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~*~Dream Girl~ *~AVINA FF#2~*~Thread:1 ~*~ Thanks* (Page 17)

PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 December 2010 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Story within story what next with the mysteryLOL interesting waiting for the next update.

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Aisha_k Goldie

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Posted: 06 December 2010 at 8:54am | IP Logged
fabulous part..... u knw what i m also like devs granny because like her i also beleive in fairy tales even at this ageWinkso  when is prince gng to see princess's face...cant wait for that.... radhika omg she is toooooooooooo naughty

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 December 2010 at 11:34am | IP Logged
nice part...thx for the pm

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bvs7691 Goldie

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Posted: 06 December 2010 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
I change my words.... You have ben reading too many fairy tales DevikaWinkLOL
Very interesting fairy tale though... keep it going.Big smileClapClap

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 06 December 2010 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bvs7691

I change my words.... You have ben reading too many fairy tales DevikaWinkLOL

Fairy Tales--Fairy Tales
So Devika, when are you coming to visit DisneylandSmile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2010 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by radhika5

Originally posted by bvs7691

I change my words.... You have ben reading too many fairy tales DevikaWinkLOL

Fairy Tales--Fairy Tales
So Devika, when are you coming to visit DisneylandSmile
Bhavi,   ROFL  fairy tales... reading.Shocked.. i have three fairies around me, coloring my imagination.. watched shrek the 1st one for two complete years, because that was her favorite , and the charactor of donkey.. My God.. she used to tell the dialogue before him, just three year old, not even looking at the TV screen, but need the shrek on background all the time...   sometimes they amaze me... now when I tell her that , she just smile at me as if from I am bringing up that something silly.....
Radhika-5.. Disneyland.... .Big smile waiitng for the little one to grow up little more, so that we can claim in the future...  Wink  so plan is there...when th ebig question????

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Abhi I am still waiting..  Hope you got my PM...

Thank you….. to all likes, comments and silent readers....

@Avina-fan1:thanks dear.. yes we will see them in CB-2.. hopefully in new avtar….

@Sugarandspice:thank you dear.. I am glad that you liked the updated parts.. hopefully you will like upcoming part too..

@Radhika-5:thank you..I think so too.. isn't the first grandkid is loved by everyone. eldest one is always the darling of everyone's eye…as you said 'ladla' of the family.. even if they won't see him or her physically… true. I can see that with my eldest one.. hum.. trip to disneyland  in year 2013... I hopeConfused

@Guraniti:thanks dear.. before the fun part I am going to try, I want dev's family to meet our Radhika.. so next part is her meeting with them.. in her own way…  hope you will like it..

@Radha-bilhari:thank you so much.. You don't know how happy I am feeling and I am so glad I did this attempt… I am not a language expert.. but still if this can bring a smile on your face, yes, I am ready for it.. more fun ride on the way… thanks

@Sonia; high voltage Radhika.. he  he he he.. yes, she is all set to challenge the dream Prince.. let see the life thru her eyes…  hope you will like it..

@Diary-25: Hug… thanks dear.. hopefully you will like next intro part too.. prince has to struggle hard.. all these years she waited , and he was enjoying his life without knowing all these.. but now it is his turn to pay back…. He he

@Vinianil:yes, love the grandmas.. and NO AMMA here.. or Vish kanya… nope… I closed that door.. I am all set for next season.. and want to forget few characters in Radev life… so let have some fun till we get our AVina back..

@Radevforever: dear.. I wrote that much.. and you loved the prince charming… hum… but I know we all here only because of him and her.. so yes, he is adorable..

@Priyanka: yes, he has seen her..but he never met anyone like this before.. so he always look at her in doubt, because his concept of village girl is different.. so he is trying to digest the fact that she is indeed a village girl.. so get ready for more fun..(will try)

@Chalhov:yes dear.. thank you.. story within story… I like that.. yes it is , right.. but the actual story is far away.. far far away.. after some funny episodes only, it will start tightening up.. s for now, let's enjoy the fun part..

@Imrati-rubi: yes, she will be naughty.. then only she can drive him crazy , right? He came to see the real village..but what he is going to see from tomorrow.. let see.. but for now, the mystery behind the journey is revealed… so its his exploration of this new viallge..

Hope you will like it..

@Nycsweetie: thank you dear.. hope you will like next part too…

@Bhavi: fairy tales… yes.. my three fairies are brining new new tales everyday… driving me crazy… he he..i am so glad to know that you loved the mystery part… meine kanha ko Ram bena diya….  He he he..(hope my hindi is right..)

Thanks you friends… so happy to read your comments.. also  a big SORRY too.. I am going to write my version of hindi from next part.. I tried hard to stop myself from doing it.. but my inner Radhika prefer hindi.. I am controlling it really hard, btu it may pop up here and there.. so if it is blunder , then let me know.. somebody PM's me.. they are loosing the connection when I wrote 'gaya' instead of 'gayi'..  so ha he, hu, hum, ho, hai… all will confuse my brain, along with my ignorance and hyper activity syndrome.. (me only diagnosed myself recently..  no treatment needed for now if I keep updating on this FF).. so you need to tolerate me here in this forum.. maybe you all will get the relief once they start the new CB..but till then no other reksha….  SORRY… next part coming up soon…  or what I can do is, I will teach you all Malayalam….   Like sarva guna sampannan, maryada purushotham…   did anyone get those words.. is it there in hindi too..  I think it is similar to Sanskrit .. so I hope you got it…


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

Dev looked at Radhika with his corner eye..


"bro, control'".. lechu's teasing voice entered his ear..

"what?" Dev looked at her  in question..


 Radhika looked at him with her corner eyes too, as if giving him a warning that she is coming back soon. He took a deep sigh and tried to bring a small smirks at his corner lips.. he saw her eyes rolling '... he ignored that  and walked out further....'.


Time passed by. Mostly everyone came out as Granny expressed her wish to take some rest.


"Radhika beta, come here".. Mohan called Radhika near..  she walked towards him.. Holding onto her shoulder Mohan introduced her to Mr. surrender..with a smile.

"this is my girl, Radhika,"..  Surender tried to bring a smile on his face as he saw her drama earlier.. met Radhika's look on him..
Radhika looked at him top to bottom  with a her big beautiful eyes and then brought her hand under her chin with an amazing expression and said "but your friend looks exactly like Mr. Bachan'.. then looking at her dad's face 'am I right dad?"..



Surender also didn't want to give up this time.. with his natural tone " why look like Mr. Bachn.. I am Mr. Bachan..".. then looking at her suspicious face..  "why , can't you believe that?"'...    then with a pause "I can make you believe it,.. look at your dad's face, doesn't he look like Mr. Amreesh Puri"..



Radhika looked at her dad's face keenly as if she is seeing him first time.. and then jerked her face to Mr. Surender.. "Ok then, if you are Mr. Bachan, then Suchi aunty is Mrs. Bachan''.... with a teasing tone as if she is winning..


""any doubt"' ... came Suchi's confident sound, found her approaching  Radhika with her elegant look'

Radhika tried to hide her embarrassment'


"but I am not Abhishek Bahcan, I  am Dev.. any doubt on that.."   the attack came from the side corner'... which really awaken her cold blood...'


"oh'.. the family is so unite.. oK then  ...  I am not Aiswarya Rai, I am Radhika.. any doubt on that"' ... she asked in a fighting tone'... looking at every corner..


'by the way .. who is this Radhika?...!!!".. came Mr. Prince voice... 


"what!. you don't know who is Radhika.. oh..ok... then who is this Mr. Dev.." she said stressing each word in that name..


"Sorry your time is up, you should have asked that earlier..  ha ha.." he gave a funny face..

Radhika's jaw raised to say something but  then....


'but I am Lechu .. I am not swetha".. a sweet tone intrude their fight..

 Radhika looked at her innocent face...
"then who am I'.. the little one with his broad front tooth stood on the middle..


Radhika bend down and held him tight.. "you are my little brother, my nandagopal.., Radhika deedi's little Kannha"..'.


"then why you are all talking about others.".. he wanted to clear his doubt..


Mr. Surender came to front " that's because we tried to know each other, and we all know who you are'... you are our Rahul'... right?"


'Hum..  so you all know me.. ".. suddenly he jumped with joy and did few dance steps.'.heya heya..." Everybody looked at him puzzled..  and Rohini came near' "ye ye.. stop.. what are you doing".


'Mom, did you hear what uncle said, that they all know me.. that means.. first time somebody knows me, better than deedi'.... I am so happy.. they all knows me.... na na nana... na nana nana"...  he again started dancing..

 Dev loved that , he started clapping for Rahul's steps..

Lechu giggled.. Radhika's face was fuming with anger.. her face was turning red.. she took her faster steps and went near Rahul and held him by his  shoulder..

"Rahul, you asked me to drop you school tomorrow, right? I won't"..  He stopped dancing and looked at his mom's face sadly.. Rohini just held him tight as if to consolve him..
Then Radhika went near Dev and in a whispering warning tone..  "you called me monkey na.. I will see you.. you are going to be here na,  I will show you what I am capable of.. Mr. Dilli..".. she started moving out.. but then she sniffed her nose loud with brushing her point finger under her nose tip' ....came back near him and looked at him with her corner eyes and said 'I will prove to everyone that you are not the Prince that they were waited for, ''....then holding onto her long skirt..."you don't know who is Radhika... right? I will show you..." she sniffed her nose loud one more time and then she shook one side of her shoulder and  walked out..


Mr. Mohan looked at everyone's face and said' Ok then, we need to leave now.., Hope granny will be fine..  call me If you need any help'" .. Yeshpal nodded his head in agreement.. but then

"Daadaji,  let me know if you need any help, don't disturb anybody else.. Ok.." a warning tone of Radhika peeked from main door side..


'as you wish beta".. a smiley Yeshpal replied..

"you too"'...Rahdika again, looking at Sushma aunty

"yes dear.. I have only faith in you.. who else I will call..'.. sushma added the spirit..


"hum..".. Rahdika looked at everyone's face one more time and disappeared into the darkness within seconds'...  they all came out to see off Varma family after few more talk..


Rohini looked at Suchi's worried face..

Suchi : " where is Radhika"..

Rohini smiled and said  " Radhika, she might be home now"..   as she stepped out..



As they were entering back inside ..

Suchi  :" what is this girl..?  Radhika,... is she not afraid of   this darkness"..


Sushma looked at yeshpal and tried to bring that natural smile..

"that is our Radhika.. we all love her so much, she is the life of this village.. she knows everyone and everyone knows her.. from kids to oldest.. she is like a butterfly....'she won't  be seen in one place for long...  if you asked her earlier this question.. she might have answered  'My Prince will come and save me''... but I think'...'.. looking at Dev's face in a doubtful way' ... "it may take some time to win her trust back"' ....  saying that she walked towards Grannys' room to check on her..


Dev tried to control his cough'.... and looked at everyone with his corner eye..and found all those eyes on him'....  he paused and looked staright  as if asking   WHAT?


Lechu  " Bro, this is a prestige issue now..  You need to wake up and prove her that you are the one.., will you my bro..?".. she asked in a pleading voice.

Dev  "lechu, she is just acting out..  don't try to drag me into this..  ".. dev  tried to reason.


"don't worry my Prince, we all know it is you.. so I am sure, one day you will win over her disbelief' ....and I will see that".. sushma aunty's confidence voice echoed in everyone's ear..  'let  me look for the dinner preparation'.....ok' she left.. suchi also followed her....''


Dev was standing outside the common balcony.. enjoying the smooth wind.. looking blindly into the darkness...  but his eyes were seeing the lighted area... his eyes were dreaming of an yellow butterfly... which was sitting in the middle of that fully bloomed yellow sunflower bed.     but as if it saw him coming near, it flapped its beutiful tiny wings and tired to fly way.....   he looked at the beauty of nature and unknowingly a smile appered on his lips...
 Sushma aunty was passing by.. she saw his posture .. his arms were crossed at his chest level.. and looking at that darkness , her prince was smiling....  a shy smile appered on her lips too... imagining what or whom he may be thinking about......
Part-8 Don't forget the like button please...thanks
so how was it? did i bore you with family intro... let me know.. I need to get out from that mystery part.. so ... catch you all soon or later..
Devika...Big smile

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