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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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buttercup122 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Sry....For the late repy your fanfic is great and could youplease let me know when you next update is.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 2:46pm | IP Logged

Thank you to all..

@billo: thanks dear  and welcome back and I really hope you will enjoy this ride..  and it is a pleasure to have you on board..   

@nysweety: thank you, hope you will like next part too

@madhu: thanks madhu.. next one coming up soon..

@radev-forever:  Thanks,as you said, yes they need to fall in love and we all know that…  and that is the magic of Dev and Radhika and their relationship..  so hopefully I will be able to bring that part too..

@evasumi: yes,  she is going to Delhi for her studies..  yes, the story is going that way only.. that's the expected turn next… correct prediction… thank you for the lovely comments... 

@guaraniti:thank you dear.. next part coming soon, hope you will like it..

@radha-bilhari: everything is expected with the next part , right.. but except one… let see how everything will turn out to be..

@  readhika 5: yes, I am here only , full time from Wednesday onwards, except on working days..  .. it is snowing heavily here and expected to last till tomorrow morning.. imagine the added 8 to 10 inches.. it is already difficult to take the turns, the hude pile is blocking the vision.. that is the blessing of being in Minnesota… 

@sonia:yes dear.. somebody needs to have an upper hand over other.. right..let see how long it will last..  that is the magic… right.. who win over whom…

Chipak: thanks dear and welcome back.. last time I didn't get enough time to say thanks..  hope you had a wonderful time.. and also the cinderalla story is coming to end , hopefully with next update and all will be brought back in to reality.. so I hope you will like it too..

@chalhov: for how long dear.. let see.. but things are going as you all expected with my touch over it.. so let see how it will turn out to be..

@vinianil: yes Vini, she will go to Delhi..  I also really hope to see a lively Radhika this time.. expectations are going high and I hope the CV team will maintain the  track this time..

@imrati-rubi: yes, prince will take princess with him..but when…need to wait.. for sometime…  he he he he..  and yes she is smart in her own way…

@dairy25: oh yes.. he is not going to waste this opportunity and act all innocent.. he he..   he likes to annoy her for now.. and wants to show his win… but who will win, only next pert can reveal it..

@buttercup: no sorry yaar, it is a pleasure to hear that you liked it and yes I am very glad to send PM..


So yes friends, get ready for the roller costar ride with me..  I am entering freeway from Wednesday,,.. it's  a warning, because try  to catch up with me and it is my responsibility to get you all safe at the destination, I am not seeing much gutters or bumps on the road but still fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

As always

DevikaBig smile


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Suchi got surprised to see Dev coming in with a winners smile on his face.  She looked back , but didn't find Radhika..


Surender:  Where is Radhika..

Dev with  the same smile asked them to look back..

Radhika was stepping in with her forceful feet with the laptop and she found everyone's surprising look over her.. she changed her expression to a forceful smile..  Rohini did notice that extra shining white pearls showing  up with that forceful smile.. 

She kept the laptop on the table and went and sat near Lechu and started chatting with her.. Later they all had dinner and was sitting in the main hall, talking, Granny came and sat in a comfortable chair too.  Surender was talking about Delhi..  and about random business jokes.. Dev was sitting near Suchi's lap, and her hands were massaging over his head..   Lechu snuggled in Sushma's lap and was holding onto her hand that around her shoulder.  Radhika was pressing on granny's legs.. and was looking at Surender's face , listening to the jokes with her smiley eyes.  Rahul was playing with Birju..

Suchi started telling about Sundari's case and the feeling when she realized who really Sundari is'  Dev was getting more closer to Suchi to get the good feel of the massage'

Yeshpal: so did you tell  Radhika about the plan..?

Radhika paused.. she knew what they are going to say next.. she looked at Dev with a hope.. but found him sitting in a relaxed mood near to Suchi..  her eyes wished him to look at her..

Mohan: "not yet.. but she knew'"    Then looking at Radhika.. "Rahdika, here is the good news, you are going to Delhi, to continue your studies.."

Radhika: no babuji' darasal..

Mohan: no I didn't complete .. listen..  Surender can help with everything. So you are going to join for the  masters in computer science back in Delhi..  Got that.. are you happy now..


Radhika: babuji, there are many courses available online.. ask Dev.. he only told me it is good and '

Hearing his name Dev: what , me.. no  uncle, I didn't say anything..

Radhika stood from  the floor: then what did you agree with me over there..

Dev: Uncle she told me to tell that online courses are good, but frankly I have no clue about it..    saying it so innocently  and acted back as if he is enjoying the massage'..

Mohan looked at Radhika with his anger piercing eyes and then said : " Radhika, don't even try for that."   ..but then after a thought with a soft voice he called her near him.. " come here, let me explain this to you.."

Radhika with a sad face, walked towards her dad'

Mohan held her shoulder and brought her more near..  " this is all for your good dear, I can only offer you this, I can get you anything you want, but when you choose, I want you to choose the best.  You are so young, talented, who likes to continue studies..  and it is my duty to fulfill my daughter's ambition , so  now when I am alive, I want to see my girl graduate from a reputed institution.. You always made me feel proud dear, then what is the hesitation  now dear.."   he brought his hand up and held her head and said  "did you get it.."..    A small drop of tear appeared in her eyes and she just nodded her head as the words got stuck in her throat..   first time she stood in front of her dad with a bowed head, unable to word what really she wish to say..  she was unable to realize that feeling, that is stopping her to go away from there.. she only knows, there is some bitter feeling deep inside her heart'  but  then again she looked up and met her dad's face when he told that 'Radhika always listens to me'   proudly tapping onto her shoulder'  she saw her dad's  face beaming with happiness when she agreed with his decision..


Granny: ok ok.. now Radhika , my princess come near to me..

Mohan released her and she walked towards Granny.. she just paused one sec near Dev as she passed him and then looked at him with her corner eye. Dev realized her look on him, but looked at her with a clam face.. 


Granny held her hand and made her to sit next to her : this is for your good dear.. we will miss you but we will be proud when you come out with a smiley face..  aur tho aur.. ledki hei ek din jaana he tho heina....


Radhika didn't say anything, she rested her head on her lap and silently laid there..  Granny thought to herself..  'your Prince is here, and  now the rest of your journey is with him.. if you like it or not or accept him as the Prince of your life or not.."


Granny:  Dev you come here'  hearing that Radhika  lifted her head up from granny's lap . she tried to move away' but granny held her hand' Dev came near Granny.. and sat on the other side.. 


Granny  looked at both of their dace , she held Radhika's hand in her left hand and said '  ' I know you both are angry at each other".. Looking at Radhika she said  " you are still angry with him because he didn't hold you safe when you met him first,   right?..  you wanted your prince to save you, instead he  let you get wet and now again, instead of giving your side, he acted innocent, right'   are you still angry at him.. is it angry or is it a denial to accept him?'"  she looked at Radhika's face for an answer..


Everyone else focused their attention on this couple  and at Granny,  enthusiastically '  and  kept their ears and eyes active.... 

"hum, I guess you don't have any answer for me.., it is ok.."..   then granny taking Dev's hand in  her right hand, looking at Dev's face said  "Dev, you are seeing all of us first time, you might have felt these people here are crazy, right?" .. Sushma's eyes started filling up and it started wetting her cheeks..  Santa Varma   moved more closer to hear it clearly as she realized a strange feeling of heaviness of words in granny's voice..  Surender rested his hands over Mohan's shoulder as he listened to his daadi's serious tone.. Very unusually he has seen that kind of act from her.. very  very rarely.. 

Granny continued..  " you felt strange when you step onto this land, right.. and especially when you heard about my stories.." she looked deep into his eyes and then her wrinkled hands tightened her grip on him and asked   " have you ever thought this old lady is mad..  telling all these fairy tales to these people of Chandenpur..  atleast for a second, did that thought came into your mind'"   Dev was unable to speak.. he never expected her to ask him that. Suchi felt uneasy too with that talk.. she tried to go near, but then Yeshpal, held her hand and requested her to stay with his eyes..  suchi looked at him with her curious eyes and then stopped looking back at Granny..

Granny continued..  " yes dear, whoever wrote all those silly stories,  wrote to bring a smile over a little kids face,  or to give a hope of joy to a kid for few fraction of minute..  and I am sure when you were small you also might have believed in all those or at least in one, and rejoiced yourself in that'   for me, I like the innocence of kids, I love to tell them all those stories, loved to see the growing  imagination in their eyes, and they grow up with my imagination.. but my imagination gone wild when I heard about your birth.. I wish to see your face once,"  ..   then looking at Radhika she said ..  "  my imagination started flying high when my little princess came near with her curious mind and dreamy eyes .."..   then looking back at Dev she said..  "my story became alive when I saw you in front of my eyes,. I saw the sparkling in your eyes.., you are just the same as I imagined all these years, months, and days'"   
 but then looking at everyone she said  'all these years everyone knows and believe the Prince is coming to take his princess away, and now the Prince of my story is here, near to me" she brought his hand up showing it to everyone.. and then she lifted the other hand with Radhika's hand in it.   ." and my princess is here, next to me..  and it is my wish that I join this couple for their rest of their journey and as I mentioned in every story, they will live happily ever after".. saying that she brought both hands together and placed Radhika's hand in Dev's hand and enveloped both their hands within hers..  few drops of tears  from granny's eyes wet their hands' Radhika and Dev looked at their hands within Granny's, and then looked at each other once and then both together looked at Granny's face.. she looked at both with an innocent smile and releasing her hands over theirs, she held both of their shoulder and brought them near to her cheek.  Unknowingly Radhika and Dev rested their cheeks near hers, still holding their hands together.. 


Everyone was looking at the scene stunningly..  Rahul  looked at them without understanding  the meaning of it.. and Sushma held lechu closer to her.. Suchi stood there with her wild eyes, trying to believe everything.. Yeshpal was smiling , controlling his tear dropes, while Mohan held back on Surender's hands..  Rohini held daadi's hand tight...


"thum donom, mereliye, bhagvan Ram or Sita mayya hei.. aur thum donom ke Jodi hamesha Ram aur Sita mayya ke jaise atoot honge'  hei Ram''     Granny's hands slide down slowly from their  shoulder to their back..  Dev and Radhika looked at her.. and saw the completely satisfied smile on her face,  she looked at both of them , her eyes were smiling too' and then slowly she went weaker on her side.. . As a reflex Dev's left arm supported her back and so did Radhika's . They brought her near to them..  taking complete weight on to their arms..    

Part-13.. Don't forget the like button, please
.. who thought this is the end Confused..  no , it is the beginning of the reality.Smile. so time to come out from the fairy tales to the real world...
you might have expected this turn.. yes.. and  i really hope you are still with me.. 
Your words are my inspiration and waiting to hear from you..

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
very nice ...thx for the pm

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
Hi Devika

Just got the pm and read the update...

In your PM you said "coming out of that fairy land"---I am getting more in this fairy tale.
Well, I guess the main part of the story is just about to start----

I had hoped that Radhika would fight back and not give in this easily--but she didn't say anything and Dev also didn't give her a hard time....

and who is Rohini--missed her somewhere along the way...

Can't wait for the Life in Delhi....

(Keep warm, in the midst of snow---a warm cup of hot chocolate, in front of the fire place with this fairy tale--what can is say, as some one once told me--it is "Karma Phala"-)Smile

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
The story moves forward hope nothing happens to dadi.

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Thanks Devika for the pm.  Yes I had predicted that DEv is unlikely to support Radhika  but I am glad she is going to Delhi to pursue her studies.
Ready to move into the real world.

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
nice prtClap...radhika will be mad at dev for not supporting her...may be next time she won't trust him at allLOL

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