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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Very interesting devika...

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 11:12am | IP Logged
lovely update devika...thx for the pm

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vinianil Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2009
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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Lovely updates...Getting interested  more and more...Liked the part Dev is waiting for Radhika outside of  college...Suchi accpted Radhika as her daughter  love their scenes too...Hope Dev will be dropping Radhika to college in coming days  also  without any arguments ...Update next part soon...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 5:08pm | IP Logged

Thank you  for liking the previous part..

@evasumi; thank you Di, I am really so happy to know that you liked the updated part. It was not the help from a psychologist but an expected behavior from a professionalist right, just to analyze anything  their field of expertise.  Hope you will like the upcoming part too.. thank you for the support and love..

@diary25: thank you for the response dear. If they remain normal, then what make them special. These small fights and inequalities are the equation of life, right.. if everything goes normal, then there won't be any fun in life..  so enjoy the argument for now,I am giving them some time to get there, to realize their love..  will they? I don't know. I need to find out… what you think

@chalhov: yes dear.. sharing happiness is the way of spreading love.. and especially the happy secret of our kids with someone so close is double happiness, it adds the sweetness..   I think the working class of our community is like that. They bring relationship into workplace… I love that.. glad that you loved it too..

@sugarandspice:realizing their love..  anyway they are united by the elders.. so there won't be any fun f they realize it so soon.. so only I am giving them some time.. sometime to understand each other.. still, my Radhika not accepted him as his prince, not seen the sparkling in his eyes…  when she realize it , I think the story may end there, or may continue.. I don't know..

@madhu; thanks Madhu.. hope you will like the upcoming part too..

@nycsweetie: thanks dear.. hope you will like next part too.. coming up soon..

@vinianil: thanks..I don't  think Radhika will wish for that.. let see how it will turn out to be.. yes, my dads and moms are always nice… including daadi's daada's…  haha

Ok friends.. thank you so much.. Next part coming soon.. another Radev moment.. r u ready.. also I am so thankful to you to give me such quick response..  I will give you one day break for  X-mas, but come back on 26 th OK..
Thanks and Merry X-mas. to all of you..
love and take care
DevikaBig smile

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liveforever Goldie

Joined: 18 May 2007
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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
Hay Haye !!Shocked Devika Di!!! I am very veyr very sorry for not replying.Embarrassed.. Acutally I got very busy... Plus my computer got busted... So The only way of going on was hte laptop.. which my AngrybrotherAngry hogs all of the timeAngry.. SO I barely get to go on it..Angry

Anyways.. Good news is My computer got fixedBig smile.. Turned out the moniter wasn't working quite well...Tongue
So got a new one and voila!! Here I am!!Smile

Okay Now I am going to stop with the bakwaas...LOL

I just read all of the part in one shot.. I started in the morning.. and FINALLY finished all of the parts..LOL

Devika Di.Embarrassed.. I don't know how you write soooo well!! I mean c'mon!! Amazing Writer I tell you amzing writer!!!Smile

I loved every single part of yours.. Well you wouldn't love them..Wink

StarPLEASE!! Update soon!! I know you update very fast!! Which is a fabulous thing!!! Star

Once again Im sorry for not commenting on the parts.. Disapprove

Big smileANMOL Big smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 5:49pm | IP Logged


Radhika was boiling inside..  she was trying to control herself as Daadi's words were echoing in her mind..  that she needs to behave.. "oh my God, I just wish today was Friday, I need to wait one more day..   how do I let out my frustration..  what's with the college students.. I never thought it will turn out to be this way. I just wanted to escape from the Lecturer's scolding being coming late.. But I think that was a better thing than compelling him to drop me inside. Now everyone wants to know about me, about him..  I should thank Heena who answered most of their questions..   she don't know how much relief I felt when she said that Surender papa is my uncle and I am staying there.. But then they want to know more of Dev at home.. they want to be friend with me.. they want to know what he does now a days, where he goes out..  I am glad to the bell sound, may thanks to the peon who didn't forget to strike it on time.. and then the wait for the car, and the seniors crowding around.. No wonder Lechu has no plan to come here to study .  Now never in my life I will ask him to come inside, Oh God,  what inside.. not even outside..  how can somebody  go crazy like this.. is he such a good player.. then if he is, is this the way one should respond.. I don't know.. do I do the same..   but for that I don't know abcd of Cricket.. no I know cricket.. I used to play with Rahul and his friends.. I used to hit the ball and run, but then the law was made by me and everyone agreed with me..  but actually what is cricket I don't know..   I only knows that I love to hit the ball and cheer myself..    let me see him, I want to crush his face in between my hands.. she clenched her teeth..  .. I will squeeze his head and pull his hair out…   a forceful huff from corner lips blow her loose hair away …   she took some deep breath…  she closed her eys… yes there is my fault too asking him to come inside to drop me..   Oh God… reksha karna..        if it was in Chandenpur, I should have given nice answers to all in one word, there my look itself would have been enough , …   But Chandenpur students are not crazy like this.. they act much normal than this city people..  she tried to reason herself.. she tried to vent out her bitterness into herself..   again she took deep  breaths..


She ran into her room and closed the door tight..  she took the family photo in her hand and sat on the floor..  I miss you all.. she curled up her knee more near to her body..  I want to see you ma now… I want to pace in our dining room and want you to listen to me now. I want to talk all about it..  it is my frustration and only my frustration that I never faced in my life before, I mean keeping it inside..…   How can I say  all this  here, what Suchi Mom will think. As daadima said I need to control myself, I am just a guest here now. I should behave.. why did you tell that way daadima.. even if I call home, how can I tell all these..  she tried to regain her normalcy…  I don't think suchi mom will take it badly, nor Lechu.. I better talk to them and vent it out..  she sighed.. she placed the photo back in , got fresh and changed her cloth.. she did nice pleats with her long hair.. 



She came out from her room and went to check in Lechu's room, but then heard her voice from downstairs..  a smile appeared on her face and she took faster foot steps to go down..  But then suddenly a strong hand felt on her  lower arm and she has been forced to move inside passing the door frame, and with a blink of eye, she has been nailed to the door side wall inside the room..  his hands quickly covered her mouth to keep her voice in..   Radhika's eyes gone wild and she looked at his face fearfully..


'Chup..'..  the secret soft commanding word came out from his throat as his eyes locked with her dilated pupils..   she tried to calm down as she realized what just happened with her. Her raising heart tried to slow down..  Time ticked by… 


"what did you say at that time, I didn't get it..'  Dev said softly still staring into her eyes..


She didn't reply..  just looked at him ..


Dev: I am asking you something..


Radhika taking a deep breath  lifted her free hand up and held his hand that was still covering her mouth.. Dev startled and realized his hand still covering her mouth, he released it slowly, then her hand went and held his other hand which is still holding her hand , he released that too..   she tried to move away, but as a reflux his both hands fenced her between his arms..   his hands rested on the wall on both her sides. 


Dev: don't try to escape from me.. Tell me what did you say at that time.


Radhika again taking a deep breath; what time?


Dev: that when I drop you at college..  I didn't get that..


Radhika in a normal tone: I didn't say anything..


Dev: no you did?


Radhika: if I said something then I said at that time.. now I forgot..


Dev: What?


Radhika: ha, you should ask at that time not later like this..


Dev: but then you just ran away from there that I didn't get any chance..


Radhika:  oh ya.. so now the problem is with my running away..  I am glad I ran away from there,  Oh God, I am still thinking why I asked you to drop me inside and was frustrated about it.. and here he is asking about ..  she mumbled


Dev: what did you say now..


Radhika: nothing, let me go down..    as Daadi's words were echoing in her ears....


Dev brining more strength to his grip on the wall: no, tell me what you just said..


Radhika  closing her eys for a second and brining dadi's face in mind: Daadima, please forgive me, I tried ,.. you know that na.. and I controlled really hard.. But now no choice left for me…   then looking into his yees…  ' oh my!! how innocent….  She again looked deep into his eyes…  repeating her daadi's words she said  'what innocence did she found in this crocked eyes.. then looking down his confused lips.. what innocence did she found in this smirky smile…   I don't know.. then looking back into his eyes..  you don't have to tighten your forehead anymore..  If I have known this to happen, then I should have not even try to take that peon's message..  now one side his teasing smile and other side the seniors looks at me as their enemy.. what did I do wrong.. just asked you to drop me inside the campus, that's all.. But not anymore,  next time na, I prefer my lecturer's scolding or standing outside for one hour than facing the stares of these stupid crazy students..


Dev listening to her promptings loosened his grip on the wall, and then asked  in concern  " what happened?"


Radhika : now what needs to happen? Everything already happened na..   now what is left..


Dev: did somebody ask you something..


Radhika: somebody asked me something…   she sniffed her nose in anger and rubbed her finger under the nose tip…  her cheek turned pink in anger..:  now what else left to ask. Ha yes, now I have to find all the answers .. that when you get up?,  what toothpaste you use?, what you eat? What you do after that? When are you leaving?....  then tapping on her forehead with her one hand..: why don't you just go tomorrow itself yaar.. why giving me all these tension.. No wonder Lechu said the other day that  you are leaving the next day…  Even if you won't go na, I will send you to U.S  this week itself..


Dev smiled and tried to cover his uneasiness : so what is wrong in it.. if  a boy is smart, then people will ask about like this only..  He tried to win his side..


Radhika came near to him and keeping her hands on her flanks:  then if you think you are so smart, why don't you just go and talk to them directly…  what is the need for me in the middle…


Dev: so you are feeling jealous..


Radhika with a quick move faced him and said : who is jealous , me? Why should I feel jealous.. I don't have any problem..


Dev looking up at the ceiling: ok then , if you don't have any problem, then why you have to bother.. 

But then comprehending back himself he approached her..: also who are you to check on me..


Radhika: I am not here to check on you?


Dev: oh, then what did you just say.. when I get up, my toothpaste, what I eat?.. that and all..


Rahdika: that is not me, that is your crazy fans over there… NOT ME…


Dev: really…   then even f you don't like, still you need to  check on me..


Radhika: why?


Dev: otherwise your seniors are not going to let you study there..


Radhika with a thought: what will happen?


Dev: they will throw you out from there within couple of days..


Radhika: really, then I love it.. then I can go back to Chandenpur….   She said that jumping on her feet


Dev seeing her happiness: I didn't mean that you 'll get a TC from there ; what I mean is, they will make your life miserable, that's all..


Radhika 's leg slowed down..: so now what I will do..


Dev: better check on me…  

He waited but didn't get any reply.. he looked and found her standing  with her eyes pointed at the ceiling and tapping her finger under her chin…  what she is thinking, he looked up at the ceiling where eyes are fixed, and then looked back at her..  he saw her lips twitching, and then the corners curving up.. her brows  arched as her eyes widened.. he could easily see her eyes smiling with her thinking..


Dev: what is that?


Radhika looked at him and smiled and came near, and tapped on his cheek. Dev looked at her strange beahaviour 


Radhika:  don't worry.. I have the solution..


 Saying that she tried to walk away..


Dev: what?


Radhika: na.. you don't need to know.


Dev tried to block her way: no I need to know..


Rahdika: why? They asked me the questions, so it is my responsibility to give them the answers…  and I have the answers for all their questions.. 


Dev: what?


Radhika: why should I tell you..


Dev: because it is related to me..


Radhika again tapped on his cheek:  that is the sweetness na.. what did you ask me, whether I am jealous? I need to check on you all the time..  right?  Otherwise I will be in trouble.. right?   From tomorrow onwards I wll enjoy my classes and my campus days, while you will be in big trouble..   her lips stretched ear to ear imagining his uneasiness and frustrations..


Radhika suddenly came back to reality: by the way… thank you so much..  You don't know how frustrated I was when I came in, now all the problems are solved, and everything is settled  and  Lechu may be thinking why I am getting so late.. so let me go and meet her ..ok…


He tried to stop her but she flew away room the site..   he ran behind and stopped holding onto the railings, found her happily joining Lechu on the main hall.. 


He turned as he saw her smiley eyes looked up to see his reaction..


Dev himself.. what might be her plan..  if she left with such big smile on her face then I am sure I will end up in trouble for sure, otherwise her smile won't have that much voltage into it..  what may be it… he made a fist with both hands and tried to hit each other in deep thinking about her plan…  


Finally he said to himself.. I better keep an eye on her, I may get some clue.. I caught her to ask what she told me at the campus, and ended up relieving her frustration.. he smiled himself with that thought and tapped  over his temporal head with his hand thinking how easily she diverted his question and ended up actually answering her questions..  he smiled cam and then looked down and found the girls sitting on the sofa watching something on the TV.. he just looked at  Radhika for few minutes, still keeping that unknown smile on his lips..   he was totally unaware of the surrounding, that he didn't notice his mom's eye on him..  Suchi with a smile nodded her head and walked towards the girls and sat near them..  then after  couple of seconds, she looked up at Dev and he found his mom's eye on him.. he startled..  she asked him  "what " with raising her eye brows..


He blinked his eyes quick saying nothing and then gulped quick …..and turned  & walked into his room,… thinking what he was just doing…

so what's her plan? will Dev find it out?????  No Pm.. I need to go.. Bye     

Thank you all for the quick response. You guys are awesome.. and I Thank you all..  Tomorrow holiday.. So enjoy Christmas… 

Wish you all a peaceful, wonderful, Merry Christmas… 

Take care


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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
devikadi, i read and blushed and smiled. that was so cute. loved radev interaction. Have a Merry Christmas and plesae update ASAP

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Lovely Dev and Radhika interaction Radhika naughty as usual truning all situations to her advantage'Big smile Avery happy Christmas to u and ur family Devika

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