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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
Diiii part 15 and 16 was fab just loved it was so touching I feel so sorry missing that funnr rads but it will take some time 4 her update soon and thanks 4 the pm sorry 4 the late reply but made it noe

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Cute update Radhika feeling homesick and dreaming about her house.

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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
loved it. waiting for more

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Interesting update.  From a vibrant Radhika to a sober Radhika  till she setlles down in Delhi, before long she can once again switch back to her old self.  Look forward to Dev-Radhika interaction.

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vinianil Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2009
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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Thanks Devika for quick updates... Poor Radhika now  she  is away from everybody  was really touching... Liked the way Surender  and Suchi treat her they understand   her feelings  very good...But   no Radev momentsCry..

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Aisha_k Goldie

Joined: 12 November 2010
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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 9:51am | IP Logged
luved the updateClap.. actually i was expecting dev to pick up rads from colg Wink i knw it is bit earlierWink... i can understand  rads feeling homesick even i m sailing in the same boatCry..... nyways dev is the one who can give us back our chirpy .... bubbly.... radsWink

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

Thank prakrimichimarti_rubisonia122sweetrose92vinianilradhika5radha_bilaharisugarandspicechipaknycsweetiechalhov

 You for liking the previous part..

@nycsweetie: thank you . Hope you will like upcoming part too..

@sonia: hum.. radev conversation…  I am in truocle.. but will try soon.. I want them to talk too.. but my fingers are not ready yet, may be from part-18 some interactions.. 

@palak: dear, thank you. Glad to know that you found time to read all the updates..   didn't see your update for long, hopefully it is coming soon..

@chalov; yes, she is homesick.. but at the end of every week she has the hope to reach her home.. so happy, sad combo for few days from now onwards.. but hopefully she will come out from it soon..

@madhu; thanks Madhu.. yes more coming..hope you will like it.

@Radha-bilhari: it takes some time to reach there, for now as you said sober Radhika, and she will come out from it..  Dev's family support is there.. so she will come out of it to older version ..

@Vinianil: Radev moemts will start from end of next part.. so hopefully you will like it..  Dev is going to get the jhadka.. soon.. so  hope something will happen soon..

@imrati: oh dear.. he is still there,. So he will definitely get a chance to pick up Radhika from college..   first I want her to get settled there..

Radev journey starts from next update.. from the end part.. so I hope you will like it..

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 2:27pm | IP Logged


Radhika was sitting near the window side, looking outside  garden.. She saw the green grass lawn, and the neatly  stone paved walkways in between, the grasses were holding the misshaped unevenly arranged stones in place.. she saw the garden lights at definite distance from each other. There were roses planted in pots and kept nicely along the edges.  She saw  the small ups and downs within that cemented wall feance.  In the middle she could see a white garden swing , also near there was a two garden chairs with a table in the middle..    how well they are utilizing the little space for their own comfort.. she got amazed by the art.. 


"what you are looking at ?'.. the loving voice of Suchi brought Radhika back into reality..  she turned and tried to smile at Suchi..


'nothing, was looking at the garden.., it is really beautifull".. Radhika replied..


 Suchi: "hum.  Then why you are sitting inside, go out and see it well'..


Radhika: no , actually I was getting ready to college, but then roses caught my attention..'.


'Suchi:  "that is why I didn't see you downstairs, you didn't come for the morning tea, do you usually won't drink, or is it just because you are here.."


Radhika:  "nothing like that aunty'..


Suchi: "here, I brought the tea for you now.. and ha, from tomorrow, come down when you wake up , ok.. it is nice to see my kids face in the morning.. usually I won't get that luck,  as I need to go in between if I get calls from the Hospitall.'.. her brows twitched as she saw her flushed face..  she came near Radhika and looked at her face'  she touched her chin and raised her face up and said.." you were crying .."


Radhika tried to cover herself..:  no aunty,  I think I slept hard.. so only..


Suchi held her upper arm..; don't try to hide it from me Radhika.. I can see it clearly, so only you didn't come down, right?"


Radhika: no actually..


Suchi with a soft voice  :  Radhika, don't try to find any reason  with me, I can see it clearly..  before becoming a mom, I was also a girl just like you, and I know how hard it is to being away from our own family..,  I can understand your feeling, so no more hidings..  this is your house only beta, whether you accept it or not,  for Surender and me you are our daughter..  we never thought of Dev's girl anytime in our mind or in our talk. But  our trip   happened to be for that..  You are now part of this family..  You are not a guest here, this is your home. And I love you so much.. esliye, hosake tho aaj se, aunty nahi, maa kehkar bulayegi mujhe..   but its all up to you beta..   theek hei.."  .. Radhika just listened to her looking into her eyes.. tear drops started filling her eyes again,. But she managed to control it..  Suchi just leaned little up and placed a warm kiss over her forehead.. and then  with a smile tapped on her cheek and went out from the room'   Radhika just watched her walking away.


Driver dropped Radhika and Lechu at their respective college.  Sarada was Suchi's best friend and she was sharing her family stories with her.. Sarada got excited to see Radhika '  Time passed by..   days passed by..   Radhika was so excited to see Birju, she said bye to everyone quick and went and sat inside the car..   Suchi was smiling happily seeing her smiley face after so many days.  Dev was out with his friends.. Radhika said bye to Surender the day before itself , as he went to Australia ; business trip...  only Lechu had a sad face, but she tried to manage it saying.. next time I will also go to Chandenpur and  Suchi agreed..


Lechu first time felt all alone, all these evenings went quick as she was chatting with Radhika and showing her the secret, Radhika correcting her.. but now, she felt all alone..   she went to her mom's room, and found her in deep thought..


"Mom, are you feeling bored too.., she shouldn't have gone, right?".. Lechu's voice broght her back into reality..


Suchi extended her arm out calling her into her lap.." why? what happened?"


Lechu went and laid on the bed near to her.. " no, mom, I am feeling so bored.."..


Suchi: you need to study , right?


Lechu: ha.. Mom, tomorrow I am going to Neena's place..  we need to work on a group project..

Suchi; ok beta.. now you sleep , ok..


Sushi stroking onto Lechu's little hair..slip back into her thoughts..  she is not seeing the talk, or any kind of communitcation between Dev and Radhika..  He knew she is going today, still he didn't show up, and Radhika even not bothered to ask about him.. but that is not her fault, she is already homesick, missing everyone and first time away from home..  its expected.. but Dev.. does he likes her? He has few friends, but I don't think he is in relationship with any one. He is not that kind of a boy.. even when girls comes to congratulate him when he used to win the tournaments, he just say thanks and more was looking at my happiness,and cheering with lechu.. and few of his friends Ramesh, Satheesh, Maria, Sindhu, Roopa'... but they all are just friends..  Radhika is very beautiful, one will surely keep their eye on her..  but then what is his issue.. he knows we all love her..especially after Granny's wish, he knows it is decided..  then  why he is not showing  any feelings towards her.. or are they not getting any time to communicate each other..  and whenever his visa get ready, he will fly off, so before that I need to get to know their mind..  '   she looked at Lechu's sleeping face and with a smile moved her to the side and put the pillow under her head.. she went and checked on  Dev..  he was working with his laptop..


He went and sat near him..' is everything going ok..?'


Dev: " ha mom.., I think it is easy to get admission there than trying over here..  I mean, it seems like..'


Suchi: do you really need to go beta..


Dev looked at his mom's face..:.. mom, this is just for one year, and it is my dream to study in one of the reputed University in the world.. yes Mom, Stanford is my dream place to study, finally it is happening..  then why you are saying this now..' Dev asked in a doubtful voice..


Suchi tried to bring a forceful smile:  yes Dev  I know, I just asked..  and I can see how hard you are trying for it. So I am sure you will get everything done soon..  but I am thinking what if you feel homesick just like Radhika..  '


Dev didn't say anything, his eyes moved to the bedspread..   Suchi watched his expression..


Dev: I don't know mom, why you are saying this.. you don't want me to leave..

Suchi: nop, not that beta,  I want you to go and persue your dream..  but for Radhika it is just 5 days issue, and she can go to chandenpur, but what if it happens with you, will you come back on weekends..


Dev put his laptop away and went near her and circled his arms around her shoulder..: I will surely miss you all Mom, but I won't be able to come like that. But I will surely make calls everyday..   and I have a request. ..  mom, don't ever talk like this to me..  it feels bad.. .. I think these all because of Radhika..  let her come back, I will ask her'"


Sushi:  no, don't, she is a very nice girl, she is already missing her home, and if you say something like this na, she will definitely cry off..


Dev: who Radhika?!!.. never'


Radhika: no beta, you don't know, I saw her eyes every morning..  but anyway, leave that now' you continue what you are doing.. I am feeling tired. And also expecting call from hospital today.. so I better go to bed..  saying that she moved from his hold and walked away saying good night..


Dev sat back and he understood why his mom mentioned Radhika's name, because he wasn't there when she left'...  but then why should I be there'..  suddenly a message poped up and he saw Ramesh online saying hi.. so he started chatting with him..

Suchi was passing near  Radhika's room.. she paused for a second and then decided to go in.. she went in and about to turn to walk away, her eyes caught the sight of a message..   she  curiously went near and picked it up .. It was the picture of Sundari with his little ones and surprisingly it addressed to "MoM'..   an unknown smile appeared on her face , she read the message in a piece of paper..    'I know you will come to check on me, so this is for you' '


The phone was sounding downstairs..  Suchi heard it after two three rings.. she looked at the time and something flashed her in her mind.. she paced out from Radhika's room, keeping Sundari's picture in her hand to pick the phone..


Dev was hearing it too.. he rushed to the receiver and picked it..  before he could say something..


"uummmmmmmmmma'.  I am back here.. you don't know how happy I am feeling'  I am not on my feet'...  I will give to mom, you talk to her OK..  you don't know how many are waiting for me here, they all are happy'.   Bye, see , mom is here, I am giving to her.. ok'also.. did you get my message.. do you like it.. and I am sure, you like it'. Ok..ok.. giving to mom, one minute..".. she said everything in one breath and  the excited voice of  Radhika trailed off'...   Dev stood in shock...'

 Suchi came near the phone and saw flushed face of Dev, standing in almost shock...


Suchi  :  who is it?.  She didn't get any reply..     Dev.. dev..


'Hu'' he jerked.. 


Suchi: kya huva? Whio is online?


Suddenly he heard Rohini's happy voice..  " hello.."


Without saying anything he handed the phone to Suchi and walked out in trance.. 

Suchi took the phone from him and looked at his strange behavior..and said: hello


Rohini: did you hear how excited she is.. thank you so much Suchi, she is not giving any of us any chance to talk..  she is just keep on talking about Lechu and you only..   its like she is coming after so many years..

Suchi's eye lashes flickered with a naughty smile as if she understood the reason for Dev's strange behavior..


Rohini: hello , are you there..

Suchi:  ha, I was actually listening to the loud noises there, and of course I can imagine how excited she is...   aur bolona.. 

Rohini: here it is like a festival..  she is jumping up and down.. Rahul was so gloomy for a week, now he is also very happy.. and then with a teary voice she said..: thanks Suchi.. for taking care of her with so much love..


Suchi: she is my daughter, so no more thanks..  but don't forget that she needs to be here on monday... ok..


Rohini: ok baba..  convey our regards to everyone' ... oh oh.. one minute,,, Rahdika is coming..

 Suchi smiled again..:

Radhika:  "did you get my message?"

Suchi: hum..  so do you like it..


Rahdika: hum'... but I like it if you call me by that, instead of writing it down..


Radhika: thanks Ma..


Suchi smiled ear to ear: love you beta.. and take care..

 Radhika: um'..  say Hi to Lechu too..

Suchi: sure, she is sleeping..  I will tell her..  aur kuch'..


Radhika: ha, Uncle ko bhi..

Suchi: uncle nahi.. Papa..


Radhika: hu.. Papa ko bhi..


Suchi: aur..


Radhika: ummmmm'.... aur.. aur.. aur kuch nahi.. mei jaa rehe hum.. Babuji brought sweets..  I will call you tomorrow aunty..



Radhika: sorry, Mom..


Suchi: hum..  good night

Radhika: good night..


Suchi kept the receiver down..and she walked towards her room, but then she saw Dev still standing near the steps in deep thought looking at her..


Suchi: Dev is everything Ok?..

Suddenly he unknowingly rubbed on his right cheek and said: ha mom.. kyum..?


Suchi: Kuch nahi Beta, bas, your cheeks looks blushed..


Dev: what? No no.. I was feeling itchy, .....  he rubbed his cheek again. little hard.


Suchi: itchy?!!!


Dev: I think dust..


Suchi:  what dust? Where  from raciever? Strange!!.. then  your ear should be itching, right?, but you are rubbing your cheek..


Dev: vo vo.. kuch nahi mom.. good night and he climbed the stairs fast..


Suchi ..hum.. something is wrong, I never seen him like that.. did Rohini tell him something.. no I didn't see him talking.. he picked the phone while I was nearing it only and gave to me once I asked him.. I didn't see him talking.. then what is it?  Anyway whatever'  she went to her room..

Dev sat on his bed, still in sight shock..   he has seen the girls passing him flying kisses, and loudly calling out with kiss while he walk down in his college corridor and sports stadium.. He has a peculiar character that he  mingles with his friends only.. he won't even bother to know what is happening next door. But this'... this.. but she actually gave that to mom only.. but she should ask na.. she didn't even dare to wait for the response from here.. the second she realized somebody picked the phone, she just gone to give a chumma'...  how can she do that..    he slowly picked one rounded pillow and hugged that over his abdomen.. still thinking..  'how can she act like that? What else I should expect from her.. I know how impulsive she is, I have seen her in  that attitude.. but still when she is making a call to others house, why can't she just wait to listen to the response.., why I am thinking of her like this now..  Oh God.. may be because I am still holding  her  sound with me.. maybe I should let it go free'..    '  Dev was feeling very uneasy.., he went to bed hugging the pillow near his chest'.. 


While Radhika's heart was pounding loud with happiness',...  

Part 18  Please don't forget that like button...
so I hope now it will come out with more Radev interactions.. I think.. will catch you all soon..
Take care
Shocked don't forget that like button, that is my only hope...Cry  please..

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