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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
hi devikadi, thanks for the update and pm. i loved the updateClap. this is getting very interesting and wow, you update very fast. that is a very good thing. you hav no clu how  happy  am when you update so please update ASAP.
once again, i loved the update. waiting for more radev interactions. hopefully they will realise that they love each other soon.
once more again, loved the update and please update ASAP

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
loved the update

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 6:16pm | IP Logged

Thank you  sugarandspiceevasuminycsweetie

 for liking previous part..

@sugarandspice:thank you so much dear, especially to see that ASAP again.. I was missing it.. ha ha, got used to it..  yes, I am on it, but you know what, with a break from school I was imagining myself sitting in my rocking chair with  the LT, and smiling thru while typing my story without any interruption.. But you know what, I am not alone. The kids are around me, my little one prefer to nap near my shoulder.. hubby choosed to work from home..'sigh'  .. cooking, checking here and there, somehow they are keeping me busy.. so I am actually behind my schedule with updating.. so trying to catch up with it..  so I need the support and thank you so much….


@nycsweetie: thanks dear.. hope you will like next part too..  

Thank you friends, your feedback really helps me to move on...  so ready for next.. withn few minutes..

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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"what is the need for bringing all these Birju".. suchi asked in exclamation..

Birju with a smile: it is not me Maaji.. its Daadima,  babuji and Sushma di..   They loaded everything in, and what can I do' ... I think Mohanbabu was picking on veggies.. so now every week it will come to you...' 

Suchi: but truly, what I will do with all these.. I can actually open up a shop..


Birju laughed.. : "what time Radhika will be back?


Suchi: around 5..


Birju: that so long.. I need to start before that'


Dev came down playing with his bike key between his fingers.  And asked Birju: ready..


Birju: hum'


Birju: we thought of coming yesterday only, even babuji told us to start yesterday, Radhika preferred to start early morning, and dadi, rahul, maaji everyone pleaded and finally babuji agreed, so only it happened to be this way....


Suchi with a concerned voice: Did she sleep at all?


Birju: ha Maaji.. at least I was able to drop her at college on time..    she told me to stay back till she comes back.. but I think I will start, otherwise it will be difficult for the driver..


Suchi: Ok then.. actually what you want to shop from here?


Birju: nothing specifically.. I saw few things on the way.. but it was so crowdy  there and I know driver is so tired.. and I have enough time.. so I thought I will come here and then go and buy myself..


Dev: no need Birju, I am here na. I don't have anything else to do now.. so I will take you..


Birju: theek hei.. tho

Suddenly Suchi.; Dev come here..

Dev went near, she took some money from the purse and put in his pocket.. and said: in case if you need for anything..


Dev: ok mom..  and then he walked near to the bike, Birju followed..


Suchi watched them going and went to get ready to go to hospital..


Birju: no wonder Babuji send all those veggies.. see these dead veggies here..


Dev driving the bike: dead veggies!!!


Birju: ha, look at those, it all look lifeless'...  when you see the chandenpur veggies na, you don't even need to cook.. here they are spraying water'


Dev just smiled listening to Birju's comparisons'. 


Birju: here here.. can you stop..


Dev parked the bike in one corner and watched Birju going near  to a roadside small shop on the wheels.. he looked and found it has few cheap candies in few glass bottles and few other things..

Dev went near and heard Birju's voice..

Birju: you know what when you come to Chandenpur, I will get you the same for only 10 paise, you are asking for 25/piece. That is too much.. 

He took one piece from the bottle and put it in his mouth.. shopkeeper tried to stop him but before hand it went in his mouth, he chewed it and said: even the taste is different.. but that is ok.. mere behana ko ye pasand ayegi..  give me 20 pieces..  


Shopkeeper: 20!


Birju: why, nobody brought 20 before.. this will finish in 5 minutes'


Dev: Birju bhayya, if you want to buy candy,I can take you to a different store, you get better quality..


Birju:  no dev, this is what I was looking for.. Radhika likes this'...  she likes the sour candies..


Dev: but..

Birju:  this is fine.. and then he paid the bill and took the paper packed candy in his hand'    and looking at Dev..   "I need to buy few more thing.. you are not in a hurry , right?'


Dev walking with Birju: no..


Birju: Radhika asked me to stay back, But I can't , and I am sure she will really feel bad, but when she will see all these na, she will be very happy..  back in home, I will buy few varieties like this.. dadima, maaji, me and Radhika will sit at the backyard and we finish them within minutes.. sometimes Daadima send me again' ... you know what else we do.. we grind coconut, and then mix it with jiggery and then eat it'... it was all fun'... she is missing all that here na.."  saying that they neared another shopseller..


Birju looking at the nail polish': hum..  this one..

He picked it up, a red color bottle..  " this one is perfect'"

And then his eyes scanned over the hanging bead chains'...  dev looked at it, just simple chains' ... he is sure if he buy that for anyone, they may look at him with that ugly face..

Dev: Bhayya, if you need to buy better ones, don't worry about money, I have


Birju: no Dev.. I know you have money with you.. But I need only this for my behan..  she knows me and even if I buy any priced item, she may not accept it.. he paid Rs.5 total and started walking from there'


Birju;  we don't have much shops in Chandenpur..  you know what, she was looking like doll when she born..  even though I am an orphan , the family never let me feel that way..  Radhika always called me bhayya, and  for everything she was depending  on me..  I used to run all the way to the shop to buy her bead chains, and bangles.. she was so happy to get it, and then within one week, she will break everything and look at me with her sad face..   I know how much she likes all these'...  only thing when she see this, I won't be able to see her happy smile'...    his eyes felt wet but he controlled the next second and diverting the subjects to delhi crowd' ...  and then they started talking general things around' 


Dev brought Birju back home..  Birju went upstairs in Rahdika's room.. he put those on her table and looked at Dev .. he had lunch and went back to Chandenpur..


Dev went out to meet his friends..

Radhika stepped into her room.. she found the things on the table.. her eyes felt wet.. she wore the chain ..  she took the candy in her hand and went down..   she was sharing it with Mr. Surender while Dev came in.. He heard Radhika's voice..  the phone sound flashed in his mind.. he skipped few beats..    he saw his dad eating candy..
Dev looking at Radhika with his corner eye: Dad, you are eating candy ..


Surender: Dev, taste this.. this one same like we get in Chandenpur.. little different, but somewhat similar.. I never knew we still get these candies'... I love it..


Dev: but dad, this is from roadside..


Surender: so what?   I am sure you won't get this in super market..  esko benane mei mehanath chahiye.. this is handmade, not macine made.. that is the difference..

He saw Radhika trying to control her teasing smile..  he got alert..  and thought inside." What is there so much to laugh about it.."


Surender:  taste one Dev..


Dev: no,  I am ok..


Dev:  Where is Lechu and mom?  I need a tea..


Surender: Lechu is at her friend's place.. Mom will pick her up while coming. Mom is coming late.. so today's dinner is on our shoulder'...  but unfortunately, I have a business meeting, so I need to attend that.. so basically what I am saying is.. you need to manage dinner tonight..


Dev: what?


Surender getting up from his seat, and tapping on his shoulder: after two months you don't need to do all these, na.. so goodluck dude'...   and he went away.. but while going he said..  "Radhika betiya, you might be tired na, go take rest.."


Dev looked at his dad unbelievably..


Dev: seriously.. why I should do it.. Radhika can also do it na"..  keeping his hands on his flanks..


Surender: "I don't know that's what your mom said..   she said you can manage and not to bother Radhika.."


Dev: ha, obviously.. she wants to eat how can she trust somebody who doesn't know cooking.. 

By then Surender left from the hall..     with the turn of his face he met the firing eyes of Radhika..  Dev composed back and said:  " I said true only..  what did you say that day..  hot hot veggie pakoras"'... he imitated her expressions from that day...  "  so everyone knows your cooking talent"..  

Radhika stood from the seat and  a forceful   Huff  from her corner lips blew away the loose curly hair from her face'..  she stepped on the floor forcefully clearly indicating if she get him under her feet, she will squish him like a chutney..   Dev watched her walking away with her stamping feet...' 


Dev thought to self..: ye tho chali gayi.. I thought she may challenge me and take over the cooking.. now I only need to do it..  Kanha, be with me.. 

He went to his room to change and came down wearing a white T and khakhe shorts..  he opened few kitchen cupboards.., opened the fridge and checked inside'  


He  saw the fresh veggies sitting near the counter.. he smiled and picked them to try a masala curry'  he washed it and started cutting it.. he liked the texture of it and loved doing it'


Time went quick..


He arranged everything on the table


Suchi and Lechu came back.   Radhika came down as she heard the door bell ringing..  she went and hugged Suchi and then Lechu.. they exchanged few happy talks.. and Suchi was really happy to see Radhika's smiley face..  Even though it looked shady being away and alone, her face light up seeing Suchi and Lechu' 


Dev , who was watching TV looked at his mom..


Suchi: hi Dev, did you finish cooking.. ya, I need to step in..


Dev: nope.. everything is ready..


Suchi: good.. and dad


Hearing this Surender: I am here only dear..  just finished the business meeting..


Suchi:  ok then,  let me fresh up quick and let's have dinner, and I need to talk to Radhika too..


They were having dinner..


Suchi: wow! It is really good'.. very tastey..


Dev felt happy and was about to say thanks' ..but his dad cut off his talk..

Surender: that is the magic of Chandenpur veggies..


Dev fused his lips, and looked at his dad pathetically.. he heard Radhika's voice


Radhika: ha, aunty' ...  but then she saw the stern look from Suchi , she said.  'ha  Ma'  now you will agree right,  see our veggies are so pure..  that is why this taste..


Surender looked at Suchi when he heard Radhika calling her by Ma..  Suchi's eyes smiled in reponse to her  husband's look,.    


Dev stopped eating and looked at everyone..

Lechu: Really, actually I don't like vegetable curry, especially if it is Bro's product, but this is really good..


Dev shook his hand thinking  'enough, no more Chandenpur magic talk here.."  but then..


Surender: even the water has a special taste back in there' ... here everything chlorine smell' ... Thank you so much Radhika for bringing all these here..


Dev: ha, next time bring a barrel full of water too..


Suchi with a warning tone: Dev'


Radhika: that's OK Ma..  may be  he is not liking the taste..


Suchi: ha, it is always like that, when you cook na, you won't feel the taste.. Dev, eat beta.. the veggies are really good, you don't need to mind the taste of it.. actually we should have tried it raw only'


Dev's blood was boiling inside'... saying to himself ' enough.. she didn't even come down to check once, or didn't even help by picking  up a spoon.. and all the praise goes to Radhika  and Chandenpur..


Lechu: bro, did you say something..


Dev just nodded his head in disagreement..


Surender: Dev, you better eat, otherwise you will end up doing the dishes too..


That just prompted one more time in his head, within minutes, his plate was empty and he left the seat..

Suchi, Surender, Lechu  and Radhika just looked at him with parted lips..


Radhika went with Lechu to her room..   Suchi and Surender were talking something generally.. The phone rang..  It was from Chandenpur..  after few talks..  Suchi called out for Radhika..but the girls didn'r hear..  Dev was watching TV..


Suchi: Dev, take the receiver from Dad's office and give to Radhika..


Dev: why?


Suchi; its from Chandenpur and you know the girls are sitting inside , so may not hearing my voice..


Dev:  I can call them down..


Suchi; no, just pick that receiver and give it to her..


Dev:oh.. ok..


He reluctantly went and picked up the receiver.. while passing he heard Suchi saying..: ya, she is better this time'


Dev went upstairs and knocked the door but they were not answering.. he found it locked.. he realized there is something secret going on inside.. he got curious and kept his ears near the door.. all he could hear was a feeble sound of some songs..  "are they watching TV, but no they don't have a TV inside' hum.. may be youtube'


He came down saying they are not opening the door..


Suchi: what!


Dev: ha, I called so many times but they are not listening to me..


Suchi  said to Daadi: Dev is here, I am giving to him..   dev looked at her stunningly.. Suchi took the receiver from  Dev and handed over the one in her hand and went upstairs'   Dev  was talking to Daadi generally..


Suchi went to girls room, by then, they stopped dancing and opened the latch and went and was discussing on it..


Suchi saw the open flap of door, she looked down at Dev's head thinking why he said like that.. she went in and gave the phone to Radhika..  its your daadi..

 Radhika grabbed the phone from Suchi with an ear to ear strech of her lips and she moved to a corner and said.    'muummmmmaaaaa', my cutiepie..  I miss you',  her voice started feeling wet again', she tried to talk further but then the words got stuck in her throat'   


Daadi: Radhika',  Radhika', are you there beta..


A feeble sound of ..  'um" heard on the other end..


Daadi: me too miss you baby, but don't worry,  this time  I will send Birju early ,ok..


Radhika: um.. tell Birju bhayya that I love all the gift he brought me.. and tell him that I am wearing the chain that he brought me..

Daadi: hum.. aur..


Radhika: aur ..maa kaha hei ?


Daadi: dethi hum, ek minute..


But then Daadi: beta,  wait a second, where is Dev, actually I was talking to him only.. did he go..


Radhika looked around: oh so you were talking to him..  no he is gone, Suchi ma only brought the phone to me' 



Daadi: but I was' anyway, leave that , say goodnight to him, ok..


Radhika: ha daadima.. Dadi; ok , I am giving to Rohini..


The talk went ton.. Radhika talked to her mom, listened to her mom, standing in a trance looking at the darkness..


Dev was still keeping the receiver near to his heart.. 


Surender: Dev', is everything ok..

Dev: ha.. dad..  he kept the receiver back on the rack' and went and  sit on the sofa as if watching TV.. he was unable to concentrate, but he tried hard'..


Suchi came down saying..: Poor Radhika, she started crying again..


Surender: but she looks much better..


Suchi: yap.. but after talking to  Rohini, now she is in tears. She is trying to control it, but I know, she is crying inside..


 Dev was listening to their conversation'.. but acted like watching TV.

Part-19;  ye, please yaar click that like button.. pleeeesee...

so how was it, did you like it.. then press that like button na... pleeeeeessseeeee 'begging'







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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
aaaawwwwwwwww, now i feel like crying. radhika was getting dev's praise and radhika's feeling home sick, i feel sorry for them. dev's getting feelings. oooooooooooooooooooooo. hehe.
i love the update. please please update ASAP

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Devika really had fun reading them now is Dev ko Kuch kuch ho raha hai.what about Radhika.still she is unaware and not having any feelings.Big smileLOL You can update any number of parts we will have fun reading them Devika.Big smile

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Gosh Devika...  you are going with superwoman tempo...  You really have super writing power lady..  I salute you..  loved the updates..
Dev did not like her blurting out..  hmmm  being possessive??  Good signs..   Lage raho dev beta... pyar to hona he hai...
Thank you loved it di

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loved ur update devika...

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