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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Really enjoying your updates...When i read  the  conversation of Dev and Radhika it brought a big smile on my face it was very niceBig smile....Now Suchi is keeping an eye on DEv ha ha!!Whats  Radhika's plan??? i am excited ... Dev is also confusedConfused...
Wishing   a Merry Chrismas  to you too ...

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chipak Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Thanks Devika for two back to back updates. really likes Bike ride with RaDev. radhika blabbler alot. no wonder dev find it hard to catch up with herWink   And whats that dev was concerned for herShocked..hmmm i smell sthWink
radhiks proving to be too hard for our prince charming Dev to handle..while dev was trying intimidating her, she actually took the lead. Now wud be interesting to see wht rads is upto. I guess she will make stories abt dev in collegeWink Njoy dear and thanks again for wonderful updates....

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 10:25am | IP Logged
OMG!!! you are on the go! A lot to catch up during the holiday! 

Loved the bike ride! Looks like the Prince has already fallen for the Princess! Embarrassed Day Dreaming Wink

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
g8 update

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 4:54pm | IP Logged

Thank you5armadprakrikscjkanu17imarti_rubivinianilsweetrose92rad4devDAIRY25radha_bilaharisugarandspicechipakbvs7691nycsweetiechalhov, for liking the previous part

@hotie: thanks anmol. Really appreciate your words. No need of any sorry dear.. I want to hear from you that you read it , liked or not liked.. thank you so much for finding time to reading it dear..  Thanks for all the lovely words…

@sugarandspice:thanks Vasha. You blushed for such small scene.. so cute.. Rdaev has that electrifying chemistry, right..  love them.. thanks dear for the support.

@chalhov; Thanks dear yes. Unknowingly the situations are favoring her.. don't know whether it will turn the other way around.. if  so, then she will be in big trouble.. but I don't want her to get in trouble for now.. let her get adjusted to everything…

@imrati-rubi: yes.. I told you everything is going to be as you expected only.. so whenever you get bore , let me know..   or give me a warning…  so that I can think of wrapping it … so for now I hope you will enjoy the next filler part too..

@diary25: so you she may be feeling jealous.. um.. nice.. let see whether she really care about him…  and yes, thank you so much for the support dear..

@radha-bilhari: thanks.. and that is a good idea to drop Radhika at Chandenpur and ofcourse it will come, but later.. for now it is Delhi.. may be few  more, then back to chandenpur episode..

@Vinianil: thanks dear.. yes, dev is confused. Menas , so far nothing is got into this blood, once it penetrate there, then it may be a different Dev..  who will find time to steal time with Radhika his own way…   hope I will be able to get it that way.. let see..

@chipak:yes dear. For now Radhika is taking the upper hand, but once our dreamy boy recognize his lady love, I hope he will turn every situation into his favor.. let see.. I don't know how it will come out.. but so far, he is not having that missing feelings..

@radev-forever: prince is sliding once in a while, but not completely given in..  I am waiting for that to happen..  hope you will enjoy it that time too..

@nucsweetie: thank you so much dear…  next filler part coming up soon.. hope you will like that part too..


Thank you so much for the lovely support dear all. A filler episode coming..  with Dev giving a chumma … how she will respond.. coming up soon… 

DevikaBig smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 5:31pm | IP Logged



Dev was standing in his room, holding onto his study chair. Trying to understand his own feelings.. but then his mom's raised eyebrows  flashed in his mind..  'oh my.. did she saw me staring at Radhika' ... no no.. I was not staring.. I was just looking at downstairs'ya ya, I was just looking down, '.. that was it..  but then, did mom had a tease smile on her face.. no no she didn't had..    he tried to convince self.

He heard the door bell ringing. he came  out from his room and looked  at the door side and found Lechu opening the door..  Ramesh and Yash came in.. Lechu greeted them inside.  Dev with a smile came down to meet them too. Suchi was introducing Radhika to them. 

Dev: come on yaar, let's go to my room..

After a small chat they went upstairs..  Dev cornered his eyes on Radhka once while climbing stairs with his friends. Suchi went in to get some snacks for them.. 


After dinner, they all were talking casually. Dev went to his room.  Surender was talking with Mohan on phone and then he handed that to Radhika with a smile..

Mohan: so is there anything special tomorrow at college'


Radhika: no Babuji' but why?


Mohan: no, I am asking any test, lab, or anything that you may miss..


Radhika: no Babuji.. actually I will be free by afternoon, I thought of calling home to send the car early..


Mohan: ok then, get ready fast,..  I am coming to pick you up..


Radhika jumping on her feet..:  what!!!!


Mohan with a smile: ha beta, go get ready fast..


Radhika: but where are you..


Mohan: do what I say now dear, otherwise we may get late..


Radhika: ok, two minutes, I will be ready..


She gave the phone back to Surender..   and then looking at Suchi; Suchi Mom, babuji coming, I am leaving today to Chandenpur..


Lechu: what?


Radhika: ha, babuji said he will be here  soon and asked me to get ready fast..


Lechu: won't you miss your class tomorrow..


Radhika: no, I don't have anything specific..


Suchi: ok Beta, go and get ready quick then..

 she ran into her room...

Surender was smiling seeing Radhika's joy..


Radhika quickly changed her dress to a sky blue color churidar and she took her small bag. She wore the same chain that Birju gifted her.

Dev was coming out from his room, when Radhika was dashing down in front of him.  His eyes tightened as he saw her hurriness, and then it got widened as he saw the bag in her hand.. he looked down and saw Surender and Mohan chatting and Suchi bringing water..


Dev in confusion: When did Mohan uncle came, nobody told me..


Radhika throwed the bag on the floor and went and hugged her dad like a small baby as Mohan stood up with spreading his arms out..


Mohan: how are you dear..?


Radhika just nodded her head with an ear to ear smile..


Suchi: no need to ask, just look at her face, it says her state of mind.


Mohan laughed loud..  Radhika was unable to speak anything as her heart was pounding hard with joy'..  and her eyes were almost watering unable to contain the happiness seeing her dad in front of her eyes..    Mohan was tapping on her upper back feeling her so near, still holding her close to him from the side'


Surender looked up and found Dev standing there looking at everyone..  he waved his hands and Dev came down.. dev looked at everyone puzzled..


Mohan looking at Dev: how are you beta..

Then leaving Radhika's grip he went near and gave Deva shake hand..


Dev: I am doing fine.  I was not knowing that you are coming, I am sorry..


Mohan with a smile, sitting back on the sofa:  it was quick plan. My work finished and thought to pick her up also, anyway she needs to come tomorrow..


Suchi:  Radhika, did you take your books..


Radhika nodded her head..


Mohan: I don't know why she is carrying all these books. Last time also she broght the books and I never seen her opening it up.. The minute sun raise in Chandenpur, Radhika kept the hosue lively..  we are missing her voice '..  so even more than her, we are waiting for this weekends..


Surender: ya,now it is ok.. but I think once she starts on her project things and all, I don't know how often it will happen.. then there will be days they conduct special classes on late Fridays and sometimes Saturdays' .. they take advantage of this initial time and at the end everything will be in a hurry..


Mohan: but for now it is Ok na..


Suchi: ha',  I think she is doing fine' so..


Mohan: so let's go..


 Lechu showed her disappointment..  Radhika gave her a hug..  Dev was just listening to their talk passively'


They moved towards the car'


 Surender: call us back when you reach there..


Mohan: it will be too  late, its already near to 10. So



Surender:  why don't you just sleep here tonight  and start early in the morning.


Mohan: oh no no..  I have so many things already planned for tomorrow.. so


Surender: I know.. but still..


Radhika: Papa, don't I will make the call..  tomorrow early morning..


Mohan: aa haa..  and the early morning is whenever she gets up..

They laughed and Mohan and Radhika  sat in car and they waved their hands in general..

 While getting back into house..


Suchi: To see the real happiness in Radhika's face, one should talk about Chandenpur or take her to Chandenpur.'


Lechu was holding onto Surender's  upper arm.; Surender: ha.. all the girls are same..


Suchi: Dev, do you have anything specific tomorrow..


Dev: no mom.. small shopping for camping, but I will do on our way..

 Suchi:  Oh really.. saturday, right? I think it will be good if you can go one weekend to Chandenpur and stay there with Daada and buva..  they will be really happy..


Lechu: why only Bro.


Suchi: that's because he is leaving soon, right.. we can go there at any time na..


Lechu: I will also go..


Surender: Ha lechu, we all will go.. let see.


Lechu: that's my lovely dad..




Days passed by..   Monday came quickly for  Radhika..

She was sitting very disappointed inside the classroom.. Heena now knows the reason behind her gloominess.  She always tries to cheer up Rahdika' 


Heena:  Radhika, you don't know last  Friday how many came enquiring about you..


Radhika: about me?  Why?


Heena with a surpise tone:  did you forgot already? Dev's issue..


Radhika: oh ya.. actually I totally forgot about it..  so what happened?


Heena; nothing yaar, few came and asked why you didn't come.. 


Radhika: so no crazy things happened?


Heena: muhum'


Rahdika: good..  then with a thought , I was planning to give them his cell number, so that they can enquire everything directly.  and i can sit peacefully.


Heena: why? Did he agree with that?


Radhika:  actually I don't  know his cell number, I thought of asking Lechu later, but then my dad came and I left to chendenpur..


Heena: but why his cell number..


Radhika: then they won't bother me na..


Heena: no don't do that Radhika.. just ignore, or say something for time sake.. after few days, you will see the same people start praising the new captain or a new player.. so its all few days of craziness.. But I tell you he is a true hero who never crossed his limits and I really appreciate him for that..


Radhika: what do you mean?


Heena: I mean, he is not like few who just drool over all those who just praise them and you know kind of taking advantage of the situation..  even without being all that we can see few just go behind girls.  Just look at the corridor during our break time, you can see many like that..


Hello',  how are you girls..?


The voice  diverted their attention and look ed at the voice side'..  Found  a handsome guy standing with two others, smiling at them


He extended his arm out for shaking hands..: I am Arjun..


Heena and Radhika looked at each other'.. in confusion..


Arjun came more closer and sat in front seat: why in doubt? Same class yaar..


Heena and Radhika tried to smile.. and said   "hi"


Arjun: so you are Heena.  Heena looked at him surprisingly..


 Arjun: don't get surprised. I know you  from the degree days.. we were in different batch.. 


Heena: oh ya.. and they talked about their degree time..   Rahdika just listened to Heena's talk..  In between Arjun's eyes were falling on Radhika's eyes.. her face'..  he was noting her from the first day of their college.. but didn't  get any chance to come near.. and now he knows more about Heena so took the advantage.. 


The lecturer came and they all sat back in their respective place.  Arjun preferred sitting at the back bench with his friends..  


Lunch break few seniors came to ask about Dev.. Radhika gave vague answeres.. Arjun noted that..


He made sure he talk mostly with Heena only.. He mentioned his plan to join the college cricket team and his interest in sports.. Rahdika was least giving any  interest in that..  So he realized she is not into sports..  but he needs to prove himself to get her attention..   he thought to himself.. 


As the college disperced 

Arjun: this is the only thing I am not getting..  why can't she live in some hostel.. why her house needs to be this close'.. um.. time is there, oneday I will drop her at her house,'   he put his goggles back on and raised the engine sound of his new bike.'



Back in her room, Rahdika was combing her hair, thinking about her home.. she was in a trance..  lechu came in running with happiness..


Lechu: Deedi, come I will show you, we finished the steps.. you should see.. actually I want you to be here on weekend, so that you can come with me to my friends house.. but I know you are missing your family.


Radhka smiled and she went with Lechu to her room and they closed the door..  Radhika helped her on how to improve her steps..' 



Suchi  came late that evening. So she asked : did Dev called?


Lechu: I don't think so..   we didn't hear the phone ringing..


Suchi: ok then let me try to call him first..


Suchi dialed his cell number but did not get any response back'...  "may be he is driving or something.." saying that she kept the receiver back..


Lechu looking at Radhika: he left Saturday with his friends .. camping'..  that's what they were planning for last one week..  they will be back only on Wednesday..  I sometimes feel jealous..


Suchi: why jealous, you are getting time to enjoy with your friends too, right?


Lechu : ha but..


Suchi: ok, come lets have dinner.. he may call us later'  


Radhika: So when Papa  will be back..


Suchi: tomorrow..' 


After dinner they were chitchatting. Suchi went to her room to get something. Lechu was into TV watching a comedy series.  The phone started ringing..


Suchi from the room; lechu , pick the phone. Check who is it? Am coming..


Lechu didn't even pay attention..  she adjested herself more to listen to TV


Suchi: Lechuuuuuuuu.


'I can check mom.." saying that Radhika went ot pick up the phone..


The second she kept the receiver on her shoulder sha heard.. "muhhhhhhaaaaa,  sorry sorry sorry ..  I saw the missed call.. I really had a fun day, and missed the phone here.. so sorry'..  dev's exciting voice was going on loud..


"hello hello hello'... stop stop stop'.. and wait a second' hearing Radhika's voice Dev stunned..

"suchimommmmmm..' by then Suchi came near speedly. Radhika handed over the phone to Suchi and then while leaving.. "one minute' and then came near and gave a kiss on Suchi's cheek and said "its from your son,' tell him one suppose  to wait for a hello before giving anything special through the phone''   and she went away very cool and sat near Lechu..  Dev felt melting himself listening to Radhika's comment for a second.. but then he comprehend himself rubbing on his cheek.. thinking  she did the same twice, but then there was no issue.. that time she didn't even bother whom she is giving the kiss, and didnot wait for the hello....   and now she not only asked me to stop and she told that to mom too.. let me get there.. but then he heard his mom kept on saying.. Hello , hello.."


Dev: mom, sorry mom, the cell.."


Suchi: that's ok Dev' so how is your time going '..   they kept on talking for sometimes..


Suchi came and sat near the girls..   Suchi was thinking Radhika's expression when she took the phone from her.  She was very cool  while talking and asking him to stop  and  along with that she gave him a dose too.. she tried to smile inside..  but then at the same time she thought what is her feelings towards him.. because few times she caught Dev looking or cornering his eyes on Radhika, but so far Radhika acted very normal and mostly she is preoccupied by her Chandenpur trip and nothing else.. when the talks comes about her face beam up but otherwise she is quiet. 


Dev was laying on his back, looking at the clear sky above.. it was way past midnight.. he is having great fun with his friends..   he was thinking after this we all may disperse into new path. Few joining jobs here in India. Few have plan to fly to abroad soon.  Even his one close frined is going to get marry soon.  That may be the final occation they all meet together.. Ramesh and him is the only two who are dreaming about receiving the certificate from the SF university,'    actually it is me who made Ramesh to dream the same, so now our scholarship got approved and we are nearing to our goal,'  he liked to count the stars upon that clear sky. '



 Radhika came back from college little early..   she got fresh and was in a good mood. She  went out and walked along the garden side.  She looked at the fully bloomed rose floweres..  she touched the  red colored petals..  she loved looking at it..  she grabbed the whole beauty of it into her mind..  she gave a kiss at the soft petals and ran into her room..  she took her drawing paper out..  and sharpened her penscils..    she started outlining it..    slowly slowly she totally got into it.. Her mind was seeing the smiley flower.. and the ready to bloom bud near to it..  she thought how excited the bud may be to see the outside world..  .. suddenly something flashed in  her mind, she went and looked putside at the flower.. she looked hard but couldn't find a butterfly nearby,'  she sat there near the window, imagining the greenery of her land', the wild floweres on the path and the small and large butterflies, moth, bees, and small other flies around the small and medium size floweres,'  her eyes were seeing the scene in front of her.. the butterfly just flapping its light feathers near the flower, and trying to balance to get to the center and then trying hard to suck the nectar from it',    and then with a new energy it just flew away to the next.. did it not satisfied, why it has to go to the next..    she was totally unaware of the eyes on her work',  her eyes were still focused on that red rose in the pot, but she was seeing the butterflies around it from within her mind'


"Radhika..   Really beautifull' 


Radhika jerked and  turned her head.. she found Suchi standing next to her.. 


"Suchi Mom..? when did you come?'  Radhika asked surprisingly


Suchi: long back.. But didn't see you around, so came to check on you and found you sitting with this pencil ' and then surprisingly this beautiful flower from my garden poped up here..


Radhika: I simply tried..


Suchi: no, it is  a beautiful work..  if you can add the color to it, then it will exactly look like a photocopy of that original one..


Radhika: you really like it..


Suchi: ha Ofcourse, and also if you want to buy any material to draw more pictures , we can get it..


Radhika: no Mom, I have  everything with me.. I brought everything last time from Chandenpur, only missing my stand.. will get it next time..


Suchi: why you need to get it from there.. we can buy it here beta..


Radhika: no, its Ok..


Suchi: so did you drink something..   I know you didn't.. Come down, we will have tea..


Radhika: ha mom..


They both went down..  Dev showed up at the door..  he kept the bag down and came and hugged his mom from the back and said: how are you Ms. Suchi..


Suchi; hum.. so my son is back..


Radhika just looked at him normally'   Son and mother exchanged few words..


Suchi: ok, go fresh up.. I am going to make tea..


Radhika: Suchi Mom, I will make Tea.. you talk with Dev.. 

Saying that she went to kitchen..
Dev's eyes cornered Radhika..


Dev: mom, let me fresh up quick and I will be right back.. I need a tea for sure..


Suchi: ok beta..


Radhika got the tea ready..  Phone came from hospital  for Suchi..


Suchi: Radhika, I need to go..  I asked driver to  pick Lechu from her friend's place. In case if he forget just remind him.. ok..


Radhika: ji..


She closed the door and she thought of the tea..

She picked the tea cup in her hand and went to Dev's room..'

Part-22.. Cry can you please click that like button before moving to next part... please
so that's to fll my day off from here. Hope you will like it..  Please, please click that like button, if you really like it..

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
didi, i loved that update, so sweet. hope dev realise his feelings soon and rads too. hmm, arjun is here too?etting intersering. please update ASAP

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Lovely updates....  Dev will have his hands full of this lively girl...  let's see how beautifully Radhika's painting wins Dev's heart..

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