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chipak Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:30am | IP Logged

Wud u belive if i say i expected this..not her going for studies with them but the proposal for marriage and that too from granny..Loved it.

Now will look for their real world journey in Ur Dream world..can sense lots of tu tu mein meinWink

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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Wow! eager to knw whts going to happen nxt...nice devika

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Awwww! dat was sooo cute! hmmmm i love Granny! hehehe! i can't wait for the next part!

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Nice update Devika..Hope will be getting more arguments and scenes of Dev and Radhika in next part...Dadi is superb...Hug

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Thank you

@nysweetie: thanks dear.. hope you will like next part too

@radhika-5: Rohini is Radhika's mom..  she was ready to fight but the scene took over by Mohan and even though she is naughty, she listens and respect her father's talk.. so only she kept quiet, but then Granny didn't give her any chance to respond…  so only …

And life in Delhi starting with part 13…..  hope you will like it..

@chalhov: so you did read the last two sentences.. yes dear, your thought is right..

@Radha; yes, its all predicted and as expected..      I need to move on, right?.. so..

@sonia; Dev and Radhika's story is going to be different here. Yes, their fight may continue.. but after a leap of few weeks or a month…  Dev should go back na..  coming up next

Chipak:yes dear.. grany is the one who can unite them, rest of the crew is aaj ka zamana ka log hei, they think of kids wish, but for granny, she don't need their approval,…  hope you will like next part..

@madhu: thanks Madhu.. what's next.. a leap of time.. ready for it, then it is coming shortly..

@guraniti: thanks dear..i loved her so much too..  but did you read the last lines.. read it again… may be you will get some clue..

Thanks dear for such lovely comments. It is good to know you expected the turn, btu did anyone read through the  last two lines. I doubt. Yes, chalhov, you did, but otherwise… ready for next part.. Dev and Radhika's story is predictable, they should be together in whatever circumstances.. but what will happen now..  will they accept each other…   let see,,,.. next coming up soon…


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vinianil

Nice update Devika..Hope will be getting more arguments and scenes of Dev and Radhika in next part...Dadi is superb...Hug
thank you dear... fight... may be, or may not be.. let see.. coming up soon...
Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 12:03pm | IP Logged


As usual the Delhi was glittering under its street lights. People busy getting back into their homes. The roadside shoppers were busy packing vegetables  for its customers. The lady in yellow saree paid after a small bargain.


Shopkeeper: what is this behana,  everyday you bargain and get in a cheep rate, we need to survivie , right..?

Lady: ha Bhayya, kya kare, we also need to survivie right.. this is only for tomorrow, roz aap ke dookan se he khareed rehe hum na, tho kuch tho adjust karna chahiye ki nahi..


 Mohan was smiling looking at the scene, sitting inside the tinted glass car, and was smiling to himself..

"what did you see so special that you  are smiling to self.."


Surender's voice brought him back into senses..  and then with a smile  " nothing, seeing how people are arguing with the prize of that dried vegetables..    if you need to keep the  freshness of all this you need to be in  Chandenpur only.."


Surrender: that is right,  but we also have to survive, right?


Mohan:  no need, from next week onwards the  fresh veggies will come in front of your door steps'


Surrender: that is Ok.. you know what, now our digestive system got used to all these, kuch bhi chalega bhai'  but you said right, to feel the real taste one need to be in Chandenpur only'  if you bring the veggies all the way from there to here,  it won't taste the same..


Mohan: hum.. true.. the air in chandenpur also has the magic..

They both laughed with that comment..

They reached home.. 


Suchi: I think they are here..

Rohini smiled : how much time they took..

Suchi with a smile: thanks to Delhi traffic..

Lechu went and opened the door' 

Suchi: so all is well..


Surecder: yes'  and then looking at Rohini: don't worry at all, everything is fine. We met Principal in person, and discussed Radhika's admission.. did all the paper work.. so far everything is going fine.. get ready to send her in one month..


They all came and seated on the sofa..   Lechu went and sat near Surender and he put his arm over her shoulder


Rohini: ha,  bhai saab' anyway, one day she need to pack up, I never thought it will come this soon..   with a tinge of sadness in her tone..


Suchi: you are saying as if you are doing bidaadii of your daughter.. she is just coming for her studies..


Rohini: I know suchi, but still, she never been away from home, so I  am so tensed..


Surender: don't worry, she is coming here na, that also to our house, and yeha pe usko koi kami nahi hone doonga'   theek hei..


Rohini: I know  that..  I am not saying about that'


Mohan: Rohini can you please stop this worry..


Rohini making a kiddish face: ha, I will stop worrying, I know how you are feeling..  keeping everything inside in the name of her studies..  


Suchi: ok ok..  anyway it is only 2 more year and then she will be back to chandenpur only, right..


Lechu: how come mom,  so when is the marriage.. I am actually getting ready for that..

Suddenly a silence covered the atmosphere'.   Everything went so fast that nobody talked about it afterwards..

But then the bell rang and Lechu ran to open the door and Dev stepped in..


He said Hi to everyone as he walked in..  and met with everyone's serious face..


Dev with a doubt: what happened? Is everything is OK?


Suchi scripted back:  ha ha.. beta, so how was your rehersal..?

Dev: fine mom'  and yes, Dev is going to perform on big B's number'  my dreamwork


Lechu: I am so proud  of you my Bro.. I never thought my long leg bro can dance too..


Dev tried to cover his uneasiness hearing that statement in front of everyone and said:  Dev ko kuch bhi naa munkin nahi hei..

Lechu: I  know, that is why I am so excited to watch it..


But then they saw Sushma coming out from Lechu's room,  and came and sat near Suchi.


Rohini: how are you feeling now.?


Sushma: hum'  thoda sa better..     then looking at Surender.." bhai Jaan, how you people are surviving here.. I just came this morning only, and see I already got sick'. This head ache na'.     saying that she touched her forehead again..


Suchi: Let me get the dinner ready.. may be after eating you will feel better.


Saying that Suchi went to kitchen.. looking at everyone Dev quickly followed her.. Suchi was getting the plates out..


"mom, let me help you"..  Dev stretch out to get the plates down'  suchi just looked at him and went to check on the curry..  he went near his mom.. and


"Suchi'  actually what hahhened?"..  dev asked in a soft serious tone..

Suchi in a serious tone:  what?

Dev: no Suchi, when I came in everyone was looking so serious? What happened? 


Suchi paused for a second:  nothing '    saying that she continued to get the curry in a bowl..


Dev:  So Radhika didn't get the admission?   He asked in a soft confusing voice..


Suchi paused again: who said that?


Hearing this Lechu: bro, don't worry, Radhika deedi ko admission mila hei.. she is coming in 1 month.. I am so excited.. finally I am getting some company here'


Suchi: Lechu, take this to the table and arrange the plates..


"let me help you too''  rohini's voice followed .   and seeing Dev taking plates from the rack..  "wow, that is nice to know..  first time I am seeing a boy inside the kitchen..'


Suchi: Dev likes it.. , he likes to irritate me.. , .   he used to help me than this Lechu.. she is lazy..


Rohini: you know what, in Chandenpur, I don't think any men getting inside the kitchen. They all will wash their hands and come and sit in front of the table and loudly call for their meal'  


Suchi: that is the difference  between town and village..  there you get people for everything.. here we need to do everything by ourself..


Rohini: I can arrange somebody'.


Suchi: no Rohini, we are fine now.. actually one lady comes everyday and does the outside work, and cleaning the floors and all.. Cooking is my part, I likes doing it.. and also Surender prefer that..

Rohini: same like him.. 


The talk went on'   Dev and Lechu helped to get the dinner ready on the table..


Mohan: Dev, why you need to do all these?  And then in his friction voice..: Rohini'


Hearing that call: I am here only..

Mohan: why you are making Dev to do all these.. what are you doing?

Rohini put her finger under her chin: ha ha.. you are asking as if I made him to do it.. Dev is like that, he always helps his mom' in kitchen too.. not like Chandenpur men

Mohan: why you need to talk about Chandenpur men now..

Surender: no no.. don't include all the men in one circle..  I help my wife'   looking at Suchi.." am I right dear?"


Suchi :.. ha..  coming on time for dinner itself is a big help for all of us' 


They all laughed and went on with their talk..



At the same time in Chandenpur


Rahul already slept in his room...  Radhika was laying on Daadi's bed, resting her head on Daadi's lap..  Daadi was reading a book resting her back over the headboard, keeping her one arm wrapping around Radhika's shoulder. Radhika was pulling on her hand to get it more wrapped around her to get the comfort'


She was thinking about the last couple of weeks'  all villagers gathered for Granny's funeral..  Mostly everyone stayed back till the last moment.   Radhika could still see the dark smoke clouds swirling up in air to reach out to the sky'   she was not crying, in face nobody cried.. but everyone was silent..  may be all were remembering all that stories that she told us'   for me the smoke cloud reminded the story of the giant pea plant that  climbed up breaking the sky limit, to reach the giant's place'  maybe Granny's athma also circled along in that clouds to reach heaven..  Chandenpur remained silent for two weeks..  now we are planning to built a monument in granny's name.. the mother of all stories' 


Unknowingly her eyes felt wet. Daadi tightened her forehead as she felt the wetness on her finger'  she closed the book and kept that away.. and  touched her shoulder'


Daadi: what happened Radhika..

Radhika suddenly dried her eyes and said: nothing..  bus yuhi..


Daadi: you were remembering granny..

Radhika just nodded her head layig in same position'


Daadi:  " one day we all will go there only, but still, very few get the blessings from the God to go without suffering"'  and as if in a trance she continued..  " granny was a blessed person, she always  told the stories from her imagination to Chandenpur.. she never depend on any one, . She was healthy for her age.. walking, talking..   and then when her last wish fulfilled she left without giving anybody a hint.. 


Saying that daadi went into silence again'


Daadi: did Rohini called?


Radhika: ha.. 


Daadi: what she said?


Radhika: Dad and uncle went to college and she will call later..


Daadi: hum, so she didn't call after that'

Radhika: mumhum..


"Maaji did call just now and said Radhika got the admission there.. and they are starting tomorrow".. Birju's voice came in..


Daadi: good.. so everything is going as planned. I am glad she got the admission..   then looking at Birju:  now you also go to bed..  ok..


Birju: Theek hei, daadima'   but then looking at  Radhika's posture..  " what happened, Radhika, are you not happy?..  "


Daadi: she is fine Birju, was thinking about Granny..


 A sudden expression of sadness covered his face also'  " Daadi, I am going to bed..'

 Saying that he left'


A voice of a villager singing loud circled the air of Chandenpur'  Radhika got alert, she rose from the bed, and went near the window and listened to him..   daadi also just looked at her posture listening to the song'


The villager was calling out for the peacock to come out and dance , so that monsoon God feel pleased and shower the dried soil with its wet drops. to satisfy the thirst of this dry soil'  he was pleading to bring the  thunder and lightning and to frighten the whole earth, so that they call Your name again'


Radhika still looking into the darkness to hear the voice : " Daadima, what he is trying to say' why he is wishing for the lightning and thunderstorms."


Daadima: so that we all come back to reality and act like normal people'   all this time we lived our life inside a fairy tale.. now we need to come out..   you need to come out'


Radhika looked at her daadima's face..:  me too..

Daadi: ha betiya..  after that day,  I never heard your loud voice, your laughter, your naughtiness'   I know how hard you are feeling..  you need to accept the fact dear'   I know you have grown up with her imagination, but now you should look at your future. You need to listen to your dad's wish. He is doing all this for your best only dear..  I know you don't want to leave chandenpur, but , yes dear, to embrace the happiness of tomorrow, you need to welcome the sourness of today' 


Radhika didn't say anything, she again went and laid back on her daadi's lap. The feeble sound of the village singer still  echoing in the dark air'   Radhika pulled her daadi's hand more into her side , to get the comfort'.   But still she wiped the wetness of her corner with her finger'  

 Part-15.. don't forget the ;like button please..... thanks
so how was it? did you like it.. let me know.. and yes, Next Radhika in Delhi as you all expcted...
Thanks and take care
Devika.. Big smile    


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MysteryGirl101 Goldie

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lovely updateSmile

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