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Two days passed quickly. Radhika tried to be active while with Suchi and Lechu, but once she get in her own room, she felt so lonely and her mind unknowingly flew to Chandenpur.. she tried to read the books, but mostly her eyes were reading the letters but her brain was roaming around inasie her Chandenpur house..   she imaptiently waited for friday.....

The next day Radhika, wearing a blue churidar with white printed shall' and Heena wearing a yellow churidar ,were coming out from the computer lab,  Kaveri came in..


Kaveri:   Ye, are you Radhika?


Radhika looked at Heena in doubt and then looking back at that girl she said: ha..

Kaveri:  The peon was looking for you. I think he has some message for you..


Radhika: what?


Keveri looking at one corner: oh.. there he is..  Syamlal.. this is Radhika..


Peon came near with a smile on his lips.. Radhika looked at him in wonderment..


Peon to Kaveri: thanks..


Kaveri: ok.. then I am leaving..


Peon: You know Dev , right?


Radhika: Dev' 


Peon: ha,  the same Dev.


Radhika: ha.. he said he will wait for you near the gate at lunch time and you need to meet him..


Radhika: what? But why?


Peon with a teasing smile: I don't know, he just told me to pass this..


Radhika: ok' 


Heena: what is going on Radhika?


Radhika: I don't know..  I hope everybody is ok..


Heena: one more hour'


Radhika: but why he has to send the message through the peon..


Heena: simple, first of all he doesn't want to waste the time by coming in.. because if he step inside, the girls and may be few boys will surely circle him and he won't be able to get out on time..'  I told you na.. here sports personalities has high demand, they simply die for them.. ha ha'..  but Dev has a very good character, I never seen him taking advantage of any such situations.. he has a group of friends, and with them there is no limit for him.. otherwise he never ever look at anyone badly..  I never seen him talking to others much..


Radhika:  so that means, you had an eye on him'


Heena: ye, I know he is your uncle's son, but don't tell him yaar, what one is losing by just admiring somebody's personality'.  


Radhika: with that they entered into their class room..


Soon they heard the lunch hour bell ringing..


Radhika: are you not coming with me..


Heena: sure, if you can introduce me to him..


Radhika: Heeeeena..


Heena: just joking yaar..  ya, let see what is this urgency matter.'


They walked towards the gate and came out and looked around..   Dev wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, standing opposite side of the road , found Radhika.. he waved his hand.. Radhika saw him..


Heena: ye, he is calling you that side.. you go..


Radhika: are you not coming?


Heena: no yaar, actually I don't have any courage to go near him.. I liks to keep the distance..  this is fine.. you only go, I will wait..


Radhika: ok then.. she crossed the road and found him dialing  on his cell..  as she neared him, he handed the phone to Radhika saying  "mom".  His heart skipped few beats as he handed the phone to her..  will she going to ...  he looked at the surrounding and then qucikly to her see her reaction...


Radhika took the phone from Dev and nodded her head and said : hello Mom...   'ji"'Ji..ji..

dev thought.. Thank God,, atleast she has the manners..  otherwise what these people will think,  he was seeing few eyes on him from the otherside near the gate..

She handed the phone to him, and Dev sat and  turned the key in..  Radhika looked at Heena and signaled her that she will be back..  Dev looked back and said.. " ready.."


Radhika sat on the back seat'  ..


Dev: hold on tight, here traffic is bad, so.


Radhika: um' 


Heena watched them as they drove away from her sight.. she took a deep sigh thinking what the other girls may think if she tell this to them..   she remembered all  the  comments in the evenings of girls hostel hallways and entertainment room' ... how many dreamed of sitting behind his Suzuki Hayabusa..    it was a dream for most of the girls...   what all they did to impress him, especially after match, they just go wild with their talk about him..  when he and his friends reached college, few used to stand on the corridor just to see the smashing entry of him in his bike.. and now, look at this, he is waiting for this girl and taking her with him'...   why I am thinking this now..  for me, what i felt about him.. I think it is more of a respect that seeing a handsome dude. His personality, the way he ignored the lingering eyes, their drroly comments..  no effect on him....   that's whta I liked in him...  she smiled to herself...'


Radhika was holding onto his shoulder tight as the bike took few many stops at different places..


Radhika: Our muddy bumpy roads are better than the tarred road here'...    Dev didn't say anything.. Radhika looked at him and found him adjusting his helmet..  "whom I am talking to, he himself is riding with such a heavy hood on..'


Dev: you also have your helmet on at home , right?


Radhika: tho sunayi detha hei kya?  Ya..  but it is such a small one.. what is this..? looks like an astronauts'.. only missing the suit.


Dev: Radhika.. please..


Radhika: what..


Dev: do you have anything else to say..


Radhika: ha, why Mom's friend wants to meet me now?


Dev: that you ask her in person when you reach there.. Ok


Radhika: but then why you came to pick me.. if you don't know anything..


Dev kept quiet',  if I talk more, it will end up with another fight..   that he doesn't want to happen now..


Raahdika: we will be able to be back on time , right?


Dev: I don't know.. I will try..


Radhika: what? I don't know..  you should '


Dev: first you meet mom, then we will decide, ok..


Radhika: atleast I hope you know where we are going now.. right?


Dev controlling his tone:  um'..


Radhika: good, I thought even that also I only need to find out....


Dev: so you know all the places here..


Radhika very cooly: no I don't know.


Dev: then what did you just say


Radhika: if it is in Chandenpur then'


Dev lost all his control: Bas, Radhika no more Chandenpur talk.. ok.. if you say one more time Chandenpur..


Radhika: why? If it was in Chandenpur..


Suddenly she heard the raised voice of the bike sound and with a jerk her head moved slightly to front.. a shiver passed through her.. she held his shoulder tight..


Radhika: what was that?


Dev: I told you, if you say that word one more time' be carefull


Radhika mumbled: why he needs to get angry.. I told the truth only na.. If it is in.Cha'.. she kept the rest of the word inside... then I can take anyone anywhere with blind eyes.. but here I don't know anything, so only I was asking him',    Dev  heard it' but didn't say as he recognized it as her self talk..


Dev stopped the bike near a nice restaurant..  Radhika got down.

Dev: come, here only.. She just accompanied him looking around the area with her wild eyes'


Suchi and Sarada were looking at them


Suchi: tell me what you think.. before meeting her ..


Sarada: pretty.. nice couple..


Suchi: heina' 


Then they kept quiet..


Radhika saw Suchi.. she waved her hand and ran near to her passing Dev..   Dev walked slowly..


Suchi: Radhika this is my friend.. Dr. Sarada..


Sarada: hi..


Radhika: Hi..


Sarada: why you are standing , sit..


The table was near the wall. Two chairs one side and two chairs other side.  Radhika sat on the corner one near to the wall.. Dev came and  sat next to her saying Hi to Dr. Sarada..


Sarada: so Dev , how are you? Seeing after a long time  , right?


Dev: ha..  doing good..


Sarada: I know , I heard  you are going to leave us pretty soon..



Dev: don't know yet.. still few papers are pending..


Sarada: everything will be alright..


Suchi: Radhika we already placed the order.. I hope you will like it.. actually Sarada wanted to meet you. I thought of the meeting at home.. but then they are going for a vacation tomorrow and will be back only after two weeks..  so only I asked Dev to bring you here.. that was Ok, right?


Radhika: ha mom.. it's fine..


Dev: what fine.. the whole way she was talking about Chandenpur.. chandenpur..


Radhika: and you know what? He scared me too..


Suchi : what? Why did you scared her?


Dev: no mom, I didn't scare her..'


Radhika: don't tell lie.. didn't you tell me that if I don't stop talking about Chandenpur you will '.  What you said to do..


Dev: see, she forgot, that itself is a proof for lie..


Radhika's voice slowly raised up: telling lie?. Who me..?


Suchi looked around: Radhika beta, its ok..  leave it.. Dev be careful..ok..


Radhika: I should have brought my scooty...'


Dev suddenly: no need, we all are here na.. what is the need for driving in this heavy traffic..


Radhika: so you can drive your bike, but I can't drive my scooty..


Suchi looked at Sarada with a corner smile as if telling her to see the situation.. Sarada also smiled back at Suchi.. 


Sarada:  so who else is there at your home..?  to change the topic


Radhika very innocently: where? Chandenpur mei..  but then her voice trailed off and looked at Dev and found his annoyed face.. so she calmed down and said about her family only...'  


He felt a relief as he didn't hear anymore Chandenpur talk..

The much came. There was noodles, nan and few curries..
Suchi: Rahdika what you prefer.. 
Radhika looked at each item..  I like nan..
Suchi: good, take it.. Lechu and Dev likes noodles...
Radhika took curry and started eating quick..  she said the taste is good..
Dev softly mumbles to self little loud: finally somehting taste good...
RAdhika paused and looked at him and found him circling the long strands of noodles with the fork tip..   he wide opened his mouth to put the bundle in his mouth.....  Radhika just looked at his gesture and her lip also fallen apart seeing his action , but then few threads still hang down  from his lips..   Radhika closed her lips , but then a laugh blurt out seeing his struggle to get that in too..
Suchi:   what happened Radhika..
Radhika controlling herself: kuch nahi..
She concentrated back into her plate..
few minutes passed by. She was really struggling to control her laugh each time she see his hand moving up with  that noodle bunch...
they had their lunch and Dev and Radhika said buy and left in his bike..


Suchi: so what you think..


Sarada with a smile: exactly what you said..  She has that village innocents in her talk and in her action.. but she is strong too..  unknowingly both care about each other..


Suchi: why you think so?


Sarada: Dev's quick response when she talked about driving scooty here, and then Radhika stopped saying the name of her village  again.


Sushi with a smile: no wonder you specialized in psychology.  so you do with anyone you meet in your life!.


Sarada: ha ha, I love to read human minds..  their unknown world.. 


Both shared a laugh and went back to their respective area'


Radhika: I think we will be late..


Dev: no, we will be on time..


Radhika:  only five more minutes left..


Dev: Radhika, don't worry, Teacher won't say anything if you get five minutes late..


Radhika: no baba, I don't want to take that risk' 


Dev: ok' then hold on .. I need to raise the speed..


He stopped the bike outside the campus gate..


Radhika: only one minute left, drop me inside na..  otherwise it may take another five minutes to reach the main entrance..


Dev: Radhika, this is very close, you will reach there on time..


Radhika: no no, I am scared, you know what, you know everyone, so it is ok.. but for me, I am just new,  what if the professor ask me to stay outside the class room the full period..


Dev: what?!!!  here nobody does that...


Radhika: you better drop me inside, otherwise I will tell mom..


Dev: ok then get in, he put the helmet back on.. 


Students were standing near the corridor to get back in.. They heard the bike sound, which most of the seniors of the college is familiar with, which they used to wait long time.. their eyes looked out.. few came running out from the classroom, just to make sure they are not wrong..  they can recognize his bike color, his helmet color'...   their eyes gone wild as they realized it is true..     the sound echoed throughout the corridor.. it is Dev'.  Dev'



Their lips parted as they saw the girl sitting on the back seat, holding onto his shoulder tight.. 


"who is she yaar?".. the question repeated in their minds, brains and lips' 


He stopped the bike in front of the main door..  she got down and  looking at his helmet covered eyes she said..: next time na , don't try noodles if I am with you.. because of you I was unable to enjoy my food..  you should thank me that I controlled my laugh,  .. saying that she added a  quick bye and ran in.. 

Dev puased for a fraction of time to comprehend what she just said so quickly..  but then the outside noise caught his attention...  Dev without wasting a second, flew away from there..  Radhika was not looking at anyone, as she was scared to get inside her class room before the lecturer.. her heart was beating faster with the thought of getting the scolding' .. if it was in Chandenpur, there was no issue, everyone knows her and even if she gets late, nobody used to ask her for a reason, but she never given anybody that chance..  but here, she don't know anyone.. she was in a hurry..
 she didn't notice the eyes on her.. she was just running through the corridor..  her face was tinged with little fear,gave a  picnkish blush to her dimpled cheek..., her feary hazel eyes, her slightly parted lips showed her shiny white pearls..  .... her hair was flying out with her speed,  they saw the beauty pacing faster on the corridor without looking at the surrounding.. 

 They noticed her first time..  the beauty who sat behind the hero in his dashing bike holding onto his upper shoulder...



She went inside her class and took a deep breath when she saw the Lecturer's stand empty..   she held her hand up to her chest to control her heart beat, as if thanking God' ...she went and sat on her respective place..


Heena: where did you go?


Radhika: for lunch..


Heena: with Dev..


Radhika: no.. actually he came to pick me.. Mom wanted me to meet her friend..


Heena: so your Mom is here now..


Radhika: no, Dev's mom..


Heena: you said that is your Uncle's house.. then why the change..


Radhika: she prefer that and I like it that way too'


Heena: but why she want you to meet her friend..


Radhika: because she is going for a vacation..


Heena: so what? Why it was so urgent?


Radhika: ha,  but I think she is Mom's best friend/..


Heena softly moving her ear to hers: I think there is something more than that..


Radhika: more than what?


Heena: just meeting..


Radhika: what?


Heena: may be she has a handsome son, and ofcourse you look cute, so may be dev's mom suggested your name..


Radhika: what?


Heena; no, I am just thinking..


Radhika: Heena..


Heena: ok.. I was just joking'

 But then the lecturer came in and started the class
Part 20-  Like button pleeeease
so do you like this part...  Thanks, it is all your support and I love it, I appreciate it , and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart..
take care
Devika..Big smile

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Hey Devika.. lovely updates..  Hmm so Dev mom's got her psychoioist friend to decipher the behavior pattern of Dev and Radhika??  hmm very interesting..
Yea the tempo is building very nicely..  Radhika's hidden beauty is coming out in the eyes of people as she sat behind Dev the dashing boy..  hmmmm very interesting.. 
very lovely and lively updates Devika..  thank you love di

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Nice part , why can't they remain normal with each other always have cute arguments yet enjoyable ,hope she enjoy bike ride as so many eyes on them.

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Devika very interesting dear so Suchi showed her DIL to her friend love the way the story is moving.

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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hey devikadi, i read and loved it. so sweet. feelings,ooooooooo. so sweet. hope radev realise their feelings for each other soon. please updaet ASAP. loved the updateClap

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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Very interesting devika...

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update devika...thx for the pm

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vinianil Senior Member

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Lovely updates...Getting interested  more and more...Liked the part Dev is waiting for Radhika outside of  college...Suchi accpted Radhika as her daughter  love their scenes too...Hope Dev will be dropping Radhika to college in coming days  also  without any arguments ...Update next part soon...

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