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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
nice part...thx for the pm

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
great update. please update ASAP

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.Nitzy.. Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
LOVED the update:) haha love this radhika even more now...she is so spirited and diff from the CB radhika...its a refreshing change... continue soon:)

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Devika yaar... was that the family intro...Confused You confused me... I was thinking they are all joking!LOL Silly me.....
On serious thought... lovely update.Clap

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
wooow! mind blowing!!! i love Radz personality!!! i'm thirsty for more............

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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
Wow! loved readng update...whats nxt?

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Carry on dear we r waiting for the battle to begin.LOLBig smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Surender was enjoying the Chandenpur morning while sipping to his morning hot coffee..

"you missed all these na'.. suchi's voice brought him back to reality..  he looked at her with a small happy smile..

"ha, its true that I am enjoying the morning here,  but my mornings were always beautiful..  maybe I missed to listen the sound of the nature, but I got used to that..  Mornings in Delhi is as beautiful as it is here, especially when my family is near me'"


Suchi came near and touched his shoulder'  " so what is the next step'"


Surender looked at her seriously.."anyway we came  here for a week, let's spend one week and then will go back, what you think?'..


"I have one week vacation too..,  Dev may miss his few classes, but I think he made arrangements for notes and all and he is in touch with his classmates.. so..".. suchi said in normal tone..


"hum".. surrender acknowledged..


"Lechu is fine as usual' she is the happiest one to be away from her classes"' suchi said with a smile..


"I know that, if we ask her she may say she will be more than happy to stay here, than in Delhi..'.. then with a pause.. "where is she?'' surrender asked..


Suchi:  she is with Sushma.. scratching her head with  silly questions'


Surender smiled  imagining that scene'... his sister and his daughter.. both same category/...'


Dev walked in.. and joined his parents..


"Dev, do you want to join me, I am going to Mohan's farm " Surender asked ..

Dev with a chuckle  ' no dad, I am fine.. I will roam around myself.. Need to take few more photographs.., it's really beautiful here.. if that is Ok with you then'


Surender: it's ok' be careful , ok.. ha, anyway we are going there for dinner tonight."


Suddenly Dev: Dinner.. is it necessary for me to come .. Can I be with daadaji'


Suchi tried to control her laugh, looking at Dev.. Surender looked at his wife in wonderment..  Dev also looked at her suspiciously..



"somebody is scared".. suchi tried to voice out..


Dev gave an astonish look  .."scared.. who?'


Suchi:  "you, who else.. you are scared of Radhika , right?"


Dev with broken words  " no, I am not.. I just want to spend some time with daadaji, that's all.. why .. why .. you are bringing Radhika's name.. now' he was able to complete his words..

Suchi: Ok then, My son is very brave.. Ok my son, then listen to me.. we all are going  for dinner there tonight,  even your daadaji also coming..  got it?."..


Dev again with a chuckled throat: Daadaji coming too.. Ok, then what is my problem..  I am coming too..   saying that he walked out trying to cover his embarrassment..


"Ok, come back soon , ok.. granny may ask about you.. also, DEV' BE CAREFUL., Don't  get wet this time..' suchi's warning voice '   Dev speed up his steps to get away from there..


Surender: why you need to tease him like that?

Suchi: I was not teasing him.. first time I am seeing somebody talking on his face..  I have seen his college girls, everyone drooling over him, and try to pamper me too' but this is the first time somebody different.. so..'


"What you think of Radhika?".. surrender asked in a thoughtful way..

'Just a naughty girl'.. the reply came quick.. "everyone here likes her very much that I know"..



Suchi tightening her forhead ": why did you ask?"

Surender: simply' I mean, after listening to all these stories, I mean she was waiting for her prince, one or the other way it happened to be our own son, even though she acted differently, it was him..".


Suchi.: just keep that in your mind..  if Dev hear that, he will pack up today itself.. so better be careful..  saying that she went inside with a smile' 


Surender with a smile on his lips looked into the nature'.


Dev was walking, enjoying the beauty of the nature'  he was walking in his own world.. photography is his passion and he won't see anything else when the beauty of nature come in front of him in full force..'  


"hello hello' sara dekhke chalna' .. hello'.  Oye oye.. '.. finally that warning voice entered into his ear..  he looked at the voice side resentfully..  and found a girl wearing a helmet, on a scooty, is looking at him with her rounded eyes' he recognized them easily now..   "so you left the tree and now trying to fight with the motor".. with a smirky smile on his lips.

She took the helmet away and then blow off some air from one corner of her lips, and the front short hair that fell on her face just blown away with it..  "so Mr. Dilli.. what was your plan..".


Dev in a normal tone " nothing miss ' do you have any plan, replacing somebody climbing on the tree '. Or ya, "..


"oye oye.. you better stop there' otherwise''  Radhika in her loudest fighting tone..


Dev in a relaxed tone  'otherwise what?'


Radhika lost all her nerve.. " what I did wrong , Oh my God.. why I need to see his face in the morning itself.."' looking up at the sky..


'You are blessed to see my face.. so you should be thankful''. Dev stressed his words..

Radhika turned the engine off and tried to get out from the seat for a fight.


"Deedi, please, I need to be on time at school".. the pleading voice of Rahul caught Dev's attention..

"hai Rahul, you there too' Oh this is how she blackmailed you yesterday..".. he went near to Rahul and said  " you know what, this is meant for girls, not for real boys' boys ride in a bike, you know..'.. tride to provoke Radhika further..

"but bhayya, we don't have a bike, we have only this scooty,..  and I am too small to ride a bike.."  Rahul replied innocently..


"Ok, that's the limit.."..   she took few deep breath..  "Rahul, do you want me to take you to school or not?'


Rahul realized he doesn't have any other choice : yes deedi, I want you to take me to the school..

"Good boy." Let's go..  She turned the engine on again.. before putting the helmet on she looked at Dev and said: 'Don't think you win, he is getting late and he has a test at the first hour. I will drop him at school and will be right back...'.Before she take the move she reminded him;   'by the way, this is chandenpur, it is good that I have good eyesight and a brain to think.. buffaloes may see you but won't think twice before passing, because they always comes as crowd.. . So better watch out..' with that she just flew off..


Dev just stood there in as if still trying to understand what she just said..  a smile appered on his face.. "so Ms. Radhika acknowledged her defeat so easily.. I thought she is like lioness, this is just like a rat she escaped.. so really afraid to fight with me.." he stood there looking at the road where she flew away'


'Ye, prince charming' move away . otherwise you may get hurt"..  the voice of a villager brought him back to reality and he turned and found a big group of buffaloes coming.. he moved to the side quickly in a safer place..   he took few stills.. and asked the villager.." where are you taking them"' he said 'to the meadow"..


He stood there watching their slow march past..  Radhika's words echoed in his ears' she might be knowing.. he thought..

Later that day..

Surender and Mohan were talking about the new technologies used in  agriculture.. Dev was just enjoying their talk, and watching the people doing their work.. and really got impressed seeing the neatness and cleanliness around there..   everything was planted in a nice row.. there was special path for water to flow..  he couldn't find any weed anywhere...  he saw the healthy, happy vegetation all around him....

 Radhika came riding  her scooty on its highest speed possible''
"babuji, ' Babuji'.''  Surender, Mohan and dev looked at that side, also the workers looked over there.. she managed to stop the scooty and then ran towards her dad's side.. the scooty just lost it balance and fell to one side.. dev just watched her fastness with open mouth..  she just went near Mr. Mohan, extended her arms out and circled them around his neck '.. and finally whispered  ' babuji.. My result came.. and I got the best''


Mohan listened to her calmly' and then his eyes rolled in full circle in joy, he lifted his daughter in his arms and circled her around' 'I know you will make it beta.. You are my daughter.. and I am so proud of you..'


Finally he put her down and then looking at the workers.." ye,  aaj sabko chutti hei.. go and enjoy.. Radhika's result came and she passed in flying colors..".. and he went and hugged Surender sharing his happiness.. 


'so that's the reason she controlled herself in the morning.. she was in tension'hum' now I got it..'  Dev thought to self'


Surender also hugged her.. and congratulated her' and he looked at Dev.. he came near and congratulate her.. she just said thank you and  then put her hands in her dad's pocket and took some notes'

"babuji,  this is the share for my friends..  I will meet you at home, ok..'.. with a  fully grown smily face..
"Ok beta, we are also going home.. don't get late'' Mohan reminded..


"no, I will be on time  , thanks babuji'' she ran towards her scooty.. one of the worker already got that straight.. she went and turned the engine on..


"sabhalke jaana betiya'' Mohan's voice..


"jee, babuji..' as she drove away..



Time passed by..


Rohini was looking at the porch side: where is she? She suppose to be here by now..  talking to self and was getting impatient..


'don't worry behu, she will be here on time.. why you need to show all this now".. Santa Varma asked in her normal tone..

Rohini: I want her to be here before them..

 Santa; what's so special. Today is her day, let her enjoy'  you should feel proud of her..

Rohini: I am proud of her mom, but she is grown up now, and when we invited somebody to our home, we should show that respect , right..


Santa: Rohini' why you need to think so hard on this.. let them come at their time and let Radh come on her time..

Rohini:  no maaji, she neeed to be here prior to their arrival..

Santa: tell me frankly,  are you all planning something..


Rohini: nothing Maaji.. they are from city, they may expect all these , right..

Santa: what they need to expect.. this is our place and we will behave according to our convenience..

Rahini: not that maaji..

Santa: yes, I got it.. so the Prince is coming.. you know what,  he is not the real Prince, she told me everything.. because of him she fell into the water.. he don't know how to hold somebody safe.. also she told me he took too much time to get out from the water'

Rohini: maaji, slow down..  finally she got somebody into her talks..  You only think, does anyone will think a girl climbing tree..  I can't even imagine her doing that..


Santa: ya, why can't a girl do that..  Even I was dreaming of a prince to come take my Radhika away'  but this I don't think..

Rohini: have you seen him..

Santa turned her face away: no, I didn't.. but Radhika told me everything..

Rohini: no Maaji, you only listened to her.. when he comes you look at him.. he is the one.. and he may not.. in the eye of our Radhika. But he is for the villagers, for the granny, and now for me too'  you should see him first, then decide ok'

'mummmm'..  an unhappy voice came out from daadi's throat..



Rohini was serving water to everyone.. Sushma asked softly.. " where is Radhika?'


Rohini rolled her eyes and Sushma understood..


Soon came Lechu's voice : where is Radhika deedi..?


Mr. Mohan caught that question: Rohini, call Radhika..

Rohini just nodded her head and looked at maaji's face helplessly..


Daadi: so you are Lechu.. come here' let me ask you something.. she called Lechu near and asked some questions generally' finally she asked " where is Dev?"


'Bro is coming with daadaji"'  lechu replied innocently..

"oh, ok..'.. Santa Looked outside blindly..


Finally dev and Yeshpal came in..

Santa Varma came near Dev and looked deep into his eyes'  with unknown reason he also looked at her affectionately'  He bend down and touched her feet and took the blessing.. she just hugged him saying'  ' so the Prince is here now' she whispered into his ears..


'I am Dev" Dev replied.. she just smiled at that reply' and guided him in'


"Where is Radhika, I brought her a present"' yeshpal asked Rohini..


Mohan: Rohini, how long we are waiting for her.. call her'


Rohini again looked at daadi's face helplessly.. 


"I will bring her.. one minute" she went in..


Dev was feeling alone, so he stood from his seat and went to the porch' It was getting dark out..  suddenly his eyes caught a slow movement of something in the dark'..  he got conscious and looked at there keenly...

Part-9.. Please don't forget the like button.. thanks
so as you know it will be Radhika.. will try for more fun.. just a try, don't know how you will feel..  actually I can visualize each scene with bacjgroud music.. I wish I could write that all..  but  I hope you are able to imagine the farm.. imagine the road... imagine Dev's expressions, Radhika's imrati image...   I hope.. I wish..
take care

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