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The night was colder than Dilli. Suchi dried her hands on a  white towel as she was walking towards the bed.  She paused for a second as she didn't see Surender there. She throw the towel on a rack and went out from the room. Found Surender standing at the balcony, folding his hands at chest level, looking deep into the moonlight darkness.

Suchi went near him and looked at his face. A small smile appeared on her face. She looked at the space where he is looking..


"what is there in that darkness, that took all attention of my pathi dev.. '  Suchi's voice , turned Surender to look at her and smile..  suchi came near and held his upper arm.."so what you were seeing there, tell me too..".

Surender looked straight into the darkness and said : "nothing.."

Suchi " then what is it.."

Surender in a soft voice : I was thinking about myself..

 Suchi.. What? are you trying to see your childhood?
Surender: not childhood, but Dev's age?
suchi: what?
Surender: seriously.. its not Dev.. but.. Suchi, I am seriously thinking about Radhika..

Suchi: what? first said, you are thinking baout yourself, then said Dev.. now Radhika...!!!

Surender: I mean,  we saw how she is , but with all that naughtiness I can see the innocence in her eyes. I know my granny really well, she is a very intelligent and independent thinking lady.  From her talk I understood that she is seeing more than her words. Or may be she wants to see her  wordscome true, even though she is not connecting it Dev and Radhika...  but indirectly she is trying to connect them.., I think she wants to see Dev and Radhika together..

Suchi: why do you think so?
Surender: simple, then we come here very often and she can see all of us more frequestly...  just to keep us more closeer to her.. or to this house.. 

Suchi: But, that's so early. Dev is going to complete his studies and thinking of going to abroad.. but still a student only..   and Radhika just completed her degree course.. so how is it possible, I mean they are still kids.. and even if we agree later , then I don't think Radhika is going to accept Dev.. she is the only one questioned him..


Surender: "I know, but.. I think that's the way the future is going to be.."  then she saw a smirk on his face..

Suchi with a curious eyes: what's that smirk for..?

Surender : " I was thinking myself in dev's place. Years back.. .. Surender started visualizing that scenes'then with a smile.. I was in my mid 20's when my parents choose a girl for me..  I fought for myself.. even Mohan also stood with me. I said this is my life and I should choose my own partner. even now also.I can clearly imagine my mom's tear filled eyes.. but you know how it all  turned out be'  So if I say this to Dev , I am going to get the same response,. Now I am in the same shoe as my dad that day.  And I really wish Dev to listen to me, without any argument..   why all the parents are like this.. Why all the kids are same..  and that time my parents were not knowing how it all will turn out to be.. they just looked at the alliance and the family background.. Here I know them well and they know us well too.  I will be more than happy to accept Radhika as our bahu, but for Dev ..he has his own dream, he has his own plans..  but still why my heart wish for it.. 

 "you are saying a common thing.. Like the mom estimate the food portion for the 2 year old and expect the little one to eat it all...  rarely she realize at the kid's need and his wish.."  she continued as she  tightened her grip on his upper arm.. "don't worry, we are here for another four days,  after that let the destiny decide what its planned for them..'


Surender: ha Suchi, you are right..   he took a deep sigh..


Suchi: now let's go to bed.. It is getting really cold outside..

They walked back into room..

Two eyes were looking at them curiously as they walked back into their room.. as the image disappeared from the sight, he slowly moved to the balcony.. he stood in exact place where his dad stood and looked into the moonlight darkness..  he heard something about his Dad's past.. what was it..? did he left the place because he didn't agree with his parents..   its not my mom for sure.. because this place is new to her, even though she said she visited chandenpur, she never visited this house..   did my dad left this place because he refused to marry the girl choosen by grandma..


'Dev, you better go to bed, it is really cold outside, I don't want you to catch any cold..'

Dev came back to the reality and looked at Sushma aunty..  then with a smile."thanks aunty'

Few lines appeared on her forehead: thanks !.. for what?

Dev came near and held her shoulder: that's because for calling me by my name.. accepting me as Dev..

Sushma with a smile: oye oye.. even if I called you dev, you are my charming prince dear.. with the sparkling...

'Stop stop stop'....Dev interupted: 'so I think now I have to take back my thanks.. I am so tired of hearing the same story, so please..'

Sushma pulling on his cheek: no, I won't give it back..  If that is your wish then I will call you Dev only.. Ok..



"aww.., its painfull'.. Dev said..

Sushma: Oh really, then let me pull little more..  I need to make up na..


Dev: Bua'.. chodiyena

Sushma left her hand  at once and looked at him lovingly'

Dev: what happened..

Sushma with a teary smile:  kuch nahi.. go get to bed.. its too late..

Dev: Ok aunty.. Good night, saying that he kissed on her cheek and went to his room..

Sushma stood there, touching her cheek'... as two drops just rolled down her cheek


The morning  was bringing the energy into haweli..  Surender was sitting at the porch with the newspaper..

"there is nothing special in that..'

He took his eyes off from the newspaper and found Radhika standing in front of him..

He with a smile" Radhika beta, Good morning, how are you?"

Radhika keeping her helmet over the table : Good morning uncle.. Am I right?

Surender with question: right on what?

Radhika: Is there anything new in that paper.. It is always the same news'

Surender: so you read the paper already..

Radhika: I told you there is nothing.. Oh ya, you are a business person, right? So yes, there is a news.. but you might be knowing it already' that Obama and his wife stepping onto Indian land tomorrow.. I say that is a business trip.. don't you think so..

Surender folded the newspaper and then seriously : why you think so? But the agenda is different.

Radhika went near to Surender in a serious mood talk: I know, they have different agendas, but the true reason is hiding .. like you know the condition of U.S. economy now..  and we are forwarding in our each step. So I am sure he is coming for a best deal..


Surender: hum,' interesting.. so you are into business.

Radhika: nope, I am not interested in business.. but these all are general things happening around us, right?

Surender: If it is not your interest , then why most of the kids at your age doesn't think about it..

Radhika: no uncle, that's not true. We do care about these too.. after all now we address everything in a global term, right.. so..

"what's going on here".. yeshpal's sound caught their attention..

"we were talking about Obama's visit'.. surrender just replied.

"Oh ya, few come here, few go there, but what's the use..  its all about power and whoever is ruling the country.." Yeshpal just addressed it in a general way..


Radhika hearing this " yes, daadaji, if you have power in your hand, you can do whatever you want, where ever you want..'


"so everybody into serious talk, that also this early'".. suchi's voice heard by all..

Radhika ran near to her.." aunty ji, good morning, where is Lechu, actually I came to take her with me.."..

Suchi  " really, she is still in bed,'

Radhika with widened eyes " still sleeping? The sun is already over the head..  then she looked up as if she is looking at the sun..

Suchi: that's not the reason, she is feeling sick..

Radhika: sick? What happened?

Suchi: nothing to worry Radhika, I think because of this chilliness here..

Radhika; oh ya,  .. did she take any medication..

Suchi: ha, I gave her two tablets.. she will be fine by evening..

Radhika: tablets.. oh ya.. you are a doctor..  so you know what to give'

Suchi: why you don't take tablets?

Radhika: yes, I do, but for cold and all I won't take anything'... then with a thinking.." I don't think I ever had a cold"..

Suchi: Oh really, then you are lucky..

Radhika: no, I think that is the specialty of our Chandenpur'

Suchi: maybe..


Radhika: but now what I will do..?

Suchi:  what?

Radhika: I told Lechu that I will show her chandenpur.. 

'that is right, if you want to see chandenpur, then you should look through Radhika's eyes,..' yeshpal  in a normal tone..

Suchi: why? What is the speciality.. of that?'

Yeshpal:  because she knows all the places.. and all these places knows Radhika..

Suchi: really.. then that is so special..

Surender: Ok then, anyway you came for Lechu, right?

Radhika nodded her head disappointedly..

Surender: ok, instead of Lechu, take Such with you..

 A happy smile started appearing on Radhika's lips'... and looked at Suchi with a hope..

"No Mom is not going any where?".. Radhika looked at the  space from where the voice came..  and saw Dev coming out with a serious face.. and the smile from Radhika's face disappeared..

Yeshpal: why Dev? I think it will be good..

Dev: no, mom is coming with me, I will show  her chandenpur..

Suddenly  a loud voice of laugh broke the seriousness of the atmosphere and they found Radhika laughing loud holding onto her stomach..

Dev looked at her curiously, so did others..

"what happened Radhika?".. asked Surender..

Radhika with trying hard to control her laugh..  "No uncle, he came here yesterday only and now he is saying he can show chandenpur.'. she was about to continue..but then

"even though I came here only yesterday, I know most of it now.." dev clarified..

Radhika: Oh dear.. chandenpur is not what you see with your eyes, If you really want to see chandenpur, you need to look at it with your full heart' ..and I have seen you many times, running around with that camera .. and  standing like a statue, when you see a bird, or when your eyes catch that beautiful scenery.. right?'  and then what happens, you slip your feet and drown into water.."   and then looking at Suchi's face.. ' you come with me, I will show you chandenpur..'  and then looked at Dev with a teasing smile..

Surrender: ha suchi, get ready and go with Radhika and  let me know what did you see different here.. I am excited too..

Suchi looked at the irritated face of Dev and went in to change..

 Radhika looking at Surender.. " Uncle, let me go and check on Lechu'.., ok.." with a wide smile on her face..

Surender : Ok, beta..

He unfolded his newspaper and tried to dig his head in that..   Radhika was walking to inside, as she came near Dev.. she went little closer and in soft teasing voice..   " if you take your Mom for  the tour, who knows if any snake's head will pop out say hisssss"'drawing her iris cornering near the nose bridge...", so I am the better person..' saying that she passed him..

Dev looked at her with an angry face..  but then saw her controlled smile while running to inside..

 Suchi got ready in a salwar and came out to go with Radhika.

 Radhika was ready with her scooty..  

"are we going in this?".. suchi asked'

"Yes, this can go anywhere in this village easily.. and you are coming with me.. so feel free..  no space for any tension at all..

Suchi looked at Surender and took his silent permission and then went and sat on scooty with Radhika..

"ye Mr. dilli, don't worry,  your mom is safe with me,.. ok..'..  Radhika said it loud as she moved her vehicle.. suchi smiled, and Dev again looked at them with a blood rushing face..

 Surender looked at dev and his reaction,  and tried to control his smile..  and Dev noted that as he tried to pull back his eyes from his mom'  H looked surprisingly at Surender's face..  Surender suddenly aimed his eyes on letters as he realized Dev's eyes on him..


'Dev beta, daadima, is calling for you.." Sushma' came out telling it..

Dev looked at his aunty and then looked back at his dad's face and found those peeking eyes , concentrating back on the letters..

Suchi felt like she is getting back to her teenage time.. Radhika was kept on talking all this time and suchi was looking around with her enthusiastic eyes' .. finally she parked her scooty near the meadow..


"I want you see this area".. suchi looked around,  the area was completely covered with green grass....  with few bushes here and there.. and then woods lining in a special pattern'    they started walking in.. the wind was blowing by and one could easily hear its howling.   "all the kids in this village come here' ..we play here.. and you know tomorrow evening we are going to have competition here.. you must come..'

Suchi .." competition?

Radhika looking into the front surrounding..: ha, we have annual competitions..  for kids and adults and old age.. we have running competitions, singing competitions.. it is like a festival for us.. a festival with no boundaries .. anyone can join meant for fun only..   You know last time my mom got first prize in singing competition.. she sing really well.."

Suchi  " that's good to know.. and what about you?'

Radhika: me, I am the organizer, so I am busy with running around, coordinating everything..

Suchi:  that's big job..

Radhika: yes, but I love it'

Suchi: good.. 

Radhika noted suchi folding her hands and trying to squeeze in herself..

Radhika: are you feeling cold?
Sushi: kind of..

Radhika: ok, I tell you what to do..   she extended her arms out.. and said, .."just do what I do.".  Suchi with a smile just repeated the same.  "Ok, now you try to feel that wind that is circling you..'.. suchi had a smile on her face'... as she listened to Radhika..  "no, I am serious, just try to relax your mind'...  just see this beautiful space'... in front of you is full view of greenery, and the sky is so clear.. blue and white cotton puffs are floating around you'... and  imagine you as a school kid, who doesn't have to worry about anything'...  see those butterflies.. flying around freely.. and now are you feeling light."   suchi just nodded her head.. 'ok now.. 'can you try to fasten your steps.. slowly and then sped it up with the wind and try to fly with it'..".. Radhika did as she said it...' Suchi paused for a second and then her eyes started shining with her childhood energy..' that curios eyes.. the free mind.. she took her steps slowly but then the cold wind circled her.. she started speeding up and then unknowingly she felt like she is flying with the wind as she fasten her steps'   '. .  finally she stopped'...   she heard her faster heartbeats..  she took some deep breath'...   and then looked at Radhika who was breathing heavily..

"How  do you feel?" Radhika asked gasping  for air..

Suchi just gave a appy smile in response'  


Suchi:now let sit down for sometime..

Radhika: not here.. Just few more steps, .. come..

Suchi followed her.. They sat over a hilly area..  "now look down.."

Suchi's eyes gone wild as she saw the beautiful scenery underneath.. the valley was looking like a painted picture.. with a group of sheep on one side munching on to the green grass, and smoothly flowing river in the middle..  few ladies washing clothes nearby' ...  they sat there.. Radhika was kept on telling about Chandenpur, non stop.. suchi just listened to her small small     village      stories, she heard about few people.. she heard about Granny's stories.. she heard about village kids' 


The sun was standing above their head'

Radhika: I think it is getting late..  I need to show you one more place.. let's go..'"

Suchi nodded her head in agreement.,,. She felt like she got some new energy from the surrounding'....   The scooty parked near the other side of the valley..  Suchi's eyes gone wild in wonderment as she saw the small waterfall'   


"do you want to get wet?'' Radhika  asked.

Suchi with hesitation ' me, no'... no..".

Radhika: do you like this waterfall..

'Suchi: yes of course..

Radhika; ok then come with me/..   she held Suchi's arms and walked into the clear water..  " don't be afriad..  this is the best place..'  she almost brought her to themiddle space of it.. The water was just couple of feet deep and it was so clear that one can see the small fish swimming in it.. the shining sun above the head gave the sparkling to the clear water..

"this is the specialty of this waterfall.. it is deep enough take that fall into it, but we can easily stand under it and get wet'...  anyway now it is not cold anymore.. and I guarantee you get dry fast enough'... come with me " and she took Suchi under the water fall.. it just got her wet and unknowingly she extended her hands to catch on the falling water.. she looked at the spraying of water as it splashed  the second it touched her hands..  Radhika saw her happy smile '... she felt so happy'... time passed by.. then they moved out from there.. Radhika got amazed as she saw Suchi trying to catch the tiny fish with her hands.. she got interested too..   she tried..but the fish knows how to slip away from those big hands' ... they enjoyed the time together'


As Radhika said, their dress got dry  by the time.. Only their  pants  below knee is still wet..

"Radhika, I am feeling hungry'.. Suchi said with a hesistant voice..

"Oh ho.. I didn't think about it.. don't worry.. I will get you something.." they got back in scooty..

"Do you like guava?".. asked Radhika while driving..

"hum.. not all , but if it has sweetness , then no problem..' said Suchi..

"you get only tasty guava in chandenpur.. and your problem solved..'.. said Radhika in a happy tone..

She parked the scooty near a farm area..  "you sit here Ok.. I will get some..' Radhika said softly..

Suchi: where are you going?

Radhika: shhh.. I will be right back.. one minute..

She walked with secret steps and then scanned the whole area and then looked up a tree. Suchi was looking at her keenly.. her eyes gone wild as she saw Radhika climbing that tree and holding onto its trunk with one hand, she extended her other arm out and plucked guava from its hanging branch'... she repeated the same few times.. and then slowly stepped down and came near running..

With a smile on her face..: Here you go.. I am sure, you will like it and will ask me to get more..

Suchi: but Radhika, why did it secretly..

Radhika: that's because if the owner sees me na, he will kill me..   I usually come with my friends here.. you know it is too tastey when I pluck the guava like this.. if I ask and tried to get one, it won't taste the same'... try na..'  as she staretd biting onto one..

Suchi with little hesitation tried to bite it.. But then she tasted the best ever guava in her mouth.. within no time, it all got finished..

"you want more".. Radhika asked excitedly..

'aur chori karna hei kya?".' No this is fine and as you said it was really tastey."  suchi said with a smile..


They roamed around further and was flying around the village hut side'... One villager tried to stop Radhika's scooty  with an anxious tone..

'Betiya, rukiyena'.."

Radhika stopped the engine and turned her head around and looked at the villager'..

so how my lovely friend are doing? let me know if I am boring you , ok.. please.. otherwise don't forget that like button and if possible leave a note for me.
as always..
with love and TC
DevikaBig smile

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sorry if there is any mistakes and typo errors. I am typing in dark.. it is 1.10AM.. going to bed now..Sleepy 

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Loved Suchi & Radhika outing..... ClapClap

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AWESOME PART., dev - radhika cute arguments , the way she tease him is very enjoyable , suchi is enjoying  her trip well . THANKs.

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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So now Radhika is first getting acquianted with Dev's family before getting know Dev.  GoodThumbs Upkeep it going.Big smile

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Very interesting Radhika taking Suchi on tour and showing her the best places and stealing guavas for herLOLBig smile Do continue Devika

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diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mindblowing as radhika and suchi was going around chandhpur it felst do good it seemed like we r there and see wt they are doing and when rads saw suchi was cold and told her to spread her arms it seems like we can feel it 2 i just loved lol love it when radev face 2 face and argue update soon and thanks 4 the pm

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Nice bonding between Radhika and SuchiWink
WinkI was looking forward to Dev and Radhika interaction--may be caught in a blizzard...
I guess, will just have to wait for them to come to MN.............

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