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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 December 2010 at 11:29am | IP Logged
lovely update...thx for the pm

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2010 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Loved your updates Devika...espeacially Dev and Radhika's arguments..enjoying very much...

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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Loved it...waitng 4 nxt

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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2010 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Hey Devika !!
wow your FF is amazing !! I said that I will wait until christmas Vacations but couldnt hold myself back Wink..just dont tell my mom LOLConfused..
Coming to your FF ..Its very different and very enjoyable ..I love Radhika character shes so straight up ..So dev is a "Prince " and RAdhika a" Princess"..Awnn how sweet this is all devs dadima stories making the villagers beleive that Prince really exist Smile..It feels like im reading a sweet fairytale ..I really liked Dev and RAdhika first meeting Dev falling in the water ..And Radhika saved herself ..LOL..Dev better prouve himself a real Prince for RAdhika ..Embarrassed..
So Devs dad wants to get Radev married ?...Well I guess we have to wait until these two falll in love ..Wink.
Beautiful updates Devika Thumbs Up

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chipak Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2010 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Yaaaayyy Devika..just came back (but not for longCry) and here i see 5 more updates..yummmmmmmmyyy.
Will read them later n comment on them but before that on Your Dev Radhika picsWink
I liked the first potowa of Dev/Avi in brown shirt...i like him with that look..he loooks too innocent yet very handsome in that. his current Short hairdo (Abhays lookOuch) is also great (did i ever mention he looks great anywaysWink) but i m more with the first oneBig smileBig smile
Ohh this spunky Radhika can only be matched by imarti...Love herXinfinity
Keep going ur fairy taleBig smile

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Aisha_k Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 10:23am | IP Logged
luved the part.... oh there is another similarity bet imarti and radhika ...imarti used to pick pockets.. while radhika is a guava chooorWinkWink...... liked suchi and radhika's conversation

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Radhika looked at him, he was in tears' eyes swollen'

Radhika: what is it kaka? Why you look so concerned?

Kaka: Sudev went to call the doctor but he is not there.. and Sundari is in pain and  we can see the baby.. almost ready to drop down, but it is not happening and we don't know what to do..


Radhika touched his shoulder: don't worry.. but the doctor said after one week , right?


Kaka: ha Beta, but'.


Radhika thought for a second, her eyes fell on Suchi, who was looking at them in concern..


Radhika: don't worry.. doctor heina..  ye, Suchi madam hei..  you don't worry.. I am bringing her.. ok..


Kaka: but..


Radhika: don't worry.. we are starting to there only..


Radhika looked at Suchi: so are you ready..


Suchi: but Radhika..


 But before she could say anything the scooty started moving towards kaka's house' 


Suchi: Radhika' what is happening?  Where you are taking me..


Radhika: you don't worry aunty..  Just hold onto  me tight ok,  we need your help..  I don't know how long Sundari is in pain..  Radhika expressed her concern too in a loud voice'


Rahdika stopped her scooty near Kaka's hut..  few people were around'  mostly ladies..  one old lady came running..


Old lady:  Radhika betiya.. what we will do now.. did you hear that.. the doctor also not there on this time.. and our Sundari..


Rahdika: don't worry kaki, doctor heina mere sath..  Aunty..come, we don't have any time to waste.. ' then looking at the old lady.. "kaki, where is Sundari.."

Kaki pointed to the outside corner..

Suchi's forehead got tightened..her brows arched   'what? why   they have Sundari outside..

Kaki came in front of Suchi and said with teary eyes: may God bless you dear..  Sundari is our bread winner , if something happens to her, then we won't be able to live..


Suchi looked at her again in doubt ..  but then Radhika pulled on her wrist saying.." come ' come.., this way'"


Suchi met everyones pleading eyes as she walked towards the covered area by a torn long cloth..  Radhika stayed back ,  and looked at Suchi with a request to proceed..  suchi looked at RAhdik and with a deep breath she went in..   Suhci's eyes gone wild and she came out within fraction of second and stood in front of Radhika..


Radhika: what happened?


Suchi: Radhika''' sundari'an ewe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Radhika: what happened to Sundari?' suddenly a loud cry heard in their ears and saw kaki, beating on her chest crying out Sundari's name..


Radhika's eyes got filled with tears she looked at Suchi again with a hope..

Suchi held her hand and moved to the corner and said softly: Radhika, Sundari is a sheep and I am not vet.. I never seen one or'


But then one old lady came near: doctor Ji.. please she is in labor for more than an hour now.. the amniotic fluid ( don't know what to say in hindi) is broke long back , and we can see baby's leg.. but it is not coming out.. usually all happens in a natural way.. and this is the first time'  please Dr. ji.. help her'   you will get all the punyas'  please.. please..and her wrinkled dried skin grabbed suschi's hands and looking at Radhika's face, suchi walked along with the lady to the covered area.. Suchi felt so weightless as she walked along with that old lady' 


Radhika folded her both hands and was praying hard inside  


Suchi surprised as the old lady handed the long gloves to her to wear..

Old lady: we have a very good doctor  here. So he keep his box to be used at the time of emergency.. unfortunately he is not there today..  our prayers are with you doctor.. Just go ahead..


Suchi with little hesitation wore the gloves and looked at the sheep.. and looked at the animal tear trailed face.. and then praying to God almighty, she went back and checked the situation'  She slowly put her hand in (the entrance to a ewe's reproductive tract is usually roomy and well lubricated ) and felt the baby parts ( after all she is a gynic doctor, so she has some knowledge)'   and then slowly tried to pull the baby out and as the ewe felt the force on her womb and tried to push again'  and there the miracle happened, and the baby was out..   Suchi felt a big relief as she saw the baby out with a life in it..    The old lady felt so happy.. she ran out to give the good news..   Suchi was feeling the relief.. but then to her surprise the other two black tiny legs poped out, and the baby fell onto the ground.. she looked at Sundari'.   She was about to move from there, the other two tiny legs showed and that also fell down.. tear started coming out from Suschi's eyes' she went to the front and looked at Sundari's eyes as it was trying to strain again'   the thick hay was able to hold the fourth little one safe in its warmth'


The old lady came back and found the four little one struggling to be getting up on its feet..

Old lady went and held Suchi's hand: You are the God for us today'


Suchi saw all the courteous gestures as she stepped out..  she washed her hands off' Radhika was standing there looking at Suchi, Suchi just came near and hugged her tight and happy tears were rolling down her eyes'


Radhika smiled too with thanking the Lord..


But then, they were started distributing the sweets and then everyone started  rejoicing and  Suchi saw how thankful the family is  for her help.. within minutes, villagers started flowing in.. and they were circling Suchi with thanks'  she realized how important these animals are in their lives..   she also joined in their happiness.


 Meanwhile in Haweli.. sushma was talking with Dev, asking about his studies and all.. Lechu was feeling better. Surender went to meet Mohan..  Rohini  and Daadi came in also with some sweets. Granny was taking rest.. the general talk was going on.. Daadi was glancing at dev every now and then.  Lechu was just a chatterbox and was talking about their Delhi life and the difference ..  Sushma was trying to do nice pleats with her hair..


Sushma: no wonder daadi addressed your hair as rat tail..

Rohini: Rat tail.!!.

Sushma: "look at this"..  .. holding  the short hair of Lechu in hers


Lechu: I know, I saw Radhika deedi's hair/.. it is so long na'


Rohini: you know  why it is so long.. you know how much  care she is giving to it.. 


Lechu: does she won't cut her hair at all?

Rohini: yes she does..  but it grows really faster..

Lechu: so she liked her long hair, how does she manage it..

Daadi: it is long because if she happened to be locked in a roof top room, and  if that castle doesn't have any door, then when the prince comes, she can put it down and the prince can climb holding onto it..  Daadi was cornering her eyes onto Dev as she was telling this..


Lestening to that Dev disappeared from there..   he leard Lechu's loud laugh.. and he could hear the feable sound of their story telling and Radhika's actions as princess'


Dev was hearing this from the moment he stepped on to this village. He came here for fun,, to enjoy the village.. but it all happened in a totally different way'  the whole world changed in front of him.. the environment is just suffocating him.. he wanted to go back.. to his world..  but he saw villagers now acting normally.. they are not saying anything.. now it is just his near ones and Radhika's daadi..  why?.. he rememberd his dad's talk the other night.. he wants to join Radhika and me together. But I am not here for that.. I need to go, I have a dream..   suddenly he remembered something and took his cell out and stared calling his friend..  a smile appeared on his face as he got the connection..   he talked about college and was talking about a project they suppose to submit next week..


Dev.." thanks  Ramesh, I totally forgot it.. I need to work on it.. let me check on it..  he went and opened his laptop'

Time was passing by and  Radhika was driving back to Haveli.. 

Suchi sat in silent'    as they reached home, they found everyone standing anxiously.. Mohan and Rohini were also there '  Dev was almost standing near the road , and as he saw the scooty he came back to home saying they are coming..


As Radhika stopped the scooty, Suchi got down and without saying anything she went in..    Surender looked at Suchi's face with ahappy smile but got disappointed seeing her silent look Confused and passing by..  Dev just followed his mom..



They looked at Radhika, she was coming with 110voltageBig smile smile on her face'

Rohini: what happened Radhika.. why suchi is looking so silent ..


Radhika: what.. no she is Ok.Tongue.

Mohan: no Radhika, she didn't even talk to us anything..

Surender was in so tension that he just followed his wife quickly and met her in room.. Dev was standing by.. Sushi was grabbing onto new dress to get fresher..

Surender: what happened Suchi? Are you ok?

Suchi put the dress down and went near Surender and then loosely hugged him and tears started coming out from her eyes..


SUrender: please tell me what happened?

He was strolling over her head, with a hope to know what happened..

Dev was unable to take it anymore.. he dashed out from there with an angry face and making a fist.. but as he reached out he saw Radhika sitting over the railing with her legs criss crossed and was smiling wide and he saw everyone smiling too'


Dev controlled his emotion and went near to Radhika: what happened to my mom? in a very serious tone, as if controlling his anger...


Radhika looked at him curiously.. the smile disappeared..: "what happened to aunty?"

Dev: so you don't know?


Radhika: no, she was fine all this time..  did you say something to her?


Dev: I need to ask you that?

Radhika stood from the railing and  a forceful gasp of air expelled through her corner lips:  Aunty was so happy all this time.. and I didn't say anything to her.. and then passing him' " where is aunty? Let me see'" she went in.. but then surrender came out with a serious face.. Radhika paused as she saw surender in front of her..   surender tried to bring a smile on his face and then just hugged Radhika..and brushed her hair saying  : thank you beta..


Dev stood in shock'


Radhika turned and looked at Dev..


Sushma: don't worry Radhika.. Dev was already in a bad mood as his laptop is not working,  he has to do some important college work..


Radhika went near Dev: so if that is the problem, you should tell me that?..ok..

I can solve your problem.. come with me..


Dev looked at her again in shock: you need a laptop, that's all right.. Come with me..


Dev in a soft irritating kiddish voice : 'no I have a laptop, somehow the internet connection is not there.."


Radhika: that is what I said.. simple, come with me.. and take your laptop too..


Surender: Dev, go..


Dev with no other choice agreed'  he went to get his lap top ,as he came down he saw his mom all fresh'.

Dev went near his mom..: what happened Mom? Why did you cry?

She tried to smile and held his shoulder and said everything that happened '


Dev felt happy and he just hugged her '.  : I am so happy for you mom..


Suchi: hum'

They went out to the main hall.. Radhika went near to Suchi: "you are ok right/? see , look.. aunty is smiling.. you people scared me," .. and then looking at Suchi.. " they all lined up to question me as if I did something wrong.."


Suchi: no you didn't do anything wrong.. But today is the most memorable day of my life and thank you so much for giving me that'  she tried to hug Radhika..

Radhika: no baba, let me also go and get fresh up' and then looking at everyone, ' are you all coimg to there or going to meet here' '


Mohan: do you have any choice..

Radhika: nope, but I need some final prep to do for tomorrow's event..  almost everything is ready..


Surender looked at Radhika in question..

Suchi: I will tell you' with a smile..

Rohini: ok Beta, then you guys go and I will let you know about dinner plan..


Radhika and Dev was walking out but then radhika heard Sushma's voice..

Sushma: Suchi, did you had anything for lunch..

Radhika paused..

Suchi: yes.. you know what I had.

  Radhika's face tightened as the thought of suchi's answer...  she walked back towards Sushma quick..

Radhika: ha.. I was with aunty na, I won't let aunty feel hungry.. from  ramukaka's field I got guava for her and aunty liked it' right..  with a fear trailing voice..

Suchi looked at her..


Rohini: ok now, I got it.. did you pluck..

Radhika ran near Rohini and covered her  mouth with her hands..: No.. you are not going to ask anything further.. ok.. aunty tell na, you had guava and it was  tasty, right?

Suchi:.. ha..

Radhika: now ladies go and prepare for dinner, we will come back as soon as he finish his work.. ok..


Sushma: ok baba..


Radhika was walking towards the scooty..

Dev: no no.. not in your scooty,,

Radhika: don't worry,  ask your mom, I am a good driver..


Dev: no, not in scooty..


Radhika: are you scared?

Dev: "no I am not.". .. suddenly he found an excuse..   "see I have my laptop with me.. so I want that to be safe.."


Radhika: ok then, let's walk..


Dev: no, its little way.. Dad, give me the key'?


Suchi went in and brought the key..


Surender: good,  because chander left the next day and we didn't even touch it after coimg here'  so ..


Radhika with doubting voice: you know how to drive, right?


Dev looked at her with his irriated eyes....

Dev: no, I don't know.. so let see'  for now, just hold this safe and sit silently in that seat..ok..


Radhika held the laptop in her hand and sat in front seat.. Dev looked at everone and sat on the driver seat.. and with a smile to everyone he ignated the engine'  and then a sirk smile played on his corner lips....

Part-12 : Don't forget the like button pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
****************************** thank you friends.. I am back into square one.. yes chalhov.. the big mouth of reaserch is open... this time utilization and need to submit a big assignment on this thursday and not yet started.. so will catch you all soon.. till then
P.S: If aamir can build and do a vaccum delivery and show to billions of people around the worldConfused.. i think my gyni Suchi can help an ewe with her pain.....  don't you think so......Wink   sorry no Pm this time., because of Sleepy goodnight..

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Devika u r creating interesting situations do carry on.

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