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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2010 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Hello hello to all my lovely friends.Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile. first of all thank you so much for enjoying the ride, and more than anything for giving me the spirit through your words.. I am so thankful for your time.. so ready to continue...


Dev got alert. He looked deep into that place.. and then slowly took steps towards that place. He clearly saw the figure in that lightly shaded area. He easily realized the color of dress because he seen that in the morning too...   Radhika was walking quietly holding onto her scooty , looking around to make sure nobody is seeing her. She parked the scooty in one corner and took few steps towards the backyard, she stood in shock as she felt somebody's  tight hands on wrist',....  her eyes gone wild and then comprehending herself quickly tried to bring a kiddish smiley face and then started blabbering..

"vo kya heina babuji.. vo'.. Kailash heina.. vo'." She was struggling to find words, suddenly Dev's face came in front of her..  She paused and looked at her wrist and then did a quick search of the surrounding..'


"tho thum kya keh rehe thi?".. asked Dev with winning smile..


"So, it is you? I thought".. Radhika replied after a deep sigh


"yes, it is me, what you thought.. Oh, ya, your babuji'... so sorry.. I can do one thing.. do you want me to call  him.. Ok ok'" saying that he tried to release her hand, but then..'no no.. I don't trust you, will do one thing..come , let us both go in together.. how is that?'


"hath chodona".. Radhika in a normal tone..

"wow, so you can talk in normal tone too.. Nice to know that.. are you going to come with me, or do you want me to call everyone out? You can decide".. Dev stood patiently to get an answer..


Radhika was struggling to get her hand out'

"by the way, I think your daadima went in to call you from inside because your babuji asked for you two three times'...  so does she know that you are still out or just your dad?" he looked at her suspiciously..


Radhika didn't say anything'...  He saw her forehead tightening'...


"What happened? Why you are so silent?'.. dev asked

He saw her eyes getting bigger and a tinge of fear started showing up,her eyes were fixed on to the ground'...  he also felt some fear inside' ... finally he asked softly " kya huva? Why you are starring at the ground like that?'


"snake' snake'' ... soft clear, fear voice of Radhika said twice only.. she saw his hand releasing hers .. he jumped from the ground and then looked at the ground where she was staring..  his heart was pacing faster'  "WHERE?'.. his voice came out again..

He didn't get any answer.. he turned to look at Radhika, the space was empty.. he looked around..  the brain flashed quickly the plan.. he stood with holding onto his flanks for few secnds.. he took steps to backyard, but found all that space empty.. he  checked on the back door, which was locked'...."hum, so quickly went in and locked the door too'.. he thought.. He was walking back slow.. but then when he came back to the same place where he left her hand, he felt some unknown fear.. unknowingly his eyes scanned  over the ground again..


"shh shhh"..

Dev really got scared hearing that hisss sound..


"neeche nahi, upar...s hhh'   a soft voice instructed him


He turned around and looked up and found Radhika standing near the balcony.. he looked at her angrily.

"do one thing, move this ladder from here to that corner, please'..ok.., see you down..".. she disappeared..

Dev looked at the ladder, which was kept few feet away from where he is standing. She was climbing on this while I was looking for her.


He went back to the porch.. Within seconds Radhika washed her face and tried to peek out at the inside atmosphere..




Daadi saw her as she was coming out thinking what to tell to her son..

Daadi went behind with her soft feet and in a whispering tone.: you are back.. thank God".

Radhika got startled and she turned quick and that startled Daadi too..

"why you are scaring me?'.. daadi asked holding onto her chest..

"no, you scared me.. ".. Radhika replied and then gave a kiss on her cheek and said: Daadi, thank you so much,today that ladder only helped me.. otherwise that Mr.Dilli'..


Daadi out of curiousity : Thank your Birju bhayya... But what happened? Did he saw you coming..

Radhika gave an innocent nodd'..   'now what I will do daadi. But I am sure he is not going to tell anyone..'


daadi : "why?'

"kyumki meine usse daraya..darpok hei vo".. Radhika with a teasing tone....

Daadi: that's all fine, but now what explanation will we give to your dad.. he asked about you couple of times..'


"Don't worry Daadi, That I will manage. Come with me to kitchen".. she grabbed Daadi's hand and dragged her to kitchen..

Rohini's heart was beating faster thinking how Mr. Mohan may react in front of Bhatt family when he will come to know Radhika is not back yet.. She knew her husband well. He only pampered her so much , but when it comes to certain things.. like when he invite somebody home personaly.. he wants his whole family to respect them and be in place.

Meantime Radhika was scanning the kitchen area for dishes.. she found pakkodas and chutney, and the hot tea ready to go..

'Daadi, ye pakkode meine benaya hei, heina..'' she said with the wildest smile possible..

"ha beta, kaun kaha thu bena nahi saktha".. "chalo then'.. she grabbed the chutney bowl while Radhika grabbed the hot pakkora plate'. And they both walked swinging their shoulder on one side'

Radhika's voice dragged everyone's attention..'garam garam pakkode' sab keliye.. Radhika ke tharaf se..' she stood with holding the plate up in the air ..

  Rohini felt a big relief....

Mohan smiled : so that is why you are late'... ok ok'  ...let's sit on the table'


Radhika  " no babuji.. let's have the snack here.. you all talk, I can serve  ..

She went and took few small plates and started serving to everyone....' she winked her eye as she handed the plate to dev..
"I don't want it" dev said in an uniteresting tone..

"kyum, dar gaye'..samp ko dekhkar..".. Radhika softly with teasing tone'.  he looked at her face.. "sabko bethadum saamp ke bare mei., sorry sorry , mere late anne ke bare mei., the courageous prince ke bare mei..'..'

Without saying anything he took the plate from her and started eating.. Radhika flew to serve others.. Suchi saw this and understood there had been some exchange of conversation.. she tried to read her son's face'.... Dev got the intution that he looked at his mom.. and found her questioning eyes..  he just nodded his head saying there is nothing'.


Suchi: " Radhika, very nice pakkoda'... how did you made this?"


Radhika was pouring tea in one cup.. she chuckled once and then looked at Daadi, raising her eyebrows..


''vo meine.. sab mix liya na.. all the veggies'.. and' ...and  .. oh, let me serve this tea. It is getting cold..'..  Radhika tried to excuse herself..

 Rohini put the hand over her forehead'


"but this is onion pakkoras.. right?".. suchi asked in doubt..


"Oh ya, Onion .. onion is a  veggie you know..' daadi, actaully we changed tha plan right...  ' her voice was trailing off'...  she looked at her mom with corner eyes..


"actually she didn't cook it, I only did.. ' rohini tried to sooth the confusion..

Mr. Mohan : "that's what I was also thinking, how come the pakkoras can be this tastey.."

"Babuji''..  Radhika looked at him with a childish face..

'my deedi, makes good dishes, I like it..'  Rahul tried to side his sis.

"see that's my brother.. my little Kannha.. My Raja".. Radhika tried to pamper him..


Rohini; enough enough'... then looking at everyone.. "Radhika cooks, but not the main course and all, just for fun, whenever she feels like.. she search for recpies and make herself and they both enjoy tasting it.. I only cook traditional foods and she is the one who brings the flavor of change..  Maaji and Rahul is her assistants that time..


"I like to cook too, right mom..'  Lechu's voice came out..

" ha, with big mess".. suchi sighed..

"Lechu, come with me, I will show you something.." she signaled Lechu and Lechu looked at her mom and then went along with her to upstairs..


Dev just looked up as they were climbing stairs.. 

"Dev bhayya, you come with me, I will show you my room'.. Rahul came out with extending his arms..

Dev looked at him with a smile.."hum, so what is there in your oom?"..

"My room, everything, come with me.. I will show you.."'  Dev went along with him as everyone smiled ....'


Dev entered Rahul's room.

"Wow! It is really beautiful Rahul'.. Dev exclaimed.

Rahul:  Radhika deedi only help me to keep it like this..  I will show you somehitng, he went to check on his table'.....  Dev was looking around'. And he paused as he saw one beautiful painting of a warrior'. 

"beautiful, isn't it?".. Rahul's voice brought him back to senses..

"Hum, where did you get this"'.... Dev asked as he was still looking at the fine clarity in that picture' ..amazingly

"nowhere, Radhika  deedi only did this'... she likes drawing..painting.. and what not" she has many collections' .... Daadi's room has a beautiful painting of Kanha and Radha ; she did that with oil paints..  Daadi always say, when she looks at it, her mind feels so happy'  Deedi usually does this when she is in good mood....   she let me have this.. you know what is the peculiarity of this picture....'


"hum.." Dev in trance..'it is the picture of a warrior, wearing all his gears, including the mask'... only his eyes are shown..'..  Dev in trance..

"yes, and those eyes are sparkling.." added Rahul..


"hum..".. dev


"Deedi has so many posteres like this.. she drawn from her imagination listening to the words of Granny.."  but then tightening his forhead  Rahul asked Dev with confusion tone.."everybody says you are the Prince.. so is that you in that picture..?"


Dev smiled and kneeled down in front of him.." no Rahul, I am Dev.. Only Dev, and I am not a warrior..".. he said that with a smile on his lips..

But Rahul was trying to see the sparkling in those hidden smile....' 


Sushma aunty came in.."dinner ready hei.. chalo..'..

'ha aunty.. coming.." Dev replied and followed her to downstairs'... He heard Radhika's loud voice as he stepped down..

They went down, Radhika was flying aorund serving ..  talking loud..  elderes were laughing... but Dev was eating seriously.. his mind was still looking at those posture...
Part-10 please don't forget the like button... thanks
Hope you enjoy this small part. I amy be filling small parts... hope you don't mind.. Next part will be Radhika, lechu and chandenpur...
My fingeres likes to write on that sparkling eyes, I don't know why? it is not at all planned, it is just coming in.. I don't know hether there is really anything behind it.. may it will stop writing on it when Radhika will find it sparkly... just  a vague thought...
love and take care
Devika...Big smile

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Hey Devika..  love your theme of sparkling eyes...  hmmm hope they are mysterious sparkling laughing eyes.... and deep ocean of emotions in those...
keep it up lady... love this one...  dara diya usko darpok hai..  ha ha ha
Natkhat Radhika be careful...  you do not know our Dev he could be your chitchor and will steal your sleep and definitely your heart so you be careful little naughty lady...

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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DEVIKA I like the Imarti like Radhika scaring DevLOL Do carry on lets see how the story unfolds of this naughty RadhikaLOL

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2010 at 12:54am | IP Logged
It is great fun reading Radhika and her smart pranks on Dev.  Way to go Radhika.Thumbs Up  way to go DevikaThumbs Up

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rad4dev Groupbie

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Awesome Devika..taking us in a different ride...naughty Radhika..I really like her.

 and I also like in this FF there is no AMMA...i hope no AMMA is coming :), without her we all are peaceful :)

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Aisha_k Goldie

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luved the partClapClapClap.Clap... but dev hvnt seen rads face yet  right.... so when is he gng to seeWink

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome work devika...thx for the pm

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enjoyed reading ur update...waiting to know more of our sweet  naughty radhikaWink

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