and saw the flower dancing with the soft wind.. he smiled..  he took the picture from her table and went to his room'



Radhika was totally into her homeworks and studies.. Lechu and Surender came.. they had Dinner.  Radhika and Lechu settled back everything in kitchen..  meantime Dev kept the rose picture back in her room..


 next day Radhika kept that in Suchi's room before leaving to Chandenpur..  Suchi smiled happily when she saw the gift left for her by Radhika' Surender was seeing the changes in Radhika.. slowly slowly she started doing things as in her own house.. she started showing taking up responsibility..  Suchi and Surender were talking about the changes  in their  privacy..  and was noting Dev's small nok-jhoks with Radhika..


One weekend while Radhika was in chandenpur..   Mohan called Delhi and Lechu picked the phone and he said Radhika is sick that she won't be coming back until she feels better..  Lechu was alone at home at that time and she passed the message while having dinner..


Suchi: what happened? She  was perfectly fine the other day..


Surender: may be climate change or something..


Suchi : but still..


Dev was eating his piece of food  and just passively listening to them..


Suchi: let me call and see what is it?


Two days passed by.. but there was no change in her condition, so she stayed back in Chandenpur..   It was Tuesday afternoon..  The bell rang and Dev went and picked it..


Dev: hello


'Hi, can I speak to Radhika please?'  .. a male voice requested


Dev quickly and in normal tone: she is not here..  and was about to put the receiver away..


"please, where did she go?'..


Dev sursprisingly: what?


"no you said Radhika is not there..  Is she alright?'


Dev: who is this?


"this is' this is her classmate.."


Dev: and what is your name?


"actually I am calling for Heena and she wants me to check'


 Dev : " oh, she is sick.".   but then  Dev recognized the doubtness behind the voice..


Dev: so is Heena next to you?


"no she is not? She is in class room.."


Dev: ok then ask her to call back next time if she wants to know about Radhika ..ok.. and he hang up the phone..


Arjun took a deep sigh'  hum.. so she is sick.. but who is this guy, who took the phone..


His friend: who else'  it will be Dev


Arjun: Dev! How come..


Friend: Heena told that she is living in their house.. his dad is her uncle..  that's why i got you his home phone number.


Arjun: Dev'' the same'.


Friend: ya, but we know he is a typo , also he is leaving soon to U.S. and then I am sure he won't return soon.. It is U.S. By the time  you get enough time  and she may finish her college before his return..


Arjun: hum'  I wish she comes tomorrow to college..


Two days passed and it was Thursday afternoon.. The bell rang again..


Suchi: hello


Arjun: can I speak to Radhika please..



Suchi: she is not here.. may I know who is speaking..


Dev herad it. Suddenly out of curiosity he came near to his mom.  Suchi looked at him in question..


Arjun: I am her classmate.. Auntiji, can you please give her contact number..


Suchi looking at Dev asked what is it.. Dev took the  reciver from Suchi and he heard again: actually we have only this number to contact that's why? So if you can just give, then it could have been better..


Dev: are you the same person who called the other day..


Arjun suddenly moved the receiver from near his ear..   the lateness in his response put him more in suspeciuos side in Dev's eyes..  Arjun looked at his friends and they asked what? He said.. Dev softly but Dev heard that soft voice..   Suddenly Arjun  realized that he didn't cover the it properly..  he hang up quickly.. 

 Dev put the receiver on the rack too..



Suchi: what is it Dev?  He was asking for Radhika's phone number..


Dev walked towards sofa thinking hard..  Suchi came behind..


Suchi anxiously: what is it Dev? Who was it?


Dev still in his thought: nothing mom, I don't think it is a just a concern call..   he called the other day too.. but he mentioned Heena's name..  but it doesn't sound like it is for Heena..   I heard him saying my name and  then he hang up.. so if anybody call regarding Radhika, just don't give any information..


Suchi:  but Dev.


Dev: no mom, I think some loose guy is behind her..


Suchi: is everything will be ok..


Dev: ha Mom, you don't worry..  But tell me how is Radhika..?


Suchi: why don't you ask her directly. I  also didn't talk to her yesterday.. hopefully she will be fine.  Let  me call now itself..  she dialed in her cell, Rohini picked the call' they chatted for sometime and then she talked to Radhika too.. 


Suchi: Radhika, somebody is so anxious to know about you?


Radhika: what! ' who?


Suchi: I don't know.. But Dev knows better.. let me give to him, you ask him directly only..


Dev looked at Suchi asking.. while taking the cell from his mom ' why you should tell that', but then he  said   ' hello"


Radhika: who is axious to know about me? You..


Dev: what?.. me.. no way..


Radhika: then what Suchi Mom was telling?


Dev: why should I be anxious about you..


Suchi tried to cool him down..  Dev moved away from facing his mom..


Radhika: then tell me who is it?


Dev: that I will tell you, but tell me first how you are feeling now?


Radhika in a reflex: better..  but then with a thought..: why should I tell you, you are not anxious to know about me , right.?.


Dev: ok then. I didn't hear what you just said..


Radhika: you better not.  Ok but tell me, who was it..


Dev enjoyed her anxiety, her crazy tone. it was always she driving him crazy, now its his turn,.  he said casually: nobody


Radhika: no there is somebody' Suchi mom told me.. tell me na..


Dev: why you are getting so anxious.. you were expecting anybody to get concern about you..


Radhika:  I am just curious to know who is anxious to know about me, that's all. And if you don't want to tell me about it , then it is absolutely fine.. 


He realized her sad tone..


Dev: ok ok.. it was your classmate..  any guess.


Radhika: Heena.. who else.. I don't have any other friends.. 


Dev: so  why did you  didn't give her Chandenpur number?


Radhika: chandenpur number?.. I didn't give her any number..


Dev: then how she came to know..


Radhika: may be because she knew that I live in your house, so she might have got the house number from somebody who knows you..


Dev: interesting..  hum' 


Radhika: what?


Dev: nothing..


Radhika: I think there is something more to it.


Dev in a comforting tone: no Rahdika.. now you take rest'


Radhika: ok then..  I think there will be too much to cover when I come back.. a whole week study thing..


Dev: don't worry about that now, take rest and get well soon..


Suddenly Dev noticed Suchi's reflection on window glass..  he suddenly hang up the cell. And turned and looked at Suchi and gave the phone back quick..


Suchi: um.. somebody sound so caring..


Dev: what?


Suchi: nothing..


Dev: um'   and he made a quick excuse and went to his room'


Suchi felt so happy..  but then she thought of the call that came enquring about Radhika..


Dev back in his room..  what is happening with me.. may be it is just that call.  Why should I bother, let it be anyone.. why I should bother'  he was trying to find a reason for himself.. but then why I felt like talking to her then and there itself.. why I felt like to comfort her at this time..   what is happening to me..    Then the image of his granny bringing her hand into his, flashed in his mind..   what did she say' is that what is happening now.. Is her wish was true.. Is that stories are coming true'    no its not.. how can it be.. For Radhika, I am not her Prince, because I never held her safe'   how many times I failed in front of her' and a Prince always wins.. so the feelings are not right.. I should comprehend myself..  what f it is that sound, that I heard on the phone, is her real Prince'    Is Dev and Radhika meant for each other..  or that unknown voice.. But then who is he?  He got curious.. who found out the house phone number  and then now wants to know her chandenpur number..  should I have warned Rahdika not to give her home number to anyone..  why should I bother' oh God.. why I have all these mixed feelings.. I never had all this issues' Radhika, you will make me mad.. he closed his eyes tight , and rolled into his bed.. Suchi who followed him  found him rolling in bed,,.


Suchi: Dev, are you ok..


Dev sat on his knee and in a normal tone: ha Mom.. why what happened?.. acting all innocent..


Suchi: nothing.. Just asked, why you are rolling in bed'


Dev: no I am fine..  I am feeling sleepy.. so


Suchi: at this time.!!!!.


Dev: ha.. can I?


Suchi: um.. ok.. goodnight..and nap tight..ok..  in a teasing way'

Dev gave a hit in his head as he saw his mom leaving away.. but then to his surprise he saw her peeking back with a teasing smile on her lips and her eyes...
Dev: mom...........
Suchi: ok ok.. I am leaving, let me know if you need any medicine..
Dev lost all his patience.. he got up quickly and went and closed his room door..  then with a thought he opened it again and looked outside..
"don't worry, I am going...".. he heard Suchi's teasing tone again..
Dev closed the door and stood behind, resting his back on the door..  either it is Radhika or it is my Mom... OH God.. help me na....  praying that he rolled into his bed again...  holding ontot he pillow in his hand....
so friends, did you like this part.. let me know your thought. Like button pleasseeeeeeeee.

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:05am | IP Logged
aunty!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did it have to be so short it was tooooooooooo sweet u have to update soon cause that update was mindblowing & pt 22 I don't have any words to describe it, it was supremly better than words can describe wonderful

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Loved it Devika..... Please update Soon:))

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